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abase: lower; degrade; humiliate; make humble; make (oneself) lose self-respect
abase-abe(a slang used to degrade acvv person)+shhh(se)usually an attempt to degrade a person's opinion..ovral goes to humiliate a person.... | Abaseto bring someone down back to A BASE level. | a= no, negative, less & base = base, position, grade.. combinedly lessen the position/grade | A baseball player tripped over A BASE marker thus humiliating himself. | abase = a + base; without a base; Imagine you shifted to a new house whose base is not very strong (without base) and hence it may fall down anytimeand can abase you in front of your neighbours. | abase=BASEti karna(beizzzati) | abase.....means without base n one will b fall down without base nd become lower hence lower in rank | bring to the base the lowest level | Abash- bash can be drub, which is humiliating | one addressing u as 'abe' 'sale' in vidharbha......which means he is degrading u..... | Abase Abash Same Stash of Embarrassing (or Humiliating) Trash | A BASEment is always in the LOWer part of the house. | abash is ab bas matlabdimaag kharab ho gaya feeling embarrased | Nubile:adj.marriagebleNewly(recently)able to be married. | abode, b and d are symmetric, so abode = home and adobe = my company where I work. | Teachers,sometimes ask their student to sit at base(degrade them) when they have not complete their homework. | Abasing someone in front of others is not a good practice. | a+bide, bide sounds like bind, a thing that makes you to bind yourself | lower yourself to the base. | No offense....SAy someone who is very fat as a big TIRE(tyre)---- ridicule | ABASE can be termed as (ABE-YASH)suppose that in reality show gobinda called YASHRAJ ABE YASH means he abases him. | Juniors are often abased by their seniors. | abash
abash: embarrass
A=ALWAYSB=BRINGSaS=SHAME | Ab for abraham (john abraham)and ash for aishwarya roy .when they come close,abhishek get abashed | What happens when u get a bash? (bashing)....u get embarrassed. | link it to bashful. | if we tell a lady...u r A-BHAINS(buffalo IN HINDI) INFRONT OF EVERYONE,SHE WILL B EMBARASSED. | sounds like ab-ash (Abhishek-Aishwarya, Bollywood Actor-Actress) married and abashed Salman(Bollywood Actor) | AB+ASH....AB=now(in hindi)ASH=short form of combine these two we get the meaning i.e,feeling ashamed at that time or situation | When the group was making fun of Amy, she ABASHed by covering her face with her hands and hiding herself behind A BUSH in Busch Gardens in Virginia. | I gave badshah -A Bash in public, thus humiliating him... | abash : a boss who always embarasses u or u are emabarresed b4 boss | abase: A bhais{base} which means buffalo and it implies humiliation | Abash='A'+ basha.Basha means when people scold u using A language u feel embarrassed. | abash =ab + ash = abishek+aishwarya rai.. abishek bachan is always embarrassed becos of aish rai's beauty | ab stands for Abhishek + ash stands for Aishwaryawhen Abhishek married to Aish Salman gets embarrased | Bash stuns enemy in games. A BASH makes them uncomfortable. | Aba=Elder person, AbhaSh= ShameAbha felt shameful | Abase Abash Same Stash of Humiliating or Embarrassing Trash | When you are abash, it makes you dash(because you are embarrassed) | Bash is Bamboo in Bangla. A Bash ie A bamboo makes him abashed
abate: To reduce in amount;Put an end to; subside or moderate
rebate means discount... i.e reducing the price..abate and rebate are rhyming words | (Tag : ) abate which is rhyming with debate.Debate means raising(actually in discussion imagine that in every thing) just opposite to debate consider abate that is reduction in nature | ab ate mat karo abate your weight | A BAIT is given to rats at home finally rats get reduced. So u can directly give ABATE to rat to reduce its population i.e; ABATE is reducing | 'abate' sounds like the hindi bait" means "come sit". Imagine a tired old man visiting you and you offer a chair and say 'aa bait' it will lessen relieve your tiredness. | ABATE=AB+ATE... here "ATE" is the past tense of "eat". So when we eat, the quantity tends to reduce or lessen... the same applies here.. | Focus on ‘ate’ part of abate. (eat, ate, eaten). When you eat anything, you reduce it's quantity. | abate= a + bate which almost sounds aa bete in hindi, imagine father sayings his son come(aa) son(bete),come join my business to subside me and reduce my load. | bate(if some body beats u,ur self respect for him gets diminished)...hence abate counts for getng diminishd by sum means... | a+baith: aa baith yani aaja baith ja matlab down ho ja ya reduce ho ja | ABATE RHYMES WITH "WAIT". means waiting to get sumthng subsided | A =always ;BATE = masturbate ;so when you always masturbate ,energy and sperm will be less in amount,degree or intensity | ABATE=AB+ATE.. "ATE" is the past tense of "EAT".. so When we eat, the quantity tends to reduce or lessen.. SO ABATE stands for lessen or reduce or diminsh or slacken | Sachin'sBAT has no intention of aBATing the agony of his opponent bowlers. | In Hindi sit down means (baith) + ab = ab baith i.e. abate | ab+ate— ab( away) from ate, if you will be AWAY from ATE(food) you will REDUCE | In an ABATTOIR, butchers ABATE or end the lives of animals. | ABATE= AB + ATE. You got your current six-packs ABdomen because you ATE so little and reduce your fat-intake. | abATE is the opposite of escalATE | AB+ ATE = abishek ate Aishariya lessen her beauty.
abbreviate: shorten
abbreviate consists of brevity(means brief) the meaning would be 'to make brief' | Abbreviate & Elaborate are pronounced similarly but meant inversely... Understood? | Abbreviation = short form of anything so abbreviate means to shorten | abbreviate has root brev (brief) in it; brev (brief) means in short. hence meaning ofabbreviate is to shorten something
abdicate: renounce; give up (position, right, or responsibility)
ab+dicatedicate sounds like dictator.Dictator is an authoritarian rulerwho has lot of power.To remember better,ab normal is opposite to normal.So,abdicate is opposite to dictator (ie)losing power. | ab(अब ) di (दी ) CAT which means in Hindi "now given up the cat", imagine you have a powerful cat and you given her to some one. | ab (root ab means away as in abandon) + dic (dictatorship) + ate (to eat and hence reduce) : means to give away (or reduce) dictatorship and hence to give-up power. | "Ab nai dictate" means now u hav to giv up. | ab-di-ca-de | Lord Ram abdicated his kingdom for Bharath | dominique strauss khan abdicated the position of IMF head due to the rape charges | ab means away di for two ,and cate for cats .two cats on chair one force other cat to leave position so other leaves position i.e.abdicate | Rabdidevi in bihar wanted 2 become abdidevi by abdicating her throne to her husband Lalu. | abdicate's 1st part abdi=kabaddi(rhyme)(in hindi).when player cant stop breathing he "GIVES UP(RENOUNCE)" and he gets out.. | abdicate contains 'decay' or reduction or give up | ab+di+cate=giveup(In hindi:ab de di cate(winslet) jo mere kabze me thi | Search google for an image which reads: Delegate do not Abdicate) | "a grim-featured man"(adj.) made a feature or highlight; given prominence"a featured actor", "a featured item at the sale" | poke
aberrant: abnormal or deviant
(Tag: Global) ab (away) + err (error) + ant : focus on ERR and ANT. Ants normally move together in a queue. imagine all these ants moving randomly like a group of honey bees. That would be abnormal behaviour. | (beer+ant)...ant drank beer and walking abnormal.. | ab (away) + err (error) + ant : focus on ERR and ANT, usually an ant follows a path ... so moving away from (root ab means away from) that path means, error in regular path and hence deviating from normal path...or behaviour | aberrant behaviour of owner abb agar rent nahi diya | ab error aa gayi..hence it is no more normal...hence abnormal | Ab-Abishek bachan, Ran-ran at the back of,Ant- is "abishek inspite of having Ashhe was running at the back of auntys. it means he is mentally ABNORMAL" | UBER ANT is an abnormally large ant. (Uber comes from German for super but is used in gaming slang in English) | a bear ant ie,a ant who is drunk will deviate from the normal path | aberr + Antother than normal antTHErfore abnormal ant:hence ABNORMAL | AB means away.berrant is rhyming with diffrent so its give the meaning of abnormalor deviant | aberrant = DEVIANT(DEVI + ANT) devi in Hindi means Goddess,so Goddess ant would be different from rest of the ants which will not follow general norms of the ants. | break the wordABE+RRANT(i)aberantii...! | the speech given by P.M. was aberrant. | The Abnormal aberrant, made a Flagrant foul | the term ERR is inside here, how can it be normal then?
aberration: deviation from the normal; mental disorder
sounds like abortion which is not normal delivery | A person who drinks beer acts differently from normal guy.. which is deviating for normal. | ab+err+ation.. in this if we concentrate on err.. which relates to error.. which is deviation from normal.. | ab+eye+irritation=aberration if the pic is not of good quality due to lens problems its eye-irritating | sounds like ab + operationdue to the mentally disorder doctors want to do immediate operation of the patient | abe beer kabhi ration ki dukan pe nahi mil sakti...which is a kind of deviation.. | ABERRATION=VARIATION...... | Aberration = A + Beer + Reaction, so when a person drinks beer the reaction would be not normal | abrretion means irregularity and its similar word is 'anomalous' and anomalous behaviour of water is studied is schools which we do remember
abet: assist usually in doing something wrong; encourage
"a"+"bet" Normally in teenage,college students "bet" to their friends that i will make a girl to fall in luv with me n even his fnds supports n encourages him. | to differentiate abet from abate=subside/moderate, we can pronounce it as, my mom beat me when I assisted my brother in stealing chocolates...this can give an idea that abbeat=abet is related to something doing wrong. | 'a bet' relate it to the betting in cricket. Betting encourages the players to invove in match fixing. Md. azharruddin was assisted by a bet-ter. | a+bet ; a bet generally assists you to do something wrong | ABET always encourages you to do A BAD thing. | Lalu was asked by his teacher(PD) to pronunce 'A BAT'while teaching cricket in his KG class. Lalu in his bihari style could only say -'A BET'. | in colleges" abettment of ragging " notices are put up, which suggest that anyone helping in ragging may be punished. so one may kepp in mind that abet means to assist, help | He abetted him in stealing sachin's bat. | He abetted him in stealing sachin's bat. | He abetted him in stealing sachin's bat | a+beta bet generally assists you to do something wrong.. and after tht u get beaten up by ur parents or police...
abeyance: suspended action
a+beyance .. here concentrate on beyance.. it sounds like buoyancy which which suspends objects above the ground level.. | remember "abey" in hindi... abey mat karo... do it later! | Interpret it as opposite of obey+ance -- not obeying the given orders and suspend the work (action) | Interpret it as opposite of obey+ance -- not obeying. Not obeying the orders of his Commanding officer resulted in the captain's suspension for 13 days. | ABHAYAS(practice) - due to lack of practice, main event got delayed. | if you will not OBEY you will get suspended | abey+dance.. due to delay in dance, audience are angry.. due to abeyance in the show audience are frustrated.. | Abe=Abhe, yance=yan: Abheyaan:suspend(abeyance) flow of black money to overseas banks. bharat ka kala dhan abheyan | keep at bay | abey+ance=Consider abey as opp ofobey(disrespectful)+ ance as the offense given for the act of not obeying(suspension) | a+beyanceconcentrate on beyance,while beyance was dancing,everybodywas just watching her,suspended thier work | abeyance is somewht suspense in its pronunciation.suspence means keeping in suspended, abeyance means suspended action. | Relate the word to the singer "Beyonce Knowles"......suspended her singing(action) becoz of her age but not retried | due to delay in dance..the people frustrated..Due to aeyance people frustrated in the show.. | abey-ance | A bay vacancy - Found a free hotel at a bay-you will suspend yourself for a break | abeyance - absance - absence | abhey+dance: Abhay is dancing once his mom shouts loudly abhay.. he stop dancing for a moment. Temporary suspension. | word contains buoyancyits a state of suspension on water.. | Beyonce had abeyance in her job when her child was born
abhor: detest; hate
abhor sounds like "a whore" and we generally hate a to hate someone is abhoring that person | ab + hor (horror) -- that means we should always hate the horror. | Abhor - The last part sounds like HORror ppl hate horror films, they detest them. i.e they dont test them. | a + bhor = a (one) + bhor (sunrise in hindi) so i hate to ger up early i hate to get up at bhor | a + bhor (bore).. a bore person is always rejected. Many people generally abhor a bore person. | abhor = "ab" (away) + "hor" (prostitute)we want the hor to go away because we despise it. | abhor is similar to abort,abort means an operation ended abruptly..consider wen your installing your most liked game and den suddenly if u see an error called operation aborted u hate(abhor) that,isn't it? | aBhORING , Sounds like a BORING that many would hate . People always hate boring topic . Abhore- Bore - Hate | ABsolutely HORrible .. we hate things which are absolutely horrible like war or murder | Focus on "hor"(suffix) hor=horse--so ,i hate horse | AB means(now)+ (hor) hor meaning in punjabi is more..image the person is sayin ab hor de..means giv me u hate it!! | looks like adore, b is the mirror image of d so, abore must be the mirror image(opposite) of adore(to love),ie. hate | Focus on "hor"(suffix) hor=horse--so ,i hate horse | In MTV roadies there was person name Vibhor...nd i ppl hate sounds like Abhor | i hate a bore(boring) person.... so abhor means to hate !! | abhor sounds like boring. We hate when we are bored | Bhor in hindi means morningwe regard morning with hatred'ki kyun aa gaya yaar kitna acha soye the'so abhor | hate bore horrour movie | 'abhor' sounds similar to 'whore', a prostitute. Imagine a whore hates you more than you hate him when dirty people visit her. | What a horrific uproar which sounds like abhor or uphoar!!!!OrEwwwwwwwwwwww! | ab (now) gor (snoar in marathi)
abide: dwell; abide by: comply with; put up with; tolerate; Ex. abide by the rules; Ex. I can't abide rude people.
a+bride(bide)genrally guyz loose their independence aftr d marriage bcoz f their as to bear them n their abide counts to bear sthng or hate sthng... | abi(abhi"name of a person")+the second part sounds like hide(abhi hides from his stupid friends....because he canttolerate them. | abide :concentrate on bide it sounds like hide,to escape you hide as u can't bear them lik that | Not to upset the host I took A BITE of the cake although I can barely tolerate chocolate. | bide in abide sounds like bind(something that binds you) abide means that fails to bind you from your heart..but you merely have to tolerate | a + (bide)= bride= wife= tolerate= bear | abhi hides himself in d(THE) well(DWELL)...... | "The dude Abides" - from the movie "The big Lebowski" | put up with your bride. | a bride is put up with rules | "Law Abiding Citizan" is a movie name.
abject: (of a condition) wretched; as low as possible; lacking pride; very humble; showing lack of self-respect; Ex. abject apology
Abject sounds like REJECT.Poor people are like REJECTED (Abject) people in the society.poor people or people lacking pride (abject people) are rejectedin society | abject sounds like reject if any person is rejected in job he/she will feel hopless and wil be in miserable condition | Abject sounds like Reject...hopeless person is always rejected | 'Submissive' ppl are treated as mere OBJECTS THAT ARE OWNED (compare object wid ABJECT)and less humane.. | interpret "abject " as opposite to OBJECT...Wen we think of object immediately it strikes that object is a point or thing point or thing has got some location or some reference to opposite toreference andhope is hopeless or miserable. | One social object is to reduce abject poverty. | "ab+ject"something opposite to inject,in+ject,inject means induces something, abject means not inducing so, no self respect,no is degraded due to lack of blood without injecting.. | ABJECT IS AB+ JECT, wich is spoken as a person having no jack at all lacks pride and is wretched in society | interpret "abject " as opposite to OBJECT...Wen we think of object immediately it strikes that object is a point or thing point or thing has got some location or somereference to opposite to no reference and no hope that is miserable o | abject sounds like ab + eject,ab means awayeject means throwso abject means thrown away, losers are thrown away,for example an abject loser | abject -ab not or away and ject means jacket relate to people of nepal living in abject poverty so unable to buy jacketabject -ab not or away and ject means jacket relate to people of nepal living in abject poverty so unable to bu | A DEJECTED (depressed) person will be in ABJECTED state of condition/mind. | | your Object is so Abject! Aim higher or you will be rejected | abject | Abject-not(A) having any objection.
abscission: cutting off; separation
It had the word sciss(scissors) in it.Scissors are used for Cutting,seperating.. | ab + scission = scissor scissor separates two things by cutting them ,so separation | "abscission" sounds like "Recession"..nw a days companies are cutting their employs due to recession. | its from word abscissnic acid which causes cutting of bud off the plant. so abscission is cutting off | rogate is something that sounds rogam which should b abolished...... | Imagin word in following way "absc I ssion". Here " I " is separating"absc" and "ssion". SO it is nothing but cutting these words. | rootword meaning ab(away)scission(scissors)=== scissors cut away anything in two parts | it may be from abscissa,i.e X-axis, X is crossed or cut off | Using word roots, abs=away or off and cis=cut/kill, hence abs+cis+sion= cut something off
abscond: depart secretly and hide
Abscond – ab + scond. ‘Absent in a second’. When you will absent in a second? =when u STEAL OFF & HIDE, or when u DEPART secretly. | absCOND sounds like abs'KAND'..when you do KAND you run away, depart secretly and hide :) | focus on cond=condition if elders keep conditions to do this n that we will do it secretly or we will escape from that place secretly | ABSENT KAUN(who?) - whoever is absent in class has absconded | abscond treat it like james bond, hidinng from villain | ab-Abishek, scond-scoundral"Amithab scolded Abi as scoundral, and abishek ran off or hide secretly with fear | abscond - the con artist secretly depart from the town. | due to continuous absence in college,they detained him | kand karke abscond ho gaya | abs + cond (condition) : I should have six pack abs is an important condition before she can abscond with me. | Abs (Absent)+ cond(condition)
absolute: complete; totally unlimited; having complete power; certain; not relative; Ex. absolute honesty/ruler; CF. absolutism
"solute" sounds like salute and we use to salute people having complete power. | A+B(P)+SOLUTE= A perfect sol, that dissolves anything completely, perfectly and anything that is pure | Absolute power = complete power | at absolut temp gaseous particles remain "completely" at rest | absolute comes from "Absolutely Right "....meaning completely right.
absolve: pardon (an offense)
ab -solve .so yousolved a dispute between you and your friend , how did you solve itby forgiving and pardoning him/her . | Releasing a person from jail sheriff tells him: "you can go I'VE SOLVED the crime, turns out you are innocent after all" | bahut cheating kar li ..."ab solve" kardo... | absolve also=exempt,discharge,dispense,exculpate,acquit,exonerate,vindicate | ab + solve : if you can solve this problem, I can absolve your sin from the accusation of cheating in exam. (a teacher said to his student) | "Don't let him off the hook unless you ABSOLutely belieVE that he didn't do it." | ab-now, solve is normal.. "ab problem solve ho gaya hi.. mein tujhe maaf kar raha hun.. jaa" | I'll let my Ab(s) Solve the problem between us, and when she pardons me, she'll be all over my abs...ooh. | Ab+ Solve; if you move away(Ab) to solve problems you will feel guilty;if you SOLVE your problems, you will be free from guilt and blame and their consequences. | absolve your sin is to pardon your sin. | abhi solve karde to maaf kar dunga
abstain: refrain; withhold from participation; intentionally not use one's vote;
ab+stain...we tend to stay away from stain.... | this can be written as "ab+stai......and stai......sounds like stay.... and .. stayout of something means not involving in sth that doesn't concern to one. | ab+stain ... Dell Steyn is a dangerous bowler .. batsman normaly dont want to cm in front of him | Focus on stain mom will scold us if we have some ud or ink stains on our dress .So,promise to mom i wont play in mud again(choose not to do something") | like in above case intentionally not using one's vote.meansone knows that even if he/she uses thier votes politicians will never change hence they are concern about it and staying out of the voting process | ab (away) + stain = Mom asked me to be away from or not participate in the party due to stain | Steyn is an South African bowler with an ugly face.. so, ab+styen means stop looking at him, or withhold the participation. | abs + tain (train - trainer) : my abs trainer (in gym) advised me to abstain from alcohol and oily stuffs. | ab (meaning away) + stain : we generally tend to stay away from stain (dirt, dust etc) | Read ab+stain like ab+stay(means stop) i.e ab stop smoking | abstain-(ab+stain) also abdicate(ab+ dicate) both r 2 give up something you liked. abdicate can be related to dictatorship,& abstain can be related to stain which is not cherished. so u abdicate from monarch but abstain frm smokin
abstemious: sparing in eating and drinking; temperate
focus on 'abs' part of this word. Abs...To build a six-pack abs, eat n drink carefully | ABstain from eating STEM | abs (abs) + stemious (stamina): To build stamina or six pack abs, you have to eat and drink carefully. | take abstemious asabs + tummy + ousthat means ABStain from eating to have a flat tummy (stomach). | *ABS*temious , concentrate on ABS .. one who eats and drinks less/lightly will have abs ( of course with work out :) ) | ABS+STEAM...I want to make my ABS as light as steam...what will I do???...I will have less amount of food....... | 'ab'(away) + 'stemious'(stem of tree) not as thick as stem == refrains in eating(or suffering frommarasmus) | Ab + stem + ious...imagine stomach abs and to make them stem like thin you try to eat and drink less | remember as ABS + STEM. If you want to build Abs then you hav to Stem (stop) eating junk food. | be abstemious to avoid conversion of abs into tummy | dwdede | just focus on abswe get abs by eating foodand its abstemious soo abs for u
abjure: renounce upon oath
Abjure think it like injure. so once you are injured you will give abjure means give up | ab+jure...jure- jor (in Hindi) Jor lagaao chodoo mat....(Don't Give up) (this mnemonic is in Hindi Language) | abjure ~ ab (away) + jure (jury).He abjured (rejected, moved away from) her earlier statements in front of jury. | ab jury ke saamne kasam khaata hoon, i'll not do this again | ab+jaanede+yaar (abjure) am renouncing | ABJURE = the prefix AB- means against. -JURE means rule (like JURY)So, ABJURE means to rule against. | ab(now);(jury).one compulsoryly have to take an oath in front of a jury | Abjure = Ab jure (Zaroori in HINDI) .. under pressure you say "Ab zaroori nahi hai".. | abjure sounds like "object" which both are the same in the meaning to renounce | Ab indicates negative meaning. -jure can be thought as JOR in hindi meaning GIVING UP UNDER PRESSURE is ABJURE | ab+chod--give up | I SURE never believed in this crap! | read ab+jure like ab+jaa(i.e remove,renounce) | Sounds like: "Abb joor lgaa ke chodh dho." (Now go all out and give it up) | WoW: you don't want to conjure water but you abjure to do it. | Take an oath in front of jury to denounce one's belief. | abjure | ab jane de re. (in marathi ab(ata) jau(ju) de re) means give up.
ablution: washing
ab+solution sounds like blue solution,means pure water,which is used to wash yourself. | take the suffix.lution sounds like lotion .so,i am washing(cleaning) the wound my some antiseptic lotion. | ablution ~ a + blue + solution; just imagine some blue color solution used for washing clothes. | a+blu+solution=detegent n its used to wash | 'ablution' is 'a blue solution'. It's a sacred solution used by priests to wash their hands and temple utensils. | ABlution=AB+pollution that means causing not pollution | After finger painting I washed my hands but I forgot that I touched my face so I ended walking around with A BLUE CHIN all day without even noticing | AMITHAB BACHHAN APPLIES A LOTION BEFOR HIS ABLUTION(SINCE HE IS TREATED AS GOD) | People believe they can obtain AB-so-LUTION(forgiveness for sins)by CLEANSING(Washing) themselves in the Ganges. | ABLUTION=AB(prefix meaning 'towards')+LUTION(sounds like Lotion).Thus, Towards Lotion-in the bath u tend towards using lotion | take ablution to remove pollution | abolish poison
abnegation: renunciation; self-sacrifice; self-abnegation
abnegate: ab+nahi+get; meaning giving up something | Ab-negate ~ relate negate to negative and ab to away. It implies subtracting something. Subtracting (removing away) some important aspect of your life means sacrificing something. | abnegation=ab+negation. negation part could be considered as saying negative answer. when you say NO to something, you have rejected it or renounced it | Ab-abishek, negation-negitive,,,," Abishek bachan sacrificed himself to do negitive role in RAVAN as director requested him" | abnegation= absent negotiation= when two lovers cant negotiate with their parents about their love they have to self sacrifice for others | ab+negation..negation means negative or not..Even they dont like or not.. 'ab'away.. they give away.. they sacrifice. | abnegationnegation =negotiationusually during negotiation u have to sacfice negation=self sacrifce | abnegation- abne-apne , gation sounds like nation..apne nation ke liye mene self sacrifice de diya | Abnation is part of life in abbey(The dwelling place of society of monks and nuns.)Abbey can be remembered by OBEY. (Monks and nuns obey the rule.) | ab-negate: ab (now) I negate (nullify) myself.. | state of having no ego-abn(o)eg(o)tion- sacrifice state
abode: dwelling place; home
abode sounds jus like aboard= a+board... boarding refers to living room or place | a-bode(body) ......a body needs a dwelling place/home | Children use Adobe software to make abode(houses) in pictures | abode: some people get bored (from bode) staying in home. | Abode is built using Adobe. Adobe means sun-dried brick. | abode... ab odh ... sote waqt odhna.. means you are at some dwelling place/home/abode | Sounds like a boat. Some people live on a boat. | abode-adobe(house) | bode is similar to bride,Abode-A place where bride stays most of the time i.e. home
abolish: cancel; put an end to
sounds sumwhat similar to demolish..which means put an end of sumthing | abolish is similar to abort.Meaning of abort is to stop the development of a baby.Thus the meaning "End something" or "Put to an end". | 2nd part sounds like ISSSSHHHHn when dis sound is pruduced it means something is not gud n needs to be cancelled or brought to an end. | abolish..A+bolish(sounds likePOLICE...)so A POLICE team came to wedding hall,and cancelled the marrige as he was marrying second time without divorcing first wife. | the last letters sounds lyk ishhhh whch reminds us f aishwarya rai..her memories puts an end 2 our heart beat...hene abolish is to put an end 2 sthng.... | abolish sounds like a+polish which means it cleans bad....put an end to dust | conc on ab....o(zero)of abolish.that is "ab zero pe aana padega" or come to zero.i.e.come to an end. | ab + polish (bolish) : now we have polish our shoes and hence put an end to dirt over it.
abominable: detestable; extremely unpleasant
abominable means think as boman irani(vilan in 3idiots) he is bad,hated by all,his face was extremely unplesant (in dat picture) | abo + min + able : this work is not even above (ab) my minimum (min) ability (able) level.. so it's exceptionally bad. | ab+omin(OMIT)+ABLE means "away from omit". if sth can not be omitted it is forced to us and we should tolerate it and gradually we would hate it | abo= abovemin= minute able = ableso hated so can't resist above a minute | ever heard of abominable snowman??...its an apelike wild animal its unpleasant | a+bom .. when bomb blast its very displeasing | abominable= a bomb + able: nobody likes what a bomb can do. Its extremely unpleasant | ab+omin(OMIT) think of our indian cricket team ,right now are we able to omit any one? no !because everyone is playing good | a+bomi+nable...bomi in bengali means vomitting.hence abominable can be linked to somethin which provokes u to vomit...hence detestable | Read it like boo{hindi word for bad smell} is coming n u r not able to smell it.... | Abominable= ab(away) omit, we usually omit thing we hate and put the away | ab=abroad,omin=omen,,i am unable to go to OMEN coz people there are unpleasent | abominable=ab+omit+able..means know ur painful and able to omit it | sounds like vomitable=VOMIT+ABLE i.e. vomit is detestable | A-Bom(b)in(g)-able!! No one wants this, everyone's worst nightmare. | A-Bom-Mina-able | ab - Negateomin - O-mineab-omin-able = that can't be mine =detestable | a bomb is dropped so it's very unpleasant. | abominable=ab o(or) min(mint) able(not able to eat) bcoz i hv eaten it alot during my childhood n now i hate it | ab+ominable.omit sounds like womit. ab means away. we tent 2 move away from womit because its detestable | someone vomits on you and you feel very disgusting. | bomb+bull:The bombs coming out of bull smell exceptinally bad. | 'AB(prefix meaning Not-remember Abnormal)'+'OMIN(sounds like Amen)'+'able'-somebody who isn't able(is reluctant) to say 'Amen' after the prays is considered bad,detestable and unpleasant | a + minablea mining place has UNPLEASANT climate and has VERY BAD smell in it.. | ab+omin+able...think of "omin" as "omen" which is highly unpleasant
abominate: loathe; hate
the last four letters sound lyk hate(nate)....hence abominate is to hate sb/sthg... | once again wid reference to mnemonic of abominable ....abominate has BOMI(bengali of Vomit)....which is unpleasant experience | ab(abhi..a name of a person)+ominate(sounds like"mina"(focus on middle of girl...+omit...(meansdeliberately)....abhi omitted mina from his team because he hated her like anything. | abominate sounds like dominate and we HATE those who dominates us | I NOMINATE Adolf Hitler to be the most hated tyrant in history of the world. | A bom(b) ate = Eating a bomb is really bad! Who wouln't loath this? | abominate = a bha minute. imagine u have given a minute time to your girlfriend and now she didn't came and you HATE her | ab(abhi...a name of person)+ominate(sounds together like omit mina.....means leave out mina)......abhi omitted mina from his team because he hated her like anything
aboriginal: being the first of its kind in a region; primitive; native; indigenous; N. aborigine
see the word origin which means first of a kind. | abe ye ORIGINAL hai | A B Original : A-B are initial (original) English alphabets. | intepret the meaning from 'original' in this word.. | ab many things we buy are not original we used to get these earlier in primitive days | AB+orginal.. First of its kind.. Even though the modified one is latest one..EX:- the aborignal form of this place is very pleasant.. | "Ab Ab Ab Ab" said the green baby. This baby came from an origin? But where? A specific spot in Ireland. | | The boy in moview "Australian" recalls me the meaning of word "arboriginal"
abortive: unsuccessful; fruitless
Relate it to abort..things usually gets aborted when it seems that it would be unsuccessful or fruitless | relate it to "abortion" in wich parents remains FRUITLESS... | abortion is a common word which means termination of pregnancy.. and hence something unsuccessful or fruitless. | abort = "to stop somthing before result"ive= actionthat is "useless action" | Abort+ive: abort means to stop.. ive to stopped due to some unsuccessful conditions. | You abort an GRE score if u r unsuccessful | Antonyms:complete, consummated, effective, effectual, efficient, fruitful,successful | when we put a cd in the cd drive of a computer and den eject it before transferring data, dere is sum command which comes on da screen like ur transfer was aborted means something which was in process has stopped.........
abrasive: rubbing away; tending to grind down
abrasive:ab-Erasive:which means rubbing away | sounds like aggressive,which means harsh behavior | A+BRA+sive.. it is very harsh behaviour if we touches a womens bra.. which is not good.. | ab + rasi -- ab means away and rasi sounds like erase.. erasing something to remove away some dirt.. hence rubbing away. | take first three letters of this word...i.e. ABR...nw simply jumble the will give u...RAB...n it sounds like RUB..i.e. meaning too | a-bra-sive which is rubbed every day | bras polishing - rubbing or to grind down | abrasive remark like an abrasive material | like razor ,which rubs away things
abridge: condense or shorten
a+bridge..well bridges are meant to reduce the gap between abridging..something means reducingor shortening something. | a+bridge : bridges can shorten the transportation time.. | there was a long path but due building of bridgepath was shorten | ab-rid | The Abridged Dictionary, Yey! not 100,000 words, just 3,000.
abrogate: abolish
Imagine a boy is making sighs to a girl standing in front of her GATE,seeing that ,her BRO comes & get rid of the boy (abolish) | ab (now) + rog (disease) + ate (eat) so, eat the disease and abolish it now. | rogam-disease need to b abolished | ab+*rog*+gateWhat does a ROGUE do if he is given power? - Abolish things officially !!! | (this mnemonic needs understanding of Hindi language) ab ro gate par aakar (in Hindi) imagine a person crying(ab ro gate par aake) in front of a gate because his form has been cancelled (abolished) | ab*ROG*ate .. concentrate on ROG , it sounds like rogue and normally we like to ABOLISH rogues | A-BROke-GATE = abolish | A's (someone's) Brother is standing near INDIA GATE to abolish the excise duty law. | abro-gate to ask someone to get out of our gate . thus you areabolishing that person. | ABROGATE = ABOlish or ABATE leGAlly. | A + Bro(Brother) Gate(at gate) a brother turns away at the gate | ab+rog+ate: ab rog ne use kha liya... | A+Broke+Agreement --- abrogate --- to end a law/agreement | aman+bra+ gate :Ladies revoked or abrogated as the man was putting bra on GATE. | A Bro Gate, a gate for brothers only, which abrogates the hierarchy. | Ab ro gate par cos tender has abrogated. | aman+bra+ gate :Ladies revoked or abrogated as the man was putting bra on GATE. | A bro not going into a gate and turning back. | | bro(brother)bfr gate, child should not beg it should be abolished | a + bro + gatethey put a gate on my bro to revoke himor my bro was leaving home, so they closed gate to stop or revoke him.
abstinence: restraint from pleasant things, esp. eating or drinking; CF. abstention: act of abstaining from vote
ABS THIN ence. A person maintained abstinence when he restrained from pleasant things like food and drinks!!! | abstinence (sounds like absent) : like being absent from enjoying pleasant things | ab+stinence..(looks like STRINGENC(y)....MEANS sticking to the rules) your doctor has asked you to stick to the rule of eating only bread ,if you want to reduce your belly. | Ab is root which means away from something | Ab+ stin+ence: Absent from nonsense like alcohol | Abstinence from ur beloved ones leads to alcohol consumption | abs are nonsense so there is no restaint for eatind and drinking(food lover is thinking lyk da assume) | soundslike abstinance came from abstain: non-participation in pleasant things
abstract: theoretical; not concrete; nonrepresentational
abstract: sounds close to retract....and you cant retract anything from an abstract speech or passage. | Ab..A(NOT)+stract(EXTRACT)..(here it gain an information from something) if you are a given passage on philosophy,will you be able to understand something,as it very much theoretical and based on general ideas. | abs+tract(able). Do u think getting abs is tractable(manageable) or easy, certainly not its only theoretical in most case. | abs-tract | abstract-means theoretical or notconcrete. think of the movie "Star Trek" - that is purely a non- concrete concept... | Focus on "Tract" (actual word) means a passage in the body/tube and area of wide extent: this is a place for the theories/philosophies of this world.
abstruse: obscure; profound; difficult to understand
abstruse rhyme with CONFUSE,there is confusion when things are not clear | AB stress nahi doge or brain USE(last 2 alphabets) nahi karoge then you wont be able to understand anything.Difficult to understand. | It contains "ab....use". ab generally stands for negative sense and so 'ab+ use' can be taken as difficult to use. A word will be difficult to use if it is difficult to understand. | Ab(s)+truce = someone with whom making truce is difficult coz he z difficult to understand | Ab-abishek, truce-(T)om c(RUCE)"" for abishek it is DIFFICULT TO UNDERSTAND Tom cruse behavior"" | abstruse=absurd..(remove se from the word)and arrange abstru to absurt.. or absurd.. which can be correlated to difficult to understand.. | ABSTRUSE = ABSTRACT + CONFUSE | ABstract tRUTH | Ab-abishek, str-stra, use-use"for abishek it is difficult to understand how to use straa"" | (ab+str+use)ab=now str use or v can say use str now.its difficult to use n that it means | relate it to ab'use..abuse.. and abusive language is always difficult to penetrate. | abstruce is rhyming to obtuse .. which comes under Geometry..difficult to underastand for many | (ab+str+use)ab=now str use or v can say use str now.its difficult to use n that it means | (ab+str+use)ab=now str use or v can say use str now.its difficult to use n that it means | abstruse=ab difficult to understad | Absolute Truth is abstruse, you can never learn it! | It sounds like "abs truth". When well exercised, abs can be hard, and truth is something you can/should understand. | ABS+TRUSS...its difficult to build abs as strong as truss | concentrate on trueand true always difficult to understand | abstress | See the word Abs it is difficult to understand how to get six pack on the body. truce-true | abstruse link with abs+ true i.e. absolutely true people are difficult to understand | no use - this is hard to understand | The appearance (or pronunciation) of "abstruse" itself is...abstruse.
abusive: coarsely insulting; physically harmful
ab + usive : ab+use; ab is generally used in negative (bad) sense. Hence, we should not use bad language (abusive)in front of our child. | abusive language, f*** | (a - buse) = Bush made misuse of his Power to Iraq.
abut: border upon; adjoin
Look at your BUTT (Dont take it offensively).Its like two pieces of flesh together marked by a boundary in between them ..Thats abut . | A+But : 'But' is used to (ad)join two sentence as in example : He is good guy, but not a good student. | ab+hut= all huts generally will be side by side. | abhut-"abe" hut jada pas aane ki koshish mat kar | note that in ABUT, A is adjacent to B in the alphabet(there's boundary between them),also U is adjacent to T.
abysmal: bottomless
a+bys(take dis as 20 i.e.beesin hindi)+mal(take it as mile) a 20 mile deep pit in the ground looks like its bottomless | bys...sounds like bottomless | You might have seen "Aladdin" dat there was a negative character named as "Abysmaal"...i.e. "extremely bad" man... | a- this, bys-bees(20), mal-mal(in hindi we call some substance as mal) ""salesman saying to women ' madam a bees ka mal hen isme bottom nahi ayega only top ayega(bottomless)"" | if use rearrange the word abysmal u get "smalbays" which sounds lik "small base" which is approximately equal to no base ie bottom less.. | abyss-bottomless...abyssmal | A-Base | Imagine some1 telling alphabetically ab-y is small infact its a vrey huge gap inturn dis pertains to d depth in d meaning | ab (negative sense, not) + y small. something which is not small, so big and hence limitless or bottomless. | topics should be understood from basic otherwise its abysmal
acetic: vinegary
acetic is derived from acetic acid..which is a week acid,which we generally use to make bakery products. | acetic sounds like a septic contains a lot of acid.
acidulous: slightly sour (in taste or manner); sharp; caustic
ACID..(USUALLY SOUR AND BITTER IN TASTE) anything which include acidwill automatically give you sour and bitter taste | acid-acidic , loustast so acidic tast | acid+less, so slightly bitter or slightly sour | Acidulous - Acid - rescramble ous to sou+r = sour.Acid sour.
acknowledge: recognize; admit
ac(ACCORDING) Hindi we say...("Hume apni akal se hi logo ko pehchaana chahiye")In English-("We shud RECOGNIZE ppl acc(according) to our own KNOWLEDGE") | ac(ACCORDING)+ knowledge...according to my knowledge business schools generally admit very intelligent students.
acme: peak; pinnacle; highest point
Like acne=high points on skin(pimple).Acme=Highest point in ones work. | in cartoon network the coyote uses ACME tools to kill the road runner.... jus remember he always falls off the PEAK of a mountain.,, always | A(aaaaaaaaaaaa......) C(see)ME(me)... Imagine that you are at great height and u r shouting these words | Sounds like LAKME (face cream) whose products promise your beauty to reach its peak. | Acme can be rearranged as Meca sound like Mecca Going to Mecca is the highest dream of Muslims | Acme Sounds like peak me. |
acne: skin disease (on the face)
it sounds like LAKNE the duplicate product of dnt use dis otherwise dis will cause SKIN DISEASE... | sounds like Lakme (face cream) Whose products may cause skin disease on face. | ac(ne) = nahi!!! I don't want this diseasePS:The above is to avoid confusion with acme which means pinnacle
acoustics: science of sound; quality that makes a room easy or hard to hear in
a+co(couple)+stics(sticks)-a couple of sticks when striked produce a sound...relates to science of sound... | It "sounds" like a "scientific" better understand by these line only....
acclaim: applaud; praise; greet with great approval; announce with great approval; Ex. The new drung has been acclaimed as the most important discoveries for years; N: strong expression of approval and praise
A+claim..imagineyou have claimed to a news channel that you have designed a super computer ,so every where people are praising you for your great invention | look at the last 3 letters AIM - when you had reached ur aim u will be praised | look at the last 3 letters AIM - when you had reached ur aim u will be praised | look at the last 3 letters AIM - when you had reached ur aim u will be praised | acclaim: (accl+aim)when you accomplish your AIM you will be praised | not blame | like if u claim that u get teh drug to make man immortal, what u will get? acclaim | ppl are applauding but according 2 me its lame...acc-lame | (AC) Acknowledgement to whatever u (claim)claim | A+claim.. You can claim the success of your movie only if it's acclaimed by audience. | critically acclaimed film, hence successful | when hitler claims publicialy.crowd admires him looking at his confidance. | think of critics acclaim to any movie... the best critics movie is given critics award..
acclimate: adjust to climate or environment; adapt
Adjust ACCording to CLIMATE = acclimate | ac+climate : according to the climate; You have to adapt yourself according to the climate change. | Ac(act)+climate is as good as adjusting or act according to climate | Ac-climate | Accept local climate. Get use to the local climate.
acclivity: sharp upslope of a hill; OP. declivity
if u knwo that cliff is A steep high face of rock, then its easy to remember | ac+cliv+ity....cliv is similar to CLIMB..can relate to the meaning...climbing the steep upslope of a hill | try to look for 'cliff' in this word and cliff means a high, steep face of rock. Also, try to look for elevate (elivity) in this word which also means upslope. | ac+CLIV+ity..cliv= means SLOPE ortendency so an UPWARD SLOPE. | Leviate - rise, a steep rise | clivus in Latin means slope. | spells like activity,activity to climb on an upward slope.. | cleavage men gahrai hai, acclivity men chadhai hai
accolade: award of merit; strong praise and approval
it sounds like chocolate..parents accolade if kids do home work properly | A+Cool+Aide is a praise for the effort by a Distinction Student | accolade ac=accept,take; col=college;ade--aid; College aid is given as an award of merit. | a+col+lade..seems like "a college leader"..and if you are a college leader then you will get a strong praise and approval. | accolade sounds like: "act-of-laud" laud meaning praise. | let ac means not...colade means collision...a person prevented two buses from collision,so he was praised | to ACCOrd (bestow upon) the good LAD my Expression of praise. | a+col+lade : a col. leader got laid ,as an award. | accolade ~ a + COLA company has won several accolades for being a market leader in soft-drinks. | According to Leader(esp. in political space). i.e if you act according to the leader you will be honored and awarded other wise not. | Accolade sounds like A - Coal - Aide! A coal aide was given a merit for all his help! | ACC - aced. You got an A not a C or d on your test - give praise | the accomplished lad won an award of merit | acco+lade;According to me to get Laid is an ultimate award of merit in any relationship
accommodate: oblige or help someone; adjust or bring into harmony; adapt; make enough space for; ADJ. accommodative; CF. accomodating: helpful and obliging
accommodate-a common date-harmony-be compatible with others | this appartment can accommodate 10 families. If you Accommodate yourself with the environment, we will accommodate you with some acommodation, if you accommodate with that! | you accommodate someone when you provide accommodation, so you are helping him/her.
accomplice: partner in crime
i alter the mnemonic given by preetisoni...Accomplice-Ac+com+plicerearrange it u ll get com(company)+ac(assume as "against")+police and it looks like company against police which is a crime.. | Accompany + Lies(lice) i.e partner in some kind of crime | accomplice ~ accompany + police; so accompany police implies helping police in reducing crime ; accomplice means opposite of this : partner in crime. | a(negative)+come+please...............a person who is always telling "come please...come please" means he is 90% trying to get ur help in a bad/illegal work.So u can remember its meaning as "partner in crime r assisting in crime" | accomplice : (accomp+ lie) the person who ACCOMPy in a LIE is a criminal so, a partner in crime | accomplice: accompany in malice. | com sounds as come ,u move with partners and plice reminds of police who r always related to crimes ,so we could take this as partner in crime | a cum(in hindi cum means 'less') police, so helping less wid police n more wid criminals... | Accomp(any)+lies(lice):-acompany someone in crime by telling lie to other.(ie patner in crime) | a+kam(less)+police.: this guy is a kam(less) police as he accompany in criminal activities | accomplice = accom+plice thief accommodate polic nd made them partner in crime | ac = to; complice:come please. Hence,"to come please" you'll be a helper - in crime. | accomp- acompanylice -telling lice.acoomapany in telling lice i.e.accomplice in doing wrong thing | a company with a lying(lice)person | a come(call) police | company to slice some one
accord: agreement
sounds like ACC(ACCORDING)+cord(record)...well ACCORDING TO our RECORDS we are in agreement with our investors ,as where to invest their money. | agreement between father and son that he will buy accord (Honda Accord, car name)for his son if he scores top in his exams. | I will do an agreement with you, only if you buy me a Honda Accord. | Ac-accept; Cord-bind with a cord.When you accept and tie it becomes agreement. | Ac+ cord= here cord is a root word which means heart. which means commited from heart. | accord ~ according to; Whenever you see "according to Newton's theory....", you agree whatever statement is mentioned there. | A CORD (rope) uniting their hands, they were in harmony as Queen and King. | when there is formal agreement between two countries the agree that they will follow according to the law
accost: approach and speak first to a person
Accost=Ac(Acclerating)+Cost=When cost shoots up in a shop, we as a person speaks with the shopkeeper to reduce the cost.Hence we iniciate the talk | accost ~ sounds like at any cost. I will approach and speak to her at any cost. | There is A COST to pay for speaking to the woman of my dreams first! | accost = accooo ..remember hindi serial chandrakanta .. two aiyars used to report directly this guy before speaking to others | A.ccost= Approach to the coast[seashore]
accoutre: equip; N. accoutrement
couture means dress ,accoutre means furnish with dress or equipment;to equip or to attire | accoutre ~ sounds like encounter..... imagine cops often need to be well equipped (accoutred) during encounter. | accouture...well u al must b aware f haute couture-whch is a busines f fashionable n expensive clothes 4 whch womens take part in fashion showz wid wel equipd basically couture counts for well equipped dresses | accoutre: sounds like "scouts" , hence scouts students shld be trained with equipments. | accoutre sounds like a scooter ..imagine a security scooter EQUIPPED WITH GUNS AND GRENADES. | Think of ACCOUTRED. When Ricky Ponting was OUT, He became RED with anger(out-red,catch my drift? :O) and threw His EQUIPMENT at the TV set. | accoutre=when a person have to go in court he have to be in well dressed | sound like scooter.. well equip | "accourte":ac+courte(court)so a cour tis surrounded with cop'sfor security purpose.. | coutre means dress,you can remember it by 'haute couture' which means elegant dressing. | a scooter is equipwitha extra Tyre | ac (act) coutre (torture) = to act to torture you need to equip with military... | accoutre= ac(eak=1) + coutre(quater=home), i.e ! quater is surrounded by military who are EQUIPPED with arms. | accoutre sounds like a coup equips with guns and grenades. | | Accoutre Sounds like a Scooter - A scooter full(well Equiped) of latest Technologies like GPS etc. | police ac+court will be fully equiped
accretion: growth or increase in size by gradual addition; growth; increase; increase by natural growth; Ex. towers and other accretions of the castle; V. accrete
Accretionsounds likeErrection,,, so u r dik grows in size during an errection | ACCRETION sounds like secretion which gives an idea of growth in size. | accretion ~ add + creation , thisaddition to creation leads to growth | Ac-creation | University gets accreditation as it grows and improves | Ac-creation | Accleration.. which is GROWTH in velocity | Accretion - no excretion , so accumulation | ACCRETE:pronounce it somethinglike increse that implies naturallygrowth | ACCRETION = ACCESSION + ADDITION. | ac-accellerateceration -sounds like creation....expand creation expand growth | Accretion (a gradual increase of wealth by unfair means) | Similar to ACCRUAL: (of sums of money or benefits) received by someone in regular or increasing amounts over time. | accretion: consider opp of excretion(to remove)..accretion - add and grow big | Accretion (sounds like) A+CONSTRUCTION -- building up | extra attention is necessary so it is needed to be increased | ac + erection - increase by natural growth
accrue: come to one as a gain; accumulate over time; come about by addition; Ex. benefits that accrue from scientific research; Ex. interest accruing in a bank account; N. accrual
sounds like AKDU(hindi...means haughty) a person becomes akdu when he gains a lot | Sounds like 1 crore, one who has 1 crore bucks will do the following :acquire, amass, collect, earn, gain, grow, increase, multiply, redound, snowball, swell, these are the synonyms of ACCRUE | accrue sounds like acquire...accrue wealthacquire wealthgain wealth | Accrue means accumulate,increase,mount up,amass..And sounds like a-crew and crew means: all the people working on a ship, plane, etc.. so remember it with crew members who accumulate food, other necessary things while they sail.. | a+crew(crew-group),now we can memorise it as ,an ADDITIONAL crewmember comes in the plane. | A+Crow: a crow accrue pebbles to drink water from jar. | process of accumulation
acerbity: bitterness of speech and temper; ADJ. acerbic: bitter; acrid (in taste, manner, or tone)
acer( SIR)+bity(BITE)...well your boss(SIR) is using BITTER WORDS FOR YOU,what are you thinking??(man to karta hai KACCHA BITE (kha) jauo) | acerbity - sounds like a celibrity. celibrities are sweet talking. so a+cerbity will be opposite...bitter | a + cerbity (in hindi language sharbati means sweet solution) and 'a' shows negation hence its like something which is not sweet hence bitter. | acerbity-the root word is latin-"acer",which means sour or bitter | bity there gives some idea of bitterness | ACER laptops!!! sounds sarcastic, Ppl dnt buy them much,rather prefer IBM,HP,SONY laptops... don't they? | Acerbic....u can relate it to acid...which is bitter | Ace+ bity: acetic acid is sour and bitter in taste, so, bitterness/sour in speech and temper | like acid bite | ACER(laptop)+BEATy...when you BEAT someone by ACER will be harsh,bitter.... | Aseh-bhi thi | ace + bitchyekk number ki bitchy ladki hai woh... TALKS BITTER ABOUT PEOPLE..
acquiesce: assent; agree passively; comply without protest
acQUIEsce..concentrate on the part quie. and remember quiet.. which means submissive.. or imagine some1 who is quiet will give in without any protest | acquiesce = A(Agree) + quie(Quietly) = Comply passivly | acquiesce ~ a+kiss : My girlfriend acquiesced when I tried to kiss her on her lips. | sounds some thing like quietac-quiesce agreeing something quietly | acquiesce : A-Queen-Says when a queen says something to you, even if you don't like it, you have to passively agree. | acquiesce--aqua--water which is easly avaibale,acquiesce is easily tractable meanscompliant | accept(ac)quietly(quie) | (ac+qui+esce)means "accept(ac) quitely(qui)" or comply without protest | quiese sounds like quiz , i agree passively that i lost in quiz | it sound like: A quite YES!means complete agreement | Picture a QUIET pond (water is AQUA) now picture the horse BESIE drinking from the pond: AQUA BESSIE | aquiesce-rhymes with a wish ,imagine that you have ask for some wish with the gene and he agree and accept it | if everybody is quiet( everybody agrees), anything can be acquired with ease(acqui(acquire)+esce(ease)) | if you are acquiesce, you always say Yes, Yes , Yes! | accused quite without protest mean agree his crime
acquittal: deliverance from a charge; V. acquit: free from a charge or accusation; discharge from a duty; conduct (oneself) in a specified manner
ACQUIT=ACcusation QUITs | acquittal = i quit from this jail as the judge aquitted meamnesty m not stay - ing in this jail coz judge gave me amnesty | a cannot quital = quit the judgement. final verdict | Sounds like quit i.e., to leave something or someone ... or deliverance from a charge.. | Ah, Quit All, you are aCquitted | accused +quittal free from charge
acrid: bitter (to the taste or smell); sharp; bitterly pungent
sounds like ACID....all acids are bitterly pungent and corrosive | remove "r" from acrid, so now it becomes acid and acid is always bitter in taste and when smelt its pungent too | Remove ac, it becomes rid,,so to remove something or cut ,, we need a sharp thing to cut.. | remove r i.e. acid, his tone was as harsh(acrid) as acid. | Acrid sounds like Ack! Rid!After not liking the sharp, harsh taste,he threw his food away. | Acrid ... A+Crid ... A+Creed .. smething like "Creed", american rock band. It has high pitch or harsh vocals.. so , remember smething harsh. | | Acrid -(cried) imagine that you are crying because you got harsh punishment
acrimonious: stinging; caustic; bitter in words or manner; N. acrimony: bitter ill-natured animosity in speech or behavior
Acrimony= Take Acr as Acroo (hindi) and Mon as man(hindi) , so it means acroo man wala .acroo manner | a+cri+monious...take cri as cry.....stinging bitter words hurt and make people cry | acri + moni + ous ~ a crore money; excess of money, which can make someone bitter, harsh | a+crim+... recognize crim = criminal-who is bitter in words and manner | acri like angry which creats bitterness in relation | acri means bitter | Acrimo+... sounds like Lachrymo+se (saddening). When you are sad, you are typically bitter or angry towards others | a+crim+onious...A CRIMe or an ONION both are BITTER :) | "acri"= acid"monious"= manners"acrimonious"= acid lik manners | words are acid many of ous talk
acrophobia: fear of heights
a crow phobia...crows live their lives at great heights | ACRObat performs from great heights... PHOBIA means fearACROPHOBIA = fear of heights | a-crow, crow fly at a HEIGHT, phobia-fear hence easy to remember | Imagine that u r sitting on a crow and flying in the air at gr8 heights. U fear when u look down due to acrophobia. | acro + phobia=height+fear | "Acrophobia" == "Acro" ,, similar to "Aero" airplane ,,, people frightened in plane for high altitude , ,, ie fear of height | acrimonious - acid + money.Feel bitter toward people with money. | a crow height phobia(fear in tennali tamil movie)
actuarial: calculating; pertaining to insurance statistics
dont give me rough value give me actual value by "calculating" it | actuarial sounds like factorial which implies doing calculation. | actual+arial=caluclating the cost of ARial | act-tutorial actuarial doing math stuff calculating | Actual - as in calculating as actual | sounds like calcutarial | | see 'actu' sounds like 'accu'RATE+'T'rial'(trail common word meaning test)so read it as 'acuurate test' | imagine that you are about to jump of a helicopter.. u calculate the ACTUAL ARIAL distance and time it takes u to fall down and hence determine if u die or not... | "actual"+"real"we get actual real value only by calculation | a person qualified to calculate commercial risks and probabilities involving uncertain future events, esp in such contexts as life assurance | factorial calculation regarding to insurance company
actuary: someone who advises insurance companies
How we find out the ACTUAL calculations...henceACTUARY is a person who does calculations and deals with a lot of numerical data..... | Actuary sounds like 'Treasury'. So in order to maintain treasury one needs expert in calculation and statistics. As simple as it sounds | factorial = actuarial=calculations......actuary = the person who does this statistical calculations.... | The actuary predicts what will actually happen. | actuary actual, serious who deals with insurance companies | actuary sounds like sanctuary... imagine an insurance company agent in a sanctuary insuring all the birrds | actuary sounds similar to fractuary | advice in act to hurry investing which plan in insurance company.
actuate: motivate; activate; cause to act
The senior actor, performed and motivated his junior actor.act - to - motivate,,thus gives ,,cause to act and motivate as synonym. | actuate.. sounds like activate..we need motivation (or some incentives) to activate our thinkings.. | sounds like accurate and when you presented ACCURATE sales figure to the BOARD,they motivated (gave incentives to) you for your honest work | actu + ate = moti(hindi for fat) + wait | actuATE- motivATE | i ATE ACT 2(actu) popcorn which activated me | motors are also called as 'actuators'. Hence actuate means to perform an action. | act - u - ate to motivate the child to eat food (motivate) | actuate: act+uate..move to act... | way actually u ate made me motivate to eat less
acuity: sharpness (of mind or senses of sight or hearing)
a-CUIty,CUI seems like SUI{needle} in hindi,sui is sharp and penetrating...INTELLIGENT people are such-SHARP QUICK & PENETRATING | acuity....sounds like acute-means intelligent and quick and intelligence is nothing but sharpness of mind. | acuity .. when u tell it , it kinda sounds like ACUTE and hence the meaning | acuity ~ a +cute; just imagine a cute girl you met in train who only have external beauty but doesn't have sharpness of mind. | Everyone at party was impressed by her cuteness (look) as well as acuteness (brain). | ACUITY= sounds like accuracy which menas sharpness. | acuity: a+cute: (cute) beautiful girls are often said as dumb,so they lack SHARPNESS in mind and senses | equity, we have to sharp in mind,hear,sight in investing wright one.
acumen: mental keenness; sharpness of judgment; ability to judge quickly and well; Ex. business acumen
acumen sounds like IQ-men.. men with high IQ have ability to judge quickly (has keen insight). | ACUTE+MIND...acute means sharp | acumen sounds like "IQ-man" or "a quick man" which grasps quickly | acu+men its sounding like active men. Active men have an ability to think and judge quickly | acute of men--ability to understand and judge any men quickly Ex:Business ACUMEN | Acumen could be seen as ACCURATE - MEN | think acute man, acute meaning ability to think with focus | A-CUrious-MEN : curious men are always keen about everything going around
acute: (of the senses) sharp; quickly perceptive; keen; penetrating; brief and severe; Ex. acute sense of smell/analysis/pain
A CUTE girl, we'll "quickly perceive" a cute one..."keen" to know about her..since we'll only see her for a short time in the crowd, the impact will be "brief and severe"...these are the 3 meanings... | acute angle is angle less than 90 angles with small measurement will have SHARP vertex... | accent=accenture=tiger woods= sharp=perfection | | sharp | AIDS is an acute infectious disease. So acute means severe. | acu means shapness as we studies in ACUmes: sharpness in mind and ACUity: sharpness | remember Tip op pin which is too sharp....
adage: wise saying; proverb
ad+age generally old ppl tell us all th proverbs n all .. | Adage ~ add+age = when a person is adding in age (increase in age, old people) .. old people generally use lots of adage in their conversation. | Adage ,, Ad-in telugu it sounds like ada(girl) ,, age- age"" in telugu we have one 'PROVERB' that ada valla age mogavallasalary adaga kudadhu"" | ad(ADD) age --- added age ppl say proverbs | M: add+ age=old, old people say wise things | ad + age, an old-AGE advertisement(AD), showcasing the old sayings. | ad+age generally old ppl gain wisdom so.. | | | adage is a+dage.dage is rhyming sage. sage is a wise person who tells wise things | AADHI AGE nikal gayi but ye adage aaj bhi utna hi sahi hai jitna pehle tha | age adds will say proverb
abyss: enormous chasm; vast bottomless pit
A+bys....(this mnemonic is in hindi...ek 20(bees) feet ka gadda)..i.e. Vast bottomless pit.... | ab+y+ss--- ab ss, sounds ab hissssss, remember movie HISSS of malika in which she is a snake, snake lives in DEEP HOLE | a + bys (take dis as 20 i.e. bees in hindi language)+mal(take it as mile)..... so a 20 mile deep pit in the ground looks like its bottomless. | abyss sounds similar to abuse. When you're seriously abused, you become depressed and feel like jumping into abyss | its like a hindi word "vis"means poison by which man reach till pit
academic: related to a school; not practical or directly useful
aca+dummmmmmyyyyy(that cannot be used in practical purpose or that is only for show off). i think eveyone can easily guess the first meaning of academic
accede: agree
in the word accede acce sounds like"axe"- when you have "axe" scent girls will agree to what u said | startng letters soundd lyk axe(acce)+de...usually when u happen 2 experience a threat wid an axe,u agree 2 everythng othrs basically accede goes 2 agreement... | people accept anything u say when u carry acid in ur hand | ac+cede( means to yield) accede means to yield to somebody opinion or wish. | sounds like accept + agreed : accede; | ACCEDE = ACCEPT | Sounds like exceed,a boy request a girl to exceed the limits of her parents and run away with him, also excess of money will make the person the King(the other meaning of the word) | "acc" accept=accede | The A/C ceded yelled a man!(cede=actual word meaning to "give up") All the sweating humans agreed. | take last word cede as,i agree seed is not there plant will also not be there. | accede = a + ccedeThis means proceed as I agreed.e.g. you can proceed as I agreed. | OMG, THE A/C ceded! Cede is actual word meaning to give up. In 110 degrees, sweaty folk agreed. | take last word cede as,i agree seed is not there plant will also not be there. | take last word cede as,i agree seed is not there plant will also not be there. | | | accede=sucessed, sucessed when u agree with everyone..
accelerate: move faster
In our science class, we learn how falling bodies accelerate. | Accelerate sound's like "XLR8" remember the alien in BEN 10 which accelerates and runs really fast.
accessible: easy to approach; obtainable
ACCESS(something which you are able to use or enter) + ible(ABLE)...SO you are ABLE to use your computer, well then, mail your resume to companies because it is EASY TO APPROACH them via mail.
accessory: additional object; useful but not essential thing
access(EXCESS)+ory(ornaments)..SO you have got excess of ornaments ,which are not very essential for you,as your clothes,then why do you waste so much money on additional objects like this.
adjunct: something attached to but holding an inferior position
add + junc .. its added as junc but not very useful | adjunct is like adjective.. which adds to the meaning or expression but does not give the real meaning. It just ADDS to something else | Remember "junk" as soon as u hear adjunct. Junk is something waste...which is added...therefore adjunct. | Junction means one side road being connected to a main a road is attached to main road | adjunct: divide it into 2 as add+ junct,it means that some thinl is added to the junction. | ADJUNCT = ADD + JUNCTION; MEANS ADD AN ACCESSORY . | ADJUNCT
adjuration: solemn urging; V. adjure: entreat earnestly; enjoin solemnly
On finding that there was no groceries left the wife asked her husband "AAJ ZARA RAASHAN" le aaiye...A sincere and honest request for an action | so the other day i was in a court room. Funny thing is i had to pee. So i asked the jury if i cud go :Puration sounds a lot like urination...a + jury + urination:-" | ad+jury+duration, the lawyer APPEALED the jury to give him some more DURATION to muster some more witnesses. | adjuration : ad + jur(JURY)+ ation : so a request or appeal to jury about something. | solemn urge to make additionto jury--adjuration | Jury adding some work. so its Adjuration | Ad-Ju-ration | jury sounds like hurry. so added hurry is solemn urging | adjuration sounds like 'urge'uration | Definition: 1. to order somebody to do something, especially under oath; 2. to make a serious appeal to somebody
adjutant: staff officer assisting the commander; assistant
adjutant sounds like adjecent, your boss assistant will be sitting sdjusent to your boss. hence adjutant means assistant. | Sounds like sergeant,lieutenant in army , thus they are:an army officers who does office work and helps other officers | ADJUT(adjacent of an) ANT....ants usually assist one other to trace path..since all ants are side by side**** so fictitiously think that a staff officer ant is assisting path to the commander during the war **** | Adjutant= adjacentremember when main officer is oust from job adjacent assistant have to take responisibilities | ADmin of an ARMY TENT --Adjutant | Take it as an Adjunct who follows his Commander and assists | adjutant( adjective + ant)an adjective describe the quality of a word means it assists word to be described well. there adjutant is "assistant" | adjuntant - person assists a junta (military group) to over thrown the government. | ADJUTANT = ADD + JUT + ANT;ADD JUTY AUNTI for your support in work. | ADJUTANT
admonish: warn or speak to with gentle disapproval; reprove
in the add of "eak choti si love story" monisha koiralla on orkut and she shall admonish u/warn u for doing so | adm(in)+on(e)+(pun)ish : (net)admin in the company is one step away (Giving strong warning now) from punishing you.bcoz you are accessing prohibited network sites. | to avoid A DEMON-ish act, a mother Warns her naughty child[Note: A face of a demon as the warning Sign] | Admonish---Ad(Advertisement)+Monish(person's name)--Direct Monish was warned by Censored board for making Uncensored Advertisement.Hope this helps.:) | admonish ~ ADD MANISH -- Add Manish in the list of guys whom we will WARN to stay away from her. | Admonish spounds similar to Admission Before giving addmission into bar guards admonish (warn)youth | Th cop warned the rash driving BRITISH and ADDed MONey to the fine. | Add + Punish= since scolding, reproving, or berating is a form of punishment, think add punish = admonish | Ad+ monish: monishmeans warning, so ad+ monish, warning | monish -- admonish | Adamant Monica was punished | ad+moni+sh=moni always warns us for some misfortune. | ADMONISH
adore: love deeply and respect highly
[hindi] ye(A) doore(DORE) pyar bhadathi hai..or rmember like this ..A DOOORIE song by atiff aslam | ADORE=replace D with L and R with V, hence a love. | a + dore : if you adore your wife and she adores you, it means there is "a dore (a thread)" between you two. | ADORE | A+DOR I Love | ADORE=replace D with L and R with L, hence a love. | (adore ~ a door) You always keep your door close when you adore your wife. | we frequently use this"she s adorable" this s enough i guess | remember the movie kache dhage, the luv b/w d brothers... dhage(dore) | adore - a dear whom we love deeply and respect highly
adorn: decorate
ad + orn(ornamentals) used to decorate | adorn=ad(d)+ orn(ament). Addition of ornaments to a woman can adorn her body. | Rajnikanth s always decorated or made-up as A DON. decorating A DON - ADORN | adorn could be A - Dorm. It was a tradition for the students of DU, or Dorm University to decorate their dorms so that they were decked with ornaments and beautified during the holidays. | adorn (add+on),adding something on ,which is beautiful is adorn | we had adorn shop near our school.. it had much decorative and crafts material for sale in it.. so DECORATE..
adept: expert at; very skilled
a+depth, a person who has deep knowledge | adept is close to adapt so an adept batsman like sachin adapt himself quickly on any kind of pitch. | inept means unskillful, ADEPT means SKILLFUL | A + dept : dept ~ department; our chemical engineering department consist of expert professors in every topic. | a dept(depth)so it can be as-person depth in a subject ia an expert. | A department of Experts. | Adding to above mnemonic, DOD- that is Department of Defense in USA has group of experts working for it.. | ept sounds like apt means aptitude so if a person has aptitude he would be very skillful | A-dept.... deptartment given A grade for its knowledge and skill
adhere: stick fast; be a devotd follower; N. adhesion: adhering; devotion; loyality
Adhere is relating to a adhessive which is used to stick or join two the meaning | adhere ~ add + here; so adding tow things together means to stick them. | ad(add) here , its pronouncing like an order ,,,,,come onadd fast (stick fast ) | ADHERE
adherent: supporter; follower
if u know the meaning of "adhere" which is to stick to .. den "adhere+nt" is someone who sticks to.. | Ad(Add)+Here. Some who remains added here. | add + her + in to the group .... because she is a supporter and follower of our group (disciple) | Adhere + ENT .. U adhere to an ENT doctor. Means u FOLLOW his instructions - - Follower | adhere- add+ here means sicking together, adherent, means a person that’s sticks together, a FOLLWER/SUPPORTER | A new member is an ADDED person who HEARS the word. He is an ADDED HEARER. | It means someone always with you to support. | add + heir .. ur heir is ur follower | ADD+HERE+Aunt= ur asking ur ant to add/stick herself here i.e. she sticks to with u. | Fevicol is an adherent which adheres two pages. | Adherent - someone always here to support.
adjacent: adjoining; neighboring; close by
sound is like edge | ADJACENT
adjoin: be next to
ADJOIN | ad + join ~ adjacent and joining;
adjourn: suspend until a later time; move from one place to another
The lawyer 'Adjured' the judge to 'Adjourn' the court for that day. | judge says "The court is adjourned" .. means .. a break.. recess | journ-short for a journey we move from one place to another | ad(add) journey with your ex girlfriend u will break up with your wife... | adjourn:relate it like end/adh + journey means to break/half left the journey | ad + journ ~ add (time) to your journey means extending your journey. adjourn means opposite of it : end or suspend something. | ADJOURN | the jury adjured the judge to adjourn the jurney | adjourn: ad it like end,journey means end of journey ,end of journey
adamant: hard; inflexible
A+DAM+ant...A DAM IS GENERALLY INFLEXIBLE AND HARD so vehicles can pass through it. | adam+ant...adam is comparing with the ant and saying he is hard and inflexible than the ant | adam.....adam Gillcrist(aus player)...hitting every ball so "hard" making them to six... | Adiyal Man is always: hard, immovable, inflexible, relentless, rigid, stony, stubborn, unbendable, unyielding... | sounds like A DIAMOND.....hence it means hard,inflexible..... | A dam - kind of like I dont give a dam... attitude of inflexible people | it sounds like sediment so its a kinda rocky layer so adamant is hard and flexible.. | A DAM wont even let an ANT to pass | A+DAM+ANT- means ek HARD chinti in hindi | adamant : ada('to stop' in hindi) + mant('no' in hindi , 'n' silent).As the thing is hard and inflexible dont stop it to move. | "ada"(women in telugu)"man"(man in english).a man finds woman as hard and inflexible person | adamant ~ a + diamond : diamond is a very hard substance and hence we can't break it easily. Similarly, adamant person is one whom we can't persuade easily.
adapt: make or become suitable for a specific use; alter; modify; adjust; N. adaptation: act of adapting; composition recast into a new form; Ex. The play is an adaption of a short novel.
A(according)+dep(devloping) you are trying to devlop your self according to requirment. | Ad (advertisement) +apt (suitable)= something which is suitable for an occasion. | Ad (advertisement) +apt (suitable)= something which is suitable for an occasion.
addendum: addition; appendix to book; something that is added (as at the end of a speech or book)
addendum can be broken down to Add-End-Um. It is to be written at the end of the text; appendix | add+end+um...anything added in the end of the book. | "Add" to the "End"
addiction: compulsive habitual need
diction sounds like fiction.reading fiction stories became a compulsary habbit to me to read until i will complete the book. | "ad+dict+ion" - dict means say, so saying yes to some habit is addicted to that habit | addiction has the word dict from dictator | Hookers get addicted to A dick ( similar pronunciation to Addict.
addle: make or become confused; muddle; drive crazy; become rotten (egg)
addle can be heard as "add----all" ,so add all and get confused | ADDLE ~ sounds like riddle which is usually confusing and hence we get confused. | Ad + dull..for a dull person everything is confusing... | i am a fool=addle | addle-baddle (hindi meaning on one side and then on other side) so someone who goes on changing sides | a+ dull : rotten eggs always look dull. | Addle sounds like idle. If something is idle for a long time, such as food it becomes rotten. | addle sounds like idle ; idle means sitting without any work and hence as if confused by something. | aDDLE-riDDLE
address: direct a speech to; speak to; deal with or discuss; direct one's efforts or attention to; make with a destination; N: formal speech
add+dress i.e wearing good dress so as to spek in an interview | ad + dressa dress made out of newspaper ads
aesthetic: artistic; dealing with or capable of appreciating the beautiful (of a person or building); CF. aesthete; CF. aesthetics
aes + theticopposite of "pathetic"..means beauty | aes sounds like,everyone appreciates the beauty of aishvarya. | Sounds like "anesthesia," which makes you loopy, thinking everything around you is beautiful... | AESTHETIC | aesthetic ~ aastha (faith or belief); You have aastha in aesthetic things (person or object) | aesthetic - the sea is beautiful. | If you are a good engineer, you can advert Aesthetics to Statics( an engineering course) | Aastha is a beautiful girl having good taste
affable: easily approachable; easy to talk to; warmly friendly
affection+able=affection to others | affable= f + able, = that the teacher is able to give f grade to the students , so students are always trying to maintain a warm n healthy relation with the teachers, n also students always approaches their teachers. | Someone who is affable is laughable! | aff+ableable means sumthin possibleso a friend is easily approcahbleable to approach a fren in distress | aff-able,relate aff to affectionate.. its always easy to talk to an affectionate person who will obviously be friendly | sounds like affection that means kind=love=affable | LOVABLE-SOCIABLE-AFFECTIONABLE | aff (affair) + able : You will be able to have an affair with a girl only if she is affable. | AFFABLE
affected: artificial; pretended
affected.....past form of SOMETHING which has nothing to do with facts....or reality hence ARTIFICIAL AND THE KEY WORD HERE IS FACT...reality..and opposite of it artificial.... | affect ~ effect; side-effects of some medicine can make you affected. | AFFECTED
affidavit: written statement made under oath (for use as proof in a court of law)
affidavit: (a)+fid+davit= I gave fid(trust) to the judge davit.(swore/oath) | AFF-ID-AVIT:now making a sentence out of it, I gave my ID to David th judge, thus a written statement that you swear is true, and that can be used as evidence in court | aff-di-wittwe can form a sentance as:for an "effective" "divorce" we need a written "wittness" | aff-id-avitjust imagine u are caught for running on the pitch now ur explaining it to the judge that afridi did it and i gave my idcard to him last night thats why u found my id card there and u write this because ur injured | AFFIDAVIT | affirmation for david
affiliation: joining; associating with
Affiliated to university…so joining of a college to a university..or association of college… | affiliation....AFFI+li+ation.......look at the letters AFF+ATION...this word rhyms like AFFecTION......SO YOU JOIN a group or you ASSOCIATE with only people whom you like or you have some kind of affection FOR THEM. | affiliation ~ a feel; you always have good feeling for people you are affiliated with. | affiliation seems like affair and when you have affair with somebody you are really connected with him/her | AFFILIATION
affinity: feeling of kinship; similarity; Ex. strong affinity for her; Ex. many affinities between two languages
affinity (replace the second f with k), and then the expansion goes like this:AF(eeling of)K(inship &)similar)ITY. | Mathematicians have an affinity for infinity. | AFFINITY sounds like AFFEEM in hindi which is a drugist have special keenship for affeem which is affinity for affeeem | affinity ~ a+feel+near+ity; you always have feeling of kinship (affinity) for people you are affiliated with. | fin- is the thing to see,fish fins ae almost similar. | A Fine City ; ur birth city will always look fine to you and will have sympathy even if its small city as u have a natural liking to it | AFFINITY | chemistry students may remeber electron affinity
adverse: going against; opposing; unfavorable; hostile
adverse = ad + verse (versus) versus means compilation/fight between two Opponents so, it is something which shows OPPOSITION | adverse ~ ad-worse, (adding worse) : something which is contrary to your interests or welfare can only make your situation worse. | SAD VERSE | verse sounds like versa car- versa car is nt favourable to buy | ADVERSE
adversity: great hardship or affliction; misfortune; calamitous event
After UNIversity when you are jobless, you are in ADversity (misfortune, great hardship). | Adverse-bad; now add ary it becomes opponent; add city it becomes..difficult,ary and city | ad-worse, when the conditions are worst, its your misfortune.. | adverse+ity where adverse means opposite and ity means condition, so opposite condition then normal hence u face hardships | ADVERSITY=ADVER(adverse=unfavorable/hostile)+SITY(situation)-ADVERSITY=an unfavorable and hostile situation, like poverty,misfortune,etc. | ADVERSITY
advert: refer
advertise is made from advert | advertisement.. it sounds like that.. so ads refer to a product | Advert sounds linke Adword and Google adword used for advertisement. | advert: ad[towards] + vert[to turn], so if you turn towards any matter, basically you are 'giving ears/attention' to it. | no need for a mnemonic here as they are the starting letters of the advertisement | Vert is a Latin root means 'to turn',take for examples the words 'introvert','extrovert','invert'. Now ADVERT consists of AD(advertisement)+VERT(to return),meaning to turn to the advertisement or refer to it (in a conversation) | you add worth to sth by referring to it. | ADVERT
advocacy: support; active pleading on behalf of someone or something
Advocate - add voice to; support. | advocacy ~ advocate; advocate always supports his client | advocate always argues for his point.. | suppose advocacy is ad+vodka.. when you gifted someone with vodka they will support you | ADVOCACY
advocate: speak in favor of; support (an idea or plan); urge; plead for
advocate...advocate usually "urges"or "pleads" judge to give in his favour | advocate: add+ur VOICE | Think of avocado.Avocado is known to be the most healthy food on earth so we would recommend or plead for it
aegis: shield; protection; defense
sounds like ages of empire.. the game where the soldiers wear that shield.. for protection | aEGiS, EG means and EGG and S stands for SHELL, which is a SHIELD,that PROTECTS | In warcraft DotA game, there is an item called Aegis of Immortal which protects one from being killed by enemies.. | aegis - sound like "a gas" you should defense yourself from a gas by mask or any other thing due to it is harmful to your respiration system | in the anime series 'Tower of Druaga - Aegis of Uruk' , its about the legendary shield of Uruk | Ageis sounds like Achilles(movie TROY).he was the protector and so aegis means protector. | aegis | age + is, in order to get aegis (protection) he collected all the vowels of age (aeg) before the enemy | | sounds like "Jesus!". u say that when u face danger or r afraid.Thus, u need some kind of protection | aegis ~ age is; if your age is too much (old), you need some protection for your body. | (HUMAN-HANUMAN)hanuman bhi ek manav hai | aegis of immortal from dota | AEGIS | u need a protection from Aegis agypti mosquito.
affirmation: positive assertion; confirmation; solemn pledge by one who refuses to take an oath; V. affirm; ADJ. affirmative; CF. affirmative action: positive discrimination
If u usually play any games like Counter strike or so wen u order ur sub ordinates they often say affirmative.. so... | it sounds like confimation | affirm is means confirm,affirmation means conformation | affirmation:replace 'af' by 'con' | firm in the middle of the word tells there is something positive.a positive notion. | AFFIRMATION
affliction: state of distress; trial; cause of distress or suffering; V. afflict: inflict grievous suffering on
sounds like infection, which causes a state of distress, irritation and suffering | lic(lick)-refers to tongue rite,so if we all remember ,a proverb says - tongue is the root cause for many family problems,so think b4 u talk.hence ,wen there is a problem,there is a state of distress. | it can be a combination of two words..affection and when there is a conflict in affection its a cause of great distress and suffering. | Affliction - flic(flick) is the middle word which means to steal in slang. So if you steal somebodies things, they go to a state of distress | fliction sounds like friction.. so a state of friction causing stress | Split "affliction" into "AFter conFLICTION" btw parents in family = usually results a affliction, state of distress | conflictions may bring affliction | affliction is a friction in heart..A very heavy feeling.. A fr(L)iction.. | you can take affli from affliation and ction from infection.When there is infection in affliation then it is state of distress. | sounds like 'affection', we show great affection for sm1 suffering miserably | AFFLICTION
affluence: abundance; wealth
affleunce= a flow of cents means wealth | ppl with fluent eng have wealth in affluence | sounds like influence. Rich people generally have influence over others, hence affluence can be related to richness. | Sounds like influence .. affluent people will have lot of influence | afFLUENCE-fluence resembles somthing fluent in our mind.someone fluent in somthing will talk much to show there skill,which is there wealth. | richness is like flue to rich. rich get richer. so affluence is a flue in a sence | con on f.... fluient...foreigners fluency in eng is good because..they r rich;wealthy(studied in convents schools but we r in govt schools........ | A full bag of currency notes (wealth) | A FLUEnt Flow of PENCE.-- Abundant Wealth(PENCE in UK is counterpart of CENTS in US or paisa of India) | affluence- abbudance | sounds influenceRICH ppl are mostly influencing as ppl follow them for money.. | fluenceppl who study in convent are fluent in english.. they can study there as they are RICH enough to pay the fees.. | AFFLUENCE
affront: insult; offense; intentional act of disrespect; V: insult or hurt the feelings of intentionally
affront sounds like infront, when someone is infront of others in something the other people try to insult them. | In life this happens many a times, When 2 elder or wise ppl are talking and U come in front and say something or try to give them sum advice, U insult them,dis.Or imagine U going and challenging a Sage !!! | af + and whenever you insult someone in front of others you do it intentionally to hurt them. | When you affront or insult someone, you put up a front (cover) by affectingsuperiority | Affront=A(Aao)+front means if u come on the front,you will definitely be insulted. | affront reminds of the word upfront and when someone is speaks upfront they tend tomake remarks which are insulting or offending. | af(in)+front=when u kiss ur gf in front of ur father u insult and offend him. | when u CONFRONT somebody about sth bad they had done, they may take ur gesture as a sort of AFFRONT(insult,rudeness) | come in front to confront | gambir came in front of afridi and abused him | AFFRONT
afterlife: life after death; later part of one's life
agape: openmouthed
AgapeFor the other meaning of the word,i.e, selfless love;treat agape as Ag-APE ; remember Lord Hanuman who was an ape (no insult intended) and he opened his heart to show how much he selflessly loved Lord RAM and SITA. | A-Grape:Imagine U are sitting on ur couch watching movies and eating a bunch of grapes, ur mouth is opened, and suddenly ur Parents arrive, U will b shocked !! Will not U? | A+gape ~ a + gap; an opened mouth has gap between lips and hence agape. | agape, a+gap+e(ating),A GAP for Eating is OPENMOUTHED. | agAPE- a person with a ape attitude,is open mouthed.( always ready to eat) | read it as 'A' 'GAP'e.opening ur mouth will cause a 'gap' in mouth | A-GRAPE: remember the fox n the grape story where the fox sees the hanging grape with its mouth open | AGAPE | Gape and Gaze come together.
agenda: items of business at a meeting
agglomeration: collection; heap; V. agglomerate: gather into a rounded mass; N. aggolmeate: jumbled mass; heap
take the word gloomy.The sky is gloomy(sun is not bright)due to a mass or collection of clouds covering it | jab aag se log marte hain then huge mass gather to help them | agglomeration ~ egg + ration; Just imagine a ration store with heaps of eggs. | agglomeration, glomer sounds like glamrous, a boy/girl got glamer got COLLECTION of gf/bf. | egg+lo+ration+me:coz eggs are placed in heaps and are cheap :P...jus to remember | | agglomeration- sounds a bit like more that can be assumed to be collective and agg sounds like add that too is collective | AGGLOMERATION
aggrandize: make greater; increase in power, wealth, rank, or honor; N. aggrandizement
grand- this resembles to somthing huge,great,wealthy. | aggrandize ~ aggregate + grand; aggregating similar to adding details | aggrandize,AGG always related to INCREASE in size | aggrandize = [agg]ressive + grand + izemeans:increase sth excessively, IZE means it's a verb | aggendize sounds like a grand eye, like person watching painting with a grand eye finding some lacking therefore adding details | grand in the middle sounds like grand,we will get fame from our grandparents popularity sometimes. | Ag-grand~grind which means convert in powdery form .. which means to intensify the concentration .. and so is the meaning :increase or intensify | aggrand = en-grand (enlarge) | aggrandize ~ ag+grand+eyes = make someone seem grander/greater in others eyes by raising power etc. | AGGRANDIZEMENT | aggrandize = a GRAND SIZE | To make sthing GRAND, AGGRANDIZE it
aggregate: sum; total; ADJ. V: gather into a mass or whole; accumulate; add up to; Ex. aggregate 100 dollars
aggregate- a gre gate - all of us need gre "total" score to reach gate of university | What are your aggregate marks?... means what is your grand total marks | agree+gate, both should agree to mixed together or combined. | gre+gate for both these exams you have to gather material like books ,notes,audios
aghast: filled with great surprise or fear; horrified
A Ghost...when you see a ghost you are filled with fear and surprise | a + ghast ~ a + ghost; a ghost house is filled with lot of surprises and fear, so we get horrified. | remind aghast as afghanistan _____so horified or appalled | AGHAST
agility: nimbleness; ability to move quickly
AGILITY IS SIMILAR TO ABILITY...ABILITY to move fast and quick | GILI - this is the one to watch out. gili refers to Gilchrist (a cricket player), who has the ability to move quick behind stumps. | a-gili-ty......gili is gilchrist...who is a big hitter...his shots are graceful....always... | ,swift,quick,,bruce lee was an agile fighter | Agility consider it as "Age I L" i.e.; Age I Love (youth age). And in this age you are naturally agile or very quick. | AGILITY | there a t shirt comes named agile, wearing it you will be quick
alchemy: medieval chemistry
alchemy ~ ALL + CHEMIcal :related to chemistry | try to recollect pauolo coelho's book!!! Alchemist | ALCHEMY
alcove: nook; recess
all covered just a small space | sorry for bad language here. but this is how i learnt it :aclove : an opening into a wider area sort of like ...a*holeSentenceClose your "asshole" asshole | Aclove- think of a 'clove'. It has a large area over a small one. But here it is A-lcove: 'a' is negative so its the opposite here | | alcove ~ a cave; reminds us of a cave which has a small opening | it'd always advisable to keep ALCOHOL in an ALCOVE to be a little more out of reach 4 them | ac(tual) love is opening of longlasting (bigger)life
alias: an assumed name esp. by a criminal (usually to mislead people); ADV. alias
Alias = A LIE AS another person | my friend ALI hAS assumed my name | Ali + As : so you are changing your name Ali to Asif...why?` | Ali + As.. So ali is known with his assumed name as Asif
alienate: make unfriendly or hostile; estrange; separate; change the ownership of
alian+ate...if a alian comes and eat all food on earth .we all become unfriendly and hostile to it. | Alienate = A + lie + nate; When I tell 'A lie' it 'Alienates' my father. | Alien+ate. treat someone like an alien i.e. being unfriendly or getting separated. | Aliens may be hostile creatures living in a separate distance planet. To 'alienate' two friends mean 'To make them enemy or hostile' which in turn means 'To separate these two friends':D | Relate it with the movie 'How to lose friend and alienate people' | in alienate consider the nate as mate it becomes a+lie+mate when u lie with ur mate it will separate ur friend ship | alien+hate you hate aliens so you isolate them | alien.. in Koi Mil Gaya.. Hritik became, everyone became his hostile while he was keeping alien at his home. Hritik was alienate | ALIENATE
alimentary: supplying nourishment
ali is mental so he requires some nourishment | People who have studied biology must be knowing that stomachis called alimentary canal because it provides nutrition. Similarly alimentary food is nutritious food and alimentary talk is healthy discussion. | ailment ~ sounds like element : element like calcium is very much necessary for bones as they provide nourishment to our bones and made them stronger. | Remember the alimentary canal in Biology that supplied food (nourishment for the body) to the stomach. | aliment: providing nourishment| ailment:bodily disorder | change 'a'in alimentary, it sounds like elementary i.e. essential or basic part and essential thing always require nourishment. | ali + tree = aladin and abu got up on a tree for some nourishment ! | mentary,if u think it as mentally,then u can probly remember like this- nourishment is supplied for the mentally retarded for them to get well. | if somebody suffers frm an AILMENT you will give something ALIMENTARY to him | Sounds like elementary. Children studying in elementary school need nourishment for their growth. | ailment-alimentary
alimony: payments made regularly to an ex-spouse after divorce
Ali+mony mony==All I need is Money and not myhusband. | Its opposite to matriminy.Alimonmy=money for seperation. | Ali(name of the person) + mony(money), Imagine, Ali giving money to his ex- wife every month. | Ali gave mony to hez exx wife named mony...!! | alimony sounds like "harmony" to achieve this husband needs to pay his wife after divorce :) | ailment of matrimony: when matrimony fails you have to pay back...... | Ali(an)+mon(e)my : When u become alian with ur husband u get money | all money no matrimony, | ALIMONY
agitate: stir up; disturb
Agitate rhymes with Irritate. You get agitated if somebody constantly irritates you. | agitate - a gitar stir and disturb many people | a "gitar" sound disturbs many people from sleep | Agitate sounds like "HESITATE"-suppose u r giving presentation in class & u r hesitating because ur classmates r disturbing agitate mean DISTURB | tate sounds like TAIT(australian bowler)when he is bowling the batsmen gets disturbed | AGITATE
agnostic: one who is skeptical of the existence or knowability of a god or any ultimate reality
agnostic:we have nostic...its like nasthik in hindi which means a person who does not belive in god. | a - G - NO - stic = God No = Deny existance of god. But he is not sure. So confused about existance of god. | agnostic-- opposite of diagnostic - diagnose is for learn reality - agnostic is deny reality | (agnostic ~ egnostic ~ ego)This word can be remembered from ego. One who has ego would always consider himself superior and would deny the existence of others. | In Greek agnostos is unknown. ag-nost- sounds a bit like not. which is to deny | EGO-stands for edging god out.. | A G No Stic = Wife tells his husbands to purchase no stic from shop for God i.e has no belief in god. | AGNOSTIC
agog: highly excited; intensely curious
Remember the song of Anil Kapoor: AG OG yeh bhi sunogi,kehta hu mai jo woh tum bhi sunoji..1 2 ka 4 4 2 ka 1, My name is lakhan.. ;) He is too excited in that song, and is curious to tell his story to everyone... | a gogsounds like a dog(may be silly but helps)dog always barks.u shout wen urexcited. | agog ~ a goggle : Just imagine someone who got a new goggle as gift from someone on his birthday and is very excited to wear it while riding bike. | gog reminds google, think a guy get into google company,i am sure that day he will be excited like anything | The fans were AGOG over the arrival of Lady GAGA. | aGOG = sounds like gong = strike a bell with a gong - it gets excited and produces sound. | wen u race u feel excited wen refree sayGO!! | Relate it to GOOGLE someone who tries to gain knowledge about everything through GOOGLE | i am highly exited and intensely curious about my new X-ray GOGgles | fog- would be dazedopposite would be gogged | When I get excited, I get GOOGLY eyes. | AGOG:Age Of Gwenethe Paltrow: u r curious n highly excited to know the true age of the famous actress Gwenethe Paltrow | relate to aragog...hagrid was curious to save aragog | Agog - when google stock goes from $40 to $500, the stock holders are very excited. | AGOG
agrarian: pertaining to land or its cultivation; Ex. agrarian reform
agrarian = agriculturian related to rural | agra-tkae this as agri. wen its agri,then its somthing related to agriculture.and wr is agriculture done ? Ans- on land.(hehehe-probly a silliy one),but,its gre u c.. | root "agr" in this word means related to agriculture clearly indicate the meaning of this word. | just imagine tajmahal it green on the sides fileed with grass and its because aryans in olden days cultivated the land for agriculture | AGAR hum land ko REAR kre means cultivate, AGRARIAN means land for cultivation | agrarian sounds like A GRAIN which is related to agriculture | AGRARIAN
airy: of air; high in the air; lofty; immaterial; unreal
for the other meanings (impractical, lofty, immaterial, unreal): think airy as HAWA MEIN.. as in hawa mein baat karna.. so immaterial baat karna | air + y; air itself relates to the meaning; | AIRY
alacrity: cheerful promptness without reluctance
take the suffix crity we can link it with creativity.creative people are so eager to learn n create things differently. | alacrity sounds like AT+LAST+IN+CITY..a person who is first time in a big city is excited n eager to c da city... | remember it as a la carte.. which means selecting food from the menu.. usually when ppl go to restaurants they are "eager" to get food!! | alacrity = Alag aakrity (a picture). when do you make alag aakrity?? = when you have GREAT WILLINGNESS & ENTHUSIASM. alag aakrity banane ke liye you should have Alacrity | One who does each activity ( crity = kriti in hindi) according to 'Alarm' has 'Alacrity'. | Assume ALlah in CITY.So people went to see him with ALACRITY(Eagerness or Liveliness) | alacrity ( all city) usually we have found in these days that everybody have great enthusiasm and willing to go to the city | "Alas, she cried out.I am ready to help!" Think of the "a" in "alas" and the "c" in "cried" as phonically related to "alacrity." | Someone with alacrity will lack resistance, or in other words 'have willingness.' | ALAg aaCRITY(aakriti in hindi).. a person with such livliness and promptness is alag aakriti | a lack (of) crity (criticism) = eager | ALACRITY | Capture the spirit of the word alacrity by adding a "G" - GALAcrity! A gala is upbeat, and one would accept an invitation to dance with cheerful readiness,promptness,and willingness! Gala-alacrity! | CRITY - A critter moves with alacrity | alacrity--my opponent said alas!and cried and i won the competition | Ala -Alayara Case .Only those case are very eager.(Crity)
allay: calm; pacify
allay allay allay rote nhi chup ho jaao | ALL- LAY- lay down and calm down.. | Allay = Alleviate | al + lay ~ Ali (name of a person) + lay; Ali lay down on bed to calm down his body and mind. | allay sab rakh le pr calm down | ai lay sab rakh le pr please calm down | | Take a lay to calm down | ALLAY(ale) ab jo bhi ho.. ALLAY(ale) ho jane do.. ALLAY(ale) hum befikar chalte rahe!!! | allay-imagine ali of dhoom is laying on the chair to lessen his tension caused due to Abhishek Bachhan | ALLAY | alay~relay~relax= when you relax, you try to calm down your mind from unnecessary thoughts. | allay = al (everybody) + lay; everybody laid in bed i.e. the situation is calm or peaceful.
allege: state without proof
all ege(is)not fine when there is a statement without proof.. | sounds like statemet without proof is illegal | all will throw eggs on u if u STATE famous swamiji as a sinner WITH OUT any PROOF | allege ~ eligible; so if you are eligible for voting, you have to show a certificate proving that you are above 18 years old. | al(lege) sounds like "legend"..something without proof | allege reminds us of Leauge.. likeIPL. in a leaugue u have to have reports to track which team is winning | ALLEGE
allegiance: loyalty
We have heard the fancy stories of ALI and his GIN... his gin is COMMITTED and LOYAL to him.. hence ALLE + GI(A)N + CE... | sound like reliance. so, when will u rely on anyone, simply if he is loyal to u. :) | allegiance = alleg + ia + it as allege n..alag nahi (in Hindi)..and hence loyal or binded. | allegiance sounds like a league. after joining the league he was pretty loyal to it ! | allegiance ~ alleg +ef + iance: This sounds together like alleg(ALLEGE)+iance(sounds like fiance) allege your fiance of not being loyal to you. | ALLE+JEANS- this jeans u put on for all time, binding with u. | calling “allah ji” instead of “allah” shows loyalty | ally+giance,ally means friend and a good friend is always loyal | come from: liege (mean: king, loyal) . allegiance ~ all + liege = all for the king = loyalty | thisword brings in mind the word ,elegance,isnt it ?well,if so- loyalty is for elegance,vice versa. | ali gyan se loyal hai.... this may be the mnemonics for the word coz i use this mnemonics for my stu... | all jeans (ALLEGIANCE) have expensive LOYALTY. | We owe allegiance to our study. | ALLEGIANCE | All in Jeans = always in Jeans= show allegiance to jeans
allegory: story, play, or picture in which characters are used as symbols; fable
A girl to be ALL+GORY in all characters is like a dream and can be only portrayed in story or play | 'All''Eg'yptians use pict'ory' [in pyramids symbols such as eagle,bird etc. were used to represent words] | Allegory might remind of the impressive presentation, examples and storyline of Al Gore's movie "An Inconvenient Truth"Remember Al Gore.... | all+glory=glory written in symbols like egyptians or mughals | allegory is like story | allegory ~ all gory (fair color skin); all girls on this earth can be gory only in some story. It's not possible in reality. | | alle-glory = relate glory to story | allegory = allege + glory; The glory of allege is always written in diary. | ALLEGORY | allegory sounds like allergy which is a reaction to an irritant; it "symbolizes" that our body is fighting the irritant
alleviate: relieve (pain)
ALL (all)+ EVI (evil)+ ATE (has been eaten up) so hence you are relieved of the pain and you feel relief | alleviate ~ elevator: It sounds like elevator and elevator helps us reduce leg pain while walking or climbing stairs. | alleviate= ALL+LEVIS+ATE , people of old age r wearing dhoti while they ate as it gives relieve to them,bt nowadays ALL youngsters r wearing LEVIS JEANS while they ATE n r saying that it gives us RELIEVE while we eat. | Alle(Ginger in marathi) khane ke baad daat ka dard kam hota hai | viate-supress | ALLEVIATE = Allegation is going to ate i.e relieves the pain. | ALLEVIATE
alliteration: repetition of beginning sound in poetry
sounds like literature iteration (observe the word very carefully). hence can be related to repetitions(iterations) in poems. | All+Iteration : iteration means repeating. | hindhi song- chandu ke chacha ne chandu ke chachi koh chandi ke chamchi se chatane cha is alliteration | sounds like illiteration for an illeterate we have to repeat again. | add + letter makes it "add the same occurrence letter" | add + letter makes it "add the same occurrence of letter" | ALLITERATION
allocate: assign; set apart for a particular purpose
Allocate- to locate, and then set apart for a certain purpose. | All+locate (location) is set apart for a special purpose.
alloy: mixture as of metals; something added that lowers in value or purity; V: mix; make less pure; lower in value or quality; spoil; CF. unalloyed: not in mixture with other maetals; pure; complete; unqual
sounds like ALLOW, two metals are allowed to combine together
allude: refer indirectly; N. allusion: indirect reference
all+nude for a girl is not she refer that indirectly to her BF. | | All-u-Did.Imagine someone scolding a group of people but his eyes were only on one person REFERINDIRECTLY that everything was done byhim.-all-u-did.- | ALL+NUDE....when you see all people nude,it HINTS that you have come to a wrong place... | allude sounds similar to a lewd,meaning a yu dont refer someone a lewd directly,u REFER INDIRECTLY | Sounds like allusion ~ illusion which means indirect reference. | allu + ud:allu ko gesture(indirectly kehna) se kehna ud jaa nahi to sabjiwala tuze katega. | ALLUDI gariki we cant directly we have to say indirectly | allude is similar to "allure" which is to trap or we can make up a line "all dudes" are allured into trap by refering a place indirectly.. this mnemonic if for those who knows the meaning of allure | allude= all+ u+ do refering indisrectly to every thing you do. | ALLUDE | illusion and allusion! | Not to be RUDE, so you allude. | "Allude" is a rule in talking something bad about others. | " Am I Allowed to Allude to this Allusion in the meeting?? "
allure: entice; attract; tempt
allure= allu+ re= if a beautiful girl sells alu by shouting allu re, all guys will get attracted | allure = Al(l) L(ove) u re(like in hindi).. bcoz u are attractive or enticing .. | +lure—lure means to attract and tempt, | All is UR as u r very attractive....simple & best | allure= take 'lu' and tempted to got lu. | ALLURE=take 'lu', hence tempting to go to lu hehehe | allure = al + l + u + re; u (you) re (are) l (loved) by al (all).. as you are very attractive. | all + ur(e) ~ in a big party a group of young n beautiful girls are saying to u that they ALL are UR. Why? It’s because u r too attractive. | for allude we made allu ud allu + re (return) meansallu wapas aa jaa.bole to attracted | The alluring appearance of the Democratic and Republican parties lured many independents. | it has lure. U lure somebody by attracting them | ALLURE
alluvial: pertaining to soil deposits left by running water
this word sounds like Aloe Vera assume Aloe Vera growing in the soil deposit left by running water. | alluvial ~ alooo (potato) + vial (take it as real) ~ alloo + real ~ the best and REAL land for forming the ALLOOS (means potatoes) is the piece of land which has sand left by the running water or river. | alloo villa | allu (potato)+vial(sounds like soil), allu grows in fertile soil deposited by running water | aalooo grow karne wali FERTILE SOIL | there are some vial left on the alley | ALLUVIAL CLAY
alms: money or goods given to the poor
beggars put their p+alms in front of u for alms | alms.take alm..take alm as alma matter,if u can reemember,alma matter,is somthing christian,godly.christly,so christ used to give money,food to the poor. oralms,take this as arms,give an arm,refers to help some one or give a support.. | alms = 'al=all & m=money' | alms ~ arms; Our country should not spend money spend in buying arms instead it should give money to poor people. | aam(mangoes) for charity | arms are give to the military where as alms are given to the can remember it this way | ALMS
adroit: skillful (in using mind or hand)
Remember with Detroit which is famous for its motorcycles,which are made by able, adept, artful, brainy, canny, clever, cunning, deft, dexterous, dextrous, expert, facile, finished, good, handy, ingenious people | Androids are a mix of human and machine, hence they are more dexterous than humans | adroit ~ a + draw it : sounds like draw. for drawing something you must be skillful. | if u wanna dro.. draw something u hav to be adroit. | add draw it adds are drawn by skillful people | adroit sounds like android... so to learn android you must be adroit... | android apps needs clever mind and skillful hands | "Add Right" skills to action & thought
adulation: flattery; admiration that is more than is necessary or deserved
adult boy flattering with his girlfriend. | add+u+later:she told me that she will add me later in yahoo messenger,so i need to FLATTER her to add me. | adulation ~ ad + u + late; To act in an ad (advertisement) you came late, so producer became order to cool him u need to FLATTER him. | adulation: additional congratulations... | ADmiring congratULATIONs = ADULATION. | u get a word lesson sounding like that.. so when a kid doesnt do his lesson homework his mother butters him by saying that she would give him ice adulation | m: add+you+late---if someone ADD YOU LATE in team, you have toADMIRE/ FLATTER him | adulate: adults + late ,this can be memorise as adults always reaches their gf late,n after that adults flatter them | add u lotion, a girl add lotion to her body,so that she luks gud nd guys admire her beauty... | in a dull nation everyone FLATTERS the best no one works | ad(add) u(you) late(lat)-to get added later in list u have to praise other person i.e flattery | ADULATION
adulterate: make impure or of poorer quality by adding inferior or tainted(contaminated) substances
dull+the+rate = impure, means to decrease the rate | Adults are more impure than children, so adulterate means to make impure | when a child becomes adult he loses his purity and any thing adulterated is contaminated or has lost its purity. | Think adulterate which reduces purity in marriage | ADULTERATE | Adulterate: Add alternatives instead of original
Advent: arrival
advent=ad + went"went" is the past tense of go."ad vent" is opposite of "go" which is "come".(ie) "arrival". | advent ~ d(ad) + went : assume that if you call your dad's office to know the arrival of your father the office boy says.....your dad(AD) went(vent) to home...that means he is arriving. | "ad"+"vent" ad wentand cinema or soap "arrives" | Advent = Ad(add) + vent ( air/empty)= Fill up the empty Seats in fuction means Arrive | advent - added event - awaiting event... | ad(toward)+vent(vent)=arrival | when u go for ADVENTure there will be no arrival2 home | Starting four weeks before Christmas the arrival of Jesus is celebrated each weekend as 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Advent. | It's an event but it's added so awaited event | Advent= ADD + INvent | ADVENT
adventitious: accidental; casual; happening by chance
if your an adventurous person u take a chance .....adventurous = adventitious | sounds like adventurous.. when u go for adventure then something happens accidental..or by chance. | ADVENTITIOUS=ACCIDENTAL....adventures cause accidents...hence adventitious means accidental.... | aventitious=adventure..when your on an adventure,many accidental events take place & you may come across undiscovered stuff by chance. | add ventilation to avoid accidental death | Sounds like ADVENT+SUSPICIOUS, it means arrival of person (or happening of event) was suspecious but it happened surprisingly. | dAD WENT (vent) to office but came back BY CHANCE and caught me fooling around with my girlfriend :D | ADult wENT to TUItions = this is seen only by chance | ADVENTITIOUS | arrival of d event can be accidental
adversary: opponent; enemy
ADam VERSus hARRY ---They are opponents , advesaries | Split it as Ad-very-sorry.. U never say sorry to ur opponent or enemy.. | concentrate on ADVERSE : one who gives us adverse effects i.e. opponents | dis sounds opposite sex i.e,opponents celebrate.. | adversary brings us to adverse situation. | Adversary sounds like Adviser, generally Enemies,opponent make sarcastic comments, Like for eg in the film Troy, King Agmemnon comments to many of his enemies to surrender the army to him, so that he cud use them whenever he wants | ADVERSARY
amend: correct; change ; generally for the better
after we ask God to AMEND the sinful world, we say AMEN | amend means i am end, interpret it in such a way "when one is dying he always try to do "amend" i.e rectify the things | MEND means he act of putting something in working order again...AMEND has got the same meaning as MEND.... | Remember Amendment.. It means bring a correction | amend ~ a + mind; you should have a sound mind to amend you score in mathematics. | amend sounds like a+bend we bend something to make it straight or correct its shape | AMEND
amenities: convenient features that helps to make life pleasant; social courtesies
a man at ease | amenities ~ a + men + at + ease; things which can make life of a man easy are basic amenities. | amenities put a man at ease | AMENITIES = A MEN IN IT TO IES JOB IS ALWAYS HAPPIEST PLACE FOR HIM.
