06. June 2013

Fighting the heat

If you are one of those people who keep sweating or have an abnormally high sensitivity towards heat then you are going to benefit from this blog. The idea is to keep your body cool and here are some tips and some science related to it.


03. June 2013

Misconceptions about driving at night

The most common misconception that people have about driving at night is -

The chances of having an accident increase with decrease in intensity of light

So do you really think so? May be, may be not. The thing is that everybody knows the disadvantages of driving at night but no one really pays attention to the advantages of night driving.


01. December 2012

Super Cache

Super Cache is a chrome extension that I created to control caching behavior from the client side.


10. November 2012


I had a couple roommates back when I was working in ZS Associates. I had faced a lot issues while calculating shared expenses. Since I always wanted to make sure that we din’t make any mistakes in our calculations I spent some time in creating a Google Doc Spreadsheet for it. It worked fine as it served my purpose and the purpose of some of my friends. The problem was that it was just not the right thing to use if you had more than four people in the group which shared expenses. It looked ugly, would be really slow and any one could tamper the formulas.


01. June 2011

Javelin Forecast Manager

Forecast Manager was my second project in Z.S. Associates. It was a MVC .Net based web application that would help in maintenance of forecasting models. These models were designed in MS Excel and could be merged with each other and to create different versions. The application could also render reports on the web and could help in managing access rights in an extremely customised way, based on each user and each client basis.