amiable: agreeable; lovable; warmly friendly
am + I + able or lovable | amiable ~ am I able; I am able to make friends because of my amiable nature. | AMOR is the origin of love in Spanish. AM-I-ABLE. AMOR is ABLE. So LOVEABLE... | amiable - Am I lovable? | AMIABLE | Ami sound opposite of enemy. so amiable is friendly
amicable: peaceful; politely friendly; not quarrelsome; Ex. amicable settlement
amicable ~ am + I + cable; there is a cable (friendly connection) between me (I) and him | amicable= tkae mic means microphone which always makes sound and opposite of it is peaceful. | Amicable: A Mic on the tAble (an unused mic is always peaceful) | a+mic+able.mic is able to produce noises...a negates the meaning...hence peaceful | amicable = a(not)+ mic(microphone)+ able..if a mic is not able den it is peaceful... | the word reminds of "mic"key mouse who is friendly | am i cable:Movie Cable Guy and the friendly nature of Jim Carrey i.e. amicable | ammi(mother) cable wale se politely, in a friendly manner se baat kar rahi hain because the cable wala has the power to cut the cable!!!!! | AMICABLE
amiss: wrong; faulty; Ex. something amiss; ADV.
amiss : i thought she was a miss, but it was amiss as she was a misses:) | a+miss..miss..when you miss to do something..important... that is your you have missed something.. | something is faulty, wrong.. | a+miss -- a mistress is always "wrong" to keep! | she told me that it isWRONG that I dint MISS her | A+miss : If u miss a catch your technique is wrong or faulty. | A MIS(S)take is something wrong so 'amiss' means wrong | AMISS
amity: friendship; peaceful relationship as between nations
ami means friend in usually words which involve ami=friend. ex: amiable, amicable, amity etc | amity is close to 'mithr'/ 'mythri' which means friend/friendship | amity university...creating world-class leaders....and peaceful relations | AMITY= AMIT CAN MAINTAIN GOOD FRIENDSHIP | A mity (In bangla mity means dosto or friend) | amigo + treaty = amity | sounds like "gravity". gravity between tow friend means "amity" | hav u ever seen the add AMITY university...d add jus shows the friendly atmosphere over there..!! | a + mit (hindi word, meaning to end); so a relationship which can't be ended. | amity can be remembered as amigo(which means friend)
aloft: upward; high up in the air
You must have heard this in cricket commentary, Batsman lofted the ball up in the air. | a+loft(storey) in room is always high so that kids cant reach it | aloft ~ sounds like lift which is used to go upward. | sounds like 'a lift', when I went up in the lift, it broke the roof and kept going up and up. | a+loft. Loft= up | | aloft..sounds like left alone.....(alone in this sense means leave something without any help of other things)......soimagine you go to a fair..and you buy. few if you leave them will automatically go high up in the a | it will go high up in the air | lofty mountains:high mountains::aloft:high/upward.. | ALOFT = ALO + FT; ALO MEANS AIR, FT IN AIR I.E FLOWING IN AIR. | ALOFT | aloft sounds like AIRCRAFT which flies at great heights......
aloof: apart; not open in one's relationship with other people; reserved; ADV.
aloof:aloo(potato)+f..u like aloo so mom keeps it "apart" for is "reserved" for u | Aloof (ALOne in the rOOF), when some is alone in the roof, he is atdistance from other members of house. | aloof~ a roof; Alone on roof top !! | aloof- imagine you cant call anyone you are lone and apart so first while you call someone you say "alo" no answer so you say "of" nobody answering you are apart and reserved - alo+of | consider aloof is pronounced as a+lu...we always keep lu area apart from the home so that it will not create any problem in daily life | ALOOF = ALO + OF; ALOO OF STORE IS ALWAYS STORED IN COLD STORE. | ALOOF | u r aloo(potato) so f*** o** | aloo+off...stay away fom aloo..keep distance from aloo,or else you will becomefat | aloof=a+loofer as he is a loofer he is seperated from others
altercation: noisy quarrel
A little bit of basic chemistry understanding is needed for this :Alter + cation : if you alter (change) cation, it will become anion... and there is always a dispute between cation and anion. (Both are of opposite nature) | When taken alteration of physical things like, cutting of clothes,marble,wood(by carpenter) there is always lots of noise. Isn't it? | altered ~ alter (means to change); When things are altered without telling the elders, then there may arise a noisy quarrel. | ALTERCATION (Altering conversation) Imagine a peaceful conversation altering into a noisy quarrel (as in group discussion) | alter something without asking gets mother angry | Altercation also means " an angry argument". All those words in that definition begin with the letter, a. In that case, it is alliteration. alliteration sounds like altercation. | ALTER+CAKE...when your birthday cakes are altered, you will be having disagreement or quarrel with the owner of the bakery.... | altercation- imagine you alter your cat with anotheranimal because it make noisy quarrel with your dog | altering opinion makes altercation | For the crazy couple, the alternate form of love conversation is fight. | ALTERCATION | Altercation - Alter(other)+Cat = Two cats are fighting
altruistic: unselfishly generous; concerned for others; N. altiruism: unselfish concern for the welfare of others; unselfishness; OP. egoism
al+tru.. someone who is always true i.e. somelike Gandhiji.. unselfish concern for welfare of others | all tru(i)st. i.e. all trust to such a person who is unselfish or selfless | altruistic ~ all + true; a person with true heart for others is altruistic. | Someone who is AL(l)TRU(e)-ISTIC . i mean who is all true is always more concerned in general welfare like our Great Mother Teresa . | ALTRUISTIC
amalgam: combination of different things; mixture of metals (containing mercury) used for filling holes in teeth
Amalgam , remember balgam (in Hindi).. the yellow sticky fluid that comes out of our mouth when we cough.. Its a mixture of all kinds of weird things - saliva, mucus, etc. | amalgum ~ a + mal + gum; imagine that you went to a shopping mall to buy gum to stick few things together. | like chewing gum=amalgum which is mixture of metal to fill in teeth | AMALGAM
amalgamate: (of societies or groups) combine; unite in one body
suppose you are shy girl and you have a+ male+game+mate (amalgamate)what you should do ? of course combine or unite with your mate against other groups | amalga+mate ,mate means combine........ | amalgamate: as we all know that AMALGAM is the alloy of mercury.and alloy means MIXING things together.SO AMALGAMATE means mixing or combining. | remeber pomegranate in which the seeds are united together into one combined ball. | There is a game at a mall. Hence people come together...Gather for the game! | amalgamate -amass means to collect | amalGAMate:gum since gum combines two things | AMALGAMATE
amass: collect (gradually, in a very large amount)
aMASS-how does a mass gets made? or how does some mass gets accumulated ?ans-when it is collected( and stored). | amass ~ add masses and hence to collect things. | salman is a-mass hero and his film will always hav lot of 'collection' of money during its release. | u think AM-ASS to COLLECT ur shit, walk away.!!:x | AMASS
amazon: female warrior
a-(lack) + mazos, "without breast", connected with an etiological tradition that Amazons had their right breast cut off or burnt out, so they would be able to use a bow more freely and throw spears without the physical limitations | amma(female)+zon(zoro, warrior) | amazed on female warrior | amazon ~ amazing woman; | the large amazon forest is a mother to many strong animal species
ambidextrous: capable of using either hand with equal ease
need to know cartoon network: in dexter show the small kid's name is dexter who is highly talented,skilled... | 'Ambi' means 'both' (am + bi - two); Dexter means skillful. (Dextor's lab cartoon was a skillful boy) | some pople get use to , to get d work done quickly by two hands
ambience: environment; atmosphere; Ex. restraurant with a pleasant ambience; ADJ. ambient: completely surrounding; Ex. ambient temperature
if u can remember, the room spray called ambience,then that will do things easy.a room freshner is sprayed to keep the room environment or atmosphere smell nice.. | ambience sounds lik audience...audience are present in the sorroundings | ambulance changing atmosphere | ambience-visualize that an ambulance is flying like a rocket into the atmosphere of the earth | ambience ~ amber (it's a Hindi word meaning sky)and hence the meaning. | AMBIENCE |
ambiguous: unclear or doubtful in meaning; having more than one possible interpretation
ambi means two/both..guous sounds like guess..both are wild guess so its doubtful | Ambi (am + bi) means 2 , while guous sounds like guess. So if 2 people guess on something, then it will make the subject doubtful or unclear. | ambi means two...guous sounds like guess so it may have one or more meanings
ambivalence: the state of having contradictory or conflicting emotional attitudes or opinions
matches with "ambulance" . In case of severe emergency, inside an ambulance, you have mixed emotions.. bachega ya nahi! | I AM BI BALANCED..balaced on both sides | ambivalence ~ am (I) + bi (both) + value; I value both sides and hence have mixed feelings. | ambi = two and valance = place,state(Consider atomic model where last shell is called valance shell, a place for electron ) | Holy Valence...!!! | ambi(multiple) + valence(valencyReactivity of an atom)if a person can react in different or many manners on a same issue, he has mixed feelings about that issue.. | The coexistence of opposing attitudes or feelings, such as love and hate, toward a person, object, or idea.Uncertainty or indecisiveness as to which course to follow.Read more:
amble: walking at an easy unhurried pace; V: walk slowly and aimlessly
ambulance is a walking (moving) hospital; somnambulism is sleep walking; ambulatory = able to walk and not bedridden; and AMBLE obviously must mean simply walking | Sounds like tumble. Amble man always tumbles | it sounds like "HUMBLE".humble people walk slowly,showing great legacy | Amble sounds like AM(general)Lok. am lok akser paidal chalta hai. | Amble sounds like Cam(B)le...its an easy n leisure walk as done by camels in deserts. | AMBLE:..SOUNDS LIKE you are ABLE to walk at an easy pace after a heavry injury.... | There's an ample park to amble every evening. | amble ~ i am able; imagine your grand father saying you "i am able to walk at amble pace" | AMBLE
ambrosia: food of the gods
Aam Ka rasia (Mango Juice) the food of the God. | ambrosia sounds like 'ambrut' which is food of gods | AMBROSIA - AMRIT (nectar of life) PIYA (to drink).... and only the Gods had the amrit during the sagar manthan. | ambrosia - (I) AM (cooking up)BROiling some aSIAan food.
ambulatory: able to walk
after getting in ambulance we go to hospital get treatment and are finaly able to walk | ambulatory= amble+able | ambulatory ~ ambulance; as he can't walk he need an ambulance;
ambush: act of lying in wait to attack by surprise; sudden attack made from a concealed position; Ex. lie in ambush; V.
am"bush"- somebody hides in a "bush" and attacksyouThey fired from ambush. | if u remember,the tribal people attack the animals,by hiding behind a bush or a huge rock. ,else,a tiger attacks its prey ,waiting behind the bushes and with a surprise. | am + bush; imagine George W. Bush sending American army to Iraq who attack in Iraq by ambush. | we will am bush em from behind a bush | AMBUSH
ameliorate: improve
Ameli (Imli) improves the taste of food. | In movie Amelie, Amelie tries to improve other's life. | Take the suffix 'rate'. With the increase in product rate it's quality will also improve. | "ae"+ "melio"+ "re"(meet me)lets meet to improve relations | Aam(Mango)+ lio(Take) + rate(@ less rate).. Cheap mangoes.. makes it Better ;) | Sounds a bit like deteriorate which means 'to lessen or degrade'. Here 'a' negates the meaning. Hence it means 'to better' | deteriorate = degradeameliorate = improve | AMUL RATE- with shortage of milk, AMUL is increasing milk RATE | AME(she)+LI(literacy)+RATE...(shes improving literacy rate by teaching.. | Amelio-rate is to make it more-great | Amelia R. ate Kate's improving cake to help her make it more great! | After polishing off the meal we ate, Amelia ratedIts overall quality, saying it might be amelioratedIf dusted with imported Parmesan, freshly gratedAnd by having the entrée more attractively plated.JBG 12/27/10 | SOUND LIK AMLA.WHICH IS GOOD/BEETER FOR HEALTH | AMELIORATE
amenable: obedient; compliant; readily managed; responsive; willing to be led; answerable or accountable legally; responsible; able to be tested by; Ex. amenable to sensible suggestions; Ex. He is very amenable
Amen is a word used in islam and christinity. meaning of which is i agree.So amenable means something able to be agreed. | A+MAN+ABLE....a man is able to succeed if he is open and responsive to suggestion.... | a MEN ABLE - ABLE MEN are obedient,compliant,readily managed,etc. (are amenable) | Amenable - Ammendable - Ammendment. Ammendment is a CHANGE to law. Amenable means willing to change. | amenable sounds like AMAN (peace)+ ABLE. So obedient people are amenable . | consider amenable as a+mend+able. which can be easily influenced or easily controlled. | "mend"able person | AMENABLE
ample: enough; abundant; spacious; large in size; Ex. ample opportunity/garden; N. amplitude: quality of being ample; abundance; largeness of space
amplifier means to increase in strength of signal so ample means in abundance | Ample sounds like Temple, in which there is abundance of everything. | ample ~ apple; in summer supply supply of apple is ample;
amplify: increase in size or effect; expand; broaden or clarify by expanding; intensify; make stronger; Ex. amplify one's remarks with a graph
from amplus "large" + the root of facere "make, do"
amputate: cut off part of body; prune (a limb)
a(r)m+put+ate : Imagine a silly situation.tiger ATE your ARM which is PUT for eating. so your arm is CUTOFF from your body | amputate ~ arm pe tape; you have to put tape on arm because its surgically cut. | Am-Put-At wheelchair cuz doctor had to cut leg to save me | amputate--- am(arm) + put + ate.......imagine a patient went to doctor after snake biting on leg,doctor told him to PUT his ARM to cut(ATE) his leg. | amputate= amplify+attentunatecut and pass | amPUTate,concentrate on the highlighted word,put which rhymes with cut,so the meaning is CUT OFF | its pronounciation is like tempo,now i will memorise it as "while going through a TEMPO I meet an accident that is y i hv put a tape in my hand bcoz it was CUT in the accident. | AMPUTATE | AMPUTATE sounds like AMBULANCE somehow, or relate it with; so when you got cut off ur legs surgically due to severe accident, you must be taken to home by AMBULANCE.
amulet: charm; talisman; an object worn believed to protect against evil, bad luck
amul-et amulya(hindi)--amulet which is wor in the neck is precious | amulet amu-amazing let-locket | AMULET=amul + et = amul baby which is charm. | Grandma gave me an 'Amulet' so that one day I can 'Emulate' Zidane. | amulet~ we eat omelet before exam for good result, amulet is for good luck, charm... | ammi + let (amulet) me wear it. Obviously for good luck | amulet: think of bracelet | amulet ~ am late; I reached late in the interview as I was wearing this amulet given by my mother for good luck. | AMULET
anachronism: an error involving time in a story; something or someone misplaced in time; ADJ. anachronistic
you know about chronometer- means clock. Anything with "chron" is related to time. Anachronisim-an+chron+ism here an is used in negative sense so anachronism means something or someone that is not in its correct time | Anachronism = Ana + chron (chronology) + ism = A person or thing who is out of chornological order .i.e. Person belongs to earlier time. | chronous(relating to time)as in synchronous.ana(not)chrounous(in time) | If u remember the movie, Leopold was an anachronism! | picture AN ACT in which an astronaut is being CROWNED = AN ACT CROWNISM | ana (out of order, negative sense) + chron (time).. so something not placed correctly with respect to time. | The movies Action Replayy talk about anachronism | ANACHRONISM
analgesia: condition of being unable to feel pain
Analgesic as popularly known, a kind of drug to relieve pain so when you have analgesic, you move into state analgesia | anal sex is painfull for girls (i guess) but the sex part makes you forget the pain anyhow ! | Think: Anal Anasthesia. ANALGESIA is for people who are ANAL about staying conscious, but not feeling any pain. | analgesia--- a + null + yesiaIn a porn movie,porn stars always say "yes"word repeatedly due to anal(negative) of feeling pain. | jitni marze anal + ghiste jao koi farak hi nahi padta :P | a-nal - gesiagesia think it like cheescheesin hindi when person in painno chees no pain, person not able to feel pain | (an, without) +(algesis, sense of pain, algesis sounds like some kind ofmedicine) | ANALGESIA
ancestry: family descent; ADJ. ancestral
Coming down from ancestors. | ancestry== ancestor+tree, that is family tree | ANCESTRY
anchor: secure or fasten firmly; be fixed in place; N. anchorage
anchor is also a toothpaste brand in holds ur teeth | remember logo of Anchor switches ,_|_,. Anchor is used to harbour the ship to the sea shore. | anchor..split it like an.+chor..a chor(a thief).....and a thief enters your house, so you tie him with rope and plan to drop him down from ur roof.......same wise,..anchor is tied with rope and dropped down from ship or boat | or you can tie the chor with rope and call the you are tieing the chor because you want him to be fixed in one place.. | n + chor ~ a chord; chord is a straight line connecting two points on a circle and hence is just like fastening something.
ancillary: serving as an aid or accessory; auxiliary; N.
try to remember with 'auxilary' | sounds like "hillary". think of hillary clinton who is the VP to obama and thus supports him. | Ancillary ~ there is a book called ANCI C. Anci serves as an aid or accessory to learn c programming language. | ARTILLERY....artillery is an essential support of every nation | ANCILLARY = an c ill ary; An care taker for illness. | ANCILLARY | ANCILLARY=AN(one)+CILLARY(sounds like Hillary)-like Hillary(clinton) who assists Obama, everyone needs A HILLARY (ANCILLARY) in the time of needs
anecdote: short story of an amusing or interesting event
consider full-stop(.)as the end marker of a story.anec(anek= many)+dote(dot)a story with many dots is very short | Anecdote sounds like aspell, so spells are an event. | anecdote = a-neck-dot (hickey) which means there must be a story to how someone got that. | anec dosts milke majak karte the pehle | anek date.. anek dates main wo ek date kuch khas tha.. ye usi din ki kahani hai | (Hindi)so the other day i was talking to my GF and a biker suddenly came and snathed her chain. bloody MoFo ne uski neck tode di.nice story eh? :P | sounds like an unexpected date.. so you just talk about a short account of an amusing or interesting event | just recall your childhood days when you used to play a "dot" game.(connecting dots).
anemia: condition in which blood lacks red corpuscles; ADJ. anemic
Remember that revital add some years back??ane(arrey) mia kuch lete kyu nahi??? | anemia=an+enemy+aya = an enemy of yours came and badly injured u which caused u loss a lot of blood (red cells) | ANEMIA
anesthetic: substance that removes sensation with or without loss of consciousness; N. anesthesia
substance that produces 'anesthesia' | an+sythesis - not mix - loss of sensitity | ANESTHETIC
analgesic: causing insensitivity to pain; N.
anal(anus) + ges(gas)..when gas is released from anal we feel it is something which gives relief.. | sick=pain; now say analgesic as ab na lage sic(pain) | a person who has taken analgesic, is in the state of analgesia. | Sounds like Anesthetic. | | ANALGESIC
analogous: comparable; similar
remember analogous from analogy | ana"log"ous:in log tables all values seem similar | We know analog watchestheir movement is similar to that of the earthtime progresses as the earth moves in rotation. | Analogies are given by the lecturers while teaching which compares the example with the present subject | | ANALOGOUS
analogy: similarity; parallelism; comparing two similar things
ana creates a logic which always includescomparing 2 similar things | ANALOGY | analog signals always deviates from its position
anarchist: person who seeks to overturn the established government; advocate of abolishing authority
Remember who is AN ARCHIST(archer) he aims at them and tries to destroy them(overturn) | ANA-ARCHEIN-IST....person against the rule or law.. | an- 'without' + archy - 'leader' (as in monarchy) | naak kati hai jiski-no esteem | mistra me jo hua | ANARCHIST | anarchist seems to be a terrorist who r against to law
anarchy: absence of governing body; state of disorder
Anarchy-Sounds like 'monarchy' (like tibet was ruled by monarchy), absenceof government | Anarchy = A + Narchy - Narakh (like "hell" in hindi).. and in hell there is complete disorder and lawlessness. | sounds like hierarchy take “a” as no hierarchy i.e state ofdisorder | anarchy(noun)….divde this word like AN(.when used as prefix before noun it means..person)+arch(y)…means…most importantor head of something……now think of a country in which there is no personat the most importanat position(usually a rular,or PMor | anarchy | sounds like 'monarchy'(king ruler).so related government. | the most importanat position(usually a rular,or PMor president...).to rule the amend laws for country. so now think what will be the situation of that nation....obvieously..disorderness everywhere. | anarchy= a+archy = without+ruler | ANARCHY = The boy is out of order demanding a anar (fruit) chocolate. | ANARCHY
anathema: solemn curse; someone or something regarded as a curse; V. anathematize
sounds like ashwathema who had SOLEMN CURSE of Lord Krishna | ASTHMA...anathema...I hate asthma because it affects respiratory system....anathema also means have ASTHAMA is a kind of ANATHEMA.... | anathema ~ anaath + ma; Being ANAATH or having no MAA is obviously a CURSE... | ANA-THEMA..against the concept...hence it is disliked and disapproved | ana - teri(your) -ma (mother) - ki .... d person is cursing ana... sorry for abusive language :) | Ana was cursed by them and other religious leaders. | Ana-the(di)-ma(mom) was a curse in relation between ana and me | Ana+theme .. Another theme which u don like other than yours.. So you curse it.. | ANATHEMA - an ANARACHIST detests government. | Someone who does not respect national ANTHEM should be cursed. | anthem praises something, anathema is just the opposite. | ANATHEMA | anath means basteredeveryone hates bastered thats y its slang
anguish: acute pain; extreme suffering
anguish ~ ang (anger) + u + wish; You are in anger with someone, you wish him/her to suffer from pain and distress. | Languish causes anguish. | anguish---- anger + ish .........think of a person who always get angered with everyone which tell the peoples about his DEEP PAIN inside him. | resembles ankush(trishul in hindi)..when an ankush is pinched there is lots of pain. | Anguish - Hang + wish . When the pain is unbearable . ppl wish to get hanged ..!! | anguish |sounds like against wish so if you are being taken away form sm beloved one , you feel great mental distress (anguish)| | anguish---- anger + ish love Aishwarya Rai, but she married u gotextreme painin ur heart. | ANGUISH
angular: sharp-cornered; having an angle; not rounded (body); bony; lean; gaunt; stiff in manner
angular sounds angle.... so have an angle
animadversion: critical remark; V. animadvert: comment critically with disapproval
"Any mad version" of a speech will bring criticism for some one.. | animated + adversion : adversion sounds a lot like to take out his hatred for his adversary he criticized his beautiful animation | any-mad-vason. in bengali vason means speech. so any mad's vason will contain critical/caustic remarks | animadversion=animal aversion...anyone who says they hate animals is saying a critical remark | He got mad seeing the new version and starts criticising | ANIMAL+MAD+VERSION....this person is a mad version of animal....look I am censuring | Anni(All) mad version. That is all you say is bad things. Criticize. | The animals in the zoo are ugly and poorly behaved. | some one is showing ANIMAted ADVERSIty to your plan | anima + advert ~ animal advertisement; You are definitely going to disapprove the idea of advertising animals on Television. | animus advert | ani(any)mad version of speech is always critically dissaproved | ANIMADVERSION
animated: lively; spirited
animosity: active enmity
pronounce animosity like 'Enemy'sity. so if someone is having enemysity he will have ill will intentions. | is always active so ANIMOSITY=enemity which is active i.e. active enmity | ANIMOSITY | animosity ~ animal + city; just imagine a city where you can see only animals fighting with each other. | treat like Animals !!
animus: hostile feeling or intent; animosity; hostility; disposition
Pronounce it like 'enemy'us. So, our enemies are always hostile towards us. | relate it with "animal"(feeling like a raging bull) | animus means mind, so 'I mind you and yr work'.. hostile feeling or intent.. same for animosity.. | animus sounds like animals...just imagine that if u dont like animals...then obviously when u see them u will be irritated and it may lead to a feeling of hostility | ANIMUS
amnesia: loss of memory
amnesia ~ am + in + asia; Imagine someone living in India saying "Am I in Asia?" He probably lost his memory. | Amnesia.......remember AMir khan and his movie Ghajini were he has memory loss also Tare Zameen Par where he shows about DYSLEXIA same as AMNESIA | am in asia?...tell me | AMNESIA = am + ne (north east) + Asia; Forgot everything in childhood. | AMNESIA
amnesty: pardon (allowed by government to political criminals)
am-nesty- similar to "i am nasty" but still my parents generally pardon my mistakes | amnesty.amnes+ty..amnesia....a mental which a person forgets forgetting someone mistakes and ..granting them pardon......... | amnesty - amnesia (loss of memory) a person suffering from amnesia will not be punished by judiciary and he will be pardoned.... | Because of his HONESTY he got AMNESTY | Amnesty International - Fights for human Rights of prisoners.. Fights to pardon them. | amnesty ~ am + ne (not) + sty (stay); Imagine a prisoner saying "I am not going to stay in this prison anymore as judge granted amnesty to me." | Am + nasta( breakfast). My parents pardoned me when i hadn't done my breakfast | AMNESTY = am (i) + ne (north east) + st (schedule tribe) + y;I am north east st please forgave me i donot know anything. | AMNESTY
amorous: Strongly attracted or disposed to love, especially sexual love.
a+mor(moral)+ us(less)so a moral less love...sexual love | Amorous has "More" in it. People tend to ask for "More" during Sex or when in love ;) | In spanish, amor means amorous means lovable or something worth loving. | amorous ~ am (I alone) or Us (we together); We love each other. | Amorous comes from the name of the Roman god of love, Amor, a word sometimes used for "love" in the French spelling. The basic verb here is amare, the root of which comes from the imitative sounds of a baby calling it mother,ma | a more of us talking is expressing or feeling love | amorous:think of a folk song- a moro Saiyaan... | On Facebook, there's this lady called Amora the love guru who provides love tips if you subscribe to that application | amorous ~ aam + ras; people are generally inclined towards aam (mango) ras (juice) in summers.
amorphous: formless; lacking shape or definition
In Greek 'morphe' means shape/form.So, amorphous(a +morph + ous) means 'without shape/shapeless'.Similarly 'morphing'means shaping(the original).'Metamorphosis' = Change in form/nature | amorphous = a[morf]us = on reversing morf become -- a+form+us i.e something without form.. or something lacking shape.. | Alas! I can't creat any mnemonic for this word! Because the word 'Amorphous' has no distinct shape. | morph= change shapeamorphous = no shape | amorphous-a+morp(marpu) telugu marpu means change in the word itself says dat it is filled with a change or formless. | amoeba is amorphous in shape,,, ;P | Remember MORPHEOUS IN MATRIx movie...he is a strong guy so here amorpheous a means not...:) | amorphous morphous means shape(morphology study of shapes and sizes ) a means without hence amorphous means without regular crystalline shape | AMORPHOUS
amphibian: able to live both on land and in water; N.
amphi== of both kinds + bios==life
amphitheater: oval building with tiers of seats; CF. arena
Madison Square Garden is an amphitheater | am+free=amphi & theatre=stadiumi am free to watch cricket in stadium(amphitheatre) | amphi- "both sides or two" + theatron "theater; Classical theaters were semi-circles, thus two together made an amphitheater.
antagonism: hostility; active opposition; V. antagonize: cause to become an enemy; N. antagonist: person who is opposed to another; opponent; adversary; principal character in oppostion to the protagonist
ANTI+GOnism....when you say aunty go, she will show active apposition....every women hates being called as an aunty.... | anta (anti, against) + go + nism; Going against someone is being hostile or opposing to someone. | Antagonism == Antonym i.e. Opposite, conflict | ANTAGONISM:ANT(aunt)+AGONI(agony:sever pain)+ism-when u irritate ur AUNT to the state of AGONY she shows u her ANTAGONISM | ANTI-against GO-tend to NISM-property; a property to go against something | Antogonist sounds like Antony.Antony went against brutus
antecede: precede
it sounds like ANTI-CD..try to picture this story...we dont find CDs when we go back in time. | ANTE-CEDE: imagine it as ANTIQUE; something which is old | anti + cede; anti of proceed; hence to go backward as proceed means to go forward.
antediluvian: antiquated; extremely ancient
Antediluvian = Aunty+de+luv..; Usually, Loving and Caring Aunties are OLD... very Old.. and hence the meaning.. | ANTE== BEFORE DILUVIAN== DILUGE (FLOOD {BIBLICAL})means === extremely old fashioned | AUNTY+DIE+LAVIAN(apply) die lagane wali aunty to obviously old hogi.... | antediluvian ~ anti (against) + luv (love); If you are against love, you are probably a person with antediluvian thoughts. | antediluvian=rhymes as: antique+to+everyone | concentrate on resembles alluvium,takes years to form alluvium deposits.hence ANCIENT and ANTIQUATED | Anti + di(2) + love = old ppl are against 2 loves. | ANTE-DIL-UVIAN: ante- against;dil-love;u-you;if ur against love, your propably oldfashioned or antique | diluvian sounds like dravidian - ancient
anthem: song of praise or patriotism; Ex. national anthem
| remember like national anthem JANA GANA MANA
anthology: book of literary selections by various authors; CF. omnibus
nth, we say nth term in maths,so N number of writers compiling and publishing there written stories,acc to Oxford: a collection of poems, stories, etc. that have been written by different people and published together in a book | like ants groups,groups or collections of literacy sectionsas logy relates to literate sections | anth(rhymes with granth=book : hindi)log=people =a book of various people's writings | Anthology:anthony in AMAR AKBAR ANTHONY movie means amitabh bachhan +logy means anthony brigs many books on cart to study them in church to make impressio on heroin | ANTHOny+LOGY(ic):he collected poems,stories,etc. of various authors and published a book on his name... | anthem + logythe various anthems of various nations clubbed together in a book.. | (Ant + logy)In childhood we heard a story on ants..cheema cheema enduku kuttav ante naa puttalo velu pedithe kuttanaa..annadi anta.. | this is for those who know antony hopkins...okay i remember this word as ANTHOny hopkins(a actor) has a LOG(remember log reports?) which contains collection of poems writen by his favourite authors.. imagine MR hannibal poetic ;) | anthology: means where anth i.e end of the events is written over there in form of poem, prose,play, drama etc.
anthropoid: manlike; resembling a human being; N.
Many of u must be knowing that anthropology is study of human beings. I think anthropoid is the root word for anthropology. | anthro= human and poloroid photo = exactly similar so anthropoid is exactly similar to humans | ANTHROPOID | root "anthro" in this word means "human" and hence something resembling human beings. | Always remember antro- means related to humans.
anthropologist: student of the history and science of humankind
anthropomorphic: having human form or characteristics
etymologically anthropos means 'mankind' and morph means 'shape or figure' anthropomorphic is having human form or figure | ANTHROPOMORPHIC
anticlimax: letdown in thought or emotion; something unexciting, ordinary, or disappointing coming after something important or exciting
climax of a movie is usually exciting,so anti-climax is unexciting and its dissappointing | anticlimax ~ anti + cli (climb) + max; suppose you were trying to climb at tree and you reached almost at maximum height but suddenly u fell down (anti)... | ANTICLIMAX
antidote: remedy to counteract a poison or disease; Ex. antidote to the economic troubles
"anti(against) + dote(u find two dots where a snake(poison) bites)" i.e, 'remedy for a poison' | anti=against,dote = poison,because poison is consumed in small drops,so poison can be dote | anti + dote ~ against + dots; You have some dots (marks) on your face and you are looking for some antidote to remove them (go against them) | anti-against, dote-medicine/poison because they are took in dose. dose and dote are alike. | ANTIDOTE=ANTIVENOM | ANTIDOTE
antipathy: aversion; dislike or opposition
CAN REMEMBER IT AS OPPOSITE OF sympathy.RHYMING n OPPOSITE WORDS - antipathy n sympathy | antipathy-- anti + path.. not on the same path due to a feeling of intense dislike. | if u can remember this like anti-pathy(desi),then a person who is anti to her pathy,is an opposition in the house as she dislikes him..hehehe... | remember antipathy as anti party. in politics the people of anti-party are quite opposite in feeling | anti has aunty and pathy has husband...went aunty miz with husband der will b strong dislike ;) | anti to her pathi ( means husband in telugu and hindi ) | word root approach : anti- "against" + root of pathos "feeling" | antipathy ~ anti + path; You always go against (anti) the path shown by your boss as you dislike him a lot. | ANTIPATHY
antiquated: obsolete; old-fashioned; outdated
read as antique(old item)+dated(outdated)..hence outdated | Antiquated has the syllable sound antique...antique is something that is very old. (an antique piece) | Antiquity.. As older that better | ANTIQUATED
annul: make void
AN NULl value is VOID.. C programming ! | an + nul ~ so to nullify something means to make it zero or to make it void | Anu(name of girl)has annul her all meetings,as she is not well. | ANNUL
anodyne: drug that relieves pain or trouble;opiate; ADJ. Ex. anodyne statement
Ann will not die from pain if she gets some aspirin. | anodyne ~ a + no + dyne (dying); If you want him not to die from pain, you should give him some anodyne drugs. | ANODYNE - ANOINT + DIE. When Jesus ANOINTed (blessed) the sick, their pain stopped and they did not DIE. | anodyne, sounds like iodine,iodine sounds like iodix, which is a drug we use for relief | Just add G and arrange, we get Agony+Die...when agony dies you become serene or calm.... | Just add G...Agony+DYEing....when you kill agony you become serene or calm | ANAlgesic meDIciNE = ANODYNE | sounds like betadene, a medicine to relieve pain | sensodyne is a tooth paste that relives pain.take the key word anodyne releives pain . | ANODYNE
anoint: consecrate; put oil on (in a religious ceremony)
an+oin+t...oin souds like oil.....and in some communities during weding they put oil on bridegroom and bride head beforethey get readyfor wedding they consider it sacred | 1.anoint rhymes with APPOINT..appoint as saint,holy person is to make him holy or beatify2.anoint AN+OILapply an oil to consecrate someone | an + oint ~ ointment; ointment ~ oil; some oil applied to hair. | ANOINT
anomalous: abnormal; irregular
anomalous means abnormal.Think of abnormal when you read the word anomalous | anomalous behaviour of water with different forms as in solid liquid and gas... ice, water and vapours... so irregular in characteristics | anomalous ~ a (not) + nomal (normal); someone who is not normal and hence abnormal or deviating from general. | anomaly = irregularity, anomalous = irregular | anomalous..can be split into.. "am not nomal" means abnormal | AbNOrMAL-OUS (If you only consider the capital letters it spells ANOMALOUS which means abnormal)
anomaly: irregularity
Anomaly sounds like abnormally.. that is one who deviates from the normal order. | Anomaly= A(means NO) + Nomaly = A(no) + Normality = ABNORMALITY, DEVIATION FROM NORMAL ORDER | Anomaly=an+omaly(sounds like omlate)when u make omlate at home you do something else than usual routine..
anonymity: state of being nameless; anonymousness; ADJ. anonymous
A+No Name ity... state of being nameless | a + no + nym(name)+mity... conentrate on the middle two i.e. NO nym(NAME) this is the meaning of the word. | Anonymity - An(without)+Onym(Name)+ity(State) = a state of without name | a+no+nymity....nymity...sounds simillar to amity.....means having good relation with somebody....but if we dont know somone we cant devlop no amity.... means not knowing the other person is anonymous to us | anonmity:a means no and nonmity means name........means no name
annals: records arranged in yearly parts; history
annals as channels which keep records of everything | annual exam marksheets are annul of our academic performence | canal is always kept a record about for over flowing, hence (c)annals means record | ANNALS:ANN(annual)+ALS(all)-when u collect ALL the records ANNUALLY, it is called ANNALS | annals ~ annual; maintaining record or history of something we did through out the year. | ANNALS
anneal: reduce brittleness and improve toughness by heating and cooling (metal or glass)
TO make "NAAL" ( horse shoe) One has to heat the iron then cool it, and repeat the process to get a tough horse shoe...A-NAAL ..:) | ANNEAL=A+NAIL. You must ANNEAL metal to make A NAIL. | For tv series "SCRUBS" viewers only :Dr. Cox want to anneal J.D. | Anneal rhymes like Peel: which means to remove outer imagine a cricket ball. If you peel off the outer covering you are left with a cork which is very hard...So, appeal means to harden things. | AnEel is a fish which give out electricity, so it increases its toughness,which can also be increased byheating or cooling | an + kneel is very hard,hold our full body | ANNEAL === toughen (steel or glass) by a process of gradually heating and cooling; "temper glass"[VERB] | anneal sounds like heal so when someone heals his bitterness reduces and toughness increases. as simple as that.
annex: attach; add to a large thing; take possession of; incorporate (territory) into a larger existing political unit (by force); N: building added to a large one
a+next | Annexure in any application form refers to some additional sheets attached with it | AN EX spouse always tries to take away your premises and property and ATTACH it to her belongings | To remember the other meaning of annex .i.e. to take a part of the territory by force... Break annex as A + nax(alite) .. who is a rebel and tries to take territory by force . | annex=an+ex(extension) | A+NEX hitler always tried to pocess a next kingdom | annex=an+ex(extension) | ANNEX | annex sounds like connect.
annihilate: destroy
Can be remembered by inhalation of poisonous gas that causes destruction and death,also the incident: Union Carbide subsidiary pesticide plant released 40 tonnes of methyl isocyanate (MIC) gas, killing approximately 3,800 people. | you can remember Mortal Combat Total Annihilation movie or game right that way u can remember that its total destruction | Annihilate ~ Eliminate; So to ELIMINATE someone completely from your life.. means to kill them. | I GTA San Andreas game name the helicopter is "Annihilator" which fires missiles from it which destroyed the city and hence ANNHILATE means to DESTROY, | anni + heal + late = that means anni (in telugu menas everythnig) heal ( to get better ) late ( takes a lot of time ). as it is completely destroyed ..!! | remember nihl of roadies who destroyed everyone to reach 2 finals | Anni + hil + ate; anyone + hill + ate; anyone living on hill will be eaten by tiger living there. tiger already killed large number of people living there | and + he(some doctor) + latedoctor late hone ki wajah se patient marr gaya.. woh DESTROY ho gaya.. | ANNIHILATE
annotate: comment; make explanatory notes
U made a note while eating, a(n)-note-ate, its a rough note , it provides explanation and reference .. | annotate ~ a + note; you always add notes to what is taught is class. | annotate = an + notei.e. a comment or explanation | ANN takes NOTES while skim reading and ATEing. | ANNOTATE
annuity: yearly allowance
annu + dutyannual duty gives annual income | annual + I (cap. I is for income ) ~ annual income | ANNUal Income for IT industry is pain in parts.. | ANNUITY
antique: made in an earlier period and usu. valuable; N: object that was made in an earlier period and that is rare or valuable
anti(against) + que (queue) : OLD(an elderly) people can't wait in a queue for a long time, they are against for it. | ANTIQUE
antiquity: quality of being very old; ancient times;
anitquity= whiskey as it gets older its taste increases | derived from antique | ANTIQUITY
antiseptic: substance that prevents infection in a wound; ADJ.
ANTI + SEPTIC...ANTI means against and SEPTIC is a sepsis or deterioration of a an ANTISEPTIC is used to cure or heal a septic wound. | ANTISEPTIC
antithesis: contrast; direct opposite of or to; ADJ. antithetic or antithetical
anti means opposite and thesis means a description of an idea or a topic hence antithesis means opposite to idea | antithesis ~ anti + the + sis; I am always anti (against) to my sister's(sis) ideas. | aunty writing thesis is exactly opposite to her behavior because auntys love shopping,gossiping....writing thesis is exactly opposite!!!! | ANTITHESIS
antler: bony growth on the head of a deer
Relate it with Antenna i.e. like horns on the head of the TV :D | antler- this reminds us of an antelope. | Antler sounds like Hitler who had horn on his head. | antelopes have antlers | ANTLER
anvil: iron block used in hammering out metals
an+ wheel(vil) which is made up of iron... | on an block of iron we can give any shape to metal according to our wil, that iron box is anvil | anvil ~ an evil; imagine some evil person, having an iron block in his hand to hammer you (kill you) | Avril ke gaanon mein anvil ki aawaaz aati hai
apathy: lack of caring; indifference; lack of concern or interest in important matters; Ex. He was sunk in apathy after his failure; ADJ. apathetic
consider pathy==sympathy,there are two words.1. antipathy = dislike2. apathy= disinterestedSince "anti" is stronger than "a"..disliking is 1 step above disinterested.. | | apathy sounds like chapathy means roti in say i dont like chapathi i like breads only. | a (negative) + pathy : root "pathy" means feeling as in sympathy; so apathy means having no feeling for others or lacking interest in something. | choosing "A"Path or "B" Path doesnot make anydifference(indifferent) | Anti-symPATHY | pathy+patni: panti(wife) is trying to attract pathy(husband). But he does not show any interest. | APATHY | relate it to Apathetic-meaning indifferent
ape: imitate or mimic (a person's behavior or manner)
Apes or monkeys can imitate human actions efficiently | APE
aperture: opening; hole; adjustable opening in a camera that limits the amount of light
perture-puncture | aperture = perture = puncture ; where puncture (as in cycle Tyre puncture) is a hole or opening in the tube etc... | APERTURE | Every aparat must have an aperture to take a picture
apex: tip; summit; climax; highest point
Apex Climex (climax) gets me high of heights. | (apex:a+sex)when you will do sex with beautiful girl..this period is your top most period..means apex period. | ape+x an APE can climb to the TOPMOST/HIGHESTPOINT | apex sounds like A+PEAK that is a highest point | apex sounds like A+PEAK that is a highest point | Apex sounds like Apec- the APEC summit conference for leaders. So apex means summit or tip. | Apex sounds like alex alexander the great reached highest point in his carrer
aphasia: loss of speech due to injury or illness
Try to remember with the word "amnesia", means loss of memory whereas, "aphasia" means loss of speech(2 better distinguish:'PH' like in PHrase or PHone-Aphasia whereas MN like in Memory or Mental-Amnesia) | a + phasia ~ a + face (sounds like); Imagine as if you suffering from some injury on face and hence can't speak to anyone. | concentrate on PH -phone esia-means disease u cant talk on phone coz f the disease.. | a face(phasia) injury..... i.e. unability to speak | aphasia( a pesu ya )u tell this to somebody who keeps silent to make him talk | i think ,this problem is commonly seen among asians.remember the word asia. | in hindi (phasi) means hang to death. when we are hanged we are unable to talk. which is loss of speech. | aphasia sounds like a facial which is done on the face... so when there is injury on the face then unable to speak | a phasia(fas gaya)... if u r in a gr8 problem, u tend to become speechless... | APHASIA === inability to use or understand language (spoken or written) because of a brain lesion[NOUN] | a(negative)=cannotphasia= sounds lik phrase"aphasia"...cannot phrase | aphasia is off Asia, every body understands English language here!
aphorism: pithy maxim or saying; ADJ. aphoristic
aphorism--- a + phrase.. | hey this is a good oneaphostropy(sorry spelling might be wrong) is very small symbol but has a lot of meaning just like aphorism | APHORISM | a + phor (for); Kids are generally taugt like "A for apple".. and there is a famous aphorism "An apple a day keeps the doctor away." | a+phaseRemember Navjot Singh sidhu for his proverbs which he would give in the cricket commentary | ape hor(whore) ism is a whores theory, a short saying by a whore... ap(ape) hor(whore) ism.... | APHORISM can be split into "A(one)"+"SOPHOR/SOPHOS(wise)"+"ism"-which means a Wise Saying or Phrase
apiarist: person who keeps bees
apiarist- A-BEE-RIST | here p sounds like B- bee.. rist sounds like risk. Handling bees is a risk so a a-pia-rist | A pianist, who puts bees (notes) in order by playing them as a tune. Think beeee sound like miii or tiiii. Do re mi fa sol la ti do. Notes are flying through his mind, but he can bring them out as a tune. | Flip p into b, a-bie-a-wrist, Wrists control hands, which control the bees. | APIARIST === a farmer who keeps bees for their honey[NOUN] | remember Little John in Robin Hood, he was an apiarist priest
apiary: a place where bees are kept
bee hives are usually pear shape..... so a-piary | apiary - relate it to apiculture | Apiary~ a + pia(pie) i.e,if a pie is kept on the table bees will come to eat it
apiculture: bee-keeping
APIARIST;APIARY;APICULTURE:- APIA means BEE; RIST means PERSON;RY means place;CULTURE means keeping | apis=Bee+culture=improvement...i.e to improve the bees by collection.
aplomb: poise; composure in difficult situations; assurance; self-confidence
Take it as a-bomb, soabomb defusing team must have following characteristics:assurance, balance, confidence, coolness, equanimity, nerve, nonchalance, poise, surety, tact... Nd these are the synonyms of aplomb!!! | aplomb ~ a + pl (people) + OM; people normally chant 'OM' when they do meditation to keep themselves cool under strain. | Aplomb bomb - "da bomb" (slang for 'the coolest' or 'the best') | The PLUM tomato had a reason to be so APLOMB. It was rich and juicy with flavor. | APLOMB | apl-apply...omb sounds like a trait in one who can apply in situations of bomb i.e.difficult | aplomb = apl (aplication) + om + b; The application of om is always feel great coolness & composure. | aplomb, aap + bomb can you put a bomb, do you have the self confidence you can do it. asked bin laden to a jihadi.
apocalyptic: prophetic; pertaining to revelations especially of disaster; N. apocalypse
a + po(prophecy) + calyptic(calamity) . So a prophecy of a calamity. | calamity means a disiater- so focus on 'cal' in apocalyptic | apocalyptic ape+calyptic...calyptic is simaliar to a calamity..and ape is old so old calamity...or old disaster | remember the movie this movie a lot of disaster happpens.. | APOCALYPTIC | apo + calyptic; calyptic ~ kaalpnic (imagination); so sometime people imagine as if they are going to die in some disaster.
apocryphal: (of a story) widely believed but untrue
Apocryphal Hypocritical (of false appearance of virtue) | Derived from root "crypt" which means "secret". So, Apocryphal means "of doubtful authenticity" | Assume a girl's cry. Cry is a part of the word Apo'cry'phal. Girl's crying is false and made up. So, Apocryphal means made up or questionable. | apo+cry+phal:ur crying so mom question's u..questionable...u say fall which is untrue | apocryphal = apo + cry + phal; so you cry realizing that your new jewellery is spurious! | APO CRY FAIL- you cry because,you fail; but that is untrue because i am sure you passed; therefore its of questionable authority... | APKO itna jyada CRY karne ka PHAL kuch nahi milne wala cozi know what ever u said is all UNTRUE,FALSE,MADE UP stories etc... | a(negative) +cryptic(secret)+phal(sounds like false) =so it is widely known(not secret) but false | He claims to have A POCKET FULL of money, but we all know better. | Phil, the little known 13th APOstel, CRYed because his writings were deemed by the church to be PHull--of-it. The scriptures of John, Paul, George and Ringo were published but those of Phil were hidden away. | Think of the books not accepted into the Bible.They were not found in the APOSTLES' CRYPT. | APOCRYPHAL | concentrate on CRY+PHAL.when ur mother asks u did u eat the PHAL(fruit)which were not ours.u CRY[u hide ur mistake ie untrue]. | In the Fiction(not real/true) film if one ate that PHAL(fruit) he/she would CRY for the whole day. | apolo+cry:-remember the greek god appolo,in the situation of disaster greek pepole says that appolo is crying.but it is not true thats why we can say apolcryphal means wide spread thing but untrue | Assume writer wrote in article a girl APO CRY for PHAL(fruit) which is not seem true.. Doubtful orginity,a questionable authorship or authenticity.
apogee: highest point; the point farthest from the earth; OP. perigee
Apogee = Up+ho+gee (ho ji - like in hindi).. So what is up, is at the highest point | Apogee = Apex | A FAUJI(soldier in hindi) is highly respected, hence is at a higher point compared to other professions | apogee: in telugu "appu gei" menas barrow money, iamgine a person barrows money from many people and hides at the "highest point of mountain" to escape | apogee and parle-g......parle g is highest sold biscuits and apogee is highest point...hahahahah
apolitical: having an aversion or lack of concern for political affairs
a=without+ politics=political affairs.....i.e without political affairs. | APOLITICAL | read it as ahhh+ political....wen wil u say ahhh??, wen u dislike something or hav aversion here it is having an aversion for political affairs
apologist: one who writes in defense of a cause or institution; N. apologia
Apologist is one whois determineseek "apology" from bodies by defending or justifying strongly of some policies or matters | apologist = ab + bolo ( In hindi - tell now)+ gist.. Imagine a person (apologist) writing in defense of something and then challenging the opposition by saying.. AB BOLO? Bolti kyun bandh ho gayi? | think "apologize". a person who apologize is apologist. | APOLOGIST | one who never apologizes
apoplexy: stroke; loss of consciousness caused by too much blood in the brain
A people(pople) sexy... all of a sudden when a sexy lady appears from the people and comes near u..for tht instant u ll feel tht u cannot move or feel any thing ;) | Remember 'perplex'?- means can not decide what to do - a suddent loss of sense. Similarly, apoplexy means to loose consciousness. | A+pop+sexy=a pop up of sexy lady when ur on computer n ur momsaw tat..:p u'l get STROKE | A POPE SEXY:-its hard to imagine a sexy pope, and if you do, u might get a stroke (no offence or disregard guys) | APOPLEXY
apostate: one who abandons his religious faith or political beliefs; N. apostasy
apostate can be thought of as 'opposite state'.. That is changing to the opposite state, and not loyal to his current state.. | Apostles do not apostate | apostate ~ apo + state; Prefix 'apo' means away; so away from state : One who's away from his state or religion. (Abandonment of religious values) | a-po-state::a means no,generally as we kno.po- take this meaning in tamil,that means "go".state- this is a normal state,state in a, no going to going to his state,or one who abandons his state..(im sorry,if it is silly) | Judas the apostle became an apostate when he renounced Jesus. | apo(ape)+state.connect it with d life of ape,who wer not intrested in any religion..they were the hunters who kill thr animals n friends for food.. | BJP's Apostate to hindutva after the elections | APOlogy to the STATE, bhai maaf kar do, bahut ho gaya.. and turns his back to previously held faith and beliefs. | APOSTATE | apo state ippo no state. he changed his mind. | when someone is apostate, he is in an ape state (in a state like apes)
apothecary: druggist; pharmacist
a+pot+he+cary - he carries drug(cocaine)hidden in a pot | I remember this word by rethinking about a scene in a Friends's episodeof season 6 in which Rachel ordered a apothecary table and she riddled Chandler what does apothecary mean. Chandler said "a pharmacist" | a + pot + he + cary ~ imagine apharmacist carrying drugs in a pot | dumb ppl......why do u want mnemonic for everything......use u r brains n create u r own.... | just consider "THE CARY"-THE CARING-like a druggist who gives u medicines and cares | sounds like allopathic-carry =allopathic medicine carry= a person who carries medicine= druggist
apotheosis: elevation to godhood; an ideal example of something
theo- theological, somthing related to god. theology elevates oneself to god hood. | Theos means god(you can remember it by THE O.S means the operating sytem that control's our live's must be god)AAP+THEOSis....aperson saying to another that aap toh god ho.....apotheosis..... | apo = up(raise) + theo(god)+ sis = is. So "god is up in apotheosis belief". | remember ur "apo" ie ur appointment/date wid ur gf/ will take care of itself :-P..afterallKrishna's apo wid Radha is like a religious "theory" | apo+theosis—a a phd THEOSIS is a PERFECT EXAMPLE AND MODEL OF EXCELLENCE | apotheosis = apo(a person) theo(god) size(raise)~ means "to raise to the level of the god" | | apo = a position + theo(god)+ (sys)size = to raise someone to the positionof God size. | APOTHEOSIS
appall: dismay; shock deeply
appall (aap + pale ho gaye) - in dismay | a+pal(in marathi it means lizard)...when u see lizard u r shocked | appall ~app + all; all applications. I was appalled (shocked) when my teacher told me to learn all applications of a software. | ~appalam means papad in telugu and tamil.This is only word relating to papad here,i m deeply shocked about it. | App(sounds like Apes)+All. think of a situation where there is a sudden attach of all the Apes, u will be in deep shock. | appall sounds like : 'up all'..say when someone says stand "up all" are "shocked" at their arrogance | appall = take it as apollo, when hear somebody went to apollo hospital u will get shock, because something went wrong | A FALL- when u fall, you probably get a shock that you have fallen | Appall- application all. "If your boss tells you to learn all applications, it will be a shock for you." | APPALL
apparent: evident; easily seen or understood; appearing as such; Ex. apparent improvement
It sounds like Transparent which means easily seen or understood | It is apparent that they are real parents of the kid. | APPARENT
apparition: ghost; phantom
sounds like 'a partition'. When a soul 'partitions' from a body, u become a "ghost" | | A + PARI i.e. ghost | a(one)+pari+son son of a fairy who might be a ghost | sounds like Perish(means to die)-APPARITION=A(one)+PERISHED+ION(one)-somebody who has died and is now a ghost floating above the ground | A partition of India was like a ghostly thing to happen | APPARITION | Anil Kapoor in Mr. India movie. | just remember it as aparition(operation) phantom | Sounds like operation..we do operatoion to remove appatition(ghostly object) | appart means away from, you are away from dreams & also means unattainable. | apparition = ap + parition, ap for application of parition i.e. tension is showing on your face.
appease: pacify or soothe; Ex. appease a crying baby; N. appeasement
appease…app(appeal)+pease(peace)appeal for peace..…when war was going on in kasmir…our prime minister appealedpeople to maintain peace in the region. | ease is somthing to pacify, soothing,very ease. | when u drink appy(app) drink u feel ease and relieved.. | appease == ap(appeal) + peasant(labor)..appeal(or help) for the peasant. | app(appeal)+ease(easy)=appeal for easiness i.e.;peace or soothe | Appa(dad)+peace us always by giving something | After the end of World War II, peace brought calmness to all parts of the world. | APPEASE | bring to a peace and ease
appellation: name; title
"j'me appelle ....." means "my name is ..... "in appellation means name or title by which u call someone | sounds like application name which shows title. | Imagine the finest Technology company - Apple. It's a symbol of designation, a prestigious title. | appellation=app(aap) the thing which has relation with you is of course your title | appellation sounds like spellation, whenever we say our name some people wants us to spell it. | In Tulu language Appe menas Mother. Mother calls her child with different names. | appellation=appel(apple)=we all know apple its a big NAME in technology and a TITLE | APPELLATION | If you appeal on court, the court man will appell your name "itgulpp itgulpp itgulpp" three times. | appellation=Apple is the NAME of a computer
append: attach
append=ap+pend(if we keep on pending our work it will attach/addto tension ) | APPENDIX...APPENDAGE....appendix...APPEND is a part in human beings that is attached to larger and more important parts.... | app-end : add to the end - attach | append=APP~UP(tie up) tieing smthing at the end of a statement is called append:) | sounds like up-END..itself contains END..something related with END. | IMAGINE THE WORD APPENDIX USED IN FROM PAGE OF A TEXT BOOK..IT IS AN EXTRA ATTACHMENT ..
application: diligent attention; diligence; V. apply oneself
While writing an application, one is diligently attentive | Writing a good application requires serious application (diligence/hard-work)
apposite: appropriate; fitting
apposite= opposite of OPPOSITE i.e. perfectly matched; appropriate; most suitable | appropriate site | apposite = a (not) + opposite ; hence not opposite = appropriate. | "application on site" that is fitting something appropriately on the site... | remember with opposite, | apposite=app(APT)+posite(POSITION),,,,,,,,it means apt position that is APPROPRIATE position | apposite reminds of opposite which means reverse etcso apposite can be taken to be opposite of opposite ie.,meaning exactly equal,exact fit,appropriate | APPOSITE --opposite of opposite.appropriate | an APP 4 Apple iPad which is rated POSITIVEly is an APPOSITE app | APPOSITE | apposite ~ opposite size; I need a small size shirt, and it's opposite (big size) and hence not suitable (appropriate) for me. | apposite = app. (application) + o + site, application on site is always most suitable.
appraise: estimate value of; N. appraisal
appraise -consider praise and price --what is the price of praise which u cant say but u can estimate.. | appRAISE- raise=estimate whether rise in value or not! | app(up)+raise(rise)= up rising salary we need to ESTIMATE and SURVEY the work done | The Manager APPRISED(informed) about the APPRAISAL(performance evaluation) to the Employee.. | | Appraise...before the praise we should judge!! | appraise dicusiion done whn raising d price and apprise is notify whn d price have already risen | app + raise; I send an application to my employer to raise my salary. Now, they will estimate my work value and will decide accordingly. | AP+PRICE=application price,estimated value ie price of application | | APPRAISE
appreciate: be thankful for; increase in worth; be thoroughly conscious of; ADJ. appreciable: enough to be felt; Ex. appreciable difference
u went to a museum "fully conscious" of the artist u appreciated a painted which increased it's worth ..the artist was thankful to u..all the meanings get covered | u dont appreciate anyone with half-mindedness...u do it with full consciousness...!!! | appreciate is opposite of depreciate which is to diminish in value
apprehend: arrest (a criminal); dread; perceive; N. apprehension
up your hands - said the FBI before grabbing the criminal. | appre (sounds simillar to hindi word UPPER karo)+ hend(HAND)...SO when POLICE come to ARREST SOMEONE or take someone in custody..they ask HANDS UP!!!appre (upper) + hands.. | when you read it like.....A PRE HAND......sitution....PERCEIVEING about sth which will happen in future..... | A+ppre+hend--- if we do (ppre+hend)prehand(like forehand which means doing somwthing in advance like if we do preparation in advance ) we will UNDERSTAND and PERCEIVE BETTER | read it like 'up re hand'"chal aapne haath upar le"... police wala says like this only when arresting some criminal.. | APPREHEND
aquiline: curved; hooked; of or like an eagle; Ex. aquiline nose
aqui(aqua) reminds us of water(or catching fish)..a curved hook is used for fishing or catching fishes. | brk into aqui+line. so when we draw LINES in AQUA(water) they are never straight...i.e they are CURVEDline... | Aquiline-A-Q-Line, now when we write the letter Q, its not a straight line, but a curved line. | It sounds like A+kua(well)+line(Railway line)..... Sentence:- mere ghar ke samne ek kua hone ke kaaran railway line CURVED ho gayi hai | Aquiline is a curved line | Aquiline - "a" + "quill" + "line" which is bent crooked n an eagle has a quill | Aqua(water) can bend to take any shape. Aquiline is a line which acquired this property of water so it can bend into curve | AQUILINE | Aqua Line: Water line is aquiline (curved)
arable: fit for growing crops; Ex. arable land
associate theword with ARAB.The desert is totally unfit for what they want most is land for agriculture | An ARAB dreams of making his land (desert) ARABLE. | agra (agriculture) + able; | agriculture - able | arable( irriable , the land which can be irrigated) is so fine for cultivation of wheat | Arable = ar(ab + ab)learabs are now able to grow plants and trees. | ARABLE | To make an Area Arable
arbiter: person with power to decide a matter in dispute; judge who is in a position ot make influential judgments; Ex. supreme arbiter of fashion in beachware
AR(arbitarty means random)+BEATER......a person who beats the hammer on the table randomlysaying SILENCE SILENCE is an arbiter | Its similar to arbitrate and Mnemonicfor arbitrate is bit-rate, bit rate is the judging or deciding parameter for the transfer rate or say speed of data transfer.. | arbiter= "Argument" + "Beater" | OUR BEATER: our man who beats the hammer on the table | arbiter reminds of albert(einstein), the person who was able to judge any matter. | Arbiter: A person who listens to arbit discussions and give arbit judgements. | arbiter ~ a right and bitter; many times statements by people in power are right but bitter. | A + bit(beat) er = the man who beats is responsible to take decision at a dispute matter. | It reminds me of albert (Doumbledour) who takes all major decision @ hogward | ARBITER | Arbiters are bitter than us
arbitrary: unreasonable or capricious; random; tyrannical; Ex. arbitrary ruler
| 'a+bit+tray' flowing of bits in a tray... randomly | | Just try remind "arbitrarily" (which we use often in regular speaking) means "a reckless manner". | aaj-bhi-teri maan ni padegi...tyranical or unreasonable command.. | (Arbitrary) It sounds Like 'orbit', to find your perfect orbit through a random chance. | ARBITRARY | [arbitrary sounds like contrary]..We might also consider contrary ideas; the decision will be based on situation-"arbitrary"
arbitrate: act as judge (at the request of both sides)
bit-rate, bit rate is the judging or deciding parameter for the transfer rate or say speed of data transfer.. | arbitrate sounds similar to "illiterate".An illiterate cannot read or judge anything.So opposite of illiterate is arbitrate. | arbitrate= (arbit=arbiter=judge)+(trate = treat= act as) | AR(arbitarty means random)+BEATER......a person who beats the hammer on the table randomly saying SILENCE SILENCE is an arbiter | ARBITRATE
arboreal: of or living in trees
arboreal:arrow+bow+real..made out of tree's | ar-bore-al : think of a woodpecker who makes a bore (a hole) to live in trees | Link it to arboretum (a place consisting of several trees for research purpose) arbo+ret+um arbo=large no in hindi; ret= scrambled tree | 'BORE' It si boer to live in trees like early man | ARBOREAL..sounds like AR(hara)BOR(bhara)EAL...thus indicating related to trees n greenery | ARBOREAL | rural areas are filled with arboreal plants | remember real fruit juice with arbo vitamins which is natural i.e made up of trees
apprehensive: fearful; discerning
appreHENsive:hen is always fearful... | Apprehend + sive (Thieve) Thieves always have a fear of getting apprehended | APPREHENSIVE | apprehensive sounds OFFENSIVE, hence fearful | apprehend(=arrest) +sive (sounds like seize) = apprehensive.....when somebody is arrested, he will be "FEARFUL" | appre+hen:appre can be related to opra while opra if hens suddenly come everyone frightens | hen | appre+hen+sive—who appears like hen--- hen is always fearful | apprehend means arrested, and arrested person is always in fear about future
apprise: inform
one who will inform will get the prize | when u get a ap + PRISE (PRIZE) ......SO WHEN U GET A PRIZE....YOU ARE INFORMED BY AUTHORITY OR NOTIFIED BY THE OFFICIALS THAT U HAVE TO BE PRESENT ON THAT DAY. | APPle+RISE......Instead of Sun, If you see an APPLE has risen...what will you do????? you will INFORM peopla, media etc to see the miracle!!!!!! | just imagine informing someone "aapka rise ho raha hei" | relate it with "surprise" meansinform suddenly- | APPRISE = ADVISE | apple tell the price of apple (to inform) | The employer was apprised by the manager that the chances of the employee being appraised in the next appraisal cycleare at the discretion of the director's approbation. | After the APPRAISAL, the inspector APPRISE the manager that he will give 4.5 out of 5 stars to his restaurant | AppRise,to Rise the demand of their application Microsoft has started INFORMING through ads | if you win a prize in competition, won’t you tell everyone? | app(appeal) + rise..sun rises to appeal its a new day! | minister informed that apple price has increased so eat pineapple | AAP ne NOTICE kiya hai har cheez ki prize kitni bad gayi hai ...that makes is AAP+PRISEapprise. | read it as ap(up)+prise(prize)which means increase in prize | the APpaisal of prise(price) neds to be INFORMED | apprise= up risewhen you rise up in your tend to inform others about this. | | to inform ke AAPKO mila PRIZE..... | consider it as appraisal.. | ap(apply)+prise(prize)-apply for prize,is like informing to section board | APPRISE | apprise: relate it to increase...smthing that increase the value ... | I praise you if you apprise me about your appraisal of the prize!
approbation: approval
Ap+PROBATION: You get CONFIRMATION/APPROVAL in your job after your Probation period | APPRO-bationsomething related to approve or approval | The employer was apprised by the manager that the chances of the employee being appraised in the next appraisal cycleare at the discretion of the director's approbation. | approbation can be remembered as approval and approval are grneraly given in offical and authority matters. | approbation ~ approb (approval) + at + ion (Ion technologies company); job approval in some company. | PROBE into the matter for APPROBATION ofthe person's PROBITY | approved your confirmation | Approving Commendation | approval of BAIL; remember approval | just change 'b' into 'v', so we have approvation (approve) ;) | APPROBATION | ap-andhra pradesh pro-corrupt bation-bowl
appropriate: acquire; take possession of for one's own use without permission; set aside for a particular purpose; allocate; CF. misappropriate
appropriate = a + property + iate.. i.e. to make it your own property .. by force if required.. And also when you are appropriating it your self you are "allocating" it to yourself. | appropriate: is like app(apple) rop(rob) riate(ate= taking away), is taking ur apple from u, taking possession of. | A PROPERTY HE ATE | Property + Ate | a+ppropriate(proprietorship)means the ownership of a business or property. | | when something is appropriate, we do not ask for approval i.e., take without permission
apropos: with reference to; regarding; Ex. remarks apropos (of) the present situation; ADJ. ADV.
apropos sounds like "Propose"This issue is faced by many teenage boys/girls :)When is the right time to propose to a Girl/Boy you love?Hence apropos is an opportune moment or right moment/time. | apropos ~ apro + pos ~ appropriate + position - appropriate + situation... | split it like a+propos.sounds like..propose...and you propose a plan in your office related to or concerning to" how to increse sales of product.." | apropos=a+pro(program)+pos(position)a program conducted by a news paper inorder to inform positionofsome xyzperson. | APROPOS OF | sounds also similar to purpose.... so if you have .a. purpose .or do something you wait...for the opportune time to come.. | A means one, pro alwaysmeans bettter , pos means position is always good for right person
aptitude: fitness; talent
remember this word from various "aptitude tests"which check talent or IQetc | aptitude( attitude ) every people have their own different attitude which their natural ability | inherent attitude | He has talent and fitness also to reach any altitude | apt - fit
arrears: being in debt; money that should have been paid; work that should have been done
sounds like "err-years" and DEBT is the error that will take years to compensate | sounds similar to 'in-tears', why? because of DEBT; | arrears-CARRIER..your carrier is in danger coz u r in debt.. | arrears, rear means behind, so we are behind in money,debt.
arrhythmic: lacking rhythm or regularity; N. arrhythmia
A(aginst-lack of)+rrhythmic. lacking rhythm | arr (sounds like ERR-ERROR) + rhythm ~ error or lacking of rhythm;
arrogance: pride; haughtiness; ADJ. arrogant: unpleasantly self-important (with a strong confidence in one's own importance and a lack of respect for other people)
arrogance ~ error + ignorance; when you do some error yourself and ignore it ..but you generally scold your juniors if they made any mistake, you are arrogant.
arroyo: gully; narrow channel formed by rainwater
it is like a ---------- a row (of water) | 'Arroyo' sounds like a famous toy - 'Yo Yo'; which has a 'Gully' - like shape to coil the rope around. | ARROYO: are roya..(hey hes crying),so basically when u cry theres a small lane of water flowing out | ab mat ro (please don't weep now), poori gali bhar di tuney to.. | i will memorise it as AREY ROY SIR ka ghar kon se GULLY mey hai. | it sounds like arre+ oye= my mom used to shout arre .. oye.. when we used to play in channel formed by rain water. | Arroyo z like...Ar-Road-yo...Roadz hav many gully s.. | Best way is to relate this to the cricket fielding position - gully.. Say Ganguly always stands at gully or arroyo | Its simple....A + River. | ar+roya... roya is cry in hndi... there is a famous song of justin timberlake called "cry me a river".. when you cry a river, that river forms a gully... hence the name
arsenal: storage place for military equipment
SENA(HINDI) ke use mai aane waala saaman | you know ARSENAL.... the famous football club..... the players shoot goals like a bullet from a gun ... like ammunition storage | arsenal ~ arms;
artery: blood-vessel; CF. vein
an artist created an art of blood vessel
archipelago: group of closely located islands
archipelagoRead it as Arey+ship+pe+lejaoo (Hindi .. which translates to take me there via ship)... And we travel to islands via a ship. | Consider the "CHIP" in the word.It sounds like SHIP..we use ships to travel to islands..So archipelago refers to a group of islands. | Age of Empires map type. | Think of an ARK filled with PELICANS sailing between the islands = ARK OF PELICANS
archives: public records; place where public records are kept
archives : spell it as archies is a famous gift where collection of different gifts are there so it is a collection of many things in short storage place | sounds like archies, which is a collection of greeting cards, which is also a collection of records
ardor: heat; passion; zeal; ADJ. ardent
Our-"darr" is of falling in intense love!! | sounds like harder-while doing sex. A dat time ppl feel heat, passion.. srry for using --- words | ardor= arey zor sey means passion. | ardor-just focus on the word DOR (hindi movie) in which Gul Panag actress was very Passionate about finding the killer of her husband | ardent supporter = enthusiastic supporter, hence ardent means with zeal, passion, enthusiasm etc."ardor" is just the noun form of "ardent" | ardor and eager are rhythmic so it's easy to remember. | AXE deo spray has an Odor which initiates passion among gals.. | Ador sounds like Adore. We show passion for anything we adore | normally one works (H)ARD if he is ARDENT about it | remember of a person who wants to say "order order" in a court; | ardent ardour and ardor all means the same great emotions. lets hypothetically consider ard as the root.(HIndi) jab dard hota hai then we show great emotions | sounds like ODOUR: which is due to sweat..when ur working hard,playing or heated up | ardor ~ our door; please close the door and windows, to prevent the heat from going outside. | we will adorn persons with ardor | sound like "order"-we will order biryan eagerly,with love | ardor- aur-daud(run),If you have HEAT, zeal like an athlete you can run....and run......aur daud
arduous: hard; strenuous; Ex. arduous work
arduous = read it as: "hard to do for us" | (h)ard + u (you) + ous (we); This work is very difficult and required full of hard work from us and your side. | aath(8)+dus(10):lot of hard work so v require 8 or ten ppl | It takes a large amount of effort to maintain a pregnancy, especially when the baby is DUE. It's very arDUous | Art's climb up the mountain was a duel.Art's climb up the mountain was 'Artduelous'
argot: slang; speech spoken by only a small group of people
argot - it is the j'ar'gon that we 'got' here that no other person understands | argot ~ ar + got (goat);when our goat says "meh...mheh...meh..." we cannot understand its lingo - only other goats can understand it.So, argot is a lingo only small group of people (here goats) can understand. | ar+got(goat).. if a few GOATs say 'arrr arrr' instad of the usual 'mheh mheh'. it will be a slang (argot) in their world..;) | goat:meheheheheme:arr..goat:mehehheme:arr tu dusre goatsehi baat karme: :P
aria: operatic solo; a song sung by one person in an opera or oratorio
Heyy u hav d famous mARIA song by Ricky Martin... | a+ria...riazz...and we know that if we have to learn singing we have to do a riaz is the way to improve our think if you are given an elaborate song for riaz. | imagine u r calling Riya Sen(Aa Riya!) 2 sing a song 4 u | ARIA- if u remember salman khan in a movie sings a song in a program..O priya O priya..priya...(link it with Opera) | mARIA mARIA song of Santana | mARIAh carey | Disney's ARIEL sings many ARIAS in The Little Mermaid. | reminds of maria maria song in the partner movie..salman sings maria maria in solo... | pronounce the word like song ..aaaaaaariiiiiaaaaaaa
arboretum: place where different trees and shrubs are studied and exhibited
just remember ARBOREAL : which means living in trees. so arboretum means something pertaining to trees | AR=agricultural + BORETUM = imagine how u get BORED in STUDIES.hence ARBORETUM is agricultural boredum. | ARBO(root word :tree)-REAL:living in tree;RATUM:place where there are studied | ARBORE(t)um arboreum.sounds like herbarium.and it is a collection of plants & .all botany students need to prepare herbarium.....the word herb is related with small trees in herbarium you exhibit...all kind of trees and a sample..... | arbor,arboreal,arborize all are related to trees | arboretum = arbo related to trees n retum sounds like rectum(place where human waste get collected) | Arboretum: reverse ret to tre and try to realize it as follows:Arbo+tre(e)+umArbo = Zillion in Hindi ; therefore Arbotreeum means place where are a zillion (arbo) trees .. of different variety.
arcade: a covered passageway usually lined with shops
Remember Delhi's palika bazar where you can buy arcade games | arcede games are generally indoorwhich means under roofor a passage under roof | the arch provided shade
arcane: esoteric; secret; mysterious; known only to the initiated; Ex. arcane ritual; Ex. arcane process closed to the uninitiated listener
improvising the first mnemonic.., Ar + Kane - Kane's face always remains secret, as he uses a mask. | Arcane=ar+cane(Kane).... this is for WWF watchers...Kane (undertaker brother) he has really mysterious he many times fought with his brother also. | To change a sugarCANE into ARC needs a mysterious knowledge. | CRANE(Bird) stands on one leg is a mysterious feature | sugARCANE.....sugarcane fields are always mysterious as you can find any couple doing romance....remember the hindi song Ganne ke khet mein | Cain's (cane) behavior in killing his brother Abel is a mystery - what drove him to do it? This type of behavior led God to build the ARC and start over. | hanging Crane in air is mysterious/secret knowledge | need Indiana Jone's (the ARCheologist) cane to find the secret treasure | arcane: arc+canei have cut the cane from the form secretly using an arc(curve shaped weapon) |
archaeology: study of artifacts and relics of early mankind
Arch - A prefix meaning first or foremost.
archaic: antiquated; no longer used; belonging to the past; N.
Archealogy - study of old things.. Archaic - The old things on which we study.. | The word resembles like archies ...the old archies card are kept with us. | Remember with Archive. As we keep very old thing in archive- Archaic is related something very old. | Archaic: ARCH comes from the word archaelogy so something related with primitive times;outdated | archaic : archeological+ick, first word-oldsecond word-express disgust,so outdated..totally it is old and outdated. | sounds like a cake which is no longer used | ar(irani)+chai(tea in hindi)~ Irani chai is the no longer in use | ardor sounds like FUCK harder..means with passion.. | Root word :ARCH-meaning old.AIC:remeber CIA american force, so AIC is no longer used..its CIA | ARCHAIC
archetype: prototype; primitive pattern
arch + type - so a model for architecture | arch(means old) something of old type orof primitive pattern | ARCH+E(exact) arch that is too exact to what is expected is ORIGINAL...... | ARCHetype. Think of the Golden Arches (McDonalds) and how it serves as a model for other fast food chains.
ascertain: find out for certain; make certain
When you have determined your chances of admission into a college AS CERTAIN, then you have ASCERTAINed your chance to be 100% | asCERTAIN means to make CERTAIN. | certain means a sure event... so a~scertain means that you are not sure, so find out whether it will happen | root is certain which means confident; sure; so meaning is confirm
ascetic: practicing self-denial; avoiding physical pleasures and comforts; austere; Ex. ascetic life of Buddhist monks; N. asceticism
someone who leaves all AESTHETICs is an ascetic | sounds like acetic—remember acetic acid(vinegar)i.e., sour in taste, one who has made is life sour in taste, i.e., away from pleasures for religious purposes | Aastic(Opposite of Nastic) Is ascetic | ASS+SEPTIC(infected)....a person who has got highly SEPTIC ASS will be a ASCETIC.......he cannot live a normal life.... | ascetic ~ acidic; he is living ascetic life by drinking and eating only acidic things (not good in taste) and avoid anything have good taste. | A Serious Clergy Excludes the taking (TIC) of material comforts from his life, and practise rigid self-denial. | ascetic means nastik in hindi... remember amithabh bacchan's film nastik.. where doesn believe in god | abstemious or abstemious zealot. | Ascetic = Someone who lives ascetic life.
ascribe: refer; attribute; assign
Scribe means refer toex.describe-refer to something and expalin.Monthly subscribption to a magzine means referring to the mag wil be possible monthly | ascribe ~ sounds like prescribe, so ascribe is refer | doctor prescribe medicine if u fill well u ascribe doc :) | Take ascr=oscar award;so if I will win an Oscar I will ascribe it to my parents. | ascribe : a script; We ascribed this script to it's author; | ascribe ~ describe; you should also give a small description of person whom you are going to give credit for his work. | When you describe sth, In fact you ascribe some adjectives to him. and Vice Versa
aseptic: preventing infection; having a cleansing effect
Antiseptic and aseptic is same | a+septicwhich means removing or preventing septic
ashen: ash-colored; deadly pale
split like ash coloured hen. | when ever you talk about ASH, SALLU becomes a HEN...i.e., pale, or may be angry expressing an emotion. | whenever ASH(aishwarya rai)sees en(yen-japanese currency) her face becomes ashen
asinine: stupid; Ex. asinine remarks
if u get NINE out of ASI(80) u r surely an ASININE(stupid) | Sounds like ASS+NINE = as FOOLISH as nine ASSES | sounds like ASIN(gajini actress) + MINE ...if u tell ppl that asin is mine, they will call u stupid. | as(ASS)+inine; focus on ass - A TYPE OF DONKEY AND DONKEYS OR ASS ARE GENERALLY STUPID in nature. | asinine:asin(south actress)is a stupid actress | A fool teaching a ASS how to speak NINE. | as(s)-i-nine. So if some one is 9 times ass(dunkey), surely he is stupid | no matter how much u tell an ASS 'IN IN' it ultimately understands an 'out' because it is an asinine. | Nine ball playing requires holes. So Ass+Nine=Ass+hole=Asshole | When you commit "a-sin" & you say you did "nine" of them, you surely are "stupid" | asiNINE-nine, thenumber that represents the nuetral gender.people with this gender generally act sorry ,if it is stupid..hehehe | asinine means a +sin + nine.person who is doing sine again and again for nine times he is stupid.....
arid: (of land) dry; barren; unproductive
A + rid- A farmer getting rid(dry) of the dry land | Arid- Take es as A-Rigid,,a rigid thing can b made to change its shape, thus it can be taken as dry, barren, and unproductive. | arid : Take it as a-rigid; a rigid thing can't be made to change it's shape, thus it can be taken as dry, barren, and unproductive. | read this word from last that isdri + ameans dry area | air-id..only air no water...dry,.. | a farmer always wants to get rid of the barren land !!
aristocracy: hereditary nobility; privileged class; government by nobility; N. aristocrat
aristotle was the most powerful member of the science society | arito(tle)+cracy, aristotle was the noble philosopher, cracy - rule, so government by noble | aristrocart is a alcohol.. which is very costly and hence only rich or privileged ppl drink | Remember by the famous liquor : ARISTOCRAT since its very costly, only UPPER CASS ppl can have it.. | aristo(tle)+crazy. the family of aristotle makes m very family of aristotle is a hereditiary noble thing.
armada: fleet of warships
do u know narmada river ? fleets of warship in narmada ~ armada | remember the Armageddon movie (1998) Bruce Willis... | sounds like arm(weapon in ships) + adda(place where a group meets) so armada is group of warships | armada rhymes with armani whose symbol is like a ship | arm + data ~ collection of arms that is only possible in the warships.... | | Armageddon movie (1998) Bruce Willis... imagine as in most bollywood movies, a large number of sheeps attack some country.. | Armada is the Spanish and Portuguese word for naval fleet, or an adjective meaning 'armed'; Armáda is the Czech and Slovak for armed forces. | Armada = arm +a + da; The arm of dada is large tree.
aromatic: fragrant; having a sweet smell; N. aroma: strong pleasant smell
it sounds like a romantic!!! so if a get some good smell, we feel romantic | aroma means odor | aromatic odors are erotic | little bit of chemistry needed... the aromatic compounds we studied in high school actually mean sweet smelling
arraign: charge in court; indict
To rain charges on someone | arraign= err+ again.u hv made an ERR again, so this time i will not excuse u,this time u will be CHARGED IN THE COURT. | arr(sounds like ERR means error)+ rain...when you are going to walk without an umbrella thats your error is charged to your parents..... | arraign ~ an error again; imagine you wrote some computer program which is giving you error again and again.. so you are called by your boss (kind of court) for punishment. | you first ARRANGE the suspects in front of the judge and start accusing them | AR(arrogantly)+REIGN(rule)...people who rule arrogantly and take law into their hands should be brought before a court....... | (ARRested+Rain) imagine a fellow arrested coz hes drenching in silly it is!!! thats y it is easy to remember..hope this might help u out.. | your reign as the mob leader will end! | Concentrate on rain. Nowadays v accuse that rain s inadequate | police arrest, so court could arraign
array: marshal; draw up in order; arrange in order; clothe splendidly; adorn; N: fine clothes; ordered group; Ex. in battle array
For secondary meaning .. " jese kehna . arrey wah kya kapde pehne hai ":) | array, ray always travels straight,like arranged in a line
artful: exhibiting art or skill; deceitful; cunning; CF. artifice
spell it " art of fool(ing)" i.e in a cunning way | think of "arts and crafts" to get to crafty, clever, wily, etc.
articulate: effective; distinct; expressing ideas clearly; having clear sounds; having joints; Ex. articulate speech; V: express thoughts and feeling clearly; pronounce clearly; unite by joints
arti kyun late...? now she really has to explain clearly or she is GONE !~ | ariculate sounds like 'article + ate'. An article in a magazine or newspaper must be 'clear and fluent in what they say' | articulate speech is 'artistic' attracts attention of ppl.. | articulate ~ art + calculate; if you are good in art of speaking as well as good in calculations (maths), you will be able to express yourself in a better way. | art+late....although art takes time(late) art always conveys what the artist wanted to speak clearly | aarti(pooja) kyon late??coz the pundit wasnt articulate..
artifice: deception; trickery
ARTIFICE: sounds like artificial fish which is nothing but a trick. | artfice is like artificial..if artificial things are not real .it is a trick it look like real one but it is a trick | Artist like Hussain take huge Fees of their art and deceive the people | art(ART)+ fice (SOUNDS LIKE FISH); fisherman know art of catching fish, they use some clever techniques like giving them bait, and thus catch them, so offering bait to fishes, a trick commonly used by fisherman. | art of fixing. | is's there in front of us for sometime and gets converted to water....hence it's a kind of DECEPTION.... | read it like arti.fees artists like hussain and others charge high fees for crap art...its nothing but deception n trickery baby ;) | AARTI FEES:girl called aarti is being asked for fees, for nothing, so clearly shes being decieved or tricked | | artfice (artificial fishes in tanks)is like artificial..if artificial things are not real .it is a trick it look like real one but it is a trick..
artisan: a manually skilled worker
Arti(artist)+ san (son): Son of artist is manually skilled worker or craftsman. | artisan-partition...partition in our room can be made by only manually skilled worker (carpenter) | artisan sounds like artist..who is a manually skilled worker.. | sounds like mason who is manually skilled worker.
artless: without guile; open and honest
without the art of deception | art + less, without having any art(skill) | artful is cunning artless is opposite of artful not cunning OR HONEST | art+less means not having many arts to understand very simple and natural. | Heart+ness=heartness, full of heart. | decieving, tricking,fooling, all require ome kinda antonym becums ATLESS | art+less =there is less art meaning so simple and natural in that art to understand | artless = Not heartless = a + heartless = artless(open and h)
ascendancy: controlling influence; position of controlling influence; CF. in the ascendant
Ascend means to rise... as u rise, u always gain power...& den u dance :p | ascendancy... wife has ascendancy over her husband...she make him dance to her tune ! | modification of above one .Husband having ascendancy over wife that is controlling her and makin dance her at his tune | 1234567.. The numbers are arranged in ascending order with 2 ASCENDANCY OVER 1 and hence controlling 1; | a scent which has a controlling influence, a-scend-ancy | ascendancy : i hv been ascended to higher position bcoz i can influence n control my juniors effectively. | ascend ~ rising upward; when you rise to a senior position, you generally control your juniors; | rhymes with Presidency :P
askance: with a sideways or indirect look (with disapproval or distruct); Ex. look askance at
askance.. reminds u of the word when u want to glance at someone , u look SIDEWAYS or give a INDIRECT LOOK.. | When you want to take a girl out for a date and are very hesitant to ask her about it, then you make up your mind and ASK her with a glANCE..i.e not looking directly into her eyes...hence ASKANCE is looking sideways or indirectly. | ASKew + glANCE | ASKANCE = ASKEW | ask+an(ANN)+ce(SE)...if something happens..and u suspect ann....but since you are angry on her ,you dont want to talk and look at her ,so u take your friend help .you say him"ask ann se bhai" kahi usne to nahi kiya ye sab. | u r viewing her with suspicion | so here u are indirectly...looking at heror in otheru are viewing | when u dont know an answer in exam u look here n der to ask someone...ASKance
askew: crookedly; slanted; at an angle
Also it can b taken as SCREW which is not straight,it is bent, zigzag etc | as+kew....kew..sounds like we know all the keys are somewhat twisted in shape | a +skew;skewed : means something which is not straight and leveled...something which is crooked | "Ask You"??? Never, you give crooked answers. | Ass + Que [line]: Ek line me jab sab ass honge to vo straight nahi hogi...vo tirchi hogi | टेढ़ातिरछा
asperity: sharpness; roughness; severity (of temper or weather); Ex. asperities of a Russian winter
Asperity can be thought of as A spear with severity. i.e Sharpness | asperity = austerity; meanings are also same. | As+per+IT(software industry)is well known for their harshness in layoff | aspiri + ty : aspiriN; ASPIRIN - ISgiven when there is SEVERE pAIN OR headache; | ASPIRIN....aspirin is a drug taken to get rid of headache....hence when life brings ASPERITY(headache) in your life you take ASPIRIN.... | as+per+it+y.. as per it is.. anyway it maybe, you have to endure it, even if it's too harsh | asPERIty- chk the word PERI,peri,take it asperinial.perinial ,means highest point,thats the is a tip? Ans-its sharp. | ASPerity has asp(venomous snake) in it. So features of asp i.e sharpness, roughness. If it bites we will have 'SEVERE' consequences | Remember in Dumb and Dumber the ASPERITY of the ride to ASPEN on the scooter when Lloyd peed on Harry and they had icecicles in their noses. | picture a woman beating someone over the head with ASPARAGUS. | asperity= (as) as (per) per (ity) duty, it can be read as AS PER DUTY,so anyone who is in duty is naturally goes by the rules,harsh,severe. | Have aspri(N) + with ty(TEA) after a rough day at work/school! | think about aspartic acid, PH is 4.0 midrange so is harsh,irritable | acid se relate karo | Harshly said - "As per tea you are not invited". | As + per + ty(the) rules. It is a phrase which is generally said in a harsh or critical tone. |
aspersion: slanderous remark; Ex. cast aspersions on
Sounds like ass-person, if you defame someone you make them look like an ass.Another way to the say the same thing:Make a person look like an ass by defaming them. | As + persion ~ Ass + person; calling someone As(s)pers[i]on means passing slanderous remark | If you want to slander a person you say ASS to a PERSON
aspirant: seeker after position or status
aspire a position
aspire: seek to attain (position or status); long for; Ex. aspire to become president; Ex. aspire to/after the leadership
aspire sounds like vampire which always aspire for blood | [aspire sounds like inspire] Inspire yourself to aim(aspire) toward the goal. | aspire sounds similar to an aim will glow in evryperson as a fire:)
assuage: mak less severe; ease or lessen (pain); satisfy (hunger); soothe (anger)
ass-usage in the toilet gives huge relief | ass means donkey...donkey's usage give huge relief from carrying loads | a+sewage provides the relief ;) hope u get it | assuage .....sounds like AT YOUR AGE. imagine anurse is ASSUAGING a 70 year old PATIENT and saying "AT YOUR AGE you should take some rest" | "as u (you) age ~ grow old" your excitement temper etc come down | assuageas+u+age..The PAIN of your son's death will REDUCE in future as you age(become older) | hey angel.. think of assuage as ass+usage (while we do potty). we do feel relieved and satisfied right. | when somebody gives massage we feel relief and satisfied..keep it simple silly:) | As Sewage- released waste is no waste in your house. Yey! What a relief. | assuage: asoooage :: soothing | It sounds similar like Sausage ...So when you eat sausage u feel relief. | it must be assured that aging people get assuage | ass + usageass usage is to sit on it... it provides relief from pain by providing cushion to our body.. | assuage | We tend to feel "less pain" in our "ass" as we "age". assuage = to lessen the pain
assumption: something taken for granted; the taking over or taking possession of; Ex. her assumption of power; V. assume
assurance: firm statement that something is certainly true
a SURE + ran (RUN) : so people are sure that your government will RUN for all 5 years, because people have confidence in you. | ASSURANCE = Term for some kinds of insurance; relating to assure = to make sure
asteroid: small planet
remember small device's world is android
astigmatism: eye defect which prevents proper focus; OP. stigmatism
STIGMA is "a symbol of disgrace or infamy"so Astigmatism is lack of seeing STIGMAor"impaired eyesight resulting usually from irregular conformation of the cornea" | astigmatism ~ without stigma (related to eye) | ASTIGMATISM = Asti (Against) + GMAT + ISM; i.e Against of who is taking gmat exam is a evil work for development of human resource.
astral: relating to the stars
u know of ones future based on the stars....ASTRAL...astrology | aSTRAl ~ check the letters in capital, i.e. STRA, jumble it a bit, related to stars. | AS_SATRS,celestial,remote,sidereal,starlike,visionary..
astringent: binding; causing contraction (stopping bleeding); harsh or severe; stringent; Ex. astringent criticism
aStringent- stringent means harsh , we can probly remember like this.. | the word to look for is "string" in astringent....what is a string used for? to bind to things together | astringent ~ a strict agent; an agent who is harsh | atringent = a sting agent = binding force | A conSTRIctiNG AGENT = ASTRINGENT | "Astring" sounds similar to "Constrict"-to cramp, squeeze, bind, or tighten. | astringent sounds like pungent. Pungent odor of acid. So acidic esp comments, close to acerbic
astronomical: enormously large or extensive
ASTRO (means STARS)+ NOMICAL...and we all know that stars are many times bigger in shape than our solar systems member's.
astute: wise; shrewd; keen; seeing quickly something that is to one's advantage
A(MEANS NOT)+STU(STUPID)..well think of someone who is NOT STUPID,MEANS he is very WISE ,AND INTELLIGENT. | Sounds like statue. some politicians are wise and shrewd to built their own statues. they clearly see the advantage. | It an also b remembered by ACUTE, that has the same meaning, sharp,shrewd. | US+TUTE(teach)...when you ask someone to teach you, that person must be ASTUTE i.e having or showing an ability to accurately assess situations or people and turn this to one's advantage... | astute=ASs+CHUTsomeone who uses both efficiently is an astute | a + statue.. Mayawati installing so many of her statues.. she is really a wise and astute politician.. | Astute read it as "A salute i.e. to get a salute for your efforts, you need to be shrewd, wise & sharp. | a stute ~ a status; to reach high status you has to be sharp and shrewd. | sounds like PROSTITUTE! they will b sharp enough ! attract customers ;)
asunder: into parts; apart; V. sunder
When u sit on something, as it is UNDER ur ASS it breaks apart due to pressure (ASUNDER ASS+UNDER) | Entry of a + sunder(beautiful) girl can break boys hearts. | UNDER your ASs ur body is DIVIDED into 2 parts into legs | Asunder reminds me the word Thunder. The result of thunder is everything breaks apart into many parts. In the same way Asunder means into parts, apart | if u rememberthis statement, famous one, "Under and apart " sure u can remember it... | itne SUNDAR watch ko tod diya | a = thundersunder sound like thunder so it seperates int | remember the word thunder....(loud sound of a thunder broke my ear apart),,,
asylum: place of refuge or shelter; protection (religious or political)
asylum sounds like slum...people living in slums need place for shelter,refuge, or protection duringrainy season from rain. | remember poor people's movie slumdog.. | sounds like a-slum. refuge look like slums
asymmetric: not identical on both sides of a dividing central line
atavism: resemblance to remote ancestors rather than to parents; reversion to an earlier type; throwback; ADJ. atavistic
by ATAVISM you should remember AVATAR, i.e. you are an avatar(incarnation) of one of your ancestors... | if u r eating ata instead of chapaties like early ancestors did..its atavism | a(again)+ta(that-earlier)+vism(vision) | at(distant,remote)+vis(look/resemblance) | Again TA(the) ancestors are VISible
atheistic: denying the existence of God; N. atheism
a"without" + theos "a god"; someone who says this world issurviving without GOD, actually he is DENYING THE EXISTENCE OF GOD
atone: make amends for; pay for; Ex. atone for
at+own(one) - he realised his mistake 'at' his 'own' and wanted to make amends for it.. | remember in the movie "king" brahmanandam scolds trisha AH TONE enti,later he AMENDS his words after nagarjuna beats him up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!don't give mnemonics using stupid tamil (or what so ever those may be ) movies !! | atone ~ at stone; imagine someone throws a stone on (at)someone else and then realizes his mistake. So, he atones. | When u use harsh words for ur girl ,later u REPENT for that before her with A TONE that sounds pleasing | A TONE- u gotta make amends in ur eating habits to tone up ur body..if u are fat | He ATTAINED moxa by leaving his sins | AT-ON(c)E, your boyfriend is ready to "pay for" you.Also, AT-ON(c)E, u realize your mistakes & "make amendments for" it. | at+one(once) he realized his mistake n wanted to ammend for the same | One puts all the blames AT ONE
atrocity: brutal deed; ADJ. atrocious
divide it like.atro(sounds like metro)+city ...and we always get the news of brutel and cruelbehaviour ..from METRO (ATRO)CITIES... | Remember TROY-CITY, if have seen the Hollywood movie Troy, you can remember this easily.In Troy, Greek destroyed everything,killed thousands of unarmed man,children etc | atro + city -- city where cruel (brutal) acts are done | 1. भारी दुष्टता2. अत्याचार (m)3. नृशंसता (f)4. महाप& | remember the law of atrocity in India---the law for inhumanity
atrophy: wasting away; V: weaken and lose flesh and muscle (through lack of blood or lack of use)
One who works hard all the time can win a trophy but one who WASTES time n doesn't work hard cannot(A) win the TROPHY | a TRophy is wasted after it is won as it is kept for a long time nt used | A + trophy; Even after many years of practice, he didn'twina trophy, so that was just wastage of his energy. | He always dreamt of winning A Trophy,but did not work for it. So, he ATROPHied(wasted) his time and got an ATROPHY(weak muscle) instead of a trophy. | he lost his muscle became weak wasted his time then he won a+trophy | the word is pronounced like "at+your+feet" So picture something withering away or decaying and falling at your feet. For a more bizarre image picture yourself decaying | if a part of your body or sth else become ATROPHIED, it is no longer used and u can gift it away as TROPHY
attentive: alert and watchful; listening carefully; paying attention; considerate; thoughtful; politely helpful; Ex. attentive audience; Ex. He was attentive to the old lady; N. attentions: act of courtesy and c
attentive comes from "attention" remember when a conference...they say "Attention Please"... | for remembering the helpful part:at+TENT+give..the asked the tent u gave u were polite and helpful
assail: assault
take 'sail' from 'assail'- for begining an war many warships are sailed to the warfront | assailant is common word in newspaper for mumbai attackers | try to remember with misail | ass + ail...ail means which causes bodily suffering...ail to ass | giving an AILment in one's ASS | A 90% SALE(discount) made evryone in town attack(assail) the shopping mall. | assail ~ a sale; a customer argued with sales person of the store using force and bad words. | ass+ail. To cause somebody's ass to ail, this can only be done by assaulting someone! | ass + ailin hindi yane "gaand maarna", kisi ki gaand baaton se ya usey maarkar mari jatti hai.. | pardon....oil(AIL) in the ass(ASS)may be indicative of an assault | an ASS AILed you by attacking.
assay: analyze (to discover what materials are present); evaluate (soil or ore)
its not like mnemonic...just rem tis saying"ASSAY THE ESSAY" means evaluate the essay | assay ~ SOUNDS SIMILAR TO ESSAY; and you have been asked to analyze an essay. | ESSAY...we write ESSAY to TEST our thinking,writing level...hence ASSAY means to TEST....... | ASSAY = ASSEss+trY | we are asked to write ESSAYS in GRE, so as to TEST our thinking level and the COMPOSITION of thoughts.. | when I ASSAYED the ESSAY she'd given me, I found numerous grammatical as well as logical error in it | say,is jus a say..ifu say it AS it is said,its assay.that means giving more presure to the word say,using AS. | assay = a say : if u have to say sth then u will have to analyze it first
assent: agree; accept; N. assessment
as + sent, when You are sending anywhere you will agree by this decision. | assent to buy accent(hyundai's famous car). | assent ~ as sent; press editor agreed and published the article as we have sent without any modifications. | U're agree as to send(sent) this love letter to that girl | when you take some thing from someone you "agree" to send it back to then "as-sent"
assert: state strongly or positively; demand recognition of (rights, claims, etc.); make a claim to (by forceful action); Ex. assert one's independence
assiduous: diligent
assiduous+ass+in+the+dust.a donkey working hard in the dust.meaning hard working or industrious or diligent | if u get "assi" i.e 80%, u sure r a hardworkin nd ASSIduous :P | as+Siduo+us: If you know the meaning of Sedulous, which means diligentm, hardworking. One can find the same word in Assiduous too. AS+SEDUOL+OUS.ASS is also a trigger, Hardworking as an ASS or a donkey | Ass is donkey and donkey is hardworking. | if u get "assi" i.e 80%u Sure r hardworkin and ASSIduous | assiduous= "as i am doing" persistant effort to master Vocab | diligent assitant | You hope your ASSIstant will work as ASSIDUOUSLY as an ASS. | when u handle Acid then u show constant and careful attention | ass dual: like working your ass off,hardworking ,diligent,sedulous | I will add to logic87, that acid means vigorous, so doing work vigorously .... | assi + duousassi (in hindi 80), u do work with 80% efficiency.. means u r hardworking | ass+i+doi work like an ass i.e. i am hard working | dont know why does everyone use the word ASS for alll words,,as there are many words starting from that it leads to confusion..wake up guys | sounds like ACID..acid must be handled with care and effort! | spell it as assi dus so assi (80) + dus(10) - 90.. to get 90 % u hav to work hard!!
assimilate: absorb; take (food) into the body and digest it; understand (knowledge) completely and be able to use properly; cause to become homogeneous (the people of a country or race in the wasy of behaving or
assimilate.. sounds like getting (accumulating) similar things together.. | try to [as]similate means try to be similar to something may be food habits, language or behaviour. | assimiliate...similar. | Assimilate sound like asse+millao so that it cause to be homogeneous or absorb. | AS+I+M(am)+LATE so I have to "absorb" the syllabubs quickly | When you assimilate how to simulate an ass, you will be assimilated into our community (Ass Simulators)
audacious: daring; bold; N. audacity
audacious..auda(AUDIBLE)....IF YOU WANT to be audible to millions of people you have to be very daring and bold ,to go to the stage and deliver your message. | it sounds like "how dare she is(audacious)"i.e au(how)da(dare)c(she)ious(is) it is daring | when you go for some audition you need to be bold and daring. | When someone 'has the audacity' to do something, they have the nerve aka courage | There is audition going on for India Idol 4 in Delhi, versatile judges will select you so you shud have enough courage to face them at audition (audacious) | he heard (aud - from audio) that it would be viscous so he came quickly | MEN are always ACUrrate. Right?
audit: examination of accounts of a business; official examination; V.
audit ~ add it; you do a lot of addition and subtraction while auditing.
augment: increase; add to
you can remember it as opposite of segment...... segment means to make less.... augment to add | breast i need to explain further ??? :D | say"augment"- ur mouth,opens in such a way that,somone or somthing is in ur mouth,and it is full and increasing.Ex- while ur rnds, keep birthday cake in ur mouth,wen u cut it.. | "augment" sounds bit like INCREMENT which means to increase.... | AAG+MINT- if u put MINT in AAG then aag's intensity increases. | when kahi AAG(FIRE)cathches.vo ek minute me bohot fel(INCREASE)jati hai. | AUGust MoNTh's days are 30+1 so add 1. | remember it as "AUGMENTED MATRIX' in which we add the extra elements to the existing matrix... | AUGMENT (AUGUST MONTH)...BY AUGUST MONTH MY SALARY GETS INCREASED... | augment sounds like argument; You misleading argument, can increase the chances of damage to our company.
augury: omen; prophecy; sign of coming events; V. augur: predict; foretell; be a sign of (something in future)
Augury.... Augur..... Sounds like Eager.We are always eager to know whats written in our future... so... | augury..think it to be aug(aag i.e fire in HINDI) +u +ary(HARRY)..u got a prophecy that u will b in fire along with harry,,, | aagey aa rahi events | augury- its like AUG+gURU-remember it as ...aug is the month of tht event tht guruji pridicted(prophecy) ! | AUGury - ETS has given us an AUGury about the GRE pattern changing in AUGust 2011 | aao+ goriaao goriyon tumhara IPL mein as acheerleader selection karnahai indicating ipl is coming soon | AUGURY sounds like HARRY....we know in harry it ends wit prophecy saying | AUGURY = SAINT AUGUSTINE. Saints receive signs (auguries) from God. | think of it as"aagey kya hoga rey"....augury | An Ugly Gory( white female) in land of colored people ~bad omen LOL... | gury-replace u by gory...gory means somthing ghostly.. | Augury: Ogury: OMEN | Augury: Ogury: OMEN | Augury : Aug (August) + ur (your) + y (day); 1st day of coming August some great things will happen. | aag on an island ..... which indicates that a person is there | VIRAGO | con (with) tension | (AUGURY)IMAGINE AN AGORY (DEAD HUMAN FLESH EATER WHO LIVE BY RIVER GANGES)...THINK HIM AS A BAD OMEN... | whenever i c a gory(cute)i am always sure she is the one :|
august: impressive; majestic
August.. The month of the sun sign - LEO the lion (the king of the forest,the most majestic animal) | the 15th AUGUST celebrations at the redfort are IMPRESSIVE | august reminds the king Augustus who was majestic and impressive | In addition to what aka.bhagvanji said.. August=The month of the sun sign - LEO the lion (the king of the forest,the most majestic animal "INSPIRING RESPECT AND ADMIRATION") | august- is usually an impressive beautiful month in the u.s | au stands for gold. which is a majestic mineral
aureole: sun's corona; halo; bright circle of light
aurora+hole,aurora refers to star which is bright and hole refers to round shape,aureole refers t bright hole around a saint | AUREOLE= OUTER+HOLE so if thr is a hole outside the light comes in think of solar eclipse (Diamond ring) | air + hole : sun coronarare hole : halo | think of LORD BUDDHA .. the bright sunlike light behind him is an AUREOLE . ie. the sun's corona | those who have aura -- there is a hole(circle)ard their head and that is known as auerole | AUREOLE...think it as OUR HOLE BEING A SOURCE OF LITE..:p | IN Chemistry AURUM element is nothing but gold.
auroral: pertaining to the aurora borealis; CF. aurora australis
AUR RO ke LAL mat ho...have an auroral glow | auroral; it seems like aur + royal. and now i will remember it as now A GOT MY OLD FRND ,WHO BELONGS TO A ROYAL FAMILY,SO NOW I THINK IT IS A NEW DAWN IN MY LIFE. | (aurora)l |(bore)d uncle (aurora) went to see aurora (bore)alis
auspicious: favoring success; giving signs of future success; Cf. auspices
: a+uspicious—sounds like “a suspicious” any thing suspicious is not favourable,so a(not ) suspicious means FAVORABLE, SUITABLE | auspicious sounds similar to suspicious; being suspicious in nature can really favor your success if your a detective. | August month is the respective month
austere: forbiddingly stern; ascetic; without comfort or enjoyment; severely simple and unornamented; Ex. a monk's austere life; Ex. austere grandeur of the cathedral; N. austerity
AUS-australia TERE-tear(sorrow). like the recent beatings of Australians in INDIA. so one should deny oneself from going there | austere sounds like severe which it means | remember austin? I mean STONE COLD steve austin. he was harsh , severe and stern | (in Hindi language) Austere = A(hindi, means NO) + Ustere = A + USTARA(Hindi, Knife) = No+Ustrara = Aaj ke jamane me one without Ustara, it means he is SEVERLY SIMPLE | auSTERe....connect it with stern | AUS-australia TERE-tear(sorrow). like the recent beatings of Australians in INDIA. so one should deny oneself from going there | Austere = I steer away(from) | Aus=outTere=tear with strength (not water)Tearing out from your desires-self denials. | austere ( tear are so simple without any decorations and they are filled with emotion | Aunts' Tears:When his AUnts saw his rigorously self-disciplined lifestyle, they alll bursted into TEARS. | a+us+tere—USne TERE pyar ke liye sab chod diya and led a SIMPLE LIFE WITHOUT COMFORTS | a+us(usne)+tere pyaar me khana pina chod diya hai
authenticate: prove genuine
To see a movie you have to show your ticket which must be genuine
authoritarian: subordinating the individual to the state; completely dominating another's will; Ex. authoritarian regime/father
disciplinarians are authoritarians | authorized to do terror
authoritative: having the weight of authority; regarded as providing knowledge that can be trusted; reliable; peremptory and dictatorial; Ex. authoritative dictionary/manner; CF. definitive
autocratic: having absolute unchecked power; dictatorial; N. autocrat, autocracy
auto(means self)+cratic(cracy)......means goverment...............goverment by self ,goverment by one person. | autocrat sounds like aristocrat which means hereditary nobility, Some one who has aristocracy will behave like a boss , or superior | authority create karne wala
automaton: mechanism that imitates actions of humans; machine that works by itself
its not mnemonic..just think as automatic which works automatically | THEORY OF AUTOMATA...TCS | just remember autobots of transformer's | S: Zombie.. Somethin thats automaticlike a machine and imitates actions of humans | automaton= automat(automatic) + on. and now i will memorise it as on switching ON ,the machine AUTOMATICALLY starts working which reduces the human effort. | ROBOT. who imitates human actions | Auto=self,mation for machine,so automation= machine which operate itself (Robot)
autonomous: self-governing; N. autonomy
Autonomous resembles automatic..somethin thats self governing doesn need or require help.. | You are in control driving you AUTO ON A MOUSE.
autopsy: examination of a dead body; postmortem; V.
autopsy- if some one came under auto(piss(hindi)) - needs examination | automatice post martem a psychic act | Via French or modern Latin
auxiliary: offering or providing help; additional or subsidiary; N: helper; assistant
aux+hillary:hillary helpful to obama | auxillary:ox always helpful in fram's
avalanche: great mass of falling snow and ice
remember AVALANCHE can all of a sudden recharge and cool itself as it it is having a huge mass of ice in it | a(away or negative something)+valance=a great mass like vast snow or iceberg is something out of valance. | this sounds like aval(available) an (an) che (huche) means cold ; ie cold is available . it means mass of ice and snow. | remember bachendri pal and avalance!!! | ab ('now' in hindi) + launch.. ab baraf ka gola launch kar do..
attenuate: make thin; weaken
If tenu(=you) eat(ate) less you will attenuate | AT+TEN+YOU+ATE(gutkha,drugs)....if at the age of ten you start eating gutkha,drugs, you will become weaker day by day and will waste your life.... | attenuate...A+tenu(TEND)+ate(past form of eat,eaten(P.P))..well if bacteria TEND TO EAT (degrade)your body,that is A indication of your weak IMMUNE SYSTEM. | attenuate ~ at ten + you + ate; if you will eat only at 10 PM (once in a day), you will attenuate. | attenuate=attention+u+(h)ate == if nobody give attention to you and every body hates you, you'll be weakened
attest: testify; bear witness
Remember, how during your college admissions and form submissions you had to get your Mark sheets and DOB certificates attested by a GAZETTED officer.. those for done to authenticate them or to affirm them as true or genuine. | A +TTEST(TEST)...ATTEST IS TO TESTIFYyour originality. | we get "attested" stamp on our certificates(xerox copies) from coll, which means affirm(confirm) that our originals are with them
attire: clothe; N: clothing; array; apparel
May be you get robbed and lose all your clothes so cover yourself with A TIRE= Attire. | a(ALL)+ttire(TRIED) you have TRIED ALL kind of CLOTHES ,but nothing fits you. | the holy attire...!! | attire ~ at hire; if you are going at a job fair to hire someone, you should wear good formal clothes. | while attach(att) tire ure cloths will get dirty. so u will probably go to ure house and change clothes
attribute: essential quality; V: ascribe; explain
sounds like contribute...well anyone who has got the essential quality (of being educated)..can CONTRIBUTE alot the national growth. | paying tribute to someone, is a good quality. | attribute-tribute (giving credit for)
attrition: rubbing away by friction; gradual decrease in numbers or strength; reduction in the work force without firing employees; wearing away of opposition by means of harassment; Ex. a war of attrition
it is rythemic to NUTRITION- so rem it as ATRRUTION IS A MAL_NUTRITION,which weakens people's strength | sounds like 'at + recession'.'At recession' time companies are at 'attrition' i.e, 'gradual weakening or wearing away' | attrition = at + rition (sounds like RATION); Due to flood, ration is available in very limited amount. there is a shortage of food everywhere in our city. | attrition has 2 meanings1: at + friction = rubbing away by friction2. attrition = malnutrition = decreasing strength of ppl (in workforce or opponent) | attrition sounds like CONTRIBUTION,.. so you have contributed alot in yourcompany's performance to decrese the trade deficit. | Sounds link Adulteration, which decrease the strength of purity. | If you ATTRIbute your success in school to tuiTION(generally dull students attend private tuition)means you cant do anything on your own, so in future your salary numbers will be very low :P | the ATTRIbutes of an ION gets decreased when it gets rubbed | see trite in it which means overuse which results in wearing away of surface... | attrition= at + tri +ti +on; at tripple transmit flag on i.e . | attrition = at + tir(tripple) + ti (transmit flage) + on; Tripple transmit flag is on; i.e more friction at the path. | attrition is like attack + friction, causing it to wear off or weaken
atypical: not normal; not typical
a(not)+typical(normal)=not normal or not typical
avarice: greediness for wealth
avarice- a + very + richa stronggreed to be 'a very rich' person. | a+varice..varice...sounds like hindi word waris..and now imagine a greedy member of a family who kills the patriarch for his that he can become the family's waris. | A is coming 2 TIMES....means a person who wants RICE 2 times has GREED..... | a+varice..varice...sounds like hindi word waris..and now imagine a family where a greedy member of family kills the patriarchto obtain his that he can becomea waris of family's wealth | A VAsmati RICE.dnt greed for a meal of VAsmati RICE.have normal rice | Focus on Rice Part and relate to it the business man who stocks rice for more profit and thus become avarice | avarice=(ava+rice)if its limited rice then everyone are greedy in sharing rice.. | | remember "yava" (greed)in Telugu "rice". yavarice means greed
avenge: take vengence for something or on behalf of someone; Ex. They avenged his death by burning the village; Ex. He swore to avenge his brother; Ex. They avenged themselves on their enemy.
avenge sounds like, you killed the man to fulfil your revenge and avenged your brother's death. | imagine u r going for REVENGE on avenger bike like a ghost rider... | REMEBER THE MUVIE AVENGERS... IN WHICH THEY TAKE REVENGE FROM..LAUKI.. | avenge forms AVENGERS WHO TAKE REVENGE FROM THE BAD FOR THERE DEED
aver: state confidently; declare as true
A VERy confident statement! | A(affirmative) version | aver: I Svear! (I swear) | AVER : Girl Says To DAD Mujhe Yahi VAR A-Ver(PATI-HUSBAND) Chahiye... So She Asserted or Declared Her Decision. | AVER: VER in the word comes from the word veracity which it also means to state a truth or fact.. | Aver- A Verification... A(to) Ver(verify) | The woman AVERED that the guy was her VAR(husband)……….consider this situation in daily sops like kyunki .... | Aver - Adver - Advertise. Aver and Advertise both mean to make known or declare. | its similar to swear so you can relate it to aver means to promise or to assure or to affirm | aver == ever(everlasting) .i.e. a fact.asserting a fact! | ae + var(groom), means ur forcing sumthingashish_kals: imagine a women calling her var ...idhar aa..... | ver means groom in hindi . so it like the bride declares him as his true husband | I'm a know-it-all, and my boyfriend has an aversion to my tendency to aver on things I don't really know. | aver : sounds like state something to make everybody aware of it.
averse: reluctant; disinclined; not liking or opposed; Ex. averse to cats/doing the house work
averse- remember with adverse opposite situation | averse~reverse.meaning opposite i.e. going in opposite direction when you reluctant to do something. | I was reluctant to sing A-VERSE of this song(imagine ur a bad singer) | averse = a + verse: you are DISINCLINED/RELUCTANT to do something you are not VERSED in | a(away,not liking something)+ver(true,reality).........anything which is not real or away from reality is never liked by people and people oppose these kind of thing,and thus they become disinclined to what you offer to them | aver-state confidently...u state confidently when u r disinclined | we have aversion for adversions in our path | u pronounce it as WORSE... when sth is worse u STRONGLY OPPOSE it
aversion: firm dislike
u hatea+version of vista..firm dislike | made of word averse + ion....averse as in the above whois disinclined towards something...............and such a person always has a firm dislike for things. | aversion rythms wid you hate diversions...! | u hate updating different versions of same software again and again :X | averse( | u hate making version of same thing again and again
avert: prevent; avoid; turn away (eyes or thought); Ex. An accident was averted by his quick thinking; Ex. She averted her eyes from the terrible sight.
sounds like DIVERT. | i dunno if dis helps...but avert sounds like 'hurt' ......u always avoid getting avert=avoid | the root 'vert' means 'to turn'.. so avert meant turn away (from something) | AVERT(A VERTICAL),it seems like avertical,so i will memorise it as a vertical wal alwaysPREVENTS wind to cross them | avert is similar to revert i.e to turn away
bacchanal: noisy party with a lot of drinking
Bachchan acted well in movie SHARABI -hope it helps | bachelors + all. if many bachelors (college hostel) join they will have a party with drinks. so warden shouting at them for creating noise. bacchanal = bachelors party= drinking and making noise | Baccha(Child)+nal(noise).in punjabi,baccha nal noise karnde hai drinking party which. | it seems like bachhalan (charater less fellow) and we can imagine as he is an drunken fellow.... | bac-chanal- this reminds us of a pub cald back(ward) channel.Pub is a place ,where music and lots of noise is made. | Bacchaus is Roman God, is happy with dance and drink and forbidden sex in the back. Bacch+anal | bacha pi k nali me gir gaya.. | Imagine:a BACHelor party in Amsterdam.It was quite a BASH. The groom got drunk and fell into a CANAL.
bacchanalia: the ancient Roman festival in honor of Bacchus
Bachalan(characterless) log hamesha daaru pee ke party karte hain-toshitrules | bacchan the bewada alia mean.. party karayega hi daru ki
bacchanalian: drunken
(in hindi langauge) Baccha nali mein pada hai kyon ki vo drunken hai. | bacchanalian contains Bachchan (hence Amitabh Bachchan) who is famous for his drunken persons role in bollywood movie Shraabi.(Amitabh bachchan is a famous bollywood actor.) | Bacchus is the Roman god of wine and revelry. | Everyone drank vodca atAmitabh Bacchan's party | if you remember in Amithab bacchan movie "satte pe satha"(spelling is not exact), after drinking, his dialogue "dharu peeney mein liver karab ho jaatha hai" | bacchanalian = Baccha(Bakasura) + nalian (Nalige/Nalai) sounds like tongue of Bakasura | bacchalan kalmuhi...sharaab pi kar ghar aati hai!!!! | Bacchanla ladki pi karr aayi hai.. DRUNKEN..
backslide: revert (to bad habits); N. reverter
back( turn to your original place or habit) + slide(means to come down)............and anyone who comes back to his badhabits again after having given up is said to be in a backslideing situation. | the situation is said to bebacksliding.
backwards: and forwards; Ex. reciprocate his invitation by inviting him; N. reciprocity: reciprocal relationship; mutual interchange of advantages between two groups; Ex. reciprocity in trading rights
somebody who takes care of you (not your father/mother, but someone like a WARDen) and accepts responsibility for you, accepts you as his/her WARD. You reciprocate this after a few years with money, gifts or love in return.
badger: pester; annoy continually with demands; persuade by asking again and again; Ex. The children badgered me into taking them into the cinema; N: a kind of mountain animal
BAD GIRL.....bad girls always annoy people | bad+ger(gen) gen means people. badgers are always annoying. | badger ~ beggar; Imagine some annoying beggar woman !! | Think of "badger" as a vain military officer with a lot of badges pinned on to his uniform...he keeps pestering everyone to make note of his badger = "pester, annoy or harass"! | army wear badge, so they are badger.they annoy people persistently. | BAD+GERms==always bother us. so badger means bother | the multi- 'bagger'(sounds like badger) stock ideas advert on this website is very irritating annoying and pestering | badgers are like stalker who never cease to pester, irritate and annoy | badger = bazar .. annoys us | Divide it like bad+ ger (gen, generation): gen means people. Today's bad generation can really annoy their parents. | It sounds like anger...badger...anger so u can rembe rit | Sound the buzzer frequently to badger people. | remember your class topper in scholl who embosses a BADGEar all the students of the class ANOY AND PESTER him by askingdoubts AGAIN AND AGAIN | begger on signal asking again and again
awful: terrible; very bad
aw(an exclamation used to express something which you don't consider good,or you disapprove of something)+ful.............and something which is full of aw is always very bad.
awl: pointed tool used for piercing
awl sounds like hole......and to make a hole in the leather we need a sharp and pointed tool which can pierce through it....hence we need an awl for this | we make a hole on the wal(awl) with an awl which is awry. | awl rhymes with owl, only owls(stupid person) go for piercing.. | Getting piercings is awl the rage right now.
awry: distorted; crooked; bent; Ex. Our plans have gone awry.
awry sounds like "a + vary(variation)" i.e, 'a variation from the expected way or position(turned or twisted to one side)' | this mnemonic is in hindi....awry sounds like a cutting tool in hindi "aarii"which is bent and somewhat distorted in shape | AWRY sounds like AREY! in telugu . When do we call someone angrily AREY! .. When he doing something crooked, distorted .. ! | awry=a + wry(worry).If we done something crooked and distorted we feel worry about the consequences. | just replace the 3rd letter "R" with "A"..then it will become "away"... | we make a hole on the wal(awl) with an awl which is awry | A(not)-WRY(worry).If v are not worried about a particular thing,then we are away from that particular matter. | ARI gold from the HBO series Entourage was very awry (crooked) in his ways | SEUNDS LIKE AWARE.... BE AWARE OF AWRY(CROOKED OR BAD) PEOPLE | Remember Mechanical labs ? we were supposed to cut weld metal. dunno abt ure class but coz of the awry(aari aari aari harippa) my whole class went completely wrong during cutting of metal | awara aree plans kuthe hi chalalate | awry sounds like "a + wry(worry)" i.e, 'a variation from the expected way or position(turned or twisted to one side)' will cause u to worry.. | awry: pronounced as aarae.relate it as aadhae(2 and half),which is not a STRAIGHT number.SO it is distorted/crooked
axiom: self-evident truth requiring no proof
Ax +i+om - when the axe is on me I will tell the truth. This is surely evident. | Axiom is a rule or principle that most people believe to be true( /universally recognized)...See "om" in Axiom which is universally believed
azure: sky blue
like azharuddin....captain of indian cricket team....used to wear a blue shirt n in blue . | azure (sounds like aajgar......categorised under reptiles(snake...type)........if bites someone.....we could see that sroundingarea of skin where the aajgar has biten... turns blue in colour | for those who follow footbal! . .italians are called "the AZZURI'S" n they wear blue!... so.. azure=blue | sounds simillar to azo..which is dye used to colour clothes..........derived from azo compounds...this dye is available in blue from also | azure sounds like azher who was involved in blue films scam. | Azure--- A=Aishwarya Bacchanqueen of blue eyes. and azo=dye/colour. | sound lyk azher...who was captain of man in the blue | blue form or colour
babble: chatter idly or foolishly; make continuous sounds like water running gently over rounded stone; N.
babble = bab - blebla bla bla ( ble) which means to chatter foolishly | babble sounds like blabber(Speak (about unimportant matters)).so bla bla bla | imagine a babby in bathtub playing with bubbles and saying Bla Bla Blabble.... | babble ~ ba bb bl;just imagine a baby saying Ba ba ba ba .. (making meaningless sounds) | BE BOL | babble = babe always do bla bla mean womens are talking continuously | Sounds like mother asking his boy baba bol(talk) then the little boy spelling the words which are confusing to understand.
aviary: enclosure for birds; large cage
not a mnemonic.. just something that can help.. aviary is where birds are kept and apiary is where bees are kept.. this might help relate in some way.. | It can be related to aviation, aviation is related to flying and BIRDS fly. | AVIARY-consider the 1st 3 letters AVI similar to OVI..and generally BIRDS are OVIPAROUS..hence AVIARY is an ENCLOSURE FOR BIRDS | APIARY: - Bee HouseAviary: - Bird House
avid: greedy; extremely eager for; Ex. avid learner; N. avidity
a person is always eager to be inavid(a video) | drAVID (Rahul dravid) is greedy for runs | spell it backwards and it becomes DIVA, so one cn remember, diva (a young actress, young woman) is always avid | aVID is made up of words a+vid=a video. Think of a person who is eager to get a video player and is too enthusiastic for it. It has been his longing desire and he is too dedicated for the cause. | AVID==a person who bids. very enthusiastic person who bids for something he wants | avid = avi means now + d; demanding now arrogantly the child.
avocation: Short Definition :secondary or minor occupation
AVOCATION--in a vacation. u do very little /minor work only....hence avocation implies minor occupation | during vacations we take up part time(secondary----VOCATIONAL) jobs.... | A-V-OCATION--- A - WORK - DONE OCCASIONALLY... | a+vocation........(means work which we feel is suitable for us ...butmay not be a primary source of earning for us ,because we just do it for sake of our inner happiness) | Vocation is our main job/occupation whereas avocation is asomething we do on the side | so we don't give much importance to it,so as to make a living we need to concentrate on our work, | we do not give much importance to it,as to make a living ,we need to concentrate on our work | persuing a hobby a secondary occupation | A(not)+VOCATION(regular/suited job/profession) | AVOCATION : THINK OF A PART TIME ADVOCATE(LAWYER)...BEING AN ADVOCATE IS MY AVOCATION | Avocation sounds like occupation, so avocation is an occupation which is secondary. | AVOCATION= NOT VOCATION(JOB). What is not a job. It should be a hobby.
avow: declare openly; N. avowal
(a-vow) vow means to make a promise so you declare openly | a dog always bark like VOW-VOW, it seems that the dog is declaring openly for a fight with other dogs | avow - woav - sound when you are open ur mouth - declare openly | AVOW-like taking a vow(shapath). to declare, like taking a "shapath" | | In song girl is singing ... Sajana avow(come) hamare desh this means she is declaring openly to her sajan to come to her place... | | ur mother tells u avvi tell the truth.Then u declare it openly u avow | (a-vow) vow means to make a promise so you declare openly.. we take promises in marriage.. so we take promises openly..
avuncular: of or like an uncle
split the word like av + UNCUL(UNCLE) + AR...SO related to an uncle or suitable to an uncle..avUNCULar..uncle.
awe: solemn wonder; feeling of respect mixed with wonder and fear; V: fill with awe; ADJ. awesome
ill just say 1 word.. this site is Awe-some | when surprised with a feelin of wondern fear..we tend to say 'w'hao!!A'w'e | when surprised with a feelin of wondern fear..we tend to say 'w'hao!!A'w'e | awe pronunce like ( oh) .people are being impressed by his performance and saying oh
badinage: teasing conversation; banter; joking talk
"tease ur friend in a friendly and humorous way" that he looks "bad + in + age"(older) due to his bald head | Bad-in-age. Youth is the age we may get involved in doing bad things. One of those bad things is teasing someone (frivolous banter) duringconversation or pulling someone’s leg. | sounds like BADI(big in hindi)and NAAK (nose) teasing some one bout their big nose | split it like this badi(old) age ki ladies often do teasing conversations. | badinage - - bad+imagepeople with bad image are known for teasing someone | sounds like order to tease my friends i had applied bandage to my leg.....when they asked me what had happened i removed it and started laughing | badinage=bad+in+age. If you are bad in age. i.e if you are too old or too young, you lack seriousness and indulge mostly in careless chatter | bad i nage...= in hindi bad + naach...but shes ur friend so ..... tell her the naach was good in humorous way ,,to tease in a light hearted way...:) | Humorous people donot have a very serious image i.e they have bad image. So BADINAGE corresponds to bad image i.e humorous, ridicule etc | Think of badinage the way it's pronounced..badinage = "BADDIE" + "NAASH"...sab bad logon ka naash ho gaya..all baddies everybody is having a light hearted, playful conversation..badinage = light hearted conversation! | badinage sounds like bad+image i.e bad image comes because of teasing others. | bad image of the bad man(gulshan grover) cos of his badinage.
baffle: frustrate; perplex
baffal=bad+fal(hindi)fruit...a bad fruit frustates u | baffle sounds like buffalo and a wild buffalo can really frustrate you with his crazy actions. | baffle sounds like be + fool. Everybody knows that a fool is always confused and frusturated while trying to understand / do something new. | Baffle = frustrate = bewilder. Now u can imagine about a Buffalo getting wild... | when you eat baffla(e) ,you overeat & get frustrated on the cook afterwards,who made you eat so much. | Buffalo on the road baffled me. | baffle sounds like battle so we get frusteted during battle time..... | similar to BEFUDDLE | BAFFLEsounds like ba ba fool i.e father confused. | baffle- just assume that zyada baafle(dal-bafle) khane se frustration hota hai :P
bait: harass; tease; torment; Ex. badger baiting; N: food or other lure used to catch fish or trap animals
sounds like WAIT- a boy ALLUREs or give a "temptation" to his girlfriend by saying that he wud wait for her forever. | This word sounds like bite, so Biting someone steadily means teasing someone or to harass someone. | college students bets friends to tease/harass girls | bait(bate in hindi)its the food used to trap/tease for hunting | In Kannada, Bete mean hunt. Try to lure, before you hunt something. | Wait after putting bait on hook.
baleful: evil; malignant in intent or effect; deadly; having a malign influence; portending evil; ominous; threatening; Ex. baleful look
when we pronounce this word this word sounds simillar to word painful........and anything painfulis always a result of an evil act | BALEFUL.....remind yourself of christian The Dark Knight.....the movie immediately reminds you of Joker....the BALEFUL joker!! | Baleful ~ bail+ful; when any dangerous convict gets out of jail taking bail, he could be threatening | Baleful = Bal + ful.Bal means hairful means lots of it.Assume a person with unruly long hair.... he naturally seems threatening and intimidating to others... hence BALEFUL. | In the cricket ground, throwing bale is baleful for batsman. | we put alarming bells indicating fire.. | Tottenham Hotspurs' Gareth BALE is always 'BALEFUL' to the opposition with his deadly pace and clinical finishing. | When the "jail" is "full", it is threatening. So baleful means threatening | if you know the game diablo its easy to remember. Bale is another big EVIL who is diablo's brother. | Think of cartoons, when a cartoon character is FRIGHTENED or THREATENED it become pale...white in color | we can remember this word as balaful= filled with bala(problem) | u can think of a person who is requesting a bale( in court).......obviously who is asking bale will be sinister and threatning....and every inch of him shows evil..... | In the Bible, the harmful and sinister God BAAL and his prophets, are defeated by Elijah the Prophet. | bale in telugu means lizardif there are ful bales then its symbol of evil | lets BAIL after a FULTOO job | think of "bale":cotton bale when you use up BALEFUL of cotton it indicates that something EVIL,MALIGNANT has happened | It can be taken as Bail-E-ful in which the central big "E" stands for Evil and looks with evil eyes towards us
balk: stop short, as if faced with an obstacle, and refuse to continue; foil; stop or get in the way of; frustrate
sound close to bulk...when u see a bulky thing on ur way u refuse to go ahead | When a dog barks, you balk. | balk sounds like a dog's bark; if you see a dog barking, you refuse to go ahead. hence, dog acts as obstacle (hindrance) in your walk. | Balk sounds like Block. ie is stops from doing something | consider...WALK-that means when u go ahead;now remove W it bcums BALK-which means not walking | Balk similar to bulk and also walkNow bulk is a hindrance/an obstacle in walking | balk=sounds like 'bulk'- so when we are with a bulky partner, we are unwilling to approach to flatter her. | BalkWalkWorkBalkBulkBark. :when you walk towards some work you balk because a bulky dog (which resembles your work) in it barks at you and so haults (balks?) you | When a geek findsa bom-chick swirling around in the balcony,then he gets tentaive or rather hesitates to move around:-p
ballast: heavy substance used to add stability or weight; V. supply with ballast
ballast -- balance -- you are adding something to balance it or make it stable ( just as in weighing balance) | Divide it like--Bal(Balance)+Last(last long), adding weight to bring balance to something(as in weighing balance) or to make it stable that last long. | ballast = ball(imagine a heavy iron ball) + st(ability) | blast... to stop something from blasting away, put heavy substance on it.. | Bal(Balance) + st(stability) Adding something to balance or stabilize or support something..
bastard: illegitimate child
bastard(such as da Vinci) sound like best =bastard is best,is a great talent. | born of parents who were not married to each other at the time of birth; bastard
bastion: stronghold; something seen as a source of protection; Ex. the last bastion of male chauvinism
sebastian in mermaid cartoon series was a crab..he had claws for stronghold n protection.. | divide this like-basti+on, now focus on basti (in hindi) which is the STRONGHOLD of any leader. | In a war the base station has the strongest protection. | Basti mein sawal | Connect it with Bastille Fort of Paris...We read it in History right? | bastion-- this word sounds like base station,while in war base station is a stronghold for the troops. | bastion;divide it as basti on-means flood prone people who live at banks of krishna are ordered to come to basti by leaving their homes on that basti will provide protection,strong hold | That BASTARD will never BASH IN the castle gate.
bate: let down; lessen the force of; moderate; restrain; Ex. with bated breath; CF. abate
Bate: remember 'abate' we memorized while reading the A list? Notice that 'Bate' has a similar meaning like 'Abate' | bate..sounds like wait..dat is u need to wait tillthing control urself.. | lets break ABATE or BATE as A-bat-e or Bat-e ie., we can memorise as cricket bat..rahul dravid plays 'moderate' shots with his bat... | BATE also means to wait anxiously. so, remember (B)ombay (A)nd Tamilnadu (E)xpress. Both the places are far apart, so u ve to wait anxiously to reach da destination | bate is like debate.. in debate we lessen d opponents force on his statements... so bate is letting down. | bate ~ b + ate; when you ate something you lessen the quantity of something.
battalion: army unit made up of four or more companies
battalion- sounds like "battle"..and we need an ARMY for that | Battle+Lion= battle reminds us of army and lion reminds us of ashoka chakra tat has 4 lion.
bauble: trinket; cheap jewel; trifle
Bauble sounds like Babool, which is a cheap tooth paste, is a cheap tooth paste. | baublebaubboobsshowy jewelery of females | bauble sounds like bangle--imagine a cheap bangle which appears showy. | Sounds like BUBBLE...remember the metaphor-- All our material things,achievements will bediminished in course of time like bubbles .. | BIBLE is a rich gift coz it makes you rich from within while bauble is a gift or toy of less importance | bauble sounds like babul(means parents in hindi)-so babul giving cheap jewelery to his daughter on her wedding. | A bobble head is a BAUBLE | bauble whose shape is similar to bubble :D
bawdy: indecent; obscene; about sex in a rude funny way; CF. bawd
Bawdy = Rowdy! | A Female actor showing her body on screen in Indecent and obscene | sounds like body girls showing body in songs it means its vulgar | sound like GAWDY.which means indescent, obscure | ball bearing makes a connection between two metal bodies | This word rhymes with brandy After drinking brandy, he started behaving indecently. | Bawdy sounds like “devdy”, it is a movie which is very indecent.
baroque: highly ornate
BAROQUE Obama....when we think of him, we see white house which is highly ornamental and extravagent in style.... | remove the burkah....... and u see the most beautiful women. | baroque sounds like bareekee ka kaam on shawl. | We can remember it by reminding the last letters "...que" which we read in letter "A".Arabesque: which is a complex ornament. So, Baroque: highly ornate. | Its pronunciation is 'buh-rokh' almost same as of brokehe got "broke" buying expensive ornaments for house | Baroque--Bar + oque (opaque)-- The "dance bar" was highly ornamented with the "opaque" glass. | BAROQUE- think of SHAHRUKH(pronounciation nearly the same). srk always overdoes the emotions(baada chaada kar dikha tha hai). so he is elaborate in his expression on emotions. i.e elaborate, flamboyant etc. | In Disney's Beauty and the Beast Cogsworth gives a tour of the BAROQUE castle and jokes, "If it isn't BAROQUE, don't fix it." | | Bou(Bride in bengali and the bride always wears jeweleries in Bangladesh) rocks
barrage: barrier laid down by artillery fire; overwhelming profusion; large number of questions or statements; Ex. a barrage of criticism
in BAR due to RAGE ppl started heavy fire of artillery. | BARAAT(marriage)- now a days in baraat ppl fire a lot of gunshots(crackers). | BAR+AGE...when you go to a wine or beer bar at low age, you will have to face a rapid succession of questions and criticism | BARRAGE==(B)ombing (A)t RAGE. i.e intense bombing | Barish (rain in hindi)of bullets, speech. | there are a lot of questions if u are barred underage. | barrage ~ barrier; like man-made barrier in a stream which can stop continuous flow of river water.
barrister: counselor-at-law or lawyer in the higher court of law; CF. bar
telgu:remember barrister parvathesham novel hehe | BAR exams are given by lawyers!! | Split barrister into bar+rister--just focus on word bar--bar is association of lawyers, so a barrister is a lawyer. | Split barrister into bar(limit)+lister, so a person who lists the limits is a lawyer. | BARRISTE(a)R means lawyer
barterer: trader; V. barter: trade; exchange good for other goods rather than money
if you can remember the BARTER system of early days. they used to exchange goods for goods, and anyone who does that is a barterer. | barterer sounds similar to BARTENDER who trades drinks for money.. | and one who does that is a barterer. | barterer sounds like barthan(hindi), these people use to exchange clothes with barthan | barter is like trader | barterer - remember barter system ( give and take - exchange of goods--- trader)
base: contemptible; morally bad; inferior in value or quality; Ex. base motives/conduct; Ex. base metal such as iron
BASI(stale) is BAD | BASE: it refers to something which is the lowest base is something which is bad; | A person with a Iron leg is morally bad to others. | a base metal like iron is generally inferior in quality and value than the other metals.
bask: luxuriate; take pleasure in warmth
Baskin N Robbin's Ice Cream,Remember? Costlyone; We really enjoy going there and having ice creams. | Basketball player Michel Jordan lives luxury life. | bask--look for word bask in basketball--Playing BASKetball gives pleasure as well as warmth to the body. | Bask reminds bath :) You can bath in the sun, water, love, etc. | remember US's basking ridge.. where people live luxurious life | bask is similar to BASS(a deep musical sound)and you receive please from BASS. | BASS is going to increase after task. | Hound of BASKAR vills; baskar vills was a luxurios place | Bask
befuddle: confuse thoroughly
befuddle ~ fuddle ~ riddlewhich confuses you | Befuddle=Bewilder. | befuddle sounds like being in the flood of river, at that timeone gets confused where to go. | remember Fuddle as there is a poem called MUDDLE HEAD by ogden nash..Muddle head means confused person or a stupid person...thats it..!! | | suppose u have a great love for BEEF and just at the sight of it u start singing "UDDLE UDDLE ooooo"(old hindi song) ur friend will get confused throughly .in other words ur friend will be befuddled | sounds like baffle - means confuse
beget: father; become the father of; produce; give rise to
a simple proverb that "violence begets violence" means produce or give rise | Beget sounds like bil gate.HE "give rise to"microsoft. | sounds like budget --Budget is the father of all the money related problems. | beget- sounds like BEG AT ,We usually beg money from our father. | to get children | Be + GetBE this and you will GET this back.... | BEGET: WEnd get pocketmoney from ourFATHER....
begrudge: envy; give or allow unwillingly; grudge; Ex. We shouldn't begrudge him his success.
begrudge can be broken into beg + rude... so some one who behave rudely with beggars ... the beggar 'wish ill ' for that person | be+grudge. when u have grudge on somebody u always wish ill for him | begru+dge--begru sounds like beggars. beggars usually wish ill to others as their own situation is bad. | be+grudge --recall Grudge the famous horror movie, in which the ghost ( of a lady) killed by her husband which later killed many others because of envy and grudge. | If you "be"come a "guru", others will be jealous of you and push you down from the e"dge" of a cliff. | basically taken from begrudgen,...means to you complain about others because you dont like them. | begru+dge--begru sounds like begher , a begher (without house) person will always be envy of people who exiled him from his house. | REMEBER THEMOVIE GRUDGE where actor jim carrey portrays to be envy of santa...
beguile: deceive; mislead or delude; cheat; pass time pleasantly; charm or attract; Ex. beguiling smile
A takeoff from the mneumonic for guile, which is Guys guile Girls for sex; BEGUILE is girls attract and lour in guys for their money and nice cars. | Beguile = begal boys in duck tail cartoons were very sly...used to cheat...influence by slyness means foxiness | BE+GUILE....guile means guile means to cheat or deceive.... | Guile sounds like Giles.. England's spin bowler Ashley Giles always mis leaded the batsman with his wrong-ones. | it sounds like beg+mile means u r misleaded/cheated | beguile : be + guile : guile sounds as Coolie who always try to cheat by asking more money | : be+guile--- guile means to attract by deception | beguile----beg=begger used to attract people..
behemoth: huge creature; something of monstrous size or power
behemoth = Mammoth | if we can remember the word "mamoth" a large huge creature. | can be remembered wid behim(f mahabharat) who was very big n a powerful person...hence behemoth relates 2 a big n poerrful thing or company.... | those who played FINAL FANTASY.BEHEMOTH is a big monster in dat game. | behemoth sounds like "bereham maut" (Hindi word) [death]. Relate it to death caused by huge monster. | Big + Mouth - monster like ....having great power ..!! | | Behemoth = Baht+ Mahtv...Aperson of High impotance or reputation.
beholden: obligated; indebted; owing thanks; obliged or indebted from gratitude
beholden --be+hold-- HOLDING somebody's feet to THANK him. | BEHOLDEN=(BE)st thing in someone's HOLD. so u r in a moral obligation to give him what he wants and get ur precious thing back. always try to make a story out of a word. best of luck | Behold is stated like someone has hold on you as you are having debts. | someone HOLDed your hand all through yr difficult times.. so u are now indebted and obligated to him. | Famous line "Beauty lies in the eye of BEHOLDER",who is thankful, indebted.
balm: something that relieves pain; oily liquid with a pleasant smell from trees
Just think of medicineZandu (balm),which relieves pain | Balmy-balm- I don't like the fragrance of Iodex balm.
balmy: soft and mild (of air); fragrant
BALMs are used to make us feel good, mild when we are having headache or tension. hence balmy means mild, pleasant | I don't like the fragrant ofIodex balm | Balmy sounds like Bama who is krishna’s wife and she is very pleasant.
banal: hackneyed; commonplace; trite; lacking originality; clich'ed
abey nal to roz hi kholte hain... | SPLIT INTO ba-nalba-BAR - COMMONPLACE FOR MEN TO MEET&NAL(HINDI - TAP) - COMMON PLACE FOR WOMEN TO MEET. | 'ban + al' -- 'ban all' those directors whose movies are 'banal' (the same old story lines are repeated ; (another meaning) dull andunoriginal(dubbed)) | Divide it like -- ban + al(ban all people); you ban all those people from your group, if they are repeating the same activity again and again. | When u r in severe depression u will lock urself in ur room BANNING ALL people for a while as u need some privacy | Banal = I would like to BAN-ALL banal words because they are dull and overused. | banal sounds like GUNAL(a tamil movie actor).So his death has been shown on TV for many days(repeated too often). | banal = bakwaas(hindi) not always, means being a waste as it's overrepeated. | banal: beh nal. behta hua nal is a vey munadane affair | ca be taken as a short from for Boring And Not originAL....
bandy: discuss lightly or glibly; discuss in a frivolous manner; exchange (words) heatedly; quarrel; Ex. bandy words with
bandy sounds like brandy--When people drink brandy, they exchange heated words in a light and glib way. | in hindi u call ur GF ur BANDI, so u share, discuss, have light arguments with ur bandi... | Bandy--sounds like "Band" which means close . so close the room and talk else somebody will listen | bandy sounds like BANDIT. In all movies with bandits, there are a lot of careless dialogues and actions by the bandits and as a result, fights and quarrels. (Imagine Sholay, featuring the world's most famous bandit, Gabbar Singh) | we you drink BRANDY you speak ina bandy way!.. | bandi= in jail Bandi(hindi) discuss lightly for their escape plan | bandy=band+y=BAND+I=BANDI. Men only exchange blows for a bandi and beat each other. | He bandied words with a bandi.
bane: posion; cause of ruin; ADJ. baneful: harmful; poisonous
Modern technology is BOON OR BANE. Boon is useful and BANE is Something causing misery or death | ban+e -- Things which are harmful or poisonous (can make your life misery) are always banned by government. | sounds like CANE which CAUSES MISERY | rhyme with ... it pain when u r,somethin that makes u unhappy,that troubles u.. :) | there is a stoy of batman and bane where bane is a vilan(cause od ruin/curse) | bane-ane. ane(u) in kannada means tick. wish i s poisonous and harmful to our head and hair. | Bane is a Pain in the Ass | the sage BANED the king of disloyal to his people | Bane should be BANNED, because it is harmful and poisonous. | Don't you know MR BANE...........ruinous person. | remember "Bane" from Dark knight rises? who tried to cause "Bane" to the people in gotham city | drugs r banned(bane)by law bcoz it causes suffering and death. | Like the DARK NIGHT RISES VILLAIN "Bane" who was harmful and poisonous to batman
bank: heap; piled-up mass; embankment; lateral tilting (as of an aircraft in turning); V: pile up; protect with a bank; tilt in turning
bantering: joking talk; good-naturedly ridiculing; N.V. banter
Bantering -- bante + ring; bante - remember Banta Singh -- we read so many silly jokes on him. we can figure out Banta Singh as a funny person or a person who always does joking talks. | bantering=ban+tearing i.e ban tears and to ban tears we crack jokes and do joyful talks. | you can percieve it like banta(e)-(r)sing...which is good natured ridiculing..!! | bNATERING SOUNDS LIKE CATERING,CANTEEMN WHERE WE DO JOYFUL TALKS | Remember this as santa-banta jokes i.e., we crack jokes on them and hence the meaning. | remember chntu bantu talks in movie style
bar: railing in a courtroom; legal profession; vertical line dividing a staff into equal measures; Ex. prisoner at the bar; V: shut in or out with bars; forbid; exclude; CF. barrister
barb: sharp projection from fishhook, arrow, or other object; openly cutting remark
Imagine a 'barb-e-que' being prepared with the help of a needle-like-stick.. | barb sounds like BARBER-so remember tat BARBER will be having SHARP scissors | barber uses scissor to cut your hair so barb can be taken from it as a cutting remark. | generally we call a barb(for laying fencing)wire hence it refers to sharp thick which is projected on a wire and hence it can openly cut ... | BEst example wld be an BarbWIre Used for fencing for protection against theft...!! | imagine a barbarian running with sharp objects in hand and shouting cutting remarks
bard: poet
bard sounds like beard!! so poets will b havin beard usually!! | Think of George Barnard(BARDnard)shaw. he is an author but imagine that he is a lyric poet. it might help | bard-it brings to us the word bald,if bard is pronounced . poet's are generally bald..hehehe | bard sounds like bird--imagine a poet writing a poem on bird. | Bard writes & Bird sings. | Remember the Village BARD (a poet) from Asterix comics who used to sing horrible songs and irritate the whole village!!! | bard - bearded nerd | William Shakespeare was called BARD of Avon... | Everyone becomes a bard inside a bear bar.
barefaced: shameless and noticeable; blatant; bold; unconcealed; having no covering on the face; Ex. barefaced lie
adding to above statementBar Faced. strippers u know have to shameless in order to dance against pole(in bar) andso they are noticeable | Divide it like--Bar+e+face+d--Think of girls who dance in bar--they are very much bold, shameless. they are easily noticeable as they don't have any covering on their face. they are also unrestrained by society rules. | Bare+Face. ppl usally cover there face when ter feel shame. but barefaced means not covering during shameful situation. hence shameless n bold
bargain: agreement between two groups or people; something for sale at a price advantageous to the buyer; V: negotiate; trade; Ex. bargaining power
Divide like--bar (means to prevent) somebody+gain, when you go to a shop you always prevent the shopkeeper to gain some extra money from you and thus you bargain to him.
bearing: deportment; connection
bear(sounds like wear)+ring --you wear ring from a person with whom you have relevant relation or some connection like fiancee. | nut bolts bearing makes connection | you BEAR someone or something when u r related to it
beatific: giving or showing bliss; blissful
Beautiful beats makes one feel heavenly blissful | divide this word like beati+fic--beati sounds like beautiful and something which is beautiful is blissful. | The beats of the music filled me with joy. | The BEAT's were TerriFIC..
beatitude: blessedness; state of great happiness
beatitude -- beauti(ful) + tude = The one which is beautiful gives extreme happiness | being at(t)itude is being blessed. that brings ot the state of hapiness in oneself who is blessed. | beat+it+dude.. just beat all the sadness.. and be in a state of great happiness.. | split the word into be,atitude which is like attitude so someone proud or showing attitude has some happiness in boasting =Beautiful+attitude | beat + it + dudein hindi "chod na yarr"... dost jaab aisa bolata hai chal daroo pine bolata hai taab bohot khushi hoti hai.. HAPPINESS.. | as in the detailed meaning.... remember beatus means blessed |
bedizen: dress with vulgar finery
bad design dress! | bed+zen--bed(bad)+zen--few bad girls who came out of that ZEN car were dressed up garishly. | Bed izen: ( Bad citizen)- Badcitizen has dress with vulgar finery!! | bad-in-zen: so there is BAD girl with vulgar dressed in Zen car | Sounds like BEDaZzlE. Remember the bedazzler you could buy on TV that lets you BEDIZEN you clothes with rhinestones. | this is ur ZEN car not ur BED so when ui r going outside in ur zen cardo not dress like as if u r not in ur bed | bakwaas........ | The BEDroom isn't (IZEN) decorated very nicely - it looks like a brothel! | if you go out in your ZEN car in your BED attire you look VULGAR tht's BEDIZEN | bad citizen | when a girl wants to take some girl in bed then she will DRESS VULGARLY..orwhen u get up from bed then u r IMPROPERLY DRESSED.. | sounds like DENIZEN which is the new cloth brand and old people fund it vulgar | VEDI+ZEN, VEDI DRESSED UP GAUDY
bedraggle: wet thoroughly; ADJ. bedraggled: draggled
the bed and the rag was madewet thoroughly by the child. | if u drag ur partner in the bed she will get wet throughly | Be+Draggle--if you are dragged through mud and made you wet and dirty | BED, RAG. Imagine your seniors RAGGING you by completely wetting your BED and asking you to sleep on it. |
beeline: direct quick route
moving in a particular line(direction) like a bee | divide this word like bee+line-- bee line -the most direct line or path on which the bee adopts to reach the destination soon. | bees follow a particualr path through the flowers | beeline (being in line will lead to a direct path quickly than to come in between and get scoldings)
belabor: harp on; dwell on tediously; explain or go over excessively or to a ridiculous degree; assail verbally; beat severely; attack physically
Imagine boss saying "you be labour" : he is criticizing, verbally attacking | divide this word like be(means to exist)+labor--laborer (person who does the labour)so if someone is working as a labourer at some place, they are generally thrashed verbally by their seniors and higher officers. | Heard the big shouting sound of woman in "labour pain"?she is belaboring. | Have you heard EMINEM busting elvis presley in his raps. so that's it BELABOR--(B)usting (EL)vis ABhORantly.the meaning is to verbally assail smeone | belabor== be a labor/labour(worker) which are physically n mentally harrsed. | The meaning simply resembles the word "BLABBER" | replace the 'b' with 'r' and u have 'relabor' which can be remembered as follows:"I've already LABORED enough to make my points, I don't wanna RELABOR and repeat them all over again | Relate it with labourers or poor workers at the construction sites.They generally thrash their bosses verbally at the site. | kyun itna bakwaas kar ke mera dimaag bel rahi hai aur mujhe bor kar rahi haichup kar nahi to main tujhe bahut belabor (verbal assault,assail) karunga | "BELA BORe" .. so wen u bore someone.. u r belabored!
belated: delayed
Divide it like--be+lated ~ belated is being late or delayed. | we says belated happy b'day on next day means delayed
beleaguer: besiege or attack (with an army); harass; beset
not able to withstand the HARASSMENT of the senior players the new player opted to BE out of the LEAGUE | The opponent team attacked Dhanraj Pille to keep him out of the premier hockeyLEAGUE | rem as bully-ger...we all are aware of bullies in school...the strong boys who pester and terrorize others.. | be+league+r -- focus on league ~ The opponent team harassed Dhanraj Pille to keep him out of the premier hockey LEAGUE. | BE +League= In rugBY LEAGUE ,opponents attack each other.(give stress on last 2 word of rugBY,it soungs like BE,and in totality :rugBy(BE)league) | the australians beleaguered harbhajan singh. | beleaguer== in barclays premier league man utd. harass everyone. | BELEAGUER(Pronounce as bullyger)bully + german -- german was bullying other countries during hitlers dictatorship.. | Be an Awami leaguer and attack people, harass girls. | senior warned me to be in his league lest he would harass me | BEsiege + pLAGUE = BELEAGUER | be+league--- someone forcefully says BE in LEAGUE, so PUTTING IN DIFFICULT SITUATION | boys parents where training him so that he should BE selected in the LEAGUE
belie: contradict; give a false impression; disguise; Ex. The poor sales belied our high hopes; Ex. Her smile belies her true feeling of displeasure.
belie has lie. | belie ~ lie means something false. | be(make) lie. IF you make lies you will negate (or misrepresent) the truth. | belies - what lies behind is something false, than what appears on the outlook. | read as be + lier | BELIE means to try to convince someone to BELIEve a LIE. | be-lie = Below lies something else, you have a false impression | if someone belies the facts , he is presenting a LIE BEfore you | The "Bee" "lied" that he doesn't sting people when he has killed over 1 million people. | Lie about someone's being - belie
belittle: disparage; depreciate
be+little--if u tell someone to 'be little',it is like deprecating them to be only 'small' | be+little -- be little in value, depreciate ~ In recent days the value of dollar has depreciated a lot. | belittle: in tamil its like saying ADANGURIYA !!!! so be little.. so ur disparaging them
bellicose: warlike
lets break bellicose as belli + cose ...belli we can rememberas sumo's with huge bellis will fight (wrestleling) each belli-cose means a warlike | BELLY+CAUSE....if you are not able to get food to eat you will fight for your belly and you will be bellicose | Belli ~ Billi (cat); two Billi (cats) very close about to attack : billi-close::bellicose | A hill between between two countries has a holy bell on top of it. The constant fights across the border as to who should own the BELL is the CAUSE of warlike situation. | bellicose = belly+cause, if you see belly of any girl it can be a cause for warlike situation between you and her bf | remember the movie kungfu panda in which the panda uses his belly to FIGHT. :) | Bellicose sounds like varicose. Varicose veins are enlarged and tortuous vein. Your veins get large and tortuous when you're ready to fight. | Bellicose ~ Glucose , Two child are about to fight for glucose. | BELLY full of gluCOSE!!full of glucose; you are energetic,,,,want to fight!!!!!!!!!! | belli+cose ~ cose sounds like cause, a small fight can become a cause of warlike situation...
belligerent: quarrelsome
belli (TOM) and gerry always quarrel in TOM and GERRY cartoon. | Just relate it wid another GRE word-- BELLICOSE | Just remember Bully from the word belligerent...the character of a bully is to be harsh and aggressive. | BELI/BEL MEANS FIGHT.QUARREL .+gerenT(generation)....THE LAST TWO GENERATIONof this family have been QUARRELSOME | belligeren = belly, the belly of a girl always cause the fight or may be war | children FOUGHT with one another for jelly BELLY chocalate :p | In TOM&GERRY story gerry always knocks the doorbell and make tom aggressive which leads to war
bemoan: lament; moan for; express sorrow or disapproval of
bemoan... look at moan..means cryin,..whn does one cry when dey loose something..when one looses something they express disapproval.. | bemoan -- be mourn means express mourn -- express sadness | be+moan--moon-in olden days mothers used to show their kids the moon and used to tell some stories and feed most of them are living in apartments, where there is no scope of showing moon and feed them, so they beat them | be+moan--moan sounds like maun(hindi word)(few minute silence in remembrance of someone.) in order to express our grief when someone dies we keep maun for few minutes. | BEAM+ON...the meaning is lament.....I didn't switch on the beam(light) of my car and because of that I had an accident hence I LAMENT... | they have to feel sorry for their they r failed to do that | bemoan has moan in it which means "A low, sustained, mournful cry, usually indicative of sorrow or pain"
bemused: confused; lost in thought; preoccupied
Be mouse(think,muse) for one day. confused or bemused? | Not a mnemonic:Amuse=make someone laugh.Bemuse=make confusion.Muse=ponder.Think,confuse,laugh. | split the word bemused into be + amused, when u are amused you are in a state of surprise or confusion | be+m+used--- we are always CONFUSED to buy a BE-USED (previously used)product(car/bike/electronics) | 'bemuse' sounds like 'demused' which can be split into De(without/bereft)+Mused(Muse=inspiration/mentor);thus,somebody who has lost his/her Muse is 'confused' and doesn't know what to do next | bemused ~ be confused + used; he is thinking a lot to convert his invention into useful commercial product. | be+amused = bemused | A-muse is laugh laugh laugh.B(e) muse is confusion confusion confusion
benediction: blessing
saint BENEDICT always used to bless people... | u know Pope Benedict...pope gives BLESSINGS | bene+diction—bene is the rot with means good i.e., all words starting with bene will means good, so benediction means BLESSING i.e., something good | relate with wrds- benifit, benefactor
benefactor: gift giver; patron; person who does good or who gives money for a good purpose
not a mnemonic but a root..bene is the root word and it stands for GOOD | divide it like BENEFACT+or--focus on benefit, we are always benefited by generous people or gift givers. | bene is a root word which means good..bene+factor i.e some good factors like money, help. | benef+actor-- some actors gives benefits to person and cause in form of moneyBenef+ factor--- who have factors of giving benefits
beneficent: kindly; doing good
Simply think about beneficial(something gives benefit) which help people. | ben+eficent--eficent sounds like efficient-- efficient people are the ones who does good or produces good. | sounds like BEEN EFFICIENT: so he/she(s) been doing good.. | beneficent In cartoon network ben(ben10) is very eficient and always do good things and is kind to people. | Ben means always good.. So, whatever word starts from Ben means good.. Mal is bad like Malevolent..
beneficial: helpful; useful; advantageous
beneficiary: person entitled to benefits or proceeds of an insurance policy or will
BENE(root for GOOD) and FICIARY sounds like if the fisherman does GOOD FISHRY, he will RECIEVE ITS BENEFIT | benificiary = benefited + officially | bene(good)+effciaRY(OFFICIALY)....SO SOMEONE WHO his benefittedby officials policies.
benefit: advantage; anything that brings helpl, advantage, or profit; money provided by the government to the people; fund-raising public entertainment; Ex. unemployment benefit; V: receive benefits; be benefi
benevolent: generous; charitable; having a wish to do good
bene(root bene means good)+volent(voluntarily) good person voluntarily donating his all GOODS to people. | root: bene= good + evol= wish | same as BENEFACTOR: root word BENE=good...both even mean the same
benign: kindly; favorable; not malignant (disease); Ex. benign tumor
benign- bene(good) + sign | opposite of malign | Cloud number nine (BY Bryan adams) . so nign or nine is good. Benign is to be pleasant, good etc. | Benign sounds like B9 ~ BNice .. Therefore kind | read it as BEGIN: u begin something when its favorable/good..or when a tumor is in the beginning stage, its not dangerous | rhymes after Quinine--the panacea for Malaria--+ve in all sense | | to BE on cloud NINE, we have to be gentle and kind with everyone | benign sounds like begin; this kind of beginning is favorable and beneficial for our all future projects. | benign * malign | its always better if beginning should be favorable to us | lets break it this way be+nice which is kind
benison: blessing
BENISON splits as "Bend" down my "son" when a son asks for blessing from his father or elder. | Beni(means good)+ son ~ you have a good son; you need blessings to have a good son. | sounds like BENSON cigarette which is curse for body. But Benison means the opposite- blessing | beni+son--After 10 years of marriage, the god finally blessed the couple with a SON. | god blessed "BEN" a SON | BeniSON- Blessed with a SON | BENSION : SOUNDS LIKE PENSION...getting pension after retirement is good. | can be co-related to {bene(GOOD) + speak(S) on(ON)} that means speaking good. | Benson Cigarette is a benison for smokers, lolzzzzzzzzzzzzz | Benison --Ben-i-son(remember ben-10 on Cartoon Network ) Ben10 said I am a Son blessed with powers.
bigot: one who is intolerant (in matters of religion or politics)
bi means two or is intolerable if he GOT second thought or opinion from others | when something is BIG shOT to head; it is INTOLERENT | bigot:think Be Goat:intolerable goat. | BIGot- he is very big and he is intolerable person | when we are angry and intolerant we say" BAIGON ... jaane de"similar to BIGOT (BAIGOT)).. | Bi+GOT(God) wo mere tolerance se bahar ja raha tha | bigad(D)a -some onewho is intolerant. | bi(by)+got(god)--think of a person who is excessively devoted to god and hence very much hypocritical.this person will not tolerate any opinion about god differing from his own. | BHAGAT(devout person) of indian religion is bigot | wen sum1 says BY GOD he gets irritated or intolerant if anyone quetions him | bigot: zealot !! | Bi+Got : if you have 2 seconds to do the task you will become intolerant. | read it as Bey+Got..... when we wanted to force our opinion we say in hindi " aBEYYY u GOT it!!!!!!!?????
bigotry: stubborn intolerance
BHAGAT(rebellious person) of indian history is bigot --- his quality is bigotry [Tri means 3 people on punishment] | biggo means a person who acts if he tries to explain something to his fellow beings it just becomes a case of intoleranser(bigotry) for them | big + ot.. one who thinks himself BIG and OThers small and cannot tolerate other views. | Teacher asked you to Go and try the question again .. Heis very particular about the style and content used .. He is showing Stubborn Intolerance | BIGOT and BIGOTRY..mean d same..BIGOT:root:intolerant | big+o+try=large try will b done by stubborn intolerance ppl
bilious: suffering from indigestion; sick from having too much bile; irritable; easily irritated it resembles ill in bile,ie stomach. | Note that many of the words with roots from body organs mean irritable. Examples: splenetic, spleen, bilious, atrabilious, dyspeptic, livery, and liverish. | remeber it from biles which is disease of liver; so a person having biles will always be irritated. | bilious can be compared with bile which is produced by liver. | BILE juice is used for digestion... | LIOUSand be compared to LIVER.means leaver problem,indigestion.
bilk: swindle; cheat
bilk - bill + milk; so you cheated the MILK man by not paying the BILL | bilk actually comes from Bil-Klinton. The politician who "cheat" all the time. | Bilk rhymes with milk and the milkman "cheats" you by adding water. | BILK- Bil Clinton CHEATED India by laying out regulations against it after the Pokhran TEST | BILK-MILK the milkman cheats us by giving us adultrated milk | bilk-- sounds like MILK , milkmen cheat by mixing water with milk | bilk='bill'+'milk'-when u MILKing people to pay ur BILLs u r actually BILKing them | Doctors bill was SO FUCKING MUCH. all i could think of was run away. | BILK =Bad mILK. By selling Bad mILK you are cheating. | BILK-BLINK in a blink u cud gt cheated..
billow: large wave of water; a great swell or surge (of smoke); V: surge, swell, roll in billows
A PILLOW could be swelling with cotton | see B(il)LOW...blowis to swell | Billow sounds like Pillow.Some pillows are inflated by air | Billow sounds like pillow which is swollen. | below (billow) you i.e.. below the earth is a great surge or swell of magma or lava | pillow SWELLS with cotton | Billow sounds like blow(er) which gives hot air (smoke) | BILLOw : Billo Rani in the song was all swelling in air | billow --- below : a large wave will take any ship below
billowing: swelling out in waves; surging
billow sounds like pillow.. pillows r usually swelled up.. | consider the word as 'blowing', the blowing wind caused the curtains to swell out in shape of waves. | billow sounds like BILLO..Billo k gaal gulabi and her ghagra is billowing with the wind
bewitch: cast a spell over; captivate completely
be+witch -- a woman who practices magic is witch. think of this witch who has captured all men heart. | witch will have all powers to have control on someone | bewitched-if u can remember the film bewitched.
bicameral: two-chambered as a legislative body
its like two(bi) camera are placed in two separate chambers | it sounds like bi + kamra = 2 rooms meaning 2 chambers | bi (means two) + camer (latin root)(chamber) ~ something that consist of two chambers.
bicker: quarrel
bicker sounds like biker.Bikers always quarrel when an accident is commited | Bicker sounds like Biker The biker crashed into the car and he had a big quarrel with the owner of the car. | Biker sounds like BEKAR(hindi) biker is to argue n quarrel... | er- er is to error,if u reemmebr in most of the cases.quarrel,is a word with a negative meaning. | ~bekar == arrey,bekar mein ladai mat karo yaar, | bhayanak or fierceful battle | bicker sounds like liquor. and also bikerliquor and biker...the sudden rexion produced by our brains is FIGHT | bicker-birds use bick for fighting | sounds like BITTER and generally bitter persons end up quarelling
bid: command; utter (a greeting); offer as a price; N: offer of a price; amount offered; earnest effort to gain something; Ex. bid for freedom
bid sounds like beed ioffer my sister beed bangeles so that i can impress her
biennial: every two years
FOR THE SELECTED MNEMONIC ABOVE,"BI+ANNUAL".IT IS ABSOLUTELY OPPOSITE AS BIANNUAL MEANS HAPPENING TWICE IN A YEAR.(SELECTORS PLEASE READ CAREFULLY) | Enn means year Therefore, Biennial - Happening every second year Perennial - continuing from year to year, present at all seasons. | BI-ANNUAL | Enn means yearTherefore, +BI MEANS TWO..Biennial - Happening every second yearPerennial - continuing from year to year, present at all seasons. | The word Biennial can be ralted to the word Binomial which means 2 2 terms implies 2 years
bifurcated: divided into two branches; forked
bi (two)+ fur (sounds like hindi faar (tear))===divided into two parts | bi(two) it as cut..if we cut anything it will be cut into two parts | bi(means two)+furc-sounds like(Fork)--fork into two parts. | bi(2)+furc+ate=dividing into 2 parts and eating
biting: sharply painful to the body or mind; Ex. biting wind/remarks
bit{ing)~ bite; biting will always cause sharp pain to body.
bitter: having a sharp biting taste; ?; causing sharp pain to the body or mind; filled with resentment, disappointment, or other unpleasant feelings; Ex. bitter wind/sorrow/tears
bivouac: temporary encampment; camp without tents; V.
when u vomit (sound we make while vomiting - VOUAC) suddenly amidsta journey we look for some temporary halting place | wen der was no bused..i used to go "BYWALK" to college.. ofocz dats temporary | While I was in Bivouac, I used to vomit a lot. | BIVOUAC- A Building WACKy used to make a temporary shelter. THis is not a good mnemonic. But i couldnt find any better | temporary orrented house.Ifwe livein temporary or rented house(bai=kam-wali bhi bhowk(bark) ke jaati hai | bi+vouac--vouac sounds like Walk--you are walking towards an temporary camps or tents. | by walking building= temperory encampment | Be in a vua(not worthy) camp. | biwi ne ghar evacuate karaya so had to live in bivouac | Be walking in this Bivouac of life
bizarre: fantastic; violently contrasting; noticeably odd; strikingly unconventional
sounds like bazaar; In India, BIZARRE(bazaar) looks STRANGE and ODD to foreigners | biz-are - showBiz people are sometimes unusual and fantastic in behaviour | showbiz was fantastically vilent and contrasting. | bizarre sounds like bazzar; bazzar(market) always looks outlandish and contrasting.
blackball: vote against (an applicant); ostracize; N: negative vote
if u have black balls...u'll be voted out | ostracize-big s(c)ize ostrich,only seen in africa. | black+ball--(focus on black)black-refers to the dumb system in Africa .white people used to vote against black.
blanch: bleach; whiten; make white or pale
blanch resembles blank..which is generally refered as a white blanch means to leave it whiten | blanch sounds like bleach--woman go for bleaching to whiten their skin or to make their skin more white. | blanche in french means white | blANCH-anch-anchal, is a pretty smitten by her white innocent!! | bLANch - lan - lane; so to WHITEN the lane we use BLEACHing powder | Sounds like Blond. Blond girls have blanched hair. | doctor said to girl if she takes syrup"BEFORE LUNCH "(blanch) her skin will be whitened
bent: determined; Ex. bent on advancing in the business; N: natural talent or inclination
bent~sounds like "bend it like beckham" a movie where a girl is determined to prove her natural talent of football | Bent = Talent; look, the last 3 letters are same! | bent ~ bent--ppl. of bend. He has got a natural talent of BENDing the hard stiff rods with his hands | bent=past part. of bend or inclination. if iam inclined towards something then im determined to take the side | bentinclined towards something, usually when u have talent in that thing..
bequeath: leave to someone by means of a will; hand down in his will; N. bequest
'be + qu + eath' before quick death, 'leave ur property to someone by a will' | divide it like-be(before)+queath(sounds like death)--a father wrote a will before his death, that his all property should be given to his son. | lets break bequeath as be + queath....this queath is spells as quit... so be quit ( leaving) on our will......... | son to father: Q(kyun) u EAT all those rubbish stuff.what will happen if u would BE dying and i would then get nothing as a BEQUEST as u havent prepared a will yet | bequeath-chk the word,and visibilize eat in theword..u dont leave to somone by means of will,u do it urself rite..uhh..figure out death i.e. will!!! | be(before)+que(question)+at+h(heaven)by god leave the property in will for nominee | we can say BATA(Hindi means to distribute) AFTER DEATH | Relate like Be(Before) + Queath(Death): Someone must legally, have promised you BEFORE his/her DEATH to Bequeath some valuable things(after death) to you. | BE (or re regarding) QUE (question of, or issues related to) EATH (death or death AT Heaven). The issues are of willand inheritence.
berate: scold strongly
his friends berated(criticized) him for showing them b-rated movie.. | brate -b + rate : So if you will watch B RATing movie you will be scolded | be+rate ~ he was RATEd BElow expectations and hence forth scolded. | berate- berry + ateHe scolded me strongly as i ate his berry | BElow+RATEd=BERATE | lets break Be+Rate. when we go to something as we see different rates in different shops..and we scold them as aBEy RATE kya re...... | DErate(not to rete someone is also a kind of scolding)....when you berate someone, you derate him..... | The servant failed to get the Basmati rice at the desired RATE, therefore the owner scolded him severely. | when girl came to know she was be..rated by others she scolded them strongly(berated )
bereaved: deprived of (someone beloved through death)
Bereaved sounds like GRIEVE..which means mourning forsmbody.. | sounds like beleaved (left); Imagine your girlfriend left you;So, you will be called as bereaved. | It sounds like be-leaved-this is the state when someone LEAVEs us forever | be relieved
bereavement: state of being deprived of something valuable or beloved; state of being bereaved or bereft
be-leave-ment; this is the state when some one LEAVEs us forever | be+ reave +ment=BE in GRAVE without any arrangeMENTS ...hence the dead is derpived valuable things forever | bereavment ---burry someone, u grieve | Bury and Grief | when u r not in a state to BE able to see the RE(again) moveMENT of AVEs | వహీనత , కోలుపోవడము | bereavementsounds like bury at eventon the event (funeral)everyone mourn on the demisor | BRAVE MEN loose their fellow aty war and grief
bereft: deprived of (something valuable); lacking
bereft = beer + left and therefore DEPRIVED of beer | be+reft--reft sounds like left, imagine a man who is left alone after his girlfriend left him or deprived of someone lovable. | a man deprived of something drinks BEER | He raped her and stole all her clothes, leaving her naked. He LEFT her BARE and F'd. She was BARE F'd. | bere +ft - bare + foot : because the person is no longer having his/her slippers. | bereft can be relate to the berieved families to whom we extend condolence because they are deprived or their near and dear ones
bestow: confer
(BESTOW) best people are bestowed with awards and trophies | This word sounds like best toy; when you give a BEST TOY TO your little brother, you basically confer your best wishes or your love to him by giving him a gift. | "best aao aur gift pao"(Hindi) | best + toe = the best gift to some1 u gave is ur toe ..!! | basically this word is taken from bestowen + stowen means to to place a gift for your her home...without letting her know.... | If some body offer s.t(Schedule Tribe) certificate then one sound will come bestow.
betoken: signify; indicate; be a sign of
divide it likebe+token ; When we park a vehicle in public parking or deposit something a token is given -- a token is a sign of or signifies that our stuff is kept there. | be a token for something...means be a sign/signal for something
betray: be unfaithful; reveal (unconsciously or unwillingly); Ex. Her trembling hands betray her anxiety.
bet.+ray a bet that was won by your friend by cheating you, so you are noW unfaithful about hIS NATURE,as his behaviour has left NO RAY OF HOPE. | be + trayek ladka tray le kar bhag gaya matlab dhoka de kar bhag gaya so the meaning is unfaithful and reveal
betroth: become engaged to marry
dont plan to get married otherwise i BET ki tu ROTHa(crying) huaaayega | this word,brings us to mind the word "BEDROCK", ifu remember flintstones,bedrock is the one u will remember,wr flintstones get married. | be+Troth -- sounds like truth The lovers finally fretted out the TRUTH that they both are going to marry each other after hiding their affair from past 3 years. | | If you dont marry Good partner i BET tu ROTHA ayega. | when u BETROTH a woman,be TRUSTworTHY | BEROTH: BE after a man gets married he basically ROTTS...(cheers to bachelor life :) | aree samjh ki life truth marriage me phasana hi hain.. | betroth(throat) imagine in hindi films where a father says to his daughter that he have given "bachhan"(throat)so she must marry whoever he tell
bevy: large group; Ex. a bevy of starlets
Bevy=be +"we" not me, hence refers to group of people | bevy-beavers.this brings this word in our mind. beavers are animals that live in large group. | sounds like BIWI (wife in hindi) .. wives like to go to kitty party GROUPS | Imagine a large group of friends at a party drinking "bevy"s (beverages) | sounds like Baby; actually babies like to keep themselves in a group. So Bevy means large group | can be related to Bheed(hindi) very. | bevy sounds like heavy and so the large group | bevy sound like bidai after marriage many ppl gather for bidai of bride
beware: be cautious (of)
it will be written on the gates"BEAWARE OF DOGS"
bland: soothing or mild (food); agreeable; causing no trouble or offence
seeing the Black Land ,the blond girl smoothlybecame agreeable | divide it into B and a B-barren LAND you dont get tasty food to eat. | BLAND rhymes with BLOND. so blond women gets agree with me or agreeable to my thoughts. | Blends easily.. So the substance is mild and agreeable. | bland- this word flashes the word blend in our mind.blend means somthing mild with respect to food.
blandishment: flattery
BLANDISHMENT- Remember it like Brandy to an Irish women, this is like a flattery and later u can get wht u want frm the IRISH woman | bland (mild) - wen ur bland wid someone u try to flatter | BLAN (like PLAN) + DISH (food) =PLANa DISH to FLATTER somebody... | blonde(bland) + dish.......blonde dish khilake flatters u | U r are blonde---come,come. | blandishment = blan (blank) + dish;he has served you blank dish by flattery.
blare: loud or harsh roar or screech; dazzling blaze of light
flare: outburst of flames or fire.Glare=outburst of light.Blare: outburst of noise.FYI.. see Avaya Flare's animation screen | blare--sounds like blair -- Tony Blair shouted loud and harsh,when a glare of light fell on him. | It sounds like "blade", when a theif shows us blade to frighten us,we try to scream loudly for help | a man said bl bayya lorry roadpe math rokho then the driver started shouting at him | divide blare into bla+le.some one is shouting bla creates noise.
blase: bored with pleasure or dissipation; uninterested or bored
oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo | blase sounds similar baasa... which inhindi means purana ... like basa food means food that is not fresh so basa food no body old food its like purana ,old,something we r bored of.. | BLASE-(B)obby LAYS all day. so he is unconcerned and a boring personality. | blase -- close to words blast - whenever someone feels bored or uninterested we say go out and have a blast. | whenever i see a BLack ASE(ass) i feel bored and uninterested | BLASE: B(become) + LASE(less) interested that is we are bored | You can compare it with "PASSE" | remember your BOSS, assigned some work to you, and you are bored to do it. | blase sounds like baass (enough, stop now)!! so when u had enough u get bored and say baass!! | blase - if something keeps blazing at you again and again, then you become blased about it. | BE it LAYS or kurkure, we are bored from all these
blasphemy: irreverence; sacrilege; cursing; bad language about God or holy things; V. blasphem; ADJ. blasphemous; CF. sacrilege
in movie 300 he shouts THATS BLASPHEMY n pushes him into well.. this situation comes when the messenger gives him a suggestion n king doesnt like it | blasphemybless+famous...Famous people are so proud of their success that they often disrespect God- they are never to be Blessed ! | blas(BLAST OUT)+PHEMY:PHAM(SOUNDS LIKE FAMOUS;SO YOU BLAST OUT ON A VERY FAMOUS PERSON LIKE RAM..WHO IS CONSIDERED AS INCARNATION OF GOD VISHNU & WHEN YOU blast out on someone you use bad languges and curse them.... | blas + phemy -- phemy close to famous-using a bad language or showing disrespect for a famous person.
blatant: extremely (offensively) obvious; loudly offensive; Ex. blatant lie; N. blatancy
BLATANT- BLOW an enemy TANK will rise uproar among the soldiers. Try to remember words by making such sentences. this will help you remember it easily. dont just break words into other words(hindi)u will tend to forget them | Bla( Blah Blah Blah) + Tent..... so extreme noise in a tent..... | It is just the opposite of to b-latent | BLATANT: BLA BLA BLA..when some one goes on speaking hes generally being a BLATANT SPEECH | bla (blast) + tant (tent) -- when the offense of doing a blast in tent was done -- there was loud noise everywhere. | A boy who is bad and talent (Blatant) can do any noisy ,rude and offensive job.
bleak: cold or cheerless; frigid; unlikely to be favorable; depressing
Bleak sounds like leak, when someone leak urine in his pants he feels cold and cheerless | when exitement leaks we get bleak, means cheerless or cold | When your secret LEAKs you feel BLEAK.. | bleak sounds like weak.... a cold and cheeerless person | bleak....rhymes like .. leak ...thae chances of leaking theexam paper are weak,no hope | ~Bleak Black Freak black people are regarded as unfavourable depressing and usually having cold and cheerless heart | BLACK(bleak)clouds are cause of cold and cheerless weather. | if the fortune BLINK at u, u get lucky and cheerful;on the other hand, if u r BLEAK, u r cheerless and feeling blue | bleak sounds like black -- black color is the symbol of hopelessness and depression. | The fuel started to leak from the rocket while the launch and hence the scientists remained cheerless,that is bleak | From german origin..(Bleach)..means with dull or weak skin..which is having less hope..Or Bleak sounds like weak, & person who is so weak & abt to die is hopeless.. | (B)bilious + leak
blemish: mar; spoil the beauty or perfection of; N: flaw or defect (that spoils perfection); Ex. blemishes in the crystal; CF. unblemished
see blame in it..if u blame some one then you put a black mark on his reputation | blam + ish -- blam --blame -- a person is blamed of spoiling the beauty or appearance of something beautiful. | kisee pe blame lagana-- daag lagana-- hence blame= daag | blemish sounds like blaming, blaming is the only flaw or defect which our math teacher had when I was in school except that he was very good teacher
blight: plant disease; V: infect with blight; ruin; destroy
Black light may destroy the plants | Blight bringsPlight | BLIGHT = OBLITERATE | children often gets DLIGHTED wen they have a sickness(disase) so cu'd skip school | bina light ke plant to marega hi na | blight like a means no/away like that b means no, no light will cause the plant disease or else it will destroy/ruin the plant
blighted: suffering from a disease; destroyed
trees bina light gets blighted | blight (bina light) - if u read it will DESTROY ur eye sight | black-lighted. Normal sunlight is helpful for growth but black-light on the other hand hinders growth. | When someone is suffering from a disease, he loses weight and becomes light... | Think of DELIGHT which is nice and attractive and BLIGHT means which is damaged and destroyed | BLIGHTED: LIGHTED, when something's lighted up...or burnt,its destroyed | blighted - sounds like plighted i.e in a bad plight | blighted so no lighted which means not having light at all will ofcourse make you suffer from a disease
bliss: complete happiness; ADJ. blissful
rhyming with kiss..... it feels great when we kiss... | bliss sounds like bless, so you will say god bless you only when u are completely happy with that person | bliss -- sounds like bless -- god bless you with lot of happiness.
blotch: spot; blot; CF. blot+botch
blotch similar to scoth ...after drinking scotch you can fall in irregular spot (gutter) | Bleach(wash/whiten) the blotch(spot). | BLOTch is blotting of ink is irregular in shape | blot + ch -- blot -- sounds like spot - an irregularly shaped spot.
berserk: mad with violent anger; frenzied; madly excited
ye to BER ber hi kiye ja raha hai.lagta hai dimag SARAK gaya hai iska | divide it like --ber+serk--serak..if someone gets madly EXCITED about something..we say..SARAK GAYA YE TO.... | erk- this word,in he word berserk resembles the meaning erked,that means somthing mad about or violent. | ber + serk(shark) ....shark is angry and out of control | Berserk resembles the hindi word Besabar.. someone who's madly excited about something.. | Berserk resembles the hindi word Besabar.. someone who's madly excited about something.. | berserk == ber (bar) + serk (shirk) when the manager saw the bartender is shirk, he became angry(berserk). | Berserk : Ransack! | be+risk if someone is more angry he is at risk | when we are mad or voilent anger....and somebody not giving the way for us then we shall say" abey sarak " | beer peke insan ka dimag kharab hojata hai aur woh wild hojata hai | beer se dimag sarka hain | remember the movie shrek...where the main charecter always gets in to anger.. | BELKUL(Hindi) + SARAK(Mad - Hindi) |  Bark + shirk : when a person is mad in anger, he barks like a dog and bitse like a shark | beher sarkhowe will say this when we are very angery on someone
beseech: beg; plead with
beseech rhymes wid BHEEKH (Hindi) | Bees (20) rupees de do plz | beggar begging for BAKSHEESH | divide it like--be(beggar)+seech(seek)..all beggars always seek alms from us, so they PLEAD TO US or request earnestly. | by combining the mnemonics above we can write beseech == beekh + search. someone who search for beekh(beg). | Beseech= Be+ Seek(Ask money, needy) | Be + Seekwe seek something from others.. ie. almost begging... | be(we) +see(seek) ch(charity)- we seek charity--when we seek charity we ask for it or plead for it. | Be+ Sickwhen we are sick of something, we BEG to god for avoiding this again to happen..
beset: harass or trouble from all directions; hem in
beset. bees+attack. imagine bees attack on u from all directions. | beset sounds like be set(ready) to face attack from all directions | be+set ~ Once the batsman is SET, he can easily attack the bowlers and make runs on all sides. | beset = upset | The new batsman is yet to be set, so he will be hemed in by all fielders. | when smthing is not able to 'set' in then its in trouble from all directions | when product release dates are set that time employees feel the pressure or harass or trouble from all the direction.)
besiege: surround with armed forces; harass (with requests); annoy continually
divide it like--be+siege(seize)-- Indian army has seized the line of control, and now the whole area is surrounded by armed forces. | be + seize = u are seized by armed forces / by some1 who is continiously annoying u ..!!
besmirch: soil; defile; make dirty
Besmirch= kisi ki achi reputation ko mirche lga ke bigadna | Besmirch = Bees + Mirch (In Hindi language Bees means twenty and Mirch means pepper) So,if you will add twenty pepper, you will definitely spoil the food. | besMIRCH-ifu chk the word mirch,it calls to our mind chilli's .chillis grown on soil,so is to meaning. | mirch - mirchi fm. hearing mirchi fm before exam will spoil the exam | BE (meaning throughout) + MIRE (to sully, dirty, muddy)= to fully ruin a reputation | bees bees mirchi dalega to khana to spoil hona hi hain | kisike base pe mirch lagana matlam usko maign kar dena | smirch sounds like smirk. His SMIRK left a STAIN in my mind
bestial: beastlike; brutal; inhuman; very cruel
bestial - beastial means beast like | This word together sounds like BEast tail -- beast with a tail implies lacking of human quality ~ inhuman. | bestial = best + i + all -- a monster is arguing that he is the best of all ...!!
blowhard: talkative boaster; braggart
can be think as blow-word - blowing words - means talkative | blowhard - like we say in hindi fekta hai saala :) or fek(blow) raha hai | blow + hard -- imagine someone who blows words in a way as if he is blowing air -- too many words, hence talkative. | (blow)ing his own trumpet (hard). One who boasts himself. | | imagine a person blowing(boasting) that he is hard but instead he is weak.. | from the proverb - one who blows his own trumpet
bludgeon: club; heavy-headed weapon; V.
Blud+geon-Blood+Generator...If you hit someone with abludgeon(eg;a hockey stick) then blood comesout. | Bludgeon ~ Blood + Generator; If u hit someone with a bludgeon (ex. hockey stick) then blood comes out. | Bludgeon sounds like Vazan (Weight) ... So heavy headed weapon | Remember the big ball used in quidich(Harry Potter) that s used 2 hit others | bludgeon :blud+geon: blade (blud) fixed on a gun (geon)
blue: gloomy; depressed
You will be gloomy and depressed when you know that your secret sex has been shot secretly and some one made a "blue" film. | have you heard of the song “jaane kya chahe maan-feel and blue” song from pyar ke side effects, then no need more explanation
blues: state of depression or melancholy; style of slow, mournful music (evolved from southern Black American songs)
have you heard of the song “jaane kya chahe maan-feel and blue” song from pyar ke side effects, then no need more explanation | When snake bite your body becomes blue and you become worried
bluff: pretense (of strength); deception; high cliff; ADJ: rough but good-natured
In Bluff Master movie abhishek bacchan has Bluff (rough but good natured)manners.He bluffs (decieves every one whom he meets) and at the end of the movie he jumps from (High cliff .Bluff)Very Tall building | bluff ~ blue film; they made the blue film by bluffing the girl. | bluff = blue + friend; a blue friend always cheat friends.
blunder: error; stupid mistake
Blind Error. | Isabel BLUNDERed by dropping her BLENDER down in the food contest. So, jury`s pants got dirty because of the sauce on the BLENDER. | blunder ~ blue underwear; suppose you told your servant to go to market to buy a blue color underwear but he bought pink color .. isn't it a blunder (big mistake) | Down under( in Australia) they make the blunder of wearing only 'Blu under'wear.
blunt: having a dull edge; abrupt and frank in speech or manner; brusque; V: make or become blunt
blunt ~ blue + aunty; lady (aunty) standing there in blue clothes is blunt. | blunt knife
blurt: utter impulsively from nervousness or excitement
when ever u try to FLIRT u automatically BLURT....reveal all the secrets of u'r frenz,also talk all non-sense | blurt is like spurt. spurt means sudden discharge. similarlyblurt means sudden utterance of words | Blurt rhymes with flirt. Flirt loves without thinking and blurts talks without thinking. | blowing utterance
blush: become red in the face (from embarrassment or shame); become red or rosy; N.
you go to bathroom use FLUSH...when ever u fart u'r facial expressions changes with guilt | Sounds like FLUSH. When you flush your face with water face becomes rosy red
bluster: blow in heavy gusts; threaten emptily; bully; speak in a noisy or bullying manner; CF. breeze, gust, gale
sounds like blast her,so when you blast someone you talk loudly.but barking dogs seldom bite,so the blasting has no effect | Be+LUST+HER...Imagine a boy who is saying " I am going to BE HER LUST"....obviouslythe person is building castles in the air.....or he is boasting.... | sounds like gust...gust means hawa(hindi)...hawaabaji( hindi for empty talk) | (blust+laughter)heavy blust , but ends in laughter | Sounds like blaster -- Blast and hence lot of noise, confusion and turbulence. | bluster= bl(blow in heavy g)uster | BLUSTER is something like CLUSTER, a collection of Stars...U show COURAGE when u r in a group...Also clusters are formed due to GUSTY WINDS | | block blusterhindi movies which has lot or mirch masala with confusion, lot of noise, show off,etc.. is always successful.. | Think of a person who always brags and bluster :: what would you say to this man if he starts blustering again ::: arey abh"" BAS - KER "(bluster)( in Hindi : to stop)
bode: foreshadow; portend
Bode plot PREDICT the stability of control system | board (boad+ exams decide ur future | bode sounds close to bored...when u are bored u think about the future....or relate it with MODE (which means latest fashion) which can predict the future sales | A great saint INDICATED the direct to the Lord's ABODE. | port end is the bode of four(fore) shadow(s). | relate it with indian cricket board,board can predict the future of a new player | Just recall Abode andGod in abode predicts things offuture. | Bode rhyme with bodh which means purv-abhas | Same definition as the word foreBODE.
bog: soft wet land; V: hinder or be hindered; Ex. bogged down in the mud
bog : sounds like fog which creates hinderance while driving the vehicle and also it wet the land | bog ~ frog...frogs can be found in free wet land | Frogs can be found at bogs(At wet lands) | Baagh ki wet mitti ki waja say palm trees ka program stuck hogaya. | bog similar to bogus bakwas
bombast: grandiloquent, pompous speech
bombast | The speech was so bad someone BOMBED the BASTARD | bombast = bo(mb)ast- boast in mb- boast in mega bytes | bo(mb)ast=boast in mb(mega bytes) = or boast information in GBs but actually it is in MBs(coz "bombast" covers MB) | people who makes bomblast are careless for others lives and are self important.
bombastic: pompous; using inflated language
BOMBS and firecrackers are used to impress people and they cause high sound | bombaat- this word in kannada,somthing like a pompous speech,inflated language. | similar to others above...The U.S. likes to BOMB bombastic dictators like Saddam Hussein | the words to Mr. BOOMBASTIC by Shaggy tell about an ostentious "Mr. Lover Lover" | relate it with...BOMB Squad...who has diffused the bomb..while Mantri's giving pompous speeches...!! | bomb(very good)baasha (lang in telugu) | RHYME - bom N pom&bomb BLOWN TO INFLATE.... UNSING INFLATED LANGUAGE | Bomb-aztec as in aztec a bomb that is GOOD that comes through a powerful SPEECH.. | she considers herself a big Bomb... means she gives a lot of self importance to herself...
bookish: fond of books and reading
boon: blessing; benefit; something very helpful
boon - bonus - something helpful | Remember David BOON who was blessing for cricket | boon ~ moon...both are blessing | BOON :BO ur in ON state means blessed state OR desirable state mean in a state u wanted to be | like the lost character "boon" who was helpful to his sister and later died
boor: rude, insensitive person
boora in hindi resembles something bad. boore log, boora kaam... | You boo someone which is insensitive. so boor is insensitive, rude | prof.BORA in robo film is very rude | Boor:Split into boy+poor:when somebody says a boy is poor in front of him ,it's rude and insensitive. | boor sounds like poor, when you ignore a person by thinking he is poor that’s rude or insensitive | BOO-ER = unpleasant person who scares everyone with his manners and rudeness. | We either get bore or rude when someone talk insensitively
boorish: rude; insensitive
boor means =bura .... ill mannered... so make adj boorish..!..:) | every one sounds BOO towards RUDE and INSENSITIVE persons | Hindi for old women is BOORI.Everyone feel rude and insensitive to the oldish (Hindi-booriSH)people. | boorish bul.and ish = we say bulshit to a rude insensitive and ill mannered person...:) | bootulu tittuvadu | It's very rude to boo someone who is trying to present his/her work. | BOOR , BOORISH; mean the same, remember the root word, BOOR;rude,ill-mannered | boorish looks like Boo-rich. A boo rich event/person is characterized by a lot of booing and thus is ill-mannered, coarse and insensitive. | boorish
bogus: counterfeit; not authentic; intentionally false; Ex. bogus interview
BOGUS Sounds like BRUTUS-so he is a fraud | it is formed as : bug(bog) + us---pcs' bugs are always fake to annoy u!! | BOG(bogy in telugu) who steals bogies from our country are frauds
Bohemian: unconventional (in an artistic way)
bohemian sounds like He-man ( kids favorite ) who looks very informal and unconventional | Boo ... He Man - A Child booing HeMan is very unconventional generally they love him. | Imagine a person from a hypothetical and unknown place called Bohemia who is quite unconventional and strange in appearance | bohemian sounds like bahamas, where ppl dress very little.. which is very unconventional compared to normal ppl living in cities. | mian ki malhar raga, by bismillah mian | Bohemian Rhapsody is a bohemian song (just like most of Queens songs.
boisterous: violent; rough; noisy
SPLIT IT LIKE...BOIS(BOYS)+TEROS(TERRORIS(t)).....SO BOYS WHO BEHAVE LIKE TERRORIS.(t)..AND WE KNOW WHEN BOYS BEHAVE LIKE TERRORIST..WAT WE MEAN IS THAT THEY ARE too noisyand behaving like rowdy........ | SPLIT IT LIKE. BOI (BOY)+ STER(STIR)+ US- So if a boy is stirring then it is Violently agitated and turbulent | boy+is+a terror i.e he is xo violent | Think like a BOY who was given STEROIDS and became unruled | boys+street...wen few boys meet in a street,it creates a noisy environment | boisterous sounds like noisterious i.e noise like.
bolster: support; reinforce
RELATE TO BOLT USED TO SUPPORT OR REINFORCE | read bolster as booster which mean giving extra energy and hence to support and strengthen someone or something. | usually when thr is a divan in the hall of a house...we place cushions and BOLSTERS (longer cushions)to sit comfortably and for back support | Make Something BOLDer | Bolster actually means , Raise physical or mental Strength | sounds like foster | Bolster = bol (talk) + ster(star); | Bolster = Fit the bolt for star i.e to support.
bolt: door bar; fastening pin or screw; length of fabric; large roll of cloth; V: dash or dart off; fasten (a | door); gobble down
(changed) Usain Bolt, the runner, rushes across the finish line.
bombardment: attack (as with missiles or bombs); V. bombard
concentrate on bomb bomb is used to attack other country example atom bomb
bout: match; short period of great activity; Ex. wrestling bout; bout of drinking/flu
India Bowled Out Pakistan in 20-20 MATCH | BOUT: Boys OUT,that's what we hear when we misbehave in class, and when we are out, we sure do have fun for a short time, from all those boring lectures. | bout-out is a word that have to be seen. wen a wicket goes, wen the batsmen is given out.then there is a short period of great activity happening in the match. | b + out = if you are out of ur house then u have great shot lived activity.. | bout read it as ball out of the stadium for a six after that people have short period of great activity |  Bowled out : after a bowled out in a MATCH there is SHORT BREAK
bovine: cowlike; placid and dull; slow-thinking; calm
basically this word is taken from BOV..means cow..and cow generally remains calm, placid..and dull | bov(boy)+ine(ninesounds like boy a nine year boy is generally very innocent and placcid so cowlike....and they are generally very slowthinking... | bovine sounds like divine. In India, Cow is considered to be divine, and related to God. | For farmville players... remember we had that alien cow bovine 09... so bovine is cowlike and a cow is placid and dull | bo=buffalovine=divinethus,bovine=divine buffalo=cow=dull,placid | ox always bows to his farmer.... | BOVINE: BOO+VINE; a bad(boo)wine is a drink, which hardly has any effects on a drunkard, so its dull,light,placid; | Bovine = Bovi + ne; ne always means clumsy awkward cow like dull person. | bovine: bov in this word sounds like bull. Hence, bovine = bull : cow | holy cow..u showed me bove...y dis kolaveri!!! lol
bowdlerize: expurgate; CF. Thomas Bowdler
Word Root - Thomas Bowdler (1754-1825), English editor who censored and published Shakespeare's writings for family reading. | note 'bow' sound in it.. relate it to your dog. Imagine, you are recording a tape. your dog barked twice or thrice in between.. you will edit and omit it because its indelicate | BORDERLIZE by BULLDOZERIZE (removie indelicate or extra parts) | bowdlerize it's ending sounds like re-size.make it shorten | you modified your bowling style and bowled or omit the batsman out of the game. | bowdlerize = bawdy + 'del'erize i.e delete and edit all the bawdy (obscene) parts | Sounds like 'Bulldozer' which is used to remove unwanted parts.
brackish: somewhat saline
Bra + Kiss;suppose u r kissing under the bra which were wet with they taste salty...:) :P :P | brack(take it as a name)+ fish lives in salty water.... | Brackish = 'Whalck'(vomiting sound) + ish .. u vomit when u have something distasteful of unpleasant or something that is too salty.
brag: boast
If you want the bra removed, you have to boast and flirt the girl. | some try to drag the attention by BRAGging, talking too much of themselves.
braggadocio: boasting
the word "brag" means boasting.. so from that it can be easily remembered | ragg + a + docin medical college ragging, while raging a junior doc, seniors make them do some things and boast about the way they did that during their ragging.. | GUyz if u have seen the Movie 2 Fast & Furious In tht a villian called Braga he used to Boast a lot....!! | braggadocio = brag(drag) + agg (aggresive)+ doc(docile)...a person who drags every topic of discussion aggressively is actually boasting at the backyard(docile)
braggart: boaster; bragger
braggart sounds like dragg art.. the art of dragging oneself too much(boasting)!!! | braggart sounds like brad hogg who always 'boasts' about himself | city of braga boasts of its arts (braga+art) | bragging is his he is a braggart i.e. boaster...!!! | ragg + artin ragging seniors make us do some artistic comedy and if fail to do properly, then they boast themselves, saying that they did this and that during their ragging n all boastings...
braid: plait; interweave strands or lengths of; make by weaving strands together; N: braided segment (as of hair)
sounds like bride ,so one who trims and decorates | aid is needed for our hair if there is a raid bythe ticks. | braid is like bride who wears french plait for her wedding by splicing her hair
brand: trademark; mark burned on the hide of an animal; mark burned into the flesh of criminals; mark of disgrace; V: mark with a brand; give a lasting bad name; stigmatize; Ex. The press branded him a liar.
for those who know whats body branding, it is easy to remember!!
brandish: wave around (a weapon); flourish
brandish = brand(brandy) once v drink brandy v vill start waving foolishly... | brand+ish...and try to remember sourav ganguly in SONA CHANDI CHAVANYAPRAS...ADVERTISE MENT...WAVING SWORD TO SHOW THE STRENTH HE GOT AFTER EATING SONA CHANDI CHAVANPRAS BRAND so dada brandishing the sword for chavanpras BRAND | if you get some new branded item like a shoe or watch etc you'll wanna wave it around n display it to everyone!!
bravado: swagger; assumed air of defiance; false show of bravery
Brava+Do = Act like brave but not brave. Pretended bravery | bravado ( braveness + for + darao/dikhao ) boldness intended to impress/intimidate | bravado sounds like johhny "Bravo" who pretended to be brave...but always failed :P | if someone does a courageous act we applaud and say BRAVO!!...its like a lifestyle symbol for bravery | are koi is jhoothe ko bravery do ! | Doing like a bravo person to show others and thus pretending. | Jhonny Bravo(cartoon). who pretends to be a brave person.but not. | generally most of them show a false show of bravery in front of girls
brave: face courageously; Ex. brave the storm
brawl: noisy quarrel
raw is war.... | brawl can be pronounced as hindi bawaal is noisy drunken fight... | brawl=bra+women+loud=because of bras,women talk out loud=noisy quarrel
brawn: human muscle; muscular strength; sturdiness
if you eat prawn you will become brawn,meaning muscular | we must use both BRAIN and BRAWN to maintain balance...!!! | Remember Brawn Gp from F1.. Their car was sturdy and they had the strength over other cars | Brain ïƒMental ability , Brawn ïƒPhysical ability. | Remember SHAWN of WWE SHAWN MICHAEL he is MUSCULAR ... | When Brawn man acts,pon movie looks good
brawny: muscular; having well-developed muscles
try to relate it to the cartoon network's character JOHNY BRAVO,,,who was rugged n muscular in appearance | browny-is the name of a hefty dogso brawny=powerful | brawny - focus on 'raw' which can signal raw strength
brazen: insolent; without shame; bold; Ex. brazen lie; V: face with bold self-assurance or with unshamed confidence
Split the word brazen as Bra + Zen. Suppose you went out with your friends and saw a girl in a Zen car wearing only a bra.How was the attempt of the girl? Really bold andbrazen! | Brazen == Bra+zenhey isn't his girlfriend "zen" lookinghot only in a bra. | pronounce brazen means insolent ten time keeping the image of a girl in a bra who is bold and insolent. | | Brazen, its from old english word braesen means made of brass(strong enough metal)so the person who is brazen is bold or strong enough & don't really care what others will think about it.. | Brazen = Be Ragened (rage = anger). When do u get angered? When sm1 behaves INSOLENTLY (Disrespectfully) with u.
breach: breaking of contract or duty; fissure or gap; opening; V.
breach == brea(k)(ch)...break the contract | sound like ditch ... tht mean to dump (u can think of duty too :-)) | sounds close to beach....when u break the contract of a duty u relax at the forget it | remember vajpayee PM going to breach candy hospital.. breach ne vajpayee k ghutne tod diye.. against the contract of fixing them | b+reach..reach by plan b,not done by duty | you had a contract with your girl friend that u will take her to thebeach but you did not reach on time and broke the contract... | break+chain=break d chain btw them... | breach icc code of conduct
breadth: width; extent
Bra width = size or extent of bra.
brisk: quick and active; marked by liveliness and vigor
(brisk)risk ----to take out a bra without risku need to active and quick. | b(risk): to take a risk, you should be active and quick | brisk = bee + risk. Therefore, you need to be active and quick, or you'll be in danger. | B(business)+ risk will help only if you are quick and active
bristle: short stiff hair; V: (hair or fur) stand up stiffly
remember tooth brush bristles | One use his 'Pistol' to express his 'Bristle'.
brittle: hard but easily broken; difficult; unstable; Ex. brittle situation
brittle --- brick like which is hard if we touch it but it can be easily broken............ | brick like little strength | brick is hard, but since it is little so can be easily broken | brittle: brick + little -- little as it is, but it is hard and easily broken. | brittle: brick + little --- Little as it is, but it is hard and easily broken.
broach: introduce as a subject; moot; open up
When a Boy appROACH a girl for the first time,he needs to BROACH. | BROACH sounds like Brochure. So a Brochure is always is used to INTRODUCE or we can remember it as Brochure is to OPEN. | If you remain unable to 'bring up a topic of discussion', start talking about her beautiful broach(a decorative pin worn by women) | remember hum aapke hai kaun..remember the scen where madhuri gifts salman a brouch | sounds like "bra coach" a coach who teaches how to wear bra, very embarrasing | you can think of breach, if someone breached the security of NASA, here is trying to open up what filthy secrets they are hiding | BRing a new appOACH | when Kemar Roach(WestIndian fast bowler)was INTRODUCEd , he OPENED UP the batsmen's defence | Cyrus Broacha....always anounce something on MTV
brocade: rich, figured(patterned) fabric
when my bro bought all those expensive fabric for his gf, even though we were dying of hunger due to lack of money my mom said "ek jhaapadh BRO KE DE .." | BROCADE---"BROKE-AID"..after buying rich fabric i was BROKE (LACK OF MONEY) and wanted financial AID.. | BROCADE:IT IS TAKEN FROM brocco MEANS twisted thread..SO A FABRIC (ANY KIND OF TAPESTRY) WHICH IS MADE OF TWISTED THREADS....BECOZ OF THAT ITS PATTERN IS SOMEWHAT RAISED THAN COMPARED WITH OTHER TYPE OF FABRICS. | Bra+Jade.. Bra which has jade stones on it. | Sounds like BROCODE... Barney Stinson of HIMYM is the inventor of Brocode who only wears suits = rich clothes | brocade-cade-make this as jade. jade is a jewel,ornament ,which is seen in rich and used in fabric. | brocade, think of a big and heavy 'bracelet' of gold and precious diamonds on it. | brocade.cade is like jade emperor who used to wear very costly and jeweled dress..
brochure: pamphlet
Book to be sure. | brochure: book? sure!
breed: produce young; rear; bring up; produce (an undesirable condition); N: kind or sort of animal or plant
poltry feed produces new chickens
brevity: conciseness; shortness of duration
brief + tea session,tea time is short....... | well it can be thought as brave+witty and CONCISED into brevityor it can be similar to brief | brevity sounds like levity which means lightness..when something is light it means it is short and concise.. | Brevity= Brief+Witty | Think BREath , VITamin. You take deep BREATHs trying to survive in a pit full of VITAMINS. You inhale more and more vitamins causing your life to be very BRIEF. | Brevity= br( brave) + evity (evidence); brave evidence describes everything in brief. | Rhymes with Gravity..when we fall under gravity..the fall is free fall and is short period of time.
bridle: harness fitted about a horse's head (used to restrain); curb; check; V: put a bridle on; control or restrain; show anger
a bride bridles, ie, she restrains you( husband) from a lot things like friends, temper, food etc | IDLE person dont need RESTRAINING POWER but they themselves restrain them | You a bridle a bride (or Horse) to bring under control.
brim: uppermost edge of a cup; projecting rim (as on a hat); Ex. The glass was full to the brim; V: be full to the brim
the word itself has its meaning RIM of the vessel | Bowl's ring.
brindled: tawny or grayish with streaks or spots (of animals)
brindled-Remember BRINDA KARAT (communist party MP and prakash karat's wife)...she wears a huge bindi ...and is hence spotted | b+ rin +led,the presence of spots led to the use of rin | bindi | Remember Harriet Brindle from the sitcom "Small Wonder" who had lots of freckles or spots on her face | think of "bhindi sabzi".. its seeds seem like spots! | branedn brindle from "Small wonder" :)...
brink: edge (at the top of a cliff); Ex. on the brink of the Grand Canyon
brink sounds like "drink". To drink wine you have to pour it from the edge of the glass
boost: lift by pushing up from below; increase; raise; N: push upward; increase
Boost is the secret of my energy-Rakesh Gentyala
botch: mismanage; blow
bot (like BAHUT) in hindi - ch (chhee chhee ).. as in something done really shameful | botch.......rhymes like hindi means children ...often do blunders....:) | Botch:Bach(for botch) ke tu rehna re from embarassing mistake re. | botch sounds like "BUCHH"....mamu teri to buch lageli hai means vaat lageli hai...jab tune koi bada vala blunder ya mistake ki hogiisliye buchh lag gai... | botch ~ bache in hindi...suppose a girl got thats an embarrasing mistake right? ;) | Might sound vulgar; BOTCH=BITCH, so when we have a whore, we..blow her and mismanage her, treat her as we like. | sounds like bitch. the bitch fucked up!!! | Botch sounds like scoth i.e if u drink scoth, u can do embarassing mistake | thune bottle chore keya
bouillon: clear beef (or meat) soup
seperate bouil(boil), soup is prepared by boiling the water | soup is served in a bowl.. | bou-ill-on. so when one is ill then his bou(wife) make soup for him. | Boil the water to make carrion soup.
bound: leap or spring; limit or confine; constitute the limit of; Ex. bounded by Canada; N: leap or jumping; boundary; ADJ: certain; having a duty to do something (legally or morally); confined by bonds; Ex.
when u r bounded by something, u wud want to LEAP(or jump) out of it. | if we through a ball to the wall it rebound i.e. it JUMPS back
bountiful: generous; graciously generous; showing bounty
The bounty concept of NFS is used here and making MORE bounty leads to a win in bounty can b understood as abundant. | bountiful sounds like boundlessly full=abundant | Bunty is full of generosity | aunty full glass bournvita pilaay, she is bountiful | if you played NFS most wanted..we make bounty by the country is supplying abundant oppurtunities generously to makehigh bounty | bountiful ~ bellyful i.e. abundand | a bounty hunter is someone who finds something for bounty or prize so bounty full will be the one giving prizes i.e.generous
bourgeois: middle class; selfishly materialistic; too interested in material possessions
“high class” family chicks are “gorgeous”, but “middle class” ones are a little bore... They are nothing but “bourgeois” | b+urge = means u are having an urge to buy things means u r materialistic | din bar jina - only middle class live on a day to day budget | bourgeois |boor urge of islam| (bo)or (urge) (o)f (is)lam | bore+geosis..middle class people lives a boring life.
broil: cook by direct heat; N.
heared of broiled chicken.?? cooked directly in fire (camp fire) | broil-boil- people boil to cook food. | br(oil) : oil is used to get heat to cook
bromide: platitude; chemical compound used to calm excitement
bromide is the COMMON salt ever found | Bro don't mind.. A common statement to soothe someone.
brooch: ornamental clasp; pin
relate brooch with uncle Scrooch...he use to have a ornamental clasp on his coat | women wear brooch/clasp on chest. So if the pin pierces the BRA they say OUCH. BRA-OUCH...BROOCH | Brooch sounds like RICH, women wear ornamental pins to look rich | WHILE HER broTHER WAS PINNING HER SAREE SHE SHOUTED ouch | brings + ouch,either she fastened it tightly or the pin pricked her | when a brooch hurts u ...u say oouch!!! | Brooch=Broach(which is quite easy to remember)..
brood: sit on in order to hatch; think deeply or worry anxiously; N: the young of certain animals; group of young birds hatched at one time
this word sounds like breed.....means to breeding of chickens...who are cared for at one time. | wen u have done somthing roo(U)de, probly u have to worry and think deepy later by sitting in an order to hatch..!! | Don't be rude (brood) to the young animals. | sounds like bro(brother)+rood(rude) your younger bro..who is rude..and rude people are basically very moody and anxious about even minor things. | brood: sounds like 'bird rude' or ' be rude'. Sodon't be rude to bird.
brook: tolerate; endure; Ex. brook no interference; N: small stream
relate this to BROOK BOND tea....jst drink the tea and then u can tolerate any tension. :-) | In class if you don't bring the BOOK teacher will not BROOK it. | brook rhymes like hook which tolerates the weight of anything hanging on it | Brook can be split into B(be) - ROOK (rookie).A "rookie" is an untrained army personel who has to put up with (tolerate) the rigors of training. | brook...BRO(ther) + OK..consider it as "itz OK BRO i can bear it" | BROOK: Be like a chess ROOK (elephant), which can ENDURE / TOLERATE a lot of strain | BROOK...people ask Kelly BROOK,how u r able to TOLERATE or ENDURE the heavy weight of ur big boobs ??? :D | 1)bina rooke (in hindi language)2)opposite of break | brook can be related to broke. If you are broke(insolvent)they you will have to tolerate criticisms | brook - if you cannot say Ruk in hindi to all irritating and intolerable people, then you will have to brook it.
browbeat: bully; intimidate
imagine like dis..hav u ever tasted crow meat...never taste it..its dangerous n yuck..m indimidating u!! | bro+w/+beat,a brother likes to beat his bullying them | brow+beat-THE rock raised HIS BROW(do u smell wat the rock is cookin)and intimidated and beat the opponent | browbeat..sounds like crow meat rght??hav u ever tasted it(no one tastes ofcos) INTIMIDATING r WARNING u al never eat it ,its yuc n dangerous .. | Salman "bro" beat one guy and was bossy or intimidating for the rest of villians
buffet: strike forcefully; slap; batter; knock out; N: table with food set out for people to server themselves; meal at which people help themselves to food that's been set
uff,is the one to see..wen someone slaps u ,u slap them back with a verbal assail " wat the ff "!!! | sounds like buffalo ,so it hits forcefully | in a buffet in taj hotel if u eat a lot and dont hav any money to pay..."ufff" says the waiter, "tu to gaya beta" and he hits u, he hits u hard and he keeps on hitting and hitting and hitting, untill ther's nothing left to hit any | rememberpheobe BUFFET from friend ....visualize her slapping everyone | koi mil gaya1,buffet hritik caught, priety's friend buffeted him | map it to bullet | buffet (beating + fat ) - beating voilently jab tak woh nahi gaya phat | if u are BUFF and u see an ET (jadoo),,,,, u dont run away ,,, but beat the hell out of him | Bill Gates was the richest bt..WarrenBuffet..knocked him out and Striked forcefully from the list
buffoon: stupid person; clown
A Baffoon is a cartoon. | concentrate on FOO....FOOL...fooling around is a clown | When a Baboon Puffs a cigarette we may call it Buffoon. | This word sounds like ' but fool'. Therefore, it is a stupid person. | Italy goalkeeper Buffon....
buffoonery: clowning
Imagine a joker dancing "In the buff"that's what is clowning(buffoonery) | sounds like "puppet"...puppet shows are basically clowns of real animals and hence the meaning.
bugaboo: bugbear; object of baseless terror
boo!! u use it when u wonna scare relates to a ghost..ghosts are bugbears n they the baseless terror since they dont stand on floor | It might help marathi readers...bugaboo sounds like bagulboowa..childhood ghost | Bug+ booth = if your kid starts bugging you you ll tell them a booth(Bugaboo) story. | bugaboo = mugambooRemember the main villain of movie mr India( amrish puri )= mogamboo khush huahe did so much terror in movie | Imagine dark night and monster shouting BUUUU GAAAAAAAAA BOOOOO HAA HAA HAA. | maga bootha--in kannada means - dude devil. wen u c an object,thats baseless, people term it as a devil,as devils dont have bootas (devils) are known as baseless!!! | The kala bandar(Delhi 6 movie) is a bugaboo. | BUG+A+BOOBoota means Devil in kannada. So we can remember it a bugging bootha | For baglabagh(tiger) asbooo | adivasi logonka boogaboo | I will bugabooat the time of bill, if you donot pay necessary amount. |
bulge: protruding part; swelling of a surface; Ex. The apple made a bulge in his pocket; V: swell outward; protrude
bulge: it looks like ' bag ', a full bag, which is swelling.
bulk: size or volume (esp. when very large); main part; Ex. The bulk of the work has already been done; ADJ. bulky: having great size
browse: graze; feed on growing grass; skim or glance at casually
when we Browse the internet we go through sites CASUALLY...without going in detail
bruise: injure without breaking the skin; N.
Sounds like "Bru"-the coffee....imagine a cup of hot BRU Coffee felt on ur hand..u got injured and ur skin got discolored though ur bones remained unbroken :-P | Relate it to "Brusli".He injures the enemies without breaking the skin(breaks the bones) | Tom CRUISE rubbing with Kate Homes. CRUISE:BRUISE
brunt: main impact or shock (of an attack or blow); Ex. brunt of the argument
Brunt: It sounds like burnt. The area of the land which was hit the meteoroid was badly BRUNT due to main impact/shock created by the collision | Break it as Bra-aunt. So if you see neighbour Aunt in bra, you will have what? shock and main impact :P | brunt-run is the word to check .people will run,wen there is an impact or shock. | in a HUNT, poor animals bear the blow(BRUNT) | brunt of current | sounds lyk when the wire is Burnt-BRUNT we might get SHOCK | See it as BRU + blUNT, BRU is a popular & nice coffee, but it made me dumbfound by its blunt taste. | brunt is similar to burnt. Think it like some main impact of injury or someone's death. | If u want to BR(bear)+UNT(hunt) ie hunt a bear u need to give him a major impact
brusque: blunt; abrupt; curt; not wanting to waste time being nice
brush kyun??? I dont want to brush and kiss you directly!!! | BRUSQUE=BRU+QUE...after long hours of waiting in the QUE,the crowd was jus given a cup of BRU coffee.the crowdgot pissed off and turned VIOLENT | brusque...sounds like brisk...and if you solve someone's doubt are trying to be abrupt..... | BRUSH KYU karna hai?... b'coz ur teeth hav become blunt | brisk | BRUSh+QUEstion,when his brushing habits were questioned he turned violent | (tab) He was in a hurry to get to the meeting and refused to talk to you.He BRUSHED past you in the hallway, bumping your shoulder as he passed. | sounds like barso purana chaaku (knife)think of a old blunt chaaku | bruce wayne.. batman doest want to waste time... | brusque sounds like Brusly, the actor ofChinese action movies, so imagine why Brusly plays these movies, because of his brusque character.
buccaneer: pirate
pirates of bikaner..hehe | from nw jst remember BUCCANEER OF CARRIBEANS.....n not PIRATES OF CARRIBEAN ;-) | Relate it to Umpire Steve Buckner he was from the Caribbean islands and when you remember this, you get automatically remember pirates. | bhukka(bucca)+ neer(pani in hindi)bhukka pani main pirate hi banega... | pirate stole a BUCKET n a CANE form the sea or fromthe ship | buccaneer means bucar + neer means baqur in pani - water and you know what that means | if u have seen telugu raktha charitra part 1....bucca reddy is the he can be assosiated with a pirate... | visualise umpire steve bucknor(=bucaneer) as pirate | buccaneer - onw who buckets bucks in the neer - (water) - pirates | John bukanan. chor gadha
bucolic: rustic; pastoral
bucolic sounds a bit like bullock which is used in the "country side"... | BUlls and COLI (collie, a sheep dog) Country -- rustic and pastoral places, people, and songs. | olic is the one to see. oleic acid is used to remove rust.or even if you can check oli, jumble it as oil,used as an antirust agent,which in the past was used as an oral agent. | You commonly find a block of salt in a cow pasture.This block of salt is a COWLICK. Picture a BULL licking the COWLICK | bullock+kick:it is usually seen in the countryside | Bu (B.) +COLIc (coli): B coli infection is common in RUSTIC area because of the unhygienic condition. | bhookho likho = in some gaons u dont get much to eat and u have to study(likho) even when ure ravenous(bhookho) | BUCK+LICK....people who can lick anything for bucks are BUCOLIC and mostly found in COUNTRYSIDE..... | The villager (rural ans pastural) person who is BOOK-HOLICK (like alcoholic/workholic)can be easily inspired to good poetry. | bucolic like alcoholic for urban people and bucolic for RURAL people | You're more likely to get the Bubolic Plague if you live a bucolic lifestyle in the country. | Buccolic: coli (fishermen) at west side beaches, they are country person of india | bucolic = b for bank + uco + lic; uco bank was established in 1943 in kolkata, therefore it is oldest bank. | bucolic: bu:bull + co: cock + lic : lick - A bull licks a cock; it must be a farm. Hence the meaning is related to countryside. | bucolic = but+an alcoholic, so it is a peaceful environment like a pastoral setting where alcohols are banned
buxom: full-bosomed; plump; jolly
buck"some (buy some)gals who are healthy and plumpy to play..kinds a vulgar but thts d easy way yu remember..!! | BOOB+ZOOM here Zoom is in the place of huge. | BUCKSome....generally women having lot of money are Buxom.... | Buxom - bossomslady with big bossoms | Buxom-Buxob:when u sea a BUXOM woman (woman with large breasts) it makes your BOXERS OBvious to others (u r aroused)...sorry forthe language;) | To appear buxom, you have to use botox. | 'bossom' stressed hard in the middle ,so kind of juge
cabal: small group of persons secretly united to promote their own interests
cabal (Kabul), remember this place....Bin Laden and hismen secretly united in kabul(cabal) to promote their interest, i.e. 9/11 attack... | Cabal--- kabila in Hindi u know (must have seen in bollywood movies) ....imagine them when u read cabal you will automatically recall the meaning i.e secret group of persons secretly united to promote their interests. | cabal sounds like cannibal to me. so the cannibals join unite to promote their interest i.e. kill and eat people. | STORY :Imagine a group of bald people planing to attack a barbar shop for bal(hairs) | seems like cabar(kabristan--burrial ground)meeting secretly at this place..means some conspiracy is going on!! | cabal : cap + all means "put a cap" means to cheat in indian language and all - means group - so it means to come together to cheat |
cache: hiding place; V.
sounds like cash.. So, hide your cash somewhere.. | cache is a computer term where latest binary data are stored near the cpu, it hides it. | remember that the cashier is the one who works on the cache(as a place to hide or keep money) | i'm hiding in my cache...can u catch me huh?? | Sounds like cache and stash. You can stash your cash away for safe keeping.
cacophonous: discordant; inharmonious; N. cacophony: unpleasant mixture of loud sounds
caco sounds like cactus and phonous like phone. So kindly try to remember it like this...a phone with a cactus makes irritating sounds. | Caco + phone – phones sometimes cause irritating sound (some ringtones etc). | phonus is sound.and kako is bad or cacophonous is bad sound or harsh sound. | lots of COCK making noise in a PHONE... "KUKDEKU.." | symphony is pleasing music of well tuned. cacophony is opposite to it made up uneven rhythm and it should be called as noise not song | cactus + phonus ~ cactus = unpleasant phonus = sound= unpleasant sound !! | poem frog and the nightingale-frog's voice crass cacophany | ke ko sound in phone while talking irritates us | cacophony: it sounds like ' cat call phone' ---- discordant. | cacophony: cat + cock + phone --- it is obviously discordant. | "caco" stands for chaos , phonous means sound. If you read science fiction or read cosmology you know what chaos means. So caco+phonous means "chaos sound"
cadaver: corpse; dead human body
Cadaver = CADET (kada = ganda) + WAR...a cadet killed at war...hence his corpse and his corpse was flowwing in a river (cada+ver) | in harry potter, the strongest spell,, abra ka daver,,,(cadever),,, kills the person, leaving the body dead | caDAVER- daver in this word,brings us to mind,devru(god).after death,people who are lucky will reach god | कद्दावर आदमी की लाश | CAD:computer aided design,aversion:hatred.AVERsion towards CAD made him penniless hence died of hunger i.e. lying as a corpse | sounds like kadevar( kadevar in marathi)...Vikram-Vetal ka comics mein vetal hamesha vikram ke kadevar tha and vetal was a corpse | Cadet died in war and he became VEER...VEER MARAN | (Kannada) - devva means ghost, cadaver is ca-devva-er | cadaver rhymes with kalebar which means dead body cadaver means dead body | cadaverin marathi v can portrayit as cade var lash gheun chala ahai. | aver people studying CAD will be like dead body
cadaverous: like a corpse; pale
the presence of a carnivorous(feeding on flesh) makes you cadaverous. | you may relate the word with kadha(a hindi word) (a yuck tasting drink you are forcefully made to drink if you are ill) cadaverous = kada + rus = sick looking person | Devar is cadaverous and may turn into a cadaver | Dave studying cad, iam aver he will look like dead body pale & dull
cadence: rhythmic rise and fall (of words or sounds); beat; regular beat of sound; rhythm
cadence - dance- replace e with a...and it turns out to be dance. People dance to the rythmic rise and fall of the sound beats. | ca(n) dance only on the songs with BEATS.. :-) | kya dance hain.i started praising my friend coz his dance was RYTHMIC..... | CADET DANCE imagine NCC cadets dancing, obviously they will dance with rising and falling beats, the same way they march. | Ca like Clay & Dence like Dense: a clay which is dense have shape up and down, like ripples (waves) | cadence: cat + dance --- cat dance with a rhythm. | cadence: it sounds like ' Cate (kate) dance' --- Cate dance with rhythm. | If u are a cadaver peolple will make cadences around u | car dance (cadence) - rise and fall of rhythm.
cadet: student at a military school
remember NCC = national cadet crops. students joined in NCC camp for serving nation. so they ll join military trainee they are called cadet | sounds like CADER...the comrades/active party members of a political party...meaning is similar too | It sounds like 'candidate',so by this remember it as student(candidate) at military school | in Hindi...daant means ca-det(replace e by a) military cadets get a lot of scolding for being disciplined | You konw what cadre is! If so, You can easily remeber this! | student at military is chosen as candidate.
cajole: persuade by praise or false promise; coax; wheedle
Remember, our bollywood actress, KAJOL, she is one of the most talkative, candid and energetic actresses we have in the industry...why is she portraying that image??? Probably she is doing this to bag a film or two from KARAN JOHAR!!! | KAJOL(actress) managed to CAJOLE a role from Karan Johar...:-) | Cathy (ca) joked (jole) her way into the job by flirting with the boss. | Ofcourse Kajol, but imagine her urging for Pulse Polio vaccination on doordarshan. | do u remember the song...maine tho manga tha...of kajol...the way she cajoles ajay devgan from the movie u me aur hum | JOSTLE = harsh force. CAJOLE = gentle force. | # भुलवाना# मनाना# चापलूसी करना# खुशामद करना# | cajole: caj(work) hone ke liya oil karna parta hai.. | cajole: it sounds like ' Cat Joke' -- a good way to persuade by praising. | dar khasegari enqadr khodamo KAJOkoLE kardam ta aroos RAAZI beshe!!! | kajal lagake u deceiveto luk bu8ful | Raj cajole raji saying her cajole is beautiful and ask her a kiss | Cajole rhymes with cage. You cajole a bird into a cage with persuasion. | Ajay Devagn CAJOLEd (persuaded) Kajol to marry him (by flattery).
calamity: disaster; misery
divide it as cal (call..)+ amity(almighty).. when you are in deep MISERY or when you face DISASTER .. you turn to the almighty.. | the meaning of amity is love..........and u call for love when you are in distress or u call-amity....its calamity | cal(sounds similar to hindi word aakal means drought)and whenever akkal aata hai it brings disaster and misery with it. | Abthul Kalam's entry of politics ia a calamity for science. | calamity has "CAL".that means DISASTRE hence the meaning.
calculated: deliberately planned; likely
every calculation is well weighed n "planned"..n gives us a likely result
caliber: ability; quality; diameter of the inside of a round cylinder; Ex. work of very high caliber
you must remember a moter bike brand BAJAJ KALIBER, which isa good QUALITY MOTER BIKE. | 25mm pistol caliber - inner diameter of pistol | caliber = capability | the one who live near expensive california river
bullion: gold and silver in the form of bars
He has billions, and so he buys bullions | if u can remember buillion market,there u get the answer, right away.. | He acts like a 'BULL + LION ' since he has billion dollar bills . | bullion similar to galleon(Gold coins) reference:harry potter | Only million can buy bullion | BULLION: bull and lion skin are as expensive as gold and silver bars.
bully: one who is habitually cruel to weaker people; V.
.bully....made of bull(the male in cow family) if you have observed why the fight is always arrenged between bulls,why not cows,because bulls are symbol of strength and cruilty(as they fight).......and a bull 's work is to weak its opponent | jus for fun to remember two meanings of it...imagine one of ur frns is CRUEL n BRUTAL n he always INTIMIDATES u dat he wud kic on ur belly... !!he is a bully | in the same waya person who bullys someone try to show his superiority over others,because he thinks himself more stronger than his opponent | bully-- bull is always strong. bully is a symbol of strength.
bulwark: strong wall built for defense; earthwork or other strong defense; person who defends
BULL + WORK--BULLs were carrying bricks forthe WORK of a wall construction. | remember Nandi(Bull of Shiva), it protects shiv's place from demons.BULl+shiVA(WA)+RKsha | Bulwark:Bull war k time strong wall banana chahiye, taki ko usse par kar public par na aajay | bulwar sounds like bullbar used in front of cars to protect them from scratches and from small accidents | bulwark - a wall for bulk war against enemies or water. | Building(Bul) + Work(wark) | After doing bul(wrong) wark(work) laden stayed in between of bulwark | bulls work is to attack so people build a wall to stay safe from it
bump: hit or knock against with force; N.
it sounds like bumper,so bumper hits forcefully to the when we go fast near speed breaker | sounds similar to hit somebody with closed fists.
bungle: mismanage; blunder; botch; blow; spoil by clumsy behavior
bungle like jungle ..... if on a long drive you lose your way and end up in a jungle.... now that's a blunder.... | mungle-jungle...U thought of doing mungle in jungle and got caught red handed...DESTROYED ur reputation | instead of bAngle ,u write bUngle ,thats a blunder | Bungle~Bengaal..all attempts in west bengaal were mismanaged, hence led to IPL blunder.. an embarassing mistake for the team and captain.. | bungle sounds like jungle which means forest. nowadys forests (jungle) are being spoiled by rapid cutting down of trees. deforestation is spoiling ruining completely. | jungle me mangal is a bungle
buoyant: able to float; cheerful and optimistic; N. buoyancy; Ex. buoyancy of wood/water/American market
buoyant = Boy + antwhen a boy feels like an ant, which is very light , he feels very light and lively. | buoy-ant=boy+want; boys always want to be light and lively. | remember buoyance of a n utensil.. coz of which it can float on water...
calligraphy: beautiful writing; excellent penmanship
calli is the term for beauty and is opposite to caco, and graph is something that is written to project yuor calligraphy is beautiful handwriting | Kaligadh (workers for art) and kaligadhi(fine art). Calligraphy=kaligadhi in writing | remember Kalidaas?? His handwriting was very good excellent | calli-kali bariyodu ? yenake ? sundaravada handwritting ge.. | callcenter + girl - have beautiful writing | Calli is Kala.. handwriting is an art.
callous: hardened; unfeeling; without sympathy for the sufferings of others; unkind
callous sounds like khallas so jiski sub kuch khallas ho gayi hai..that person becomes hard, insensitive and unfeeling. | call(CALL)o(OH)US(U.S)..Oh U.S Please Call Us for MS and dont be so unkind,hardened and unfeeling..!!! | callous - call out,someone who pretends didn't listen when you call his name,callous | callous sounds like KHALLAS(Hindi) jiski sensitivity khallas ho gayi hai | Kallis (Jacques Kallis, SA) is such an insensitive (callous)batsman. He would beat Indian bowlers like anything. | read it like CARELESS so when a person is pinched or pierced if he doesn't react its bcuz his skinis insensitive may be due to some anesthesia (Just imagine) | police says call-o-usif somebody is callous towards you | KHAROOS | Man, how insensitive you are, just tell are you going to CALL-US or not......? | callous- hell on us. he was so heartless.he thought " hell on us" | remember colosseum in italy were barbaric cruel fights were fought(gladiator mvie) | police says call-o-usif somebody is callous towards you | it's sounds like south african batsman KALLIS who has no emotion for indian bowler | call ous(aswath) who is hardened unfeeling for others. | Engineering students become callous to education after graduation because that is teh maximum any human brain can handle lol | sounds like "kaala" in,"dil se kaala" means insensitive,unkind | sounds like carlos ... so you can imagine the unkind and unfeeling villian ;) | Callous comes from Callum means skin or Khaal in Indian languages. Any one who has hard rough khaal is unfeeling even in emotion... | doctor call us to say that we had insensitive thick skin
callow: youthful; immature; inexperienced
Callow = Cal + low; caliber is low.(madness)as well as cal-low= YOUTH N IMMATURE PPL DO THAT! | callow--cow---milkPaal vadiyum mugam unakku means naive, inexperienced, immature. | callow - c+allow : immature person can not allow to do this | callow - call low, NO i can't call them, they are just to low,immature, to be invited to the party. | Childish + shALLOW = CALLOW | CALLOW also means immature....SHALLOW rhymes with CALLOW...callow people are shallow(immature) from within.... | callow is similar to~kalou who is a player of Chelsea who is one of the inexperienced player in the side.. | callow == c + allow == cidds(kids)+ allow == kids r not allowed here because they r so immatured. | CAL(calories)+LOW(less).If we have less calories we look young and then we are YOUTH. | c-allo(allu)-w: allu in kannada means kids drink are immature and inexperienced | My servant Kaloo (callow here) is very immature. | call+low....Inexperienced employee gets low(less) calls from companies... | A callow sparrow alwayflies low! How is it ;) | opposite to mellow | Callow rhymes with shallow. Imagine a scuba diver diving with his gear, because it is his first time swimming. He is immature, as he does not know the basics of swimming. You do not need a scuba suit to jump into a shallow pool. | all are allowed in the pub.P.s-Immatures and inexperienced youth are prohibited. | callow resemble to COWlike which do not whereto go | Callow: Calf: who is a immature. | callow= KAL + LO . A guy saying the other guy k ye saman mere se KAL LO, because today i m unsexperienced an immature.. | when she saw me getting a call she made a sound OWW how callow she is | callow rhyms with shallow.. a shallow sea has got nothing in it.. | | call low. Low/less calls. Ppl with less experience get less calls | callow sounds like Kalilo i.e. they are young,immature and inexperienced | Callow - Hallow thats empty inside, lacking adult maturity, in experienced | callow- "kal aao...aaj inexperienced ho"
callus: area of thick hard skin
callous is hardened person callus is hardened skin !! | doctors(skin specialists) say call+us- in case of hardened skin | callus rhymes with kallis,the s.a cricketer..he is muscular n made up of thick hard skin:-) | cantankerous - focus on 'ankerous' sounds like angerous | Callus: cal = calcium. If we(us) are full of cal, we’re certainly hard --- hard skin.
calorific: heat-producing; N. calorie
calorie is the term used for energy.........and heat is a form of energy as calorific is heat producing
calumny: malicious misrepresentation; slander
calumny, sounds like kalmuhi, which is a harsh remark given by a saas to her bahu.So its akind of slander. | rhymes with ALUMNI--imagine urself slandering n defaming some of ur cllg ALUMNI | calu-muy: calu means legs in kannada and mny sounds like muri which means to break ...parents will tel i ll BERAK UR LEG(CALUMNY) which is a SLANDER | Calumny sounds like columns, imagine if some one write bad thind aboute you ll be defamed. | Cal (californians) talk shit about NY (new yorkers)...SLANDER!!!! | Calumni = Calikh malna on somebody's character | A calumny can upset a calm discourse. | This is along similar lines as to one above..."I considered it a CALUMNY when someone said I was an ALUM of CAL State." | calumny-sounds like alumnia who is the goal keeper of arsenal..he abuses the opposition team mates.. | cALUMNY : criticise alumni. critise/bad remarks | CALUMNY ...Call Um n e name...pronounced Kaa Luhm nee | Calumny printed in newspaper column | | | CALLUMNY= call+u+money,one can make wrong remarks on u for getting money,so its slandering. | Remember, how they used to tie people who were accusing in something bad to the COLUMN of shame? | Calumny - Think of a Column written about you that you are CALculating to steal MoNeY. Clearly a malicious lie. | friend calls u to ask (mny) sounds like money
camaraderie: good-fellowship; CF. comrade
break it up.. Camara + de + give or share your room with your friends with whom you have mutual trust..good-fellowship.. | You can use the casual statement in Hindi "CAMERA DEY REY"(Give me the Camera) with someone who are having a good relationship with/good friend. | camaraderie = you use camera and take pictures of people you have friendship and mutual trust | While addressing any communist meetings or any strikes or raastaroko....the activists r addresses as comrades....comrades follow good fellow ship... | camera de rahi hai ..which is a mark of good fellowship! | camara(Kamara: Hindi)+derie(Darie: Hindi): With whom u share urKamara and Darie, means ur good friend. | camaraderie: Similar to comradeship | kamra+dari=sharing of a room should involve camaraderie | Camara + der . Use the camera to capture there your best friend | break it up.. Camara + de + rie.. you give or share your room with your friends with whom you have mutual trust.. good-fellowship..
cameo: shell or jewel carved in relief; star's special appearance in a minor role in a film
in front of the cam(camera) u try to add a jewel to show yourself as a star for a special appearance in a movie.. | cameo sounds like romeo .. so its related to star special appearance .. and also romeo adds | Apni kamiyo ko chupane ke liye pehno cameo(jewel carved in relief) | the role of salman khan in movie "hello" was very kam(hindi) hain. | Batsman plays very fast knock at the end of innings and Ravi Shastri says 'what a good cameo he played' | romeo ajith came like cameo in english vinglish
camp: group sharing a common cause or opinion
a camp is a place where people with common ideas and interests stay.
canard: unfounded false rumor; exaggerated false report
Remember Kannad movies...their fighting is so remember canard as being a false portrayal. | canard - can hard, it can hardly happen. It is exaggerated. | Canarad--- Remember Narad Muni who use to spread false rumours. | Remember: I "canard" (cannot) believe that story! | can+hard--rumours can be hardly believed | can nerd(nard) spread rumours? No he can't! | CanarD~Kenar...In Share market you can hearfalse rumorparticular share KENAR jonno. | canard - canara bank server is hacked, is a false rumor or false report.
candor: frankness; open honesty; ADJ. candid
Candor (Can + Do + r) During an interview you reflect your "Can Do" attitude to the interviewer. | Candor (Can + Do + or + not) tell me the truth can u do this or shud i go to sm1 else ?? | Derived from "candid" which means truthful and honest opinion etc. | cando-r, in gujrati kando is onion, if we make some criminal,smell kando he becomes frank and openly honest and tells us everything | Imagine my life lies behind a door. Then if I CAN open the DOoR to my life...I am open and honest...So I "CAN" open the "DOR" | CAN u come straight from DOoR?? dont come thru window... | CAN (Can't) DOR(Dar.In hindi Dar is to fear. so those who dont fear are open, frank and honest. | candidate should be candid, or have candor meaning to be honest or frank to people | Can+ dar; dar in hindi is don't be darpok, be frank.. | candourUK,UScandornoun[ U]the quality of being honest and telling the truth, especially about a difficult or embarrassing subject"We really don't know what to do about it, " she said with surprising candour | candor is the door of honesty | children become stright forward and honest onlywhen you give them a candy | Imagine a can is talking to a door. The can is telling the door that he is fired, because the door is not an all-rounder. He is honestly telling the door. That is candor. | candor-- can+doorif u "can" speak "truth" then all "doors" of heaven are open for u
canine: related to dogs; doglike
canine is a big sharp tooth used for biting and dogs have sharp tooth so canine =dog like | before i end in counting up NINE numbers if you CAN't do this work you are a doglike animal | canine=cat+nine, If there are these many cats then surely dog will appear from some where... | the dominicans is latin for "the lords watch dogs", for they were preachers for all sinners throughout history. domini=lord, cani=dogs
bureaucracy: overregulated administrative system marked by red tape; ADJ. bureaucratic
bureau(noun........means..a source which provide information..may be an office or an organization.)+cracy(means...goverment or the rule....) goverment run by officials......or officials doing the kind of work that either a rular or a g | conti.... that either a government or rular does. so what do youthink of our administrative system?
burgeon: grow rapidly; grow forth; send out buds; Ex. burgeoning computer industry; CF. bludgeon
Burge+on sounds likeBulge which means growing big | BARO(grow)+JIYO | burgeon ~ burger; If you eat a lot of burgers, you will gain weight (hence grow) | If you eat a lot of BURGers you will BrinG ON the weight! | Can be pronounced as --bur – grow – on, grow on meaning grow forth, ahead | bad jaana (bur+geon) in hindi .to increase in number | burgeon..urge+on..if u hav dat urge(a strong impulse, inner drive) set to on..den defntely u vl grow and florish | burgeon- reminds us of the word bargari in kannada...u can somewhat relate it to it.. | relate with BURGER..if v eat BURGER we will grow big.. | sounds like BURGER...when you eat only burgers, your size will INCREASE RAPIDLY........ | A good plastic surgeon will make you thinner. A bad surgeon will do the opposite and make you grow bigger. | a BIRD takes flight | burgeon , ge + on .. its like go on .. so it means flourish or grow rapidly | BURGEr+piGEON = if you eat too many burgers you grow like a pigeon! | The kitten grows so rapidly as if she was Be-URGEd-ON to flourish. | Ice burg-on surface of ocean looks small but really big inside tghe ocean. | the sURGEON helps population GROW by reducing the amount of ppl die thru surgery. | BURGE similar to BULGE meaning to expand rapidly | sounds like bulgeon... which is becoming bulge... i.e. growing in size.. | The doctor was so clever, he quickly burgeoned as surgeon | eat lots of (burge)rs and grow fatter, it's (on) your hand. | burgeon sounds like Gurgaon.... thisis one of the fastest developing cities of India.. | I burgeon when i drink BURGUNDY!
burlesque: give an imitation that ridicules; imitate mockingly
if you want to ridicule Barclays premier league than you can write Burlesque premier league. | burlesque..can be pronounced as bure log in hindi..wha do bad ppl do?? ridicule others.. | burlesque~(burles)girls+(que)queue = when lots of beautiful girls go to college everyday , some handsome, dashing boys make a queue near the gate of the college to burlesque the girls. | If somebody jumps the QUEue, people hurl(~BURL) abusES on that person...Mockery and imitation are common forms of abuses.... | BURLESQUE.... a burly person will always mock at others. | Burl~girl:The girl at circus imitated the joker for fun.. | BURLESQUE = BURY + RESQUE. I want either to bury or rescue myself before they insult me in this CARICATURE/PARODY | ur-your,,that means ,mentioning to the same person ,who has said,,that means imitate.and ,how to imitate, imitate with a que(used in billiards).. | Burle (charle) + rescue= imagine charle is mocking a rescuer.
burnish: make shiny by rubbing; polish
Remember Varnish - used on wooden things to make them shine | burnish-this brings us to the word ,cald furnish,ie , polishing and rubbing to make it shine.. | BURNT thing is polished TO MAKE it SHINY. | BURNish: Clay work is burned and POLISHed before selling.. | BURN-ish, can be interpreted as giving burnish texture, i.e. POLISH
bust: piece of sculpture showing a person's head, shoulders, and upper chest; V: break up; arrest; Ex. crimebuster
Bust is above breast in the chest;police busted him in haste. | bust can be remembered with boost,when ever i come across bust,i love to drink boost,because boost is the secret of my energy
buttress: support; prop up; N. stationary structure to support wall; Ex. flying buttress
remember by your BUTT or BUTTOCKS ! what do they do? They provide you with a padding when ypu sit, giving support.. :) | If you have big but (hope you know what ‘but’ is), you will have extra support | buttress=butt rest...butt gives u support so u tk rest on ur butt generally while sleeping or sitting | butts rests on support | buttress…..sounds simillar to mistress………….when i failed my exams due to my ill health ,it was my biology mistress who understood my problem and supported me in my tough time. | buttress ends with "tress" can be read as truss, truss are usually created in order to strengthen the stucture (Mech) | sometimes u need to put u need to put butter on your stories to support it | butt(container to store liquid)+ress(sounds like rest.) ..plz get only one butt ,as we need it as a support to our existing water supply,rest we have got big tankersfor this purpose. | buttress sounds like butter which is used to cover the bread for its gives support to the bread ...then it taste's well | Buttress = but (put) + tress (stress); give stress for support at back by a pile.
caprice: whim; sudden change of mind without any real cause
ca(kya)+price...u say to shopkeeper "abey yeh kya u go on changing price." | the government put a CAP on the PRICE of RICE..because it keeps changing | cap (~ a hat). Cap price rises so you change your mind to buy one | cap+rice: cooked rice on your new wearing cap? sudden impulse will come to your mind. | My favorite car is a Caprice: So I remember it as: "I HAVE A CAPRICE FOR CAPRICE" | Cal saw the low price of rice and immediately was impulsed to buy some!
capricious: unpredictable; fickle
ca(CAR) + PRIC(PRICE)...PRICE OF cars nowadays is becomingunpredictable with the launch of Tata's 1 lakh car. | CAPRICONS(SUN SIGN) ARE GENERALLY IMPULSIVE N UNPREDICTABLE PEOPLE | Capricorn the goat(zodiac symbol) is capricious | if u wear Capri(a dress, also called 3/4th) in place of formal dress, it will be UNPREDICTABLE, ERRATIC. | Wearing a ricious cap (cap full of cooked rice=capricious)? Angry? | CAPricious- CAP rounds (for entrance of medical or engg. courses) are so impredictable | cap ofhimesh reshammiya is very PRECIOUS he would be unpredictablewhen its stolen | A cowboy rides into town. He goes into the general store to buy a new pair of jeans. He impulsively changes mind and buys CAPRI-Pants instead. Now that's capricious! | part of this word is "Capri".. usually capri's are low waist... its very unpredictable when it may fall of ur waist.. its so loose.. | CA(calcium)is precious is not predictable when our teeth weakens | It sounds like cap-riches. Imagine a guy at a casino with his cap under where the money comes out of a slot machine. You never know the outcome of the slot machine. He might not get anything or he might get riches. | Being Capricious is not facetious because it happens on a whim.
capsize: (of a boat) turn over
if u want to know the size of a cap (which is generally present inside the cap), we need to overturn it to see the size | what is ur cap size. Matlab teri pagdi mein kitna dam hai means how much is the turn over. | If you want to see the size of Cappal(Ship in tamil) the u need to turn it over
caption: title; chapter heading; text under illustration
Interesting Caption all the time captures our attention
captious: faultfinding; too critical
First word that comes to mind -Captain, who will always find and call attention to Faults which must be altered. | simiar to CAUTIOUS...cautious people FIND FAULTS in things | CAPTION--ppl who supervise and copyright the CAPTIONs of good TV Ads ae particularly perfectionist and fault finding | CAPTIOUS- ALWAYS GIVIN CAPTIONS..ALWAYS LABELING.. | CAPTION+ous so caption is one which is catchy. so a captious person always tries to pick faults in others,FAULTFINDING. | Captured by her attack on my character, I was trapped in an argument with her. | Captions...when you give too many CAPTIONS(comments) on you friend's photos, you try to find faults | we generally give captions or names to people if we find fault with Mr. stupidity etc., | Imagine a ships CAPTAIN yelling, "Swab the decks ye scurvy scum!" | if ur CAUTIOUS U will not do faults. | CAPPI TEA polirikunnu ennu objection paranju athu ozhivakki CAPTIOUS = tending to find silly faults | its sort of like keere nikaalna. A captious person makes you cautious forcibly. | capture your faults to make you cautious
carafe: glass water bottle; decanter
try to remember it as coffee + cafe ..... | the word resembles cafe which is brewed in a carafe. | Glass water bottle is in car safe while driving
canker: any ulcerous sore; ulcer; any evil; CF. cancer
canker relates to CANCER which is also a kind of ulcer. | CANKER has a TANKER and kills every1 who cmes in his CANKER z EVIL | canker -- 'daal mein canker...' | something like kankar | Smoking is a CANKER that causes CANCER. | canker sounds like CANCER (mouth cancer) which is also a kind of ulcer.
canny: shrewd in money matters; thrifty
Canny sounds like Granny. Granny is shrewd in money or business matters. | Canny sounds like Penny. A person who doenot like to give away his penny is canny. | a can is used to store stuff and hence canny refers to storing money and not easliy spending it | Canny id dervived from can : (in the sense: to know how) | canny ~ cunny == cunning means dhoort in hindi | canny-can any penny..not to spend much and to store more | Canny - cunny (Kunjus ) | canny can be remembered as "KEN"whcih means perceptive and haveing good judgements. | Canny business of making money using Pepsi cans | canny = can + any; I can do any work i.e. showing self interest.
cant: insincere speech or expression of piety; jargon of thieves; special words used by a particular group of people
monks will be ChANT ing mantras . its known only for saints and monks | i cant understand their(a particular group lik thieves] CANTeg in movies, RajniKANT's language&the hypocrisy he shows 2wrds Gods(i.e. insincere expressions of piety)As i knw only hindi or english.....i cant understand his CANT | cant= short cut of "can not". when someone ignored to do any work i.e. he cannot do that . that expressing an insincerity type of talk.. | chant ~ nice and pious words..cant is opposite | can't trust someone who cants | u cant understand a cant language | evry group has its SLANG, which they use while having a break in CANTeen | if you forget the password u CANT access ur account. secret word known by only those who are using it. | CAnT—sounds like a cat—which is considered to be bad religiously.. so a BAD talk abt religious matters | Use like this.. You CAN'T wish to be a thief to share their language.. also Your good spirit CAN'T be insinciere in religious or moral matters.. | cant is used by a small group of people it should be cannot. | I can't believe this religious cant.
cantankerous: ill-humored; irritable
split it into can+tanker+ous : read this as 'kaan' (ear in hindi)+ taker + us, one who is irritable will always have a one below ear (slap) from us. | cantankerous (can+tanker) imagine that instead of going by a car, if you have to go by a can tanker,it can make you angry or ill-tempered. | cantankerous sounds like "cann't take it anymore" and when do we say this when we get irritated | cantankerous (cane+tanker+on+us).Though we save oursalves from cane falling on us we become ill-tempered. | Can tanker irritate us (ous) | cantankerous==CANT+ANGER+ous someone whom u dare not anger for he is old and ill tempered | hulk cannot tackle tankers - irritable. ill humoured | hey you morons you are coming here to learn what cantankerous mean, i tell you now it means people who are cantankerous like you when you read this mnemonic. | cat angry us | one sitting in a TANK is BAD TEMPERED to kill the enemy and is UN-COOPERATIVE towards enemy | can+tanker+uspahle itna pareshan kiya ki can bhar gaya, fir tanker aur ab hum(us) | Can and tank is to be used against cantankerous person | oil can of the tank is slip on our body so we become angry | CANTAkerous, here CANTA is comparable to hindi word Kanta(throne) which is irritating when it stings. so cantakerous means irritating
cantata: story set to music to be sung by a chorus (shorter than an oratorio)
Can 'Tata Young'(of Dhoom) sing any songs like cantata? | tata in telugu means grand father..he tells stories of ramayana in the form of a song | focus on 'tata' part of it and imagine some advertisment of tata salt (indian brand) running on TV....(which may eb a kind of story set to music) | cantata- reminds me of Carlos Santana if you know him,Latin musician. | Ratan Tata presented a cantata on the launch of Nano. | can tata(ratan tata) dance to this cantata??obviously no,he has become old..!! | chorus singing a story about can tata | cantata - cant can be pronounced as chant - chantings of tata ( tata - grandpa in kannada ), so its religious chants by old people
canter: slow gallop; V. CF. trot
ant is the word to see..for this moment make an ant slow and also gallop it like a horse..there u go.. | CAN+TERRAIN....I can run on a terrain but with a gentle gallop i.e canter | canter is similar to saunter....which means to stroll or walk about slowly | i m running towards center at a canter speed.. | can +TER.....where TERR TERR is sound of frog that is frog does a slow gallop | canter~~cantler~~antler(which is a animal of deer family n runs like a horse) | When a horse cant err.. run fast, it will canter (walk in slow gallops) | You won't CANTER when you are chased by a PANTHER.. | Think about Canterbury Tales, which is about a group of pilgrims sharing stories as they slowly travel together on a journey. | gait means moment, slow gait is trot, fast gait is gallop. in betwwen trot and gallop smooth gait means CANTER | Trot | You won't CANTER when you are chased by a PANTHER.. | You won't CANTER when you are chased by a PANTHER.. | slowly moving the can with the horse.(slow gallop of horse)
carousal: drunken revel; V. carouse
wen u see a car driven unusual than the driver could b drunken -carousal : car unusual | maybe you can see it this way... arous = arousal and al = alcohol....somehow you can try and relate it to drinking | Carnal+Arouse...most of the noisy drinking parties arouse your carnal desires....carnal desire arousal i.e carousal | rous- this word itself brings to the meaning problem,drunken problem. | carnivorous(is wild) + arousal=wild drinking party | carousal sounds like karachal which in tamil means noise which occurs at drinking party | carousal = cafe + arousal = drinking revel | c+arouse+al where arouse is group of people in excitement here it is like DRUNKEN REVEL.
carping: petty criticism; fault-finding; fretful complaining; quibble
If you will ping with your car horn, people will shout at you...they will complain...carping... | Car+p(ark)+ing; Many people find faults in ur carparking style | carping sounds like its unjustified to criticize this word and call it "crap". | carping - harping in an irritating way = fretful complaining | If you ping some one while driving car your parents criticize you. | ping kar kar k galti batana | Sounds like crapping... means critism, complain, finding faults. | If someone "Ping your car"..they COMPLAIN about you | It's easy to be carping at one, rather then to act for cause.
carrion: rotting flesh of a dead body; CF. vulture
car+lion imagine rotten body of a lion after a car run over it. | The vulture carries on eating carrion . (carries on=carrion) | Vultures CARRY ON the process of decaying of dead animals(carrion) | Hey guys, don't carry the rotten CARRION. Carry on searching fresh flesh. | its law of nature bodies will die n will decay...but we must CARRY ON | ifu can identify rio in the above word, rio de the outskirts of rio de janerio,u can find canibals and vultures eating dead ,rotten flesh together. | No one oses carrion tomake curry. | if u find rooten flesh on road dont stop.....still carry+on | CARRI+ON=carry on. means the food chain cannot carry on without decomposition/rotting of dead bodies. | Sounds like CARRIER--carrier carries DEAD BODY.. | Orion, the hunter hunts down animals and leaves dead rotten animals behind. | The one who carry on his life by rotting flesh of a dead body.
cartographer: map-maker
graph- kind of map, grapher- map maker.. | in olden times people used to travel in CARTS & refer to MAPS(graphs) they were cartographers | it can be assumed like ''car ko graph kar''... Which means in order to find the hidden car you will need to draw the graph for it... So its ''map or graph maker''... | in order to drive a CAR you need city map, so you and ask Car "map grapher" | cartographer - Gps shows map in car as graph. Its a map maker.
cascade: small waterfall
cask+add little more water to get a small waterfall
caste: one of the hereditary classes in Hindu society; social stratification; prestige
carefree: free from worries; having no problems
carefree sounds like stayfree.. which r sanitary pads for females...which make them feel carefree or unworried about their periods | care = feeling + free = having no worries. Therefore no feeling of worry.
caricature: distortion; burlesque
Jim Carry is famous for his facial caricatures because he shows all kinds of distorted faces. | cari"character"+cature"kachra....garbage"caricature = character ka kachradistort | cari+cature..(creature) wHEN YOUMAKE a DISTORTEDIMAGE OF OUR ANCIENT CREATURES , YOU are sure to get criticizm from everywhere. | caricature can be divided intocarry and nature so..jim carry's nature is to distort his face and imitate people to create a comic gesture | cari + creature : kaisa creature if u've seen something unsual | when a car is sent to cature(crushing) machine it become distorted(become pull or twist out of shape.).
carillon: a set of bells (often in a tower) capable of being played
christmas carroll songs are one where you can find bells being played.... | carillon-"car","ill" take the 'car' and drive to the temple and 'play the bells' for the one who is 'ill'.. | Beautiful glamorous CARON playing with bells ALONE. | car+il= if u dont have car then go to temple and and ring the set of bell | carilon - ca-ring-on = rings on a tower or church like a carol | car-in-lawn your car is stuck in lawn and you are belling for help | car+ onwhen we have bells hanging in our car for show and whn car starts, bells starts ringing.. | carillon - car horn will be like a bell in the church.
carnage: destruction of life; slaughter; killing of large numbers of people or animals
If under aged people drive the car, there is a possibility that he may kill people or animals on the road. | carn+age where carn can be seen from the carnivorous point of view so its DESTRUCTION OF LIFE, SLAUGHTER,KILLING... | carnage = car + rage(remove n). A car coming in rage may result in mass killing or mass destruction. | CAR+NAGE.....SOME young people went on rampAGE with thier CARS ON THE FOOTPATH,killing large NUMBER OF PEOPLE . | carnivorous age..implies destruction!!! | CAR+NAZI - NAZIs coming in CAR and it led to carnage of many jews. | CAR+AGE:when a CAR gets AGED its sent for as scrap (destruction) | car+age you know these days cars don't last long they easily are destroyed, killing people, a destruction. | let us say carnage is a age like the iron age where slaughtering and destruction of life took place | remember carnage as a carnaval+rage when many people gathered but because of the rage, there were mass murders.
carnal: fleshly; sensual; concerning the desires of the body
Nowadays cars are used (as a place) to satisfy carnal desires. | carnivorous animals love carnal food | carnallike as kernel - the core or body of the linux | girl tells 2 boy in hindi- "mere naal (with me in punjabi) aana ho to car carnal honi chaiye" | we can say Core is Nal(Nil) meaning no spirituality hence only bodily. | carnal can be remembered a girl in car and nude.looked sexious and physical. | carnal= physical related. carnal = karnal. a place in hariyana. hariyana recently is plagued with rape and sexual abusue
carnivorous: meat-eating; N. carnivore; CF. herbivore
canto: division of a long poem
sounds like KAATO(cut in hindi) KAATO into parts | "Kaato" cut the long poem into several sections...simple !!! | Think of Benagali sexy woman singing song "Kanta laga..hi laga..".She will sing "Kanto (=canto) lagaa .... | Canto=chant+kaato | canto sounds like cameltoe (please google it) | we CAN sing this big song by dividing to each | this brings to our mind,the name antonio,a famouse poet known for his romantic poems..
canvass: determine or seek opinions, votes, etc.; go through (a region) to solicit votes or orders; conduct a survey; N.
In Sri Lankan Cricket team there is a player with Name Chaminda Vas. Suppose if selectors will say "Can Vas play the next Tournament ?" They are looking for votes | just to complete what r4nj33t want to menation..if selectors will say "Can Vas play the next Tournament??" What are they ..are seeking our OPINION.OR VOTES IN FAVOUR OF THEM. | on CANVASS u always draw a picture and say ur opinions... | The congressman is going to KANSAS city to CANVASS for votes and CANVASS people's opinions about their needs and wants | imagine a politician asking for vote beneath canvas tent
capacious: spacious
Capacious -- relate itto Capacity -- An ability to hold. | Sounds like spacious i.e. having lot of space/capacity | capacity+spacious=capacious | IMAGIN A BIG CAP.IMAGIN YOU AND YOUR ALL FAMILY SITTING IN IT | capaci(look like capacity…..means an ability to hold or possess something)+ous(sounds like us)…….our country sees its future in us ,as we are young and possess that ability to make our nation world super power. | capacious--kapa gal room is generally very spacious
capacity: mental or physical ability; role; position or duty; ability to accommodate; Ex. in my capacity as president
capillary: having a very fine bore; resembling a hair; fine and slender; Ex. capillary attraction; N: very fine hairlike tube; CF. capillarity
capillary:cap +ill+ary(a):ary(a) felt ill when he lost his cap(generallycaphold's place were it resemble'sa hair) | Sounds like (CAP)GAP + Illary (no Gap)
capitulate: surrender; give up all resistance
CAPtain it's too late, we will have to surrender.. | capital+ate - if someone ate the capital that means the king of the capital has surrendered. | CAP ITU LATE : Cap(close/cover/stop) it, it is too late. Give in, yield, to stop resisting an enemy | | captured by someone ---- surrendered | If u GIVE UP ur spirit , you r a CAPI TULL(kannada) | This word can be related to Capitalism which weakened all the colonies. | Capitulations of the Ottoman Empire made empire slender and end as a result of this. | The CAPtain gave up resistance and surrended under agreed conditions!
catapult: slingshot; hurling machine; V: fire from catapult
cata sound like Chata(Hindi) + Pult(pull) Khiche k chata marna or we can say stone or bomb Khiche k maarna . | CATA(KATTe ki) rubber katti PULL chestam...adhi CATAPULT | ca-tap-ult--here tap seems like tope (old type of anartillery) which were used during wars for hurling huge stones and bombs on enemies.. | relate it to siege weapon in age of emipires 2. which attacks from certain distance throwing fire | catapult - In cart stone is pulled to attack | we know about the gulel neshana lagane ke liye.that is catapult.
cataract: great waterfall; eye abnormality (causing a gradual loss of eyesight)
when you have any abnormality in ur eyes, you'll start crying as if a big waterfall comes out of ur eyes. | it sounds like cant + interact . If u r having eye disease u cant interact | you see a cat ,coz of the eye probyou will wonder if it is a cat or rat.. | cataract=antonym of cascade | cat and rat fight u cannot see and if U see it, a large amount of tears roll out as waterfall | Cut of interact | chaata marne ke act ki vajah se ankho ki roshni kam ho gayi
catastrophe: calamity ; disaster
Cut a trophy:: if we loss the trophy then that event will be big loss misfortune , so is the meaning -- event resulting in great loss and misfortune | jab kutte ne KATA on the "TROUGH" then disaster happens!!! | cat+as+trophy..imagine if u had writen cat u would had got a big trophy...bcos u r such an intelligent guy...but wat hapend u r dead bcos of catastrophe | it would be a TRAGEDY if CAT+ AS + TROPHY | After winning a game if CAT is given AS TROPHy. calamity and disaster between countries & teams. | cata s trophe----- cutting the top edgethis generally happens when any disaster comes....
catcall: shout of disapproval or displeasure (made at the theater or a sports match); boo; V.
if someone CALLs me a CAT there will be a shout of disapproval from my side n i would boo at them back | all the cat were calling rats but rats made a "catcall" | If sexy catwoman calls you for sex, what will you do? | catcalls or booing from the crowd made Symo a cat on hot bricks...(cat on hot bricks means nervous..its an idiom which you s'd be knowing...and andrew symonds is a controversial cricketer..u s'd know this if u follow cricket | if CATs start to CALL eachother in the night, u want them to STOP! so u catcall | even if its sachin tendulkar...he has to face CATCALLS when not in form...!!! | if someone about to deliberately step on to yout pet cat's call(kaalu-telugu)..wat u would do??definitely der wil b a shout of disaproval from u | if we cat(girl)call we will shout with disapproval. | | cat+call -- When in circus, if tehy bring cat instead of a lion or tiger..people will say boo...they dont want cat and they disapprove | to call someone like a dog.means to disapprove someone.
catechism: book for religious instruction in question-and-answer form; religious instruction by question and answer; V. catechize
Catechism (Break it like CAT + MECHISM)Where CAT reminds us of CAT (the exam) and CAT(HOLIC) so Christianity funda...MECHISM reminds us of MECHANISM (Question Answer Pattern of the Exam). | catechism - cat(holic) + techism. The technique of understanding catholism. | The "cataclysm" (major disaster or war) resulted in a "cataclasm" (disruption) of the "catechism" (instruction in Christian beliefs given in a question-and-answer format) classes.
categorical: without exceptions; made without any doubt in mind; unqualified; absolute
assume that there are two categories A & B and you have to put an object in one of when you put that object in a are ABSOLUTEly sure that it belongs there. | belongs to all CATEGORIES without any exeption | : sounds like category, so things put in category are clear and direct | you have decided to CATEGORIZE UNQUALIFIED FROM qualified PEOPLE. | categorical - category of stones(cal - stones in tamil) Unambiguously explicit and direct types of stones.
castigation: punishment; severe criticism or disapproval
In olden days lower CAST people were severely criticized... | Castigated sounds similar to castrated, which would be a harsh punishment for any guy. | due to the CASTe system there is so much agitATION....therefore it is under severe criticism | If you have to throw a criminal out of the GATES of society, CAST him out the GATE - CASTiGATion... | u criticize severely and punish those who ask ur CASTE at the GATE | one who follws CASTEism is thrown out of the GATE | castigation sounds like rustication. | In Iran, if you break your chastity you will suffer chastisement.In USA, if you do caste discrimination, you will suffer castigation. | Inter caste Marriage will result in punishment; severe criticism or disapproval. (castigation - gate for love using caste) | castigation - gate for love using caste, if broken punishment & disapproval | CASTIGATION we cast gold to get its finest level same way we SCOLD or PUNISH to make them proper. | "Castigation" sounds like "caste at every gate of the nation" which acts as a punishment and severe disapproval due to the use of caste quota..
castrate: remove the sex organs (of a male animal or person)
Pay CASH whose genetic organs cannot become STRAIGHT.(CAS+STRATE=CASH+STRAIGHT) | u can try and rhyme castrate with prostate...which is part of male sex organ | CAST+RATE=People who have their cast+rate low ,their sex organ is removed. | more rape case rate remove the male organ as punishment
casual: happening by chance; irregular; occasional; informal; showing or feeling little interest; Ex. casual reader/labor/remark
casualty: serious or fatal accident; person killed or wounded in an accident or battle
imagine ur on the road and having CASUALLY a TEA and a car hits u causing a fatal accident | CAuSe yoU fatALiTY..
cataclysm: deluge; upheaval; earthquake; violent and sudden event or change
it is a CATASTROPHE in the earth's surface. | KATHAKALI dance- usne itne jor se KATHAKALI dance kiya ki bhucal aa gaya and it led to great loss of jaan maal. | can be related to catalystif we misuse catalyst, some danger reaction may occur which may lead to huge losses.. | The "cataclysm" (major disaster or war) resulted in a "cataclasm" (disruption) of the "catechism" (instruction in Christian beliefs given in a question-and-answer format) classes. | can be related to CATALYST (accelerator,something that causes an important event to happen).....catalysts for cataclysms are almost impossible to predict well in advance... | catalyst in atomic power station is wrong will result in earthquake; violent and sudden event or change | For VideoGame lovers : Cataclysm is the new expansion of the popular VideoGame 'World Of Warcraft'.
catalyst: agent which brings about a chemical change while it remains unaffected and unchanged; CF. catalysis
CATA(LOOK like CATION..ions which has positive charge)like mn+2which is a cation ,and cations SPEED UP THE RATE OF REACTION,that is how they BRING A CHEMICAL CHANGE IN A REACTION. | My new CAT caused A LIST (lyst) of things that suddenly changed in my life. | cat is a fast moving animal & we all know that catalyst is a chemistry word, v can assume that if we put catatalyst it will work as cat in chemistry..,.
carapace: shell covering the back (of a turtle, tortoise, crab, etc.)
car + space....where do you have space in the car, at the back which is always the meaning is a shell covering the back. | CARRY-PACE - the PACE of the turtule (animal with a hard shell) is slow because it has to CARRY its HARD SHELL | kada + peeth which means "hard back" | The hard outer covering (CARAPACE) of billiard balls is what allows them to CAROM off of one another. | carapace - a carapace is meant to care for the base
carcinogenic: causing cancer; N. carcinogen
CARCINO+genic carcino is pertaining to cancer causing element | generates cancer.... | carSINoGENIEc.. Alladin's GENIE will give you CANCER if you do a SIN.. | carcinogenic - car carbon(smoke) in take generally will cause cancer. | carcinogenic = carci (curtsy) + no + gen + ic; Donot know any curtsy is always evil work.
cardinal: chief; most important; N: priest; cardinal number: number that shows quantity rather thatn order
'cardinal' also means pertaining to the 'heart' and the heart is the 'most important' part of our body. It is responsible for the working of our body. | CARDinal - cards, account cards, visa cards, ssn cards, those most important stuffs. | car + din(day) car is "important" to go to the office during din | | You are very important to me.TADI NAL , hum jaan de sakte hai!!!!!cardinal = most important, primary
cardiologist: doctor specializing in ailments of the heart
CARDIO + LOGIST cardio means heart..and a person studying the logics of the heart is a cardiologist.
careen: lurch; sway from side to side; move with irregular swinging movement; stagger
careen sounds like car in will MOVE IN AN UNSTEADY manner in the rain. | Careen | Its like career.In every persons life career will have ups and down | careen is derived from the word career- "to rush" so its To lurch or swerve while in rush | remember hindi superstar Kareena and her boyfriends Saif and Shahid Kapoor, so she sways away side to side "kabhi shahid, kabhi saifu" | Associate with career : our career keeps swinging from one side to the other | car + lean - car eans frm one side to another like its swaying! | remember bollywood actress kareena, who keeps swaying from one actor to another :-) | The sport car beside us started to CAREEN as soon as the light turned to GREEN, we were worried about the safety of the passengers in that car | to clean the rear part of the cab(tilted ship). We move side by side to tilt it.
career: rush wildly; go at full speed
career refers to say jobs...and people rush for job interviews and to reach on time daily for jobs | relate career with car+rear i.e when u have got a car comming at your rear endor back side than u will rush wildly to save yourself | career in abroad - go with full speed
cater: provide food and drink (for); cater to: try to satisfy (desires of a bad kind)
cater seperated into- cat and tear -cats generally provide their food from people by crying (are they?) hence tear occur in their eyes. After that day cat use that method for providing food called cater :) | a caterer supplies food | The food was supplied in a shopping 'cart' | cater-seems like caterings who provide food for people in specially arranged occassions | it will be written on hotel posters that "catering" is available | provide food and drink to cat by her and satisfy it | cater ( keta) It is a difficult job to meet ( cater) the needs of the youths which are affiliated with the current technology | CARE+Taker-we CATE+Take by providing food and drink....
catharsis: purging or cleansing of any passage of the body; purging and weakening of strong emotions as a result of experiencing a dramatic work of art
CATHA sounds like KATHA(a religious story in hindi)..KATHA leads to the purging(means release) of emotional tensions. | Lets put it this way:the INDIAN KATHA was so inpiring that it led to the gettin rid of emotions!!meaning2:cath+arse...ARSE means the part of body where u get rid of sumthing | cath + 'arse' : so its used for evacuation of the bowels | kaththu + archesi (after all the shouting you feel relaxed, giving up all emotions) | CATHER....A TUBE that is used in some chemical test(related to abdominan) where it isinserted into the body for doing a test with cather is catharsis. | CATHAR+sis : Kathe +sis. By teling u r daily kathe(stories) to u r sis, u will feel relaxed and thus cleansing of emotion is also done | Catharsis=Cut hairs.To remove licks and clean. | From"katha rus" u can relieve ur mind n pure your soul | Kasaav(a Hindi word meaning tension) ke recess | Catharsis = cat (cut) + har (hair) + sis (sister); Cut hair sister i.e purging hair. | cut hair of sis in movie made him feel for his dead sister | CATHARSIS = KATH (KATTU)+ARSE = You feel relieved
cathartic: purgative; medicine that causes the bowels to empty; ADJ.
CATHARSIS is getting rid of emotionsCATHARTIC is getting rid of DIRT from the bowels(intestine) | cut the hair for fathers death make sad, so we made him cry and forget it. | one cata(pin) is enter in ur foot | sounds like katha+farting.i.e. katha of medicine which helps farting i.e to empty bowels...
catholic: (of likings and interests) universal; general; broad; including many different parts; wide-ranging liberal; Ex. catholic opinions/tastes
Catholic Christians are found everywhere in the they are present universally. | cata+holo+ic where holo refers to the whole world so its UNIVERSAL | CATs are wHOLe worldic.. That means cats are found everywhere, they are universal.
caucus: private meeting of a group of people in a political party to select officers or determine policy; CF. the Caucus club of Boston
cau + cus sounds like can collector come to discuss..... lets get together in a group and discuss about who will be elected ... | A meeting where COWS+disCUS therefore caucus isclosed political(cows) meeting | caucus + sense = consensus | think of "RUCKUS" our politicians create in the parliament... sounds similar to CAUCUS | cavvukuni discuss | discussions of politicians are heard as 'cau-cau' as they discuss like crows.. | Caucus like chokas in hindi. Means alert and watchful. All alert people in a group meet each other to determine policy | cus sounds like "cush" of cigarette. You smoke with a group to decide something. | Sound like RAUCOUS which means harsh noise..MEETINGS AND DISCUSSIONS are generally NOISY. | caucus:cau cu is the sound of small dogs... | sounds like KYA+KISE .we arrange private meetings to discuss KYA kare+KISE select kare in election. | in the party campus private meeting of a group of people in a political party to select officers
causal: implying a cause-and-effect relationship; N. causality
Causal == cause; i.e; something relating to cause | all casualtieshave a causal | No current in TN cause + all prob in the state
celerity: speed; rapidity
Relate to: Accelerate = Ac (celerity) = which means speed up something or doing something rapidly. | celerity sounds like celebrity, and a celebrity like salman khan who always drive his car in maximum speed and do the accidents. | Celerity...Celebrity Celebrities, such as Michael Jordan and Jerry Rice, usually like driving fast and expensive sports cars such as the Porsche. | celer(ity) ~ cereal if you eat cereals, you can be agile and quick | celerity - celebrity get famous at rapid rate and speed. | CELEBRITY dances with CELERITY
celestial: heavenly
Celestial sounding more like Galaxial | celestial bodies is generally referred to planets or other objects in sky such as meteriods stars etc..since heaven is up there....celestial refers to heaven | bestial means beast likecelestial means heavenly | celetial sounds like selective. and if given an option we would choose heaven instead of hell
celibate: abstaining from sexual intercourse; unmarried; N. celibacy
CELEBRITY are all opposite to celibate as:they do sex and are polyandry/polygamy (having multiple wife/husband) as they take divorce and again get married.. !! | Celibate=celina+abate which means abating sex with Celina Jaitley (a popular bollywood actress) | sorry for this...Masterbate(to involve in sex)is the opposite of celibate | celibRate because u r hanumanji ke bhakt...i.e baalbahmchari | | remember masturbate.. someone who masterbates usually does so beacuse of a lack of a sex life!! | | celib+ ate, Celebrity usually do more than one marriage have many sexual relationshipsate means away or finish as we ate dinner its finished, so CELIBATE, so the meaning | celibate--celebrity...Most of the celebrities lyk KATRINA r still "UNMARRIED" | ate + celebrity already, so no more sexual intercourse.(abstaining from sexual intercourse) | celibate = celebrity + mate. celebrities will have several marriage or mating. celibate is opposite to tat | celi + bateCelina Jateley bate some celebrity as he tried to have sex with her and she is against sex and doesn wanna do it..
cemetery: place for burying the dead
relate with crematery (cremation ground) in which the body is burnt. In cemetery body is buried. | a word come on mind is symmetry,,,which means to be equal,,,and when we all died we will be buried on the cemetery so we are all equal in that ...
censor: (in ancient Rome) overseer of morals (also taking the census); person who eliminates inappropriate matter; V.
censor board which removes inappropriate matters from movies | relate censor to parents who eliminate inapproriate things for their children,censorship... | lets remember sensors which alerts us when there is something wrong ,,(smoke detectors ,seat belt sensor in the cars)so it works like (censor)on this meaning :) | AMERICAN PIE FILM HAVE LOT OF CENSORS | they have a sensor to censor movie films | they have a sensor to censor movie films
censorious: severely critical
overly serIOUS abt CENSORing---harshly critical or disapproving | censor-ious - means like sensor; people like sensor always try to find fault of others and criticize them | CENSORship is a very CRITICALissue | it can be read as ''CENSE(sense)+serIOUS''.Which implies that it senses like its getting serious or severely critical. | censor board find it full of or(bad scenes) severely critical and disapproved it. | In ancient eastern Asia, a censor was a government official whose primary duty was to scrutinize the conduct of officials and rulers. | break it like censor+serious censor board is very srious on the director of the film
censure: blame; criticize; express strong disapproval; N: severe criticism; strong disapproval
Try to link the meaning of this word with the censor board which always critisizes every inch of the film and also disapproves of some of the parts. | the ppl who r very sure,they always criticise others.. | censure…sounds simillar to censor….and when is something censored? When people are disapprove of something,something which gets criticism from all over. | Cent-%-SURE:I was cent percent sure, but it got disapproved | someone is saying you have made a mess go ''C(see) and ensure'' whats the fault in this. | ensure energy drink is not good in taste, smell and disapprove to have it.(blame; criticize; express strong disapproval) | someone "CENt-per cent-SURE" of what he/she knows is likely to "express formal disapproval" when he/she sees something amiss
centaur: mythical figure, half man and half horse
the word when pronounced, givesa pronouncation of centre..which means half.. | In the game DotA, there is a hero called Centaur Warchief whose upper body is like human and the remaining part is like animal. | people who have watched NARNIA - The lion,witch and the wardrobe can remember centaur.. The lions troop will have lot of centaurs with human face and horse body which is a centaur
centigrade: denoting a widely used temperature scale (basically same as Celsius)
centrifugal: radiating; departing from the center
Centrifugal = Central (CBI) + fugitive -- A fugitive always runs away from the CBI | center of the few girl
centrifuge: machine that separates substances by whirling them
sounds like refugees are seperated | stop central fusion, separate from whirling
centripetal: tending toward the center
The petals of a flower are bound by a bud in the center, thus bending towards the center..Unifying | pedaling towards center. ie towards center
centurion: Roman army officer (commanding a company of about 100 soldiers)
centurion - century - 100;thus it means a leader of 100 soldiers. | Sachin(Indian Cricket's army man) scored a blistering century @ the centurionto become a centurion watched by hundreds of spectators. Put all these together to get the meaning of the word | Centurion mattress remember one add is there...It leads all mattress... | Centurion sounds similar to centuries. Sachin leads the table with the most number of centuries scored. | saikia assamese surnames means having 100 soldiers under him. Same as centurion. There is one more assamese surname hazarika(bupen hazarika) who has 1000 soldiers under him.
cerebral: pertaining to the brain or intellect; intellectual rather than emotional; CF. cerebrum
cerebration: thought; working of the brain
cerebral refers to the brain cerebration is the functioning ofthoughts.
ceremonious: marked by formality; extremely formal and polite; CF. ceremony: conventional social courtesy
in ceremony we often be formal
certitude: certainty
certain in attitude. | Break the word as: CERTI-TUDE : thus attitude to get 1st position certificate i.e ; OVERCONFIDENCE.. | Certitude = Certain Attitude | certainly dude!!! | certitude - sari(ok in tamil) dude 100% true.
cessation: stoppage
cessation comes from cease.. which means to stop.. | cessationce(see)+STATION............. station is the place for stopage. | cessation pronounciation is simlar to aSSASSINATION...which means putting an end :) | essa(essay)- think of a situation where u are writting essay competition.after the time limit,there is a sudden stopage. | remember cease fire which means stop firing.
chaperon: older person who accompanies and supervises a young unmarried woman
Chaperon sounds CHAP-WRONG and wrong chaps tease young women..hence need older men to supervise =D | this word is pronounced likeSHAPruhrohn..shap..sounds like SAIF(bollywood actor)and we know that from last few month saif has been accompanying and supervising(insecur about shaid) kareena kapoor in parties. | jo chape ho jaaye bandi pe... | remember Greg CHAPPEL who supervised young group of indian cricket team similarly chaperon.. | Chap parenting young woman.
chaplain: clergyman attached to a chapel
Charlie was worshipping Nepal's king. Hence the name Charlie Chaplain. | if some1 wears a chappalin the church or breaks the lane and comes ahead chaplain has to throw him out | Charli guided the religion of being happy so his name is charli chaplain.
char: make or become black by burning; reduce or be reduced to carbon or charcoal(black substance made by burning wood) by incomplete combustion
remember char + coal which is burnt coal.
charisma: divine gift; great popular charm or appeal; magnetism
this word sounds like KARISMA(KAPOOR BOLlYWOOD HEROINE)..she definitely has great charm and is quite appealing. | this also sounds like hindi word karisma..means a MIRACLEand a miracle is a DIVINE GIFT OF GOD. | It is spelled as KARIZMA, everyone knows abt the Bike,manufactured by Hero Honda,it has ths following features:allure, appeal, charm, dazzle, fascination, gift, glamour, magnetism, pizzazz,power (these are actually the synonyms) | charisma (rithima of dil milgayeshe has so personal attraction that arman fall in love with her | having charm
charlatan: quack; pretender to knowledge (esp. in medicine)
you hit CHAR LATEIN (in Hindi language) (4 kicks) to the person who misguides you as he himself doesn't know anything.... | (in hindi language) CHAR Letter LATiN ke jaanta hai and khud ko 30 markhan samajhta hai | CHAR gane kya ache gadiye khudko LATA mangeshkar batati hai.. | we can co-relate it to Chaturlingam(Character in 3 Idiots) | origin-cerreto; italian village once known for frauds amongst its natives | kannada heroine CHARULATHA attracted everyone by her jokes
charm: quality of pleasing; amulet; action or formula thought to have magical power; spell; V: attract; cast a spell on; bewitch
cession: yielding to another; ceding
cession comes from cede.. which means to yield | recession---to decrease | browser c(s)ession is very productive so it's yielding. | recession----stoopage of money flow.....cession--stoppage | recession=It leads to yielding of inflation~yielding other thing.. | cess-, past participle of cedere "yield"] | cession comes from Accession which means to join or to add something,..
chafe: warm by rubbing; make sore by rubbing; N.
the word resembles cafe- cafe is a place where u can see lovers rubbing each others hands, to make things warm and | sounds like is always hot..and if its in a china cup it gets hotter by rubbing. | pronounced as cheyf whch rhymes with kaif....mohammad CHAFE (kaif) always keeps is hand WARM BY RUBBING against each other | cheirub chesthey hot avthunthi | CHAFF GRANADE U NEED TO RUB IT & PULL ITS STRING TO MAKE IT HOT & THEN U THROW ITCHAFE
chaff: worthless products of an endeavor; husk(outer seed cover) separated from grain; Ex. separate the wheat from the chaff
chaff - haff - half;if a work is half done then it is worthless. | sounds like saaf. Jab wheat ko saaf karte hain to worthless material nikalta hai. | sounds like is always worthless. as evryone throughs it out of throat... | He CHAFFED and we LAUGHED | chef gets to eat worthless outer cover ie chaff | When my mom used to separate worthless things from rice chaff chaff sound used to come  | The chef chunked the chaff.
chagrin: annoyance and disappointment; vexation (caused by humiliation or injured pride)
I was in a meeting and to my chagrin, CHAI GIR gayi on my pant making itvery embarrassing for me. | Chagrin?? I'm surprised nobody though of this! You're SHAGGING in your room and your chacha walks in.. gives you a GRIN- ;-)You're freakin EMBARRASSED!please Rate! | When someone laughs and GRINs at u,u feel humiliated,irritated. | 'cha'-disappointment, 'grin'-annoyance.... | CHARGING....when you call your friend and he doesn't pick up your call and says that he was CHARGING his mobile and tries to avoid's will make you ANNOYED,DISAPPOINTED... | agri-angri-angry. somthing annoying ..wen u looses in a challenge,u are angry,caused by the humiliation and injured pride.. | also grin- u grin wen u a re angry and annoyed.. | rachel grin in friends broke up with ross, so she was very disappointed in the serial. | chagrin = no grin | ike chandilier in FRIENDS who is embarrassed by joey in presence of women | chagrin = "cha"(character) + "grin"i.e. someone grins on ur character/Strong feeling of embarrasment/ | The mentally disturbed woman had a madnes in her eyes and SHE GRINNED | shag + grin =embarassment :D | Chagrin sounds like charge, taking charge on some one means annoying them. | Chagrin is like the opposite of grinning | CHAI-GIRING : CHAGRIN | chagrin=CHild+Always+GRINs...if yout child always grins in front of everyone, it brings humiliation, annoyance, and disappointment
chalice: goblet; consecrated cup
it is pronounced as chaalis (40); imagine ali baba 40 chor having jadui cup .. or very prestigious cup : ornamented with gems | CHALICE can be pronounced as CHAI PLEASE... so he gets you CHAI in a CONSECRATED CUP | ch+alicevisualize Alice having a consecrated cup | chalice-u ask your friend showing the glass CHAL ICE dhaal.. | Harry Potter and Goblet of Fire. | alice in wonderland remember the girl ll become big and small by drinking a liquid in consecrated cup. chalice = holy cup | chalice(chai) +lice (chinese people drink chai in a bowl-shaped vessel) | chalice=chal(go) wil u go and get ice?.... in a cup or vessel
chameleon: lizard that changes color in different situations
u know chameli film kareen is a bitch who changes guys !! just like that the lizard changes colors | ChamBaz public time moto rong paltay.. | Chas (Charles)me & Leon found the lizard changing colors.
caustic: burning; corrosive; able to burn by chemical action; sarcastically biting; (of remarks) intended to hurt; bitter; harmful; OP. harmless
caustic soda is very common and its "harmful " for health if taken in large quantity....therefore caustic means harmful or burning.Since its a soda its somehow related with chemistry as well.. | sounds like 'caution'... meaning, be careful, there is something..... that is corrosive... or... 'can cause corrosion'. | In medical terms 'cauterize' is burning or sealing the ends of blood vessels/nerves similar to destroying; As far as speech, talking about the holoCAUST can be harsh | caustic=it CAUSes your TIssues destroy! | The stinging sunburn I got CAUSed an involuntary TICk in my arm.
cauterize: burn (a wound or snakebite, etc.) with hot iron or caustic substance to stop bleeding and prevent infection
caught the rise of wound by burn wid hot iron | sounds like cotton ...which we use to heal and stop bleeding from burns | rise to think of caustic... | when you are raising the cot and it falls on your feet, u get wounded which burns. | Caustic Sterilize i.e. Sterilize(rhymes with cauterize) using caustic substance | Charr(Burning) treatment, to be precise
cavalcade: procession of riders or horse-drawn carriages; parade; CF. cavalry
caval(ry) (horses) + parade = parade on horses. | this word resembles theword,cavalry, ie horses.. | CAVALry+parADE=cavalcade | cavalcade - cabal + parade; parade of group of people | camel ki parade = horses ki parade | caval(security in tamil) cade (cage) like wife sitting behind or security in horse carriage - succession,procession of riders
cavalier: casual and offhand; arrogant; N: knight
CAVALIER sounds like cavalry, which is the part of the army which serve on the horse back and they are definitely more arrogant than the soldier on feet | ca+vali+erlink it with "Vali" of Ramayan..he was arrogant | cavalier - cava(name of a person) + liar; cava is a liar. he makes instant(offhand) lie and also arrogant in nature. | CAVALary+hIER=knights or people of high rank(hier)these people are generally ARROGANT to poor people | it sounds like kavali .. kavali gane wala mast rehta hai.. | think of lebron james of the cleveland cavaliers who his really arrogant and does not bother passing the ball to any of his teammates!! | King Ravan was angered on his cavalier(sarathi) careless attitude when he got him out of battlefield during on-going war. | cavalier - caval(security), knight security casual,offhand but arrogant. | cavalier ~ kav-va-li (singing activity)all person who sing kav-vali dress up royal | cava+lier...CAVA(crow)and crow is always arrogant | Cavalier - Like KavaliWhile doing kavali, people move their hand ,so offhand | cavalier = ca-valor = caval-lier both together, a valorous person who lies i.e he is arrogant and haughty more than true valor | Cavalry: Horse Riders(ier) are always arrogant | Asking arrogantly, CAVALI + ER??
cavil: quibble; make frivolous objections; find fault unnecessarily
sounds like evil.. evil people always find unnecessary faults in the good.. | 'cavil' transformed as 'vakil', who used to put "objections" on each point of the opposition. | cavil has same meaning as calumny which means making false objectionsor remarks....i.e bahu is so KABIL (cavil) but saas caals her KALMUHI(calumny) | c+avi+lavi relates to video extension..u unnecessarily find fault with some video | looks like KAABIL(potent in hindi) u dont make FRIVOLOUS OBJECTIONS to what KAABIL people say | cAVIL : AVIL is close to AVAIL and the meaning of cavil is to no avail, pointless arguments | c+avil..avil is a tablet which is govt has objections with avil | c+avil..avil is a tablet which is govt has objections with avil | (cava + vil= sewage in tamil)cleaning pipe line blocked only by ur bike tyre. Find faulty. | In BSG, "brother" Cavil (Dean Stockwell's charector) found fault with humanityfor no good reason.To Cavil is to find fault without good reason. | cavil = ca+vile : vile is an adjective for acts which should be objected to.cavil is to make minor ojections for less vile acts | sounds like kaabil.. kaabil aadmi can find fault in others. | cavil has evil in evil ppl makes unnecessary comments about somebody's will. | Namukku cavil pokam ennu paranjappol, orukaranavumillathe object cheythu. CAVIL = petty objection without a reason.
cede: yield (title or territory) to (esp. after losing a war); surrender formally; N. cession
cede sounds like seed which yields a good crop. | subcede (kam hona). So cede is surrender. | Sania surrended against top CEDED serna | CEDE sounds CD which is surrendered now days due to popular use of flashdrive. | | u heard of federer conCEDE ing a point to nadal in tennis cede which means yield | Seeds germinate rhyming scheme cede means terminate | cede=yield same as in concede and accede | CONTROL + DI(HINDI means give)
chary: cautious; unwilling to take risks; sparing or restrained about giving; OP. bold
Chary : Think of it as "BramhaChari": What do theBramhachari'sdo ?? They refrain from Marriage/ Females in general. They are unwilling to be bound by family life. | CHARY sounds similar to WARY, meaning CAUTIOUS. | chary is like 'cherry'. Remember 'CHERRY' BLOSSOM shoe polish i.e we should be "very cautious" while using polish. Because if it falls on our clothes its hard to remove the stain. | chary: think of charred... somebody "charred" is chary i.e., somebody who is burnt is always wary or cautious | Chary= cary( somebody who takes care) | chary in adhurs telugu movie,he is very cautious n fearful. | Think: charred as in having been burned and from now on will be cautious. | take for ex actor brahmanandam(chary) in dee movie.. he doesnt want to take risk. (nannu involve cheyakandi) | ''chary'' its somehow sounds like ''scary'' . So its scary to puta money in any company whiich is not well known to you... So you ''unwilling to take risk on that bcoz u r cautious of ur money'' | chary sounds like CHARITY...and chary is quite opposite tocharity. | in a telugu movie money money, a person named chary does not want to take risk by giving money to owners husband itself | CHARtered accountantsare CHARY.i.e.,CAREFUL in spending money. | Remember in the tv show FRIENDS, Monica calls her virginity as cherry. So she isvery CAREFUL and CAUTIOUS about giving her cherry to anyone. :DNo offence please! | chary and wary go hand in hand be Chary; be wary too! | chary sound like care-e.that means to take care or sincerety
chase: ornament a metal surface by indenting; follow rapidly to catch
the police "chased" the robbers who had stolen the diamond ring that had been "chased" by the goldsmith. | we often said in cricket that this score is chasing by this team.remembered it as the team is running towards the score to catch it. | Chase(design on metal surface). If you indent your name on metal property, it will be easier to chase it later in case u lost it. | chase sounds like case. in order to keep your ornaments u have to keep it in a case
chasm: abyss; very deep crack
chashma.. if it has a crack, it is difficult to see | orgasm is a deep feeling. Chasm -orgasm deep | imagine it as " chasni " so chadni goes deep in gulab jamun ...but u cant see the central part of gulab jamun .. hence abyss ==deep crack but cant see the bottom | CHAI(tea)+JAM(freeze)-if I throw tea in deep chasm, it would freeze inside it as inner of earth is cold. | orgasm= deep penetration
chassis: framework and working parts of an automobile; framework to which components are attached
imagine a chess board having several pawns and other pieces which are like the addons to the frame work resembling an enginehaving several screws and other stuff | Hero Honda caahe jise (sounds like chassis) automobile kai working parts dai sakti hai...
chaste: morally pure; virginal; abstaining from illicit sexual acts; modest; simple (of a style of writing); not highly decorated; austere
sex CHESTE(to do) it is no more a CHASTE (pure,virgin) | sounds like "caste"...caste is always cannot be PURE | Sounds like Taste.You Taste the Food if its pure and has no impurities like dirt. | Sounds like CHASE and WASTE: Following or CHASING a teen girl who has no ROMANTIC,EROTIC or LOVE MAKING INTEREST is a WASTE of time | the higher caste of hinduism ie., the brahmins went to jungles for yaga and lead a brahmachari life.without having sex.. | your are just a waste for being chaste till now.. | in telugu we say chasthey a paani cheyanumeans having moral values | CHASTE:make it cha + taste. it implies that the cha(tea) is tasteful bcoz all the ingredients of it are pure. | you waste your life if u chaste your life (excuse the improper usage, hope this helps) | chaste = charity + superior. charities for poor will be lead by mother superior and they are pure and simple | chaste=c+haste(speed)....(see how speedly he was driving....this statement is made by purehearted,modest,sensitive fellow | imagine a girl who dont had given her chest(chaste),so she is viginal and pure. | it sounds like chest.the boy who never touched the chest/breast of a girl is really pure
chasten: discipline; punish in order to correct; CF. castigate
relate it with upper one "Chaste"as to keep ur viginity you have to be disciplined .. so for chaste and chasten go hand in hand | (chestalu)manuko means pichi panulu cheyaku correct ga undu means do correct | chaste + N (nahi hai ).. to tell them they have done sumthing wrong n should improve | if you en(enclose) your chast(chest) you are morally good | Chasten-harshen-nowadays school punishments are harshened | chestenu see army officers with always chest up.. they are DISCIPLINED and they do no wrong things.. | chase to punish | sounds like fasten (your seat belt) which is to restrain (yourself in your seat) | chase + listen. chase him till listen.
chronicle: report; record (in chronological order)
DECCAN CHRONICLE | Acro Chronicalmagzine of our clg .:) | think of the chronicles of narnia.....a long story... | chronic is somthing that is related to cronicle mean any proof or record in chronological order
chuckle: laugh quietly
chalk +kill wen the teeacher kills u by throwing a chalk the other students will laugh silently without making a noise or else teacher will kill them too | chuckle sound like "chuklas" when we do chuklas we often smile at someone softly to irritate him
churlish: boorish; rude; N. churl: boor; yahoo
chur(church)+lish(wish)-church wishes always not to behave rude,boorish | churlish == boorish ,,the same rhythm !! =D | CHURLISH rhymes wit never be RUDE to those who are girlish | CHURLISH- if u chk the word,,and see,u will find hurl in the middle..hurl is somthing negative,, bad..etc.. | churilsh-like CHARLIE SHEEN who is often in news for his boorish behaviour | in CHURCH LIStening songs | Prince Charles was very rude to Diana. So churlish means rude. | Charles+girlish..Charles is a name of aguy..if u call him would be being very rude to him! | CHUR+lish: When you churn something or stir something, It becomes rude,boorisha and intractable. LIke churning lassi out of milk | Churlish sounds like HARSH. so rude | remember it as somewhat opposite of childish... | She is very churlish girl, she is so rude with boys | C(calm)+HURLish(throw with force in air).....a person who hurls his calm...i.e loses his temper very soon is a CHURLISH person..... | for marathi readers ::chur chur nako karu...means dont b so rude | jo apne dehatipan ke karan dusro ko bahut charta ho..:-) | rhymes with girlish... bullies are RUDE and BOORISH to those who are girlish.. | Doing Girlish talk at Boys' party is churlish(boorish,rude) | rhymes with girlishmore girlish girls are RUDE with boys... | churayl-ish in behaviour when chewing food on the dinnner table
ciliated: having minute hairs; CF. cilium; CF. cilia: eyelash
silly ate it....all bald ppl eat their hair | Can be compared with Cilna.(Stitch)When we stitch then we use thread which is hair like. | ciliated - reminds of seel which has minute hairs | CILI(silicon)+ated.There is a silicon in the word ciliated.So,silicon hair is of preferred by people having minute hair
cipher: nonentity; worthless person or thing; zero; secret code; V.
its always difficult to deCIPHER a SECRET CODE | cipher sounds like suffer and worthless persons are always suffer as they do not know the secret code to get success and due to this they do not have any entity. | Cipher-rhymes cyber-ppl don like those who involve in cyber crime also they do this in a secret manner | this word represents or brings us to mind ,the word psycho. someone with a nonenity,a worthless person whose mind is zero, but somthing secret hidden behind him.. | Cipher can be read as Sifar(which means zero(nothing) in Urdu/Punjabi).So a non-entity, worthless person/thing is a Cipher. | CIPHER=C+I+PEE+Him...SEE I PEE ON HIM.....PERSON ON WHOM THIS IS IMPLEMENTED WORTHLESS,HE HAS NO VALUE, | cipher sounds like "sirfira"-a person who talks vague and is of no value.. | sifar means 0 so ppl of zero value are ciphers | cipher sounds like CHEAP cheap people have a special jargon[type of language...secret code] also they are WORTHLESS people | deCIPHER the secret text as without which the meaning of it would be non existing
circlet: small ring; band of gold, silver, jewel, etc. (worn on the head, arms, or neck as decoration)
CIRCle + braceLET = CIRCLET | circlet rhymes with circle | circlet sounds like anklet which is a band around the leg which may also be gold | circle + locket = circlet | Anklet is worn on ankle and circlet is worn on Sar(Head) | bracelet jo cir (Sir) par hain
chimerical: fantastically improbable; highly unrealistic; N. chimera: unreal fancy; fire-breathing female creature
It has "miracle" in it- Miracle is imaginative. | chi(she)-meri(marry)-cal | chimerical resembles camera...and camera is about are clicked with imagination | looks like COMMERCIAL which is always imaginative and unrealistic | CHIna + AMERICAl - its imaginative to believe that china and america can come to a concensus | Rleate it with Cindrella which is in fantasy | CHIC+MARRY+KAL= i'll marry the hot chic in this movie tomorrow (Doesn't it sound IMAGINATIVE,UNREALISTIC) | chimerical has root word chimera which is a mythical creature and also means fantasy.. | 1st one is awesome mnemonic bt still for those who hate sounds like chemical so chemical reactions are highly unrealistic, only imaginative.. :P lol | ThinkAmerica which sounds like go America is dream for many people..some make it real but most of themcannot go which is unrealistic for them
chip: lose a small piece from the surface or edge; N: small piece broken off something; CF. French fry; Potato chip/crisp
remember uncle "chips" | nailpolish chips after 3-4 days= small pieces splinter off | When I think about "chip", I would think about chocolate chip which is a very small piece.
chisel: swindle or cheat; N: wedgelike tool for cutting
chisel sounds like diesel...we know there r lot of impure petroleum products sold so those who sell diesel chisel the customers. | vendor told his son " CHI SELL THEM AT ANY COST". so the little boy is trying to cheat ppl and selling rotten fruits or veggies | looks like cheese, tom uses cheese to cheat jerry
chivalrous: courteous; faithful; brave; N. chivalry
chivalrous is pronounced as SHIVA+LROUS and "Shiva" the god is a symbol of bravery.......... | CHI-VAL(O)ROUS....knights are valorous or valiant....chivalrous are ideal knighters... | the noun is CHIVALRY which can be referred with CAVALRY. | SHE+WELL- someone who tries to make girls well around him. | chivalrous..chi(valour) valour is braveness | Sounds like CAVALRY so imagine in a CAVALRY with KNIGHTS ,these KNIGHTS are like SPARTANS who are self restrained and respect women | if u are a scotch lover u might have heard bout chivas regal, people who drink scotch are brave, faithful and full of manners, badey logo key drink hai. chivas(chivalrous) | sounds like chew+walrus..a brave warrior can kill the walrus and chew it without being afraid of anything
choice: delicate; of very fine quality
if u want to make a good choice then ur decision must be of a very fine quality
choir: group of people who sing together (esp. during religious services); place for choir
choir sounds like "chorus" a number of people singing together. | choir--- c(see) hoir(hear)master of group requested the audience to see and hear them peacefully. | chorus in the AIR :choir
chastise: punish as by beating; criticize severely
chastise = chest ice... The kid was punished or crticized severly by his mother for playing with ice on chest | very similar to castigate | Beat the chest with stick hence punish | CHASTE means keeping away from sexual intercourse...hence CHASTISEMENT is a kind of punishment that will not allow you to have sex....... | People severly criticize Chase because they say that it tries to copy Bank of America. | cha(assume as chalk) and sti(stick) which is hands of teacher who scolds and ready to punish | chastise = chest eyes. A boy who had eyes in his chest and could see deeply into things with his heart was angrily chastised by people who feared his penetrating vision. | bachche k chest pe ice rakhne se uski ma(mother) ne use bhot criticize kiya aur punish kiya... | chastise. Visualize chest eyes. A boy who had eyes in his chest and could see deeply into things with his heart was angrily chastised by people who feared his penetrating vision.
chauvinist: blindly devoted patriot; zealous adherent of a group, cause, or sex; ADJ. chauvinistic; CF. chauvinism; Nicolas Chauvin
show over nationalist=Chauvinist(s0-v-nist) | sounds like surname chavhan..imagine some guy from chavhan group is very dominant about his group | chauvinist can be related be cheguvera.......who was an extreme belicose nationalist | chavuni+istha...thana chavuni deshanki istha anevadu ..really a blindly devoted patriot.. | showynist who shows off. | That MALE Chauvanist Pig, feeling his kind is better than rest! Uski toh... | communist | remember CHAUVO gurerro from WWE always trying to be superior over others with the help of vickie guurrero(EXCUSEEEEE ME....LOL)
check: stop motion; curb or restrain
in chess when we check the king he cant move we are stoppping his motion | when POLICE is CHECKing vehicles, traffic isSTOP OR SLOW IN PROGRESS | in a restaurant when we ask for check, we actually stop ordering
cherubic: angelic; innocent-looking; N. cherub; CF. seraph: winged angel of the highest order
cherubic - chehra(face) + ruby; ruby iscute looking, so BUBY'S CHEHRA is CHERUBIC. | Cheru sound like chiru who is like an angel to andra people. | Break it as chera(cheru)+bic, chera is Hindi word for face. So we love those girls whose face is innocent and angelic | chru+rubic means whose chehrais rubic(rub like) is an angel. | cherubic = her + u + be. boys ll tell to angelic girls " her(girl) u be mine" | Cher wearing rubies looks cherubic!
chicanery: trickery; deception
chicanery sounds like shikari who uses means of deception to trick animals into his traps. | (In Hindi Language) chic(young girl0 + Nari(hindi) wat is a difference between chicks n Nari??? chic is DISHONEST BUT ATTRECTIVE AND THEY GENERALLY DECEIVE PEOPLE. | 'CHICks' often use their assets as means of deceit to get what they want | Chicnary: Chicni chupdi baatein karne wala will DECEIVE you! | yeh chick to naari nikli !!(cheated) | chicanery= chicken that we love to eat and we can trick on to eat it | We need to trick the chickens to get them into the canning factory | Selling a CHICk, as a CANARY to someone is fraud(=chicanery) | Find the difference between CHARLATAN and CHICANERY. | chick aa nai reee (u got decieved ~!) | chicanery - chicken + nari.. nari means FOX.. Foxs uses his tricks to hunt chicken.. | Visual a baby chic looking up "trick" in the dictionary. | In order to make chicken we have to chicanery the chicks | (hindi) sounds like "chinery" a slang used for woman with bad character. | CHICken transforms into RaY(fish) to DECEIVE the butcher | chican(chicken)=if we want chicken, first we need to catch hen n for that v shoul be tricky...
chide: scold; rebuke (someone who has done wrong)
chide can be remembered as "hide". You hide to avoid getting scolded for what you have done....... | if children hide parents chide | (hindi language used) this word sound as chaddi ( under wear). If u gonna ask your mom about your chaddi she will scold you and teach you to keep your chaddi in place. | remember chide as child(small child)...we scold them if they do nythin wrong | sounds like child who are always scolded and rebuked. | CHIDE...chid means annoy in marathi....when someone is annoying you persistantly, you will rebuke,scold him..... | chide sounds like child and we will be scolding the childs when they made a mistake | चिढ़ना we know what that mean in Hindi :D
circuit: closed circular line around an area; circumference; regularly repeated journey from place to place
circuitous: roundabout
circuit-ous - like circuit; | circuit + ous.. Deviating from the circuit.. | car race, there are circuit(paths), so they follow a circuitous route | circ(circle)tous(tour)circle+tour=round about path. which isn't straight | cir sounds like sir . sir is very cute with round face
circumlocution: indirect or roundabout expression (by using an uncecessarily large number of words esp. when trying to avoid answering a difficult question directly)
circumlocution - circle + locution (loqui means to speak), speaking vaguely so as to avoid the topic. | in short ..ghuma fira kar bolna ;) | CIRCUM means circular..not straight..ghuma fira kar...and LOCUT .. means to talk ( as in locquacious:talkative)so... CIRCUMLOCUTION.. ghuma fira kar bolna :) | circum (circumference of a circle) + locution (elocution or to talk) talk tamil we say it as touching the nose from behind the head
circumscribe: limit; confine; draw a line around
circumscribe - circle + scribe(a writer of manuscripts); so circumscribe means a person writing around the same lines or topic. | remember circumference..we restrict ourself around a circle.. | Lakshman drew a circle around Sita's hut to circumscribe(LIMIT,RESTRICT) her | scribed in a circle,or limited region | have to describe the things only with in,restrained,boundary | circum is somthing like a circle,, and if u chk the word crib here,,that means to stop or check. | circumscribe means drawing a circle around triangle or square or any other polygon. which also means that we are limiting the region confined for scaling the polygon.
circumspect: prudent; cautious; acting after careful thought
circum(means circumstance)...spect(means to inspect) a kind of person who inspects circumstances before speaking, and such people aregenerally considered as prudent. | when a circle inspector inspects u, the nu would become prudent and cautious in ur action and thought.. | Circum(circular i.e 360 degrees)+spec(spectacles)....when you watch things or circumstances from all angle, it means that you are wary and unwilling to take risks.... | circums - sounds like circumference of circle...go round...means who is cautious he ll not take shortcuts...he will go circuspect | Circumspect also means wary or cautious...circum(circumstance)+spect(spectacles)....when you see a circumstance with your spectacles, you are cautious.... | One who is cautious will SUSPECT trouble and go around it: CIRCUM SUSPECT. | A clever person suspects around i.e circum+suspect=circumspect
circumvent: outwit; defeat by behaving more cleverly; outsmart; baffle; avoid; get around
circle + prevent = to form a CIRCLE or a boundary around the target so as to OUTSMART your opponent. lyk abhimanyu did!!! | think all knows the story of ganesh who goes around the parents (shiva and parvati circularly) . he outsmarted muruga and got the sacred mango. circum (in a circle) vent (went around) for mango | he WENTtru the situation by AVOIDing it | circum (circle) + vent (went) = he went through the circle of fire! | CIR-CUM-VENT: imagine u r given a problem to solve by your SIR(CIR), u solve it fast and then tell him to COME(CUM0, so that u show him the short u have outsmarted all ur friends, and are clever | CIRCUM(circular)+VENT(opening) have made a circular vent to FIND WAY(solve a problem or a difficulty).... | circum+went the persontook an indirect path and went to kill the enenmy thus outsmarting him grrrrrrrrrrr...... | | How to circumvent a stupid angry professor, the student says Sir Come but the student is gone Went very cleverly and duped the stupid professor aghast (while the student was very clever and outsmarted the professor)
champion: support militantly; fight for; N: person who fights for or supports strongly (a principle, movement, person, etc.)
Champions are like super man who has capability to support and defend there friends [Secondary Meaning]
championship: position of champion; defense or support; competition held to determine a champion
chancellor: legal official of high rank; CF. chancellery(chancellory): position of a chancellor
Chance played cello for the chancellor. | chancellor=chance+llor so its a chance to have a high rank or to be a minister =)
chant: tune(melody) in which a number of words are sung on the same note; V: sing (a chant); utter (a slogan) in the manner of a chant
CHANT-Aa padtehi shout karna...means to shout | song lik anna chata
chaotic: in utter disorder
in hindi we call tea as imagine a situation someone who is confused which chae(chaotic)should he bye.eithr taj mahel or tata tea.
chapel: small church (in a prison, college, or hospital)
remember chappal. You'll never go to church wearing chappal though church allows u. | chapel a coach of indian cricket team ,naturally he would spend most of the time in church so that india would win the match | Do not take your chapel inside house;becoz there is a small temple inside room. | indian coach right,,simple way..imagine chapel in chapel
choleric: hot-tempered; bad-tempered; irritable; easily angered; CF. cholera
cholera is a disease . When you are sick you get irritated and bad-tempered, you are choleric.So choleric | choleric=co+lyric....when cosingers are not following the lyric properly...composer gets anger(hot tempered) | Sounds like COLORING we ridicule a person as COLORING if he talks with girls with a desire to trap them ,so ifthat is the case ,if we call a person who is busy in COLORING as " stop coloring",he gets IRRITATED EASILY | Cholestrol.. people having this become short tempered thus angry! | When you become enraged, you become the COLOR RED.
chore: daily domestic task (such as cleaning, cooking, and shopping); unpleasant task
dont take it otherwise some cheap TV serials we see thatmaids, servants(who do daily REGULAR household TASKS) often turn into thieves(CHOR!!). | chore sounds like "core" means main or importatnt part of daily routine | Chore in kannada means headache job( chore kelasa), daily domestic task is chore kelsa. | chore sounds like bore.. that means the daily boring routine work.. | CHORE-if any man doesn't work he becomes CHORE(thief) | chor ka kaam roj chore karna
choreography: art of representing dances in written symbols; arrangement of dances
KO+RE+YO grapher where KO stands for country dance RE stands for retro dance and YO for theyo style of dancing as followeed in the rap
chortle: chuckle with delight; N.
CHORi TAL gayi because due to our laughter chor knew that we are in room. | chortle - ch + turtle, when turtle won the race with hare , i chuckled with delight | Imagine giving a chart to a cartoonist in a gathering. He would definitely draw something funny and leave audience chuckling | chor+tell wen chor hindi word for thief confesses or tells that he is come to the owner house to steal the ppl in the house will laugh at him | chori+tell me why what madechuckle? | well chortle.....divide this word into focus on middle word....hort...sound simillar to word hoot.....which laugh , to chuckle | chortle=c+how+turtle is dancing..... people on seeing that laughs delightly..., | hor...middlle part simillar to hooray an show..your laugh.... | c+hortel means when u see hortel u'll chuckle with the thought of havin fun | chotu--laughs on every bad joke :P | | It is exciting a joy to ride a car in full throttle. | chort(short)+ (smi)le
chorus: phrase repeated throughout a song or poem
chronic: long established as a disease
initial part sound as crown !! crown + ic ..A king rules the nation for long time, hence his crown last for long long lasting | take out the word 'chrono', its something continual.. so long durational disease | ch'roni'c=just concentrate on and frame it as 'iron' which is very strong and will be there for long time:)
cistern: reservoir or water tank
cistern- the initial part of the word,resembles cister(sister)..yeah,,..wen u hit ur sister, then genrally a reservoir of water will flow as tears..[ general phenomenon of gals]!! | remember quant part of gre. calculate the length of the CISTERN if it filled with 1/6 th of water and blah blah blah | remember pipes and cistern chapter | circum (circumstances) + vent (preventing) it is like someone who can prevent bad circumstances to happen, because he is a step ahead and outwitting conditions
citadel: fortress
cita(Seeta) was captured by Ravana and was confined to his fortress with all his sena del(dal) protecting her... | cita-del is similar to city -Delhi in India which has many old fortress. | Seetha+ dwell= seetha matha’s dwellind place is fortess. | citadel ,,,remind us with CASTLE which has the same meaning =D | sit+idle..or tadel(TIDEl) to avoid destruction from tides , go for shelter in bastions. :) | if any of u have played the game called thief were garrot always tries to loot the money fromthe citadel.....i am sory this mnemonic might not be useful to many
cite: quote; commend; Ex. cited for bravery in an official record
recite means to tell something :like recite a poem: root is cite.. which means to quote | Cite sounds like site you should get some reference or acknowledgement. | CITE:=SITE= land for sale, and when land is for sale, u have to QUOTE a price for it. | mnemonics ll help a lot if u study thm along with the cite(d) examples sentences for lang usage | CITE also means summon....SITE....I purchased new site for new office, hence I summoned all my friends to see it......
civil: having to do with citizens; not military or religious; courteous and polite; Ex. married in a civil ceremony; Ex. civil strife/disorder/law; N. civility; CF. civic
clairvoyant: having foresight; fortuneteller; N. clairvoyance
take it like this.......clair----clearfor voyant derive meaning from voyage which means a long journeyso clairvoyant is a person who can take a clear journey into the future and see whats in there | having clear vision | clairvoyant=clair(clear)+voyant(voyage) who foretells that voyage is clear to travel is a clairvoyant | clear + voyan - boyan(speech); so clairvoyant means who can SPEECH CLEARLY about the future. | GOD IS A "CLAIRVOYANT",AS HE CAN TELL EVERY1'S FORTUNE ... | CLAIR's VOYage ANTicipated
clamber: climb by crawling with difficulties; scramble
climb + er = person who climbs | climber is a person who climbs and clamber is a person who climbs awkwardly using his hands and feet.... | c+lamb+ervisualize a lamb climbing a hill with difficulty | clamb+er- climb with error...hence awkward climbing leads to clambering.
clamor: loud continous noise; continuous demand or complaint made by a large number of people; V: make a clamor; express (a demand) continually and loudly; ADJ. clamorous
CLAMOR rhymes wit glamourous....whenever de crowd sees a glamour girl they become NOISY | CLAIM+MORE: So when you claim for more or demand more there is a loud noise or complain | clamor sounds a little lik hammer.. hammer makes a lot of noise | sounds like "claim"...means to demend something forcefully and in anger////clamoured | it sound like CRY more(to cry out)....noise....when ppl see celebs they cry out loud.... | the word rhymes with wen u hit with hammer,u get to hear sound,noise | Clamor exactly sounds like claymore(mine), when claymore detonates it creates a loud noise. When people clamor they create a loud noise | The restaurant patrons CLAMORED for CLAM chowder. | clamorous sounds like amorous wherea person has a lot of sexual desires similarly for clamorous he has a strong urge or demand | he clammed against her..clammed = banged with a loud noise
clandestine: secret
Plan(Clan) this(des) time(tine) in Clandestine --- Plan this time secretly | clandestine--break it like clan + destine--What our DESTINy has in store for usremains a big secret to everyone. | C+LANguage+DESTINE- where to I would be destined by learning C Language? its clandestine | cl'andestine' rhymes with intestine which is hidden | PLAN+THIS+TIME: Our previous plan failed bcuz somebody leaked it but this time we shall PLAN SECRETLY so that there is no chance to fail | when yu are clan"DESTINED" to do something you doit SECRETLY | clandestine - extract the word clad - if you get clad by something..get hidden | land that is tine(tiny)..and thats the destination which is a secret.. | some clans r secret | like a 'claimer' large no. of ppl claiming for something .. dharna.. noisy .. | clear on secret destiny | clandestine sounds like vanhelsing movie where the hero unravels the mystery of the dracula
clangor: loud resounding noise; sound of repeated clanging
langur(monkey)- sound of langur is loud and resounding. | Clangor sounds like anger... | clangor ~ CLANG ~ sounds like BANGer is lound repeated noise | BANG+HER:In movies(A) when the bad guy says " Lets BANG HER(rape her)" then understanding their moves heroine shouts a loud for her HERO or BOYFRIEND | remember the bells that make clang clang clang sounds | Chekhing like LANGOR
clap: strike the palms of the hands together with a sudden explosive sound; come together suddenly with a sharp sound; put or send promptly; Ex. clap the thief in jail; N: clapping; loud or explosive sound;
clapper: striker (tongue) of a bell
Clapper is a tongue which makes sound similarly clap (clapper) makes sound
clarion: shrill, trumpetlike sound; kind of trumpet used in former times
In counter strike game, there is a gun called Clarion which when fired produces a shrill sound.. A peculiar sound.. | which has clarity,sounds similar to CLARION | Clarion sounds like Clear ring tone of a cell phone which has high pitched sound | if u could rememebr the instrument clariot..this one resembles ,somthing like that.. | clar..means...clear..+ion(suffix ..means result of a ction or process) i guess the word clear itself will give u the idea of tone as tone is result of a action that was done with this instrument.....the main focus of this word is on the me | split it as LARI (food stall) = there is shrill noise at the lari. | You can split this word like this, Lari+ on, when lori is one it makes loud noise | If u hv played counter-strike,u must have tried gun Clarion, which makes a very shrill sound....
clasp: hold firmly within arms
CLASP sounds like GRASP .. which means the same .. | clasp=glas+pakdo | clasp feels like "LAPS" , the end 4 letters, so after laps of running race he was hold firmly within arms by d coach,parents.
claustrophobia: fear of being locked in
claust-this seems like closed...u are closed ina room only if the room is locked, phobia means feear.. | CLAUS is the root for CLOSE and PHOBIA means FEAR...see more roots here,itll help you: | Claust - Closed...Phobia - a fear of being suffocated in an enclosed space.
clavicle: collarbone
call+ wen u call vick....where is ur phone placed....its near collarbone | clavicle is the bone which supports our vocal chord. Relate vicle with vocal.
cleave: split or sever; cling to; remain faithful to; N. cleavage; ADJ. cloven
just relate it to cleavage.. | cleave-Cant LEAVE...hold together. | the cleavage holds the melon pack firmly | it is a funnt means both STICK TO and SPLIT...!!! | cleaveland state university is divided based on the branches it has, socleave means split
cleft: N: split
c + left == she + left , i.e she left means there is a split in their relationship.... | C+ left(leave)= cleave means cut or a split. | in counter strike if we are left out of the clan we are split from the members of the clan and join a new clan | Split seen in a cliff
clemency: disposition to be lenient in deciding punishments; mildness as of the weather; ADJ. clement
cle+me+mercy give me some mercy...u got mercy from the person from whom u expect punishment/// | CLE(clay)MENCY(man means heart in hindi)so the person's heart is soft like clay | Cle+men+ cy= clean man mercy, a man who is very clean in his thoughts is very mild and merciful. | Clemency and Mercy rhyme.... | CLEMENT means mild(of weather)...sounds like CEMENT...why do we use cement??? protect our house from wind,rain,summer and to make the weather inside the house MILD..... | sounds like cleasing milk.. which is MILD.. | clemency = c+leman + cy(want); We want labour so showing mercy to attract them.
clientele: body of customers
Various banks call a wide range of customers to give sell their offers ex: credit cards, so remember it as Many CLIENTS (customers) are CLIENTELE = huge no of customers. | CLIENTELE - a number of clients or customers. | client- this means customerstele- tele shoping,,genrally sells products that are useful for health(body) of the customers.
climactic: relating to the highest point; N. climax; CF. climatic
climactic = climax... final point. | tic- resembles tip..highest point.. | Sounds like CLIMAX: So for a movie to be a hit , its CLIMAX should be VERY EXCITING n should be the MOST IMPORTANT | CLI-MAC-TIC; consider apple MAC PC's; only rich guys or persons at high position buy them | climactic=climax tip
clime: climate
a short form for CLIMATE
clip: cut off with shears; fasten; N: something clipped off (as a short extract from film); clasp or fastener
clipper: sailing vessel built for great speed
this sounds like ripper,that resembles fast.. | Rose in Titanic got died( imagine the flower rose gettingclipped) just because she didnt have a FAST SAILING BOAT
clique: small exclusive group of people
sounds like 'click'..imagine that u click on a picture in which small grp(QUE i.e a specific type of group) of people are there | queue - an exclusive group of people for a particular thing... it would therefore be a smaller queue. | To clique (click) on a small specific group of photos hold shift. | clique - focus on IQ. Click a queue of high IQ people
cognate: having a common origin; related linguistically; allied by blood; similar or akin in nature; Ex. cognate languages; N.
or co(together) + nate(born), so those who are born together (like twins) have the same origin. | cognate=co-originate | cognate-nate- this is the one to rememebr ,if u can resemble this nate ,with native,then it brings us to the answer,native people are related linguistically,probly similar in akin and also origin an may be blood...!! | cognate - co - generate = generated together i.e. having common origin | cognates=co(2GEATHER)+gna(DNA)+te(test)....WHEN DNA TEST IS DONE...ALL CAME TO KNOW THAT THEY ARE RELATED BY BLOOD | its lik co-originate | cognate= co originate | CO(together)+NATES(nates means buttocks)....buttocks are of the same person and hence they have the same origin.... | cognate = cog ( connected together) + nate; connected together in a net i.e same origin. | In Electrical machine cogging term means stator & rotor is interlock & rotating together. | co(common) + gnate(originate). Or,Blood coagulates or clots so blood relatives.
cognitive: having to do with knowing or perceiving related to the mental processes; N. cognition: the mental process of knowing
Root word COGN, recognize, cognitive, incognito,cognizance all means know.aur wyse v knowledge k bina kahan COGNIZANT jayse bari softwere company me placement hoti hai yaar? | For those who read artificial intelligence...u must be knowing the COGNITIVE modulo approach... | COGNITIVE Sciences... Science pertaining to intelligence/brain | nit- similar to wit,,ie, related with respect to knowledge and mental processes.also , gn- which may bring in mind,gnana, ie, knowledge. | Think of Cogs been turned in your head by a native as you gather knowledge.
cognizance: knowledge; ADJ. cognizant; having knowledge; aware
only "knowledgeable" students get placed in "cognizant" during placements!!thus cognizance - knowledge | Cogni - "mind" + Zance (sense) - "aware". Zance - resembles sense! | | COGNIZANCE(a BPO firm)is now going to launch its KPO(Knowledge Processing Outsourcing)
cohabit: live together
co - together,habit resembles habitat ie, a living cohabit, is living together.. | CO HABIT: ppl who have same(CO0 HABIT , only can leave together..if u have same habits than u can live together
cohere: stick together
involves word "co"+"here"everybody come here...means stay together | co again resembles together, her resembles aa female, so anyone,wants not to live together with a pretty woman(her),but,would like to stick!!! | cohere similar toadhere which also means - stick to | cohere sounds more like adhere which means stick to or stick together.
cohesion: tendency to keep together
coiffure: hairstyle
coiffure - in this word, if you can see, fure, read it as fur..which is the hair of animals. If you check the oi letters in the word, take it as oil and oil is used forhairstyling..!! | coiffure=c(coconut)+oi(oil)+ffure(for fur)......for betterment of hair style...
coin: make coins; invent or fabricate (a word or phrase); N. coinage: word or phrase recently invented
coin-coin is invented...coins are minted(fabricated,invented) in everyage,every coinage,recent!!
coincidence: the chance occurrence, at the same time, of two or more seemingly connected events; V. coincide: happen at the same time; be in agreement; CF. coincident; CF. coincidental
co+incident......two incidents happening at same time is coincidence
colander: utensil with perforated bottom used for straining
colander- ol(hole) ander(under) ie hole in bottom..wr bottom ofan utensil..!! | colander reminds me about the character CALANDER(Satish Kaushik) in the movie mr.india. He was a Bawarchi in movie and bawarchi makes food in utensils. | how to wash coriander use a colander ! | calender will hav datesand colander will have holes | co-land-under - the holes in a sieve is used to land the pure liquid under it.
collaborate: work together; cooperate treasonably with the enemy
co(together)labor(worker)so collaborate ==work together
collage: work of art put together from fragments
collage -- college, it is a place where different mentalities/culturesof different individuals mix together... | It relates to diversificaion. So In foriegn countries, At colleges you find race diversity.
coalesce: combine; fuse; N. coalescence
coal- combination of wood and charcoal. | coalesce: coa+LACE: lace is used to tie things together or mix things together | COALESCE =coal(cola)ESCE(essence )is made of mixture of various essence. | coalesce--collition | Think of two koalas hanging together on a tree.
coalition: partnership; league; union of separate political parties
sounds like hindi films , when there is collision btw actor n actress , then they become PARTNER | coalition=you donkey ...why do you always search for stupid...its very easy to remember...partnership,union,league....(i am sorry,but i bet that u cannot forget now) | unoin of seperate political parties led to collision
coax: persuade by flattery
Give cokes(coax) to make your friends happy. | rememebr "cajole" its same meaning...persuade some one by ur skills | caox(axe) is used to flatter girls | coax cable used in tv | coax rhymes with coach who may have to sometimes persuade the players by flattery.
coda: concluding section of a musical or literary composition
ie ,conclusive part of the lunch ,is done by soda(coda) by watching music on television. | At the end of the musical performance everyone took pictures with their KODAk cameras. | coda...imagine Devedas is drinking rum mixed with soda and listining paaro's song which she is about to end. | At the end of a musical or book, rank it by giving it a CODE. | c-closingo-ofd-diasa-archestra | in the villages,people drink color soda after they have a heavy lunch for easy digestion. | discovery commercial song : boom de yada, boom de yada.... yada ~ coda....and boom de yada is closing/final passage of song | coda = conclusion + da
coddle: treat gently; indulge excessively; pamper; mollycoddle; baby; cook in water just below boiling point; Ex. coddled eggs
Coddle - sounds like cuddle - cuddling is pampering kids, showing excessive love, indulge in excess of cuddling that is mollycoddle, which will spoil kids. | coddle ~ Noodle noodle are cooked in boiled water. | coddle sounds like CODDALU(Daughter in law in TELUGU) so generally a bridegrooms parents show a lot of care for their daughter in law just after marriage | CODDLE SOUNDS SIMILAR TO CUDDLE | like cuddle | coodle sounds like toodlers(kids) who r treated gently without taste of disicpline | c+oddle(adollu)...we see adavallu with indulgence,we pamper them...
codicil: supplement to the body of a will; later addition to a will
CODICIL (Sounds like KOTHI + SEAL)Imagine a person getting an aalishaan KOTHI through a will. But unfortunately, due to some legal reasons, government has decided to SEAL THE KOTHI and ALTER the will against his favor. | codec + will - a codec is used to improve or update an existing software.. thus a codec for a will is nothing but a codicil!! | codicil== a code in a will,code which is basically some organized instruction so codicil implies an instruction which is added to a will. | codi+cil....llr to KODI+KILL....thus kodi is writing a suplement to a will before its being killed | codisil - that which de-seals or re-seals a codified will, which generally seals a KOTI rupayya
cloister: monastery or convent
cloister....close+sister...where sisters (nuns) are getting closed or where sisters are resides..... | cloister-oister(oyster)..generally oysters are dome like structures, ehich resembles the monastries and convents that are genereally dome like.. | Cloister = Closed structure | cloister reminds me about church's sister(teacher in christian schools). they live in convent or monastery | when u close some the person is confined | closed to outsiders----to close oneself narrowly | CLoister = Close+ Oyster ; living away from world in a calm close place like an Oyster
clot: half-solid lump formed from a liquid (or blood); V.
we say that blood clot huva
clout: great influence (especially political or social); hard blow with fist
clout sounds like have gr8 influence over a region. | call out(=clout) your ex girlfriend/boyfriend 's name on the crossroad. You will get a blow from his/her spouse. | ~call+out: whenever a umpire calls out for a wrong decision it has a great influence and the batsman get's a hard blow | [email protected]#[email protected] this argot,which is easily learned ,when u are influenced by social or political wen u tell this to someone,u would get a hard blow ,with there fist.. | cl(call) + out.In cricket match umpire will give out(decision). So they have great influence. | clout - tout; tout has great influence to persuade some thing | Scout has great influence on school students so as clout has influence over something. | When a bowler "Calls out" by saying Howzzat it has a"Great influence "on the umpire. | clout=cl(ear)+outu hv enof influence to ask all to clear out!! |
clown: act stupidly; play the fool; N.
C+ low= common sense low. So he behaves stupidly.
cloying: distasteful (because excessive); excessively sweet or sentimental; V. cloy: become unpleasant through too much sweetness or excess
remember CLOVE--excessive addition of clove in the food makes the food distasteful.. | sounds like toying means playing with someone like a toy. It is very sweet to that person but distasteful to the society. | cloy is like clay...which is distasteful | cloying sounds very close to annoying | cloying-loy- loy, a gr8 musician, his songs were gr8 to hear in the starting,but now,,its him everywhere,cz of which the true taste of his good music,has been lost.. | cloying== coying we know coy means shy or excessively modest, if someone is too shy or modest than its distasteful!!!!!! | The cloying scent of popcorn at the fair is a PLOY to get you to buy more popcorn. | cloying,loyal ppl used to play with girls.which is unpleasent | cloying sounds like 'clawing' something to your mouth and then its sickening sweetness puts you off | closing the restaurant due to cloying food
coagulate: congeal; thicken; clot; N. coagulant
Colgate - think about the "thick" paste | congeal- geal resembles gel,,ie this gel is a coagulant. | the use of colgate toothpaste strengthens oue teeth without germs
codify: arrange (laws or rules) as a code; classify; N. code: system of words used instead of ordinary writing; collection of laws, rules, established social customs
a program ll work only when the codes are arranged in correct order | codes have to be in order. So codifyinfg the codes makes some sense. | Codify the C codes into C++, i.e. arrange them into more organized ones | codifytransfer or make in a form of proper code, so that it may be breakable or may be to form a pact or set of rules..
coercion: use of force to get someone to object; compelling; V. coerce
U must hav read COERCIVE forces in physics... | resembles forcy on. = force on? | co(go)er(there)cion(son)when compelled it creates aversion for u | coax+aversion:rhymes with aversion; Her coax withered away my aversion for it . | coercion=coerc(cohesive)+ion....ion is strongly forece is required to deteach it.... | corer-cion=koria use atomic test to force to get someone to buy
coeval: living at the same time as; existing during the same period of time; contemporary; of the same age
sounds similar to co-evolve meaning EVOLVED OR BORN AT THESAME TIME | co-eval; eval means age. coeval means same age | COEVAL=CO+EVOLUTION so two things evolved at the same time | co(together)+eval(evolution) born together | CO+EVAL(evaluation = exam) someone who takes up exams with you, is of same age as you | coeval-co eval(oval) having the same centre--means same age | Coeval (Sounds like Co + Eve + All).. So if we all have to cooperate "EVE", we all have to sit together in TIME MACHINE and go back to EDEN GARDEN to become contemporary to EVE. | co-eval .. In the same age as Eve from the genesis of Man- And I'm the lucky adam who gets to fornicate | coeval- co+eval means co-sameeval-arrivalso coeval means same arrival or of same age/time | it sounds like medieval..which was a time period long ago. so therefore during the same time...:)
cog: tooth projecting from a wheel
sounds like dog. Remember a dog's teeth. | cog~ colgate.....colgate relates to teeth.... | cog sounds like clog in ones teeth
cogent: convincing
cogent - gent - a gentle personis always the right person to convince others. | co+agent...cooperative agents make congent suggestions. | CO & GENT, two men (gents) joining together (co) in a team to persuade you, will be more 'powerfully persuasive' than just one gent. | Cogent - Gent - Gentleman - Gentleman always uses fine-toned words to convince others. Gentleman's convincing manners convinces anybody. | Co-operative bank agents are generally pursuasive. | COGENT=CO.+AGENT..I find my Company's Agents more convincing than others | Cogent like cognizant or appealing to the mind with reason. | CO(company) of gentleman are always convincing.....they don't need to use force to convince people.... | Cognitive Enchantment | co(converse)+gent(gently)...wen u r conversed gently u r well argued | Sounds like coherent... | if u r in a grp and if u want ur idea to b implemented,den u need to b coagent i.e., b able to convince ur COAGENT | cogent can be thought of as co(vert)+ agent. who is a covert agent? Sam fisher is. he grabs you in a choke hold and persuades you to do things. | cognos means to be aware of. so when we are aware of a subject then we can easily persuade people on that subject | My parents will give consent if my argument is cogent. | it has 'cause' in it
cogitate: think over; ponder
Agitate the mind = cogitates. | Cogitate = Khoji-tate: One who uses reason and brain to find some thing (or some inference). | Cogitate also means meditate....Cogitate=Meditate and they rhyme | cogitate ~ agitate : one should to get agitated and angry over any issue unless he/she has cogitated over it throughly. | Actually people are lazy to use their brain. So they hesitate to cogitate? | excogitate:invent; so Cogitate is think over to invent new things. | cogitate sounds like--kaunsi date choose karu..u hv to think over it | COGITATE=CO(SO)+GIT(GITA)=+ATE(HATE)....SO GITA HATE YOU..ASK HER TO THINK OVER... | gitate- if u can see the spelling of this, u will find git,,which u can resemble it with wit, and eating(ate) ur wit ,is similar to thinking over and over again,ie ponder over..
collate: examine and compare in order to verify authenticity; arrange in order (the sheets of a book before they are bound)
corelate = for corelating, we first arrange it in order and then make critical comparisons. | co-relate, thats comparing 2 things | coll(college) ate(gate )... so at every college gate the security guard checks for identity card and verifies if they are from the college or not !! | COLL-ect + rel-ATE - collect some documents and relate to each other | remember the Collate function in microsoft word in the printing option? It asks to collate the pages before printing... | collate- resembles,collect..u can examine and compare if u have more than oneitem..and to have more than one item,u have to collect them.,.. | COLLATE also meanscollect and combine (texts, information, or data)..hence COLLATE=COLLECT.....when we collate lots of data we do COMPARISON and ANALYSIS...... | Collate = (College+Late) : You get late for college by examining comaring and arranging your books
collateral: security given for loan; ADJ: secondary; descended from the same person but through different sons or daughters
When you give a loan to someone and he doesnot return the money what will you do??? You'll call him repeatedly but he will say "CALL LATER".To avoid this scene, you will take some kind of security such as property, jewellery... | REMEMBER THE MOVIE COLLATERAL DAMAGE... damages are caused if security is not proper.... so easily remember.. its security given forloan... | colateral - a house or a jewel is lateral to the loan and hence a co-lateral. If you are late in paying loans, then you have to pay with the co-late-ral
collation: a light meal; collating
col(collage)+late+on --if u r late for coll u can have only a light meal :) | Collation is a light meal,often offered to guests when there is insufficient time for fuller entertainment. It is often rendered cold collation in reference to the usual lack of hot or cooked food. COLD FOOD AT OCCASION= COLLATION | If I don't have time to eat have COLA instead - that would be light.Cola+Tiffin=Collation. | think of it as CALL-AT-ON...ur girlfriend call u for a light meal at her home.. | split as cold + nationin cold nations(where the temperature is usually low), we get only fried chicken or salads for meals, which is akind of light meal for we indians...
collected: composed; calm; self-possessed
colloquial: pertaining to conversational or common speech; informal; N. colloquialism: colloquial expression
colloquial - can be read as Coll - local so we use local language(informal) language in our college.. | It contains the root LOQ which means it is related to speech | LOCAL language conversation,( a conversation in local language say Gujarati is informal) Where as ENGLISH is formal language for business etc
colloquy: informal discussion; conversation
call a guy.. conversation on phone | sounds like colloquium - an educational meeting where a formal conversations takes place. | call+lucky... if u call lucky ur friend you will have an informal discussion | elocution- for both colloqual and colloquy -means pertaining to speech or conversation | CALL ALL TREES for a high level meeting. | | colloquy = col + loquy;coal + loquy (talk); talk like coal i.e black ype talk i.e bad mannered talk.
collusion: conspiring in a fraudulent scheme to cheat or deceive others; V. collude
people who involve in collusion, try to create an Illusion that everything is fine | You can just seesome Illusions of a collusion. | ollu- resembles ullu(owl) ,,ullu banaya..vo fraud nikala.. | collusion: sounds like कालू-योजन(आ) means some evil plans | co-illusion illusion created by a secret agreement among the group of people | collision of ppl wid "kala vision" or bad conspiracy... | You might make an allusion about a collusion, but you wouldn't talk about it openly | conclusion of collusion | See as COL. see an illusion of Agreement b/w two countries... | Etymology: from Old French collusion; from Latin collusionem, "act of colluding"; from colludere, from com-, "together" + ludere, "to play"; from ludus "game". | Terrorist having a Collusion about an Explosion | (sounds like illusion): That they have secret agreement, it was his illusion. | relate with Collision of alpha n beta particles in radioactive element experiments.. such experiments are done under secret
colossal: huge
remember the colosseum - one of the seven wonders of the world, which was a huge theatre in the olden days | Its huge loss | collision refers to bombardment of two massive objects with force,so remember collision wih colossal | COLOUR+LOSS....loss of hair colour or colour of skin(vitilgo) is a huge loss
colossus: gigantic statue; person or thing of great size or importance
if you can remember colossal...a great statue..gigantic.. | remember colosseum - the Italian amphitheater. It is an epitome of colossus(enormous structure)in architecture
coma: deep prolonged unconsciousness caused by disease, poison, or a severe blow
comatose: in a coma; extremely sleepy
Coma - in a comatose - coma ka dose ... very sleepy | "comatose"- sounds like a toast to coma
combustible: easily burned; N. CF. combustion
come bustible i.e. burnable.. something which is burnable like wood
comeback: retort; quick clever reply; return to former status
yuvraj played a comeback innings against england | Akshay Kumar's comeback in 2007 was the best, he has ever got.. | madhuri dixit comeback in bollywood with Aaja Nachle
comely: attractive; agreeable; having a pleasing appearance
KOMAL, take it as a name and also concentrate on the meaning, first it isa girl so it wud seem attractive to boys !!! and acc to meaning one who is komal, soft n simple is easily agreeable.. | comely- resembles homely,, homely gals are always liked by everyone,as they are attractive and also have a pleasing appearance. | you COMb you hair to become attractive. | comely - it resembles to hindi movie name chameli. In this movie kareena looks attractive. | comely sounds like komali-means comedian (in tamil).so if v c komali, it ll be pleasing to our eyes. | "Come Lee" ... Bruce Lee has an fit body it is attractive to see him COME in a movie. | COMELY...komal in marathi means najuk i.e delicate...most of the beautiful girls are delicate..... | U wud like to have a wife that agrees with you by moaning "OH YES! OH YES! OH YES!!!!!", when she cums ;) | comely - amely; a name of a girl who is attractive and agreeable in nature | She's so attractive that can make me come soon... | its the opposite of HOMELY
comestible: something fit to be eaten
COMESTIBLE ~ COME+ ITS + EATABLE | estible- resembles like edible, ie, somthing fit to be eaten... | Comestible is like come and eat edible food. | comestible rhymes Digestible-something fit tobe eaten are digestible | | "Comestible" sounds similar to combustible( easily burned)...So comestible, something that can be burned in stomach, think it as etable. | come eat at table :P | Comestible - Eaten food provides energy because it is Combustible in stomach. | heremes (mess)& tible(table) ,,togetheritbecomes messthetablewith food.......
comeuppance: deserts; well-deserved punishment or misfortune; rebuke
A student attempts a prank during a lecture. The teacher holds up a stick in her hand and asks the student to come up and face the consequence(punishment) he deserves. | com up with your results for a problem | come+uppance= uppance sounds like offence, so when u do any offence punishments will COME behind you which is DESERVED | come up and take punishment | COME UP and pay the penance.. I will give you comeuppance, you will never comeuppance against me ever after
comity: courtesy; civility; Ex. comity of nations
comity sounds like come eat with us, which displays courtesy. | Nations around the world build some commitees to grow comity among them. | comity sounds like committee (with civil and courteous members.) | comity sounds like comedy....when there is comedy everywhere and you crack jokes, it represents friendly feeling coz at that time everyone is happy.... | an ity bit different than comedy.Lenny Bruce - seemed disharmonius (worked along side jazz musicians, uncivi (was arrested), and disrespectful (used foul language) but in the end his comedy promoted comity | Comity and Courtesy rhyme | COMITY..Always a committee is formed by general agreement where people show COURTESY and CIVILITY(politeness) to each other. | its like "kaumi ekta"kaumi ekta(Unity and courtesy) with each other can persist when people are civilized | COME ET , though ET was extraterrestrial the boy showed courtesy(politeness) and civility
commandeer: take (private property) for military use without needing permission or giving payment; draft for military purposes
come and give me your deer....i.e.take sth by force | comandeering is close to commando | COMMAN-DEER: when some things are common, ppl take it without asking anyone
commonwealth: nation governed by the people; republic; people of a nation
Common people well held the ruling power.
communal: held in common; public; of a group of people; of a commune
communal pertains to community. | make communal..commun to common | commun means to shareso,commune, community, communism, communicable, communication, commonality, incommunicado all are associated with to share somthing between groups | Common to all.
commune: small (often rural) community whose members share work and income; V: exchange thoughts or feelings; Ex. commune with nature
commun means to share so, commune, community, communism, communicable, communication, commonality, incommunicado all are associated with to share somthing between groups
compact: agreement; contract; ADJ: tightly packed; firm; brief; concise; Ex. compact statement
com+PACT.. A pact is an agreement | Com-together, pact is similar to pack- means packed together or tight | com PACT- pact means greementa written a | compact= co+pact andpact= agreement | come and sign a pact(compact) that you will compact this in briefcase by contracting not breaking.
compartment: one of the parts into which an enclosed space is divided
compassion: sympathy for the suffering of others; ADJ. compassionate
ab agar koi pulsar and karsima ki time main herohonda passion lega,then his neighbors will show sympathy to him.. | compassion-KAM PASSION agar herro honda passion k zamane me kam passion wala bike chalayenge to log sympathy to dega mere bhai | Kom(Less)+ Position = having other's sympathy.
commemorate: honor the memory of; serve as a memorial to; Ex. commemorate the 100th anniversary/those who died in the war
come + memory(ative)remembering something and honouring it. if we forget some1 bday we ll close eyes and says please come to memory. | Focus on Memor which does mean memory and com means together so commemorate means when people recall their past great events together it can be expressed as commemorate. | focus on the first half of word commem(COMMEND)+orate.and we always COMMEND AND honour the PEOPLE who had done something great for us..
commemorative: remembering; honoring the memory of; Ex. commemorative stamp
com + MEMORATIVEmemory = remembering | !re!-collecting(COM)-memorial(MEMORATE)
commensurate: equal in extent; of the same size
SPLIT AS COMMON - ENSURED -RATE.WHICH MEANS, OUR RATE WILL BE EQUAL TO THE CHEAPEST PRODUCT! | common measure? | think about mensuration which is a study of length, and angle | come and see the rate. it'll be equal to the rate of the cheapest product. | com-together, mensuro (latin)- measure. | common men always ensure rate,he always ensure that rates are according to products size weight n measurement. | commensurate ( gommen sap is surand can ate the man equal to its size | it is like compensate.whether it is able to compensate or not(by matching with size or rate or something) | com(common)mensuration (branch of maths dealing with size, area).. hence common size..
commiserate: feel or express pity or sympathy for
co+miserate ...share one's misery by being with them or identifying their misery vicariously | commisioner felt sympathetic and expressed his pittness over mis erate's death. | Its a great misery! We should all commiserate! | Sounds like Coma + se = wen u see some one in coma state u tend to express pity or sympathy. | commiserate can be split as com,misery..come for the misery to express your feelings.. | in india commissioner is rated (bribe) for doing work. i feel pity for him as he has become like a product in the market which people use for money. | Committee( Of people) + (someone's) sorrow + Ate.
commodious: spacious and comfortable
people always want there cammod(commod) to be spacious and comfortable,as a living!!! | something which can accomodate more commodity -- commodious. | a commodity gives us more comfort and too keep a number of commodities, we need a spacious house!! | A COMODO Dragon is a huge lizard. | Commodious is something which can ACOOMODATE lot of things in it. | Commodious is something which can ACOOMODATE lot of things in it. | a commodious commode[کمد لباس] is more desirable than a small one.
commonplace: ordinary; N: something ordinary or common; trite remark
all the students dont get scholarship are in commonplace that means they are ordinary
compatible: harmonious; in harmony with; able to exist together
Company's all people always have to be in harmony fro better sucess
compelling: overpowering; irresistible in effect; holding one's attention; that compels one to do something; Ex. a compelling adventure story; V. compel
compelling sounds like come yelling ..which is overpowering and also which gathers attention of everyone | vampires compell humans to behave as they like=overpower | compelling sounds like COMPLAN...& complan kids are strong and solid.
compendium: brief, comprehensive summary; ADJ. compendious
CUM(hindi for less) PEN use karke u can just write summary of topic. | An audience always wants that whoever COMES to speak on the PODIUM should speak briefly. | Compendium=Compact Ending...! | SPLIT AS comp - end - ium.THINK OF COMPOSITION(LONG ESSAY). ANDREMEMBER THE MEANING AS,end long composition.i.e - brief summary | It is a hard job to explain you all about pentium products. So We release a compendium about coming pentiums. | memon nay com pen istamal kartay huay compandium likha | COMPENDIUM - COMPREHENSIVE+ END = COMPREHENSIVE but ENDs quickly(short). | pen- used to write something(summary).pendium-resembles like pendulum,there is a brief to and a brief fro motion in a clock with a pendulum in it. | Comp(computer) + pentiumpentiums were the initial computers which were reduced in size drastically.. so relate this with briefing of work.. | COMPENDIUM = COMPREHENSIVE AND COMPACT END
compilation: listing of information in tabular or book form; compiling
in any programing language we use compilation technique to verify the code and list the errors in a tabular form or a bookish form.. | Compilation - split to com + pilation = pile - columns - pile of books - column of books - tablular columnof books | when we compile the program we create new object file which contains information in tabular form which machine understands | in our computer we have heard that COMPILER reads the data and execute it.hence the meaning
compile: assemble; gather; accumulate; make (a report or a book) from facts and information found in various places; Ex. compile a dictionary
pile of facts or information | Things COMe in PILE bcz weASSEMBLE,GATHER or ACCUMULATE data. | to send a code for the process of compilation we should assembles all the code instructions
complacency: self-satisfaction; smugness; ADJ. complacent
COMP(Company)+PLACEncy- When you get placed in a company you get lot of self satisfaction i.e complacency..... | A comfortable place gives you complacency! | when kids drink complan, their parents feel satisfied!! | complacency=com + place + ncy so if its a calm place you are highly satisfied | complain(compla)+sensitive(cency)=self-satisfied | com(company) place ....if u get placed in a company u will get a lot of self satisfaction | complete +sense+iin complete sense i feel complete
complaisant: trying to please; obliging; willing to please others
com + plais(please) + antcome and please the a(u) | FOCUS ON sant(saint!), who isalways obliging. | Complacent is self satisfied and Complaisant is a person who satisfies other people | complaisant=complaint + santh ...santh agar complaint bhi karta hai toh ..he does it in an obliging way | He is a complaisant boy. Though my home is not facilitated as his, he said It is a pleasant to come here. | come please saint i.e.trying to please,obliging | its opposite to complaint | A comPLAISANT person is a "pleasant" person to be around.
complement: complete; consummate; make perfect; N.
It sounds like Complete it men | Think of a man named Tom whatever that conjures in your head plummeting into the sun and fills up the black spot. Tom Plummet will help you remember the word. | When u complement others is when they finis the work perfectly or completly
complementary: serving to complete something
Husband and Wife are complementary ie. they both try to make life complement
compliance: conformity in fulfilling requirements; readiness to yield; disposition to yield to others; V. comply
Compliance sounds like complete alliance, therefore completely into agreement and ready to yield | com + pliance, pliant means flexible - yielding. | After lot of complaints police took severe action against hin and at the thief decided toconsider compliance. | come + plan to follow rules | compliance,alliance,allied,when different military forces allied in city the people follows the law rules and regulations | come to reliance to yield(surrender)
compliant: readily acting in accordance with a rule, order, or the wishes or others; yielding; comforming to requirements
one who never complains and obeys everything is compliant ! | compli(comply)+ant(aunt)..TO comply with UR AUNT wishes or willings. | complain not I am yielding,ready for ur requirements | COMPLIANT= comPLIANT. pliant means flexible and easily influenced. so compliant person is ready to yield. | COMPLIANT+COMPLIANCE:just remember the ROOT word COMPLI; agree..therefore both almost mean d same
complicity: participation; involvement (in a questionable act or a crime)
complicityac-complice..complice root word, meaning a partner in crime. | come & play in the city i.e. participate. | complicity...complic(COMPLICATE) after coming to this city ONLY YOU HAVE GOT INVOLVED IN ALL COMPLICATED ACTIVITY.(COMPLICATED ACTIVITIES ARE GENERALLY CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES ) Very Happy | compli(complicate)+city= living in that city became complicate "after involving in the crime" | To hit together with ply in city means accomplice in crime
comprehensive: broad; including a lot or everything; thorough; inclusive
we always hear "comprehensive win" from cricket commentators.. it means the side wins making enough runs or with enough wickets.. so its covering n winning in all aspects over the opposition.. | concentrate on "HEN"...wen yu try to cook it ..its says i
compress: force into less space; squeeze; contract; put into fewer words; N: thick mass of cloth pressed to part of the body to stop bleeding or swelling, reduce fever, etc.
comprise: include; consist of
compromise: adjust or settle by making mutual concessions; endanger the interests or reputation of; put into danger, disrepute, or a dishonorable position; Ex. compromise one's principle; N.
compulsion: compelling; strong desire that is difficult to control; irresistible impulse
compulsion(come+pulsor) means strong desire so he had a strong desire to come on pulsor | our professor tells that no compulsion for tmrws lect ...that means he is not forcing to attend his lect
compulsive: resulting from compulsion
opposite of repulsive
component: element; ingredient
comport: bear one's self; behave; Ex. comport oneself; N. comportment
comport = com + port. All staff and High class people behave in manner.When you come to the (air)port, you need to behave with dignity. | Like Composure | If you comport then it will comfort all of us. | Comport = Come + PortWhen ships are landing on the port then they should be in maintained in proper positions. | when a request comes to the port of the process then process should behave properly to execute the request | come n port yourself in good manner | You might use honey form a BEE HIVE (behave) to make a sugary compote (sounds like comport)
compost: mixture of decaying organic matter used as fertilizer; V: put or make compost
sounds like "comfort". The farmer will be in comfort only if he gets good fertilizers for a rich crop. | compost sounds like decompos(t)e those materials r used as fertilizers
composure: mental calmness
A R Rahman is a composer. He need all his composure to compose music. | composure is like calm mental calmness | Music composer needs composure to compose music | Composure sounds like ComeCloser. so as you comecloser to contemptous one, should maintain your composure(calmness).
compound: combine; produce by combining; increase; make worse by adding to or increasing; exacerbate; Ex. compound an error; ADJ: consisting of two or more parts; N: combination of two or more parts; area enclo
the pharmacist compounded the formulation
comprehend: include; understand
comp+rehend=remember advertisement i am a complan girl...complan makes ur memory sharp so u can grasp many things mentally |
conceit: vanity or self-love; too high opinion of one's own value; extravagant metaphor (in poetry)
kaun(con)+ ceit(seat) . person who asks who sat on my seat is arrogant! | kaunsi site hack karu??conceit excessive self pride.. | if a poor beggar is sitting somewhere ... u say kon (CON) - bethega(CEIT) idhar... | a conceited person CONCEALS more information then asked for..i.e. he keeps on bragging | kaunsi(CON-)seat(-CEIT)self love and vanity like political leaders for their assembly seats. | conceit- conceived pride(or a pride which is over-assumed) | when from concePt you remove P and add I where I stands for egoistic it becomes conceIt | when from concePt you remove P and add I where I stands for egoistic it becomes conceIt | self-esteem, vanity, egotism, compla
concentric: having a common center
Think of Con(com)Center...Com - Center...COMMON CENTER!!!
conception: beginning; forming of an idea; fertilization; V. conceive: form an idea in the mind; devise; become pregnant; CF. inception
conception is coming to a concept..or forming an idea.. | sounds like "inception" and is same in meaning too. | sounds as in reception...its about to begin
concerted: mutually agreed on; done together by agreement; Ex. concerted effort; CF. in concert: working together
### CONCERTS ### every on knows that concerts are done in a planned and determined way, especially by more than one person, government, country, etc,Synonyms:combined, joint, mutual, prearranged | concer(CONCERN)+TED...SO if you are concerned about your company's performance,you will evenAGREE WITH your enemyto work TOGETHER ,BECAUSE you love your organization. | At a concert everybody dances together in a agreeable way so that nobody gets hurt. | co certified
concession: an act of yielding; conceding; something conceded; point, right, etc. given unwillingly; privilege of maintaining a business in a certain place; Ex. oil concessions in the North sea; CF. concessionair
Concessional, after a session it is YES for contract | CESSION means yielding or to CEDE (cede means yielding)remembr lyk- is loksabha CESSION(session) se kya mila(kya yield hua)... So concession means act of yielding
conciliatory: reconciling; soothing; V. conciliate: reconcile; soothe; win the friendly feelings (by removing anger)
Heyy thz sounds like CONSOLING...which means soothing... | concil is pronouncing like council,in council elections the standing candidate wants to win the feelings of others | Can remember this with the word reconcile.Once u have a fight with your friend, then you do something good to appease as to get back to normal friendship (or you reconcile with him)So this can be taken as a conciliatory act. | ConCILIAtory.Cilia line our lungs to prevent particles from being logged. In the end they are HELPing you. ConCILIAtory helps. | you can conciliate by counseling. | In India always for a dispute a council is elected, so as at least to solve a dispute with peace n goodwill.. Such things are called conciliatory... ;) | conciliatory[console the military]we have to console the military to stop the violance against citizens and discuss peacefully | It resembles "silly". If you are in a meeting if you dont give conciliayory speech it would be silly. | con(together)+silna=bring friendship back together | council is going take eat i.e making friendly relationship.
compulsory: obligatory; that must be done
compunction: remorse; strong uneasiness caused by guilt
come + puncture..(punch).You will say "come and punch me" only if you are in deep regret of having done something wrong. | | kampan meaning shivers.. when uve done smthing wrong, u shiver with guilt | is like COMe PUNCTure.. when a tyre is punctured, v r left wid REMORSE.. | compuncture sounds like compensation..when you hav done a wrong thing you regret and offer victim the compensation.. | Compuncture - Come + puncture - when ur self respect is punctured or hurt by yourself,then you feel guilty for suchact by you, which eventually causes uneasiness. | (Com)Common puncture.If u puncture others , ur consciousness will puncture you back. | COMPUter stopped fUNCTION ing cuz of ur fault , u feel guilty for watching wrong site and getting viruses | compunction-KAMPANK(vibration)TION jab teacher punishment dene k liye puchta hai k kaun kasoorwar hai to jo guilty hota hai woh dar k mare kapne(vibrate) lagte hai.cuz usko guilty/regret feel hota hai. | COMPULSION....when you have compulsion of something,you are in great regret or remorse | if you puncture someones comp (com+punction) you are filled with remorse | compunction=comp-(completely)+un(undesirable)+tion(action) causing remorse or regret | COMPUNCTION:COM(KUM-LEES) PUNCH TION(SON-CHILD;imagine an odd situation when an elder feels guilt for doing somethin wrong to u , and he tells u COMPUNCTION, cos hes feelin guilty
compute: reckon; calculate
compute+(r) can also used to calculate.
concatenate: link as in a chain
CON CAT N 8can you con eight cats into biting each others tails to form the number 8 (which looks like a link in a chain? | Split "concatenate" as come-cat-and-eat. All happens one after another as a chain work. | continuous + ate (eaating) + night. eating many things one after another at night time should be avoided. eating one after another makes a long FOOD CHAIN or food web. cheerz
concave: hollow; curved inwards; OP. convex
consists of cave.. so hollow.. cave is always curved inwards
concede: admit; acknowledge as being true (often reluctantly); yield; grant; Ex. concede a goal
Concede = Cede. | sounds like "convince". If you convince someone about something, he admits it. | con+cede---surrender(cede)surrender and accept sth to be true reluctantly | | pathanCONCEDEDmany runs in the match! | concede is sounding like kaunsi ,so your friend may ask about a particular girl and u may pretend or not admit and say kaunsi girl | when srishant starts conceding runs he succumbs to or accepts defeat before the pressure put by the batsmen..
confine: shut in an enclosed space; restrict; keep within limits; N. confinement
when a person is 'on fine'(confine),he will be in limits or else he behaves as he like
confiscate: seize; take possession of (private property) by official order (usu. as a punishment); commandeer
fist means hand. confiscate is grabbing, taking away, seize, taking possesion. | con cat ate up fish,have to seize his bell as
conflagration: great fire
if you check the word flag in the above word, watching our flag fly high fills our hearts with extra josh and ignites a fire within us when we salute it... | flagration sounds like flare which means fire, so big fire | Picture the Nicaraguan CONtra burning the FLAG | during Indian National Movement ---in hindi Kaun(CON)(FLAG) leka(R) na(TION) mein independence ki maang k liye janta k dil mein AAG/FIRE lagane mein successful hua? Mahatma Gandhi | "conflagration" is kind of like an acronym abbreviation of "conifer forest flag flamed raged fire in the night" | "conflagration" is kind of like an acronym abbreviation of "conifer forest flag flamed fire in the night" | corn fiel (mein ) flare gir gaya to , bahut aag lag gayi !!!
confluence: flowing together; the place where two rivers flow together; crowd; gathering together
sounds like influence bring people together by means of your influence. | it means ~ the place where two rivers flow together and become one larger river !! so above mnemonics are all wrong. Confluence = Come(con) + flow (together) :) | 'Connect' by 'Influence' | confluence sounds similar to cornflakes which gives us strength by bringing together all the vitamin and minerals together | Confluence=Con(Together) + Fluence(Flow) =Flow Together | remember 'conference' | CONFLUENCE: Consider FLUENCY , which means to have fluency ,things shu flow together | Co means together as in collective.. influence | co(come together) + influence. . Or, Con (Come)+ n (nature = rivers) + (flow) fluence (with influence)
conformist: person who uncritically conforms to the customs of a group; OP. nonconformist: one who does not conform to accepted beliefs of norms
Break it up like this KAUN? ke pas hain FIRM head to listen to or adhere to customs
conformity: harmony; agreement with established rules or customs; similarity; Ex. behave in conformity with; V. conform: be similar; act in agreement; comply; Ex. conform to the rule; CF. conformance
Conform it- Means agree to it | Confirm to iT | conformity = con (connection) + form + it; connection of forms of information technology i.e agreement between different formats.
concordat: formal agreement
concord+at = harmony at something. so a formal agreement. | in the late seventies, you might have taken the concorde (supersonic AT -Air Transportation) from NY to Paris to sing a concordat between the US and France.
concur: agree; coincide; happen at the same time
when a king conquers(concur) a state then the people in the state hav to agree with it | You can see concur as concurrent.... | concur ..sounds like conquer...wen u want 2 conquer girls heart she must agree ... | concur sounds like occur that is to happen. | con-kar i.e kar together by agreement | Two concurrent lines concurred to meet at a point | concur-con means with and cur means tax in nepali ,it is every nepali's responsibility that he has to agree with the tax paying system
concurrent: happening at the same time; in agreement
condescend: (derog.) bestow courtesies with a superior air; descend to the level of one considered inferior
It has the word descend in it ,it impliesdescending to a lower position | Visualise a person in CON(in a group)or party is behaving as if he is the only one person DESCEND(decent) with superiority.
condign: adequate; (of punishment) severe and well deserved
Condign.con+deserve,means to deserves."condign censure" | condign=deserved (of punishment) condign=co+n+dign ~ come+and+dine...imagine after a well deserved punishment, ur mother calls u back for dining :) | Condign can be split as CONvicted + Dign. A convicted person has been given punishment of digging whole day in jail which is well deserved punishment for him | CON DIGN (convict dignity)if he accepts fitting and appropriate punishment for his crime he DESERVES to can regain his diginity | Read as Corn+Dine- As a deserving punishment, I was made to dine on corn. | if a CON DIGS a hole he should be aptly punished | condign= con+dying | COME DINE at your last meal before being executed. | | | CONDitionally IGNited ... | benign means kind : so condign means opposite of that = severe, deservedly severe! | cond-ign is like (cond)ition (i)s (g)ood '(n) it is well deserved | Condign punishment: a condemnation that suits the dignity of the convict
condole: express condolences; N. condolence: sympathy for someone who has experienced great sorrow
you know condolences | Conny is in a dolorous situation so my sympathy for her.
concise: brief and compact
con(KAMMEANS LESS)) + cise(SIZE).......SO anything which is LESS in SIZE. | succinct
conclave: private secret meeting
con+cave = conversation in a cave .. having a secret conversation in the cave | conclave- con in US resembles a convict or a prisoner, they have a private meeting in a cave(clave).. | COME+CAVE....come in the cave, we will have secret meeting there!!!!! | Memory aid : con (conference) + clave (cave); we are going to organize a secret conference (meeting) in a cave. | conclave and collusion are synonyms.I thought I saw a con (convict) playing clave (musical instrument) in a secret inmate salsa band, but it was an illusion (rhymes with collusion) | (CON-)kaun(-CLAVE)clever.Everyone MEETS to decide whose cleverest. | Remember it as concave cave : people are having a meeting in that concave cave. | all the ppl (con) r in the cave for a conclave meeting
conclusive: decisive; ending all debate
concoct: prepare by mixing or combining; make up in concert; devise (something false) so as to deceive; Ex. concoct an elaborate excuse for being late; N. concoction
coct - resembles a cocktail, prepared by mixing and combining. A conman is preparing it, in a concert disguised(make up) as a bartender. | con+coc+tcon= combination (different items)coc= cockingso concoct= combination if different items in cocking means"prepare by mixing ingredients" | The con used a cocktail of make up kits to hoodwink the police...just about sums up the whole word's meaning
concomitant: that which accompanies; Ex. Deafnes is a frequent concommitant of old age; ADJ: existing or happening together with something else
con(together) + comitant(sounds like commitment) if we have committed to each other, we'll go together. | CON(continuous)+COMITANT(take it as a person who commits)....hence a person who is in continuous commitment is always with his GIRLFRIND....i.e associated,accompanying.. | CONcurrent + acCOMpanying + attENDANT = CONCOMITANT. | CONnie COME IN THE TENT with me | comit(commited)- deafness, cataract,etc are some problems the accompany(commited),(concomitant) with that of the old age. | con+comitantcon= commoncomitant=commitmentAs there is common commitment , they are accompanying | concomitant..split it into con,comit..con in root meaning is with..and make comit to comet..some say when hales comet appears it accompanies death of a big leader | concomitant = "can go mit" said his aunt as they are going out of home. | concomitant = con ( connection) + commit;when the girl or boy is commit means that he or she is with someone. | Remember those product promotion schemes, you purchase some product named something like "con" and along with it ("com") comes another thing called something like "tant", like with Colgate (con) comes (com) a "t"oothbrush (tant)
concord: harmony; accord
If you are a keyboardplayer you must be knowing aboutchords..chords are used for harmony...concord = con + chord... | CONCORDE plane was a HARMONY between UK and FRANCE airforces! | this word sounds like cone(icecream)+cord(sword)... that is a person will agree to ur opinion either of the two ways i.e. either by giving him icecream or by showing him sword | rhymes with accord which means the sameContain word CORD, remember word CORDIAL which means friendly/harmonyCONCORDE plane was a HARMONY between UK and FRANCE airforces!
condone: overlook; forgive; give tacit approval; excuse
if u use condom u will be forgiven by health and family welfare department | condone = consideration + done ~ you do not consider STH anymore | if you use condom(condone) you overlook baby | The teacher CONDOLED her student's situation and CONDONED(was lenient for his situation) him for not doing his homework..!! | That can be done I overlooked it. | using a condom(which sounds like condone)cannot be overlooked!! | CONDONe=PARDON.... | pay condonation in college if attendence is less | Sounds like condom. That means to accept the wrong. As u r going for pleasure and not the actual purpose of procreation | con is bad work and done. so con+done=bad work done. that is because u over looked it. | Forget abt con (whom) has done it take the enjoy. | its done no need further explanation.. overlooked or excused... | it means consider undone | Condone sounds like condom. Using condom is accepting the wrong. As u r going for pleasure and not the actual purpose of procreation
conducive: helpful; contributive; V. conduce; Ex. conduce to/towards
conducive - come(con) + do(du) + civil work(cive).....doing civil work is helpful & contributive. | Conducive sounds like conductive. Conductivity, property of a metal, means passing electricity smoothly, i.e. helpfull in making it, conducive means helpful or favoring. | this word resembles conjuse(one who doesnt spends money)..the answer would be the opposite.. | conducive means making a certain situation or outcome likely or possible...CONDUCIVEis somewhat like CONCLUSIVE...if you can make conclusion, you make something possible..... | con+DUCE....remember duce in tennis .....a duce is always helpful for small player playing infront of a great player like federer | His motto is CAN DO IT | Con(commonly)+Ducive(Producive-Productive)
conduit: aqueduct; passageway for fluids
conduit seems to have come from the two words CONDUcting circUIT. So a passage for ab electric circuit ,wire or water | Conduit - duit sounds like duct which is a passageway | con + ductin movies its usually shown that for escaping con's use big DRAINAGE DUCTS THROUGH WHICH WIRES AND DRAINAGE WATER FLOWS.. | "conduit"-imagine something like conduct-it that explains conduction of something. | imagine water is flowing ,and u are told to stop it and u say CANT DO IT(conduit)..cos water is liquid and cannot be easily stopped from flowing
confide: tell in confidence (to a person one trusts); be confident about
Confide = Con (with) + Fide (trust). We tell the secret with trust to someone we trust. | confide contains fide i.e fidelity which means loyalty...we trust those who r loyal... | CONFIDENT; just remove NT bcums CONFIDE...very simple isnt it | confide- is like confess-to tell all the sins you have done,similarly,here in confide we tell the secrets confidently | You can confide in your confidant and be confident that nobady will hear about it
confidence: self-assurance; calm unworried feeling based on a strong belief in one's abilities; strong belief in the ability of a person or plan; trust or faith in a person or thing; something confided; secret; E
confidential: spoken or written in secret; trusted with private matters; Ex. confidential secretary
congruence: correspondence of parts; harmonious relationship; CF. congruity
In maths we have congruent triangle that completely agree which each other in every property. | congruence = con + gruence; Connection of grow together i.e similarity between them.
congruent: in agreement; harmonious; corresponding; coinciding exactly; CF. congruous
conifer: pine tree (usu. evergreen); cone-bearing tree; ADJ. coniferous; CF. deciduous; CF. evergreen
conifer refers to coniferous forests a typical forest bearing the same quality | conifer - cone; so conifer means tree bearing cone like fruits
conjecture: surmise; guess; V.
sounds like 'lecture' ..assume you guess an answer for a question asked during a lecture | conclusion drawn on base of junk... conjuction | Con+jector (Kon (who in hindi)+ actor): It is hard to infer on the basis of insufficient data, Ki KON ACTOR hai aur kon saccha hai. | conjecture:con(kon) hai jec(jack)...chal GUESS mar.. | Abe! Kya? Kaun-jack-tour jaayega? Kabhi nai.. woh darpok hai. --- concluding without facts- con-jec-ture.:-) | almost looks like "conjure" (to make something up) | Sally did a conjectureand had to receive a lecturebecause of her guesswork | I object! Your lecture is pure conjecture. | c+on+jec+ture--- ON JUC(joke) of someone saying I haven’t studied, we cant deduce whethere he is saying truth or lie.. so we have to GUESS
conjugal: pertaining to marriage
in Indian music we have JUGALbandi, which is harmony of2 different intruments...can imply marriage frm it | con = together,and u+ur gal=u and ur girl want to stay together forever,you get married!! | in certain bacteria and algae, conjugation tube is a structure through which sperm is transfered to female body. | con+jugal.jugal bandi--- couple---marriage | CONCERNING + YUGAL(HINDI word meaning couple or pair) | Con + it as hindi word yugal (couple) conjugal means the event in which the couple meet...i.e. ''MARRIGE'' | ConJugal : you see a girl and you like her and wanna marry her.. then you say I wanna CON-U -GAL .. ( ask her for marriage- so conjugal: Pertaining to marriage arrangement)
conjure: cause to appear by magic; summon (a devil or a spirit) by magical power; practice magic (esp. by very quick movement of the hands); evoke; conjure up: bring into the mind; Ex. The magician conjured a
To con a jury u need magical power | con (come) + jure (jor). Put your "jor" (efforts) to make someone come. | conjure is like..con and con is like kannu..and jure in telugu means to suck a devil pull out your eye..kannu juresthaa kashmora pampinchi.. | kaun jadugar.. proved by bringing something magically | con refers to together,jury refers to political action,political actions are always involved with conspiracies | con+jure = con +jury... imagine the con and the jury are havin a secret meeting wherin they r discussing (imagining/inventing) a plan ...a magic to grant parole or free con from charges ..i.e. summon a devil...:) | COME+JWAR(jwar in hindi means fever) do you get fever????? appears unexpectedly or seemingly from nowhere.... | KAAN+JOR--main tere HAATH JORTA HOON KAAn JORTA hoon but please get conjured. | ye ladka conjure=KANJER(BEVAKUF)hai..kyonki na ye sochta hai,n imagine krta hai or na hi black magic se kuch produce krta hai | conjure - like adjure it means to urge actually to swear. People conjure(summon) devils to perform magic by imagining ( conjuring ) the images of the devils | conjure = connection of jurry's comments, You are requesting to jury to pardon you & relief from that. | in the centre of the word conjure, there is a "j" which stands for jinn genie jaadoo (magic) and to conjure jinn or devils you have to almost do their pooja or ask them earnestly or beseech them
connivance: pretense of ignorance of something wrong; assistance; permission to offend; V. connive: feign ignorance (of a wrong); cooperate secretly in an illegal action; conspire
Sounds like "convenience" everybody is convenient in ignoring the wrong thing... | cunning assistance!!! | can relate it with "cunning glance" | split the word conn+ ivanceCon-to decieveivance reminds us of ignoranceso connivance=ignoring something deceiving/wrong | Con+naïve = cons (cheats) and acts naïve, inturn pretends to ignore, in a way, conspiring to commit the crime... | connivance can be conni, telugu konni means few vans are taken to do a dangerous deed.especially maruthi van.. | CONNIVANCE: CONN(kaun,WHICH);IVANCE(events) it basically means which events are u talkin abt..pretending u were not there when those evnts occured | Konnuduvein ( i'll kill you) if you tell some one abt this incident... villan threatening common man to approve his wrong doing | connivance: cooperation+cunning +in advance or secretly approving wrongdoing | con+jurecon means kannu in telugu and jure sounds like jerripothu.If u don't eat food i will turn your eye into jerripothu. | In the centre of the word connivance is -niv- which stands for knife or backstabbing. Co stands for cooperation , so cooperation for backstabbing or a secret conspiring. Vance stands for advance plot. Con also stands for condone
connoisseur: person competent to act as a judge of art, etc. (whose judgments are respected); a lover of an art
(In Hindi Language) Connoisseur sounds like kaun inse sure nahi hoga, kaun nahi sure.. Ye to expert hai. He is connoisseur. He is EXPERT. | in connoisseurtake "nn" and "ss"as two persons. theres a tie between them. so who is the winner? connoisseur should decide who is the winner. so he is a judge. | Connoisseur is always SURE as he is an expert or a good judge | connoisseur,is like noise imagine a situation of a singing competition in which the judge says what a noise ur | Conozco from Spanish means to know. Connoisseur is someone with a lot of knowledge- an expert | read it as kon issue solve karega??? the answer is judge of art... | kaun+no/is+sure? = obviously an EXPERT says "not sure" or "is sure" | a wine connoisseur CONsiders the wine by smelling with his NOSE and becoming SURE about it
connotation: suggested or implied meaning of an expression; V. connote
can + notation -notations have implied meaning | it is like annotate which has an implied meaning | CONVEYED + NOTATION behind something | connotation(co+notation): every notationn will have an implied meaning.% this notation means implied meaning.
connubial: pertaining to marriage or the matrimonial state
nubial is close to nuptialhence something related to marriage. | connu+ bi+al ; conn sounds like conversation/relation , bi = two people ,al = hall ; so conversation in a hall(room) mostly btw husband & wife | when ur bro comes to u and says.that he like a gal..u say KAUN HAI BHAI(CONN U BHAI),so that u can talk to her abt marriage with ur bro | connubial=rem with NUBILE-girls elegible for marriage;CON-with;so with nubile means something pertaining to marriage | Can+U+Bia(marriage)+l
consanguinity: kinship; relationship by birth
sanguinary means blood... so bloody relation is consanguinity | con + sang(sang ya saath mein rahna) + uinity. When you live saath-saath (together), you have kinship or a relation by birth. | con san guinity: last term sounds like SON GENUINITY, means pure, relationship by birth,he is ur own son and not ur neighbours..hehe | con+sang+uinityassume you sang after your relative was born | To correct '1.6k', "sanguine" does not mean blood, it means "cheerful, optimistic etc." "Sanguinary" means "involved in /liking killings, blood etc."
conscientious: scrupulous; through and careful; Ex. conscientious worker
focus on scientious part of this word...and relate it to scientist..they are careful while conducting new experiments. | pronouncing the word 'conscientious' requires lot of conscientious means doing a work carefully. | it simply means "conscious" | Conscientious people work with a devotion supported by their conscience (zameer) which is an internal willl to do good and correct | con - koń (horse). "W Szczebrzeszynie koń brzmi w trzcinie". + imagine koń (horse) as scientist.
confound: confuse; puzzle
CONfusion FOUND == CONFOUND | CONFused + dumbFOUNDed | con found: cannot be found = puzzle | sounds like KAUN FOUND-- kaun (who) founded this company is a great puzzle. | Chemistry is a hell subject. I always cofound with the compounds. | CON + FOUND, CON = CANT. NOW HE IS CONFUSED and FRUSTRATED AS HE CANTFOUND | this CONFOUND statement has many CONFOUND mnemonics,this CONFOUNDITY has become more CONFOUND,isn't this statement CONFOUND( so arent u CONFUSED) | Confound = make a question con (who) found that the killer that is making a confuse. | the con was found and when asked why they committed the crime their answer was confounding.
congeal: freeze; coagulate
con + geal..geal...gelatinous..meansto coagulate | con geal here geal sounds like jelly so congeal = co + jelly | CON(contract in size)+GELLY.....contract a substance which is in gelly(semisolid) form i.e to FREEZE it......hence congeal..... | coagulance! | con(together)+geal(jell)...jell together..nothing but solidify | eal(eel)- eel is generally found in the frozen area,water that is coagulated.. | congeal=con(become)+geal(gelly)...g=becoming thicker(gelatin type).... | SOUNDS LIKE ANGEER , which is a dry fruit so its thick
congenial: pleasant; friendly; in agreement with one's tastes and nature; Ex. congenial weather
Genelia Desouzawas suitable, appropriate ,compatibleand pleasant for Jaane tu Janne na movie | con(same)+genial(gene jaise). Having same kind of genes. If genes are same then the nature and tastes may match. | its con +genial.... so remember genelia she's always 'pleasant' | congenial..think of genial..cordial which implies friendly. | CANNED GENI = a friend in a can. | Congenial= con (connected) + gen ( general) + i + al; I have connected all general caste ppl. | consider "geni"..."genie" in alladin is frndly | Jack deniel is a premium whisky, and all the drinker feel better and pleasant when having Jack deniel. | con(call)geni(the genie of)alladin movie who is very friendly
congenital: existing at birth
genetic mismatches lead to Congenital diseases. | con + genital = genes. Inherited through the genes. | CON means "with."So CON + GENITALS means you are born with GENITALS. | congenital= can+genital = can be genetic (not necessarily)
conglomerate: corporation made up of several different companies in diversified fields; mass of various material gathered together; rock consisting of small stones held together by clay; V.
finished A list. agglomeration means the same as conglomeration. collecting or grouping | Congo + mein + r-party .Imagine group doing party in congo.He it bad | Has glue+material in it. | conglomerate=agglomerate..... | conglomerate :Oh People of the world, forget your differences, lets celebrate together, Come - Gather - Eat , lets become conglomerates - well come-globe-mates.. | conglomerate :Oh People of the world, lets celebrate together, Come - Gather - Eat , lets become conglomerates - well come-globe-mates.. | con(companies diverse) glo (glued together) merate (material)
conglomeration: mass of material sticking together
conglomeration=conglomeration, which means uniting the globe | conglomeration is like agglomeration which means a collection of things
console: lessen sadness or disappointment; give comfort; allay the sorrow of; N. consolation
con sa sol lagaye apke shoe me ki app comfort feel karenge | he is a solo, no girl friend. i need to console him.
consolidation: unification; process of becoming firmer or stronger; V. consolidate: merge; strengthen
c on solid ation = on solid addition. | con-= togethersolid= becomes solid-tion= process
consonance: harmony; agreement
consonance - Relate with RESONANCE | repitition of consonants makes a meledy which sounds harmonious and hence consonance means harmonious,compatible
consonant: harmonious; in agreement; N.
SONANT reminds me of sonnet poem where words remain in great harmony | all consonants (alphabets) live in harmony,push the vowels away
consort: associate with; keep company; N: husband or wife (or a ruler)
in a musical consert (sounds like consert), many instruments play together | consort=con+saut(another wife) in hindi saut means a 'step wife' .. so if we consider both ways it becomes husband or wife | if couple SORTs their problems, they go together and accompany each other(else they break off) | consort has a similar pronunciation as CONCERT. both mean a group of people.. | Consort also meansa wife, husband, or companion.....COME+SORT....when two people of opposite sex or even same sex COME together and SORT out the problems in between them, they becomea wife, husband, or companion of each other. | consort - to be with the same sort, or to play with the same sort of instruments | Will u do me the honor of being my CONSORT for the CONCERT tonight? | con + sortthe con's from a gang sort out the plan of robbery and now they are ASSISTING EACH OTHER for the robbery..
conspiracy: treacherous plot; secret plan against the law (by two or more people)
con(together)+piracy(means harmful).So together involving in harm | cons(consent)+piracy | In spanish con means with.Piracy means harmful.with people to beharmful.
conspire: take part in a conspiracy; (of events) work together; combine; Ex. Events conspired to produce great difficulties.
Inspire : motivate to take part in good things.Conspire : motivate to take part in a conspiracy. | cons+piracy..... piracy is an illegal act done working together.. | con(with)+ spire(spy).. you do something bad with a spy..
consternation: great shock; dismay
conster(sounds like monster) + nation......anda monster creates fear in every one ....due to which we donot go out so as to avoid danger. | divide it like con(conflicts)+ster(stir)+nation.. conflicts in gujrat stirred the whole nation..&people feared a lot from going out of their homes. | if ther is constant terror in nation u have to b alarmed at all times and it is a matter of great dismay | const+ter+nation—constant terror in nation will cause anxiety and distress | Everyone experiences CONSTERNATION when in the presence of a CONFLAGRATION(intense, uncontrolled fire). | CONSTERNATION - CAN'T, STERN...When a big man acts STERN(harsh), you CAN't help but feel fearful. | sounds lik masturbation..every1 say not to masturbate so it will cultivate a fear within us:p | CONSTERNATION ~ (cons) continuous + ter (terror) + nation; continuous terrorist attacks on a nation can cause CONSTERNATION | When our conscious is stirred we feel fearful. | sound like constipation which causes anxiety and dismay | consternation:cons~constantlystern~expressive of severe you are showing consternation because of great shock / dismay
constituency: voters represented by an elected official; district so represented; group of supporters (or constituents)
constituent means supporter...when we say the region is in his/her constituency, we mean that she hassupporters there. | a person who constitute, supports.. constituent=supporter...... constituency=group of supporters
constituent: supporter; voter; member of a constituency; component
constitution: constituting; system of laws; composition of something; physical makeup or structure of a person; Ex. men with strong constitutions
CONSTITUENT;CONSTITUENCY;CONSTITUTION; all are related to voting,voter,voting system..etc;
constraint: restraint; compulsion; repression of feelings; reticence; V. constrain: hold back; restrain; compel; oblige; confine forcibly; imprison
in constrain -strain. You will get strained if you are forced to do something over and over again. | When you are in constraint, you are CONStantly STRAINed by one factor or the other. | while travelling through indian TRAINs, you have forced to control the feelings when you see someone spitting pan here and there
conscript: draftee; person forced into military service; V.
CONSCRIPT = forced to CONSent and sign a SCRIPT (contract) to join the military. | By writing script we make some events to occur forcefully, force is mostly related to military. | konsi crypt? suppose u know a keep ure mouth shut they drag u to the army :P | CONSpiring a SCRIPT to force into military. | colonel writing script for the military, which is in draft state. Drafted to military | usey JABARDASTI MILITARY MEIN BHEJA gaya tha woh isliye timepass ke liye CON'S pe SCRIPT likhane lagg gaya..
consecrate: dedicate; sanctify; declare as sacred; Ex. consecrate one's life to helping the poor
Consecrate = Con + Secrate (sounds like SACRED).SACRED is "holy". It refers to holiness when one dedicates his life to "god". | con+SECRAT(SECRET)...well we always share our secret TO A PARTERNER WHO IS DEDICATED . | CON(disadvantages) are telling your chain-smoker friend the disadvantages of cigarette and trying to make him SACRED.... | MTV pe kaunsegal ko tum song secretly dedicate karna chahoge?? |
consensus: general agreement; opinion reached by a group
con + sens + ous .. it can be seen as common sense.... that is common decision.....common aggrement! | consensus...consen(consent(means ..agrement) if sus is chosen as a leader by commen CONSENt... | CON(togerther) + SENSUS(agreement) . so it is the agreement made by group of people all together | Census is the count of all people... consensus is a general agreement b/w all people. :-)
consequential: self-important; significant; consequent; following as a result; Ex. consequential air; CF. subsequent
Whatever task we do it is IMPORTANT to realize its CONSEQUENces | Consider this.."If you dont pay money, the consequences will be serious" | con+sequen+tial..focus on sequence......our all important exams dates and results are mostly conducted in we are informed about exam date..than...exam....than...result...everything in sequence...we dont see exam conducting be | we dont see exam conducting before and annoucement is after wards...happening of all important things in sequence.
consign: send to a person or place for sale; deliver officially; entrust; put into the care of another; set apart (for a special purpose); N. consignment; CF. consignor, consignee
Consign -- con + sign -- imagine that you have to sign a document and send it to a person in your company for an official purpose | Relate consign(v) from consignment(N). The consignment has be to consigned carefully at this address. | Think of 'assign' which means to give a task (usually in the offices) | when we get a courierpost man will say comon sign on this
consistency: absence of contradictions; uniformity; degree of thickness or firmness; Ex. consistency of thick cream; CF. viscous
Some germs form sist which is very firm. So degree of firmness can be remembered. | 'consistency'='constancy' which means the quality of being the same and not changing:)
construe: explain; interpret; Ex. construe her silence as meaning that she agreed; CF. misconstrue
e.g. if i construe your message correctly... | you need to CONcentrate to decode TRUe messages. | KAUN+TRUE- let me know WHO is truely speaking.- judge said | construe = (cons)ider it is (true) we interpret something by ourselves | Concentrate true to decide her feelings. | Construe the abstruse concept. | cons.+true....concentrate on all of your friends action, because you need to give A TRUE EXPLANATION.........TO the monitor. | 'const'rue-if a constant appears while doing maths IT IS UNDERSTOOD that it doesnt change the value
consummate: complete; V.
if you want to consume your mate(wife), you have to be complete 'a complete man- raymonds :P' | con+summit(....the highest point of something)....and now imagine a person who has reached the highest point of perfection,is truly a complete man. | Only consume things which are complete. | Summate meanstotal, totality....something which is complete or perfect | CONSUME MEAT which are COMPLETELY cooked. | CON = with + SUMMIT is the top of the mountain = with the top of the mountain = CON SUMMIT.
contagion: infection (by contact); ADJ. contagious; CF. infectious: that can be passed by infection in the air
contag(sounds like contagious...)so when you come in contact with a diseased spread infection..... | contagion - CONTAminated + GIve(prani/person)....spread infection | contag(sounds like Contact) so when u come in contact wd contagion disease it spreads. | When you come in a contact of disease, it can be spread in the region | kaun(CON) tha(TA) ji(gion) jo apko beemari laga gaya
contaminate: pollute
con damn inate
contempt: scorn; disdain; ADJ. contemptuous; CF. contemptible
CONTEMPT | temp: dislike things which are temporary | remind from phrase ofHindi movie"contempt of court " | con(kon)+ temp(temporary): "kon temporary kaam kiya", he said in contempt tone | camp wala tent.I dislike the camp wala tent.
contend: struggle; compete; assert earnestly; state strongly
contend...sounds very similar to content....when the content of your essay is not good, you haveless chances of COMPETEING WITH the other's essay. | U have less content to support ur point means u r highly unlikely toCONTEND(COMPETE) | To increase the content of the argument - that is to support it | contend...sounds very similar to content or contest....when the content of ur DEBATE is not good, u will STRUGGLE to COMPETE, and u wont be able to STATE STRONGLY your points. | contend from contender who is a competitor so contend is to compete and struggle to achieve something | contend contender contestant they say they support each other but in reality they r competing each other! | Contestant
contention: assertion; claim; thesis; struggling; competition
contention = contend is to compete, but contention has tension also, so a person cannot win a sport if he is full of tension. | (IN HINDI) contention sounds like kaun tension le yaar, inke claim (or thesis) ko fact maan lo. | CON + TENSION. YOU ARE IN TENSION WEN U ARGUE. | Contention sounds like competition. You compete to win a prize!! | Con+ tension= asserting, claiming causes tension. | content+ion.content means it contains some thesis | conman gives u tension | contention = content with tension i.e. your content is full of irrelevant things. | | as the root say contendre-are contenders for the prize i.e. in contention with | contention is close to contender who competes with other for profit | Contention = con (who) + tention(tension); who is the person under stress talking nonsense.
contentious: quarrelsome; controversial; likely to cause arguments
Contentious- (Contender+Serious) One who takes competition too serious always fights and quarrels) | Remember as non-contented. One who is not contented is always quarrelsome. | contentious=content+tious(relate with malicious)..i.e. malicious content which pertains to argumentive or contravercial content..its so easy...right..?:) | Sounds like (Contagious)-The person/people/groupwho is causing controversy/ quarrelsome is contagious to our society | If everyone around you is content and you are not, you might start thinking of something to make them less happy. | Content+ious(ewww!U.S) If the "content" in an article is aimed at making the "U.S" look "eww" or bad, then that article will be controversial. | Crying in front of everybody can cause conspiracy! | Sounds like (Contagious)-The person/people/groupwho is causing controversy/ quarrelsome is contagious to our society | Contentious can be broken in content+chi(Hindi meaning shit).So if you call someone's project content as chi he will be argumentative and ready to fight with you because he disagrees with you. | If a contender is serious then they are always ready to fight. | con+tent+us:con is quarreling with us for the tent | CONTENTIOUS: CON(who)+TEN people+ THE (where)+VO(there)- he is such a Querulous person, he was asking for all 10 hoodlums who where involved in fighting. | CONTENT + VICOUS(deliberately harmful) - Hence controvertial | A person who contains more money , name and fame will be incontroversy, dispute and has the tendency to argue. | Think "contender"-- One who is a competitor. A very competitive contender might become quarrelsome and argumentative. | | With tensions | the one who doesnt have any CONTENT (matter) with him tries to QUERREL and win the arguments | Content with bad intentions | "Derived from CONTEND" Ye jantey huay kekhud ghalti per ho CONTEND kartey jao ge to CONTENTIOUS ban jao ge :)
contest: dispute; argue about the rightness of; compete for; try to win; Ex. contest the election results; Ex. contest a seat in Parliament; N.
Verb-contest is dispute... in a contest if judge don't give proper results, it leads to dispute.
context: writings preceding and following the passage quoted; circumstance in which an event occurs
CONtinuous + TEXT
contiguous: adjacent to; touching upon
Each state in the United States is touching/adjacent to another; they are all continous, which sounds similar to contiguous | rhymes with continuous.. to be continuous you gotta be contiguous | sounds like CONTAGIOUS..contagious disease is a disease caused when you are CONNECTED with people and CONTIGUOUS also means connected !!!!!!!! | CONTIGUOUS= countrys together | "in close proximity"-Something has to be CONTIGUOUS to be CONTAGIOUS!!
continence: self-restraint; sexual chastity; sexual abstinence; voluntary control over bladder and bowel functions; ADJ. continent
sounds like "abstinence" which is to stay away or to restrain. | assume that someone is in the continent of Antarctica where they are self-restraint | continence - ability to contain oneself - hold together - like continents | continence is to show control on oneself | a Nun knows no Cunt! | con(KAUN)tin(TINA k sath )ence(DANCE karke sex nahi karega).samje | continence=continually+ abstinence...
contingent: dependent on something uncertain or in the future; conditional; happening by chance; accidental; N: a group of soldiers, ships to a larger force; CF. contingency: future event that may or may not occu
remember continent and small continent depend on others | remember continent and small continent depend on others | CONTINGENT=CONTESTANTs from different countries appeared in Olympics | tingu (tingent)depend on others | The results depend on the CONTESTANTs | remember contingent viruscontingent virus spreads or prevails due to the prevailing conditions or circumstances.. |
contraband: illegal trade; smuggling; smuggled goods; ADJ.
cont + brand..selling contradictory brand. means illegal trading. | | remember the game CONTRA. 2 PEOPLE trying to fight against ILLEGAL SMUGGLING!! | CON(illegal)-TRAding should be BANneD | Against something that is banned by the govt. | CONDUCT + TRADE + OF THE + BAN(ITEMS) | | hindi can be remembered as "country me ban".and selling ban goods is illegal trade.
contravene: contradict; oppose; violate (a rule, law, or custom); N. contravention
contravene is like opposing | contra + vinu(hear) = opposite to what u hear | Contradict + Intervene | contravene = contraverse | CONTRAVENE...CON(not)+INTERVENE..intervene means to take part in somethin and contravene means oppose...if you do,t take part in something, it means that you are opposing it........ | Contra-vene, relate vene to weiner; weiner = slang for penis(dick) so you get contra-dick = contradict | i remember the game Contra we used to play, it used to violate and oppose all rules and stood strong against enemies! | Contradict to Convention
contrite: penitent; repentant; N. contrition
SPLIT AS cont (COUNT) - rite (RIGHT). COUNT THE CASH RIGHT, ELSE YOU WILL REGRET IT. | for being a conTRITE i.e lacking originality ,i REGRET | can't(CONT) I did it right(RITE)... so regretful | CON ( a convict or con artist ) TRITE ( hackneyed ) ... A con starts to regret things only if he is being caught again and again ! | I feel contrite because I didn't do it right... | CONT+RITE= Cant + right= I regret that I cant do anything rite. | count right otherwise contrite | one who counts right feels pain for wrong thing done by him | This is for Spanish speakers. CON is with, and TRITE sounds like the Spanish word triste, meaning sad. So "with sadness" is contrite. | Contrite = Coulnd't right or couldn't be righteous | if u do not regret ur mistake i will pull ur "kaan(con)" tight(trite) | he said i cant do it right..he is very remorseful,sad now | Contrite -- co + nitrite conversion of nitrite... He filled with a sense of guilt for not able to perform nitrite conversions | contrite sounds like CAN WRITE..I'm so Sorry(expressing pain for offenses)that i CAN even WRITE it down on a paper.
contrivance: something contrived; machine or apparatus; clever deceitful plan; scheme
contrivance-take the first 6's like kantri..who deceives people by devising beforehand | contri kar ke van khareed li..... | "Contri" "Van" was created only for the purpose of collecting contri. | Contri(PAISE ki CONTRI) nahi karke kalti mar deta hai .Cunning and deceiptful
contrive: invent or fabricate in a clever way (by improvisation); manage; Ex. contrive to attract his attention
con+tri+ve...focus on try..............try to invent something when your mom asked you where were you last you you tried to fabricate a absense of our manage try to manage your try to attract somebody's attenation..... | Take it as Cant+Drive. He cant able to drive but he manages to drive but he manages it.. he has clever ways | Contrive=Cannot(con ) do but i try(artificially forcefully). | con(gather together)+trive(sounds like tribe); people in tribe gathered together to invent something. | is like thrive in making a story.. | he CONTRIVED a car and can't drive can this happen?? | Try to make it using Cambell Soup cans: CAN TRY | CON (can) TRI ( try or make a mental effort to) (I)nVEnt. (Add two "n"s to contrive)
convulsion: violent uncontrollable shaking movement (caused by illness); V. convulse; ADJ. convulsive
Volvo means to revolve hence a if you revolve a thread knots will be formed. | CONVULSE+ION......CONVULSE...IN BIOLOGY....WE READ THE ..CONTRADICTION OF MUSCLES ...WHEN MUSCLE CONVULSE........INFACT ITS A VERY GENERAL PHENOMENON..WHEN WE WALK FOR LONGER DISTANCES..WE MOSTLY FACE CONVULSIONS..AS OUR MUSCLE EXPANDS | Convulsion as conversion. Reactant to product conversion takes place when shaking takes place. | remember inversion.. jameen ka inversion | WHEN WE WALK AND CONTRADICT WHEN WE ARE IN REST...SO AFTER WALKING FOR LONGER DISTANCES WHEN YOU REST YOU FEEL EXCESSIVE PAIN IN YOUR LEGS...THAT IS NOTHING BUT CONVULSIONS OF MUSCLES. Very Happy | convulsion sounds like repulsion from nature gives earthquake-which is violent shaky movement | convulsions = con(kon=who) + vul(bule= wrong done)+ si(silicon)+ on(on); Who wrongly open Silicon cylinder on which caused irritation the skin and eyes on contacts that's why he is hopitalise. | The first six lettters of convulsion can be regrouped to say volcano or violent. Volcanoes are usually associated with earthquakes
copious: plentiful
By copying in an exam, some get a LOT of marks | COP(police)....cops are found everywhere...on streets,in bars,in rallies,on the border...hence they are plentiful...hence COPIOUS means in abundance...... | Sounds like copy.I took copious notes, writing everything that was on the board | copious sounds like kuppalu (a heap of sthing) which is in abundance | copy= photocopy of something results in bulk quantity.
coquette: flirt; flirtatious woman; woman who tries to attract the admiration of men without sincere feelings; V.
woman says to man "COCK EAT"... just decipher... | coquette=a woman who "cock+wet"s men...this might b bawdy but dude!...dnt b sucha prude!! | This word sounds like cuty (a girl who is cute) a flirtatious girl
cordial: warmly friendly; gracious; heartfelt; Ex. cordial welcome
cord---think of it as a telephone cord. and dial---dial ur friend's number. you call someone to be cordial | Give invitation "card"2invite yu'r frnds warmly and freindly | Sounds like cardinal. Cordials are cardinal for life.
cordon: extended line of men or fortifications to prevent access or egress; V.
cordon sounds like warden who restricts entry into the hostel. | For cricket lovers , Ravo Shastri always tells in his commentary .. There are four men in the slip CORDON. | corDON: Don (डॉन को पुलिस ने घेरा) | CONDOM prevents the sperm to move while CORDON prevents criminals..... | cordon: cornered"Police cornered off the area(restricted entry)" | corridor mein police ne DON ko gher liya | kaur(COR) who is a DON , to stop him we drew a CORDON !!!
cornice: projecting molding on building (usually above columns or pillars);
corn(cone) + ice ..visualize a cone with a huge topping of ice-cream. | Corner+ nice= some thing nice in the corner. | Imagine a museum roof decorated with corn and other grains preserved in ice. | a Horn with COpious Amounts of COrn! Plentiful!
convention: social or moral custom; established practice; formal meeting; international agreement
A group of people who agree upon the Christian practice of tranditional worship CONVENE (gather together) every Sunday in church. They are adhering to a CONVENTION.
conventional: ordinary; typical; not nuclear; Ex. conventional weapons
converge: approach; tend to meet; come together
Co- togetherVerge- become one | : in a CONVEx lens, light rays meet at a common point, and CONVERGEnce is a property of meeting at a common point | Converge (Sounds like COme aNd mERGE) | co + verge similar to merge.. merge can happen if things come together
conversant: familiar with; having knowledge of
Through conversations you can gain more knowledge and thus become conversant. | you can have a conversation on a topic you are familiar with | do conversation with people who are familiar to you...... | conversant = converse only if ur familiar with it (conversant) else keep ur mouth shut | you can do conversation on a topic if u r conversant bout dat topic | conversant: convert-saInt; a well informed saint
converse: opposite; ADJ.
Sounds like INVERSE.
convert: one who has adopted a different religion or opinion; V: change into another form; (persuade to) adopt a particular religion or belief
sonds like who has converted himself to defferent religion
contrived: unnatural and forced; artificial; not spontaneous; Ex. The ending was rather contrived.
Contrived=Derived | recollecting the game contra as in it was artificial | contrived = cont. (continue) + tried; After continue try the artificial format of human logis come with artificial Intelligence. | Con+trived=cant+tried cant try to cheat
controvert: oppose with arguments; attempt to refute; contradict; ADJ. controversial; N. controversy
Introvert - one who does not mingle with anyone.Extrovert - one who mingles with everyone.Controvert - one who opposes everyone with arguments. | contro+vert..contro[oppose] and vert[verbose]..controvert means oppose with words[arguements] | think it as CONTROVERSY | celebrities are always Controverting (denying, refuting) scandals and controversies | controvert | Legendary Mnemonic:Controvert=Contra+Verse=Verse Against You=Contradict ...doesnt get simpler | a controversy is basically when some people start controverting against each other on certain issues
contumacious: stubborn and disobedient; resisting authority (esp. disobedient to an order made by a court)
(In Hindi language) Break the word as CON - TU - MA - CI- OUS n tat can be read as Kaun Tu Ma Ki one who says this is disobedient | kaun(CON) hai tu (TU) , jiski mein (MA) sunu (cious),,, thus the persion is disobideint and obstinate | contumacious..taking the tum(my) part..generally police people having big tummy doesn't work | CONTUMACIOUS=CONTRARY+REBELLIOUS. (Rebelliously disobedient) | Contumacious = one hardass contaminates all fun | contu(contrary to,stubbornly disobedient) + macious (malicious) | continue to make a racous as an insubordinate rebel | with (con) tumult and viciousness they overthrew the city | con(tradiction)+ tu(to) + macious(mission)malicous, as a person (aspersion) who is rebellious, insubordinate | contumacious,can be split as KAUN TUMHARI MA,when someone fingers towards ur mother u become disobident towards then and starts resisting them. | CON + tu + MALICIOUSCON yane CRIMINAL and MALACIOUS.. both break authority and are disobedient.. | contumacious : cont(continous) + um(umpire) + aci (acid) + o(on) + us; i.e continously umpire giving wrong decision against us he is morally corrupt. | CONTUMACEOUS = CONDOM + USE = WHEN SHE SAID, HE IS RECALCITRANT NOT TO USE. | con+to+Mac+ious.. No windows.. only MAc!!
contusion: bruise
contusion - in TUITION i got several hits(BRUISES) beccause i din do homework | Con+ tuition = going to tuitions in the childhood was hidden pain. | while i was going to conTUTIONi got myself hurt i.e BRUISED | contusion = cont (cant ) + us (ooz)when your bruised | tusion sounds like in tution teacher hurt/injure a child as he doesn't complete his homework | contusion = con (who) + tusion ( tution); As your teacher felt accident yesterday who will teach for the next one month. | Contusion sounds like the sound you make when you hit the ground.
conundrum: riddle; difficult problem
drum ke andar kaun hai | Hey this rock start got only one "drum", how he is going to do the show!! It's a difficult situation. | o | Can+ any one lift is drum?? As it is a difficult problem. | CONUNDRUM: KAUN(who) UNDUR(indside); so whos inside...if sme one asks u this,ur puzzled since its difficult to guess | Whiche one came first? Unda(egg)? or murgi(chicken), we can spell it like "Kon unda?". Means this is a puzzle(problem) without a solution | co-nun-drums. two nuns to beat the drum. difficult thing | Drum under a cone is ok.....But a cone-under-drum is a puzzle.(Imagine cone and drum are solid structures closed on all surfaces.) | finding total volume of this 'conun' drum is very difficult.... i.e a maths conundrum | conundrum | co+nun+d+rum— NUN CO RUM—making a nun drink rum is difficult and confusingproblem | conundrum - riddles and puzzles 'cons' from 'under' your brain | Cone and Rhombus related problem were very difficult | con(kaun) + undr(andar) kaun hai andar yeh ekk puzzle hi hai.... | | condrum...kaun(con) drum bajaayega...its a puzzle
convene: come together; assemble; call to meet; Ex. convene the council
sounds like "convey" we have to convey something, so please assemble for a meeting. | (in Hindi Language ) Convene...kon, win....kon-kon win hua hai...ASSEMBLE ho jao (jaise school main sports-day waale din sir bolte the,,,). | Gather in CONVENtion center | convene means _on.ven_ means _on.v(a)n_ means on maruti van many people coming togather in maruti van | come for vaccine polio drops. ppl ll assemble
corpuscle: red or white cell in the blood
map it muscles.. they have cell red n white | corpus~body-cle~tiny like in particleso it is a small body
correlate: either of the correlated things; V.
correlation: mutual relationship
corroborate: confirm; support; strengthen
just focus on borate part of this word -- Borate test is a confirmatory test in chemistry. | sounds like collaborate = to support | visaulize ROBOT( coROBOrate) standing firm with support. | It sounds like "CARBO-HYD-RATE" , which SUPPORTS in human growth | CORROBORATE mean to give support...CORBO LORBO singing this song people support KKR... | corroborate sounds like "correlate" if two variable correlate then the causal evidence is strengthened or confirmed! | Co+Robbers. Both robbers combine to strengthen their skills. | corroborate is similar to collaborate which is again support or assistance | if u'll CO+ROB i.e rob together and then ORATE(speak publically) about ur robbings then you will confirm(CORR0BORATE) the fact that you are a robber !!! | Corroborate and Robust are built on same latin root (robur = strengthen) | sounds like cooperate--to support | Karra tesukuni burra medha kodithe adi corroborate | The police was trying to find evidence to confirm the COR(car) ROBbery | Corroborate = korro (do)+ bor (boring)+ rate; do boring is always required support of some ppl with unnecessary gossip. | carbeuretter supports vehicles
corrode: destroy or wear away gradually by chemical action (over a long period)
Sounds like "crows sit on." The metal was so warped and deteriorated that not even the CROWS would SIT ON it. This was due to CORROSION. | split into car + rod so he destroyed the car with rod
corrosive: eating away by chemicals or disease; (of language) fierce
corrosive(corrous-LordShiva)lord shiva has poision(acid)in histhrot
corrugated: wrinkled; ridged
Corrugated = Co + Rugged .. Rugged = not smooth or wrinkled... (eg. Rugged look) | ruggy means broken,uneven so corrugated means wrinkled or ridged | Corroded+Gate- The heavily corroded gate looks like it is wrinkled with many minute ridges. | look at the picture: co is the front, then rru is a mountainous region which is zig zag with r ridges r rifts and u valleys, then there is gate (ignore the d), so co-rru-gate-d
cosmic: pertaining to the universe; vast
coterie: group that meets socially; select circle; close group of people with shared interests
sounds like KOTHARI (in hindi it means an enclosed room) -- where people with common purposes meet. | When Michael Jackson Died, TIMES NOW flashed a news: COTORIE KILLED MJ; i.e. A small group of close people presurrizes MJ to perform against his wish and thus killed him | cot+ erie ; on cot only small group with common interests sleep together | KUTRI(female dog)....A SMALL GROUP of dogs is always present near a female dog especially during the mating season.... | coterie = snds like ROTARY;so group that meets socially | Coterie -Kota + re..... kota ( palace / or fort ) lo nivasinche vallu and their RElatives are exclusive set of ppl...
countenance: approve; support; tolerate; Ex. countenance his rude behavior; N: face; appearance
(count+ten) A ten year old kid is learning how to count upto 10 and his dad's countenance gave kid a lot of encouragement | as a noun ....COUNT the no. of TENANts FACE yu can see | Countenance : Count to ten --- small boy was counting form 1 to ten.he got tired. His dad ALLOWED him 2 go to play which changed d appearance of the son's face into a smiley face | Count the issues we must take a stance for & approve of or tolerate. ALSO count the faces of depair seen in their expressions. | 1. Count down to the end of patience.2. Count the number of tenants. | countenance = count ten & hence see your angry will decrease. | COUNT the money given my TENANT and then APPROVE for staying
countermand: cancel; revoke (an order)
counter + counter the previous command. | COUNTER+DEMAND....counter a demand means CANCEL or REVOKE.... | DEMAND is to Ask foror EVOKE(Call forth) hence COUNTER(Opposite)+MAND means CANCEL or REVOKE | On COUNTER to collect money if u behave like MANDH , ur boss will CANCEL ur job | an idiot capricious spurious cartoon king who cannot decide what command to give, so he commandsthen countermands and then commands and then countermands leaving people confused
counterpart: thing that completes another; things very much alike; thing that has the same purpose in a different system
counter + partremaining part which completes something...
convex: curving outward
conveyance: vehicle; transfer; act of conveying; Ex. public conveyance
con = together, "veyance" is similar to "voyage".then "conveyance" means the "vehicle" that we use for transportation together. | In unedrground coal-mines workers use 'conveyor belts' to transfer coal to top. Thus conveyance means transfer. | vane e kore aansi(ভ্যানে করে আনছি)=conveyance | Vane e kore ansi(ভ্যানে করে আনছি।)=conveyance | CONVEYANCE=CONVEY ANCE=transfer
conviction: judgment that someone is guilty of a crime; strongly held belief
he is the 'convict', i dont have any doubt about it! | You believe you can CONVINCE someone that your conviction is correct. | Akon album "KONVICTED"it is said(=strong said(BELIEVED)) he was GUITY OF A CRIME and put in jail where he wrote songs to pass time
convivial: pleasantly merry; festive; joyous; gay; characterized by joviality; jovial
somewhat close to carnivalwhich also implies festivity. | con(together)vivi(bibi,wife) so if wife is with you,everything would be joyous | focus on viva==a band of girls who played very well and thus created a festive atmosphere | CON(not)+VIVAil....convivial means (of an atmosphere or event) friendly, lively, and enjoyable...when nobody asks you personal questions and there is no viva sort of atmosphere, then the atmosphere is friendly.... | COMPLETE JOY IN REAL | CONVIvial atmosphere is similar to CONVEnient atmosphere i.e sociable atmosphere | c+on+vivia+l--- on viva(vivia), we have to be cheerful and good natured with examiner to make an impress and score good marks | convivial | a convivial gathering to revive our frindship
convoke: call together; Ex. convoke Parliament; N. convocation
In convocationscolleges call all the students to get together. | con(the latin root word for "with")+voke(vocalize) so...when your with people and you vocalize (voke), then you vocalize together! | like INVOKE | con + voke(vocal)....through ur vocals u call together
convoluted: coiled around; twisted; involved; complicated; intricate; complex; N. convolution: twist; one of the convex folds of the surface of the brain
Convolution theorem was very hard to understand!! | volve is root which means to roll. con is prefix which means together.If you roll some thing completely (within it self) it becomes complicated!! and difficult to entangle it! | Convoluted sounds similar to convalescent; and a convalescent home would require intricate and complicated medical care for its patients | Breaking into a VAULT is COMPLICATED (convoluted) | Luti lidha badhane involve karine | lUT(loot)= in hindi loot means stealing some thing, which is too complex & not easy | this may be helpful --as kids we did reading comprehension in english.with questioins below it (its even there in gre) the ability tp undestand the passage | The convocation speech was filled with convoluted language.
cornucopia: horn (or horn-shaped container) overflowing with fruit and grain; symbol of abundance; horn of plenty
corn + copiacopia is similar to copius meaning plentiful,cornucopia thus means plenty of corn(grains/fruits). | corn+copies=plentiful | Corn+Utopia (the state in which everything is perfect) = Cornucopia
corollary: natural consequence (which naturally follows from something else)
Corolla- My decision to buy a Corolla is a natural consequence of my desire to own the most popular car in the world. | Guys remember - for every theorem proof in Math, we had an "accompanying" corollary. | In the past she struggled much, now all these 'Jewellery' are her 'Corollary'. | Coro- Corona, llary- LarryA corona is a corrolarry (or accompaniment) with Larry. | Larry does not cross the street at a cross walk = consequence= car-over-Larry | imagine Toyota corollas going one after another in sequence or consequence | imagine some idiotic rich people showing off their corolla, when they sell one corolla they consequently have to buy another corolla otherwise they cannnot sit down
coroner: public official who investigates any death thought to be of other than natural causes
sounds like COLONEL -a public officer. | Now invistagator has to find out whether death is because of coronary disease or something unnatural | We read in the papers that Michael Jackson's death was being investigated by a coroner as it was suspected to be of unnatural cause. | The car toyota corona has died and is no longer in production by that name, so we need a coroner to dicscover what lead to the death of toyota corona | replace the second "o" with pse to make it corpse scientist or coffin scientist
corporeal: bodily (rather than spiritual); of a bodily form; material; tangible
corpo(corparate)+real(real world estate)sounds materialistic things | CorporealCorpse/corpusles; which is a bodily term. | corporeal= corporate + real. the reality of the corporate world is that everything is materialistic and nothing is spiritual. | corporeal sounds like 'corporal'. corporal punishment is physical; is of the body. = corporal punishment broke her body, not her spirit.
corpulent: very fat; N. corpulence
sounds like opulentmeans rich people generally fat too. | :cor+pulent one who is capable of pulling a car i.e. a large fat man | we can remember it by 'crop'. One who eats too much crop is very fat.. | corp (corpse = body) + plent (plenty) = plenty of body ie., fat | CORPULENT and CORPUS are from same word-body | Corpulent - Cop - A policeman - Cops are generally fat | sounds like“CAR+PULL+LENT”car pull or lend it--only then you can be less fatty. You are always in car sitting. | Corpus is Opulent
corpus: collection (of writings or information); Ex. the corpus of Shakespear's works; Cf. corpse
imagine the CORPUS ie main body part of a CORPSE ie dead body :-)
coup: highly successful action or sudden attack; coup(s) d''etat; CF. coup de gr^ace: deathblow or shot which kills
Imagine word cup( Coup). One gets cup when they achieve something | coup...sounds very similar to IF there was a SUDDEN ATTACK on your group, and it was a great loss for you, but since you learned to COPE up with things you were managed to deal with it successfully. | Coup sounds like Cop( Police), they do sudden attack (encounter), which is often a successful action too! | In WWF when U escape from sudden and violent attack and come out successfully they will present U a cup | i was able to coup up means successful in executing the action | Its is pronounced as Koo ....and what do we say when some have achieved something or got success ..KOOOL !!! | I made a coup at her house to free her to becomea couple.
couple: join; unite; OP. uncouple
courier: messenger
court: attempt to gain; seek; woo; risk; behave so as to invite; attempt to gain the favor of by attention; Ex. court disaster
COuRTING--to attract a mate)--I went to the court, not to see the case but to attract a mate...:) | COURTEOUS
covenant: binding agreement between two groups or people; compact; V: enter into a covenant; promise
Covalentmeans a kind of bonding, Covenant meansbinding between ppl. | covenant = split it cove sounds like(cow) + n(and) + ant(aunty) ;cow made an agreement with aunty to give 5 litre of milk daily. | COVe tENANT a fellow who is tenant has to sign agreements with the landlord | (COVE-CONVEY)To convey a message about your agreement for love | Covenant: Think of convent and nun. A nun has an agreement with the convent. | Cove = Cave, recess, nook= I had made the tenANT sign an agreement before he could stay in my COVE (CAVE) | "Covenant"-Resound this as covalence (remember covalent bond), i.e equal reciprocal bond in agreement. | coven = c + oven + ant; Sharing oven with aunt in mess is a agreement.
covert: secret; hidden; implied; OP. overt
Covert sounds like "covered [covert = cover + t or covered + t] and something which is covered can be considered a secret.
covetous: avaricious; desirous of (someone else's possessions); V. covet: desire eagerly (someone else's possessions)
covetous = split it as cove(love) + to + US ; because of excessive greed and the love for money covetous people go to USA. i remembered like that. | karan johar is covetous about kareena kapoor | winners are always greedy (/ covetous \)to win the COVETED titles/cups....................................... also ............In media reports, sports news are alwayslike -- a competition for The "COVETED" title/cup. | Covetousness is one of the seven deadly sins described in bible | cove(cover)+tous(others)-cover others property | Split it as COVE(love) TOwards US $ (dollar). | "covet all lose all" | covet means desire or dream ... | come(cov)+to+us -- you are trying to bring something to you | bush was so greedy or jealous that he cover whole of US | let us (ous) cover (cove) = we are greedy for it and want to occupy (cover) it. | My friend Kavit [covet] is very much greedy. | cope with others=covetous | covet means to desire or long for or crave something immoderately to the point of jealousy and envy and insatiably
cow: terrorize; intimidate
Think of cow as abbrevation of COWard. A COWard can be easily terrorized and intimidated. | to COW to make him act like a COW.i.e-frightened and submissive !!! | sounds like "bow". dogs barks "bow" "bow" to intimidate. | opposite of cow is bull, so remember it as bully !!! | cow-reverse the word it becomes 'woc' sounds similar to walk walk away when you 'get frightened'.. | Those who have seen matrix cow fight,can understand how TERRORIZING and INTIMIDATING the COW was.. | When someone cows u, u become submissive like cow(female of bull) | Remember when we say, "Holy Cow!"
cower: shrink quivering as from fear; cringe
A coward cowers from fear while the bold and the brave do not. | Cower sounds like "cover." If you are escaping from someone, you will try to cover yourself in fear. | a cow+er—a COWard person LACKS COURAGE | one who faces COW(animal or above word)
coy: shy (flirtatiously); showing a (pretended) lack of self-confidence; modest; coquettish; CF. job offer
COY -- tOY -- children are RELUCTANT to give their tOYs to others. | sounds like TOY--some children have SHYNESS for sharing their toys with others. | my gf says oye!! when she need me to do things(u know wat)!!coz shez a bit shy n modest to ask me directly!!:) | coy=little calm+oye,(oye =hey in telugu),if ur asking to be calm,ur asking him to be a bit secretive | De-coy means to make shy ppl to come and be comfortable. Hence coy means shy, modest | Coy Demure
cozen: cheat; hoodwink; swindle
Instead of aDOZEN, he took 13 bananas, cheating the shopkeeper. | Opposites of sajjan-dur-jjan or ku-jan | my cousin cozen me and stole my zen | My Co (Company) promised to give me a Zen Car but later denied. | C contents are responsible for ozone layer depression so cozen is cheat done by developed countries about Carbon emission. | C(carbon is represented as C in chemistry)+OZONE....instead of maintaining OZONE layer in the atmosphere, we are giving doing this we are CHEATING ourselves and nature..... | from cozen we can have doze-ppl cheat when u doze off a little | in the periodic table after cobalt(CO) and zinc(ZN) if we MISa few places we get its MISLEAD, makes sense?
crabbed: sour; bad-tempered; peevish; difficult to read as handwriting
CRABbed can be remembered from CRAB . CRAB is a peevish, bad tempered and is irritable in nature and it also tends to bite . So A CRAB represents properties of a crabbed person. | when u have a crab on u bed : it is irritable and ill tempered | Remember Disney's Little Mermaid? The crab sebstian was always swearing..( Though he was sweet). | crab moves in different directions in the same way your writing also takes different direcitons which is not good to look at | there is all kinds of moods like happy sad angry , and then there is this "crab" mood. if you ever interact with some one in crab mood you willl think of a crab monster person | a crab handwriting occurs when you dip a small crab in ink and put it on a piece of paper
crypt: secret recess or vault usually used for burial; underground room (under a church)
In egypt you will find lots of crypt as there might to lot of mummies buries in recess/vault mysterious with lots of gold and wealth put along with the mummy ! | crypt = all heard about encrypted file in computer they are coded so no one can read your secret data | On which point(pt) did u cry?(it cannot be told)-secret | (en)crypt ..encrypt is to hide by giving password..hence secretrecess
cryptic: mysterious; hidden; secret
Crypt means Secret . . . So Cryptic means something secret . . .Puzzle | crypt+ic..crypt..sounds very close to word corrupt...and corrupted leaders always keep thier SECRETS hidden. | enCRYPTIon is done to keep up the secret and it is always confusing..... | cryptic sounds like Encrypted i.e something written in encrypted form(hidden from others) | scrip of the booth film was...mysterious till end |
cubicle: small chamber used for sleeping or work
cubi - cabin (a small room) | office ke cubicle bhi sone ki jagah hi hain
cue: word or signal (as in a play to prompt another actor's speech or entrance); reminder or hint; V: give a cue to
sounds like clue... | SOUNDS VERY SIMILAR TO QUEUE....SO when you are standing near railway tictet counter, you are reminded TO STAND IN QUEUE.
cuisine: style of cooking; Ex. French cuisine
Remember MULTI CUISINE RESTAURANTS...different types of foods lyk chineese,mexican etc..i remember it lyk dis | sounds very close to word your cousin who lives in china ,has her own STYLE OF COOKING AND is a expert in chinise cuisine.
culinary: relating to cooking or kitchen
cullinary almost rhymes with CURRY, which is again related to cooking. | rhymes with cutlery | Kulli(short )+ naari(lady) = though she is a short lady she is good at cooking. | Culling = Mass killing of animals. Y do u kill animals? To cook ofcourse. | read as Q-lin(e)-ary , there is a "que" or "line" in front of a restaurant serving good food,also it it close to cutlery
crest: top (as of a hill or wave); showy feathers on the head of a bird
In EM waves the shape is continuous consisting of crusts & crest is like Crust i.e upper part/highest point of that wave. | crestfallen means sad, depressed, if we remember the mnemonic we used for crestfallen was falling from height, so sad or depressed, so CREST means HIGHEST/TOPMOST POINT
crestfallen: dejected; dispirited
after fell from the everest(crest).u felt sad and disappointed. | crest+fallen.....crest means top part of hill ....or people who always remain on top..when don't perform they feel despirited | crest +fallen; after winning the game he got a CREST but after few moments it was FALLEN and hence he was very DISAPPOINTED. | crest+fallen.....crest means top part of hill ....or people who always remain on top..when don't perform they feel despirited | crestfallen...take fallen, when u fail or fall in something important, u feel dejected | some one with such bad haalat as if he has falllen from a high cliff down to the ground below
crevice: crack; fissure
sounds like REVISE-so revise all the words so that u dont have any gap(crack) left. | play the vice city game..we need the crack!!:p | Sometimes example works:ice is free of crevice | crevice - crev - cleft; cleft and crevice have same meaningmeans crack, split, fissure | crevice sounds like "ravine" which means narrow valley.
cringe: shrink back as if in fear; cower
SYRINGE...the child CRINGEd at the sight of the doctor holding a syringe. Cringed with laughter | cri....very close to word you CRY when you shrink in fear. | clothes ringe in atomatic machines so they shrink | cringe: cri(criminal) + nge(age): criminal becomes age so he is in fear of young boys.
crinkle: wrinkle
crinkle=cry+wrinkle,cry=depression ,and wrinkle represents a depression in the surface | Sounds like Wrinkle i.e no smoothness.
crochet: make (a piece of needlework) by looping thread with a hooked needle; N. CF. crotchet
especially girls would be aware of this word as is special type of needlework named "KROSIYA" in hindi. | c+roc +hat=rock hat created how by needle framework
crone: hag; ugly old woman
sounds similar to ugly woman can never be crowned, Miss World. | child rone lage after seeing crone | crone is a woman having the neck(ne) of a crow (cro) and a beak for her nose | crone= crow jaise naiyan(eyes)... | ONE CRoaky woman (or read woman as beginning with the sound of ONE) | crone - (CRONE) Banega Crorepati :).. | "Attack of the clone" = a big clone army is going to attack you."Attack of the CRONE" = A very big group of HAG is going to attack you. | CRONE: ugly womans are more PRONE to attack by crowd,cos of belief that there WITCH | | CROw-ravEN: Crow-like and Raven-like crone to be crowned Mrs."Ugly and old"
cross: bad-tempered; showing ill-humor; angry
you try typing "X"(a cross)..yu wu'd get a angry smiley ..... | after so much hardwork ,when ur teacher gives u a CROSS on ur answer sheet, u bcum angry, pissed off, loose ur sense of humour and decide to work even harder
crossbreed: hybridize; N: hybrid; CF. interbreed; CF. inbreed
so you are crossing the two breeds ofa cow(american cow..which is a hybrid of two others breeds of cow ,and a hybrid obtains it charecter from both the parent breeds.
crotchety: (of someone old) eccentric; odd; whimsical; bad-tempered; N. crotchet: odd or whimsical notion
crotchety-crow(crot)+chutney(chety).. r u insane sharthjntu????something chutney of crow is odd & eccentric.... (in hindi Kauwa BIRYANI..) | crotch=part of garment covering genitalsso if ur CROTCH is DIRTY then u'll become a CROTCHETY !!! | pronounced as "kroch-i-tee".... rhymes wit crow when there is a crow shit yu become eccentric and bad tempered | no offense.. infamous derag. word which has the same meaning as crotch is used when in bad temper | akbar birbal la kawale mojayala sangato, mhanto "crow kiti" ? | crochety is probably a westernised version of chirchira or chitrchitra (with a hard r) if you know that word in hindi/urdu. Its spoken of children however usually less of old people
crust: hard outer covering (as of earth or snow)
think of CRUSH. you can't crush it because it has a hard outer covering.
crux: essential or main point; Ex. the crux of the problem; ADJ. crucial: of deciding importance
FOCUS ON LETTERS CRU + x....cru very near to something which is crucial is always the essential thing. | crux- remember yamaha crux bike-this bike is the main point for their failure...LOL | crucial ask=essential main point.
cull: pick out from others (to kill the weakest members); reject; select; collect (information); N.
If you CALL you take it; if you cull you reject it. | cull....sounds like KAL (Hindi)...hence...reject kal and select present to bright ur tomorrow..!!!! | If an Interviewer keeps saying you, "Kal aana, Cull aana".. he is likely to reject you.. | for VERB - sounds like "KILL" - (verb) remove something that has been rejected | Cullu(Kallu) in kannada means stone we take out stones from the rice. | cull sounds lyk kal which means my sincere request is to reject bad n pick gud n cull also means the same.... | cull sounds lyk kal which means my sincere request is to reject bad n pick gud n cull also means the same.... | Kalti in hindi means get out. | Heard of "Cull birds". they have no feathers bcos of starvation | cull is like collect and select some , and kill reject others not needed
culmination: highest point; climax; V. culminate in: reach the highest point in; end in; Ex. a series of minor clashes culminating in war
asume guru films last scene 'kal mein nation ke top pe rahunga" | sounds like termination which means the ending position (of play)or the climax (of attaining something). | culture in my nation is always at highest point in this world. | same as conclusion,termination | culmination == kal my mission to grasp the taliban which is my culmination. | we always say 'culminate a habit'... tht means when we culminate a habit, its ultimate or final stage will be a good thing..
culpable: deserving blame; blameworthy
culp( culprit) a culprit is always DESERVING OF BLAME FROM EVERYONE. | cal-p(e)-able, one who is "able" to postpone the work "kal-pe" or tomorrow , he "deserves blame" for the delay..!! | culp-able [kalpna kiwajha] means who deserves the blame :: "Deserving Blame" | Culpable homicide =Punishable Offence
culprit: one guilty of a crime
kill-preet(lover)..someone who kills preet is culprit..
culvert: artificial channel for water; drain crossing under a road
for CULtivation, farmers diVERT water into their farms using a CULVERT | a culprit alwayz hides under a road or bridge...hence u can compare it with culvert | cul-vert: sounds like divert, to diver water you need a channel. | culvert sounds like covert......enclosed...
cumbersome: heavy and awkward to carry or wear; burdensome; Ex. cumbersome parcel/uniform
(Come-bear-some) come bear some heavy things that are hard to manage | cumber;relate it to cumer[waist] nythn thats heavy makes our cumer pain.. | Shoving a cucumber to a virgin's pussy is difficult.
credo: creed
credo-- personal code of break it c+redo= codes u redo again nd again | credo-for this we can remember credit where we we put belief on some body | relate it as "can + redo"..u can always redo what you follow as a belief or a principle | every breed has it's own creed/credo | sounds like kido..children should be tought about principles
credulity: belief on slight evidence; gullibility; naivet'e; ADJ. credulous
credibility means belief on proved evidences and credulity means believing too easily | CRED means to believeso, credo, credible, credence, credit, credential, credulity, incredulous, creed, incredible all are associated with believe. | If you gave your friend a fake credit card, and if he/she think's it's real then he's a credulous person. | Cred - Believe + lit = little == Believe with little evidence. | if money is credit in our account then we belive the bank
creed: system of religious or ethical belief
every breed has it's own creed | "creed" is synonym "credo"Creed == can+reedone can read bible many times if he follows it with belief | c+reAd= chalisa(in hindi) + Read = if you have believe in god then you keep on re-reading chalisa and u becomes CREED. | Remember it from movie ASSASSIN CREED. in which each assassin has its particular set of beliefs n ethics
creep: move with body close to the ground; move stealthily or slowly; N.
cremate: incinerate (a corpse); N. crematory, crematorium
remember cemetery.. where all people are reduced to ashes
crescendo: increase in the volume or intensity as in a musical passage; climax; CF. crescent
divide it like cresc(sound like krish) the end of krish movie..when hrithik kills the villian..the intensity or the volume of music increses .which conveys the feeling. | crescent is moon...moon increases in size phase by phase..therefore crescendo is to increase in volume | CRESCENDO - CR + ESCENDO (ASCEND) - ascend means a gradual it refers to an increase in volume. | do u know the organisation red crescent? the shape of curved moon in red crescent's symbol? so this moon's shape will be full in days step by step. And crescendo means gradual increase in the intensity | The crescent moon fills in more and more reaching a crescendo of being full. | another mnemonic:the climax or end of the krish movie is very good. | crescendo,sounds like"creep shadow", lets imagine, a shadow of a creepy person, saw it self in the mirror and started gradually screaming! " basically because he was scared from his own reflection"-creep shadow crescendo.
cumulative: growing by addition; accumulative
remember cumulative frequency in datwe add all frequencies..hence cumulative is increasing by adding up | come u native ones i will help you to (grow)be better in addition
cunning: clever in deceiving; sly; N: cleverness in deceiving; deceit
cunning | cunning = cu(copper) + n(and) + ni (nickel) + n(and) + gas has trickery property for building up several agents. | cunning = cu(copper) + n(and) + ni (nickel) + n(and) + gas has trickery property for building up several agents. | | cloven:-In cooker left(cl means cooker left) in oven the eggs are broken.
cupidity: greed (for wealth); CF. cupid; CF. Cupid
cupidity:look for CUPID HERE..cupid is the god of love. so cupidity means having an desire or greed for wealth. cupid-wealth-cupidity...greed for wealth. | CUP+IDLI+TEA....a person who wants cup full of wine,IDLI to eat and TEA is too GREEDY............................. | imagine a Cupid who makes up the matches earning a lot of money by doing so... | Cupidity is stupidity... | cupidity = cup + hidi hidi means catch.. so greed | Salman Khan Movie Partner or Will Smith starrer HitchThey both, were "Cupid" earning money of it.. | CUP(Prize) KA GREEDY | My cup runneth over with desire for wealth. | cupidity = cup + i + dity; have to give him more cups of sugar i.e he is greedy for wealth. | so what we thought about cupid as god or angel of Love, it turns out he was just a hoax fraud, he is really just greedy about money and wealth, his eyes are on money and no love
curator: superintendent; manager (in charge of a museum or a library)
Curator == Rhymes like Care Taker. Some one who takes care of a collection. | cura( it means handling and solving several issues and problems of a organization ,which the managers and suprintendent can a doctor cure or solve the problem of a patient. | In cricket, we often hear about Pitch Curator, i.e. a person who manages or looks for cricket pitches. | cuRATER, Mangers is a person who rates the subordinates,socuRATER is the Manager | curator,cure for art,someone who cure for art and collection is a curator. | the middle three letters can be slightly modified to spell "art" and the rest of the whole word rhymes with "care taker". So care taker of art
curb: chain or strap used with a bit to restrain a horse; something that checks; V: check; restrain
It was very difficult to CURB(control/restrain) myself after seeing those luscious CURVEs in her body. ;)
curfew: regulation requiring all people to leave the streets at stated times; signal (as a bell) announcing the hour of a curfew
CUR cover few fuel = cover fire fuel at night to prevent the disaster of out of control burning
curmudgeon: churlish, miserly individual; bad-tempered old person
Cur-mud-geonCar mud main gone... to driver went bad tempered... i.e. curmudgeon.. | (sir+mut+jiyo) means sir u have already become OLD so now ab mat jiyo..... | like karamjali(old cantankerous lady) | think of a thick layer of mud on car...nothing affect it..stubborn | like Harbhajan, a bad tempered person | In telugu this guy is chadastapu musalodu. His wife will always say na kharma em jeevitham ra nayna | cur + mud + geon = kar + mud + g-one. recall g one from movie ra-one. he is a bad guy and we are asking him to karmud (gandagi failao)
cursive: (of writing) flowing; running; having the successive letters joined
recursive=re running(running again and again) | Remember Cursive writing we practised in junior school. Writing in a flow | remember it as all words are given CURSE to be together forever to form words, so CURSIVE means joined handwriting
cursory: casual; hastily done with little attention to detail
relate it to the cursor on your computer screen..the mouse is used to move the cursor hastily without going into minor details | curs(CURSE)..SO you always CURSE a person who does his work hastily with little attention to details that you provide, results in failure of your plan. | kasahi..(cursory). hastily done | Sounds like Kar Sorry.When you do things hastily you end up in "Kar Sorry ab" | cursory..sounds like nursey.imagine u were asked to prepare for nursery rhymes for interview...what will u do....u'll go hastily through it assuming u already know it | You know the meaning of cursive.Now,just remember this way.When do a teacher scolds a child to write in cursive wrting? When the child is causal in his writing or when he is hastily writing with little attention to detail. | i am so SORY i did not pay attention to the details. now I am CURSing myself.
curtail: shorten; reduce
curTAIL. Can be read as cur + TAIL or cutting the tail of an animal, ie reducing it. So curTAIL is to shorten or to reduce. | if you put CURTains to yur door or windows it will REDUCE the width of the door or window | we use curtains to RESTRICT others seeing us (say while changing our clothes :D)...!!! |
cynical: skeptical or distrustful of human motives; N. cynicism; CF. cynic: person who believes all people are motivated by selfishness
cynical is one who is skeptic of others because he thinks they have done SINs | Sainik(cynic) .. never BELIEVE pakistani sainiks. they ll hit u from back. | SOUNDS VERY CLOSE TO PSYCHIC...AND a psychic person is always skeptical in nature. | souns like clinical.i dont know but out of some arcne reason every dentist in his clinic is skeptical(cynical) about the patient and that is why he shows no mercy in removing the patient's tooth | Misanthrope means one who hates man kind | cynical ryhmes with SIGN ..we sign documents because of distrust of human motives
cynosure: object of general attention; person or thing that is a center of attention; CF. Ursa Minor
relate it with dinosaur......which is always a center of attraction. | relate it with Exposure...Malika Sherawat became the object of attraction with exposure of her body [:)]. | CYNOSURE - SIGN + ASSURE. The road SIGN was a cynosure that ASSURED me I was going the right direction. | a typical wife saying to her husband: suno zaraa...chintu to nilha do...means husband is the center of attention for all work | cynosure = look that it is placed infront of your nose. | replace c by e , y by x , n by p, and you get exposure. so its like "sign of exposure" . An exposed person is a centre of attention so much as a sign of guidance
craft: skill (esp. with one's hands); skill in deceiving people; guile; ADJ. crafty: cleverly deceitful; cunning
crass: very unrefined; grossly insensible; crude and undiscriminating; Ex. crass behavior
Just remember grass which is unrefined and grows here and there, crass is also unrefined, not urbane. | crass reminds grass.. so grass eating animals have unrefined behavior. | it is CRASS.hence lacks CLASS.. | seems like GROSS | crASS == ASS, an unrefined person as an ass. | Crass..Grass(weed).smoking weed is dangerous just because its unrefined.. | crass...very near to hindi word ras.nahi anna (means something which you dont like)......unrefined behaviour of somepeople mujhe rass nahi aata...means i dont like thier behaviour. | remember grass. grass is unrefined until it goes to refinery where it is refined and new products are made out of it. | crass resembles brass..brass is an alloy and has even some other metal compositions other than copper brass is unrefined..and so is crass | crass = criminal ass is always dirty. | imagine crass is a kind of wild grasss which grows here and there undiscriminatingly. It is also rhymes with gross and is without a sense of class. it is opposite of brass which reminds us of classy polished behaviour
crave: desire; want intensely
CRAVE = C(come)+RAVE(rave party in goa). | if u cry for something then u want it intensely | sounds like brave people always crave for success | brave ka opposite crave
craven: cowardly
craven --is the opposite of 'brave'. | Craven sounds like Cita + RAVana = Ravana was a coward man!!! he proved it by taking away Cita/Sita in absence of Ram. | craven - relate with cave + in. You hide in cave if your are coward (in a jungle) | one who keeps craving but doesn't do anything | cowards HAVE ALWAYS craven(LONGED FOR) FOR LOVE! | craven == crave sounds like grave .. grave makes you coward | c + raven (bird)...the craven cat was to afraid (coward) to chase the raven. | My friend Raven acts like she is confident and brave BUT she is just the opposite! | craven—crave+n CRAVEmeans to have a great desire for something, so CRAVEN means not having desire for something, so LACKING IN COURAGE,so CRAVEN, just take the N in opposite sense | c+ravan;see ravan acted cowardly by kidnapping seeta.. | Craven with a c is opposite of brave with a b. Craven person too quickly starts thinking of grave.
credence: belief
sounds like "confidence".If you have the confidence in someone, you have belief in him.People believe you after seeing your CREDENCE+tial = credential | CREDENCE: should be or is "cred"-ible | relate as Evidence :when u have evidence for something.then it has to be.."believable and should be accepted as true" | CRED means to believe so, credo, credible, credence, credit, credential, credulity, incredulous, creed, incredible all are associated with believe. | credence is from what are your credentials...i.e "trustworthiness" | sounds like give credit to some person when you have faith in him...or belief in him...credence means give credit by believing... | certain CREatures from forrest or outerspace DANCE well... that is supposed to be a BELIEF. :P | C(see)+REDance....I can see red flower even na desert because I BELIEVE.... | CREED+DANCE .... we creed in hrithik's dances, we know that he dance well... | C+re+danceDue to belief based on evidence Group C was asked to dance again. So they said C re dance | Credentials provide a basis for confidence of belief in someone.Credentials can help lend credibility and credence to a person's claims. | u give ur credentials to a person u BELIEVE in or have FAITH in.
credential: evidence concerning one's authority; written proof of a person's position; Ex. The new ambassador presented his credentials to the court.
debacle: sudden disastrous downfall or defeat; complete disaster
belt..having bacle ..if we (de)remove bucle from belt,the pant will fall.. then comes the complete disaster | De-BUCKLE (BELT) ... As in Belt's buckle got removed on stage.. which was a complete disaster. | debacle sounds like the battle..any battle brings the sudden and violent collapses of people and wealth. | DEBACLE OPPOSITE OF MIRACLE | 'Debacle' is very close to 'Buckle'. Columns of a building collapse due to buckling. | debacle- split it as de + bac + le -- to take step backward in career==downfall .. hope its clear :) | de+bacle= the battle in the movie 300 was a violent breakdown for xersis | Dibbe (train ke) accident me ghir gaye. That means disaster. | debacle sounds like OBSTACLE..which can cause complete disaster | DEBACLE= deb + ac + le; when deb comes he always takes the ac room it is digester for us in summer. | Buckle "fell down".
debar: bar; forbid; exclude; Ex. debarred from jury services
debar -- de + bar...just imagine the Mumbai bar girls who have been debarred or forbidden from dancing in the bars.. | debar= Dewar in hindi ie wall or bar | debar from exam for mall practicing | he destroying bar culture prevent him from entering, keep out
debase: degrade; reduce in quality or value; degenerate; lower in esteem; disgrace; N. debasement
de(means without) think of someone /something without having any base or value.the boss has called for a wild party.(highly unlikely...would have to be an awsome boss).... | imagine a building having no base will be lower in quality | very similar to abase | debase=In this base if the person not having basics he is always in lower position in class soo ....debase=to lower | Debase - sounds like "Thebase" remember the non-existent process of "The basing" which is process to take objects to a lower value.
debauch: corrupt morally; seduce from virtue; N. debauchery: wild behavior (with sex and alcohol)
de + bauch (when pronounced sounds like boss) you think that your BOSS IS morally corrupt. | DE[IS WITHOUT]+bauch[ if children r not watched properly they become corrupt n loose values | bacchanalia means drunken. spilt debauch as de + baucchanalia (bauch). bauch and bacca nalia sounds same | Sounds like D-Boss.So the boss of the D Company(The criminal movie in bollywood) is morally corrupt and parties with drinking. | the word also means CORRUPT...invert will become depouch...DE(give in marathi)+POUCH(pouchfull of money)....a politician is asking you to give him a pouch full of money....hence he is CORRUPT | debauch= de(the)+ bauch (pauch) if someone is seeing others pauch then corrupt | debar the urchin(a mischievous child)...since he is corrupt n has no moral values | de + bauchsounds like de + boss(like pointed above) to get her work donethe girl had to sensually lure her boss ie - debauch | de-demote, bauch-boss, in order to demote your boss you must corrupt him or seduce him from virtue | De means the and bauch sounds like bacch(stay far). So we should stay far from someone who will currupt us | She was raped by DE BOSS. | DEBO A MORALLY CORRUPT GIRL ALWAYS GIVES OUCH EXPRESSION INFRONT OF BOYS. | telugu: DABBULU (money) ICHI (give) simple | D company ke movie dekhana | debauch=deep unch on girls-corrupt morally, seduce from virtue
debilitate: weaken (esp. through heat, hunger, illness); enfeeble
de + ablity = without ability, the person who doesnot have the ablity to do something is called weak. | Debilitate (Sounds like De Bill and Ate). You dont have enough money and the restaurant person is telling to "De Bill and Eat" means fist give bill and than eat. What will happen?? You will surely get weaken by Hunger !!!! | if DE BELLY is TATE(tight), yu feel weakened | debil.+it+ate(eat).resembles to if a devil comes and eat your all your food, you will weaken because of hunger.. | wen u eat ili(mouse) wen u are in heat and hunger ,u will get illness ,which reselts in weakness. | bellytate...(say)..belly is where the energy comes de belly is weaken | bili do not ate anything and became Weak | DE(-ve) make someone disabled...hence debilitate means to enfeeble or enervate.... | The opposite of build an estate is to DE BUILD THE ESTATE | wat you ate early got depleted..., so u r weak now. | De+ bili+ take= bili in kannada means white, you look bleached when you become weak. | debilitate sounds like de-(remove)ability = weaken | Debilitate - De-habilitate.. Habilitate seems to be word for settling someone, making someone strong.. | lit(little)+ate......he ate very little thats why he becomes weaken | ded ill so weak | debilitate-the word seems like devil , when you are caught by devil you are weaken | de+bil+it+ate- eating less to reduce the bill, so prabu become weaken through hunger and ill | Devilitate=make bad,weak
debonair: (of men) friendly, charming, and fashionably dressed; aiming to please; CF. of good disposition
debonair sounds like debojeet of sa re ga ma pa who is very friendly wid judges sohe get good comment and good votes | debonair ~ Deb + On +Air; Imagine a guy named ‘Deb’, who always travel by air (very rich).. and is a debonair gentleman. | have anyone downloaded erotic film from debonair | debonair ~ De+born +Air;the one whoborn in air has immense cheerfulness. | DEBOnair : DEBO sounds like BEBO which is Kareena kapoor whose very charming ,sauve and urbane. Shes also very cheerful all the times | debonair == its magazine | Debo(dev)+bon(born) dev(god) borns in air are very friendly, charming and fashionably dressed | Once visit debonair web site you will remember the word rest of your life span..i can bet on it | Deb Nair- charming, confident and carefully dressed man | DEV(god)+on+air....a god standing on air above you will always look charming | take the middle part of the word(bona) and relate it to the word (bona sera) which means good afternoon in Italian. some body who use such word in every day communication is perhaps a high class urbane person | Debonair diamonds are always friendly,charming and pleasing to women. | debonair=the(de)+boy(bo)+ nair friendly fashionably dressed,aiming to please your girlfriend.
dapper: neat and trim (in appearance); (of small men) neat in appearance and quick in movements; neat; spry
dapper(diaper)- if you can remember the diapers used for babies, should be kept neat and trim(spry). | DAPPER sounds like DATE PAR.How will you go on a DATE PAR?? Obviously by dressing well and being up-to-date.So Try to remember DAPPER as DATE PAR !!!! | dapper is very close to word DRAPER(Y).....SO drappery in your house is very neat and clean in its appearance. | For good marks you have to keep your exam paper dapper. | dapper sounds like rapper, eminem(rapper) is neat and trim | DAPPER = don + appear; don appearances is always neat & trimly.
dappled: spotted
d+apple...just imagine a d (damaged or rotten) apple..having many spots on it. | sounds like 'stappled'.If u stapple a paper it becomes spotted | because of Greg CHAPPLE, ganguly’s carrier was SPOTTED with failures and criticism. | d+appled tshirt-spotted | DAPPLED : DotsAPPLEDots; a new apple pc launched with dots is called dappled | dappled - just imagine a white cloth, on which you dip apple in red colour and dab the apple spots on the color, so it becomes dappled
dart: move or throw suddenly and quickly
remember the game of darts where you throw the pointed needle-like darts quickly towards the board? | Remember 'Blue dart' filght services? known for its fast service of goods | i think we all lnow BLUE DART company.which is a courier company might help you. | dart ~ d + art; distance + art; art of reducing distance - to run or move quickly. | throwing knife on persons head is a Danger+ART
daub: smear (as with paint); cover with something sticky; Ex. daub one's clothes with mud/paint; N: small bit of sticky substance; Ex. a daub of paint
from DAUB, if you can remember DOBBY from the Harry Potter movies: he was always shabby and dirty, as if COVERED WITH MUD or SMEARED WITH PAINT | daub- this word resembles the word dhobi..person who cleans "daubed" clothes. | daag achehai...or daub ache hai.... | Dubbed movies are lame, not very artistic, daub is artless painting. | dry+hub-a house covers with straw clay or mud
daunt: intimidate; frighten; discourage; dishearten
daunt = haunt = if you are frightened you will be discouraged to go into the haunted house. | this mnemonic is in hindi....daunt..sounds simillar to "daant"(scolding) aur jab bhi daant padti hai we easily get disheartened and frightened. | daunt sounds like DON'T,means som1 discouraging u | DAUNT sounds like "taunt".... When anyone taunts u u get dishartened | sounds like DAAT(to scold in hindi)....when you scold children frequently(DAAT), they become discouraged...... | Daunt=aunt means ladies always frighten about their work mostly that what they are doing | determination haunt;due to frightening by haunting determination is decreased or lessened | danger+aunt-frighten, dishearten,dicourage | daunt ~ D (dog) + AUNT; My aunt was daunted by the dog in front of our house. | DAUNT = d + aunt; The aunt y always discourage about success.
dauntless: bold; fearless
Dauntless - Daunt + less .. If daunt(Fright or FEAR) is less , it means you are bold and dauntless. | +auntless=d-sounds as "the"and auntless.i am afrid of my aunt.when my aunt went out i amfearless in my home | d+auntless=d-sounds as the and auntless.many people having no aunt are fearless | DON'T LOOSE your nerve | Dauntless - Danger+aunt+less-It means you are bold and no FEAR. | Dauntless for this word no need to think too we know the daunt means frighten... so dauntless means there is no frighten soo dauntless=not to be daunted. | here "daunt" get resembles "daud"(hindi)bhaganabecause of fear daunt+less= fearless | sounds haunt + lessif u r haunt less, then nothing can frighten u... means u r bold..
dawdle: loiter; hang around; waste time doing nothing
somewhat similar to idle | do dull ladke dawdle kar rahe hain. | In yahoo msngr,theres an environment called doodle which is meant for wasting time in yahoo and doodle is also a synonym of dawdle. | PAIDAL(walk on foot)..some guys are walking PAIDAL in order to DAWDLE. | dawdle - similar to "Doodle" .. we can recollect "yankee doodle went to town riding on a ..." i.e loitering around, hand around .."stuck a feather in his hat and called it macaroni .." wasting time around .. doing silly stuff | if u know what DOODLE is: it means drawing lines or something irrelevant while talking on phone or while sitting DODDLE which sounds like DAWDLE id wasting time | slowly dawdle(daw - sighting in tamil) girls. Loiter, wasting time.
daze: stun as with a blow or shock; bemuse; benumb; N.
daze == gaze = look at with fixed eyes -- stunned | daze- this word resembles the word daisy, forest daisies(flowers). people get stuned or shocked wen they smell the sweet fragrance of that flower. | Danial Ocean gets stunned to see his wife Daze with Benedict,in movie Ocean 11. | ~amaze:To bewilder; perplex.... means be in shock,bemused | daze- door maze stun as with a blow or shock, confused lack of clarity to find the way out
dazzle: make blind with a sudden intense light; amaze; fill with wonder
remember honda may help | honda dazzler make you blind with the sudden intense of light from the head lamp
deadlock: standstill resulting from the opposition of two unrelenting forces; stalemate
"dead+lock". The dead can't move(are still) and lock (firmly kept in one place). | Think of "LOCK" without KEY. Just like someone without girlfriend(Here KEY is gf of LOCK).So ultimately lock is DEAD.Means nothing can be done after that :(No Progress. | standstill computer screen resulting from the many task opened is deadlock situation.
deadpan: wooden; impassive; with no show of feeling; with an expressionless face
sounds like deadman... a deadman shows no feelings, is wooden.. | if u have seen FANNA a bollywood movie--in that Amir Khan was calles deadman by the kid- He was impassive towards kajol ie behaving as an impassive man, wid a blank, expressionless face = wooden.So,DEAD-MAN-PAN | keeping the face like deadman or dry deadpan | On watching the deadpanmeans brittle pan in kitchen the bride was expression less so her face becomes dry.
dearth: scarcity
earth is big. de-earth.....(read as dearth) means small...small in quantity..or scarcity | dearth sounds like death. high death rate can result in scarcity of man-power | Dearth - deers + earth.Deers in earth are getting insufficient in number | earth is full of things, dearth means lacking of things | dearth = death + r (reason) reason for death is scarcity(of food, shelter,health) thus dearth is scarcity | De-Earth means to dig...because of scarcity of water we started digging..... | earth is full of things, dearth means lacking of things | due to shortage of resources man started de-earthing(digging and looking under earth) for them... | For want of food, they were starving and tried eating DIRT. | death is a result of dearth (scarcity of food) | dead+earth food,water all are scarcity. | | | DEARTH = dead + earth; dead earth is always insufficient in quantity. | dearth leads to death! | dear+th -dear ones are there far away scarcity to find such one
debris: rubble; wreckage; scattered remains of something broken or destroyed
de+bris(sounds like barish(hindi)) a village faced lots of "BaRISh" became debris | Debris is like RUBBISH | | debris
debunk: expose as false, exaggerated, worthless, etc.; ridicule when you bunked your college, and got caught by your teacher... your teacher exaggerated this fact and ridiculed you in front of the class. | it can b like ...despite of not bunking the class i was ridiculed and exposed exxageratedly by teacher in front of class. | DEBUNK: THE BUNK(petrol bunk) gives the cheapest petrol in thats exaggeration cos rate of petrol is same everywhere | Call someone a punk means u ridicule him.
debut: d'ebut; first public appearance; formal presentation of a young woman to society
debut=de+buttress,if u remove the buttress ur not surviving on some ones support,so u start a new thing or profession to feed ur self | deep first appearence then but young girl shown to the public | debutante= debut(first time entrance) + aunty -formal entrance by aunty(woman) | debut=debumovie by a filmstar child as its first appearance
debutante: young woman making formal entrance into society
debut-ante(aunty) a female's debut | DEBT+AUNT --- young AUNTIES (do soo much shopping) are always in credicard DEBT credicard debt | debutante-bfr anuty,deep first appearence then but shown to the public as young woman | debutante(debu +aunte) debu' young aunt made the formal appearance to society
decadence: decay; fall to a lower level (of morality, civilization, or art); ADJ. decadent
cadence:rhythmic rise and fall (of words and sound).. so de + cadence is only a fall to a lower level without any rising.. | DECADENCE--- DECADE means a period of ten something into existence since decades would have been decayed till now...simple...:) | Decadence ~~ Decayance~~ Decaying .. So, Decay | a days the way heroines are dancing is degrading as far as vulgarity is concerned.... | the word itself resembles the answer-deca-dence. | this word sounds like decay hence some object decays means it is deteriorating. | decadence- dec month dance will make u fall to lower level bcos of icy floor. The food you throw while falling will decay in time | decadence=decay+dance- fall to lower level | | In this decade density is atmospheric intensity increasing deteriorating the environment. | the one which is present from DECADES will decay!.
decant: pour off gently (wine or liquid)
de 'can' t - pour off from a can (or container) | sounds like "descend" which means to lower.. thus its like pouring out.. | decant- dec momth pur gently the wine or else ant will come
decapitate: behead
capitate(capital)-say head of country-so decapitate means dehead or behead | de = down, cap = head = "decapitate" then means "cut that head down" | de+cap+tata; when do you say “tata” to cap, sorry but you don’t have a “head” you are “beheaded” | de-cap= behead...also it rhymes with decapacitate... which means to kill | DE CAP IT ATE had a BE(e's)HEADin it(sry if it is too silly and wierd). | decapitate : lets make it like a vampire ne [the]de cap [rakhane ki jaga head] ,and it [cap][kha liya]ate | decapitate(the +cap+ate) the cap is ate with head by rhino ,so man is behead | decapitate- take the head with the cap
decelerate: slow down
down the accelerate | de(without,not ) + celerate(accelerate..means speed) your girlfriend asking you to slow down the speed of your bike. | opp of accelerate
deciduous: falling off at a specific season or stage of growth as of leaves; Ex. deciduous tree/teeth
decide US; Decide at what time you want to be inthe US; Spring or Fall semester. | if u can emember the decidious forest. here the leaves fall with respect to season,so there is a seasonal variation and there is new leaves every season. | sounds like DISEASE +DUS(having ten disease) life of a person having ten disease is transitory.... | DESCEND-uous. At the end of the growing season, the leaves descend from the trees. | All desi trees of delhi are deciduous. | desi(deci)+do(du)+ous leaves will fall down
decimate: kill (usually one out of ten or every tenth man); destroy or kill a large part of
deci [means 10]mate[in ,chess mate means killing a king]so it sound like killing a king in every 10 people,so to kill a king u have to kill 10 ie make killing at huge amount. | decimate-deci+ mate AIDS guy will be kill in large numbers | Deshi + mate(friends) : Rajakars were deshi mate of Pakistani force in Bangladesh. Rajakars killed a lot of men of Bangladesh.
decipher: decode; CF. indecipherable
CIPHER means CODEso DeCipher means DeCode | deci- this resembles decimals. if u can assume, codes in the films are in decimals. and decoded using the same. | in digital we conver ASCII numbers to decimal which are in binary its conversion or decode | while transferring over internet we can cipher/Decipher text | Decipher= De(detect)+ Ciher( a code)..means to detect or decode acode. | de+cyber- DECODING internet code
declivity: downward slope
acclivity: upslope of a hill.. so, declivity is the downslope of a hill.. | decli(DECLINE..means lowering)+CLIV(MEANS intending towards something) having a tendency towards lower side of something. | DE CLIFF is definitely a decline | decline+ity -downward slope
dabble: work at in a nonserious fashion; splash around; move noisily in a liquid
dabble...sounds like table...and if you see someoneputting up their legs on the TABLE in the office, YOU GETthe feeling that the person is not serious about his image at work. | sounds like "double", a person who always has double thoughts is not serious | It sound like Dabba, Dabba people doesn't do any work, they just hang around. | dabble sounds like one who babbles in office is dabbles | DABBLE also means immerse (one's hands or feet ) partially in water and move them around will it sound???? DABBLE DABBLE.... | dabba on table | dabble-playing in the tap water and making noise | dabble _____means to fuck someone | On double bed you dabble in studies, you are not serious about it | it sounds like double, we you have double work than single work, you won't work in serious fashion | Dabble-drink+paddle means any liquid(drink) we paddle that is splash...hope it helps
dainty: delicate; delicately beautiful; fastidious; not easy to please; Ex. dainty movement/dress
d + ainty.(aunty). Think of your aunty..who even though she is delicate IS NOT EASY TO PLEASE, EVEN IF you gift her beautiful jewellery. | ~deity:God......God is not easy to please ..... and their idol are delicately beautiful | da in panty delicately small and pretty,something good to eat | as in an aunty, per say your GF's/BF's mother... nomatter how delicately you handle them. they are hard to please.. | DELICATE aunty is FINICKY but once you win her heart, she is TASTY and DELICIOUS ;) | "Dain Tea" Tea is Gods Dain (Blessing) .. iys plant is so delicate yet it so good to eat.
dais: raised platform for speakers or other important people
Mnemonic: It sounds like DESK and a desk is similar to a raised platform which we use in a school or an office. | as in rAISE platform | The Days Inn hotel will provide a raised platform for the speaker in the meeting room. | dais(raise)-dai+raise+senior going to present the talk
dally: trifle with; toy with; treat without the necessary seriousness; procrastinate; waste time
sounds like daily you waste your time.right?/ | sounds like dolly or doll with u like o play | dally sounds like delay. lazy people delay work, | Sound like "dali" (wooden stick) | sounds like tally....when things are serious and important, you tally ( at work). oppposite is dally. | dolly ke sath timepass | dally- with doll, treat without the necessary seriousness and wasting time.
damn: condemn; criticize severely; condemn to everlasting punishment; doom; bring to ruin; N. damnation
dank: damp; unpleasantly wet
dank...Damp ANd Kool...simple:) | tang: Think of BANK-"Bank of river" which is going to be wet,humid and cool. | dank sounds similar to damp, as the meaning damp and moist | Dank - it sounds like Dunk (like dunk by bee). When it bites you will feel unpleasantly wet in that affected area. | D(the) tANK: climate in da tank is cool ,humid nd unpleasent | dank sounds like the tank of water always humid & cool. | down tank leak unpleasant wet in pant. | Dank me saap rahta hai and dank marta hai
deference: courteous regard for another's wish; courteous yielding to another's wish or opinion (showing respect); ADJ. deferential; OP. effrontery
if there is no DIFFERENCE between you and him, then you will respect his wishes. | sounds like REVERENCE | battles we give reverence to even those who we defeat, hence deference toall. | if you will make no DEFERENCE(difference) between ST/SC/OBC and GENERAL, you will be RESPECTED | defer rhymes wit refer.. | REVERANCE=DEFERENCE... | DEFERENCE--- sounds like--- di-farmaiye = you are asking respectfully frm ur didi. | there's difference between boss and servant ,so servant respects boss | deference sounds like reference doing things on regard of some1 who is in reference | deference=de+reference - without refer to | deference sounds like reference. If you have a reference for a letter of recommendation, then you usually respect that reference. | deference Read as "desire + reference" someone acting in reference to your desires. | It sounds like preference,which means giving priority 2 othr | it is like reference of respectable persons which you add in your CV | Deference; defer means to agree with someone. | deference=def+her+hence give her respect
defiance: refusal to yield; resistance; V. defy; ADJ. defiant
fiance - resembles fiancee, before marraige, fiancees generally resist or refuse to yield to our advances. | defiance - defence; you defence some thing means you resist some thing.. not ready to yield their country land | when somebody takes called as "loan is FINANCED".and suppose bank refuse to finance then it could alled as defiance.means refused.
defile: pollute; make filthy or dirty; corrupt morally; profane; desecrate; N: narrow passage or gorge through mountains
If you (de)FILE a case against him you will tarnish his image. | de-file,file sounds like profile ,defile is to pollute some once profile | file- take this as fillings, iron fillings are generally harmful to the atmosphere,they pollute,make filthy and add a lot of dirt to the environment. | DEAF+AILe...if you ail(harm) deaf person, you will rape your image coz what's in harming innocent people | DEAF+AILe...if you ail(harm) deaf person, you will rape your image coz what's in harming innocent people | defile- de file the papers in the file and make it dirty,pollute | defile-(de)The file gap narrow passage | DEFILE=DE+FILE...FILE rhymes with if U FAIL in DE exams u SHOW DISRESPECT FOR THE PLACE OF WORSHIP,prayers alone wont suffice | DEAF+AILe...if you ail(harm) deaf person, you will rape your image coz what's in harming innocent people
definitive: most reliable; authorative and complete; that cannot be improved; conclusive; decisive; definite; Ex. definitive decision by the supreme court
definitive - definitions are complete answer of any question . | the final answer which is more definite than anything definite. in other words the most fdefinite of the definite of the definite of the...
deflect: turn aside; turn away from a straight course
sounds like reflect. If some thing reflects, it turns away
defoliate: destroy leaves; deprive of leaves (by the use of chemicals); N. defoliant
de(without, not having) + folio( leaves)....excessive use of chemicals can destroy the greenness of leaves. | de+FALL+ATE: u make the leaves to fall, and eat them...thereby depriving of leaves...!!! | defoliate- destroy foil late dry leaves
defame: harm someone's reputation; malign; speak evil of; slander; N. defamation; ADJ. defamatory
de(do away with) + taking away somebody's fame...defaming someone. | defame = de(down)+fame(famous)"to down the famous" means to harm someone's reputation.
default: failure to act; failure to perform a task or be present; V.
Separate FAULT : Fault is a mistake and due to a mistake the person looses by default. | When you forget to fill up the reuired parts the defalt settings are set.
defeatist: resigned to defeat or failure; accepting defeat or failure as a natural outcome; N. CF. defeatism
defeatist- A person who accept defeat is called defeatist. | DEFEAT + -ist(specialist) one how specializesthe defeat!.. | defeated person | defeat+test- accept failure
defect: shortcoming; V: desert (in order to join the opposite one)
If there's DEFECT in u, ppl will ABANDON u
defection: desertion
de + affection - no affection; if you have no affection then you will leave it | when you go to a shop to buy something but you find that it is DEFECtive - you will surely desert it! | Defection is seen in case of contagious infection. Everyone leaves the patient during that time. | fection- take it as fiction. fictiongenerally has a deserted background. | de+infection.Infection is something that stays with you where as de infection is something that leaves you..desertion | de + affection - no affection; if you have no affection then you will be left out in desert alone | de+affection means opposite of affection. It means showing affection to the rivals
defer: give in respectfully; submit; delay till later; exempt temporarily; N. deferment; CF. show respect, comply with, courteous
Read Duffer- A duffer owing to his incompetence has to always give in and delay that too with respect. | if anyboby 1)refer=fast2)defer=slow/postpone | if there is no difference between actual answer and your answer click SUBMIT button without DELAY | Rhymes with preferI prefer to defer the exam. | difer to it eventhough it Differs to your opinion | defer the bug to next release. | def+her so delay or postpone give it respectfuly
decrepit: weak and in bad condition from old age or hard use; Ex. decrepit old chair/man
Decrease in Brad pit's muscular strength made him very weak | DECRE(decrease..)..and decrease in a capacity of something will lead to BAD AND WEAK condition of a something. | decrepit --decre(decrease) + pit (peet means maarna(beat) in hindi). If you beat someone, he/she gets weak. | DE+CRE(creature)+PIT.....the creature that fell into a pit is in it's LAST STAGE OF DECAY after dying..... | Decrepit-decrease strength or weakness to get out of pit | decrease + pit. prolonged usage leads a thing to DECREASE in value or strength so after the things gets wretched we ll throw it in PIT. (garbage pit) | decrepit. A pit(well) which has been decre(deserted) is in old and weak condition. The 2nd meaning as 1st mnemonic | | Decre-Decrease in pit-f(p)itness
decrepitude: state of collapse or weakness caused by illness or old age
decre(decrease) + pitude(aptitude) if your aptitude is decreasing, it is an indication of OLD AGE, thats when a person becomes weak and in a state of deterioration. | when someonedecrypt(decrept) your secret code there is the state of mental collapse. | Decrepitude-decrease strength or weakness of ill to get out of pit
decry: express strong disapproval of; condemn openly (something dangerous to the public); disparage; Ex. decry the violence of modern films
deep + cry... focus on the CRY PART ...a girl CRYING to express her disapproval of getting married now. | De+ cry= kids cry when they want to show disapproval. | I will always DECRY people who cry without fighting the situation...we should face every situation with courage... | de + 'cry'...any one will cry to show their disapproval | decry- girls deep cry for the disapproval of marriage by loving boys | decry is crying and weeping but with a "de" which means deep disapproval
deducible: derived by reasoning; V. deduce: infer; derive by reasoning
deduce means reduce so if the trust reduces we have to reason our statements...
deface: mar; disfigure
de-face:: if u can concentrate on face , then deface means face which is scraped.face is a part of a persons figure,so if the face is scrapped wen somone hits(mar), then the person is disfigured. | "DE-FACE".. deforming the face | DEFACE - concentrate on the word FACE...if a face which has the normal facial features is disfigured or marred by some serious injury then the face becomes DEFACED. | FACE todd DIYA | no face no figure | de+face- damage the face spoil the appearance of
defalcate: embezzle
de + false + ate = i cheated them of their money and ate the food...have the cake and eat it too :) | to take money in a "FALSE" or fraudulent manner... | de+falcon = falcons behaving fraudulently | de+false+CAT cat is generally preferred by ppl who want money...false money or money by false tactics | adding to bond....false cat can also mean greedy AUNTIES shown in movies who always misuse property | defalcate - defal+cate I misuse the def false money and had cake | just like "war hawks" there are probably "fraud falcons"
decollete: (of a dress) having a low-cut neckline; CF. d'ecolletage: low neckline (on a dress)
think a girl is wearing low neck cut dress. and u thrown a coin so that she will bend to COLLECT it. | de-collete; de means off, collete means collar. so decollete means having no collar | imagine u go to a party the which type of girls will u COLLECT ... the one with low neck line | D shape COLLar te-shirt
decomposition: decay; V. decompose: decay; break and separate into simple parts
decorous: proper (in behavior, conduct, or appearance)
decor.DECORATE.if you decorate your ROOM it will look proper in appearance compared to hall. | You can relate it to decorum. | deepak+in corous will be proper in behavior, conduct, or appearance | Decorous
decorum: propriety; orderliness and good taste in manners; appropriateness of behavior or conduct
"decor um"; decor them to make them more proper and correct | DECO (dekho) yaar, RUM pine ke baad, there is very little possibility that you will be in ORDERLINESS and GOOD MANNERS, CONDUCT. | decorum --decoration . If something is decorated everything is in order and in good manner. | decorate our house in Festivals is a DECORUM... | If you call someone a "dick-or-umm" at the dinner table then that is bad manners! | To be proper you must DECORATE the ballroom. | dec+or+rum he will be good in speech, behavior, dress, formal politeness, orderliness, seemliness, decency. | you have to be decorum in most of the forums otherwist you'll be thrown out. | decorum ~ accord ~ according to : approriateness of behavior | decorum(deco=decorated,rum=rum) the decorated rum looks inorder and taste good
decoy: lure or bait; V.
Coy meansshy, girls act coy to attract guys. Decoy traps animals; | DECOY sounds like DACOIT.wat does a dacoit do?LURES VICTIMS TO DANGER | decoy -- decoit. Police lured/baited the decoit to catch them. | destroy first u need to put the thing in,first decoy then decay.. | decoy- villi girls decoy boys and kill them | Decoy: Dec(look) oy(oi) something trap over there.
decree: authoritative order; edict; judgment of a court of law; V: order or judge by decree
If you have a DE(G)REE, you can give authoritative order.
dehydrate: remove water from; dry out
deify: turn into a god; make a god of; idolize; Ex. Kings were deified; CF. deity
deit(=f)y ... reminds you of God.. | Deify sounds like hifi, hifi ppl are treated as god in the restaurants. | deify - day-fy, day-fly - justlike the angels treat like a god. | die+fy.. those who dont die are god.. | die+defy= whose who defy deadth=god.. | dei fly like a god in the sky | দেবতা-fy | Deify means feel as deity. People in India deify Sachin Tendulkar.
deign: condescend; stoop
Reign, which shows high dignity, is the opposite of Degin, which shows low dignity. | DEIGN rhymes with if u dont dine properly,i.e.if u lack table manners ,u r LOWERING YOURSELF | deign sounds like dean. Deans are people with very high posts in the organization and they can't condescend themselves as it's below their dignity. | deign rhymes with reign...when a king reigns he holds supreme power and he never stoops to his enemy. | Look like design –You dress designs which was ramped in lackmi fashion week left DEIGN (consider to below ones dignity, humiliate, self-denial, ABASED) impression on the views comments | SOUNDS LIKE "DOWN"; HE STEPPED DOWN OR HE DEIGNED | deign sounds like if the dean wants to talk to us,the students he has to get down from his position i.e.stoop frm his position and talk. | Deign sounds like REIGN as a king would REIGN. When the king DEIGNS to endure his subject, he RAINS on the subject's parade: Picture the king RAINING on his subject. | The highly conceited king didn't DEIGN to REIGN over the small land as he used to be the emperor of a much larger country | he stop deign to servethe food to be beneath his dignity. | Hindi word DEIGN meaning low, poor person | Deign sounds like dignity; ppl who advertise there dignity they condemn others; | Deity are always DeignWant (din meas patit) to everyone
delete: erase; strike out
deleterious: harmful
relate it to you DELETE all the spam mails because they may BE HARMFUL to your PC. | Can be related todelete...Harmful substances must be deleted to preventdanger. | most of the VIRUS DELETE files and hence they are HARMFUL i.e DELETERIOUS | If A deletes B then for B, A is harmful (Just imagine) | DELETE the TEARS OF US | delete terrible to us- as in harmful | its sound like "serious"-if any person is serious it is HARMFUL to others.. | seriously delete it because this virus is very harmful | anything deleterious is so evil it originally intends to deleteyou completely off the surface of the earth, but it is not so successful and only brings harm to you
deliberate: consider; ponder; ADJ: done on purpose; slow
daily + berate = if you get berated(scolded) daily, you need to think it over as to why it happens.. | break it as de + liberate. can be taken as not to liberate. Industries have to 'consider' seriously over the issue of liberating toxic products into environment. | deliberate=DEL(H)I+be+RATE thus delhi mein rate itne bad gaye hain ki kuch bi kharidne se pehle sochna padta hai.. thus deliberate is to think over | deliberate- u do things deleberatly,when u think u know it,iewen u consider it to be known,after doing it,its the common thing,that our mind ponders upon the outcome. | people only think about their daily bread | stop decreasing labor rate, done consciously and intentionally: "a deliberate attempt to provoke conflict".
delineate: portray; depict; sketch; describe; N. delineation
Delineate = (Diligently and neatly) portrayed painting. | FOCUS ON line IN DElineATE & RELATE WITH OUTLINE N PORTRAY | delineate sounds like alienate, and if you are attacked by aliens, you would describe the event in vivid detail in order to makepeople believe you! | concentrate upon de+LINE+ate....d stands for draw ,line for sketch and ate for may help you | Read as De + line + ate. You describe every word line by line to make ur child ate beet root. | de"LINEA"te.... when we spot a linea carwe try to sketch the car because of its design!!!... | delineate-- de+linea+te, concentrate on the word linea(fiat car), its worth a sketch or portray. | | De-lineate - BE-LINENIENT - So art teachers will not BE-LINIENT if you do not portray; depict or sketch the figure properly. | delineate = de (described) + line + ate; describe in line whatever you ate in the marriage ceremony. | deLINEATE-if u can concentrate on the highlightened one,ie lineateit tells the meaning that it is single,in a straight line, delineate is the opposite,ie to describe,dipict,potray ,sketch..etc.. | Deli + ate -Delhi me kahan Ate karna hai iska pura plan | deconstruct the concept line by line | to remember the synonym u have to jus replace LINEA with LINEAR ..... so now the word can be seperated as art by lines | decode+ALIEAN | delineate=daily +neatjolly is daily neat and clean so ram sketch her photo and define shape ,quality | To delineATE is with detail, but to adumbrATE is with a sketch | can see line you trace the outline.. | If some 1 don't know where exactly is Delhi city located you will draw a sketch of india and explain it to him.
delirium: mental disorder marked by confusion; uncontrolled excitement; ADJ. delirious
split it as deli + r(i)um...taking rum daily will cause mental disorder | (Focus on deli in this word and relate that to Delhi) visualize the city DELHI where terrorist sometime create mental disorder among the residents... | delirium - sounds like daily rum... you will get mental disorder and confused | Sounds like delerious | deliri(l) the LIRIL advetisement every one will be bathing with excitment!!!... | a lot of DELIma causes mental delirium means mental disorder marked by confusion :)
delta: flat plain of mud or sand between branches of a river
delude: deceive
very close to the word elude, and when you elude someone in a clever way ,you are actually deceiving them. | de + lude(lure). So when your wife is luring someone., she is actually decieving you. | deLUDE conc on lude which rhymes with 'lewd',meaning a philanderer.therefore yu can never trust such ppl cos they'llCHEAT n DECEIVE u | DELUDE- DELUSION -which similar to ILLUSION(false) | Elude means escape either mentally or physically so to elude you should delude. | In Mumbai train explosion Attack by pak terrorists government delude (to be dishonest with /be false to) the number of deaths in fact more than 100 people were killed and more than 1000 people were injured verybadly | delude - play with the(de) lodo(lude) in wrong dishonest way | mi kuna dusrya mulila LURE kartoi mhanje mi majhya baiko la DELUDE (DELURE- deceive) kartoi..
deluge: flood; rush; V.
del[dell company]uge[huge] when the Del company advertised it's product, there was a huge rush of requests, a deluge of requests. | there was a flood/rush of people for the job opening at del(l) company. | dam + huge... so as to prevent flooding | : delhi had a huge floodrecently | delete the use temp files otherwise this can slow ur pc | deluge = Del + Huge; Del company makes a huge flow ofbusiness deal for its new product lunge Del Inspiron series. | In a couple deluge, some ones get huge and rush & some ones get flooded wet :P
delusion: false belief; hallucination; deluding; Ex. delusions of grandeur; Ex. under the delusion that
sounds like illusion which is nothing but false belief | try to remember just 1 word..delude;delude = deceivedelusion = result of getting deceived (false beliefs)delusive=deceitful | When you have a delusion, you usually have many illusions and therefore false beliefs and hallucinations. | similar to that of an ILLUSION..
defray: provide for the payment of; undertake the payment of; pay
def + ray - by paying for their education, you provide a "ray" of hope for "deaf" people!! | it rhymes with PAY | When you are taking someone to the hotel, you have to 'bear the expenses', other wise the hotel manager might say "I will def[deep] + fray[fry] = deep fry you in this torrid frying pan." | defray - when one is fed (DEFray;read def of defray as FED) up of one's loans , one prays (sounds like fray) to god that somebody takes up the responsibilityof repaying it (bear the expenses of it ) | defray-when some one close to you is 'def'..u pay the expenses of taking x-'ray'.. | consider FRAY which means a fight.. In a FRAY you break one's bones then you will have to DEFRAY him by paying for the fracture.. :) | DEEP FRIED fish is tasty but u have to pay the expense | THE PAY(salary)- when I would get my TE PAY then I would defray for everything. | DefrayFrafranc; it is the currency of France. | Evil genius paid the expense of the deaf ray plan to make the whole world deaf. | When your servant shows up wearing FRAYED clothes, you pay to DE-FRAY them | def gril want yamaha ray - provide the payment and bear the expense of the petrol
defrock: strip a priest or minister of church authority; unfrock
The garment worn by priests is a frock like de + frockis to remove from the frock, priesthood.
deft: neat; skillful
Handicapped people (like the deaf) are sometimes skillful in other activities. | deft- sounds like theft , if a theft is to take place, then it should be neat and skillfull,else police will trace it. | Ravi shastri say for Sachin's backside's delicate touch as 'deft touch by Sachin' | Johnny DEPP is the epitome of DEFT acting. Remember Johnny DEFT. | DEFT rhymes with LEFT...lefty people are most of the times skilful,dexterous, or adroit | sounds like 'Depth'. Dexterous [skillful] people usually have depth to their activities. | def+art=neat, skillful | sounds like "theft" toTHEFTa thing you need to be skillful!..
defunct: dead; no longer in use or existence
de (means without) + funct(function) something without a functioning is considered DEAD. | DEFUNCT: DE-FUNCT; funky is something which is current trend...defunct is something no longer used, or dead | de functional part dead, no longer in use or existence
degenerate: become worse in quality; deteriorate; ADJ: having become worse; Ex. a degenerate species; N: depraved or corrupt person
degenerate -de+generate -don't generatemore products because thequality has decreased and people are not buying it anymore. | if a machine is used in generating to product.. after some years it will degenerate !.... | DE(DECREASE)+GENERATE...decrease in generating capacity......DETERIORATE THE image of a being a leading manufactur company. | Its about sexual behaviour...If you DE(don't) Generate kids after marriage, you wife will get angry and you will degenerate
degradation: humiliation; debasement; degeneration; V. degrade: debase; disgrace; degenerate; reduce (something) in worth; demote (someone); reduce in rank
de(means less)+grad...sowhen you get less GRADS in your see humiliation from all sides.
demerit: fault; bad quality
DE(WITHOUT) + MERIT(MEANS GOOD)..SO SOMETHING which you donot consider of good quality.
demise: death
de-mise, de-mice to terminate all those mice. Give them death. | break it as: DAM & ICEwhen all the water of DAM froze to ICE,it led to the fishes' demise[DAM ICE] | demise looks like dismiss that is death of a person | Don’t keep promise doesn’t mean demise? | demise.mise sounds like mouse.when a mouse moced into the(DE) cat area he will suffer DEATH. | death of mise
demographic: related to population balance; N. demography: statistical study of human population
Demos-People; Gk-graphikos- writing, drawing. | demos- people and graphien-script or wirtingIt means some writing or statistics about the people. | Demo(Information) + graphicsInformation about something in graphical form eg: graphs, etc | the(de)human(mo) graphy
demolition: destruction; V. demolish
Compare with Politician..they are destroying our country
demotic: of or pertaining to the people
demo means relating to people like in a democracy. | in greek "DEMOS"means people.... | Demotic = Democratic always means People related things. | sounds like "the motive" which people should have | democratic by the people or of the people.
demur: object (because of doubts, scruples); raise an objection (showing qualms); hesitate; Ex. demur at the idea of working on Sunday
sounds a little like Damn U R wrong!! I object! | demur -- relate with hindi word "de mar" means "beat" and you beat someone if you object him/her. | | de- means "down", while mur means wall(mural), ie., to push againstthe wall, which could be a sign of "objection". | Your demeanor is your behavior towards others but if you try too hard people might 'question' your intentions and sincerity | The chances of me going out with you are very DIMMER as my parent will object it! | Criminal to Lawyer: DE + MUR= OBJECTION DEga toh MURega | The DEfying MURmur in the audience rose quickly into a audible demur against his suggestion. | JA MUR (go to hell) | remember Michael Douglas demurred to Demi Moore's advancements for Sex in d movie DISCLOSURE!!! | hehehe | de man ur wouldbe, she hesitate raise an objection | girls will dream her wouldbe,hesitate raise an objection if we are not the one. | JA MUR (go to hell) | demu.pronounce it like abe+ murkh(insane) ye aisa nahi hai..means you are taking objection. | demur-the words can be arranged to get murder and as we know a murderer always refuses and hesitates at first to tell that he has committed the crime | dey murr in urdu/hindi, means dey (give to them) murr (turn away from or show your back to) to say you dissapprove
demure: (of a woman or child) grave; quiet and serious; coy; pretending to be demure
demur is the one who objects; demure is who doest not object, who is reserved and shy | Demure(adjective) is for a shy or modest personDemur (verb) is to voice opposition..[which in a sense is not something a shy person will do]Adding 'e' makes question raising person shy and modest. | since you have objected demi moore's proposal she is demure | First thing that comes in mind on reading this is Demi Moore. Demure stands for everything that Demi Moore is not , reserved modest and shy. So remember Demure as opposite of Demi Moore | demure sounds like deMUTE, and everyone knows that when something is on mute, words are difficult to come out! =D | DE + MU + RE = thoda sharam kar aur duusron ke kaamon me MUh mat DE RE | You demur at demure woman | demure - de + m(u)(a)re from "mare" (dead) you can relate it to grave. | | demure rhymes with sure if one is sure of theirself they are opposite of demure | demure = de(the) + mu (manchester united) + r(are) + e (energetic not arrogant). | demure- gents(dem) when ur wife want to be Reserved, modest, and shy. | girls murmur to hubby because they are reserved & shy | The real Demi moores of our real life society are actually demure, but demi moore of hollywood is just the very opposite quite the converse
denigrate: blacken; defame
focus on the 'nigrate' part of this word and relate it to 'nigger' (which means people who have black skin)no racism plz... | if yu deny someone is great ,it means you BELITTLE him | READ DENIGRATE AS DEGRADE...WHICH MEANS TO DEFAME OR PUT A BLACK BLOT ON SOMEONE. | When Pakistan was divided from INDIA many people DENIGRATED (attack the good name and reputation ) Mahatma Gandhi who dedicated his life for (Swathantra Bharat ) our freedom and our future | denigrate - take out the ni de(ni) its degrade. tht s to defame or disparage sumone.. | deni-gratesounds like deni-great..takes off the reputation of great people | denigrate DENY+GRATEful= persons who defame someone DENY to be GRATEful to him/her. | degrade and make him defame | The NI in the centre also stands for night or black. Denigrate means to convert a white guy into a nigger by "deny"ing him "great"-ness
denizen: (animal, person, or plant) inhabitant or resident of a particular place; regular visitor
this word rhymes with the wordcitizen (which can be related to the above meaning) | den is lion's resting place. the lion uses its car(zen) to reach its home everyday. | resiDENt + citIZEN = DENIZEN | lion has made zen car as den it is inhabitant and occupant of zen..
denomination: religious group; unit in a system; name or designation; CF. denominator: common trait or characteristic
de+nomination---naming of something | 1/50-1 large group of religious united 50 under a common faith
denotation: meaning; distinguishing by name; V. denote: indicate; refer to directly; mean; CF. connotation
denotation means, 'meaning' and connotation means 'implied meaning or secondary meaning'. Its easier to remember both together. |
denouement: final outcome; final development of the plot of a play or other literary work; the end of a story when everything is explained
de + NOUncEMENT(ANNOUNCEMENT)..SO you are making an annoucement of your company's FINAL OUTCOME report.DEAL + ANOUNCEMENT | The deal was announced after it was done. | Announcement at the starting of a program or play and denouement at the ending of a program or play | The DENOUEMENT - DONE + MOUNT. You know when a cowboy film is DONE because the cowboy MOUNTS his horse and rides off into the sunset. | Denouement is pronounced DAY-NEW-MAW...The resolution of any day, leads to the beginning of a NEW DAY. | denouement -Break it as DONE-NOW-MEANT and rearrange: The play is MEANT to be DONE NOW | In a quick change of events he gave an endowment of 50millin dollars to the program! | the final out of auto biography of Gandhi monument made many people follow ahimsa. | all den owed mentioning all nonravelings of the plot are work of literature should be out to come | the Day the results are announced, the announcement day of results or final outcome after long series of movie or exams or sports or whatever | denouement of the document
delusive: deceptive; likely to delude; misleading; raising vain hopes; Ex. delusive promises
delusive sounds like "illusion" which means unreal or false | think about delude (deceive) and elusive (evasive, deceptive) | del(love)usive- using love for dishonest relationship
delve: dig; search deeply; investigate
delve sounds like delve out the shelves for your girlfriends photo.. | Sounds like Dell. My Dell machine is crashed. Now I want to INVESTIGATE why it is crashed? | a crazy fan of elvis priesly goes to dig out his body from the grave...DigELVE | D+ elve( elevation)= when u see the elevation inside the ground means they are digging something from the ground; | it sound like to de lable a floor we have to dig it,for investigating resoursce inside it | Samsung Delve R800 mobile .I need to investigate before buying!! | Where does my DELL Lapy dwell in my house i have to INVESTIGATE for it | delve=The+ L_ve.there is investigation and digging of history in love | d + elve(elevate)means to bring up level of somthing.. ie to DIG and bring above the earth.. | delve = DELlta + negatiVE: deltas value has come out negative. unow we have to investigate why???? | delve - deep love now days you have to dig,search and investigate to find it
demagogue: person who appeals to people's prejudice; false leader of people; CF. demagoguery
demo(means people) agogue (means leading ) so it adds up to leading people in a wrong way...syn:rable rouser | democracy+agog-an agog man leading democracy will only try to win peoples support by using unreasonable and emotional arguments | opposite od PEDAGOGUE(teaching) | Something to do with DEMocracy wherein Political leaders and people are found. Also DEMography-study of population wherein people are considered | in DEMOCRACY people ARGUE upon issues....this reults in leaders provoking people and false promises (false leadership) | A leader formed by democratic glue,who form a mist in people mind without knowing depth knowledge about it. | : demo+agog—in democracy demo means people, agog means highly excited and curiousPeople who are excited and provoked by a leader | Democracy me jo Lalu jaise leader hain | demagogue=demag(mind)+gue(stool)demag mee gue bharahuwa neta ne desh ko false leading kardiya
demean: disgrace; humiliate; debase in dignity; behave
it could be interfered as we are 'de'creasing the 'mean'ing of something | demean- the(de) Mean folks are humiliated and degraded. | when uare a MEAN person u try to degrade others.. | mean mens cunning selfishwhere as DEMEAN which is opposite to MEAN that is humble shy person | When u r mean to anyone, u ll try to humilate or degrade him. | what do you mean, Y are you talking bad about me. | daman was so mean that he humiliated me in front of class | The meaning is bad about him | remember Miss.demeanor (american music) who is perhaps a rapper, she is perhaps so mean to every one
demeanor: behavior; bearing
demeanor === The manner ? | focus on the + MEAN + think of someone who IS VERY MEAN IN HIS BEHAVIOUR. | daemona person is a daemon or not is decided by the BEHAVIOR a person has... | He put the mean(fish in tamil)on her, bad behaviour.
demented: insane
de +MENT + ed..focus on the bold letters ment(MENTAL).....SO A MENTAL PERSON IS AN INSANE PERSON. | remember the DEMENTORS? in harry potter?? they are pretty INSANE... | d(demaag .. brain) + mental( mai cement ) | de+mented...sounds like de+minted when ever i dont get mint i go insane | he became the(de) mental(mented) guy
deputize: work or appoint as a deputy; N. deputy: person who has the power to take charge when the leading person is away
just rmember DEPUTY this should give you the meaning of DEPUTIZE
deranged: insane
DE (off) + be off the mental range, be insane. | de range..sounds like de disarrange and also when this happens you mentally get agitated | focus.on rang..sounds very similar to ragg..ragging is considered a insane activity now a days. | derange = mad or half-minded. consider range in the word. range classify as good range and bad range. so the person who falls under both good range and bad range is half minded. | bring "g" from where it is in the word and put it upside down and convert it into "b" and place it before r, so it becomes "debraned" or "debrained" meaning loss of brain
derelict: negligent; (of someone) neglectful of duty; (of something) deserted by an owner; abandoned; N: abandoned property; homeless or vagrant person
dairy + licked= people will tend to abandon/discard a "dairy milk"chocolate that has been licked.. | hey!der...u r negLEGted | de-relic - relic. relic and derelict has the same meaning | derail of train occurs due to negligence of duty | a person who licks the milk from somewhr,he is without home,job.he don't have money to buy milk.. | de+reli+ct: DEplorable and REaLI CriTical condition | If someone finds a RELIC he keeps it with him as it is important.. Similarly if something is not important then we abandon it or may say "DELIC it" | Daily licked by dogs due to poor and abandoned condition | derelict -de relationneglected me abandoned | focus on sound DERAIL..train leaving its RAIL or Abandoning | Dear (dere) + Left (lict).... | convert de into duty and r into n and place a g inside to convert relict into neglect. So duty neglect. | derailed train is abandon
dereliction: neglect of duty; abandonment
dereliction rhymes with neglection and has a similar meaning. | dereliction - relics = the antiques. de + relic - you lost the antiques due to negligence | dereliction = deliberate neglection! | concentrate on relics... You have left the house and only relics of the house remains | for de relation neglect the duty and abandoned it | duty neglect the relics
deride: ridicule; treat with contempt; make fun of; OP. respect
de -ride -- riding a horse upside down.. ppl will make fun of you ( ridicule) | RIDE = RIDiculE | DE(lower)RIDE(ride a cycle) if u ride a cycle of low qualitypeople will REDICULE u | DE(not)+RIDE....if you are NOT able to RIDE a bicycle, you friends will laugh at you and some may show contempt...... | De-ride - De in Hindi is sister. De ride - Sisters ride. If you ride your sister's pink cycle, people will make fun of you. | de + ride ( take it for granted to take u 4 a ridiculing is common in such a case
derision: ridicule; ADJ. derisive; CF. derisory
Noun form is 'deride' and in high school, if you don't have a car (de ride) that is expensive enough, other kids may mock and ridicule you | deri se ane wale ki mocking hoti hai | derision - der is son (without marrying). A contemptuous act causing a "contemptuous laughter". | Deri +son - deri me tera son kaam karta hai shame hai | Derogatory Provision. | he got toppled and DERIDED from his new bike and was ridiculed by girls around. | deer is on, he is running bfr it, people making fun of him | if u cant write the "deriv"ation then u r ridiculed.derision | If there is son to unmarried woman ppl will treat her with contempt :( | if u say something (de)without reason(rision),you are more prone to mockery.
depose: dethrone; remove from office; give a deposition; testify
DE(MEANS REMOVE) + POSE(POSITION) to remove somebody from his/her POSITION in his/her work place. | de-pose(pose) pose koduthay they will REMOVE from your position.... | depose - to mean taking oath or a testimony - to remember this meaning remember it means both Take position as well as Give up position | | de + posemujhe office se nikaal diya yane REMOVED FROM OFFICE, firr mein politics mein gaya aur mein jitane ki wajah se mujhe OATH LENI padi..
deposition: testimony under oath; deposing; dethroning
deposition- testimony under oath.When someone takes a position (or a side) in a court of law, he has taken a deposition. | de(removing) removing someone from his/her position. | to DEPOSE[ dethrone hitler],a group was formed [usa,england,china etc]which took a DEPOSITION[oath] to stay together and fight | rootword de(down)-position means removing from the prsent position and keeping in the down position | imagine a Jamaican taking "de position" that they are innocent/guilty in court. When they tell their official story, that is a deposition
depravity: extreme corruption; wickedness; V. deprave
people are deprived of their basic amenities because of the extreme corruption existing among the goverment employees | depravi(ty)- so if u are a tamilian,u can resemble this with ade paavi, ie ,this is told to somone ,who has done something wiked or corrupt. | Depravity: Think of "deprive". When people are deprived, they tend to head for corruption. | "depravity" sounds like "rave party".. which is attended by corrupt people whose minds are filled with wicked ideas!! | Deprave sounds like DePray..opposite of PRAYER....Corruption | johnny depp and raveena tandon (DEP-RAVeena-cITY)elope together in a cycle. as usual our traffic police men who are corrupt ask depp forlicence and get money from | Remember deprive means to take away something, so DEPRAVITY means to take money from others | depravity = de+prey+vity - people who are depraved will prey upon others through their corruption and obscenity | ANNA HAZARE protest against DEPRAVITY..REMEMBER | Depravity = the poverty. The poverty is because of the extreme corruption of the government officials. | (in tamil kala vari vidrathu)demolition the deep gravity of a person - wickedness, corrupt
deprecate: express disapproval of; deplore; protest against; belittle; ADJ. deprecatory
You can think of it as the opposite of appreciate (as in devalue against value).So lack of appreciation;ie,humiliation or belittling. | deprecate(relate this to depreciate)...and doller started depreciating ..textiles and software companies protested against it. | Adding an "i" behind "c" of the word Deprecate, we have Depreciate which has the same meaning as Deprecate. | de-prec-ate = remove the preciousness of something , thus disapprove or belittle it. | (just remember PREvious to CAT) deprecate means PROTEST AGAINST CAT exam PREviously. | Java 1.2's warning as methods are deprecated.. they are saying we are not approving it usage anymore | depreciate the cake amt, shopkeeper express disapproval
depreciate: lessen in value; belittle; represent as of little value
appreciate = value increases.depreciate = value decreases | focus on preciate in depriciate.price share market me gire. | DE-aPRECIATE the bad things coz they are LESSEN IN VALUE...
depredation: plundering; destruction
predation - relate it to the predator which plunders and then destroys.
denounce: condemn; criticize; N. denunciation
Denounce - Similar to announce. Announce is for all kind of information but denounce is to criticize... | the public denounced the King and hence he renounced his throne!! | renounce means give up,so everybody denounced him because he renounced | remember bounce..a bouncer (ball) is criticized by the batsman.. | Sounds like renounce means to reject by criticizing | announce is good speech and denounce is bad speech.... like accelerate and decelerate | Deal was announced before it was done. SoManager condemned and criticized him heavily
depict: portray
depict= de(the)+pic t(picture).So relate it to portrait. | DEPICT==(THE + PICTURE)
deplete: reduce; exhaust
If you de(remove) + from plate.. you will reduce its contents. | Remember depletion means reduction or exhaustion | root word is DEPLETION...
deplore: regret; express sorrow and severe disapproval for something bad; Ex. deplore their violent behavior; ADJ. deplorable: very bad; deserving severe disapproval; Ex. deplorable living condition
when i explored other countries, i deplored it. INDIA is the best!!! | similar to explore..politicians explore different ways to express their disapproval against the ruling party.. | In election polotical parties diplomatically deplore the opposition parties | read it as when you REGRET you make DEP(deep) LOud rORE. | DIPpa LO REddy...DIPpa LO REddy ani Reddys are regretting,coz dey dont hav reservations | When person is not capable to explore then he will be deplore means depress (express sorrow and regret) | when i come to noe noe that the ORE (iron ore) is going to DEP(deplete)i stongly regret | Depressed by the Lord-suppose a servant has been depressed because of the severe criticism he had received from his Lord | I deplore deep (or profound) lore (or folktale) | disagree for explore bermuda triangle, regret, express sorrow and severe disapproval for something bad | Deplore & Implore have same routs : to cry aloud."Prisoners implored to improve their deplorable conditions"
deploy: spread out (troops) in an extended though shallow battle line; distribute (persons or forces) systematically or strategically
de+ploy = de + play .. in a play, people are spread out.or: de+ploy = de+plot :a plot is made by the armed troops and they spread out in positions to implement it. | Deploy comes from deployment means preparation before battle
deport: send out of the country; behave; N. deportation, deportment
de(away, remove)+port..think indian government planning to remove forieners from culkata port and sending them back to thier country. | when u come to the AIRPORT then you should DEPORT | deport = depart moving from one place to another from india to us | damage the port illegally so send back to your own country
despoil: plunder; sack; Ex. despoil the village
The mob SPOILED (equivalent to destroyed ) the whole house and looted the valuables. | desh+ spoil; our desh(India) was spoiled because of despoil by english ppl | despoil(de=they{criminal}+spoil)they spoil the country ,took the rifle,violate the law made foray on village,loot and plunder people ,raped the ladies. | war booty means spoils of war , so despoil is a bigger form of spoil which spoils a whole landscapea and plunders the country side
despondent: without hope and courage; depressed; gloomy; N. despondency: loss of hope with gloom; dejection
the word despondant looks like pepsodent. So wen u don't brush in the morning... Ur day will be gloomy and depressing. | think like des 'pond'- 'ponder' when we dont ponder(think) eventually we lose hope | DEreSPOND...means no response...a person who is in low spirits doesn't respond hence suffer from despondency | desp+on+dent = desperate person dented (hit emotionally) = gloomy and depressed... | relate it with response. one who is in good mood gives response. one who is depressedrelate it to response. one who is cheerful gives response, one who is depressed(despondent) does not give ane response. | despondent is like desperate, (also called despo in slang).. he loses almost all hope | when u get disappointed by something....thn u become depress by it | Despair | Imagine a sad and hopeless person sitting on the edge of a 'pond' and 'pondering' over his misfortune....desPONDent. | sounds like de + sponsor. You would be desponsored only if they lose hope on you and give up on you | Because North Korea is ruled by a despot, the whole country feels hopeless. | sounds like DEPRESSED STUDENT | rem with correspondent-take despondent as removing him from post-so he will be depressed,gloomy. | despondent=desh already is in ponded in corruption no body can rectify it... | despondent : des (this) + ponde (pond) + nt (not); We are despondent as 'this pond' also does 'not' have any water and there is no other source of water left in our village. | DE+ (corre)SPONDENT : if u are even replying to a correspondent then u r very DEPRESSED and GLOOMY. | if you don't score good in GRE even after diligent hardwork u feel despondent | opposite of respondant(cheerful).... | when u r 'Respondent' u r not 'Respondent', u r too 'depressed' to answer and talk to others | in despair, disappointed, not responding, depressed, sitting near a pond and pondering in gloom
despot: tyrant; harsh, authoritarian ruler; CF. despotism
Cruel dictators kill thousands of people on de (the) spot (despot) | de + sportive..a person who is not sportive is authoritative | de-spotin many movies we hear the word SPOT being used by the villains in reference to murdering someone.this symbolizes harshness | despot sounds like when v r despo for something v may become harsh | despot=দেশ পটানো শাসক,যে সবাইকে manage করে একাই দেশ চালায়।so tyrant. | Des+pot sound like Desh ko pot me rakhta hai
destitute: extremely poor; lacking means of subsistence; utterly lacking; devoid; Ex. destitute of any experience
desi+tit+cute like prostitute -they r poor thats why they det into hard feelings | Break it as DE+INSTITUE...that means the person whi has never been to any INSTITUTE..i.e. who is ILLITERATE is very poor | destitute ~ desi (indian) tutors are always ready to teach students in destitute condition for free. | sounds like desi tute(tution)....soa guy who is attending tutionin desi langauesshows he is very poor. | Dave's attitude (homophone of destitute) looks like a poor's. | Destitute sounds like 'this institute'; Imagine someone advising you "It's not worth studying in this institute, as it's difficult to get a job after studying from there and hence will destitute you (make you poor)." | Person who is not astute ends up being destitute.
desultory: aimless; haphazard; digressing at random
De-result...Obviously a haphazard or desultory approach will result to nothing. | desultory think like de story- moving away from the main story | without)+sult(RESULT)+tory( a member of conservative party in britain known as TORY) if the tories DID NOT WIN ANY ELECTION THIS TIME becoz of their desultory attitude..or since they lacked any definate plan to win election..t | Imagine a thirsty, hungry man in a DESoLaTe DESert wandering aimlessly from one mirage to another. | ..or since they lacked any definate plan to win election..they were WITHOUT any good RESULTs THIS TIME.and now THINK a MEMBER OF TORY party jumping to another party to join it and than to another. | Think: Desolate Story... Desolate=(Empty) Story=(Chain of Events) empty or purposeless chain of events and/or jumping from one thing to another | | if u work DESULTory then u will INSULted | de salute = a person in army who does not salute to his superior surely does not have an aim | De + resultoryIf you do not go according to a method, you will always get wrong result... | de(down)sult(result) ory(tending to)root word meaning so if result ofur is down(fail) u will jump from good boy to bad boy in school. | As it is SULTORY outside, Aimless or Haphazard people fill DIESEL in the car and go out for a drive | desultory=দেশান্তরী;so aimless,jumping around | de+result--- if you LACK IN CONSISTANCY OR you are UNFOCUSED, it will result in DE-RESULT | desultory(desert+salty)the thirsty man in salty desert walking aimlessly for water | the slut stories are always not planned :P | aimless result
detached: emotionally removed; free from emotional involvement; calm and objective; physically separate; N. detachment; CF. attachment
DE (removed or cut off) + ATTACHED (emotionally involved)...if you cut yourself off an emotional involvement, you detach yourself from the relationship. | we have heard detachment.means having no attachment hence emotionless.
deserts: what someone deserves
DESSERT(sweet) IS GIVEN TO THEM who deserve
desiccate: dry up
desi cake is always dried up. | "Desert Cake": Cake that has been dried out and turned dull in taste. | Desi+cat is always dry because if she will be wet she will be called bheegi billi...remember 9xm. | Dessicate =Desi(hindi)=LandCate is similar to cactusHence land where cactus grows which means dry and arid | "Desi Katte"dekhte hi sab sookh jaate hain. | Desiccate=The Sukka(dry) ate eat. | sounds close to decant | | Desi cat hamesha dry hoti h | Cat(CATE) is carrying dashboard(DESI) in a very dry(DRY UP) area and suffering from dehydration(DEHYDRATE) | Desiccate = des (country) + icc + ate; country is been ate by icc cricket so the offices in working days are empty i.e dry up due to match between india & pakistan.
desolate: make desolate; forsake; abandon and desert
de + solate sounds like I + SOLATE..and who lives an isolated life? Obviously a person who has been ABANDONED by his family. | I-SOLATE. Being the last survior after the destruction. | DE+SO+LATE = If DESis are always late (like always ;)) then the country will remain robbed of joy; lay waste to corruption; etc... | desolate: de(the) + sol (solution) + ate (eaten); The solution of the examination destroyed, Therefore we are unhappy. | desolate- de+isolate abandon and desert
desperado: reckless, desperate outlaw
Desperado==despera+do--desperate dacoit(orcriminal) | for movie buffs.. desperado movie: salma hayek and antonio bendaras ;) | bad ppl are always desperate to do something so "despera-do" | SO THE KEY WORD HERE IS DESPERATE....SOMEONE WHO IS DESPARATE..WILL DO THE ACTIVITY..AS MANY TIMES HE WANTS..... | One who is DESPErate for a RADO watch | divide it like desper(desperate) someone who is very desperate to do the activity which he has been asked not to do.....but still he is persisting with that..and A RECKLESS PERSON ONLY CAN DO THAT..... | desperado (des+pared) large no of criminals did pared on des(country) so they are reckless on crime | desperado - mask of zorro hero is out law
desperate: having lost all hope; despairing; reckless and violent because of loss of hope or despair; undertaken as a last resort
desperate(des+pe+rate)sarkar ne desh bechne per rate lagadiya uuske baad aandolan reckless and violent hogaya | dress+per+rate lost all hope of buying dress
despise: look on with scorn; regard as worthless or distasteful; ADJ. despicable: contemptible
de + spice ....when things happening around you are not spicy enough you regard it as distasteful and worthless. | De-Spice: How will you feel if ur roommate cooks food without spice.U mustdespise him. | DE+SPICE ie. without spices the food is prepared.hence, distasteful. | DE+SPICE - dis fellow lacks spice (ZEAL).He no longer ny use to us | when some one asks you to lend moneythen if u give DES + PISE ( dus paise)...then he will look on you with scorn!.. | Your favorite dish is DESPICED, so you regard it as worthless and distasteful. | despise- desi not even worth a paise, distasteful, worthless | despise=des(desi sharab)+pi(pine walo)+se sari dunia nafrat karti hai
detain: keep waiting; prevent from leaving or going; N. detention
the train | | remember 'detained'relating to exams. when detained, education is delayed. | de(not)+train.. hold train not to depart..
determinate: having a fixed order of procedure; precisely defined; invariable; fixed; conclusive; final
determination: resolve; firmness of purpose; measurement or calculation; decision
deterrent: something that discourages or deters
DETER + RENT. A high rent IS ALWAYS A discouraging factor FOR TENANTS. | FOCUS ON rent OF IS ALWAYS A HINDRANCE AND IS DISCOURAGING FOR TENANTS. | [hindi] dete bola rent, nahi diya.. bechara discourage ho gaya, sala rent lene mein itne hindrances.. | you can also imagine deterrent as detergent + ant ; if you put detergent in front of ant it will obstruct and hinder its path | sounds close to deteriorate | Deterrent = detergent. Detergent always hinders or discourages the dust/viruses on the clothes or other materials. | Think of deterrents as the wrong answers on the mutliple choice of the GRE. These "deterrents" discourage you from choosing the right answer. | sounds like shattered!!! "Our hopes were shattered(deterred)!" | Abe O!!! De Tera Rent...:D
detonation: explosion
DE TONe that the entire NATION hears is an EXPLOSION | detonation==imagine detonating a bomb...otherwise it explodes........ | | ded (1+0.5) ton ka bomb dala nation par.. hiroshima nagasaki
detraction: slandering; aspersion; detracting; CF. detractor
consider it as an opposite of attraction. The one who doesn't attract, we slanderthat. | De+tract+tion: How do you SubTRACT or reduce someone's reputaTION? by slandering. | detraction= detract + actionDetract is to take awayWe wish to take away a bad action,some wrong we have commited.say,slandering.Thus detraction=slander | when we see some1 on a tractor we belittle them | sounds like attraction. when sme1 attracts u love him, when sme1 detracts u pass slanderous remarks. | detract is opposite of attract - we slander or attack one we're detracted from. | detraction = detri + action = detrimental action,harmful or injurious action to ones image | de + attraction karna i.e. attration tha use kam karna.. kichad uchhalana | degrade attraction beauty To reduce the value, importance, or quality of something
detrimental: harmful; damaging; N. detriment
look at the part MENTAL...a MENTAL person can cause serious harm or injury whenviolent. | de-TRY-MENTAL...DON'T TRY anything with MENTAL fellow, he may be DANGEROUS and HARMFUL... | detrimental word is like experimental. wen u are doin the Experiment, then it is obviously harmful to everyone. | De+tri+mental.. person with tri(three) mental(mental states).. a case of split personality.. can be harmful.. (remember ajay devgan in sme movie!?) | the(de)+three(tri)+mental- three mental damaging and harmful
deviate: turn away from (a principle, norm); move away from an accepted standard; swerve; depart; diverge; N. deviation; Ex. deviation of the path of light by a prism
DEVI(hindi goddess) ATE all the offerings made to her. It usually does not happen. It was out of standard. | De(off) + via (way, through)
devious: roundabout; erratic; deviating from the straight course; not straightforward; not completely honest; Ex. devious route
deviate | DEVIOUS -- like DEVIATE....When you DEVIATE from the straight path, you go wandering ROUND and ABOUT. | Devious has devi as in devil in it and devils are devious, shifty,mean. | DEVIOUS also mean CUNNING.....a person who deviate our mind and then does tricks is a devious person i.e cunning,rambling.. | devious(devi+o+U.S)Devi on U.S. made round about flight to india | dev+i+o+u+s (your thanking god)dev i owe you something for making me tricky, oblique, shifty, etc all the synonyms of
devise: think up; invent; plan; bequeath; N: bequest
Only WISE people can invent things. | a device(devise) can only me invented with a proper think up plan. | devise a device | take a tech book if u REVISE it u become perfect and then if u DEVISE it u feel like inventing new things (Just imagine) | devise-the word look like device which were invented before so devise means to invent or formulate the new idea
devoid: empty; lacking
void - resembles something nullified, ie empty, lacking. | Sounds like Avoid.. u avoid when u hav smething, u devoid when u dont hav smething i.e lacking! | u must ve read 'warranty VOID if seal broken' warranty becomes nullified or cancelled...we can now relate it to emptiness or LACKING warranty.
devolve: deputize; pass or be passed to others (power, work, or property); Ex. devolve on/upon/to
if you are involved you do the work.....but if you DEVOLVE it to someone else then you are no longer involved in it. | Well its quite opposite to EVOLVE(grow nicely) | DE(not)+INVOLVE means not involved but to pass on,delegaate | volve-volvo bus is a powerful property, which will work only if we deputize someone. | Devolution of power to Revolution
devotee: enthusiastic follower; enthusiast; Ex. devotee of Bach
"DEVI THI" (it was the Goddess) insists the devotee. |
devout: pious; deeply religious; sincere; earnest; Ex. my devout hope
Dev...Dev... bolkar head 'out' ho geya; how pious he is! | people devout(devote) their time to pious andreligious deeds with sincerity and earnestness. | DEVil+OUTone who devil is out of him/her | devout is derived from devot; someone devoted to god | Dev: as Dev referring to God;out; so going out to pray to God,showing sincerity and deep respect to Gods
dexterous: skillful; skill in using hands or mind; N. dexterity
dexter, a cartoon charecter is someone ,who is very skillfull and uses his hands and minds in a very skillfull manner. | THE+EXTRA+RUS(juice)- the people who drink extra juice are very dexterous
diabolical: diabolic; devilish; fiendish
di + aboli(abolition)....process of destroying something usually done by devils | DAI(midwife)+BOLI(spoke)-DAI at the time of birth BOLI that kid is going to be very DIABOLICAL(wicked). | bolica- assume to be a devil | concentrate on DIABLO ie. a bike used in ROAD RASH game..which was meant for develish people. | diabolical=dian(Hindhi,Bitch) evil | dia+bol+ical- two persons playing with a ball is extremely cruel. | DIABLO game has DEMONS=EVIL | the lamborghini very majestic ... horrifying...cruel ...devilish in look!.... like the bull | The ppl who r telling dia boli that means have two meanings in his word is always danger to other ppls. | the letters sound like devil, iblees, beezelbub
diadem: crown
dia + dem; dia + gem; dia is related to circle; Circle of Gems is what a crown has | diadem sounds very close to diamond....and a crown is made up of diamonds... | DIAna had DEM(DIA+DEM) i.e CROWN | dia-dem think it as diamond-gem and gems & diamonds r placed in crowns | Diadem - Think it as Di (The- we always use for great things)+ Madam - Great woman wear crown | let DEM DIE i just wanna become a king :-" | Princess Dianahad a diamond dia (circle) of gem(dem) a crown
dialectical: relating to the art of debate; mutual or reciprocal; Ex. dialectical situation; N. dialectic: art of arriving at the truth by the exchange of logical arguments
dia means round, lect means lecture. A lecture which is given with people sitting aroundis called a discussion or a debate. | a debate is a sort of discussion in which two people (dia) elect an opinion... | Dia-round, lect-lecture..what goes around comes back around..hence its reciprocating or mutual. | "Dialect" is 'Boli' in related to speaking or debate | project is two(dia)+electical paper debate to giveconclusion
diffidence: shyness; lack of self-confidence; timidity; ADJ. diffident
it is like opposite of confidence means you are shy not confident | diffi means deficiency and relate ffidence with confidenceso lack of confidence | This word sounds similar to Confidence but is opposite in meaning. So, Diffidence means lacking self-confidence. | diffidence -d + if + i + dance - I will feel shy | I have much diffidence when it comes to solving differential equations. | it is difficult to dance if u feel shy | root “Fido” means trust diffido means distrusthence one having distrust on themselves; | Different than confidence.. i.e. low in confidence
diffuse: wordy; verbose; rambling; spread out (like a gas); V: spread out in all directions; disperse; N. diffusion; CF. suffuse
Wen there is a bomb in the building we SPREAD this news WIDELY and call the bomb (DIFFUSE)ing squad | diffusion of air means scattering of air in a place..a bomb is defused not diffused...
dignitary: person of high rank or position
(dignitary-dignity)Person sitting in a high postion will have dignity. | DIG + military.. in both ppl regarded at high rank!
digression: wandering away from the subject; V. digress
because of depression ...we move or wander away from the path or subject of remorse. | dig+reason: if u go deep inside the reason, then what will happen that u will moved from the main subject. a small examle: like u gone to a mango garden to eat mango(main reason) but after going there when u say so many mangoes, u start calculating e | READ AS dig-the-rest-on-n-on.YOU JUST KEEP ON DIGGIN THE REST THINGS xcept THE main topic(subject) | Opp of Progression (like ap , gp , hp) . In a Progression we move forward without deviating from the main theme | dig+rest: instead of digging you are resting,you are deviating from main subject | remember it as DIG RESt.. i.e dig rest of the things other than what is main topic
dilapidated: falling to pieces; in a bad condition; ruined because of neglect; Ex. dilapidated old car/castle; N. dilapidation
I drank a DILuted API(appy) juice which was outDATED(expired).... my stomach got RUINED as a result of my own NEGLECT. | dilapidate=daily+updateif u wont update ur antivirus daily ur sys will be ruined due to negligence | wen dil is dated and neglected, it falls into peices and in bad is completely ruined. | interpret this as di+lap+dated..lap is part of complete complete therace you have to complete all laps(pieces of race track).it may help. | di's(didi) LAPI(LAPTOP) got outdated and ruined bcoz of her neglect | Interpret this as di+lap+dated. lap is part of complete race.When you fallen down in middle basically you are dead for the raceand hence di+lap+dated . | dil+ api+date--- diluted appy(api) on date… so stomach in POOR CONDITION | Dil+outdated!!!!
dilate: expand; dilate on/upon: speak or write at length on (a subject)
If you DIE LATE(die in a very old age) u expand(in weight sense or in age sense) | When i ate from Dil se (more than enough) my stomach expanded. | wen your dil is eaten(ate) by someone,ie broken by someone.u tend to write big or lenghthy letters and speak lenghthy dialouges wen u remember | dilate- inflate --so expand | DI (the) speakers KEPT ON SPEAKING, causing the function to go on untill LATE in the evening. | Dilate: Di(two)+Late:Just Imagine ur wife is pergnent and she is LATE in delivery bcoz she is going to deliver 2Twins(Di)by operning her pussy/vulva very larger/expand,because of two(Di) twins | | Sound like delay so when you delay to repay your loan it would become larger in amount. | do late for program.. program time expands
diaphanous: sheer; transparent
remember this sentence. il bet ul never forget it in ur life" modern gowns are diaphanous" .i.e transparent | Think of the clear cellophane plastic wrap, which is clear. PHANE, meaning clear, is the same root that is found in diaphanous. | dia- circularphan - fanWhen fan circulates it is transparent (i.e) we can see tru the wings of the fan | Dia+phanous sounds like famous.. Famous celebrities usually portray themselves 'Transparent' i.e. wat they appear 2 outside world they actually are the same inside! | diaphanous- dia(mirza)'s phans(fans) like to see her in transperent clothes | diaphanēs, from dia 'through' + phainein 'to show' | DIE HARD FANous....I ama die hard fan of light and delicate and almost transparent clothes.... | Diaper for hens are made transparent so that farmer can know when they have laid eggs and when they have done shit. | diaphram | photon can pass | Imagine Dia Mirza wearing a dress made of cellophene paper
diatribe: bitter scolding or denunciation; invective; abuse
diatribe = di-tribe = two tribes fighting...criticize | dia+tribe:the lower ranked tribe(in caste division)always face thunderous verbal attack from upper caste people. | Diabolic Tribute | Denounced In an Abusive manner by TRIBE.[TV Ref: Survivors](my book's def. for Diatribe = a harsh and abusive denunciation.) | Think of the prefix "Dia" as Dynamite! A dynamite verbal attack against a tribe of crazy Indians. [note to whoever wrote this: u sound dumb and racist. the end.] | tribute = respecting dead ppltribe =social division of ppldiatribe = bitter letter for somebodyso, in tribute(funeral) relatives come(tribe/of same cast). And diatribe the some diatribe the GOD for doin this. | dia-circle,tribe-tribals..if you are stuck in the middle of tribal people you would have to face bitter scolding! | dia(do) tribe hain, unme ladai ho gyi.. and they diatribe each other | Dia(Mirza)-scolds,attacks verbally on tribal people for misbehaving with her :) | dia+tribe:people from the lower ranked tribe(in caste division) always face thunderous verbal attack from upper caste people. | take tribe in it where tribal people are always abusive and scold each other | Diatribe = di means two; atribe ( attribute); There is controversy who has given the attribution.
dichotomy: division into two opposite parts; split; branching into two parts (especially contradictory ones)
can be think as di + cut _ ... so dichotomy is cutting into two parts | DICHO-'two'+TOMY-'cut' so CUT INTO TWO | FOCUS ON THE WORD dich(READ AS ditch).WHEN A FRIEND DITCHES U, U SPLIT WITH HIM HAVING CONTRADICTIONS. | mayb relating to dicot seeds which split into 2 parts or dicot meanin 2 halfs might help | DI(two)+CHO(corners) - split in two corners.. | dikho- ‘in two, apart’ + -tomia | sounds like Botany-branching into two (of trees etc.) | koot naiti... practice of spliting people
dictum: authoritative and weighty statement (made by a judge in court); saying; maxim; CF. obiter dictum: incidental, nonbinding remark (something said in passing)
the statements said by dictator's are so called DICTUM | dictator means authoritarian; dictum means an authoritative statement. | if u r prepareing for GRE u have gone through A wordlist.where a word is APOTHEM which means pithy and wise saying relate it to the dictum
didactic: (of speech or writing) intended to teach a moral lesson; teaching; instructional; N. didacticism
didi always acts in a way she is teaching something...''didi-act'ic | diactic=did+actYou do an act to teach something,as in a moralthus didactic=teach | did + tactic or someone teach tactic | Did + Attic.I bought an instructional phamphlet that shows me how I can construct and did an attic.Please help make this make sense gramatically | Dida (Grandmother) Teaches us many thing in childhood specially moral lesson | Dictators act in a way that their teaching something | | didactic interpret it as did as do + actic as acting. do acting teacher is always teaching how to do may help. | Didactic: when we pronounce it sounds as "die+acting".An actor teaching another actor, how to act as died person. | balls up your ass | The General gave a didactic to instruct in tactics | a classroom spelling dictation
die: metal block used for shaping metal or plastic; device for stamping or impressing; mold; CF. dice
derivation: deriving; origin or source of something; Ex. the derivation of the word
derivative: unoriginal; obtained from another source; Ex. derivative prose style; N.
Deriv - Drive /ative - RelativeMng:obtaining from the other source. | DRIVE a RELATIVE from his house to yours.
dermatologist: one who studies the skin and its diseases
DERMA means skin and LOGY is the science or study of a particular subject. Hence DERMATOLOGY is the study of the skin and a person who studies it is called a DERMATOLOGIST. | One who studies about ur mat skin
derogatory: expressing a low opinion; disparaging; V. derogate: detract; disparage
de-erogat-ory = He is Arrogant... so everyone has a low opinion about him | Daroga(Police) is having low opinion thats y they can accept even 10 bucks. | de rogue -- you always will have a low opinion of rogues (diseases, rouges is a Hindi word) | You have so low an opinion of it that you sweep it under DER RUG-atory | u will definitely have low opinion on daru ke adde ka gate | do u remember rogue in Xmen charector being arrogant... | degrade+gate - rog like gate for that house, having very low opionion
descry: catch sight of (something distant)
If 10(DES) people will CRY every body will notice them!! | sounds like describe. When you DESCRIBE something people will look at it. | Backward: (y-r-c-s-e-d) -You--really--can't--see--every--detail . . . at first glimpse. | di-scover by scru-tiny | descry - at a distance when people cry out loud.. you notice them... so you descry (sight) them | descry rhymes with discover, to findoutanother meaning as a verb is to discriminate or discern... so not to respond to Des(i) cry(cries) is to discriminate | The police asked the witness to describe what he descried | catch something distant we forget to close the eyes dust will fall and will cry | descry sounds like describe; You cannot describe a person by descrying; You have to be a friend or alteast be close to him | evoke means to memorize, rememberance (yaad dilana)like in DABBANG Sallu says kameeney se yaad aaya tumhare bhaiya ji kaise he | Temporize means avoid commiting oneself, gain timeobviously when u r not commited u will save time | Amnesia means loss of memory.. in Ghajini Aamir loses his memory due to injury | descry= de + s +cry; to student cry to attract the sight of ppl. | describe a far cry from here
desecrate: profane; violate the sanctity of
pronounce it as de-sacred; i.e; spoiling its sanctity orsacredness. | split it up as de+secret.So,expose someone of their secrets.!!! | desecrate and consecrate are opposite...... | ounds like de(means doing the opposite of something)+sacred(means…something which is holy and respectable)……diwali is a very holy festival but some people on that day drink and gamble,and thus they violate the sanctity of the festival | desecrate(the +secret)Exposing the secret files of railway ministry we know the violation of law and corruption.
dilatory: delaying; tending to delay
Extract 'late' from the word dilatory and you get.... delay which is generally due to waste of time. | Think of the phrase, "dilly dally," which means wasting time. | Dilatory:"Daily Late",He is Daily Late to the office so his work is delayed,not completed,delayed..... | dilatory = "Late ho rahi hai" ie we are WASTING TIME | dil+a+tory; DIL Ayya TORi(some hot chick) par but dude you are wasting your time, as shes super HOT!!! | eye dilation for an eye checkup causes delay (waste of time) | we have often heard of pupil dilation when we come out suddenly from dark into sun light, we make our eyes small so as to let inn less light, this is due to the SLOW or DELAYED dilation of pupil to let in less light..
dilemma: situation that requires a choice between equally unfavorable options; problem; choice of two unsatisfactory alternatives
DIL le gayi woh AMMA(mother) ab main kya karun ....problem khadi ho gayi hai wil i breath | dil ni mann rha....kya ya wo
dilettante: aimless follower of an art or a field of knowledge (not taking it seriously); amateur; dabbler; CF. delight
DIL(my heart) ETTANTE ATU..watever my heart says ill jus follow bilndly | 'Dil' (Heart)+ 'e' (hey) + ttante sounds like (anti). So when you are doing any work against your heart, you don't take it seriously. | i called ramu tent wala and ramu tied dhilla(loose) tent because he was dilettante. | DIE + LET (t) + ANT + (e) = An amateur who lets the ant die because of lack of expertise | dilettant sounds like DEBUTANT (an unskilled person) | If you move the 'di' to the end of the word, you can get 'let ants die', which someone who kept an ant farm for superficial reasons would do | divide it like dilett+ante(aunt)...dilett(sounds like DELIGHT) your AUNT who does painting just becoz she gets DELIGHTED BY DOING THIS..BUT SHE DOES NOT HAVe any interest in it to persue it further as her career. | dilettante - let+ ant let me follow the ant ( imagine antsmoving one behind the other even i will do the same ) so i am aimless follower | DILETTANTE: Interesting word sounds like it came from the combination of -DIS LITTLE ANT-which of course for a human being is derogatory and can only be used for an amateur, a novice or a dabbler. | A person whose interest can dilute very easily | sounds like militantthere are many militants who are blindly following their predecessors in the name of jihad, without any personal fights against ppl.. | dilettante; you have to take it from dile,becoz he drops it to dile so he is not careful. | Dante is no Dilettante , He is a great poet
diligence: steadiness of effort; persistent hard work
DIL + GENTSGents ka Dil sirfsirf 1 cheez mein lagta hai i.e. girls and they do a lot of hardwork to impress a girl | DIL + intelIGENCE will always result in you working hard | take i as you are in s other city and going to delhi is a vry hard wroking job=dilligence=delhi+jana=hardwork to be done,as delhi is not local | Dilli ke gen (logo) me hard working ability hoti hain | If you showDiligence they ll delegate the work to you;
dilute: make (a liquid) less concentrated; reduce in strength; Ex. dilute the influence of the president
diminution: lessening; reduction in size; V. diminish
Rhymes with Diminish OR Diminish + -ion.... i.e. diminish or reduce in size. | di-minut-ion)minute means smaller in side. | diminution sounds like remuneration a days there is decrease in the remuneration for heroins | di+minut(sounds like minute= smaller)
disclose: reveal; N. disclosure
close is to keep something hidden or covered whereasdisclose is the opposite of close..i.e to expose or reveal..
discombobulated: discomposed; confused
If you remember bob(of a pendulum and think of the movement of swinging to and fro)bobulate - make something swing to and fro, here and there - to get someone confused. | the word itself is so tough to pronunce that u get CONFUSED | combo means two or more(kinda mix) or can also be said as composed. wen it is discombo,then the combination is not there and u are confused with the discomposed version. | After hearing the news of "Disco mein Bomb" everybody was thrown into confusion and they started running like mad. | discombobulated = dis + comb + bobulate = when you comb something it gets composed, when it is discomb-obulated, it gets discomposed or disconcerted | discombobulated:'dis'(this) place+has 'become' 'bobulated'(consists of lots of bubbles) and therefore u become confused in there
discomfit: frustrate; put to rout; defeat; disconcert; embarrass; perturb
discomfit- resembles discomfortable, wen u are discomfartable ,u tend to get frustrated and defeated.If ucan check the word Fit ,u can add a meaning ,by assuming,-if u are not fit(disfit) u are defeated and put to embarrasment. | When u r not comfotable u get frustrated & eventually u lose. |'s kinda embarrassing :P | DISCOmfit, remember as DISCO(dance) + FIT(fight), I lost in both of them. DEFEATED. | U show others that DIS(these) chumps COMe to ur FEET(fit) as u have defeated them. And ur defeaters r embarrassed with ur behavior. | dis-fit-easy defeat | You can compete with your enemy and prove to him, never to compete with you (dis-compete) | Discomfortwhen u r not comfortable, u tend to loose concentration, feel irritated and get confused in the work u r doing..
discompose: disturb the composure of; confuse
As in "Decompose " ho gaya.
disconcert: confuse; upset; embarrass; perturb
When you are getting ready to perform at a concert, you are tensed and confused as to how your show will fair with the audience. | If your bands concert is cancelled you will be - confused; upset; embarrassed | I went to a very expensive CONCERT and came out DISCONCERT. I'm so upset. | DIS+CONCERT....disappointed by the concert, public started agitating.... | dis+concert— we enjoy in concert, disconcert means disturbing in concert, so DISTURB
disconsolate: hopelessly sad (at the loss of something)
If you can identify the word consol(console), then... you would console someone who has lost every hope and is hopelessly sad. | if u dont console a crying person. they will be sad and dissapointed at you | in GADAR, when pakistan COUNSELATE refuse(DIS) to give visa to SUNNY DEOL son, this leads to very SAD moment for SUNNY , AMISHA & their SON. | | She consoled the disconsolate soul. | we console people generally when they are SAD... | if dis+consolate people reject ur visa u will be very sad!! | disconsolatenot console
discord: conflict; lack of harmony; dissonance (when musical notes are played)
DIS(not)+ACCORD(agreement)...accord means agreement...hence discord means disagreement.... | when ur not strucking the CHORD together,,it resultz in disharmony (of an instrument) | When you donot have a healthy communication with people, it may give rise to conflicts and cause a lack of harmony. Similarly for musical cords, when there is a discord, there is dissonance in the sound. | DISCORD sounds like DIS ACCORDANCE which means not synchronous no agreement | The chef DISCARDED the soup made by a cook because it was too sweet. The chef & the cook had different opinions about taste. | DIS + ACCORD = DISCORD... which means not then pleople flight..due to conflicts!... | accord means in agreement or in harmony, DIS+CORD, dis accord means the opposite, not in harmony
discordant: not harmonious; conflicting
FOCUS ON disco-RDANT.dISCOs ARE always inharmonious.same as cacophonous | dis+chord as in not a chord, so it is conflicting or harsh in sound | Con+Cordant means "with agreement". Dis+Cordant means "Without Agreement" | DISCORDANT = DIS(not) CORDANT(can be taken as COORDINATION) .. when there is NO COORDINATION there will be NO HARMONY and there is a possibility to CONFICT.. | dis+chord as in not a chord, so it is conflicting or harsh in sound-PIANO WITH HARSH NOT HARMONIOUS SOUND | dis+cord. cord-related to heart. So if heart doesn't meet that is discordant | dis+cord—CORDial means friendly, DISCORDANT means not friendly, NOT IN HARMONY, HARCH IN SOUND, also antonym of CONCORD, ACCORD | discordant=dis+accord,accord is an agreement. hence,discordant- conflicting, not harmonious
discount: disregard; regard (a story or news) as unimportant; deduct from a cost
DISCOUNT - DO NOT COUNT IT (DISREGARD IT) since it is unimportant or untrue or unnecessary. | discount on paying attention
discourse: serious speech, writing, or conversation; formal discussion (either written or spoken); conversation; V.
discourse sounds like discuss and hence it means to formally discuss a subject | Discourse: "This Course has....". In the beginning of any course there is always a serious speech on what you will learn in the course. | whenany one joins an institute then the staff will firstly have a discourse of the course!... | say discuss in italian style and it sounds like discourse
discredit: defame; disgrace; destroy confidence in; disbelieve; N. CF. discreditable: causing discredit; shameful
U will give the credit card to that person whom u have confidence.Dis meansnot having confidence | REMEMBER this word means, not to give credit, as opposed to credit (TO GIVE FAME OR CREDIT). | to reduce the credit's of some one!.. | the person who takes things on credit (udhar) is always defamed or discredited | when u dont get credit to ur work ull destry ur confidence... | read as opposite of credit. Credit means to acknowledge, so when you don't give credit to others you defame him/her, or when your confidence in him/her is destroyed
discrepancy: lack of consistency or agreement as between facts; difference; Ex. discrepancy between two descriptions
break into dis+creep+fancy=this is creep and this is fancy what an inconsistency with this item .i.e fancy and creep are different | dis + crep (crap)...if you think its crap, it will obviously lack consistency because youropinions will differ from the discrepancy. | sounds like dis consistency
din: continued loud noise; V: make a din; instill by wearying repetition
DIN (morning) mein you will hear the loud noises of the traffic etc, but at night its very quiet. | rhymes wit den... in the den yu will hear the roar of the lion.... its a loud noise | din dina din din tah..!!! ( hindi band music.. )full of noise | Din -- dinning table; imagine the food is delayed, so you making noise with the plate and spoon at dinning table | "It is hard to hear anything over the DINg dong of the church bell" | Ladkiyan continuously pura din irritating baatein karti rehti hain | 'Ding Dong' | din and bustle | Well usually I like to Dine alone coz there is a lot of noise at the dining table.
dinghy: small boat (often ship's boat)
Sounds like DHENGEY means go away(Plz don't curse me..ijust tried) | din - continuously noisy. Din-ghy - Not noisy, as it’s a small boat - no engine and shit. | he is he always goes in a small boat...never a big one...!!! | Dingy sounds like "Ting'nee" meaning small girl.. imagine/relate her in a Boat.. | Very close to dingy.The small ship´s boat was dingy and old. | sounds like DONGHI .....which means small boat in hindi. | Sounds like dengue...when u get dengue it would be best to sit in a BOAT and run away
dingy: (of things and place) dirty and dull; Ex. dingy street/curtain
dingy reminds us about pakistan ex caption ingy(inzamam ul haq)who always remains dull and cheerless on field | I think of something dingy as having dents due to being dirty or discolored. | Dean(din) ji(gy) ka room dingy hai | You get inDIGNant if someone pries after you trying to show to public your "DINGy linen"
dint: means; effort; Ex. by dint of hard work
In C programming if u write 'd int' instead of 'int d' which is a small error, u'll hav 2 make much EFFORTs 2 find d error. | dint means effort.By a dint of hard work, the car mechanic was able to fix the DENT in the car. | it takes a great effort to set the Dinner(din) table (T) | interpret dint as D(the) give a hint you are taking too much of effort, it may help you. | i can drink 4 pints of beer with ease.5th pint needs some effort
diorama: life-size, three-dimensional scene from nature or history; three-dimensional scene with modeled figures against a painted background
sounds close to panorama | A diorama is a group or series of diagrams, or a 3D diagram | wen u see a 3d, life size scene of rama on background ,u tell io(ayo)!! | A Miniature Battle Scene between Ram and Ravan in Lanka in which Ravan is cursing ram while brandishing his weapon "Die o Rama". | diorama split this like charo taraf rama .. | diorama-'diagrams forming drama'
dire: warning of disaster; disastrous; (of needs and dangers) very great; urgent; Ex. dire prediction/need of food
dire = General Dyer who was the cause of great terror and sorrow in the Jallianwala Bagh massacre. | dire sounds like "fire" which is the warning for disaster | dire...die er condition..i mean disastrous condition... | Tyre puncture while driving --- dire ---- leads to disaster | ire- split it inot i and re. i re,i saw it re, i warn u re... | DIRE also means Desperate or Urgent, eg. in dire need. So, DIRE - De-sI-RE ... desperate desire or urgent.
discrete: separate; unconnected
this crate (thats used to keep cold drink bottles ) that keeps the bottles separate n unconnected... so that they don breakdis+crate | if u can remember the discrete maths ,u can see that one topic is separated from the other and subtopics also unconnected to each other. | The islands of Crete (Greece) are discrete. | Discrete has a rhymingwith seperate which is the meaning
discretion: prudence; ability to adjust actions to circumstances; freedom of action or judgment; ADJ. discreet; CF. discretionary
discrete... means separate..that is we are separate &are not dependent on any one, hence we have the FREEDOM OF ACTION OR JUDGEMENT... | discretion=discete(unconnected or free) discretion means free action. | dis+cretion(creation)= when we want to create something like movie v shold create it with INTELLIGENCE, WISDOM AND WITH CARE | She was able to DISCREDIT their claims because she was responsible and researched the topic with caution. Hence, she practiced DISCRETION. | No Discrimination means fair judgement
discriminate: distinguish; make distinctions on the basis of preference
"discri" + "minate" = "describe in one minute" when someone can describe something in one minute he can distinguish that. | dis(apart)+criminal | dis(apart)+criminal
discriminating: able to see differences; discerning; prejudiced; N. discrimination
discursive: (of a person or writing) digressing; rambling (without any clear plan)
Think of it as cursive writing which deviates from the central point. | dis(means NOT)+CURSIVE(MEANS NEAT AND CLEAR) anything which is not clear and neat, is said to be discursive.ex a discursive novel. | Cursive is flowing or running. Discursive is running or flowing away that is towander away from the subject. | some1 who keeps going on an excursion... | DISCURSIVE=(DISCourage)ive or EXCURSIVE--soomething which discourages us to read it because it is broad,lengthy,roundabout & away from the main point. | dis + curvethis curve is DEVIATING from a straight line.. | DIS+CURSE ive: instead of being discussive, they are being DISCURSIVE, cursing one another that thie point is right | recursive = repeating the sake thing over and over...discursive = digressing from that thing | someone giving 'discourse' wanders away from subject | discursive = dis (not) + cursive; not showing curtsy, i.e deviate from normal.
disdain: treat with scorn or contempt
try to relate it with WISDEN...Wisden is the official site that honours DISDAIN is the opposite of that. | divide it like dis(dish)+dain(rhyms like vain..means useless)....think you hav ordered for a dish , but it is useless or in vain, beacuse you can cook better than this, so you REJECT THE order, you disdain the order. | | Dis+dain= not+dainty(dainty means which is tasteful) so disdain mean not pretty and tasteful.. | try to imagine dat u ask a girl out & every time u try 2 set a time & date she keeps telling u "This Day?No!",she obviously is treating u with contempt, u probably should focus ur energy on someone else! | another one:dis+(D)ain....just focus on disain....decent..IN TODAY'S world , buisness offers from decent people are REJECTED, because they don't OFFER any BRIBE. | If we are the cause behind DIS(this)+DAIN(dent)on car... one will show contempt on us | dis+pain:u'll shoe contempt on those who hav caused you this pain!! | dis+dain(zidane)footballer zidane of spain showed DISRESPECT to the refree.hence he was shown the red card. | dis+dain;dis+drain(rhymes with dain). you look at the person in drain with contempt.. | its like this+day so remmeber as this day was so fucking gone wrong wat else could go wrong so u r actually so tensed up and u treat ur copartners with contempt and scorn and hate and rudeness | sounds Dis + Gain the feelings a person gets when he does something wrong.. hared, contempt.. all -ve feelings..
dirge: funeral song; slow mournful piece of music (sung over a dead person)
Dirge -di means die, so when you die and have done good things for people in life, a song of grief or lament will be sung for you. | A dirge gives me da (the) urge to start crying. | DIRGE sounds like DARD(pain) filled with DARD | looks similar to DARGAH..where people MOURN WITH MUSIC for the loss of loved ones | sounds like hindi word DARD and TARAZ(music) so dirge is DARD TARAZ or mournful song | Imagine a DARGE(tailor) dies n on his departure a lament mournful song is being sung.. which is rare n stupid i kno! :D hehe | In the word dirge, look at DIRgE (DIRE), which is something really bad. So at the dire event of a death, they will play a dirge. | dirge = die in age i.e in fire, the mournful song for dying. | afraid(dir in hindi)= we afriad when someone die and sing song called dirge(just for remembering)
disabuse: correct a false impression; undeceive; free from a wrong belief
story: like a girl fall in love with a rascal, and her father comes to know. what he will do is abuse the boy and disabuse the girl about the boy. simple naa. | REMEMBER AS the opposite of abuse(use harsh words or create wrong impression). | correcting a false impression without abusing so disabuse ;) | 'dis a bus' not a car.(This is a bus not a car)"To set right." | If someone was abusive but felt bad about it, they might try dis-abuse or undo the wrongs they had done | "dis" means No Longer. Thus, No longer abuse. When a person No Longer abuses another person, they give them freedom.
disaffected: disloyal; lacking loyality; V. disaffect: cause to lose affection or loyalty
Dis+Affection | when you are affected you are loyal to him or you pretend to be something else....if you are disaffected you are disloyal | Dish (Dish TV) + fake+ teddy : Dish tv pe channel walo ne fake teddy dikhai to main discontended (asantushta) hua :(
disapprobation: disapproval; condemnation
disarray: state of disorder; a disorderly or untidy state; Ex. with her clothes in disarray
array is an orderly collection.dis-array = no order, disorderly,
disavowal: denial; disclaiming; repudiating; disowning; V. disavow; CF. disclaim
d+is+a+vowal - ‘D’ is a vowel.Think of a most stupid teacher teaching students of KG. one day he taught the students that D is a vowel. next day topper of the class complained. Then the teacher straight forwardly deny this. He told, he never said | dis + avow + alDis- denialAvow - to declare openly, bluntly, and without shame | | dis + a + vowdenying that u have not taken any such vow..
disembark: debark; go ashore (from a ship); unload cargo from a ship; CF. embark
the ship was parked so the passengers disembarked | dis+sem+back (at colg) if tat happens i will leave by train/ship 2 junagarh! :D lol | disembark is opposite of embark | dis(this),sem(me se),bark(bahar aana).means to get out from this.a vechile or a ship | di(two)+sem(semester)+bark(back):2 sem exams me backs aa gayi,to ghar walo ne n clg walo ne bhahar nikal diya...means,asked to get out..
disenfranchise: disfranchise; deprive of a civil right; OP. enfranchise
'Franchise' means right to freedom .. disFranchise means restricted freedom.. deprived of voting! | IPL franchisee ne to players ke civil right bhi chhin liye hain | dis + franchisefranchise's of IPL team have right to vote for vote for a player in bidding auction.. dis(-ve) means to take away this right.. means to deprive civil rights..
disengage: uncouple; separate; disconnect; stop fighting; OP. engage
dis (out) + engage (join or connect) you are free or out of connection with something. | the coupled uncoupled coz their engagement broke (disengaged)
disfigure: mar the appearance of; spoil
It's like.. "Mar Mar ke thopra DISFIGURE kardunga!" this wil help remember Disfigure-mar-spoil | figure(girl) has good appearance ... so the opp disfigure
disgorge: surrender something (stolen); eject; vomit; OP. gorge
gorge(george) tried to eject#%^- cum- into mouth, but she vomited,so he had to quickly surrender somthing....plz take it kool... | If you gorge and gorge (eat) like a pig you are sure to throw up (vomit)sooner or later. | dis + gorgeous . somthing not gorgeous, u'll feel like puking | Dis = not, Gorge - Gorgeous.. Doing something not gorgeous like VOMIT-ing. | disGORGE(ous).. gorgeous woman - surrender ur heart! :D | 15th century. | dis(discharge)+ gorge(eating); discharging whatever u have eaten is vomiting..
disgruntle: make discontented
something which makes people grunt or complain | pig grunts!(OinK)=OK. disgrunt means not OK, i am not content | divide it like DISG(DISGUSSTING)+R+UNTLE(UNCLE) if your UNCLE says you something NO longer remain in GOOD MOOD,andbecome DISCONTENTED and start fighting with him. | disgruntle= dis (Not) + grUnt (replace U with A grAnt + le (take in Hindi)= If someone say u not take this grant which make u angry and dissatisfied.
disband: dissolve; disperse; (of a group) break up and separate; Ex. The club has disbanded.
band:[music band] music group..disband is to break up and separate.. | Band as a verb means bind together, hence dis + band = disperse, dissolve. | DISBAND---we very well know dat band of colors is called rainbow and it occurs due to DISPERSION....dats the meaning | disband sounds like this is banned, that means no longer in use | DISBAND--DISBANTLE--DISMANTLE | dis+banned--dis is banned, no longer together. | dis+band=abandon which means to leave sb hence disband internally represents disperse.
disbar: make (a lawyer) leave the bar or the legal profession
Humiliate/Shame on debarred people..
disburse: pay out (as from a fund); N. disbursement; CF. purse
i PAID money with DIS PURSE(rhymes with burse) | reimburse --- repaydisburse --- pay | DISBURSE ... sounds like dis-PURSE .. purse means money :) .. disburse is.. payin out :) | if u can see the word burse ,in this above word, then the word burse resembles the word bursary. that means to give fund,pay out to the student at the college.
discernible: distinguishable; perceivable; Ex. discernible improvement
break as Dis-earn-ableanything from which money can be earned is easily distinguishable... | discern sounds like an opposite of concern.wen u discern someone ,u would find a distinguishable change after u meet that person after a long time...isnt it ..!!!? | Dis (sounds like This) + CERN (physics project in Europe, if u don know google for it) = THIS CERN project must have a lot of mentally quick and observant scientists, since it is one of the largest projects in the world! | dis-is-earnable (perceivable) | "NIBBLE" is to spend time on small things .. that is distinguish smallest part in details.. :Psimilarly Disernible | if u r discerning...everything is discernible...!!! | split as did and earn means that the money earned is distinguished for every employee | sounds like VISIBLE that is perceivable
discerning: mentally quick and observant; having insight; perceptive; able to make good judgments; V. discern: perceive
READ IT AS di-screening. A DUAL SCREENING PERSON, WHO KEEPS ON SCREENING EVERYTHING AROUND TWICE( VERY OBSERVANT, ALERT) | Discerning is similar to "Discovering". When you discover something you reveal something | disCERNing thus, to go to CERN you should be discerning. be a quick perceiver and have good insight | wen u see the person after a long time,amy be ur buddy.ur mind is quick and observant to make good judgement regarding the change in him. | ....this word when splited ..dis(dish)+cern.(CERtain) you are very certain to get dish a TV at home....well thats a good judgement tv offers you much more than..normal SRK says..DISH HAI TO SAB HAI.....ENJOY!!!!!!!! | TAKEN FROM DISCERNERE,WHICH FURTHER dis-apart+ cernere- to perceiveSO YOU HAVE THE ABILITY TO PERCEIVE THINGS WHICH ARE APART..shows a keen insight or reveals a good judging ability in you. | when you are concerned then you become discerning .. you make quick observation of thaT THING | Di + Screeningwhen you screen or see carefully towards a matter from both +ve and -ve angle, you make good judgements about that matter...
disclaim: disown; renounce claim to; deny; CF. disclaimer
claim is to own something, disclaim is to disown something.. | a disclaimer comes befor every movie!! the characters in this movie are fictitious and any resemblelance to any person living or dead is purely co-incidental!!!!!!!!!!
disinterested: unprejudiced; free from bias and self-interest; objective
Dis-Interest...if a particular issue is not of any interest to me (dis-interest), i'll pass a biased free opinion about it... | Dis - Not +Interested.The Judge was not interested in the case, so he was not bothered about the outcome; he was disinterested and unprejudiced towards the case. | Disinterested = not having any self interest; unprejudiced
disjointed: disconnected; lacking coherence; V. disjoint: disconnect; disjoin
DIS (not) + JOINTED (connected) disjointed is disconnected or scattered.
disjunction: act or state of separation; disunity; CF. disjunctive: expressing a choice between two ideas; CF. conjunction; CF. conjunctive
dis+conjunction..opp of conjunction which means to unite so disconjunction is "disunify" | dis(away or not) + junction.away from junction or not junction. means disunity.
dislodge: remove (forcibly); force out of a position; Ex. dislodge the food caught in his throat; CF. lodge
u hav been forcibly removed of this lodge(dislodged of this lodge) | Dislodge your luggage from the lodge | Dhoni DISLODGED the BAILS in no time!!! - Sunny gavaskar!! | we 'move in' to a place and settle in a 'Lodge'.so when we move out just add dis(not), ie, dislodge. | For those who read archies comics,Mr. lodge(veronica's dad) is a rich man & can remove anyone forcibly from work
dismantle: take apart; disassemble
MANTLE is a covering and DISMANTLE is to uncover or take apart. | DisMantle==This Mental person is dangerous.. he can strip off his own skin... | mantle=hide/conceal. so here its exactly opposite.
dismember: cut into small parts; cut (a body) apart limb from limb
member means it is a part of something.. dismember is to remove or cutoff.. | member means limbs and dis means away. so taking limbs away. we can do that only by cutting into small pieces. for eg.a chicken
dishearten: discourage
his failure to pass the exam dishearted (discouarge) him
disheveled: untidy (of hair or clothing); V. dishevel
=dis+sheve(shave)+..a person who doesnt shave is UNTIDY | =dis+sheve(shave)+..a person who doesnt shave is UNTIDY | Disheveled - d-IS-HE-VEL-e-D... The capitalized says is he well dressed... No, untidy... | disheveled = dis + shelved (shelf) . when the things in the shelf is not arranged properly then it is called disheveled shelf. | 'hevels' u get switches of this brand which look very neat n tidy on walls.
dishonor: disgrace; N. ADJ. dishonorable
disinclination: unwillingness
dis= noinclination= desire
disingenuous: not naive; not candid; sophisticated; worldly wise; OP. ingenuous
INGENUOUS(can be remembered as genuine) IS SINCERE, INNOCENT AND SOPHISTICATED.AND disingenuous IS not naive, insincere | This word is derived from the word "Genuine", which means true and real. Disingenuous is just the opposite of genuine. | FOCUS ON sin IN THE WORD.CAN RELATE sin TO insincere OR sin TO liar(LIARS ARE NOT SINCERE) | indigenous - Nativeingenuous - naive,frank,innocentdisingenuous - not naive, sophisticatedingenious - Clever
disinter: dig up; unearth; OP. inter
inter = to disinter means opposite of bury = to dig up. | disinter is the opposite of 'inter' - in+ terra(earth) = inside earth or place inside earth.So disinter means take 'out' of earth. | inter rhymes with dis(not)+enter means to bring out or unearth | disinter= dig(dis) + into(int) + earth(er)...
disputatious: argumentative; fond of argument
If you cut the word into two halves, the first part will bedisput, which sounds like dispute and means, a fight. A fight generally starts with an argument... | disputatious means some topic is disputable.. ie. a dispute can emerge from it..
disquietude: uneasiness; anxiety; V. disquiet: make anxious
disquietude = dis + quiet + attitude.. Quiet therefore uneasy and worried about something. | Disquiet = D + is + quiet. If a baby 'is quiet' just after birth in spite of crying, it will make the doctors tense/anxious. | You are Quietly looking at someone and making him/her uneasy | disqueitude
disquisition: formal systematic inquiry; explanation of the results of a formal inquiry; long formal speech or written report
its like dis+quisition(means question)......when someone questions u.......u need to give explanations...EX:-enquiry... | DIScuss & Quiz (inquire) = Elaborate explanation/inquiry. | disquisition sounds like This acquisitionWhen someone acquires something very expensive,the taxmen disquisite the owner | opposite of question is answer, opposite of inquisition(question in depth) is disquisition(answer in depth) | Disquisition is the same as inquisition but in a less severe form. | This(dis) question(qui) needs disquisition | Dis(this) + quis(quiz)ask formal questions.... inquiry.. | disquisition = dis (not) + quisition ( quiet) = not keeping silent going to elaborate the thing. | This Inquisition brought about following results...(Results of a formal inquiry)
dissection: analysis; cutting apart in order to examine
dis(away) + section = dissection, ie, moving sections apart and analyzing. | I want to analyse (Dis)this section.
dissemble: disguise; hide the real nature of; pretend
The word sounds like "resemble"...the person/ a thing of tat type can be in disguise... | seems like "dis assemble"(break) you broke the favourite pot of mom n den tried to "conceal" ur mistake...or pretending | DIS+ASSEMBLE....assemble means to bring parts together like we do in you have got a computer having secret information in it...hence to hide your motives, you will dissemble your computer.... | Dis sem bale bale ho gayi..:Phence i have disguise to my parents | dessemble = not resemble i.e disguise | read as this-resemble. When one thing resembles other, it can disguise viewer for it. | semble stands for the appearance of a person.. dis+semble== relate it with false appearance.hence DISSEMBLE is disguise, pretend | dissemble sounds like its like dis two twins who ressemble same can DISSEMBLE us.. | She smiled at her boss, but thought, "Dis some bull (sh*t)" | Dissemble = Disguise | Sounds like resemble and resembling things can disguise | Do not resemble your true feelings | Dis(not)+semble(image): real image/nature is hidden |  When an army was assembling for war, the mother dissembled her son in her home
disseminate: distribute; spread; scatter (like seeds)
dis + seminateseminate could be taken as seminar, so for a seminar people gather at a place.Hence disseminar could be understood as the scattering of people. | Dis+seminate -Think of seminate as "semen". You use your semen to spread and disperse your genes to many random woman, especially when intoxicated | dis+sem+i+n+ate:dis sem(semister) i not ate coz i distributed all my food to poor it means distribute...spread... | sounds this emitscatter.. | semminate means comes to somethingconclusion, disseminate means to scatter the idea.
dissension: disagreement of opinions causing strife within a group
opposite of assent...asseni is toagree | DISSECTION means to tear the body and study internal parts.....DISSENSION means disagreement...henceDISSECTION has always been a topic of DISSENSION among various people.... | dis(-ve) .session me disagreement ie dissension | resembles closely with......tension....... | resembles closely with....tension
dissent: disagree
ASSENT, ACCORD etc mean, to agree and DISSENT, DISCORD etc mean to disagree. | dis+assent= opposite of agreement=to refute | dissent sounds like descend...The team's score descended(went down) due to disagreements (difference in opinion) between players. | dissent..i dont agree with this(dis) sent(scent-perfume)..i hate it..disagreement | sirf (dis )20 bis cent log agree hue, matlab bakisab to disagree hue na | dissent-imagine your dai has sent you away from your house because he disagrees with you | dis + sent = opposite sense (similarly assent)
dissertation: formal essay; treatise
imagine u r asked 2 write an essay on 'A dessert Station'.. | At the end of a meal we have dessert, at the end of graduation, last semester we have thesis :D. | sounds like dictation...remember we used to get long dictations during school days | dissertation = discuss sur ka an essay | serta-sata-satanic verses, a formal novel(epical essay) | desert+station now it becomes like this that thesis will held at a station in desert
dissident: dissenting (with an opinion, a group, or a government); rebellious; N.
ASSENT = agree; DISSENT = disagree; DISSIDENT = a person who dissents/disagrees. | resident- one who agrees and co-operates, dissident -one who is rebellious. | dissident..dis+sident......this word sounds very similar to resident....think you are a resident of particular place and if some one suggest you to leave that place....will you do certainly will disagree.. | no certainely will disagree or dissents from that person...suggestion.....or opinion... | sident means sit....dissident means can not sit so rebellious. | assent-to agree with; assenter: the one who agrees with. dissent - to disagree; dissenter - the one who dissents. dissident - the one who strongly dissents and criticizes the govt. | in Resident Evil movie.. the main characters Rebell against the company.. :) | dissident met president |
dissimulate: pretend; conceal by feigning; dissemble
dis (this) + simulate (sounds like emulate which means to pretend) = pretend | Simulate-act as someone else. It differs from simulation because someone exhibits false information.source:google dictionary | dissim U LATE---if ur late to college you pretend that ur not late...
dissipate: squander; waste foolishly; scatter
di-SIP-ATESip = drinking,Ate = Eating,, a life of drinking and eating , thus spending a lot and pursuin pleasure! | healthy person shud dissipate its pate (stomach)
dispel: scatter; drive away; cause to vanish
spel is close to spill...which means to scatter. | Agarkar's spel was so bad that his every ball was drived away by batsman and vanished into the crowd | di-SPEL.. concentrate on SPEL... wesome SPELL and make sth. vanished!! so dispel is 'to cause sth to vanish'
dispense: distribute; prepare and give out (medicines); N. dispensation: dispensing; religious system; official exemption from an obligation or a rule
Sounds Like Dispensory.Where They apply medicines. | Primary Healthcare Units(PHU) are dispensaries where medicines are distributed free of cost | DIS + PENS - We gotta distribute dese pens among poor people
disperse: scatter; Ex. disperse the cloud/crowd
Things scattered from her purse. | Disburse money to the poor people from your purse .
dispirited: lacking in spirit
Lacking SPIRIT means no enthusiasm dispassionate
disport: amuse; Ex. disport oneself; CF. divert
diSPORT - you play/watch sports for your amusement. | Disp-o-rt : to display-own-artdisplay-SPORT to amuse others | disport= di ( double) + sport; ppl r playing sports with double enjoyment i.e. making noise.
disproportion: lack of proportion (between the parts); ADJ. disproportionate
DIS + PROPORTION (in shape)...therefore something that is not in shape or proportion.
distinct: clearly different; clearly noticed
distinct species..species,that can u cleary identified or seperated.
distinction: honor; excellence; difference; contrast; discrimination; Ex. graduated with distinction; Ex. a writer of real distinction
distinctive: clearly different from others of the same kind
distort: twist out of shape; give a false account of; misrepresent; N. distortion
the root word here is tort( turn..), hence we can derive words like:dis + tort- disfigure,Con + tort - twist one's face... | dis + tort. 'tort' is from 'torque' which means 'twist'. So twisting changes the shape. | ifu can remember the word distortion, that brings to the meaning twist..
distract: take (one's attention) off something; upset emotionally; make anxious; ADJ. distracted
distrait: absentminded; distracted
distrait:not straiGht..someone who is not straightthinking is distracted and henceABSSENT MINDED . | the TRAIT of DIStraction | distrait - sounds like distracted - someone who is distracted by everything is absentminded in main task | dis-trait= dis=traitor and traitor are absent minded, distracted people.. | DIS + TAIT.....australian cricketer shaun tait had to retire because he was absentminded these days after loosing the worldcup | sounds dis + straightone who does not luk straight and is distracted from him main aim.
distraught: upset; distracted by anxiety; very anxious and troubled almost to the point of madness; Ex. distraught with grief/worry
This year because of drought people were upset and anxious | its like...dis(not)+traught(thought) he did "not thought" of his failure in he is upset | distraught spells like past tense of distrait(not looking straight ie, not attentive). | distorted signal on tv makes us upset and anxious | DIS(T) dRAUGHT is making leaders very anxious and troubled almost to the point of madness;
diurnal: daily; occurring during the daytime
u have to visit the urinal everyday!! | DIA jalana AUR NAL chalana roj ke kam hai | Nocturnal means active in the Night and Diurnal means active in Day | Diary+journal= diurnal to record the events of your day.
diva: operatic singer; prima donna
Divya bharti the singer | prima donna = pri - MADONNA the ultimate pop diva
diverge: vary; go in different directions from the same point; ADJ. divergent: differing; deviating
The Driver DIVER(GE)TED into different directions
diverse: differing in some characteristics (from each other); various; N. diversity: | variety; dissimilitude; lack of resemblance
sounds like divorce.If after marriage both husband and wife having different characteristics the they will took divorce
diversion: act of turning aside; pastime; V. divert: turn aside from a course; distract; amuse
DIVERSION - DIVERT or change the course.
dismiss: eliminate from consideration; no longer consider; put out of court without further hearing; reject; discharge from employment; direct to leave; ADJ. dismissive; N. dismissal
DIS(these)-MISS(girls) are careless drivers , they ELIMINATE FROM CONSIDERATION the traffic around & so are REJECTED @ licence interview..!!
disparage: belittle
dispa-rage can be read as display arage. When you display your RAGE on your juniors you BELITTLE them in front of the others. | dis-opposite, parage-praiseso if u don't praise 4 someone u criticize him. | disparage~discourage : when you give negetive comments/opinions about the effort put by people around you they get DISCOURAGED! | CAN REMEMBER AS disprin - which DEPRECIATES(DEGRADES, REDUCES) THE PAIN. | 26th janury ki parade ke background mein kisine disco ka music chala diya and that led to everyone's disparade | we DISPARAGE a 10-paisa coin | we know Disparity=inequality or difference in some respect... same Disparage=belittle someone..
disparate: basically different; impossible to compare; unrelated
Dis(this) + parate(parrot) is different from the rest.But how?? It can talk!!! | Disparate can be broken as: "This" "sEparate" so read as "this is separate"! | Disparate == Dis + parate ; This parrot and that parrot are completely different | "disparity" which means inequality or difference-----disparate | Disparate: Two lovers are talking 2 each otherGirl:how to Identify Boy and Girl.Boy:Remove ur cloths i will sayBoy & Girl:Get Naked.Boy:See ur Pussy and my Penis(Dick) they both are DISPARATE.and he fucked the girl.she say Ouch | disparate…di(as we call our elder sister by this name usualy didi.)+sparate(separate)..didi has got separate TVin her room ,which is very much different from our old TV. | 'disparate' is NOT 'desperate'- it's "very different" | two roots words..dis -notparity - similaritydisparity means not similar | fear | DI +SPARATE..pronounce it as the separate!..
disparity: difference; condition of inequality; OP. parity
parity means disparity meanus unequal ..different!... | PAR is the root here which by itself means difference or separation...check out all words like disPARage , disPARate , PARity etc | (Dis)-not (par)-parallel or equal, means condition of inequality | dis - parity= dis-partyparty : enjoy with equality...... thus it can be said.... disparity is in-equality
dispassionate: calm; impartial; not influenced by personal feelings
dis-passionate, without any passion usually people without passions are calm
dispatch: speediness; prompt execution; message sent with all due speed; V: send to a specified destination; finish promptly; kill
dis + patch...patch means spotted...something that is not spotted and smooth is speediness | dis+patch(path)....path means wt we do on road speeding....(speed yar) | dispatch = [DIS]tribute + [FAST]ly | just change 'i' to 'e'.when we 'despatch' something by speedpost, it will be delivered 'Very FAST'
dissolution: disintegration; reduction to a liquid form; looseness in morals; sensual indulgence; debauchery; ADJ. dissolute: lacking in moral restraint; leading an immoral life
dissolution is the opposite of resolution. When you make a resolution you make a promise, when you make a dissolution you BREAK or dissolve the promise! | came from "dissolve"when a thing dissolve into another ,it itself disintegrate... | dissolution; dissolve some thing or terminate it.. | Picture a sugar cube DISSOLVING in a spoon filled with a SOLUTION of hot tea. DISSOLVING SOLUTION | Dissolve into solution : Disintegrate bonds ; Like water - loose (Loose in morals too) | Dissolution = Looseness in morals --- Imagine the population is a homogenous mixture, all have accepted behaviour, except the DISSOLUTE mass of people who are the dissipated mass of this mixture, they have no morals
dissonance: discord
dis-sonance::DIS RESONANCE--not not in harmony | Dissonance is oppositeof resonance, which is cacophonous, discordant. | Dis + sonance (hormony) so something not hormonical and not discord..
dissuade: persuade not to do; discourage; N. dissuasion
'Dissuade' is the antonym of 'Persuade'.
distant: reserved or aloof; cold in manner; Ex. distant greeting; ADV. distantly
If u go to a DISTANT planet it will be COLD IN manner |
distend: expand; swell out
try to relate it with dis means distance andextend means to expand. | This(DIS) Tent(TEND) can expand easily | dis(apart) + tend(stretch)So distend means to stretch apart or expand. | stend- take it as stem. stem generally expands or swell out ,wen there is a clot of water .. | Imagine DISTance from an END -Extend;Wider;swell out | TENDancy to DISassociate=DISTEND | Distend-or this tond(belly) has expanded | close to distance...reserved people stay at a distance (secondary meaning of distant is reserved or aloof) | Tendentiousness (tend) towards distant (dis); Therefore reach the distant.
distill: refine (a liquid by evaporating and subsequent condensation); concentrate; separate the most important parts from; Ex. distill fresh water from sea water; CF. brew
distilled water...distilleries... | a fat person stay STILL to (dis-)avoid from sweating
doctrine: teachings in general; particular principle (religious, legal, etc.) taught; dogma; tenet; ADJ. doctrinal
Doctrine is related to Doctr. We believe whatever the doctr says is doctrine:Belief which is authoratative.
document: provide written evidence (for a claim); record with documents; N.
doddering: shaky; infirm from old age; V. dodder
sounds like dada...the grandfather. | close to tottering | After DAD has given mom the RING,he has spoiled her rotten, & she is getting old day by day or SHAKY & INFIRM FROM OLD AGE
doff: take off; OP. don
DO + OFF or take off, remove. | dOFF means the opposite of dON
dogged: determined; stubborn; stubbornly persevering; tenacious; Ex. Inspector Javert's dogged pursuit of Jean Valjean
a dogs tail is always curved and can never be made straight thus it is dogged | close to dogmatic | A dog's undying determination makes it d most faithful animal.
doggerel: poor verse
look for the dog word here.....and now try to imagine about the song......WHO LET THE DOGS OUT.............ISN'T IT FUNNY.......SO SOMETHING COMICAL......THIS WORD IS ASSOCIATED WITH COMICAL...SO A COMIC ..SONG..COMIC VERSE... | dog+ge[ji]+rel[real]..assume some1 singing DOG JI TUSSE TOH REALLY REAL HO....even the dog will say its a bad | Doggerel:poem::Potboiler:Novel | When a dog (a bad boy) want to play with a girl he may use poor verse" doggerel (dog+girl)" to make her change her mind. | because the dog licked my writing homework, I was left with doggerel writing that was pretty funny. | Most dogs in the comics are shown with inappropriate proportions, the head being too small or big teeth. | "DOG GIRL EARL", this is a doggerel | dog+beral(cat)in tom & jerry show | kutay ki tarah bhonka, means useless talk, ultimately doggeral
dogmatic: opinionated; holding stubbornly to one's opinion; arbitrary; doctrinal
If you try to read "dogmatic" from back to front, you will get "i am god". the person who think that he is a god is arrogant and stubborn | dogmatic=dogs+mat..dogs dont stay constantly on a mat...they always roam here and there....dogmatic means constant | Dog+matic..... Dogs once chase you, they will not leave you, until bits you!!! | concentrate on word DOGMA. dogma means a doctrine or codes. So dogmatic becomes doctrinal. again a doctrine is made of opinions, thus comes opinionated. | when (dog) barks continually, (mat) shouts in an arrogant manner to make him quiet | Think "dog magic." People may believe DOGs are MAGICal, but they have no way of proving it. | split as Dog(Bad) + MaleDog likemales have bad attitude,they are arrogant and think they are always right. | Dogmatic/Dogma: Just think of Dogmatic as "Dog Attitude" hence dog is determined and no one can alter,change the dogs principles like "Dog's Tail is always curvy" .
doldrums: blues; listlessness(lack of spirit or energy); slack(inactive) period; period of stagnation; ocean area near the equator where ships cannot move because there is no wind; Ex. in the doldrums
d+old+drums. The old drums are inactive | D(the)+OLD+RUM...too old rum is too strong that it makes you INACTIVE in very less time...... | THE PRINCESS WAS VERY UNHAPPY SO KING DECIDED TO ENTERTAIN HER"DHOL" AUR "DRUMS" BAJANE SE BHI KUCHH NAHIN HUS BECAUSE THE PRINCESS WAS IN DOLDRUMS | d+old+drums. The old drums are inactive.. so we cannot do business with them.. so the business goes in doldrums with old drums..
dolorous: sorrowful; N. dolor
colours ... are associated with cheerfulness .. dolours is opposite | DOL(SOUNDS LIKE DULL)..and when are you DULL, when you are feeling SORRY for something. | dolorous-remember dolorous umbridge from harry potter ,she is so sad and sorrowful. | DULL ARE US | Many religious points of view considered money as the source of human sorrows. So dolorous from "dollars" so means sorrowful. | Link it with 'dollar' | DOLO(sway)+ROZ(evereday)'s painful to sway like grass everyday without any reason.... | The prices of DOLOR($) in Iran are dolorous.
dolt: slow-thinking stupid person; CF. dull
BOLT---one whose bolt is loose | dolt rhymes with bolt. Nut-bolt ~ what a nut he is.(stupid person) | dolt ( do + lot); he seems to be a dolt in mathematics as he is taking a lot of time to do some simple calculations. | Dheele Bolt=dolt | yeah ladka dolta rehtta hai. he is not a bright student | de+bolt--- to debolt, his bolt is lose, so stupid and foolish person | Picture a person being struck on the head by a BOLT of lightening, demolishing his brain making him stupid. | soundlike dull...
domicile: home; V. ADJ. domiciled: having one's domicile; Ex. He is domiciled in Britain.
somthing that provides a kind of dome is domicile | You can easily obliterate a 'Domicile' by a 'Missile'. | Dome over pile (which is a house) | picture a typically drawn home, instead of the triangle.. at the top, its a dome and hence a domicile
dominant: exercising the most influence; high and easily seen; stronger than the other part of a system; not recessive
dorsal: relating to the back of an animal; Ex. dorsal fin
Dorsal-Door +Seal. So if the DOOR is SeAled you go from "BACK SIDE". | back of a shark. Imagine frm boat we threw a DOR and caught d shark 2 SAL(sell) for money. DORSAL-Back of a shark, d projection abv water. | Opposite of "VENTRAL" - Front of a primate | Like endorse=TO back.
dossier: file of documents on a subject or person; file; CF. bundle of papers labeled on the back
Dossier sounds like BOSS+here.. so ur boss is here n he needs d file! | Through a 'Courier' he sent me his 'Dossier' | file: which make u drowsy. | dossier - giving a 'dose' on a seer or subject
dotage: senility; feeblemindedness of old age; Ex. In one's dotage
DOT : Full stop, i.e the end...Thus Dotage is old age,near to death! | Due to old age DOTS are not visible. | When u hav weak memory ie in old age, u tak dosage(relate it with dotage);-) | Dot.age Old Senile people cannot catch up with the dot.age(internet) | | do + age | 'Dot' after 60 years of 'age' you start to lose your brain! | dot(e) age - when someone is senile they have reached they age where they require doting from others | Do it at Age;self explanatory. | In the dotted age we loss our mental ability | dotage - in old age you dote on your grandchildren and act mad and child-like and senile. So it is 'dote''age' and also 'do old age'
dote: be excessively fond of; show signs of mental decline
when you go on a date what will u do u shower her/him with love ri8 so dote=shower with love | no Mnemonic | I amvery fond of dotted dogs called dalmations | dote = do + te, then give something if you are want to give something. | he dotes her.. he needs to have an antidote.
dour: sullen; gloomy; stubborn
"Dour" looks like "sour." A person with a sour expression is clearly feeling very dour, that is, sullen and gloomy | He is so 'rude' he shows me the door (rhymes with dour) everytime I come to talk. | Dour can be pronounced asDOOR(i.e hard)-stubborn-determined | DO URwhen ur parents scold u DO UR HOMEWORK,,, u feel dour,,, gloomy and sullen | DOUR sounds like TOURChildren stubbornly(unyieldingly)asks for going on Tour | DOUR rhymes with BORE.(gloomy,sullen) | People generally stay Dooor (Distant in Hindi) from gloomy people. | dour - a sour dog is nothing but a dour | do it for sure | dour~door :a person keeps lookin at d door wen he is bored in d lec..
douse: plunge into water or liquid; dip; immerse; drench; wet throughly; extinguish; throw water over; dowse
when u r drowsy, u throw water on ur face | In The blOUSE sth...gets WET after washing. | Dont play with WATER in d HOUSE u'll DOUSE yourself(drench,wet) | Douse rhymes with Down- so to put something down - like put fire down by pouring liquid over it | use water or get drenched..douse co2 to extinguish fire :-) | bipasha bashu got doused in her many cinemas :-p | Douse: Do Use plenty of water daily.... | DOUSE like DOUT, which rhymes with "do out" (extinguish).
dominate: control; rule; enjoy a commanding position in; overlook from a height; ?????
domineer: rule over tyrannically
domineer-do+mine+er i.e) do whatever i say without any err | Dominate | domineer(d+ominer) the ominer omites/cuts the right of people and rules as autocrate | do+ miner attitude is domineering attitude that is tyrannical attitude | dominary to rule
don: put on; OP. doff
DON used to 'PUT ON' diverse sorts of clothes to escape from the CBI or FBI.
doom: condemnation to a severe penalty; ruin; fate (esp. a tragic or ruinous one); V.
tink of DOOMs day where lot of bad things are in stock for u...:) | Doom rhymes with gloom.
dormant: sleeping; temporarily inactive; lethargic; latent
see the word DORMant, DORM is a dormitory a place to if you are sleeping you are inactive or lethargic.. | Dormant is like DoorMat which SLEEPS on the INACTIVE | dormant-"DOOR"+"MAN" is mostly sleepy(inactive)...but becoms active if sumone comes...
dormer: window projecting upright from roof; CF. sleeping room
consider it to be a window in a dormitory(dorm) | chor darr gaya dormer se gir ke marr gaya | Door like dormer. | door me ki window
dowdy: untidy (of a woman or clothes); slovenly; dressed in an unattractive way; shabby; CF. unattractive woman
a ROWDY person is DOWDY | DOWDY somewhat sounds like DOWRY-a person who gets DOWRY is untidy | sounds like howdy....cowboys says that and they are untidy | Dowdy sounds like Daadi (granny)- not well versed with today's fashion, out of date therefore | Dowdy sounds like doubt. So I doubt that the person who wears dowdy clothing is very up to date with fashion. | Al DOWDY and Princess Diana.. Think of them, Dowdy was probably a very dirty guy, never changed his Underwear he he so Diana found that sexy. | daddy always scolds because we live an untidy life | you wont say howdy to a dowdy girl
downcast: disheartened; dejected; sad; directed downward
Downcast = Down + Cast; if a man is from low 'caste', he will remain sad among high caste people. | CAST means actors and crew in a movie ,imagine u ran actor but in the movie u r not given chance to ACT so ur down and so ur DISCOURAGED
dowry: money or property brought by a bride to her husband at marriage
dowse: use a divining rod to search for underground water or minerals
DOWn SEa :used for searching down sea | dowse, or (Doves) live in water and they wet thoroughly
doze: sleep lightly; nap
Relate "doze" with "dozen" means 12 :- if u eat dozen bananas , u will get slight asleep due to overeating. | Snooze.
drab: dull; lacking color; cheerless ; Ex. drab coat/life
rhymes with crab, which is a dull creature. | With out RAB(love) life is dullremnant of the movie" Rab Ne Bana Di jodi" | Sounds like drag, if a movie is dragged unnecessarily it becomez boring or dull | drab - sounds close 2 dara(in hindi.. 2 make sme1 fear) so darane ke liye u switch off lights ,becomes dull n lacking colors! :D | sounds like "drav" means "pani"..water.. which is "lacking in color" and wen it is in form of tears it shows dat u r "cheeerless'... | dra , dara hua lookin pale or dull or laking colors on her/his kisi ko mat darao aur wo bhi B dikha ke.. :D | drab is DReary and is the opposite of FAB (common abbreviation for Fabulous). | dr+ab—as DOCTORAB(a person) docators are usually said to be nerdy, BORING, LACKING BRIGHTNESS(NO OFFENSE TO DOCTORS)
dregs: sediment in a liquid; lees; worthless residue
sounds like drugs...they are worthless residues and are not to be taken | Keyword:Rags... Rag pickers pick up worthless material from waste | dregs = rags from drinks(liquids)
dribble: flow or fall in drops; let saliva flow out slowly from the mouth; move a ball; N.
dribble sounds like nipple infeeding botte nipple the milk comes drop by drop; | you dribble a basket ball...let it fall and come back to you... | dribble - drip and trickle or drop and ball
drip: fall or let fall in drops; shed drops; N: action or sound of falling in drops; liquid that falls in drops
sounds like tip...Hindi song (tip tip barsa pani... );)
drivel: nonsense; foolishness; V: talk nonsense
The drunken driver making nonsense in public | sounds like trivial... a drivel person always says trivial stuff | sounds like driver...just imagine some tech geeks chatting about 'drivers for computer hardware'...but as you are non-techie, for you all that is just nonsense talk.. | In basketball, dribbling means to repeatedly hit the ball on the ground.Drivel is also a repeated action, as one is saying the same thing repeatedly hence its boring, dull etc.Therefore, drivel= dribble | I always think drivers language as nonsenses, and worst, imagine them drooling when they get too tired from a long drive! | DRIVEL is smething dat DRIVES u nonsense | DRIVE+L....a person is asking you to drive alphabet L....isn't it a silly talk????? how can you drive L!!!!!or how a kid will pronounce will say DRIVEL and spill salvia.... | "Drive to Hell" why any one will say that. its totally nonsense. Drive + el(hell) = Nonsense | dive in well ...which is nonsense | DRIVEL:"I Drive a Limousine"..."What is this 'nonesense'?u can barely afford a bicycle,let alone a Limo! | Dry+Well makes no sense -- nonsense | Mallya/Branson to his pilot: "if you dont DRIVE WELL you are useless." (Drive + well = drivel)
droll: queer and amusing
when u r amused u roll on the ground | droll on a roll | doll is amusing to kids!! | Suddenly a 'troll' came on the screen and he started 'roll'ing and 'drool'ing on the was funny! | DROLL = Drum ROLL... It's AMUSING. | ppl see u with amusement my your child rols on the ground.. | girls rol on the ground on getting barbie DOLL ... | think of ROLLER COASTER in amusement part.."THE(d) ROLL" was amusing and queer. | sounds lik a troll... a troll is queer and amusing
drone: talk dully; buzz or murmur like a bee; N.
think abt t film was a boring piece of watch/talk. | Dr-One, which is an arrogant doctor who think that he is the ONE, he doesn't do any work, just laying back in his office and whistle | stingless male bee in a colony of social bees (especially honeybees) whose sole function is to mate with the queen | Tanpura has drone settings | Drone sounds like drawn (like withdrawn) - someone lazy, remote, not mingling. | u r not DRAWN to some one who is dull and DRONE
dulcet: sweet sounding; pleasing to the ear; melodious
DIL SE songsounds sweet to the ear. | When You are Dull Then Music can Set it right.Dull + Set.It sets ur dullness to happiness by pleasing you when you listen to the song. | EAMCET-ICET-KCET.All seems to confuse or threaten while hearing.But introducing of DULCET by GOVT is very pleasant and sweet to hear for DULLERS. | dulcet sounds like drum-kit...which produces a sweet sound. | dulcet - CUTs the DULLness by a sweet sounding voice | Good singing and pleasant days are never dull. | DU-ET: duets are romantic and sound sweet | Imagine like DRUM-SET which is sweet in sound
dull: (of colors or surfaces) not bright; cloudy; overcast; boring; (of edge or sound) not sharp; not rapid; sluggish; slow in thinking and understanding; stupid; V.
dummy: imitation of a real object used as a substitute; effigy
dupe: someone easily fooled or deceived; V: deceive
duplicates(in movies) are used to fool people.... | DUPE sounds like dope means so "to impure something", means to cheat someone.... | dupe = [du]mmy+[pe]t ex. a fool dog | That DUde Punk'd mE! ~ Dupe | from dupe think of dopehead which means stupid & he can be easily cheated | Soud like dukes and Dukes can deceive us by giving taste of mango | Sounds like POPE: pope who deceives people for money in Vatican city | people who Dope (i.e. take drugs) are fools | people who dope are victim of deception; they can be easily deceived | a dude is like stud, who is smartwhereas a dupe is stupid and can be tricked easily | du(dummy)+pe(person):) | dupe;(DU)mb+(PE)rson ; a dumb person can be fooled or tricked easily | dupe is a shortform of duplicate....duplicates are used in movies to fool people...
duplicity: double-dealing; hypocrisy; being dishonest and deceitful; ADJ. duplicitous
duplicity== making two faces(duplicate) who makes two faces is a fraud.. | like in the 2009 movie "DUPLICITY" where double dealing happens.. | original+duplicate=2
duration: length of time something lasts
divest: strip (as of clothes); deprive (as of rights); dispossess; N. divestiture(divestment)
opposite to invest; di + vest; vest means an inner garment; divest is to remove it. | di + vest; (A vest is a type of collarless sleeveless upper-body garment. ); divest is to remove it. | to see the vest's one need to strip the clothes..;) | DIVEST can be considered as the short form of DIsinVEST,meaning toSTRIP | Divest: To deprive someone of something have quite similar meaning to 'Devastating':Causing extensive destruction or ruining | divest means not invest, i.e out of something.
divine: perceive intuitively (by or as if by magic); foresee the future; foretell; dowse; ADJ. N. divination
DI(The)+VULGE(Bulge)The BULGE in her tummy is now prominent, her pregnancy will get revealed to everyone.
divulge: reveal
A girl asks u what is that bulge ( rhymes with vulge) in your pant ,then u reveal or show it | di + vulge close ti not to reveal it | Divulge= di(double) + vul(fault) + ge; double fault of ge is come out in its product. | Div (split) + Vault (secret box) -reveal | Di (not) + vulge(vulgar_) prove that your relationship is not vulgar you will reaveal the relationship.
docile: obedient; easily managed; submissive
making of dosa is easy to control and many people are interested in learning to make dosa | docile (adj) = do + cile(+ently) == if sb is docile, he/she will do silently and therefore easily controllable.. | DOCILE-- DOMESTIC + CHILD -- easy to control | DOC(sounds like dog)....hence docile is submissive as dogs are always loyal and obidient.... | Docile = Ductile, In 10th class we studied Gold is Ductile(Docile) and Malleable material. | DOMicile: sounds like DOMestic | DOSAile...when we say DOSA, we think of south India...the literacy in south India is very high because people are DOCILE i.e people are always ready to learn and accept new things........ | DOCILE=DOCUMENT + FILE : Document and file should be kept in such a way that they are easy to control and manage.... | Doc + Filewhen documents are arranged properly in a file, it can be easily handled and managed... | docile contains 'doc' as in doctor; You have to be docile (easily managed or handled) in front of your doctor. | doc( someone who follows manual or document for everything) will do whatever is he is easily manageable.
docket: program as for trial; book where such entries are made; list of things to be done; agenda; label fixed to a package listing contents or directions; V: describe in a docket
docket - rocket - a rocket launch involves many trial programs before the actual takeoff. | also rhymes like 'pocket'. Busy people keep their schedule/agenda for today's meetings in their pocket. | d(ummy)+rocket= a dummy or prototype used for testing before launch of the actual one | DOCKet...dock is d place where ships are stored and a collection of collection of list of entries in a court and also....dock is the place where trials of ships is also done :) | Before you lock it (DOCKET) lets do TRAIL VERSIONs | docket(docker...means person who is accused of crime)docket ..soundslike advocate..and an advocate sets the PROGRAM AS FOR TRIAL IN THE COURT FOR HIS CLIENT. | Remember the movie,"The Bucket List"? Bucket rhymes with docket. | Doc(documents)+ket(kit: trial stuff) - something for trial
doctrinaire: unable to compromise about points of doctrine; dogmatic; unyielding; marked by inflexible attachment to a doctrine without regard to its practical difficulties
Some Doctors are arrogant on their opinions when a junior suggest them. | meaning of the word is seeking to impose a doctrine in all circumstances without regard to practical considerations...hence a person who tries to spread his DOCTRINE in AIR everytime is doctrinaire...... | Doctor+In+Air (one whois not down to earth, doesn't accept others, can't compromise with highest belief that he believed in. | "DOCTRINE" in "AIR" not following the doctrine. |
duress: forcible restraint, especially unlawfully; coercion by threat; illegal coercion; Ex. a promise made under duress
u + dress; that is u enforce your wife to put on a particular dress. | Remember "durex". U r forced and restrained to use a condom to safeguard urself from STDs | UNDUE STRESS | dure means hard like in endure.. so duress also means hard condition thats forcible.. | Duress rhymes with 'stress' | DURess(logon se dur)..when you areaway rom people, you are in duress | duress - darr se | DUring REStraint-DURESS:when u say somebody did something under DURESS u mean that they did it during a period of restraint and thus, were forced to do it | do+stress = duress | Duress= Do + rest.. Your boss got a job of completing 10 files and he threats you by saying I will do one, you do the rest. | He put her under DURESS to DO LESS Curse
dwindle: shrink; reduce gradually
if a swindler swindles you then your savings dwindle. | sounds like wind+dull�u say wind is dull when it is reduced gradually�. | The wind is reduced because some windows are closed. | SAB PLANE MEIN BAITHE THE AUR EK WINDOW TOOT GAYI,,, TEZZ WIND PLANE KE ANDAR AANE LAGI,, SAB DWINDLE KARNE LAGE | Bundle is formed by dwinddling something | wind shrinks the amount of money kept on table | the wind le, hawa kam ho rahi hain
dynamic: energetic; vigorously active
Dynamo (kind of generator) produces power and dynamic people invented dynamo.
dynamo: generator for producing electricity; energetic person
dysentery: inflammatory disorder of the lower intestinal tract
dysentery(digestion + center) so is intestine... infection in intestine.. tried my best to remember :p
dyslexia: word blindness; learning disorder marked by impairment of the ability to read
if u see dysexia insteAad of dyslexia. either u r word blind or u r perverted :P | tare zamin par mvi is based on dis disability | dys(unable to)+ lexia==lexicon==related to words(dictionary)
droop: bend or hang downward; become weakened; Ex. His shoulders drooped with tiredness; N.
droop sounds like drop . If u drop something then u bend down to pick it up | DROOP - DROP - hang or sag like a dried up flower. |  Droop --- drop --- kept in a way that something is about to drop.
dross: waste matter; worthless impurities
close to gross....worthless | adding things together gives us gross. but those things that are left out and kept unadded are dross | Read d+Rose- Waste matter nourishes to help the Rosebloom. | Dr(title) doctor title to your boss is worthless and rubbish..... | sounds like grass waste no use of grass | To "floss" in between teeth is to get rid of worthless matter/impurities. | gross becomes dross i.e. totally worthless material. |  Dress --- necessary thing. Dross -- unnecessary thing
drudge: do drudgery; N: person who drudges
Think of DRUG. When you take drugs you do not know what you are doing and you can even do menial work. | drudge rhymes with trudge.When you work very hard and do monotonous wok (drudge), you tend to walk very slowly (trudge) | drudge ; we always told to our clerk when he is doing faulty thing like drudge. | work which causes grudge
drudgery: hard unpleasant work; menial work
drudgery-consider drudge which sounds like when your boss has a grudge on you..he gives you A BORING AND TEDIOUS WORK to do.. | drudgery- consider drugs.....smuggling or consuming drugs is a menial work... | sounds like Dirjee[Hindi] & [Tailor in English], whose routine work is to stitch the clothes. | DRUDGERY IS LIKE SLAVERY - HARD MENIAL WORK, LABORIOUS. | people who use DRUGS are generally unsatisfied hard workers (i.e. menial workers) | drudgery-consider drudge which sounds like when your boss has a grudge on you..he gives you A BORING WORK to you.. | Remember Harry Potter which DUDLEY made Harry do all the DRUDGERY chores of the house | Think of a dungeon(jail)...when u r in a dungeon u experience drudgery | DRU(just a name) di cherry(which is menial work)......means he grows cherry...which is a menial work | Dredging-take out mud and suspended matter from a well or sea.Drudging can be remembered as hard monotonous work
dubious: questionable; (of something) causing doubt; (of someone) filled with doubt; N. dubiety
dubious - opposite of obvious..i.e) in doubt or questionable | DUBIOUS - SOMETHING THAT IS DOUBTFUL, UNCERTAIN. | (dub+iste+us) dubbulu iste mem andaram cheptam nuvvu chepindi clear ga undani..students black mailing teacher... | double thinking, having doubts
ductile: malleable; pliable; (of metals) easily pulled into shape; flexible; (of someone) easily influenced or controlled
Imagine a metal rod. If this rod containing a duct (a small tunnel) it will be more flexible (ductile) | Relate with Reptile (Snake)which can make itself coiled because of its flexibility to bend. | duct(MEANS PULL) something which is esily pulled into ANY SHAPE is DUCTILE. | Emphasize the "tile" from ductile:- tile which is hard,cant be bend or shaped. So ductile is opposite to tile i.e., easily moulded ,shaped,influenced. | Duct tapes are flexible.
dyspeptic: suffering from indigestion; N. dyspepsia: indigestion; difficulty in digesting food
dys (means not functioning properly) + peptic.. an ENZYME...WHICH BREAKS DOWN THE FOOD PARTICLES AND HELPS IN DIGESTION,...SO if this enzyme stops functioning..then the problem of INDIGESTION occures. | sounds like THIS PEPSI...I wont drink this pepsi because it may create indigestion to me. | Note that many of the words with roots from body organs mean irritable. Examples: splenetic, spleen, bilious, dyspeptic, livery, and liverish. | dyspeptic = dys + peptic; dys ( means not) + peptic ( pepsin enzyme to help indigestion. | dy( dye= color filling) peptic= pepsi, U drank that dye pepsi, as a result u are suffering from indigestion.
earmark: set aside (money or time) for a particular purpose
earmark..let break it as ear + mark -'ear' is on the side of the face. Something is placed or kept aside and we -'mark' it means something particular or extraordinary.So ..'something is kept aside for a particular purpose' | earm...very close to what ever you are earning you are keeping it aside because soon you want to start your own buisness. | BOOK MARK !!!! | Earmark is to mark the ear of the pig, regonise the ownership | |
earn: gain for the performance of service or labor; gain (something that one deserves); deserve
earthly: of this earth; terrestrial; worldly; not divine; possible; Ex. no earthly reason
Earthy refers to somewhat down, relating toearth
earthy: unrefined; coarse; of earth; Ex. earthy remarks; OP. ethereal
on earth there are many stones and all so coarse or not refined | Earthy also means down to earth, so that which is earthy is down to earth;hence "Not far removed from or suggestive of nature " hence, close to nature | Mallika is the only actress on this earth who can do earthy talks
ebb: (of the tide) recede; lessen; diminish; N. OP. flow: rise of tide
Relate it to egg ;; now-a-days because of bird flu the quantity of eggs coming to the market is reduced. | Ebbbbbb.... is reduced to Ebb. | ebb in urdu means bad habit. we should diminish our bad habits | if ucan remembe the word hebbu(kannada), when the milk is boiled ,u get that on the do relate it with it. ebb(ebbu) is used to lessen or make pimpils diminish..
ecliptic: path of the sun and the planets
eclepticremember eclipse
ecologist: person concerned with the interrelationship between living organisms and their environment; person concerned with the detrimental effects of human civilization on the environment; CF. ecology
eco(means enviroment and organism) + logy(means study) someone who studies about the enviroment, organisms and their relation is an ecologist.
economy: efficiency or conciseness in using something; thrifty management of resources
ecosystem: ecological community together with its environment
eco(means enviroment and organism and their relation) + system...(means the way they a system in which a all organisms live is an ecosystem.
ecstasy: rapture; very strong feeling of joy and happiness; any overpowering emotion; ADJ. ecstatic: causing or experiencing ecstasy
ec+STACY..remember "stacy's mom"..:P | ecs=x,tasy="daisy" panties ...wen u see a gal's panty u show excitement oru get raptured.sorry for any coarse language used here... | Ecs . . . Tcs- when we get job in Tcs we will take it easy (tasy). . . So we will be very happy . . | ecsass ; tasytasera (Nepali) or taske (Hindi). so when you have your ass tasy then you are entertained. :-) | lets head to the meaning ,rap-ture..people rap,wen they are in a very strong feeling of joy and happiness. | ecstasy could berelate to "ek taste" so the taste that givr us joy | ecstasy could berelate to "ek taste" so the taste that givr us joy | ~ tcs ~ when we get job in TCS- we get feeling of joy | Teri to me ESI TESI karta hu...I am happy and overpowered with emotions | ecs + tasy means Aisi ki Taisi to jab hum problems ki aisi ki taisi kar dete hain to hum extremely happy ho jate hain
eddy: swirling current of water, air, etc.; V.
if you can rememeber the term "Eddy current", where the current flows . | Whirlpool machine has strong eddy, that is why it gives tidy clothes
ebullient: showing excitement; overflowing with enthusiasm; boiling; N. ebullience; N. ebullition: state of boiling
Your dad purchasing you a new 'Enfield Bullet' so you shpw ur 'Excitement' - ebullient! :D | If u can think this word in a good sense, "bulli" is always showing exitement or overflows with enthu ,wen a hot gal passes | it is close to jubilation...which is excitment | when water boils, it seems as if it is showing great enthu or excitement thus being ebbulient | A bull is violent(excited). | guys.. think of "BULL" in eBULLient.. it is always excited n raring to go | Red Bull | ebullient="e+bullet"so u r the don and now u have new e-bullet so obiviously u r so hppy with this | | In bullfight my bull won the medal and hence I am ebullient today | | wen we get over-excited over any issue we generally get into argument wid some1 or even bully with 'bulli(y)' | "bull" is always ready to hit it is high-spirited & exited. | A strong bull is always excited to hit the humans..i.e showing his lot of excitement | E_bull_ant, BULL seems enthusiastic when an ANT goes in to the ears
eccentric: irregular; odd; unconventional; whimsical; bizarre; not concentric
ec(x)-centric(normal): going away from the center that is departing from the norms | eccentric- resembles x-centric..assume x centric as before centric,like x-wife. anything b4 centric is x centric,and b4 centric ,it is irregular and odd in shape. | eccentric- ex-center It's ODD to see your ex being the center of attraction among your pals. | ec(ex) center .. its odd/irregular to see an ex(or one more) center for circle.. | eccentric:One(EC) cent rick from rice centre is called eccentric.
eccentricity: oddity; idiosyncrasy
eccentricity--focus onthe word ec+CENTRIC+ity--focus the word CENTRIC ..a person who isvery self centric we find his behavior very unconventional and strange. | accent+ city.....a city of people having different accents will be strange or odd.... | ec+centric. Prefixesec- ,ex- ,e- means away from; out of ; outside. So eccentric means away from centre.
ecclesiastic: ecclesiastical; pertaining to the church; N: minister; priest; cleric; clergyman
(ecclesiastic = eccles + iastic) eccles sounds like 'EGG-LESS' and priests generally don't eat eggs. | assume the word eccles as people who dont have(less) " X"(girlfrnds,wives.etc), are generally priests in | eccles = sex less.. priests are forbidden from having sex. (No offense meant) | think it as eclairs +ealstic--- we get ecliars at church [email protected] khrismas
eclectic: selective; composed of elements drawn from disparate sources; selecting individual elements from a variety of sources; N. eclecticism
eclectic orelect means, chosing the best from many sources which is the meaning of the word eclectic | nowadays even after the elections the governments formed are generally eclectic.composed of many parties | sounds like election, and in election only the best candidated are chosen !! | SELECTive | ECLECTIC: EC(ek) LAC TICket....EKk lakh ticket me se sirf ek hi ticket select is tarah best ticket ka selection ho jayega..... | eclectic sounds like election; during election time - only SELECTIVE candidates can compete. | eclairs-a chocolate which s made by collecting various elements | Eclectic-Electchoosing the best party from a group of parties {parties = related to politician} | eclectic one election , choosen from many ones. | selection of ideas, knowledge, information....not physical thingsThat stuident is filled with eclectic ideas | Eclectic = prepare one lecture from many sources so give it tick.
eclipse: darken; extinguish; outshine; surpass; cause an eclipse
during the total solar eclipse one heavenly body coversanother heavenly body making the other one barely visible | eclipse: e (this) clip se(see); See this clip so dark cannot understand anything. | EK(ONE)LIPS(HONTH)IF ONE LIP COVERED BY ANOTHER THEN THERE IS ECLIPS
draconian: extremely severe; Ex. draconian punishment; CF. Draco: Athenian politician
dracon(SOUNDS LIKE DRACULA)...and a dracula as we have seen in movies, gives EXTREMELY SEVERE PUNISHMENT to people. | As in Draco malfoy in Harry Potter | If DRAGON create a code of laws for a nation, then the country had a DRAOCNIAN law. (The Nazi regime was draconian.) | any 1 has read the da vinci code....remember that code? o draconian devil oh lame saint???
draft: first rough form; conscription; draught; V: make a draft of; conscript
drama: prose or verse composition to be performed by actors; play; exciting and unusual situation
drastic: strong; violent and severe; Ex. drastic changes/measures
draught: current of air (through a room or to a fire); act of pulling roads; act of swallowing liquid or amount of liquid swallowed at a time
Sounds like Draw which means to pull. | draught - sounds like draft hence means blueprint. Also means draw-ugh-it, you draw the liquid so fast, you say ugh after that. Well, if you draw in air fast, then it becomes a current of air instead of a dose of liquid!
draw: choosing of a lot or card
effigy: dummy; likeness of a person made of wood, paper, or stone; Ex. burn an effigy of the President
a fig(ure) y | after india knocked out of t20....angry crowd burnt da dummy(effigy) of ms dhoni .....ffig can b thought of figure.... | e+ ffigy -- ye furgy (misrepresented) | Famous footballer ef"FIGO" do dummy tricks with football... | efFIGy... when FIGO moved from Braca to Real his dummies were burnt | hE has the FIGure of a GuY | effigy = ef (effective) + fig (figure)
effluvium: noxious(harmful) smell
the first part of the word is efflu, which means effluents. Effluents as such are harmful and produce a strong noxious smell. | effluvium....efflu(effluent)+vium....effluent means flow out...or vapourize....and in chemistry lab we must have smelt the obnoxious odour of hydrogen sulfide gas............ | EFFLUENT is discharged fluid waste. EFFLUVIUM is discharged, unpleasant odor | Because of ef+FLU+vium; area was FOUL SMELLING | relate efflu to swine flu which is noxious to breathe
effrontery: rudeness without any sense of shame; shameless boldness; presumptousness; nerve; cheek
for every discussion he comes to the FRONT and a rude manner. | think she stepped IN FRONT OF ME. How dare she be so bold! | if u can remember the word effront, it brings to mind the rude soldiers who stand in front of the queen's palace .these people are generally rude .u try to talk to them or scold them,they dont even move ,so wen a person scolded continuosly and if he | think FTV .. and FTV is shameless !! | ef+front+eryto provide a front is to give support i.e in a way give resistance which means boldness.. | The front of a male peacock displays extreme boldness when attracting a mate. | affront =insulteffront =rude and insulting | when an effrontery man comes in FRONT of you you will think uff(eff) who is in FRONT of mere(ery) | E(bad)+Frontery(habit of coming in front of people).....effrontery | front me aake teri to #$%.. shameless .. sabke samne | relate effront to affront which is a rude remark
effulgent: shining brightly; brilliant
Eff (Efficient)+ full+ gen(gem)= an efficient full gem shins brightly;Efficient+ intelligent = if you are efficient as well as intelligent u ll be the shining star | break it up as ef+full+gent and relate gent to gentle man so a full gentleman is brilliant person | effulgent:-ef +fulgent(fuljali) which is always may help. | A FULL moon shines brightly. | burnish
effusion: pouring forth; unrestrained outpouring of feeling; V. effuse: pour out; ADJ. effusive: pouring forth; gushing
effusion rhymes with 'a fusion' reaction where there is an outburst or gush of energy... | Effusion=effus(e)+ionEffuse is the opposite of diffuse.In diffusion,substances mix and form a mixture wheras in effusion,the reverse happens,the components POUR out | when current effuses, fuse ud jaata hai | simple which is opposite to diffusion | Effective+Profusion.....hence effusion means copius outpouring and it also means an unrestrained flow of words | if-u-see-jon...(john abrahim) excitement will pour out | When there is a effective fusion of music, pouring forth, unrestrained outpouring of feelings is witnessed...isnt it..!!! | effusion - diffusion; both effusion and diffusion are related to flowing. | Expensive bulb got fused, so many servant apologized with effusion | effusion; The words which contain fussion term is always means strong flow of something.
ego: one's opinion of oneself; self-esteem
effectual: able to produce a desired effect; valid
Construct as effective actually.
effectuate: effect; produce; achieve; Ex. effectuate a reconciliation
construct as effective + actuateeffectively activated means its producing.
effeminate: having womanly traits
e+FFEMINA+te...focus on the middlie part must be knowing about FEMINA MISS INDIA ,where the focus is on mainly promoting womanhood. | remember it as a feminine mate(frnd) think of a frnd who has feminine (female) characterstics | ifu can see the word, then u can get an answer ,ie- effects with respect to feminine(woman).
effervescence: inner excitement or exuberance; showing high spirits; emitting bubbles forming inside; bubbling from fermentation or carbonation; ADJ. effervescent; V. effervesce
most of u guys might have done ur chemistry labs wer we come across effervescece of various liquids wen heated like how they produce the gas along witht the bubbles | FREVOR is hot; SCENE sex scene in hollywood movie. VERY EXITING | In American pie movie my "fevorite scences" are those effervescene scenes | whenever you see a scene you are excited | Sounds like fragrance. How do u feel when when a good fragrance is in the ambiance.
effete: having lost one's original power; barren; worn out; exhausted when you walk for longer distances on your feet, you feel completely worn if you are lacking in power ....... | relate the word with defeat..which means losing ones power | Ef+FETE.. Concentrate on the secind part, it sounds like Fatigue, which means drained out of energy or exhausted,worn out...! | power in a person or human is said to be in our feet thumb.And the feet thumb is present in the if there is an effect ,probly a bad effect to your feet(fete), that means u have lost ur inner or original power and ur feet is worn out and u are | it sounds like defeat ,if we were defeated we lose power n our power vanishes | effete...e+fetus, i.e. WORN OUT by bearing young(fetus) | Eff ete - F it, I give up, gonna go have some shennanigans | eff-efficiency ete-eat or eaten... | effete sounds like on feet. If you walk long distances on feet, you will be effete (worn out) | effete= take effete is the past tense of effect, i.e. a effect has occurred not it is exhausted. | EFFETE = EFFECT + NAHI = INEFFECTUAL. | EDACIOUS = EDA+VORACIOUS
efficacy: power to produce desired effect; ADJ. efficacious: effectual
effic(EFFICIENT)+AC(Y) just check out if your AC has the efficiency to PRODUCE DESIRED cooling . | EFFICACY =EFFI +CACY= EFFEctproducingCApaCitY | efficient+accuracy = efficacy;if sth is efficient and accurate,it does produce desire result | efficacy== efficiency :)) | efficacy resmebles or reminds us of the popular word delicacy.A delicacy has a power to produce any desired effects wen u treat them to ur!! | peculiar | pecualiar |
edict: decree (especially one issued by a sovereign); official command
dict means commanding or dictating; ( dictator) |
edifice: building (of imposing size)
edifice sounds like HEAD+OFFICE means (big size building) | Take edifice from the word, remember office: which is a huge building and stays der once its constructed | ED(edison)+OFFICIE.....Edison was a great scientist so his office must be very large | we would always wish to add an office in an edifice ! :) | adidas(edi) office(fice)- a large imposing building.
edify: instruct; correct morally
edify - edit + y; you edit some thing to improve it | edify sounds close to "rectify" which means to correct.. | edify can b understand as SIMPLIFY things to make them understand better | EDISON was a great scientist...In order to improve people we have to tell them about EDISON and edify them.... | To edit a defy(defiance) ~ to correct morally | Edify:Concentrate on first 2 letters of d word, Ed as in B.Ed(Bachelor of education) means to Educate or Enlighten or to make understand. | sounds like modify edify = modification of moral value | eddify means to make a fool in telugu...(remove a d)its the opposite in english | edify- edit the sex scene in the movie cuz its morally not correct | An educational edifice edifies i.e. instructs | To add to your knowledge
eerie: weird; causing fear because strange
EERIE is something SCARY. | Sing a song : eelie re eelie(sounds similar to eerie) kya hai paheli??—meaning strange | eerie EEE in five letter word is something strange | eerie can b understand as a person ERIC who is frightening nd fearful
efface: rub out; remove the surface of
Closely related to "erase" rub outor we can think in another way also, we wash our face to remove the dust from the surface of the skin(ef+face)... | ye-face....dekha hai par yaad nahi hai, its almost erased from my memory..!!! | e+face=erase the face(memory) | e+face=erase the face(memory) | Efface = e+face = erase the face = become inconspicuousSelf-effacing = self destroying = self-removing | well......remember it as the trojans were effaced i.e wiped off the face of the earth. | erase faces is akin to erasing completely your memory as you cant even remember a person/object face | efface = effect of ace; i.e the tata ace srtike you & your memory has been lost.
effective: effectual; producing a strong response; striking; in operation; in effect; Ex. effective speech/photograph
factual statements are valid and are able to produce a desired effect
egoism: excessive interest in one's self; belief that one should be interested in one's self rather than in others; selfishness; ADJ. egoistic, egoistical
how to u differentiate egoism and egotism::::::egotism - the t in it indicates boastfulness
egotism: tendency to speak or write of oneself excessively; conceit; self-importance
how to u differentiate egoism and egotism::::::egotism - the t in it indicates boastfulness
egotistical: egotistic; excessively self-centered(egocentric); self-important; conceited
egregious: notorious; conspicuously bad or shocking
scores we get in GRE is outrageously bad (egregious) | egregious is similer to aggressive.aggressive pepole are very bad in manner.this may help you pepole | EGREGIOUS (extremely bad). During one of our stage performance, we made such a huge mistake that people started throwing eggs at us and a rotten 'EGG REACHes US' (sounds like egregious) | egregious has the word GRE in it. so GRE is notorious in the sense that it 'might' ruin the money we paid for the exam if we dont study properly , which is conspicuously bad and shocking :) | Kids threw EGGS at my car: JESUS! -- EGGS JESUS! | a grudge at us is egregious | Greg chapel did giri hui egregious mistake (extremely bad) thats y Gir gaya | EGregious picking EG sounds like EASY, egregious ones can't be EG to deal with... | hEEEEEEy Greg has become religious, yes Greg-Religious...Oh my god Greg and Religious? thats Shocking to me...
egress: exit; opening for going out; act of going out; OP. ingress
gress- to go________digress-to stray______egress- to go out________ingress- to go inregress is to return to a former state | after giving GRE-U-LEAVE FOR US, EXITING India :( | AAG+DRESS- uski dress ko aag lag gayi and her body became visible/apparent. | the GRASS came out from the soil, which means EGRESS | looks like "egg" which exits a chickens body | egress = exitingress = coming in | agress(agressive) is wen u go in(entrance) to fight ur way.egree is wen u go out(exit) of the given opening....lolz...dont take that seriously..!!! | egre...sounds like AGREE so all the people in party have agreed to move out of the party. | looks like aggressive, if u r aggressive at a calm party u will be shown exit door | Sounds like Tigress, A tigress coming out of its hide and becomes apparent, visible | "The EAGLET's (baby eagle) EGRESS from the EGG was observed only by the EAGLESS (female eagle)." | egress-- To go out outside to the "grass." | Gress sounds like DRESS which is apparent to our eyes!e-GRESS easy to view/sight.!like e-shopping!
ejaculation: exclamation; abrupt ejection (to discharge sperm); V. ejaculate
mmmm...guys, do i have to tell u wat this means..uhh..or anyone with exclamations out there..!!! lolz...!!! hehehe... | can think as 'eject'; ejaculation is ejection of some words suddenly | i ejaculated my load seeing jenny hendrix | ejaculate=pre ejaculation is the major problem these days so people started using viagra
embitter: make bitter; fill with painful or bitter feelings; make sad and angry; Ex. He was embittered by many disappointments.
quite easy..em+bitter..the word bitter signify everything here.
emblazon: ornament richly (a shield or flag); N. emblazonment
connect with blazer- rich people | remember AMAZON - warrior women..u can make up the rest :) | embla+zon.(jhon) imagine an emblem decorated with colours...... | her ornaments were shining like blaze(em+blaz+on)
embody: give a bodily form to; incorporate; include
emboss: produce a design in raised relief; decorate with a raised design
e(mbo)ss:you try to attach anMBA tag beside ur name to raise it to ur relief!! | imagine u have to submit a presentation or a design to ur boss or else he will fire u | the number on the credit card is embossed .. raised
embrace: hug; clasp with the arms; adopt or espouse; accept readily; encircle; include; Ex. embrace the cause/socialism; Ex. all-embracing; CF. brace; CF. bracelet
Concentrate on the word "bra"!!!!!!!! u understood my intentions rite!!! | I had affection for the little girl EM with BRACES. So i hugged her!
embroider: decorate with needlework; ornament (a story) with fancy or fictitious details; embellish
em+broider..very close to think of woman who is decorating THE BORDER OF her sariii.
elicit: draw out fact or information (by discussion or from someone)
implicit - which is understood ..explicit - means specifically told/derivedso elicit - explicit | implicit-which is understood ..explicit - means specifically told or written.. ELICIT means which is not specifically told or understood but WE HAVE TO DRIVE BY REASONING | saari baatein poochke ek list banani hai | In Kannada Eli means pull so cit sounds like Draw out | A-List can be created from extracting(elicit) good things only | | When scuba diving you don't want to draw out or elicit the Moray EEL from his hiding place as he might bite you. | | elicit = e + lic + it; One lic it one the tube so air is coming out from the tube.
elixir: cure-all; panacea; something invigorating
lix-resembles licks(tongue lick)..licking in animals cure them from all minor wounds naturally… | e(lix)ir:Tag: Consider the word in bracket only.Lix sounds like Vicks. Vicks is a common CURE for cold and cough | if u had come across the saying which goes like this "water the elixir of life" | lick +seer(sounds like seed) by licking the seed healing is being done
ellipsis: omission of words from a text; mark used to indicate an omission (when the meaning can be understood without them); PL. ellipses
imagine it as - E's lips is so beautiful that unko dekhkar muuh se words hi gayab ho jate hai ..;) ..omission of words !! lolzz | imagine if you are an editor of a paper, while editing you would make an ellipse on the words to be omitted!!! | when your lip slips there is el(LIP)sisof words | The three dots used for an elipsis (...) are eliptical or circular.
elliptical: elliptic; oval; of an ellipse; containing an ellipsis; ambiguous either purposely or because key words have been left out
elliptical means oval,which is not straight.If a person is not straight in his speech. That means he has omitted words and is unclear
elope: run away secretly with the intention of getting married
the word 'lope' resembles 'rope' films we see the hero tries to make the heroine escape from the house with the help of a rope attached to the window of her bedroom and then he takes awayand marries her | 'lope' resembles 'rope' .. in JAB WE METthe heroine escape from her house SECRETLY with the help of a ROPE through her window to MARRY her boyfriend | since lope is related to running so elope is escaping lope.. | in the movie 'pen(elope)' christina ricci runs away to get married | elope sounds like gallop imagine the hero actually galloping with his beloved on a horse from her family
eloquence: expressiveness; persuasive speech; ADJ. eloquent: movingly expressive; expressing ideas well so that the hearers can be influeneced
e+loque..(means speech) someone who can Effectivelydeliver a speech. | Eloquence ..think the word "quen" similar to "queen" when queen arrives she gives us a "speech" | EE lokan s matbal sab lokonko patata hu... Lalu ji ;-) Hope this helps
elaborate: work out carefully; add more detail or information; ADJ.
e-laborate(laboratory)in laboratory we work with CARE
elaboration: addition of details; intricacy
elastic: able to spring back into shape; quick to recover (as from disappointment); able to adapt to change; Ex. elastic plans; N: elastic material
elated: filled with excited joy and pride; overjoyed; in high spirits; joyful and proud; Ex. elated crowd; V. elate; N. elation
sounds like elevated...if you are promoted you will definitely be in high spirits | seems like 'elected'; so if you are elected by a good university surely you will be overjoyed and excited.
elegy: poem or song expressing lamentation (for the dead); ADJ. elegiacal, elegiac
E(a)-LEGY(legendry) if a legendry person dies......people sing a mournful poem or people lament or regret for his death..... | sounds like eulogy... | basically this is taken from a greek elegos which is a song of mourning .........and we mourn if someone dies | elegy = clergy. Clergy lives in church = .... | think of Alizee singing a sad song | LG ke tv par elegyaa rahi hai | Imagine a caterpillar falls on u start an ELEGY bcoz of da ALLERGY | When somebody dies then CLERGY is called to sing a ELEGY | sounds like ee lagiusako lagi toh woh marr gaya... ab marr gaya toh log usake liye Lament gane lage.. | sounds like "ELI Gaali" so u mourn for that n write a poem :P | No Body buys LG tv because it only shows ELEGY (Death poems) | elegy= ele (comes) + gy (went); the ppl ho has come one time will surely go from this world this is oing to understand by neighborhood to the dead person son. | elegy sounds like ye le ji. in the funeral, as he is going we are saying that take this with u, the song or poem elegy- ye le gy(take this in hindi)
elevation: elevated position; altitude; height; flat upright side of a building; angle made by pointing a gun; Ex. The elevation of her style is much admired; Ex. front elevation of the house
elucidate: explain; make clear; clarify; enlighten; CF. lucid
think of lucid, which means clear. | | lucid-remember the film lake placid. placid,yes, water is clear and enlightens our mind.this tells or explains us how lake placid is so lucid.. | elucidatelucy+date...Lucy did not show up on the Date to make it clear that she was not interested in him. | LAKE PLACID'S water is so CLEAR that it ENLIGHTENS our mind with freshness...thus lake placid is so lucid.. | For linux users lucid lynx is a version of Ubuntu | to make clear and obvious like the day(date)!
elusive: evasive; not frank; baffling; hard to grasp, catch, or understand; V. elude: escape from; escape the understanding or grasp of; Ex. elude the hunter; Ex. His name eludes me.
illusive things are always difficult to understand | elusive is like exclusive,,, and exclusive content is hard to get! | Lusi(lucy)-lets assume lucy as a gal.lets assume lucy is always not frank.since she is lucy(loosy), she is hard to understand as her talks(speech) is loosy, it is hard to grasp. | eLUSive sounds like it has the word "loose" in it. When you have a loose description of something, then it is hard to understand | Away from being Lucid(Comprehensible), So it is hard to grasp | imagine u had a problem in gre u sent an email to ur coach....he Emailed u the solution which was very LOOSELYdescribed and hence...HARD TO GRASP AND BAFFLING...!!!......;) | HE LOOSE IT | ill(EL)+achieve(usive)= ill is difficult to achieve.
elysian: relating to paradise; blissful
souds like 'malasia' u seen tat ad 'malasia truly asia' they potray it like heaven. | Elysian sounds like "Alice in..." wonderland, which is like heaven | NARNIA lovers..this word sounds similar to Aslan the LION... he was a bliss for narnia ..hehehe... | elysian== alishan bangla bolte hai na.....i.e paradise | break it was ILU+son .. I told my son ki ILU karne se heaven milta hai ! | pronounced as"i-lee-zhuhn"....lookout for de middle word lee which rhymes with glee,related to a state of bliss(sry couldn find any other | elysian night stay with kareena in alisian builing | ely in telugu means to elysian means a place to go and see | Sounds like -elf's in Lord of the Rings.These elves are immortal(divine) unless killed and known for perfection(inspiring) in throwing arrows.
Elysium: place or condition of bliss
Elys = Alice.. + ium = place (like is Museum).. Museum is blissful in Alice and Wonderland
emaciated: thin and wasted (from hunger or illness)
ema + ci + ate...consider ema as the name of a gal.."ema..oh ! ci(she) ate but she still looks thin | EMMA WATSON :::THIN GIRL | ema-ciated (ciliated means minute i.e. thin) | E + maciated.E's mathiated, all he does is study math; he does no physical activity, therefore he's emaciated. | ema(EMMA)+ci(SHE)+ate..after recovering from iilness EMMA becomes so THIN AND WEAKENED that SHE ATE a lot of food and stuffs.... | can be learned from word macerate---which means to make weak... | E+ma+ci(she)+ate....HE MADE n SHE HE became thin...withered | mausi eat something u r so emaciated | • E+mass+heated…heating mass is to become thin … | they are so much EMACIATED,,just EMANCIPATE them | Ema wwatson kitna hi khale(ate),bt she'll remain very thin....ema+masturbate: if ema watson masturbates daily,she'll get more thin..:p | e+MAC(Apple product)+ciated, Remember like apple products are thin..
emanate: issue forth; come out
relate it to emit/illuminate | MAN ATE a lot and due to that he gave out foul smelly gasses | e(a) man ate something useless,until he realised ,he wanted it to come out. | E(shit)+MAN+ATE...a man ate shit and he started emanating pungent odour from his mouth | this man emanate enthusiasm
emancipate: set free; liberate
cip= ship : a man is set free to travel in ship to his own country | a MAN was a CIPAy (soldier in Hindi) who was captured.. now made free | while masturbating, you emancipate the cum! | e(no)-man-captivate | emancipate( eman another man from the heroic family such as spider man whose duty is to make people free from slavery | eMan participated with manci(his GF).. to set free people.. :P | eMan participated with manci(his GF).. to set free people.. :P | eMan participated with manci(his GF).. to set free people.. :P | eMan participated with manci(his GF).. to set free people.. :P | eMan participated with manci(his GF).. to set free people.. :P | eMan participated with manci(his GF).. to set free people.. :P | eMan participated with manci(his GF).. to set free people.. :P | EMMA(ema)+ANTICIPATE(ncipate)::emma watson anticipated that when will be she free from doing harry potter movies..... | emancipatemanci ka pathe(husband) usko free kardeya apne relation se | sounds like "a man escaped." I set him free actually | E-MAN( electronic man -robot-rajnikant) antiCIPATED lots of PATS for his acting. | e--eh,man---man,cip---sip,,thus allowing him drink and eat.thus releaving from slavery
emasculate: weaken; castrate
mascul(masculine)+ate(eat here means reducing)..reduction in masculine qualities,...means weaking of a man.
embargo: ban on commerce or other activity
embargo = ban + cargo | end+bar( a way of earning money , a kind of business)+go--imagineif the government Bans(end) people from Going to the Bar's, it is IN TURN stopping the business activity. | they bar a business activity from going, we call it embargo | embargo ~ end+bargains ... kinda loss or restriction on trade | In the wordo emBARGO( sounds like CARGO), so in most of theplanes some of the items are banned | Remember bargo with margo soap:- The government imposed a ban on business of margo soaps. | embargo = no barge go
embark: commence; go on board a boat; begin a journey
bark is used to build a boat..or a bark is used to row a boat,or commence a journey by rowing.. | EMBARK sounds like I AM BACK on track. Means set on right direction. | when u go out , ur dog barks! | em+bark(sound of dog "barking") - in search of his dog he begins his journey | Come ship is parked. | A barque or bark is a vessel. A barge. To em+bark means to board on barque.
embellish: adorn; ornament; enhance as a story (by adding fictitious details)
emBELLish--we add BELL to the Christmas tress to adorn it | belle is used to describe beautiful girls.. they generally adorn themselves | concentrate on the middle section of this word - belli (Belly), which is said to be one of the most sexiest part of the female body. So girls usually adorn it (by Belly Ring) to enhance its beauty. | emBELLish- BELLY of a girl makes her more beautiful! | Women beautify,enhance their skin by applying different cosmetics , after that their skin BLEMISHES ( to remember embellish) | em"BELLA"ish...if u know twilight movie...bella is so beautiful girl | a BELLY dancer is beautiful | think of the priests who come to your house in navratrs with a adorned bull(bell) and ask for money | Embellish = the food is prepared by gorgeousness Emb (foreign) llish fish.
embezzlement: taking for one's own use in violation of trust; stealing (of money placed in one's care)
When the thieves were trying to enter and rob the bank, the alarm suddenly started BUZZING !!! | sounds like AM BE-JAL......I AM BE-JAL(water less) because somebody stole my glass of water. | ME(em) BIZZ (bezz) element(lement)...something like MY BUSINESS ELEMENT..means you take money from ur office business for urself.. | Ramalinga Raju(former CEO of Satyam Group of Companies) of Satyam is known for his Embezzlement :) | EMB(maa ambe ke jaal) ZZLE ME (me fasta kaun h ?)....chor....aur chor kya karta h ?chori !!!! | i am be-jailed...
embroil: throw into confusion; involve in strife, dispute, or quarrel; entangle; CF. imbroglio
embroil=i m b(r)oilduring dispute, quarrel, confusion. We get all boiled up due to great anger. | BRAWL | Broil: To expose to great heat. Embroil: To involve in argument. "Embroil" sounds like "I am Broiled". == When I embroil, I feel like I am broiled. | "Wait... was I supposed to boil the chicken or broil it?" said the embroiled child | (th)em+br(a)+oil::if u give them bra and oil ,they will be confused...and agitated..(PROVIDED they must be stupid enogh to know that the bra must be given to girlfriend and oil must be used for sex...)..and agitated....broiled.. | em+broil......broil...close to when some one get must be calm so that u dont force him/her into a conflict.. | embroil=='em+broili.e make them broil..force som1 to me heated with confusion
embryonic: undeveloped; rudimentary; N. embryo: organism in the early stage of development
embryo+nic.. an EMBRYO is a cell which isUNDEVLOPED (of human, hen etc ), so the underdeveloped stage iscalled embryonic. | i m in younik stage.. youth stage
emend: correct (usually a text); N. emendation: correction of errors; improvement
emend = amendmeans...make improvements | write it like e+mend......and mend means to correct things. | emend has the word mend. we mend our pencils to make it sharp & correct
emetic: substance causing vomiting; ADJ.
emitting - causing emitting of vomitting | near 2 cosmeticif any cosmetic product like face cream,face wash goes into our mouth accidentally den it can cause vomiting | relate emetic to emit so wen u come across those substances that make u vomit or emit out the vomit | vomitic | Emit+Vomit
eminent: rising above others; high; lofty; distinguished; Ex. eminent position
Like the real slim and shady "EMINEM" who isSTANDING ABOVE OTHER rap artists IN QUALITY AND POSITION | pro+(e)minent-position is high positionthou its not correct in meaning but it helps to remind us | think about eminem who is always above others | e m ninty yrs.. so defintely standout
emissary: agent (sent on a mission to represent another); messenger
one with a mission i.e an AGENT | | secretive MISSIONARY. | missionaries are sent as messengers of christianity | e+ Mission + army. A person sent by the army to accomplish a mission as called Emissary. | A missionary hired for delivering a message from one country to another | the word relates to A Missionary -- some one with a mission i.e an AGENT | emit or emission is always giving something is coming after that or a message.
emollient: soothing or softening remedy (for the skin); ADJ.
divide it as e + moll(..mole which is a black spot)+ ient. If we find a black spot on our skin, we quickly start searching for a SOOTHING REMEDY to remove it. | break it like e + moll, now moll = mall, so in summer we go to a mall because of its centralized 'AC' for a soothing climate. | to mollify is to soothify so emollient is to sootheloosers | *Harry p fans can understand this betterEmollient=e(a)+Molly+ientMolly weasly was very gentle and caring person.SO that trait can be associated wit her.Thus,in times of distress(voldemort's reign),meeting her would be emollient | e (I) + mol....its the name of the tablet that cures pain....a pain killer | emollient came from EMULSION. and every cream (soothing) is considered to be an EMULSION | shE knew that the MaLL would soothe her in the evENT of a breakup with her boyfriends | yes mall me na tea le.. very soothing
emolument: salary; payment for an office; compensation
if you are caught ruining a MONUMENT, you'll have have to pay compensation | E(a) MOL(mal - money in hindi) U(you) MENT (meant) - Salary | | EMOLUMENT=MOOLA+MINT. "I only except MOOLA from the U.S. MINT as compensation."
empathy: ability to identify with another's feelings, ideas, etc.; identification with and understanding of another's feelings; V. empathize; CF. sympathy
simliar to ===sympathy(the ability to share someone else's feelings or experiences by imagining what it would be like to be in their situation) | People often confuse the words empathy and sympathy. Empathy means 'the ability to understand feelings of another'(as in both authors have the skill to make you feel empathy with their heroines), whereas sympathy=pity
empirical: based on experience
Empire...maintaining an empire requires much practical experiences and workouts.... | empirical sounds like "inspired frm practicals"...and dats the meaning.. | "Empirical" college of london is so famous becoz its professors are so "EXPERIENCED " | emperical formula-a formula can b stated after experiencing the validity of its results. | Marco Polo knew about China because he saw the EMPIRE with his own eyes. | woh aam pi rai thi kal so i can seay that usee aam pasand hai(means i m deriving this from a previous exerience) | we use to study in software engineering EMPIRICAL software estimation models in whch we use to do estimation based on past OBSERVATION | em + practical - em pirical
emulate: imitate; rival; try to equal or excel (through imitation)
Grandma gave me an 'Amulet' so that one day I can 'Emulate' Zidane. | He is like an EMU( a bird) when he eat(..ATE)...EMU+L+ATE..imitating the emu | we use emulator as to imitate our cell phone software in computer. | e(I) muulate(mutate means to change)...pepsibecame coke's RIVALso by IMITATING it | he was LATE to the college because he IMITATED the old man's walking style | emulate - simulate. simulate means imitate as it is. emulate means to do as it is or more better | Emul Is copying Emul and getting late for his office.. | get 1st mark by seeing another paper | emulate = e + mul (wine) + ate like salman khan ate wine | Even though he isLATE, he is trying(competing for equal) & IMITATING as he came earlier
enact: make (a bill) into law
EN(in)+ ACT
encroachment: gradual intrusion; Ex. I resent all these encroachments on my valuable time; V. encroach: take another's possessions or right gradually or stealthily; intrude; Ex. encroach on/upon
Encroach sounds like cockroach when a cockroach enter in ur territory then it annoyed u. | focus on 'croach' in 'ENCROACHMENT'; croach ~ cockroach; cockroach generally enters into another's house without right or permission | en=inside,croach is similar to approach ..hence the meaning
encumber: burden; N. encumbrance
watchout for the word cumber and think of cumbersome ....anything that is cumbersome may prove to be a burden. | if u are as cool as a cucumber,,, then you would encumber (hold back from fights etc) | if u r encumbered then your cumber(कंबर ) will have pain.. | while i was playing th e game called oblivion i used to get this warning wen i was carrying more than required saying that i am over encumbered loosen ur self | Lady can I encumber you with a cucumberrrr?! hehe | encumber = en + cumber; enable the cumba i.e stick; Enable something to give some resistance. | if n no of cucumbers are asked to eat,you’ll find dem as a hinderance to you deit..
endear: make beloved; Ex. endear her to everyone; ADJ. dear: loved; cherished; high-priced
en(means to become) to become dearto someone ,or to make dear to u.
endearment: fond word or act; expression of affection
Focus on word DEAR, whoever is dear for you, you show affection to him
endemic: prevailing among a specific group of people or in a specific area or country; peculiar to a particular region or people; CF. pandemic
simple think of epidemic as an epidemic desease that spreads a vast area and endemic disease as a disease that spreads only a confined area | epidemic is something that is confined to vast area and endemic is confined to small area | end of(demic)democracy-this characteristic,nw a days,is confined to a very little no of countries.. | Think: "In a demographic," which relates to a specific portion of the population. | The disease only spreads in a certain area, so epiDEMY ENDs outside of that aream (endemic) | endemic = mic(sound) can be reached up to only certain region
endorse: approve; support; write one's signature on the back of; N. endorsement; CF. dorsal
en+dor+se—DOR( a string) SE hum kite fly karte hai, dor is used to SUPPORT the kite | pepsi ,coca colam,etc are the several endorsemnts that use advertismnts during the cricket matches that india plays | jab en+dor(DOOR)+SE koi ae to use andar ane ka APPROVAL dete hain and madad (SUPPORT) karte hain.. hence the meaning | endorse(entering inside door=support)the endorsement of new law approve and support women rights. | Bollywood stars endorse several brands ie. they support and promote the brand..
endue: provide with some quality; endow
DUE, a cold drink. Having a chilled DUE in summer empowers you. so Endue. | Endue - END+DUE - until you 'provide with quality', you are DUE till the END. | endueendowso we have to learn endow: endow=en+DOW(in hindi: to give), thus TO GiVE + some quality | EN+DUE, My payment is DUE if it comes I am powerful. | Looks Like Ensure...So if some one ensure about some thing ,it is os good quality.... | dueappropriate. Making something due to a person(Imagine some good position in office) is by givning him/her qualities | Endue-'due' if we r in due(money) to anyone..we return the due with some amount as interest.. i.e; provide wid some quality... | if u enable the due then I will be powerful in money.. | Whatever due he wants from us give him,i.e empowering him.
enduring: lasting; surviving; V. endure: bear (pain or suffering) for a long time; remain alive (in spite of difficulties); last; survive
enduring - durable - means long-lasting. | DURING your whole life time, you suffered from this problem.
energize: invigorate; give energy to; make forceful and active
enervate: weaken; take away energy from
ENERV(w)asTE whwn you waste you energy you become weak | break it as e + nerve(nerv) + ate... what happens when our pulse reduces; we WEAKEN. | can also be broken as ener(energy) + vate (wait)when energy is waiting somewhere have less energy left in yourself | enervate ~ evaporate | E=emergencyNervate=nervesRushing nerves to the ER is a sign something bad a stroke..potentially paralyzing , weakening. | Enervate: ener(ENERGY) + vate(evaporate) Ur energy is evaportaed, so u feel weak | ENERgy VAcaTEd | INNER WEIGHT- if your INNER WEIGHT is very high i.e. you are very fat then you get ENERVATED very soon. | assume thatENER=ENERGYVATE=WAITIf You wait for a long time we lose our energy and WEAKEN | ener(inner)+vate(weight) : if ur inner wt increases u feel weak.... | enervate = energy is being (v) ate by sunlight so he is become weak.
enfranchise: admit to the rights of citizenship (especially the right to vote); CF. franchise
en+franchise...a franchise is an official authority (to sell goods...or any other thngs)of a company.and every franchise boss has VOTING POWER in the company.origin-franch.means free, so freedom is nothing but voting power. | Historically the French revolution addressed citizenship then these ideas spread. Look to FRANCH and remember the French citizenship and rights. | if ur franchise of a company u have right to VOTE for its policies.freedom to vote being a franchise | in IPL auctions respective team franchise's vote for a player with their bidding amount.. no other person has right to vote in this auction..
engage: attract; employ; hire; pledge oneself; confront; fight; enter into confliction; interlock; lock together; participate; N. engagement: agreement to marry; arrangement to meet someone or to do something
Remember engagementattract- pledge-hire-confront a girl. | The girl you HIRED as your PA is very CHARMING and ATTRACTIVE and hence you've decided to COMMIT to her by PLEDGING to be her husbandat an ENGAGEMENT function. | remind engagement,what qualities u want in ur partner CHARMING ATTRACTIVE AND FULL OF VIGOR.
engaged: employed; busy; betrothed; involved in conflict
engaging: charming; attractive
I have an engagement with an engaging girl tomorrow. | eng (young) age ing... that young age girls attract boys... | Girls Engage(attract) boys by their Engaging(charming,attractive) looks
engender: cause; produce; give rise to
when two gender's male & female end up together .. they produce or give rise to a CHILD.. | When genders get together they cause, produce, and give rise to children. | engender ~ gene ~ make offspring | If a species is ENDANGERED it needs to ENGENDER a new child. | engender also means bringing into,thats opposite of endangerwhere species will be on the verge of extinct | when 2 gender combine dey give rise to a new gender(boy or a girl)
engross: occupy fully; absorb
pick the word gross - grassgarden is fill with grass. | IN GRASS...whena couple is doing sex in the lawns of a garden they will engross people.... | ENGROSS= IN-GROWTH.embryonic staff are always engaged with the growth stage | to purna pane grassun gelaya
engulf: surround and swallow up
en+gulf(gulp) how much do you gulp or swallow in a day....?? | gulf has swallowed such quantities of petrol that other countries from outside are relying on it | Golf courses swallows huge area of cultivable land. | gulf is swallowed by south indian people. You can see south indian people everywhere. Just to remember the word | ENGLUF sounds lyk aloof,jab hum log aloof(lonely) hote hai tab engrossed or absorbed hokar kam karte hai
enhance: increase; make greater (as in value, reputation, or usefulness); improve
when you are given a chance you try to improve more... that is ENHANCE
entrance: put under a spell(condition caused by magical power); carry away(fill with strong feeling) with emotion; put into a trance; fill with delight
EN + TRANCE - IN A TRANCE - hypnotised, held spellbound. | When u saw Beautiful Girls in the ENTERANCE of the hall " U R SPELL BOUNDED"... | GRE an 'Entrance' exam. for pursuing higher studies from abroad, vocab learning is now getting 'fascinated/attractive' using mnemonics. | in the trance (transcendental) abode of krishna | Try to Combine these two words to form "Entrance":'Entice'(lure,attract)+'Fragrance'-I was 'enticed' by the heavenly smell of her 'fragrance' at the entrance
entreat: plead; ask earnestly
asking your friend to give a treatfor getting a job ... | many a times,we haveto plead before the person for getting atreat | sometime we need to "plead" to the doctor for "treat"ment | when u want to get entry u entreat earnestly.
entrepreneur: businessperson (who assumes the risk of a business venture); contractor; ADJ. entrepreneurial
enumerate: list; mention one by one
ENUMERATE; NUMBER + IT means COUNT | in enumerate we have numerate like numeral which is a number so we make a list of one thing after the other in points or numbers | in programming we ENUMERATE THE DB RECORDS so that it can be read ONE BY ONE
enunciate: announce; proclaim; utter or speak, especially distinctly; pronounce clearly; articulate; Ex. This theory was first enunciated by him.
e+nun+ciate....sounds like A NUN CITEd....something she proclaimed about the church rules and regulations...and that is what the word means....citing means announcing something to be true..or proclaiming something. | ENUNCIATION means GOOD PRONUNCIATION..:) | same idea.."A NUN SHE ATE"..u enunciated so clearly dat "A NUN ate smth" | rhymes with communicate..which is nothing put to speak or utter.. | Saw virgin territory? Hero screwed the nuns and he could speak.
environ: enclose; surround; N. environs: surrounding area (as of a city)
environ..resembles enviroment...and our enviroment is SURROUNDED BY MANY GASES. | putting barb enVIRE(WIRE) ON, that can ENCLOSE & SURROUND ur land | EN (TO become)+VIRION..(VIRUS)....A virus becoming attchedtoa cell via its receptars and then it surround the cell and degrade it.
enigma: puzzle; mystery; ADJ. enigmatic: obscure; puzzling
e(nigma)Consider the word in brackets.Nigma sounds Nagma.nagma's affair is always a mystry and puzzle. | | enigma—enigma songs are difficult to understand | enigma songs are enigmatic | enigma sounds like stigma which is a part of flowerpart of flower always hard to understandJAI SHRI RAM | Think of a mysterious fairy godmother hidden inside a pig.IN PIG MA. | Enigma...EGG ? REMEMBER EGG..An example of an enigma is the question “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?” | enigma..souds like engine....and before JAMES WAT DISCOVERED STEAM ENGINE...THE WORD ENGINE was a puzzle and MYSTERY FOR PEOPLE. | enigma=nigger+maanigger maa cant explain who the father is as they have many partners before marriage.
enjoin: command; order; forbid
EN(means to become) + command and order people to join and become members of your group. | Some of us were ORDERED or COMMANDED to JOIN the armed forces, while some others were FORBIDDEN to do so. | enjoin = enjoy + not...follow the order | its sounds like enjoying?? u'll say no if u r ordered to do something | : ENJOIN = EN(in)+JOIN(joining order). In joining order it was enjoined(ordered) to wear UNIFORM and enjoined(forbidden) from wearing sports shoes. | Enjoying???? Ohh th"en"-"join" the office right away...its an order..:P | en-join=='N'-join if u join the ends of letter N it becomes O-for order | come join...
enlist: (cause to) join the armed forces; obtain (help, sympathy, or support)
enliven: make lively or spirited; animate
en(means to become or to make)+liven..(live) to make something lively.
enmity: ill will; hatred; hostility
enmi+(T)+y...just focus on the letters enmiy..very close to the word enemy...and enemies always have an ILLWILL AND HATRED FOR YOU. | enimy.... ill will towards ur enemy
ennui: boredom; listlessness and dissatisfaction resulting from lack of interest; CF. annoy
Actually the previous mnemonic is better...ennui sounds like YEH NAHEEEE!!!! | ennui...when pronounced sounds quite similar to think of a person who is always annoyed with everything......such a person could be very BORING and irritating for you. | ennui=en(anything)+nui(new) which can be said as 'anything new?? I am filled with "boredom" with the same old stuff' | its sounds/written like "nini aayi" which means feeling sleeping in Hindi. You feel sleepy when u r bored. | "Whee" is for when you are excited. Ennui (pronounced on-whee) is when you are bored. | sounds like "on we" so, 'on we go to find something to do' | ennui sound like a new ... .i.e i got bore bythe old one | sound like anew so when we get borewe want new | ennui= en (enable) + nui (new); Due to fade up from past. | e(ayee)nnui(nahi)if someone isboared then he exclaimed aee nahi an
enormity: hugeness (in a bad sense); excessive wickedness; Ex. enormity of the crime; ADJ. enormous
ENORMITY resembles enormous, which means huge | enormity | eNORMity:a person who doesnt follow norms
enrapture: please intensely; fill with rapture and delight
think of rap music which is good to hear. | How cruel rapist was who took PLEASURE out of this heinous crime. | kya rapachik khana hain | rapture means joy,so imagine that someone is pleasing you to bring joy | enraptured - N - RAPTOR (the dinausor in Jurassic Park) - If N live rapotors affront a dino-scientist.. then he will be spellbound, unlike the rest of us who would be scared | Enrapture- In rap tour- great delight
ensconce: settle comfortably; place comfortably (in a secure place)
ensconce sounds something like iskon (lord krishna's temple which is a peaceful place..hence can settle comfortably... (feel like staying their only and settle down in such peaceful place..) | a child gets his ice cream CONe which makes him settle down comfortably. | en- "make, put in" + sconce "small fortification, shelter," | Ensconce - en (IN) sconce (SECONDS) when return home, IN SECONDS you can 'settle down comfortably'. | ENSCONCE : contains the word CONC which is a short form of whenyou concentrate you fix yourself very firmly, so it can be used as an hint | sound like CONE...if you put the cone upside down on the remains stable and settles comfortably. | EN(In) Science quizzes you have to settle yourself comfortably, safely, secretly.... | ENSCONCE= EStablish+wisCONSIN. I EStablish in WISCONSIN as it is COMFORTABLE AND SAFE PLACE. | | EnsconceEns(Ans) + Once hence boy says to gf Ans me Once do you love me and l will not move from here till you say yes
ensue: follow (as a result)
After u sue the person in the court, the case will ensue. | ensue..sounds like ensure.....and you ensure your friends that HARD WORK IS ALWAYS FOLLOWED BY GOOD RESULT..... | Pursue means follow. | end of issue;so there'll b a result | AS A CONSEQUENCE,it RESULTED IN(EN) SU(e)ing the govt. | when u sue a person u get the result from the court | pani pine ke baad su su is the consquence result | He PURSUED SUE INto the woman's bathroom. | sue(resembles a suit filed in a court which results in altercation) | if u want to ensue=ensure something u should follow rules
entail: make necessary; require; necessitate; involve; limit the inheritance of (property) to a specified succession of heirs; Ex. entail A on/upon B
"tail" is a necessary thing for all necessary | en(become) +tail...becoming a tail to someone means acting like atoady....which some ppl do coz its necessary for their promotion | TAIL is NECESSARY for the bird to change direction in air...ENTAIL means NECESSITATE/ REQUIRE | entail means:to involve sth that cannot be avoided...entail sounds like INTEL so one has to involve intel if he is making a computer. | just like a tail is necessary foralmost every mammal so it is needed and necessary | Entail- Enabling retail in selling goods is unavoidable.
enterprise: willingness to take new ventures; initiative; business organization; plan (that is difficult or daring); Ex. their latest enterprise to sail round the world in a small boat
Think of Microsoft office Enterprise. It is a very important and difficult project
ephemeral: short-lived; fleeting
sounds like e-funeral. Electric funeral is SHORT | 'fermi' is a very small secientific unit [10 ^(-15)]So think of fremi second with ephemeral (e-phermi-real) | elephant+marela hai..he lived short! :| | sounds similar to epidural, which would make giving birth go by much quicker | epHEMeral contains the word HEMI, which means half. (It takes half or a shorter time) | apheme (which is a drug) ka nasha bahut hi ephemeral hota hai | ephemeral sounds like effervescence...which is momentary bubbling of a gas | PERENNIAL-lasting for a long time....perennial rivers which carry water round the year..EPHEMERAL rivers..which carry water for a short period | ephemeral = if(ep) he murder( mer) all, if the the cat is able to murder the rates then rats life will be short span.
epic: long heroic poem, novel, or similar work of art (celebrating the feats of a hero); ADJ: (of stories or events) resembling an epic; grand
epic(E+PIC)excellent pics are described in novel and heroic poems
epicure: connoisseur of food and drink; gourmet; ADJ. epicurean; CF. Epicurus who can write an EPIC on CURRY has to be a CONNOISSEUR OF FOOD.. | epicure - appy (a soft drink made fromapple)+ cure.....imagine,a food lover is cured by drinkingAppy. | an epicure.. should take a pedicure.. as he doesnt want dirt from his nails to fall in his dishes.. :D (ya..i kno//..its stupid..) | Epic + Curry.The lover of food called the curry epic. | PEDICURE---CARING OF YOUR FEEETEPICURE----CARING OF YOUR STOMACH | epicure(E+P+I+Care)the Emergent Personal Incharge Cares his boss meal because he is refined in taste | epicure = e + pi + cure;pi means get cure from disease if you take food & drink properly.
epicurean: believing that pleasure is good and suffering is bad and should be avoided; N.
EUROPEANS live luxurious life.....they dont give a shit to people who they are EPICUREAN | Link it to the word epicure which means the same. | APPLE CURE
epigram: witty thought or saying, usually short
telegram--simple note....epigram---witty note | A PIG RAN...."be courageous..don run away like a pig" dats an epigram | epig+ram—epig+ram—in the EPIC ramayan, RAM used to say WISE and WITTY things | What is an epigram? A dwarfish whole, its body brevity, and wit its soul.Samuel Taylor Coleridge | Epic+gram(short)....hence epigram is a short witty poem, maxim..... | EPIC GRAM = an EPIC is something phenomenal, but a GRAM is a small unit of measure or a mode of communication such as a telegram made brief by the word GRAM. Thus we have a phenomenal statement of few words. | have u heard song 100 gram zinjdagi of movie guzarish,its like a poem which expresses the idea of life. | epigram= gram of a epic is always a short saying.
epilogue: short speech at conclusion of dramatic work
Epilogue = Dialogue (at the end of a play/drama)
enamored: in love; Ex. enamored of his own beauty; V. enamor: inspire with love
Enamor is a famous brand of bras. Who's not "in love" with bras? :P | en+AMOR+ed.....focus on middle part amor...AMOUR..MEANS A LOVE AFFAIR.....SO SOMEONE WHO IS ENAMORED...IS IN LOVE. | enaMOREd..u go on asking more n more if ur in love with it | enAMORed remember amorous....moved by sexual love and so enAMORed is IN LOVE | IN AMORE | enamored= name + marred i.e. as occurs in hindi movies- uske naam pe mar mituga, so u r in LOVE.
encipher: encode; convert a message into code; put into cipher
cipher is a secret when you encipher you encode and when you decipher you decode. | rhymes with decipher...its actually de opp of decipher,so it means to encode...
encircle: surround
enclave: territory enclosed within an alien land
An enclave is enclosed. | AN +CAVE -cave is also enclosed | the name of my apartment is viswasai enclave grt mnemonic for me stupids
encomiastic: praising; eulogistic; N. encomium: very high praise; eulogy
comiac looks like comic... a comic character is always praised by children. | sounds like "Encourage the majesty" ie by praising the majesty | Encomiastic sounds like "Encore" asking...demanding an encore performance from a rock band is very flattering for the band! | encomiastic: it soundslike economistic/ecnomist: an economist is always a praise worthy because he is the one who saves country with all his skill from inflation.
encompass: surround; include; Ex. His activities encompass publishing and computers.
We use compass to draw circle…which sorrounds or includes da area with in it… | we use a compass to navigate through a territory
enterprising: full of initiative; showing enterprise
enterprise dukan kholane ke liye brave aur full of initiative hona chahiye.. risk to hoti hi hain
enthrall: capture; enslave; captivate; hold the complete attention of (as if magic); hold spellbound
Enthrall(sounds like Enter Hall)When you entered your most liked hall then you got enraptured. | en+thrall(very close to word thrill......)and you are thrilled by seeing this enthralling jump in sea......... | enthrall = Throw in a hall..that is when you capture someone you throw them in a hall | enthiran sounds like enthrall the movie was fascinating andgrabbed the attention of all | The heart-throb girl of your campus can easily enthrall you. | it's written like "troll" from fantasy books... and they are (sometimes) also created by spells, of stone, whatever.
entice: lure; persuade to do (something wrong); attract; tempt
Everyone got soATTRACTED to the ENTICEr bike that they were TEMPTED to buy it.. | Rhymes with MICE.A bait is used to entice a MICE | ENforce To task.. | entice:Enter the extra fish into neighbour freeze ice by entice
entity: real being
entomology: study of insects
ent(sounds like ant...and ants come under insects)+ logy(means study) studying about insects. | entomology(entomos=insect,logus=study) ,so entomology is the study of insects.
entourage: group of attendants; retinue; CF. surround
enTOURage , at this age if you go on a tour, you need to go in a group. | when u enter+our(youth)+age u need to be careful so u need bodyguard or escort... hence the meaning | to plan foreign TOUR you need the group of adviser,assistanti.e retinue
equable: tranquil; of even calm temper; (of temperature) steady; uniform
Equable rhymes like Equally stable, any one who is equally stable is not easily irritated. | ABLE to take EQUALLY either good or bad
equanimity: calmness of temperament; composure
EQUAL+ENEMY(ity) Seeeing enemy as a friend i.e., with CALMNESS OF TEMPERAMENT. | equal mind | When meditating, you find equanimity when you find your EQUILIBRIUM. | equanimity | equi + animitywhen one thinks about other creatures as equal to himself, he or she has a great composure of mind and is calm and thoughtful about others.. | equanimity=equal+enmity; when u see your ENEMY u get angry; so it is necessary for u to maintain EQUAL temper and calmness if you are in public to avoid any outroar
equestrian: rider on horseback; ADJ.
pedestrian -- a person who travels by foot...Equestrian -- a person who travels on an equine(horse)(relating to the family equidae) | Horseback riders like to go on quests through the woods. | e+quest+rian(ryan)....ryan was a boy who questes for knowledge therfore in order to explore the forests he went on a HORSE RIDE | equal to train in speed as then horse ride
equilibrium: balance of opposing forces; balance of the mind; equanimity
equine: resembling a horse; Ex. equine face
feline-catlikevulpine-foxlike not wolflupine-wolflike not lionleonine-lionlikebovine-cowlikeequine-horselike | queen sitting on a horse | canine...Doglike
equinox: period of equal days and nights; the beginning of spring and autumn; Ex. vernal/autumnal equinox; ADJ. equinoctial
Equi+ nocturnal. | eq+inox - when the spring and autumn season appears we are happy to go to INOX for wtching movies | Equinox --- Equ- which its latin root is aequus meaning equal and nox which is a latin word meaning night. If these two words get together, the whole word figuratively means equal night. The day and night are equal in equinox | remember ur geography lectures
episodic: (of a story or play) loosely connected; made up of separate and loosely connected parts; N. episode: incident in the course of an experience
episode+ic...we watch the serial saas bhi kabhi bahu thi in episodes from mon to thur and not we are watching it in seperate parts WHICHHARDLY CONNECT TO OUR BRAINS .....lolzzz hence episodic-loosely connected
epistemologist: philosopher who studies the nature of knowledge; N. epistemology
epistemologist:-concentrate on stem .if you want to reach the stem of any thing you should have knowledge | epistemologist:-concentrate on stem .if you want to reach the stem of any thing you should have knowledge ,sorry i cheated | epistemologist = having significant knowledge in stem.
epitaph: inscription in memory of a dead person (as on a tombstone)
a person writing on the tomb of his father - 'e pitah' | a(e) pit up(aph)above the pit of burried | Remember Tajmahal built by Shahajahan in memory of his beloved wife | u will find an epitaph on a cenotaph (a monument/tomb of a person whose remains are located elsewhere) | Dont Pi(drink in hindi) tap water.. or ull soon have an epitaph of ur name.. :D | Epitaph of a person....who generally drank(PI) water from the TAP directly
epithet: word or phrase characteristically used to describe a person or thing; descriptive phrase to characterize a person (often contemptous)
Concentrate on the latter part of the word, epiTHET (Threat): If someone threatens you, he's going to use abusive words. | epithet = a + pithet - a pathetic(person)...pathetic is anadjective. | E+PIT+HET~A PET name that HURTS... | api+thittu (telugu)IF a singer is bad, you api (to stop) and then tittu (scold). you give him an epiteth. | Concentrate on the word PIT and gives a meaning defamatory. | A pathetic person hurls insults at others rather than speaks his truth. | E-PIT(beat)-THAT- that person was pita gaya(beat) and abused too. | Epi(appy)+thet(theft) - Appy ko theft karne par abusive word | Epithet
epitome: perfect example or embodiment; brief summary; Ex. epitome of good manners; V. epitomize: make an epitome of; be an epitome of; embody
Epi(EPIC)+tome(TOMB)...there is a EPIC about the TOMB of Mumtaz Mahal (TAJ MAHAL) that it takes nearly 200 years to completethat’s why it’s A PERFECT EXAMPLE of MUGHAL ARCHITECTURE | epitome,at d end it sounds like TOM-remember tom n jerry r d "perfect example" of EPIc. | e+pi+tome:tome is a book, mathematical pi is concise.So epitome = a concise prologue or epilogue of the book.Also means example | epi+tomb(tome)...qutubshahi tombs contain dead bodies of emperors therefore these bodies are EMBODIED into them and these tombs are still in a perfect condition hence they ARE A PERFECT EXAMPLE | a happy home is a perfect example for everyone of living life blissfully. | EPITOME: E+PIT+OME, Don't fall in pit by not doing home work like Rahul(Example) | A BIT OF ME - epitome: a standard or typical example | e(he)+ pito(marna) + me(mujhe).. so usne mujhe mara, it is a 'perfect example' that he is a gunda! | epitome=optimumoptimum designs are always epitome
epoch: period of time
epics are based on epoch's | ye pouch(mobile pouch)-it can be used for certain period of time.... | e(a) + poch(porche car) is so expensive it takes a epoch of time just to make and deliver one! | e+poch : pocha (cleaning) it will tak time for the pocha (cleaning the room) | Birth of Muhammad was major EPOCH in PAK's History | The Epoch Times-Its a chinese newspaperRemember time...then you'll get to 'period of time'
equipoise: balance; balancing force; equilibrium
equi + pose = If you hold an equal weight in both hands you will have a better pose. | Equipoise= Break it as EQUAL +POSITION, i.e a "state of balance." | Equi+poise is balanced of weight of equal~ POISE( a unit of weight) | Equipoise= Break it as EQUAL +POSITION, i.e a "state of balance." | Ind V Pak match is equally poised.. Ravi Shastri
equitable: fair; impartial; OP. inequitable
Mom made a cake and distributed it EQUALLY to everyone sitting at the TABLE, being impartial and fair .. | Having EQUAL TABLEs in division of assets
equity: fairness; justice; OP. inequity
equivocal: (of words or statements) ambiguous; intentionally misleading; (of behavior) questionable; OP. unequivocal
If everyone spoke in an "equal-voice" you wouldn't be able to decipher who was calling. | equally vocal about both the ideas which are contradictory.. | It's just talk, it doesn't mean anything: It's EQUAL to VOCAL. | Both party's advocates are equivocal. they always mislead judge.. vocate in advocate relates to vocal | The opposite of equivocal (ambiguous/uncertain) is unequivocal (absolute/certain)
equivocate: use equivocal language to deceive people; lie; mislead; attempt to conceal the truth; N. equivocation
equi(equal) vocal(sound)... if we make similar sounds then it would be ambiguous(unclear) to distinguish!! | equi+vocate sounds like advocate... corrupt advocates LIE, to CONCEAL THE TRUTH which MISLEADS the judge.. | equivocate = equi + vocate = equal + voice ~ambiguous | Don't equivocate, say it straight | Equivovate - when someone equally -- agrees(vocate) with two pwople... he is lying | adVOCATEalways MISLEAD the judge even though if he is NOT CLEAR about the case...
erode: eat away; wear away gradually by abrasion; Ex. The sea erodes the rocks.
Erode~corrode---eating away..... | iron rod in rain and sun, gets eroded | Eat + corrode. | Erode- rode-ride a horse so its hoof
euthanasia: mercy killing
"youth in asia" nowadays agree with mercy killing. | euthanasia = Use Excessive Anesthasia. Using excessive anesthasia would result in killing
evanescent: fleeting; vanishing; soon disappearing; V. evanesce
Remember it as "I want scent. Scent evaporates like vapour. | Vanishing Scent | e-vanescent.. vanescent sounds like vanishing.. hence.. | EVADE+SCENT....evading scent.... | Even most persistent sent last only for a little time and then evaporates. | Evaporated scent;just like its vapors,disappearing from sight and memory | Evaporate as Scent | HEAVEN SCENT
evasive: not frank; trying to hide the truth; eluding; evading; V. evade: avoid (a duty or responsibility) or escape from by deceit
Evasive when pronounced include evade which means avoid answering and escape physically or mentally.. | Evade - [GAME] NFS Most Wanted we have to evade from police Forces. | it sounds (he was away) to save his friend from police . he says (he + was +away)imply deceive. | evasive:-e+vas+drive.when any batsmen from world try to drive the vas delivery they got out.because it is a elusive delivery.may pepole get out on that delivery
evenhanded: impartial; fair
even no is divisible by 2 so if you have 100 rupees, you divide it by 2 and have 50 rs in left hand and 50 rs right hand so no 'PARTIALITY'. | EVEN + HANDED - Even (that which is equal or proper) + Handed (handled)... a situation that has been fairly or properly handled or judged. | divide evenly to the hand of two(not partial)
eventual: happening at last as a result; Ex. eventual victory
evince: show clearly
sounds like evidence which means to showclearly. | to convince u have to evince. | EVINCE sounds like evidence, this evidence CLEARLY SHOWS that he is guilty | if evince {pronouncesd as (h)e wins} it is SHOWN CLEARLY in his face | remember convince, to convince some first evince (show them clearly the scenario) | kate vicelet evince that she will marry | To convince one must evince (show clearly) the evidence. | Remember VINCE MCMAN from Wrestling? Vince was implicated in the MURDER of eddy guerrero because the vid Evidence SHOWED CLEARLY that he committed it. | ~convinceab convince karne ki liye dihakana to padega hi(show clearly)
estranged: separated; alienated; V. estrange: alienate (people in a family); N. estrangement
eSTRANGElooks like stranger.We are always alienated towards strangers. | strange-strange people are alienated. | estranged = make strangs of meaning alienating each strang | like becoming strangers
ethereal: like a spirit or fairy; unearthly light; heavenly; unusually refined; Ex. She has an ethereal beauty; CF. ether: upper air
Ether is used in scents.Its smell is so pleasant that it makes person light and heavenly | ethereal = not real :like a spirit or fairy; unearthly heavenly | Ethereal = Ether + eal; we all know that ether is an imaginary media. | ETHER IS PRESENT ALL AROUND THE SPACE IF U GO OUT OF OUR ATMOSPHERE WERE EVERYTHING IS LIGHT AND NOT AFFECTED BY GRAVITY | Picture a man fly fishing. He cast his fly into the AIR then REELS it in. | yes Swargiya Devatas are on earth, its real
ethnic: relating to races
Ethnics have always particular ETHICS |
ethnology: study of humankind; study of the different races of human beings; CF. anthropology
ETHANOL is family of alcohol discovered by HUMAN. OLOGY is study.. i.e HUMAN+STUDY.. implies study of humankind ;-)
ethos: underlying character of a culture, group, etc.; character or ideas peculiar to a specific person, group, or culture; Ex. the company ethos
ETHOS = ETHICS | ethos sounds like athos~ athos reminds me of slumdog millionaire, a movie which definately depicted the disposition of indian society | indians have very THOS(tough to follow) ETHOS | Ethos = enter the operating system, the password or the thing required to enter the operating system.
etymology: study of word parts; study of the origins of words
eugenic: pertaining to the improvement of race; N. eugenics: study of hereditary improvement of the human race
eu+genic...trying to improve your genes which imply heriditary which imply race | eugenic-- 'eu'(good as in euthanasia)+ 'genic' (pertaining to genes)hence when u pass good genes it helps in improvement of race!!! | Bharath sarkar ne ye "eugena" banaya for improvement of race.. "eugenic" | EU = European Union, gene = genetic. The genes of EU people are superior (good looks etc.). Therefore, eugenics = study to make race superior. | EUGENIC CORPORATION ALTERS UR DNA TO MPROVE UR RACE
eulogistic: praising; full of eulogy
If youhave the "logic"or a logical reasoning, then everyone will surely PRAISE you. | Praising of LOGITECH JOYSTICS ,keyboard , mouse is done by every person.. | EU: EuropianLLogisticso becomes praise europian logistic business(atleast better then China)
eulogy: expression of praise, often on the occasion of someone's death; V. eulogize
eulogy = eu-'good' + log 'root: logue [dialogue, talk, speech]'= Good speech | eulogy = Euler + geometry; Euler was very good at geometry; so we praise him, give him a EULOGY | story:my friend on seeing a dead body "eeeuuuu" and i gave a whole speech onhonouring the dead so thats how the word eulogy came into existence....;) | Eu-logy sounds like (U-R-GREAT-GEE ) After person gave this life in War for his country ,His friend expresses this honour by crying ( formal expression of praise) | EU(English Usage like we have in cat)+Logic....your teacher is praising you that your English usage logic awesome man!!!!! | sounds 'ur logic'some one praises about your logic.. thts eulogy | When I eulo-gize I am humb-le-ized, like I am in-front-of-God | EU (European Union)+ logy (study)== If someone study about EU,he'll be praised formally :)
euphemism: mild expression in place of an unpleasant one; ADJ. euphemistic
Assuming: females are milder than males as they are more emotionally inclined.It reads like E(xpress) U(yourself) Phemism(like feminism). | you+feminisn(sounds like) girls try to avoid certain words and circumlocate... so if u practise euphemism, you act like a female | eu- | eu ‘well’ + phēmē ‘speaking.’ | eu(r u?)+phemism(feminist)instead of saying " r u feminist" we can say " r u in favor of women rights?" because the first one seems hursh and rude :) | Euphemism = e + u + ph + emission; your phone emission i.e sound is sweet.
euphony: sweet sound; ADJ. euphonious
Sounds like SYMPHONY. Music is sweet sounding. | eu refers to be good and phony refers to good sound ! | Cacophony is apposite of Euphony.... | EUPHOria is a band which has PLEASANT SOUND | when you come on phone, telephony sounds real sweet
euphoria: feeling of exaggerated or unfounded(ungrounded; baseless) well-being; feeling of great happiness or well-being (when unreasonable); ADJ. euphoriaric
relate it to an album released by the Euphoria whichmost of the songs give a message to live happily. | if U(eu) live FOR(phori) others (like mother teresa)...that's the best way to live...and u'll always be happy...!!! | can b remembered as :euphoria is the name of the fest in vasavi college so v l b in highly elated n in high spirits at dat point f time so euphoria means to "B ELATED" | Remember PALASH SEN'S music band EUPHORIA whose music made us feel HAPPY | you live for ... me extremely happy.. and also exaggerated
eschew: avoid habitually; Ex. eschew alcoholic drinks
es+CHEW... CHEWING a CHEWINGGUM IS A BAD HABIT while working in an office, so you must avoid this HABIT. | ppl tend to avoid u..when u have severe cold and u say.."AAAh chuu!!" | EScape from CHEWing tobacco. | we chew Chewing Gum to avoid Smoking habit | eSCHEW could be thought as "SHOO".. as in shoo away, which is a form of avoiding... | If somebody have just pulled out his tooth then he he would have to ESCHEW (Avoid) chewing... | Eschew cashew's if you're allergic to nuts! | To avoid having to "chew the cud" with her, I shun answering the phone. | es+CHEW - You chew a chewing gum but you HABITUALLY AVOID gulping it. | Ee + shoe - Avoid it. This shoes is very old and torn. avoid using it. | Rhymes with Skew- not in a straight direction hence u AVOID whats ahead ofyou
esoteric: hard to understand; known only to the chosen few, esp. initiates; N. esoterica
HISTORIC things are known to few people | the world is like Estrogen, which is a female hormone..and we all know that females are HARD TOUNDERSTAND and KNOWN ONLY TO FEW :) !! | Experts (E) are so (SO) fond of terrible (TER) words. | Esoteric | its so tedha (hard to understand) | jumbling 'esoteric' gives the word 'secret'.. esoteric relates to secret brotherhood kind-of.. its mysterious and also understood only by the members of that group | E-sot-eric sounds like: "He sought eric" to explain to him the difficult philosophy text. | esoTERIC-TERRIFIC.something terrific is difficult to understand | Esoteric: E(Einstein)+So+Teric(Terrific=of great size,amount,or intensity, excellent),Hence Einstein theories(general relativity) are SO Terific,only known or understood to only few | esoteric = e + storic = one story; It is included in a story. | A sort of trick - So understood by only few people | Eso sounds like "S" and "O" which stand for specific organization | toyota big...iota small | hE'S SO TERribly InCoherent | e+so(some)+termSo few people | A religion that finds AIR SO TERRIfiC/ is known and understood only by a few.
espionage: spying
A spy engaged | eSPIonage pick the word spy which means jasoosi | es(pion)ageConsider the word in bracket.Pion sounds like PEON. As we all know, in movies, a peon will know evrythng about what goes on in office/college etc ...So how does he come to know??By SPYING | spi on age.. in our teen age parents use to spy... whether children r'nt doin ne thing wrong..
espouse: adopt; support (an idea or aim); marry; N. espousal
pick the word spouselike the wife is the spouse of her husband and is always supportive of him. | a person and his spouse will adopt.... | ESPOUSE rhymes with MOUSE so MOUSE provides SUPPORT for the computer | Quite simple! - After e-mails,e(electronic)-weddings, it is now e-spouse in the internet era, espousing the modern tech world ideas.
esteem: respect; value; judge; N.
esteem-those who own a esteem car are considered respectful. | esteem(sounds like stem)The stem of asparagus isvaluable | relate esteem with esteem car...
estimable: (of a person) worthy of esteem; admirable; deserving esteem; possible to estimate
firstly... estimable - estimate. able to calculate.secondly, estimable-esteem.. and esteem means respect. | Estimable/Esteem= great respect,Just think in olden days if any one goes in Ford Esteem Car they will be respected,since they are Rich and helps others..... | estimable(stem +able)The stem of asparagus is able to cure heart disease so it is highly valuable,worthy and respectful
evocative: tending to call up (emotions, memories)
Provocative- cause to start something (provoke).Evocative- an effect of something (evoke).Provoke:evoke::cause:effect | evoke means to call up.voke sounds like woke.Mom woke me up by calling me. | Eve brought eight (octive) apples to Adam
evoke: call forth (memory or feeling); Ex. That old film evoked memories of my childhood; N. evocation
EVOKE is to CALL FORTH and EVOKE sounds like awake, now, in order to awake someone from sleep you have to call out. | EVOKE - AROUSE...if you arouse or evoke the evil powers, you are sure to be doomed.
ewe: female sheep
Like eve -- Adam's wife in Judeo-Christian mythology: the first woman and mother of the human race; God created Eve from Adam's rib and placed Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden | At Eve (evening)EWE give milk to her Lamb | ewe -sounds like ewa REMEMBER WALL-E movie female character ewa...hope it helps u..:D | ewe: yeve is wat a telugu husband calls his wife. so yeve isfemale sheep. for telugu guys | Evening me lagane wala program,, Shaun The Sheep
exacerbate: worsen; aggravate; embitter
Latin ex+acerb+ate; Latin acerb- means bitter, harsh; So exacerbate means to make bittter, to worsen. | if in an Exam u keep your hand on your head[ie SAR(in hindi)/CER] wil WORSEN your paper... | "Ex Her b Ate".. her ex came and ate with her family. which worsen the relation even more. | Mr.Ex(x) hit his old acer car with a bat now he worsened the condition of his car | exacerbate:ex wife sara did not cooperate,she made it worse. | Exacerbate: Ex(Ex means old,like ExGirlFriend)+Acer(Acer Laptop)+Bate(Bat):Just Imagine ur Ex(old)Acer Laptop is not working,so u got angry and bet with a Bat(BATE),then it became more worsen,completely worsen.....ExAcerBate | Exacerbate=Ex(Extra)+ Acerbate(make worse),,so worsen | Exacerbate also means irritate means exasperate....hence Exacerbate= Exasperate... | ex:excess acer:similar like acid; so excess acid means worst | sounds extra + bate(beat)as he bated him too much, it worsened his condition and he is in ICU now.. | He made everything worse by chopping her head off: AXED HER PATE | ex=extra + cerb=service given to make something worse. | Extra Masturbate= worsen the condition of body. One feel lot of weakness after that. | exacerbate = ex + acer = too + sharp(Greek) - not good | ex+acerb+ate; imagine 'ex' from expand and acerb- means bitter, harsh; So exacerbate means to expand the bitterness so as to worsen. | Exam sir pe baithi hain aur beta khana nahi khara raha hain.. kyunki bemar hain.. | when he (ate) an (ex)pired medicine, it worsened the fever. | EX - AKAR (acer)- BAITHA (bate)- so wen u r in park baju me ex akar baitha so it made things worse
exact: demand and obtain by force; Ex. exact a promise from him; N. exaction
I want the EXACT amount! nothing more nothing less! very demanding | EXACT is like EXTRACT... you extract or obtain something by force. | exact-ex+act ..if you act in a film you will take or demand money..
exacting: extremely demanding; Ex. exacting standard of safety
Exacting.....he wants thing too be too exact and precise...hence he is making great demands!!!! | an EXTREMELY DEMANDING person wants everything to be EXACTly as he wants it to be. EXACT = EXTREMELY DEMANDING. | when you are acting you will be in demand or acting is an extremely demanding profession
exalt: raise in rank or dignity; praise highly; inspire; Ex. exalt the imagination; ADJ. exalted; N. exaltation
ALT(=altitude) = RAISE; EXALT = pRAISE | ex(tra) + alt(itude) = rise high = praise | ex + alt (altitude)..when your ex-girlfriend reaches a higher level in her career..she gets high praise. | exalt-(ex-before and alt-altitude)which means to raise in rank(altitude )then before
exasperate: vex; annoy or make angry (by testing the patience)
exasperate(excess + parade)=hence u r ill and if u r asked to parade excess u will annoy and become angry as it may worsen your health condition | EXASPERATE ~ x + separate; if you are going to irritate your wife frequently, she may separate from you and will be called as your x-wife. | exasperate = expired aspirin + ate- I ate expired aspirin which worsened my health | EXASPERATE... ASPER (ASPIRIN) + ATE.... I ate an aspirin to get over my exasperation. | exasperate= extras appu ra... you will get irritated with the extras then you will cry out extras appu ra.. | when you r exasperated, you shout mujhe separate chod do | in our indian kitchen we use EXAST FAN to move out hot air.and EXASperate means to make some body hot or annoyed. | exasperate = extra + seperate: seperate the extra carrier signal signal to get the orginal one
except: exclude; N. exception: objection; exclusion; ADJ. exceptional: unusual; of unusually high quality
accept x except
exceptionable: objectionable; likely to cause dislike; offensive; CF. unexceptionable: entirely acceptable
He is not exceptional but exceptionable hence he is open to objections or he is a person to which objection may be taken | u should always be exceptional...not exceptionable...!!! | opposite of exceptio"nal".....means objection"able"
excerpt: selected passage (written or musical) taken from a longer work; V.
ex+cer+pt= extract certain part (or passage) | think of an expert who can select Passages from a larger piece of work. | excerpt sounds like except...except is without or selected so excerpt is selected | ExerPT..split it as Exercise in a PPT.. So u generally put only SELECTED PASSAGE from longer works into a PPT
exchequer: treasury; Ex. Chancellor of the exchequer
cheque ~ money ~ treasury | EXCHEQUER- remember the word CHEQ(check)- so u put a check on the TREASURE that u possess.. (keep checking on the treasury)
excise: cut away; cut out; N: government tax on good produced and used inside a country; N. excision
Exercise will excise (or cut down) your fat. | Excise commissioner will always cut down your finances ;) | ax-size - with ax you cut away | excise is similiar to precise.. meaning cut down
exclaim: cry out suddenly; N. exclamation; ADJ. exclamatory
When kinds fail to CLAIM they start crying suddenly ;-) | exclaim= exclamation means sudden feeling, urge, cry | When your ex claims sth he/she usually cries out suddenly
excoriate: scold with biting harshness; censure strongly; strip the skin off
Examiner (EX-) ne meri kori (cori)(in hindi blank) answer sheets ko dekh ke mujhe bahut harsh remarks diye. | excoriate(sounds like ex-koriate) koreans are chinese and they are good infighting and tend to rip the skin off ( a korean ate you !)so being very severe! | If you excrete on somebody, you will get excoriated. | split it as ex + coria + ate... so spell coria as korea now koreans are harsh and they will strip your skin off | excoriate rhymes with EXFOLIATE which means to remove (dead) in a way it is to ABRADE or FLAY | x-core hate - hardcore hate | ex+co(ko)+ri(re)+ate (attend) karro...u break up with ur present gal friend since ur ex-gf creates a conflict between u u attend ur ex-gal and scold her bitterly...excoriate her | Corriagated cardboard has deep holes in it, which is what one does to someone when they harshly denounce, or vituperate, them. | AXE+CORIATE....jab teacher ne meri cori book dekhi toh unhone axe se usko excoriate kiya.... | ex+cori+ate= your ex cori ate you with her criticism and wanted to rip off your skin bc she was so mad | Ex gori gfs will always have bad opinion on you... | EXCORIATE=EXCLUDE KORIAN-I LOVED A KORIAN GIRL.BUT MY DAD TOLD ME TO EXCLUDE KORIAN GIRL FROM YR GF LIST.SHADI K LIYE BOHOT DISAPPROVAL SIGN DIKHAYA | ex-(express)-core(h)ate express core hate by berate or vituperating someone | ex(OLD)+cori(korean)+ate--old koreans used to eat human by "tearing and wearing off their skin" there is "strong disapproval" for this custom... | | Apni EX ko kaise rate karoge? - critize hi karoge
exculpate: clear from blame or guilt
exculpate sounds like ex-culprit = culprit...but now he has been cleared of the charges. | ex(expert)+culpate(culprit) expert culprit are always clear from blame ,, | Honor the culprit by exonerating and exculpating | When the accused is deemed an ex-culprit / Once a jury of peers votes to exculpate, / The court of law issues a formal writ, / Evidence of the verdict to vindicate. | culpable is blame.exculpate is removing the blame
execrable: very bad; detestable
Execrable = exe + cr + able; this *.exe file is a 'crappy' virus and is 'able' to badly harm your computer. | Forcing the CRIPLED to do EXERCISE is EXECRABLE(very bad) | pronounce it as "x-scrabble".. we are VERY BAD in scrabble(game) | execrable(sounds like) EXCRETABLE.. so the BAD toxins are let out.. or they arent liked by anyone so detestable ,abominable and very bad | exeCRABle - "crab" looks very bad!!. | execrable = exe + cr(curse)+ able ( or exe + curseable )which means cursed executable which means a virus which is detestableabominable | executionable, someone so bad, detestable that he should be executed | Excessive Crab is bad for health. | execrable(very bad) crabs | excretion(shit) smells bad... so bad situation | | pronounce as excretable: demanding so much curse that u need to excrete on it | EXEC+ABLE Execute Able virus is utterly detestable | execrable=EX-CR-APPLE- EXCLUDE CRAPPY APPLES FROM BUSKET.CUZ THOSE ARE BAD & DETASTEFUL | You Execrate something execrable. | execrable - just like how you execrete the rubble(rubbish), you rub off a person as detestable | exe(out) + crab + le.. eating crabs coming out of the sea is very bad and detestable | crab is able to ex(cut) your body i.e it can harmful for you body. | EX-SCRABBLE is a game in another dimension where your exes must play scrabble games using words about you. Whoever loses is executed. [bahahha WOAH scary scary]
execrate: curse; express abhorrence for; detest
Execrate = exe + crate. This *.exe file is a 'curse' for my computer; it 'created' thousands of folders automatically. | As the eggs rate is too high, I have begun to abhor (detest) them. | consECRATE is to beatify,to worship or bless..opposite is exECRATE-to curse or anathemize | execrate-split it as 'exec'utive 'rate'..if you ask a female executive herrate for 1 night,she will get angry and execrate you..PS:i know its senselessdont execrate me for this:P.. | you execrate (curse) what is execrable (very bad). | Ex out the greatness of someone. | EXCLUDE CRAPPY APPLE FROM YR DISH.OTHERWISE YR MOM IS GOING TO CURSE U | execrate = ex + secrate i.e say something non-sacred or curse. | if you cut the secrate in construction company evil will come out from that. | try to relate with Ex·crete ,which we hate someone doing openly.
exemplify: show by example; furnish an example; serve as an example of; Ex. His pictures exemplify that sort of painting.
amplify with example
exempt: not subject to a duty or obligation; free from a duty; V.
attempt - to do some thing ;exempt - to get relieve from some thing | EGGS EMPTY - no more eggs shop closed fr literally means free from duty
exertion: effort; expenditure of much physical work; V. exert oneself: make a great effort
| Exertion sounds like action. While doing any action we use our effort.
exhale: breathe out; OP. inhale
exhilarating: invigorating and refreshing; cheering; V. exhilarate: make cheerful and excited; Ex. exhilarated by the ride in the sports car
hilarating -hilarious means cheering | "accelerating" .. give a little acceleration to ur car to refresh this journey. | the presentation became EXHILARATING after the presenter came up with a HILARIOUS joke. | Exhale a sigh of relief.
exhort: urge (by strong argument or advice); Ex. The general exhorted his men to fight bravely; N. exhortation
My friend EXHORTED us that wego for the EXORCIST movie and we EXCORIATED him for such an EXECRABLE idea.but then we EXCULPATED him. | exert - to do something;exhort - to urge someone to do something | my ex gf is vry hot(hort)...she urges men .... | extra + hot...ll urge evry1. | simply remember 'escort' | exhort very close to exhaust...ex..(exhaust)+hort(resort)....when you get exhausted by staying in encourage or urge your dad to stay in a resort........... | exhort:ex+heartto urge by strong appels (to urge by heart) | Exhort- EX, snORT.ManyEX-crackheads have the urge or exhort to snORT crack. | exhort sounds like exhaust; if you’re extremely exhausted, how will you exhort the crowd to cheer louder? You need lots of energy to exhort the crowd. | exert someone to do something | reah exhort like eh + heart your heart always urges you to do things | Exhort = ex (cut) + short,i.e cut the shortage help it to overcome.
execute: put into effect; carry out; kill as a lawful punishment; N. execution
Execrate: Exact+rate: if you pay exact rate in the restaurant and no tip for the server, then he will curse you...
executioner: person administering capital punishment
executive: person having administrative authority; one branch of government executing laws; ADJ: relating to executing
executor: person designated to execute the terms of a will;
exegesis: explanation, especially of biblical(of the bible) passages
Exegesis- EXEcuted, JESUS please explain how Jesus was executed. | EXEcute GEneSIS(part of the Holy Bible)- to interpret the Bible & explain it. | EX+GESIS i.e. explain about Jesus(generally found in bible) | exe+ges+is (explain your guess work) | Please explain to us how to execute the Genesis project! | explain whatever yuor guess it | ex means explain, e.g means example,sis means sister i.e explain example e sis plz. | Take exit G sis | *.EXE files are created by geniuses..please explain how to create
exemplary: serving as a model; outstanding; Ex. exemplary punishment/behavior; N. exemplar: typical example; model
serving as an example | exemplary...exam+Bappi Leheri.....bappi leheri got 0 in xam but didnt copy...this shows how exemplary and unimpeachable is he.......:) | think of that word as example and an example is an outstanding and a worthy to be imitated kind of fact
exhume: dig out of the ground; remove from a grave
ex meaning out and hume sounds similar to exhume is to take out the human body from the grave. | (ex)-out (hume)-humous,earth. thus to dig out from the earth | (ex)-out+(hume)-humous... thus dig out | EX-HUME :- Sounds lyk Bad Fumes Which generally comes out when a grave is dug out. | exhume.ex(suppose a died),hum(human).a died person is dig out to exmaine | Ex + Human is dead man , so digging out from grave of a dead body is exhume. | exhume.....sounds like digging up the grave for the medical examination of the dead body...............below is picture where a soldier's body is reburied by other soldiers..... | He was a human now he's ex-human(corpse) and resting in grave. Exit of ex-human.
exigency: urgent situation; ADJ. exigent
exigency ~ exit + emergency;you remember the emergency exit, only when at the time of an urgent situation. | Exigency and Emergency rhyme....... | think of urgency/emergency | EXtreme + urGENCY = EXIGENCY
exiguous: small in amount; minute
exe+go+us:Very small people go to us in exe class. | "exit juice". juice is exitin from the glass through a SMALL hole :P | Exiguous means the opposite of Prodigious. Note the prefixes Ex- and Pro- which are also opposites. | judges told us to exit(exi)the dance competition nd host also told us to go(guo we exitd d sho leavin small no. of competitors .. i.e exiguous - exit + go + us | exiguous: due to deforestation...fauna got asEXtremely small no ZOO..EX+ZOO | exi - extra + guous (uga hua) - extra uga hua.. extra ugahua to kam hi hota hia na | AXE+GUous....If you cut your GU(shit) with axe, you will require very SMALL amount of force.... | "You cannot solve an EXIGent problem with EXIGUOUS resources." | exi(EXIT)+guo(GO)+us………On our EXIT from competition judges told US to GO as they were not satisfied from our SHORT performance lasting for only a SMALL AMOUNT OF time | EXIGUOUS(igzi'gyuus); Sounds like a combination of EXIT(Igzi-) JUICE(gyuus). EXIT JUICE could be looked upon as the bottom/remainder of a glass or carton of juice which is scanty when compared to the initial or original quantity. | EXIGUOUS - EXtremely + EXtremely egrEGiOUS ciminal receives VERY LITTLE sympathy. | EX+IGUOUS- EXeedingly little which could be IGnored | Exiguous = Exit + go + us; Very few people wants to exit the occasion & come with us at the temple. | Extremely Ambiguous because of being too small to give more information | ones whoes whole wealth, property etc is exi(exit)guous(gayi...he lost) | Sounds like "Exigency" urgent situation we face scarcity of money.Meager | EXIGUOUS=TAXI+GOA+OR+USATAXI USA PAR JITNA HAI USSE KAHI SMALL AMOUNT ME GOA ME HAI.HAI NAH?? | Sounds like please-give-us what ever small amount you can. | exiguous is opposite to excess....excess is the key word coz exiguous is its antonym
existential: pertaining to existence; pertaining to the philosophy of existentialism
existential related to existence of anything.
exodus: departure (of a large number of people)
exodus- sounds like ek sau(100 in hindi) + dus(bus)= means 100 buses - a 100 buses carrying hundreds of pilgrims are just leaving from the bus depot. | 110.....means ek (1)...ek(1) karke sab bhaag gaye...(departed)...aur koi nahi (0) reh gaye.... | (ex)exit (o)of d(us)=departure | ek sau dus - 110 - 11 -nau do gyarah means departure | mr.(EX) DEPARTED frm US OD(on duty)....i know its very eerie | EKSO DUS ADMI 11 NUM KI BUSS PAKAD KAR MUGAMBO KI ARIA(HOSTILE) SE FARAR HO GYE | the second book of the Old Testament: tells of the departure of the Israelites out of slavery in Egypt led by Moses; God gave them the Ten Commandments and the rest of Mosaic law on Mount Sinai during the Exodus | a + sod + usmhanje ja sodun.. mhanje DEPART..
exonerate: acquit; exculpate; free from blame or guilt
ex(purani)...ones (one) rate(value)vapas mill jana...means to get back ur lost pride by gettin ridd of d charges... | EXONERATE ~ break it as EX (gone) HONOUR (pride) ~ to bring back your gone or fallen honour by getting the blame off you. | Ex - honourate get back your honour by getting yourself free from the charges. | Onerate - Responsibility; Ex - Onerate - Release from burden. | ex means previous + oner(honor) so getting back ur ex honor means free from blame | Exonerate:Exo+Nerate(Narrate=Narrator),Just Imagine Exo(Exo Dish Wash Bar) is Narrating(Nerate) this story....As I killed lot of gems,but court didnt punished me,they pardoned me(absolved from blame) because i killed bad germs. | reiterate honor which means acquitting of all charges and getting back your pride/honour | I want to exoner-ate because it's not your plate, and you are not to blame | exonerate...consider aerate..when you get aerated you feel relieved so you feel relieved when you are pronounced not guilty of criminal charges | exonerate - since the EX-culprit OWNed up his crime, they RATED him and removed his blame | exonerate-ex- naresh imagine that your old friend naresh is released from the death row because he was found innocent
erotic: pertaining to passionate love or sexual love
who wouldnt like to read erotic novels...........if u know wat i mean ..hahhah | sorry to say
errant: wandering (esp. in search of adventure); straying from proper moral standards; Ex. knight-errant
Same as Aberrant .. | errant=err(error)+ ant = If there is a error in ant plan they were wandering every where | running errands without a plan, and therefore making errors. | errant : wandering split this word as er + ran + t and assume when u make error [like u broke a monitor in college] then tum ran karate rahogo then u will become errant
erratic: odd; irregular in movement or behavior; unpredictable
focus on ERR + atic..part of it,and err is nothing but ERROR, and errors always look ODD, AND ARE unpredictable in nature. | sounds much similarto word erotic.....the acts in erotic scenes in movies are quiteunpredictable | assmue you buy a new beautiful house ,elegent ,gorgeous kitchen..suddenly out of nowhere u see a rat in the attic ,which wouldbe odd and unpredictableerratic=odd,unpredictable | ERR—error—something that has error is IRREGULAR | erratic ~ errata - so many things - unpredictable which one | ERRATIC: It sounds simlar to "Erection",so whenever ur Penis(Dick)Erects ur mood changes suddenly(High sexual mood lo low mood)......----- | error is notpredictable
erroneous: mistaken; wrong; incorrect
Sounds like: "Error in us"-- Something that is full of errors and mistakes. | the root err means to wander , so think some one is wandering and he is mistaken for a thief or something else | ERROr+in+urs; wife shouted ERROR IS IN YOU while you take a wrong decision
erudite: (of a person or book) learned; full of learning; scholarly; N. erudition
taken from olden days people who were higly educated were basically very they were having profound knowledge of a subject they use to behave very rudely with less educated or illiterates people. | e+RUD(RUDE) just concentrate on RUDE IT....NOW THINK OF rude IT PROFESSIONAL WHO IS BASICALLY CONSIDERED AS A LEARNED man..or scholarly. | R U DEITY? Are you a deity; deities are gods and know it all. | erudite has Latin root: eruditus = e + rudis = e + rude(untrained)After training ruder, he becomes an erudite person | ER (Engineer)-U-di(did)-IT(it)-E ..... you have gr8 knowledge if u becum an engineer. | the letters in the word are E-R-U-D-I-T-E...pull out the letters E-D-UEDU is short for education. Being educated= scholastic, learned and wise. | Focus on ERU ... sounds like Hero... heroes usually show profundity in movies | [a+rude+elite]= elits are rude, cos they have erudite skills | HERO+DITE- ppl eating HERO DITE are erudite | sounds like rite... right only a person having profound knowledge knows what is right | there is a CAT preparation institution called ERUDITE | Think of a person called Dite. He's very well educated, so you listen to him carefully, and you encourage him to speak: "I hear you, Dite!" | When you are right, people think you're erudite. | Ex-Rude. You are no longer rude which means belonging to an early stage of technical development; characterized by simplicity and (often) crudeness. You are now educated and instructed.
escapade: prank; flighty conduct; reckless adventure that disobeys rules
You cannot ESCAP(ad)E from the police by givingPRANK calls. | Remember it with the movie Harold and Kumar they had the wildest escapade searching for white castle | escap(E) always try to escape from any kind of wild prank or fighty escapade:.......... | The Exciting Escapades of Mr. Bean (1990) (V) | Escapade=Escape + Parade :- It would certainly be a risky or adventerous for a police man to escape when parade is going on. | let's sayit as - is ka pediss(es) ka(ca) ped(pade...gaaon mein ped ke niche baith ke gaon walon ko jhoothi baatein bolkar pranks khel raha tha...
exorbitant: (of costs or demands) excessive; exceeding reasonable bounds
ex(out) + orbit - that is out of orbit or limitations that are binding it. | EX(extra)ORBIT-ant...extra orbit in the solar this extra+orbit makes the solar system excessive now | if we takin it from ORBITANT it means in hindi OR BI(bhi) TANT hai means "excessive". | WE KNOW EARTH MOVES AROUND THE SUN RYT?IN IT'S PERTICULER ORBIT RYT?AND THE ORBIT IS HUGE RYT?SO EX(OUT) OF THIS ORBIT MEANS BEYOND THE BOUND OF THIS ORBIT OMGGGG IT'S HUGE/EXCESSIVE RYT? | simple extorbitant starts from ex so as extra | exorbitant = ex + orbit; cut the orbit; i.e the planet cutout of the orbit & going to infinite direction.
exorcise: drive out evil spirits
rememberthe movie which priest WHO DRIVE OUT EVIL SPIRITS suicides in the end | exorcism is practice of removing an evil spirit from a body/houseExorcise means the same | exercise to drive out evil | exorcise - ex-corpse-cise = cut the ghost which was an ex-corpse | Exercise removes bad things (fat) from your body, and exorcise removes bad /evil spirits from your mind | excorcise = cise meanse to cut, so ex'sour'cise is to cut the sour spirits | exercise to drive out ex things(evil). | poda goiya | ex or cize; cut or cize means to make trim & neaty.
exotic: not native; from another part of the world; strange; intriguingly unusual; Ex. exotic flower/dress
you can find many TV shows in which they portray different 'Exotic Destinations' or places.. this might help remembering it. | ex means out + tic read from back as cit+yso out of city | Sounds like Arctic (Exotic) which is a strange place | we say exotic dance i.e., attractive and there are many EXOTIC(foreign) girls in movies | exotic try something unusual :p |
expansive: (of a person) outgoing and sociable; broad and extensive; able to increase in size
Sehwag got out trying yo play EXPANSIVE drive (out going ball) | expand (v), expansion (n),expansive (adj) | He tried to expand his repertoire of friends so he that he became more sociable.
expatiate: talk at length; speak or write in detail
expatiate - ex + pati (husband in hindi) + ate - your ex husband ate your brain talking some nonsense tried to convince you to remarry him, means he talked at length. | pati means grandma who usually tells loads of advice and speak continously without stopping. if she starts talking it ll go for expatiate is talking for long time | expatiate.....sounds like expect....and you expect every writer to clarify the meaning or the intent of his written essays..or stories.... | get a word PATI.. means husband.. a lady talks in length about her husband when she is newly married.. | expatiate=excellent party ate : if you have an excellent party to eat, you may TALK about it IN DETAILS with your friends. | Think of an expatriate sitting in a cafe writing on and on ... "The expatriate expatiated about his sexual exploits in Paris." | Now that you are divorced, you realize that your "ex" was so "patient" that she was always willing to listen to you speaking about your favorite topics in detail. | To explain in great detail. | expatiate - ex-spatiate i.e expand and talk or write. | Expatiate = Ex (previous) + Pati (husband) + ate; Previous husband ate everything give the description of everything
expatriate: exile; someone who has withdrawn from his native land; V: exile; banish; leave one's country
read EXPATRIATE as EX-PATRIOT, now no more a patriot, as the person withdrew from his native land and settled somewhere else. | ex ~ out and patriate ~ patriotic; someone who is not patriotic towards his country should be EXPATRIATED (~ expelled) | Expa(TREE)ate-Lord RAMA went to EXILE where he found only TREES(forest)..called exile
expedient: suitable (for a particular purpose although not necessarily morally correct); practical; politic(prudent); N: something expedient
pronounce it like "experienced" experienced person is always SUITABLEfor making decisions.. | expedient : expert + obedient ,,, they are the most "suitable" person | Expedited plane trips are expedient (suitable or practical) since they take little time. | u plan 2 go on an expedition so u make sure if it is expedient i.e. suitable n practical in time n money's context. | EXPEDIENT=EXPEND+DENTistEXPEND YR MONEY TO SUITABLE DENTIST | Expedient= ex means cut the ped; Make it more speedy.
expedite: hasten; make go faster
EX(exceed)+PED(read it as speed)+ITE......hence to speed up means to expedite !!!!! | EXPEDITE ~ Exped (sounds like speed) + It; so expedite means to speed up the progress of something. | EXPEDITE sounds similar to EXPERT ADVISE using which we can speed up things,as it will facilitate in finishin things fast..! | Ex (Mr. X)+ Pedi (foot). so you can presume that when you walk you make "progress" and with Mr. X you walk so you are assisting him. | ex(extreme)+pedite (pedaling).....extreme pedaling leads to expedition | Expedite: Think of Fed-Ex (FEDEXpedite) Since it speeds up your shipping! | | extra speed for you dite: i.e. speeds up your diet | similar to expedition(a journey on some mission or pleasure)imagine a military expedition... it finishes t task fast n makes it more convenient for normal life..
expeditious: done with speed; quick; N. expedition
EXPERT in PED work very fast and efficienntly.. | Split it as Exped(expert),some one who works efficiently(also with accuracy(expert)) n with great speed. | Split it as Exped(Expert) + Tedious.So,someone who is an EXPERT works efficiently and with great speed. | During my great shark expedition, I saw a large shark that moved Swiftly and expeditiously. | X-speed-itious.. x is efficiency, :)
expenditure: payment or expense; expending; something expended; output; Ex. receipt for the expenditure; Ex. expenditure of all the energy
expertise: specialized knowledge (in a particular field); expert skill
An Expert has expertise knowledge onspecial subject.
expiate: make amends for (a sin)
Rhymes as Ex Pirate.An ex-pirate always tries to expiate his guilt.Ex pirate becomes pious. | i was her 'pia' once.... and now i am her ex-pia.... if i dont make amends i wont get her back :( | Her ex, P, ate all the cookies and made amends with flowers. | expiate : ex + pia(spouse) + date; if u wanna hv date with ur ex then u need to make some "amendments" | pray to god and you EXPECT THAT god will amend for all your crimes or sins.. | EXPIATE=XP(WINDOWS CD)+ATESALA MERA WINDOWS XP CD KHA GYA.ISKE LIYE USKO PURA PYSA VARNE HOGA(PAY FOR/MAKE AMEND FOR IT) | sounds like expiry date:-if u buy anything which is already expired then the person selling that will make amends and give you the fresh piece. | EXPect and ask someone ( amend ) to get it.....means EXPiate | expat returning homeland TO AMEND home ties | suppose you are a pious person but you lose your faith in your god coz something bad happened to you, you would turn to love sex and dhokha but when you regain your piety you will make amends to your sins by confessing to the prst | ex-pee-ate : A criminal has to expiate or he has to eat his own pee | expiate= out(ex) of p(PAP) and i(sIns) | Expiate = ex (cut) + i + ate; cut from my salary whatever i ate.
exposure: risk, particularly of being exposed to disease or to the elements; unmasking; act of laying something open; Ex. exposure of governmental corruption
expound: explain
can u please EXPLAIN what is ur "ex" doin with ur "pound"(money) | expound sounds like expand which means explain
expropriate: take possession of (often for public use and without payment)
ex+propriate; depriving someone of his property | split the wordex+ propriateEX as in exwife takes propertyHenc take possesion of | Same like appropriate. | hindi) | EXPROPRIATE=U R A GOOD STUDENT IM GIVING U APPROPRIATE NUMBER.THINK IM DOING THE OPPOSITE.IM DEPRIVING U RYT?
expunge: cancel; remove a word or name (from a book or list); erase
expunge rhymes with sponge..which is used to remove dirt.. | sounds like ex-PURGE...which is REMOVING OR DELETING i.e. CANCEL OR REMOVE.... | when some PUNCHES u.. he takes u out. REMOVE | 1+sponge eak sponge dena mujhe aapne jootey saaf karney hai | POONJNA (erase) | Teacher rubbed off what was written on the black board...expunge=rub off
expurgate: clean; remove offensive parts of a book
Expurgate - divide this word into (expel+ur+gate), you always expel the waste from your gate to make your home 'clean' and 'purified'. | purge is to cleanse or make pure | EXPURGATE = EXPEL + PURGE | To purge: you "X" it out. Expurgate. | EX-example P-person atUR-your GATE take him in house & rectify yourself u by his good principles | the word is expergateread it as ex gate purif any one find his new girl frnd he will close the gate for her exthat means he has strike out her from his life | agar aapke ex par gate gir jaaega den ull obv "remove" d gate frm over him n "clean"
exquisite: delicate; very finely made; extremely beautiful; Ex. exquisite piece of jewelry
plz don't "SQUEEZE IT"'s extremely delicate | exquisite= ex means cut, qui means question, site means site, i.e cut question from site that is make it beautiful.
extrude: force or push out; thrust out; shape (plastic or metal) by forcing through a die
INtrude is to enter whereas extrude is to force or push OUT (ex means out) | Exit-tru-door.. force out | EXTRA RUDE to get into shape
exuberance: overflowing abundance; joyful enthusiasm; flamboyance; lavishness; ADJ. exuberant: high-spirited and lively; growing abundantly and strongly
barrons overflows with that big wordlist | ubhar kar aana...when u remove 'ex'
exude: flow out slowly; discharge (gradually); give forth; N. exudation
exclude is to remove and exude is to remove but oozing out of liquid.. | exide battery exude pungent smellorthey discharge slowly... | when we AXE a rubber tree it EXudes crude rubber
exult: rejoice
EXam+resULT - he was very happy when the exam result was out because he had topped in his exams. | opposite of insult.. | when exam result out.. -- express great pleasure or happiness, especially at someone else's defeat or failure(enemy).. exalt -- praise someone | exult close to extract...extracting out the inner joy
fabricate: build; lie; make up (a story) in order to deceive; Ex. fabricate the whole story; CF. fabric: underlying structure; Ex. fabric of society
i ATE u believe..i suppose no...!!! | fabric+ate.....AS THE FABRIC IS made from white threads, which is later on dyed and coloured to give it another wise if we make up a story and add it to what one said..we are lying (fabricating the truth).
facet: small plane surface (of a gem(precious stone)); a side
remember a multi-facet who has multi(many) FACET(dimension or SIDE) | Just as we say face of a coin; i.e. a side of coin we can say that a specific diamond has eight faces (facets) | facet = "face"(plane surface) + acet(asset)(gems or jewellery)plane suface of gem | the reflection is coming from the gems plane surface you cannot FACE iT in sun | facet = plane smooth surface or having distinct feature or element of problem now he studied every facet of a question but karate karte wo facet surface pe face pe gir gaya | the FACE(side) of a polygon | facet = face turn towards us.
extradition: surrender of prisoner by one state to another; Ex. extradition treaty; V. extradite
ex-tradition.. like tradition is handed down through generations.. so its something to do with passing/giving.. here its a surrendering of a prisoner between two states! This might help you.. | India-Pak has Old(EX) TRADITION , where they release opposite nation prisoners in exchange of their own...i.e. if INDIA release 10, den PAK will also relase 10...hope u got..!! | can be read as extraction + nation =extradition ..extracting or surrendering of people to other nation.. | consider the trad part in extradition-- its like trading (of prisoners) between two states | Trade+Nation. Nations often trade prisoners in the time of war. | ex+tradition...means handing down of belief statements , custems and things from generation to generation.... handing down the prisoners of one country to another country........................ example ...portugal goverment handled down abu slem to
extraneous: not essential; irrelevant; superfluous; external; coming from the outside; Ex. extraneous details/noise/to the subject
Think of news channels....EXTRA+NEWS...In order to get TRP, news channels show irrelevant or unrelated things hence the news are most of the times EXTRANEOUS | concentrate on extra + ne + ous.....something that is extra is NOT ESSENTIAL(NE) | EX(extra)+TRANEOUS(trainees)...We don't need any EXTRA TRAINEES...we have got enuf in our city | EXTRA hai- nahi (NE) - use (OUS).....something in excess and not of any worth | Extra + neo(new) + us = I would not allow Extra New ppls' interference in Us (in our relationship) | extra nurse are comming from outside | Extra + adjective suffix (ous) =Extraneous | external asks extra questions which are not essential | Extra on US. So it is not inherent. | sounds 'extra in ous'these people do belong to our group, means are extra.. they are not of any use in our group.. | EXTRA + ANUS...extra anus is not essential :p
extrapolation: projection; conjecture; V. extrapolate: infer (unknown information) from known information
During election time many news channels show extrapole of elections they just try to make predictwho will going to win election based on current known information extrapolation is similar | hw much EXTRA did PAUL ATE ? u will hav 2 guess that! :D i.e Infer, conjecture | split it like....extra+pol(sounds like pull.)+ate......AND YOU PULL SOMETHING EXTRA ....TO EXPAND OR EXTEND IT SOME MORE SO EVERY ONE CAN know it.......simillarly extending your knowledge in a unknown area. | maths INTERPOLATION is to estimate between two values,,,EXTRAPOLATION is estimate after last value | pull means drawing from special cases to a more general cases. | rem extrapolation in maths | Extrapolation:- Extra +Population. you have to come up with a figure for the extra population. | extra + pollduring poll's news channels give the extra information about who may probably win comparing the previous records... relate this.. | extrapolation- nothing but Exit Pole before election results
extricate: free from an entanglement or difficulty; disentangle
concentrate on PLAYED A TRIC(k) in order to FREE himself from the prison. | take it as the opposite of intricate which means to entangle | (ex+tric+ate) when u remove all the tricks played on someone he/she becomes free | sounds similar to extract and that is what the meaning is. | It took EXTRA(extri)effort for KATE(cate) to free her cat from its entanglements | EXTRICATE means the opposite of RESTRICT. | sounds excreteto excrete means to remove from... | Rusticate | extricate = ex-trick-ate = remove from a tricky situation | Jailor rusticated because kaidi bhag gaya | Extricate = ex means cut the box, tri means tripple, cat & free them to eat.
extrinsic: external; not essential or inherent; extraneous; OP. intrinsic
Something extrinsic is EXTRa or EXTRaneous, therefore it is not necessary. | Extrinsic is opposite of Intrinsic | Thnk of Extrinsic Semiconductor..some external material is added 2 d pure semiconductor..
extrovert: person interested mostly in external objects and actions
person interested in extra things not his own things | Exterior world | person attracted towards other extra thing
extant: (of something written or painted) still in existence
Opposite of extinct is extant | Remember it as a short of EXISTANT. Wrong spelling but does the job. | Extant = ext ( extra) + nt (not); Donot need extra only want how much is available.
extemporaneous: not planned; impromptu; extempore
TEMPORARILY done in haste and so not planned. | remember an extempore that we did in school which was spontaneous and NOT PLANNED | my GRE ex attempt was poor b'coz it was not planned... | EXecuted TEMPORArily...coz its not planned...!!! | X IS A SHORT TEMPERD MAN,HE GOT ANGRY SUDDENLY & KILLED Y.IT WAS NOT PREPLANED | EX means "without," and TEMPOR means "time." Thus EX TEMPOR means without time. | Think of Extempore, where you are given a word and you have to give a small lecture on it.
extenuate: weaken; mitigate; lessen the seriousness of (bad behavior)
rhymes with attenuate meaning WEAKEN | ten + ate. eating brunch at ten daily ll make u weak. timely diet shld be followed | palliATE, mitigATE and extentuATE all mean thin and weak....
extirpate: root up; uproot; destroy completely
Lord Rama destroyed Ravana by shooting a tir-teer(arrow) in his pate(belly).... | Extirpate~~~Exterminate or Extract | ExtirPate: (Extir+Pate) Extir:Extra & pate:stomach in hindiso extra stomach(belly) is not required, hence to be removed | e+xtir..stir..+pate...the COMPLETE DESTRUCTION of babri masjid STIRRED THE whole nation..... | he is expirpating the extra pate | extirpate -- to remove something unwantedextra + pate (stomach)extra pate is unwanted and needs to be extirpated. | extirpate = ex-tear-apart | Extirpate = Ex (cut) + tir (arrow) + pate (stomach); Cut the stomack by entering the arrow.
extol: praise very highly; glorify
Extol = Ex + Tol.My EX-Girlfriend always praised the 'Tall' guys highly in front of me. And so our relationship ended! | you payTOLL tax to cross a glorious praiseworthy Bay bridge in SFO | extol - exTALL - make somebody TALL with praise. | think of EXtra TOLl tax collected from u by PRAISING the worli sea link... | EXALT | the minister was EXTOLLED as he masde the TOLL tax EX (past) | being EXtra TOL(tall) is a matter of PRAISE | EX (give out, gift) a sTOLe in "praise" of someone. | extol: ex= extra, tal= talk, talking excess about someoneis praising them./ (or) Ex exta, tol = toll fee, you praise a lot the toll gate watchman to let you go with paying a extra penny | to make sth excel//
extort: wring from; get money by threats, etc.; obtain by force or threats; CF. extortionate: exorbitant
EX + TORT relate TORT to TORTURE. Threatening someone to get money out of him is obviously a torture. | Ex+Tort-his Ex is Torturing him for more alimony
expletive: meaningless word; interjection; profane oath; swear-word
Your parents will surely utter 'Expletive' words if you are 'Expelled' from the exam. | sounds like explosive...people use explosive words (ie) bad meaning when they get angry | eggs+plate+ivvu ni amma(abusing him)(ex plet ive) | expressive is meaningfull expletive is meaningless | EXPLETIVE=EX-SPLIT-VEAJKAL HUSBAND WIFE ME KISTARAH SPLITING HOTI AUR WOH EX BANJATE HAI?YAAR PEHLE TO SHADI HOTI HAI PHIR JHAGRE PHIR CURSING EACH OUTHER(MAA KA GALI) | if u see ur ex with her new bf ,u will censure her with expletive
explicate: explain in detail; interpret; clarify; CF. explicable
make explicit comments... means to elaborate.. | ex-plicate---explain complicate things | Ex(it) from complications by making it clear/explicate | EXPLICATE = EXPLAIN + COMMUNICATE | explicate(u can explain) X complicate (u cant explain)
explicit: totally clear; definite; outspoken
"please sit" let's CLEAR out the things | (tab) EXPLAIN and SIT--SIT and EXPLAIN | opposite of implicit | if a matter or work is fully developed or completed then only we can sit can clear or meaning is to fully expressed,completely established
exploit: make use of, sometimes unjustly; N. exploitation
commander commands to "explode it" (enemy) a notable achievement | ex+ploit(plate..form) this notable acheivement is because of your ex who provided you this PLATE form.. | exploit means to make use of something unjustly...but dats not an easy task...u hav to work hard...!!!
expository: explanatory; serving to explain; N. exposition: explaining; exhibition
EXPOSitory comes with EXPOS(e) means to allow something to be seen. Something that is expository allows it to be seen or to be clear and thereby to be EXPLANATORY. | When u reach to a postion then u can order ur members and explain them what u need from them as uhave to achiev ur target being a manager. | expository sounds like repository ....and a repository comprises of lots of data ... and this data serves the purpose of EXPLAINING through statistics
expostulation: protest; remonstrance; reasoning with someone to correct or dissuade; V. expostulate
"expose too late"-- in a strip club... everyone was protesting. | postulate =put forth a theory;expostulate: protest the thory | ex+postulate= postulate means "something is taken for granted, axiom"...but you are going against the or protesting a postulate so expostulate | expostulation sounds like ex"prostitution"! therefore we protest against prostitution | remember some people outside the president house taking his POSTER(EXPOSTULATE) protesting.and burn their putla
facetious: joking (often inappropriately); unserious; humorous
someone who makes funny facesFacetiousFace is not Serious | Face-tease, tease by making funny faces | FACE....SO THINK OF someone who never give serious look on his face. | take facetious remarks in a facetious manner and enjoy life | Sarcasm can be both positive and negative; facetiousness is only the positive form. Facial expressions are typically only used during sarcasm to add humor. So if the FACE is involved, its amusing. Think: Sarcastic Face. | mnemonic (memory aid) : FACETIOUS ~ face + t + (ser) ious; if you ever face any facetious remarks, you should not take them seriously. | face ticklish | face teasing in serious times,being funny in an inappropriate situation | FACETIOUS = face + ti + o + us; That is now making gossip towards us. | make a mockery of hitler's mustache . be cause he is a FACIST
facile: easily accomplished; ready or fluent; superficial; not deep; Ex. facile solution to a complex problem; Ex. facile speaker; N. facility: ability to do something easily and well; ease in doing resulting
fluent fluent baat karke ladki fascile(fasaayi) | Facile--- Face i will.... i will be able to face the problem (/person) beacause it is EASY (REQUIRES VERY LITTLE EFFORT) to solve | face+easily | the word sounds like 'fisalna' itna fluent tha ki fisal gaya | faasil speaks poetically and fluently to tv shows. he is eloquent director | "facil" is a word in Spanish that means "easy". | facile - face it easily | facile sounds facility so if u get get facility it will be EASY.... | "Fuck, I'll" do it!Because it's easy. | FACILE; means face i will i.e i will face whatever the problem will be. | express your self (airtel)
facilitate: help bring about; make less difficult
when you provide FACILITIES(facilit+ ate).. it makes things less difficult.
facsimile: copy
focus on simile (similar) and fac (fax).. both these words signify 'copy' | Fac(Fact)+simile(smile) - It is a fact of life that if u smile 2 some1 he would smile u back! i.e. copy u! | sounds like fax..and fax means to replicate or make a copy | Her FACE is SIMILAR | sounds like Fake which means an exact copy or reproduction. | fax+ miles bhej.. fax woh hain jo same copy bheje
faction: party; clique (within a large group); dissension
faction - fraction means fraction of a large party | sound like function ..means party | Fraction is a small part in numbers , similarly fraction is small part in political party. | Fake action in the clique | People with different facts will face dissensions easily. | faction: Remember the game Red Faction - faction here means a group | faction = fraction means part -- party :) | FACTION = female action on society is done always in group.
factious: inclined to form factions; causing dissension
factious = fact + ious. factious people are so concerned about their facts (views). so they wont agree with others. so factious means opposition or dissenting | FACTious: remember FACTorize | Factious can be remembered as a FACTory having a fight between board members, because of some FACTrIOUS people | factious..fact(iou)s...when pronounced sounds like you recieved a fax stating about the rivals factions within the administration which is causing dissensions among members. | (fac)FAX + (ctious)Caution - be prepared for trouble(dissension) | FACTIOUS = fact + ti + o + us; The fact transmit on us i.e we are guilty.
fanciful: whimsical; visionary; imaginary; produced by imagination; Ex. fanciful scheme
fanciful is full of fancies.
fancy: imagination (of a whimsical or fantastic nature); capricious liking; V: imagine; be fond of; ADJ. decorative; elaborate
Rich and fancy people do everything on a whim or fancy because they have the money to afford it.
fanfare: call by bugles or trumpets; showy display; spectacular public display
it can b understand as FILMFARE AWARDS which cud b done in very showy manner | Fanfare- can be read as Fans invite their Heroes by conducting big Fair's | Rhymes with fun-fair | Boys become fan of fair girls and always put up a showy display of generosity in front of them... | when bollywood stars such as srk comes to some city.the FAN welcomes them by playing MUSICand celebrated their arrival.
farce: broad comedy; mockery; humorous play full of silly things happening; ADJ. farcical
sounds like FARTS....what a comedy show in which FARTS and farting was basic knack/talent to be shown. | guys used to say in hindi-PHAAD(FARCE) COMEDY THI YAAR... | farce -- faceThink of the face of d clown...connect it with comedy and mockery... | farce relates to force...a comical situation can sometimes b a forceful hitting... | "padhe FARCEe beche tel" is proverb with mockery and satire.. you use it to make fun of someone | Face and Arse. Imagine someone saying, "His face is like an arse", its a farce. (Broad comedy, mockery) | Far + see + kal ( kal = tommorow ). That means he is making us laugh by showing our far future ...!! ;)
fashion: give shape to; make; Ex. fashion the pot out of clay
fastidious: difficult to please; squeamish; fussy; finicky
just like ...If your boss is a demanding person he may not leave to you time to eat.Fasting is tedious. So your boss is fastidious. | fas(ana) is tidious ..meanskisi ko fasana bhut tidious hai. (jangal mein kisi shikar ko FASaney ke liye use "please" (by bait) karna padta hai. FASana+TEDIOUS=difficult to please=FASTIDIOUS) | fussy n tedious. | those who FAST, be TIDY (ppl who are more like perfectionists) are DIFFICULT TO BE PLEASED | the word also means very careful in matters of taste...FAST+TEDIOUS....a person who takes tedious time to eat is fastidious | fas(Fussy)tidious: remember like he is tediously fussy about minute details. | FAST + TEDIOUSif u do a tedious work fast, then it will NOT be PERFECTly done.. So its DIFFICULT TO PLEASE the person for whom we are doing the work.. | To do a tedious job fast is difficult. | It's hard to please someone who's FAST and TEDIOUS at the same time. | Imagine a child FASTing because it is TIDIOUS to give him food he likes. i.e difficult to please the kid | fast is what we doto please god n it isdifficult ortedious to do. s6 fastidious is difficult to please | Fasting with LOT OF CAREANDATTENTION | (FAS)fussy about (TIDIOUS)tedious details
faze: disconcert; dismay; embarrass
The face turns faze(d) when someone is humiliated. | wen u get embarrassed by somebody ur FAC(Z)E colour changes. | faze sounds like when you faze someone you actuly embarrass them....and getting embarrass is the worst phase in somebody's life ........ | if you faze someone,i.e disturb their composure, it is shown in their face | faze(phas`e) i.e get into trouble , wen in trouble everyone is discomfortable | Faze - Confused :: Haze - Atmospheric moisture, dust, smoke, and vapor that diminishes visibility.....So You Are Confused. | When FAZEr 150cc passes by you...u will be disturbed ... | Faiz Fazail is embarrased and dismayed because Rajasthan Royal is the worst IPL team :( | FAZE(R) byk released by yamaha didn't provide much of sales,so it caused a disconcert | faze is close to freeze we can relate them as antonyms faze means disconcert unlike freeze which meants standstill | Faze - Confused :: Haze - Atmospheric moisture, dust, smoke, and vapor that diminishes visibility.... it has DISTURBED THE BALANCE OR COMPOSURE OF air...
feasible: practical; able to be carried out; practicable
feasible- see EASI- work which are easy are always practical to do.sorry i cheated | feasible- see EASI - work which are easy are always practical to may help you
feature: distinctive part of the faces (as the eyes or mouth); features: overall appearance of the face; prominent or distinctive quality; prominent article; film; V: make prominent
febrile: feverish
febrile - feeble; the voice of a person becomes feeble when he has fever | if you travel to kashmir in February viarail( RILE )way you are bound to get fever | fever + ill fever like | it's derived from latin root FEBRIS which means febris sounds like february we are all having fever of love on 14th | febrile sounds similar to - feverile - fever like | replace b by v...FEVRILE | In the month of FEB he doesnt board a train (RAIL-RILE),coz in that he has chekd a lot of if he travel in train he wil get struck with FEVER...
fecundity: fertility; fruitfulness; ADJ. fecund: very productive of crops or young
wearing an undi every day, keeps the privates clean thereby assisting in the healthy growth | relate fecundity to funding!. for our higher studies we will be looking for the professors to fund us,wen they fund us then it will be fruitful for us | Has an UNDa(Egg) in it. Full of UNDAs means full of seeds and hence fertile | fecundity sounds like fertility.... | fecund=fake+hundihundi is kept in temples to store money when u place a fake one and take al da money put by ppl in it it is profitable to u hence fruitful | spam | foetus | fecUNDIty- UNDI is produced in abundance and lots of creativity goes in its creative power ,production in just gave it a try
feebleminded: deficient in intelligence; very stupid
feebleminded: feeble means Kamjor, minded means deemag, yani kamjor deemag wala is feeble minded | feeble means Lacking strength and minded is added tp it therefore it means lack of strength of mind | fees bill minded college produce stupid students
fatalism: belief that events are determined by forces or fates beyond one's control; ADJ. fatalistic; CF. fatal: causing death
fate+alism.. basically fate is determined by force beyond ones control.. hence fatalism. | something fatal is deadly or causing death.its everyone's belief that our death is not in our hand and is determined by the one above us
fathom: comprehend; investigate; determine the depth of; N. unit of measurement for the depth of water
shortform of "father or mother"; they always like to see their son working; he may be an invistigator or a plumber (measure the depth of water)doesn't really matter for them. | It sounds like Phantom(the comic hero).He was 6 feet tall.So, fathom is a unit of measurement equal to 6 feet. | fathom= fat+home if you have a fat home, tax people will come to investigate. | If a new Fat man comes to your home people will investigate who is this person and why is he so fat?? | fath+om—we have FATH(faith) in OM(religious word),and we UNDERSTAND ITS MEANING | if a home looks fat, then police men ll try to investigate; determine the depth of that home.. | fathom - fat + hom(e) - you become fat eating home made food and you FATHOM(investigate) the cause of it | Phantom: 6 feet tall hero,dives deep in water and finally understands the nature of crimes | Fathom - my father or mother came to understand that i am a tailor who measure fantom(the greatcomic 6 feet) | investigate the castle whetherthere is a phantom in it or not
fatuous: smugly and unconsciously foolish; inane; silly; N. fatuity, fatuousness
remembles FAT ASS an ass is considered foolish | focus on 'fat' in this word ..for some foolish people fat people are generally foolish | generally fat people in US are foolish!! | Fatuous - "Fatu" In hindi Fatu means one who dont have much confidence in doing things. So Fatu is one who dont have brain(barinless) and foolish, thats why he is not that so confident | faLtu bolne wala - foolish n insane! | INFATUATED means unintelligently and foolishly in love. Fatuous means unintelligent or foolish. | fat buddhi meaning stupid.. | Focus on the FAT in the word, then think of Larry the Cable Guy, who is fat, who makes fatuous comments, and who seems content with his foolishness. | fattu... | Fatuous = 'fataha' | fatuous=think of a fellow who becomes fat by eating and does not spend any time to become intelligent; foolishly self-satisfied | FArTuous......what will you call your friend farting frequently??? IDIOT | | sounds like farthin.. farthing in crowd is too foolish and silly | | FAT-U ous:u gotta b inane asinine to b fat.. | fattos hain woh | Fatuous is always worn by stupid & uncultured person. | remember those lame-tards in MTV Roadies who call each other fattu instead of Phattu? boy are they FOOLISH.
fauna: animals of a period or region; CF. flora
Fauna & Flora sound similarly.Fauna = animals | Think of a FAWN. = Animal. | found na
favoritism: display of partiality toward a favored person
the first part of the word is favor...for example wen a lecturer does favor to any student since he/she like them then he/she is showing partiality to them n thus the meaning! | favourite
fawning: courting favor by cringing and flattering; V. fawn: exhibit affection as a dog; seek favor or attention by obsequiousness
relate it with FAN..imagine of a crazy FAN who ALWAYS TRY TO exhibit his affaction....AND COURT A favour to be with you whole day by flattering with you.. | fawn~~fauna~~animalur pet tryin 2 please u 4 u givin it a meal | FAWNING ---fa+wning.....We normally use scent "" fa""to please a woman rite??? smell goodThus the meaning | basically it is derived from fagen ..which means REJOICING about your boss success by giving him a that he could favour you DURING meetings. | (faw)ning:Consider the word in bracket only.Faw sounds like Wow... U look at a beautiful girle and say Wow... I will TRY TO PLEASE HER BY FOLLOWING HER AND TALKING TO HER(obsequiously) | fawning (yawning) - so you are out on a date and you start yawning your gf gets angry and then you try to please your gf byflattering | fawn+ing..form..fawn..sounds like fain...means happy and pleased....THINK OF YOUR DOG WHICH IS FAINED WITH YOU..MEANS HAPPY AND PLEASED. | If someone is blowing a paper-FAN for you so that you don't feel hot, he/she is trying to FAWN you
factitious: artificial; produced artificially; sham; false; Ex. factitious tears
sounds very similar to word something which is fictitious .. is always artificial. | boyOboy!!look at her tits!!they are fake tits bro,they place some kind of gelatinous substance there...hence factitious(artificial)!!!cant help...remembered tat way!! :) | factitious = false tears. so factitious is artificial where as facetious is humurous. factitious = tears (artificial) facetious = joy (humour). remember this as analogy. | fact+itious—sounds like fact+eatious—eating the facts(truth)—so misrepresenting the truth, so copying illegally or artificial | Factitious....FAKE + THI... say as in she was fake...hypocrite.. or fake by looks as she was all donned with make up... | fact+eat+ous means eats fact means imaginary and untrue | Politician try to face the poverty fact. It will be artificial(factitious). | Something which constantly needs facts to support it must be artificial because truth is eternal. | fictitious false.... | (“fact,” meaning “to make”) as in factory and manufacture.
factotum: handyman; person who does all kinds of work; CF. do everything
focus on totum : total meaning all | The Servant who does one job- just fucked partially. The servant who has to do all the JOBS- Fucked Totally- FACTOTUM | Factotum=Fact + totum = factory + total - We can remember it like doing all(total) the work in the factory | Factotum - FACT-TOTUM - If you can imagine the TOTUM(in INception) as a person... then the totum is a handy person who can tell you everything if you are in a DREAM | Example: Ramu kaka in old Bollywood flicks | facilitates+ total= a person who helps in all the things; | FACTOTUM = factory + tum; you are a factory i.e bunch of work. | fact - to - tum - sab jante he hoo,, meansu r able to serve in wide range of capacities | factory total work is done by factotum robot
faculty: mental or bodily powers; teaching staff
After a poor performance in the science fair the FACULTY (teaching staff) have lost their FACULTY (mental powers)! :D Just a mnemonic sir.. hehe
fake: not genuine; N: one that is not genuine; impostor; sham; V: counterfeit; Ex. fake the results of the experiment/the signature
fallacious: false; based on a fallacy; misleading; N. fallacy: false idea or notion; false reasoning; Ex. popular fallacy; Ex. fallacy of the argument
fallacious.split it like fallac+ious...if you just concentrate on look like FALSE, THINK that SOMETHING is based on a FALSE OR incorrect notion..... | basically this word is taken from... fallacia..means something which is deceitful is always based on misleading and incorrect notion. | the root fall means to deceive,if u remember this root it will in other words like infallible-not prone to errorfalsify-lie | It sounds like malicious ,,, malicious software "misleads" us , its "harmful" | fall ante padesdhi so some thing harmful | fal(falthu in hindi) =means waste which is not correct(lie) | fallacious - misleading and fall from height.(false,misleading)
fallible: liable to err
fall+iblle....think of a person who can FALL FOR anything, hence makes mistakes. | Fallible may be memorized as "Failable" = Likely to fail. | a gullible is fallible | fALLIBLE.. read the capital one..e.i; ALLIBLE... A=not... LLIBLE= its maens not liable tht means wuld definitely mak some ERROR.... | false bill -bills liable to make mistake
feign: pretend
feign(sounds with foreign)foreign pplalways try to decieve our country | fena hin lena. this advertisement trying to mislead others | relate feign to fine. wen ur frnd asks "wht is the thing tht is worrying u?". and wen u say FINE(then urpretending).... | feign -or- f-or-eign? Pretending or really a foreigner? | cut it as (f+reign) i.e s.o doing fake reign he is pretending to be ruler | Just understand the following sentence:We must break the REIGN,of politicians who FEIGN,who think they are DEIGN. | | fe =fee + ign=gin, he pretened that he has bought gin from the fee money | sounds like fane, when pronounced, rhymes with fake, so one who pretends | Feign~foreign : ppl(locals) always deceive foreign ppl.. | the FINS of a fish PRETEND to be like wings of birds under water
feint: trick; shift; sham blow; feigned attack to draw away defensive action; V.
The boxer was faked out by his opponent's feint.He then fainted because the blow he received was very strong. | Relate it to the word feign which means to deceive | David Villa was unable to get a penalty after his pretentious faint during a feint tackle | FAINT...while playing Table Tennis I made the tubelight FAINT to distract the attention of my opponent | "Feign(pretend/fake)"+"Trick"-to deceive and trick people by feigning sth | faith becomes feint i.e. faithless.
felicitous: (of a word or remark) apt; suitably expressed; well chosen
felicitous sounds like felicitation... in felicitation the person is praised with SUITABLE, APT , WELL CHOSEN remarks.. | this word is derived from FELIX(root word means lucky..happy)..felix is name given to lucky and famous people. | yash is a gr8 guy.wenever dat (FEL)la (cit)s with (us), we all hav a HAPPY time | Felicity is delightful and appropriate for a TV show. | The music band was aptly and well chosen as the winner for the award and I can still recall him exclamating "FELicia IS IT (o)US??" | felicitous people are well chosen people they causes you sit in the felicitation | fell in love sit and proposed.(well expressed and well chosen) | like popesand saints..who thoughts are always apt, and suitably well chosen. | After results i felt(fel) that in Indian Chemical Institute(ici) i can sit(cit) with my friends(us) who got selected last year in counseling that whay I am very much happy. | propitious:- pro means favorablecircumstances,iti means industrial training institute, ous means us i.e industrial training institue is in favor of us we will get the tender, for that we are happy.
felicity: happiness; appropriateness (of a remark, choice, etc.); quality of being felicitous
felicity seems very like facility. If one gets all facility (s)he must be very happy. Thus felicity may stand for happiness or some thing producing happiness | feli-city =Pheli - Cityso if a villager comes for the first time to a city, he is very happy,,, | I FEEL LIKE LICKING her TITTIES. | felicity= feel+ lic= its so pleasingthat i am feeling like licking it (finger licking):) | Full city in happy mood ...!! | Finally you fell in newyork city. Appropriate place for happiness. |
feline: of a member of the cat family; N.
fell+nine...cats have 9 lives after which they fall. | feline=feminine.. girls usually love cats.. so feline is one of cat family.
fell: cut or knock down (a tree or a person); bring down (with a missile)
fell has 2 meanings..fell is like i fell down and the other can be remembered like i fell because i was pushed by dat "cruel" guy and it was could ve costed me my life | fell=f+(evil)l=evil or violent | fell-hell;so cruel and deadly | U FELL into into a deadly trap..
fertile: producing many young, fruits, or seeds; (of land) producing good crops; V. fertilize
fervent: ardent; zealous; hot
fervent/fervidboth can be remembered by February -specifically Feb14 when youngsters are quite emotional regarding V-Day. | ferv ..relate it with the word farvari (in hindi) means february... people born in february are very hot | Good servents are devoted which means they are fervent | fervent the servant was really hot | fever ..aazadi ka bukhar(fever) is hot, zelous, | fervent sounds like furnace which is hot | it is seems like fever so when we get fever our body becomes too hot.... | vent is like a chimney from which hot gases come out fervent means extremely hot
fervid: ardent; zealous; hot
fer-furvid-videovideo with girls in furs =extremely hot | girls in video (movies) are generally shown passionate for fur | FERgie (black eyed peas) in VIDeo == HOT | fervid = favor | you are viewing a video(ferVID) which is very emotional.. and making you cry like hell.. | Root vi means life.. So read as fer-for vid-live. When u are passionate about something, u have something to live for | Fervid = Fer ( again) + V + Id; Again We have to show id that why we have become hot in angry.
fervor: glowing ardor; intensity of feeling; quality of being fervent or fervid; zeal; intense heat
Fervor - relate it to exam fever. U become so much ardent and enthusiastic to study for that one night to get good marks.. U have an intense feeling to study.. Hope this helps | RELATE FERVOR TO fever-BODY BECOMES WARM & AND YOU GET warm attention when u have fever | fever sounds like for her... You have intensity of feeling for your girlfriend/wife.. | fervor sound like fervary (Hindi month) hot month | close to favor | sounds like fever. Think BIEBER FEVER
fester: rankle; produce irritation or resentment; (of a cut or wound) generate pus or rot; Ex. His insult festered in my mind for days.
rhymes with pester ... so if you pester someone they will get festered, meaning irritated. | fest+er...fest(fist)..hit somebody with your close fist until blood comes out and if it is left untreated it wil become a sore and than a pus.......... | Some one keeps pestering you to go faster , faster , faster , faster, faster, faster...(see now ur angry ) ;) | If you foster a sore, it will become fester. | sore pestered becomes festered | fester sounds like blister that oozes pus and causes irritation | fester -wasted feast giving rotten smell, its look like pus in wound.
festive: joyous; celebratory; relating to a feast or festival
felon: person convicted of a grave crime; CF. felony: serious crime
Felon ~ fulon devi who was a notorious bandit and involved in many crimes. | felon = criminalfelon-fell + on- the criminal stabbed a person with a sharp knife and the victim fell on the floor. | felon-melon-watermelon- red- blood-crime | fellow+no – he can't be my fellow because he is felon. | felon sounds like fellow ... dirty fellow(who is a crook ,criminal...) | felon rhymes with villain | 5 guys fel on her is a serious crime. | Do you remember Hellon in hindi movie.She always commited serious crime in the movie | felon = fell rhymes like hell+on so..when one did serious crime one will go to..hell | felon sounds like villon...
feral: (of an animal) not domestic; wild
feral , we can remember like fear+all =we all will fear seeing a wild animal. | feral: For Sake of memorizing let think it as beral means cat in bangla. Beral is domestic but feral is not Domestic. May be feral is some other creature like beral. | it sounds like fural ie (furious) means anger, wild . | Everyone fears non-domestic, wild animals | feral= fate an untamed state | Its not fair to domesticate all wild animal | Always firna(rome Around) is not domestic behaviour. | (eral in tamil means kidney)kidney of wild animal.
ferment: agitation; commotion(noisy and excited activity); unrest (of a political kind); V. produce by fermentation; undergo fermentation; cause (a state of trouble)
Ferment = firm + end, firm means stable , ferment brings end to firmness. | fermant=german+t,the germans brought the whole world to a state of unrest during world war II | when ferment-ation takes place, things gets spoiled, state of trouble and violence
fermentation: chemical reaction that splits complex organic compounds; unrest; agitation
ferocious: fierce; violent; N. ferocity
we can relate this word to FURIOUS..any one who gets furious VERY OFTEN TURNS VIOLENT. | FIREocious...a person having in his blood to kill people is violent
ferret: drive or hunt out of hiding; hunt with ferrets; drive out (as from a hiding place); expel; uncover or discover by searching; Ex. ferret out the secret; N. small fierce animal which catches rats and ra
Ferret is also an animal that looks like a large rat.There was a ferret in my house so we hunted it out of its hiding place so as to kill it. | ferret sounds like for+rat == i want rat== so hunt for it and hunt it | ferret = fair + rateon any item can only be found by a good determined search---other---She tried toferret out their secret | Ferret sounds like Fire Rat out of its hiding | order to get ferrari, i ferreeted coz the car is just can't resist it | ferret = fire out...she fired out the secret...!!! | fed on rat and rabbit -ferret | ferret rhymes with imagine that someone wants to hunt out a secret
fallow: (of land) plowed but not sowed (to improve the quality); uncultivated
after plowing farmer fallow(fall-low) of money so, he left it without seeding(uncultivated) | fallow is like "falo" in hindi (fruit/ripe) so khet ko falne foolne ke liye it has to be left uncultivated.. | callow land | remember seeds are sown in shalow depth pits.. here fallow - F symbolises False/not makin it Fallow i.e plowed bt not sowed. | if a Tennis player falls low in ranking, sooner he will be unseeded! | fallow= buffalo, which are used in plowing the soil | the farmer has alrdy he has to FAL LOW to sow the seeds | fallow sounds like shallow... shallow water is inactive!
falsify: make (something written) false by changing
falter: hesitate; weaken in purpose or action; walk or move unsteadily through weakness; N.
| falter is like farter.. who farts a lot.. people hesitate farting in public.. so HESITATE | FALTER-fall in gutter becoz u feel weak and stumbling while walking | failing to utter due to hesitation. | falter sounds like fati(Hindi)jab kisi ki fatti he tab he or she falter. | a faulty person[falter] always hesitates to avoid further faults | 'Falter' sounds like 'halter' & girls hesitate when they wear halter! | falt+alter--- we HESITATE to ALTER our FALTS(faults), we are always reluctant to correctsome fault which we have done | "hindi chor ki dadi mein tinka " Defaulter always hesitate | falter- a person who falls while walking loses his momentum. | Chelsea falter, United flatter in ECL: | faltu hindi pe wrong person so generallypeople who commits sin hesitates more waek in spirit | Falter sounds like fall..when you fall in front of others you feel hesitated | f+alter----focus altering....changing focus continuously... | fathers hesitate weaken in purpose or action.
fanaticism: excessive zeal; extreme devotion to a belief or cause; N. fanatic; ADJ. fanatic
it sounds like fantastic . u say fantastic with lot of zeal | watching movies about FANATIC is full of zeal | the words is synonym to zealot. zeal is praise so zealot is excessive praise or zeal. | the fanaticism of aamir khan as a terrorist in movie fanaa | Fan+ actic= as he is a fan of some phylosophy he is not ready to give up. | Fanaticism is often zeal without knowledge or without a rational basis.—John Rayoa | Has fan and ism. Fans have excessive zeal and their policy(ism) is to follow somebody with extreme devotion. | To provide excessive zeal fanatics books were published for engg. students
fancied: imagined; unreal
imagine fancy dress competition - becoming something that's not you / real ... you can only imagine to be that person ! | fancied is similer to fantacy ..which is ur imagination
fancier: breeder or dealer of animals; one who has a special interest, as for raising specific plant or animal
fencier (fancier) -- fence + ier -- one who keeps the animals fenced -- breeder of animals | fancier - cier - bear - deer -CR (ciyar is a animal) - pyar (means love) = one who loves animals and plants or has spl intrest to breed them ! | one who wants to wear showy(fancy) clothes and has very keen interest in his looks | fancier sounds like fancy things. wen we see fancy things we usually get attracted with which we get excited!!! | fancier = "fancy" fancy dresses are sometimes made from animal skin , they are bought from animal dealer , breeder :) | Animals are kept inside a fence. | FAN "cied" are very enthusiastic to meet their idols | ONE WHO BRINGS FOREIGN CIAR AND BREEDS THEM | franchiser for faun.animal dealer. | at a pet shop, owner to a customer pointing at a poodle "Fancy her?" | FAN-cier if somebody is a fan of something he tries to keep it or breed it | fancy + ierwe make a collection and keep with us.. it may be animals or anything.. one who keeps animals like this is BREEDER..
fidelity: loyalty; accuracy
look for the root word fid...means faith, words like fidelity, confide, diffident, bonafide, fiduciary..all have fid in it and all these words are related to involving trust or faith, similarly fidelity.. | agar tum apni wife par "fida" hoge toh phir tum loyal hoge | (federal bank)fedal bank is loyal, faithful and accurate interest bank.
fiend: evil spirit; devil
not a friend.. | friend ~ FIEND; friend is good and fiend is devil | person without a 'R'elation is not a f'R' fiend!! | feind..sounds like the end. so in bollywood movies devil or evil vanished in the end. so the end of feind. | Construct as Friend end.Most of the time when friendship ends then the person acts like devil upon us. | Fire end lives of people are devil, evil spirit.
figment: invention; something invented; imaginary thing; Ex. figment of your imagination
"figure+mental" so the figures in ur mind are "imaginary"... ur "thoughts" or "ideas".... | FigmentPigment; When you envisage, you use unlimited colors. | figment sound som wat lik filament... of bulb.... was an INVENTION by Thomas Alwa Edison.....may be this mnemonic helps u.... | injured ligament needs a figment of medical science to be cured... | figment: contrive,design artificially etcfigure maintain karane keliye kareen figment[design,plan]/contrives new idea | | figment is something imaginary.think that you made a figure(fig) from your menatal.
figurative: not literal but metaphorical; using a figure(impression) of speech
figure: written symbols; number; amount represented in numbers; outline or silhouette of a thing or human body; person (well-known); impression; diagram; pattern; group in a dance; Ex. figure of speech; V. ca
figurine: small ornamental statuette(very small statue)
Jab raavan shivji ki statue ko leke ja raha tha tab use